The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1937
Page 5
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\VEDNESDAY, PISBRUARY i?, 1937 , (ARM.) dOtJRiEft tifew ins at Opic Head, SI. Mellow memories of the 52 books lie lias written only spur this popular aulhor on as lie continues work on Ibe book which will be bis 53<1. "So lona as a man dreams, lie is a crd- titing being,"'muses the friend of Mark Twain, Eugene Field, nnd Theodore Roosevelt. I'rince Kiiminoclii Saionji. 88, l,aU of the BCIUO, the itunoiis cld<;r slak'smeii \vhti hiive stood for m'niij 1 'years at Ilia elbow of Ibe Kmpcroi- of Japan, this vcn- criiblc mcm'is slill consulied and bis counsels heard whenever ihcrc is :i-government crisis in Nippon. He' has been a faelor in all Japan's' modern' history. Dr. Ada!j>h l.oicii/. t,'i Tho-sensitive, scaix-hing hands •o[':lhis Austrian suigoon have bi oiiijlil relief and .soundness to many, a crippled child dui-m;j his-lifetime ;bf practice, and his slill-mc'Vrv.-cye:: brought hope \vjlh. ,'lhenV, Tlionijh he slill I'uiciices',.lie is;iusi' completing '-- 1 1 ink 1) KclloRE, 80 Clmming i long caic^i in ndi- lics with. the mosl.';inibHiOus uf- •foir.lo.oiilliiw M'oiVthiil'htis nver titiily i which '..bears' 1 ' his nafiic, Ihis^'slill a, keen slu- dent .of llic relationship between nations, uml .'contributes- his ,c'x- , perienccd eoirimehls on : them. ' Ambrose Swascy, 90. At his desk every wovhing day when he is in ClevclanO, this | outstanding manufacturer of telescopes, optical goods ami precision machine tools looks ahead -Jo the setting lip this summer ot his largest telescope nl the McDonald Observatory iti • west Texas. ' llebor .!. (Irani, 80. Active head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) whose (JOl),- OOn members arc scattered Ml over the world, this palrlarcii hus helped direct ils most recent accomplishment, lo lake care of ils own people without recourse lo public relief. Andrew \V. Mellon, 82. 'Industrialist, financier, public servant,, this life-long collector of art masterpieces Is today in llii; course of donating Ills unsurpassed gallery ot paintings to 'the nation us u nucleus of n national collection, He Is still active in the management of one of .the wbrld's great fortunes'. Ceoree Bernard Sh»w, go His sharp tongue scarcely dulled by the years, this most acute ot' the playwrights of the begin-' ning of this ccntuiy still* man-, "tes t» tlnow ail occasional' shock into interviewers < and leaders, and his English home is * slill n mcccn for all hunteis ot.' the literary lion. JVIr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Noms Building on West Walnut Street Homes In New-York Development; In an effort to stimulate the building of more small homes, Ui3 Federal Housing Administration and local business firms will cooperate In the showing of a model home- 'here this spring. Ths. house is being built for Mr. and'Mrs.'Sam 1 "liet'f.' Morris','who'will occupy it'af 1 ' ter it-is completed. " The house, which is to bs located at 810 West Walnut street on a lot which the o'.vnsrs purchased l?.st summer from Conway, Hou- ehins and Afllick, will be completely furnished and the yard will be landscaped before it is opened for inspection ot the public. Ground \vas broken this week and it is ex- IHctcd that the house will he completed \vithin three months, unless workmen are hampered .by bad weather. The object of Uia cooperating firms and the Federal Housing Administration is to demonstrate hou it is possible to build a small home with the most modern conveniences ot a price within the reach of the average family, with ouly the cost ot the lot as the "down payment" and tli2 monthly payments on a parallel with local rent payments In design the hous3 differs con- riderably from the average sma! home in this section. It is to be of early American typo with low caves ar.d an Errjlish trend in the- stcar roof. The exterior finish will b- of board and batten typs construction with vertical cypress boaro> stained a "v.-eaincred" gray and the shutters and roof will be stained chestnut brown, with the cypres* shingles laid staggered, simulating a thatch roof. A small board fence extending from the front corners of tr.e building and separating th- front and back yards, will also be etaincd gray. The front door will be Dutch style. The living room will have pine paneled walls and an open fireplace above which will be recessed panels serving the purpose of the conventional mantel. Built-in book shelves and magazine racks and other built-in work will be a fen lure of t>)2 living room. One of the bedrooms will have a double closet, wardrobe style, with drawers and Inclosed shelves, and the second bedroom will have a cedar-lined window scat ami single closet. The kitchen and breakfast al- .cove will have built-in features and 'n small closet. An open arched door will connect the kitchen and the small utility room where there Is another closet lor firewood and electric meter. The bathroom .will have a floor and wainscoting of lino-tyle and will have a towel closet and clothes bin. A central hall will have a linen closet and' another for coats. A small "den" in the attic will be reached by a disappearing stairway from the hallway, xiiis room will be simple, being finished with insulation board. There will be" a sleeping bunk with built-in drawers underneath. The :uvo down stairs bedrooms, the bath, hallway and kitchen will be plastered and will have hardwood floors. All rooms will be heated from tli'e hallway In which there will' bo an oil-burning circulator. The- exterior doors and windows vail be weatherstripped. An outdoor living room on flagstones nnd a small stone barbecue These\hoiises .were .built irt' N. Y., by the Grcaltr (sU iidne>, N. Y., by the Urcattr rtdney Building Corporation lo relieve the housing shortage in the city. The houses were inspected: and approved by th« .-Federal' Housing Adminislra-' 1 tion and financed under (he In-. Burcd Mortgage Sjstcm Tho [Federal Housing Administration insures mortgagcs-for the 'couslruction or .purchase of Ihjjmes.up to SO per,cent of the Valuation and nlstTfo'r refinancing, e x i sting mortgages. A' property financed by an insured raortgigc njust meet tfie Ilousmg AdminislTalipn'g re- 'tfiurcmcnl'i as to sounilnesa o'f 'construction/design/aml neigh*' birh'wd." of gadgets wanted today nnd discarded tomorrow. These features, combined with competent, reputable sponsorship and sound construction, according to Mr. Khibcr, will provide n development which will attract and hold Its Income—the tenants. 3 roper Design Insures Steady Income During Life of Mortgage WASHINGTON, D. C.—Planning 'or the continued satisfaction of .cnants In order to 'obtain ft sus- ,ained income for largo-scale lousing projects is deemed of major importance by the Federal Housing Administration f when considering the insurability of a loan en. such a development according lo Eugene H. Klabcr, Assistant Director of Large-Scale Housing Division, Federal Housing Administration. The security of an insured mortgage loan on such a development depends upon the constant nnd sustained income over the entire life of the mortgage, Mr. Klaber says, rather than upon the financial competency of an Individual. Therefore "the tenant be pleased" requirement necessitates competent planning to produce the environment and structured that will assure continuous income. The essentials that mean satisfied tenants, become basic requirements, by the Federal Housing Administration, for large-scale housing projects financed under the National Housing Act, which are outlined by Mr. Klabcr In tlv current Issue of the Insured Mortgage Portfolio. The neighborhood, he says, is the first factor to be considered. Satisfied tenants require the products furnished, by public utilities, adequate transportation, accessible schools, shop- Ping centers and recreational grounds. Structures .should be so pine,, on the sites to take advantage of open spaces to provide good views for all rooms, and there must be a maximum of air and sunlight for each dwelling unit, with a inimum of waste space. Closet* ust l;c adequate and the fittings id fixtures of a durable type ithcr than of a current variety Local Business Houses Making Improvements Several business firms are making Improvements to their stores prior to the.opening of the spring season. Jeff Uotunrt ,'ls redecorating Ills display; windows, using n oaneled effect In wisteria color to replace the mottled design In lire walls. The display windows of Isaacs' store ' arc being repaired nnd redecorated and ' some painting U also being dono In the Interior of the store..A broken display window of Miss Wliitslll's hop is being rcplnced nhd minor ihangcs made. '"" •, j ^ | Decorator May Take Liberties in Dining Room The home decorator may lake liberties vvllh the dining roam. When Ihis room does not open directly liom the living room, original and daring combinations may be used. Because It Is a room In which n comparatively short lime is spent, an unusual effect is not so likely lo become tiresome. i When a. dining room opens from another room wilh double doors, it should follow the same style and color scheme, if a harmonious effect Is desired. The person who wishes to build a new house should study the details of the Injured Mortgage System of the Federal Homing Administration. pit will; be-.placid-'in the .back! yard> A •double garage-will have a ; btitlt-m .work- table two' storage closets. The house was designed byEstes \V. Mann,'Memphis architect.' Housing Question Box Buys Missouri Farm " William Daughcrty, of Roselnnd. .las purchased 80 acre,s of ifarm land from David Barton.'Ho andl his family will move 'this"week-lo| the farm which Is near Nc'w Mid- rid, Mo. . W. M.'Burns handled the-deal. •• ... Native ..Brick' In selecting'- the "brick Afoi-",, n. •louse,, choose a typo .thai- isimtlvc to the country, if |Xxsslblc.-C}imatlc conditions affect bricks; niat'crliiHjr, and better .results will,, generally result by following • this - practice. : Birds soar : in circles •'• to- ; keep Vlthln a column of ascending air. Once outside this current, the bird must flap Its wings Q. • We like casement - windows; and want to • build a ..'• Colonial house, but people • tell ' us -• these two do not go together.'What do you say? . A. Casements were used in the earliest types of so-cailed Colonial houses, but were- discarded early in our history in favor of the double-hung .type, which was'used during; the Georgian period, of, the Colonial. If you--want-casements, why not.' have an' early ,-, American house '.designed? : It; would be, advisable, -'If ' you want to* be -sure that the. windows; are consistent with thc'deslgn,-to,employ ^'competent -architect': so there ; will > be 1:0 mistake. . Q. Is -Unnecessary'-, to-bolt the frame of the house to the foundation wall? A. It U advisably although li omc parts of the country where icayy wind' storing ; are not encountered, - It = is not < always cus- .oraary. > .,• , ' Q. What do. ypy . consider tlv mcst suitable,roofing for an Eng lish type houseXv -' ': : A. The EnglishsXkc IhMch, slate, and tile mostly.,'but as it-is dilfi cult to get--inen. : whd know how to lay thatch and'as il'ls not al lowed under . fire:'laws : In man places, the choice • would be be twcen the. oilier >lvro; If slate i used, It should'berfalrly, thick an preferably in -graduated, sizes. : tile is used, It should be of th flat, shingle-type.'and not th Spanish tile. It, comes in various tones of dark red. •' Tlie astronomical light year nearly £lx million years. IVfndow Shelves Shelves built around a bay window make an Ideal p;acc for books and plants. This feature can be provided for in a home built under the Insured Mortgage System ot the Federal Housing Administration. Built-in Bathtub Much to Be Preferred Over Old Style While the cost of plumbing fixtures should correspond to the general cost range .pt the houbc when constructed lin'dci- the Insured Mortgage System 'of the Federal Hquslng Administration, It is ono'of llic places .where extras arc Justifiable If'lherc lire to be any at all. A built-in tub Is almost, n necessity In any: house, 10 matter how low the cost of the | louse. As n matter of fact, although there is a difference in iricc between the built-in tub and he old-frwhloncd typo on legs, it U doubtful if the actual cost'in- stalled is much, if , any, greater. With the built-in type, the wall finish back at the tub nnd the floor finish under It tire both omitted, and their cost may! or exceed tho additional cost of the tub. But even If It'costs more, Hie saving In care'and troublo that a built-in tub gives is worth a much greater difference lhan exists between the costs' or tile two fixtures. The toilet maybe a wash-down type, which Is the least expensive, or It may bo a syphon-Jet type, which Is the most expensive, The difference Is almost entirely a matter of quietness of operation, (f this means much, the difference In expense will be justified. As for the lavatoiy, there Is not so much ' justification for selecting an expensive type, for the inexpensive one wiil serve as well. The main difference is thai of material. The cheaper grades' nre made of enameled Iron, and, while this is perfectly scrvlccRblc, it does not wear quite as well as the more expensive porcelain. However, with reasonable care an enameled fixture Is quite satisfactory. Small Kitchens Need Table Space , Tho tendency to small kitchens has,put- designers on their mettle.. to provide all Die necessary space and equipment In tho small- area, and In such iclationship that the work i can be performed easily.,and efficiently. Too many small kitchens , lack adequate table-worlc spncc Dint Is so essential to the proper 'preparation'' ol ,a '-meal.' Attractive Fiber Board On Market A number ot .the manufacturer^ , cf insulating flbei board nre now inamifiicturing the • material with' attractive wootl surfaces, either natural, photographic, or by Imprint, ;but .In all cases so realistic;* that . r lli3 material may bo used In' many ways for wall finishing, where the appearance of wood and the insulating qualities of tho fiber 'board are desired. Unusual Color for Dining Background Atv attractive dining room has'a. floor painted deep blue, almost black, chairs are upholstered inblue: leather, with the same shade carried out In window, door, baseboard, and cornice trim. The Federal Housing Administration program makes artistic home decoration possible through the advancement of funds by private financial institution FHA Docs Not Lend • Tho Federal Housing Administration lends no money. It insures loans made by private ''.financial Institutions operating under.' provisions of tho National Housing Act. , "\Vc can't sell Jill tho Coal, so we just sell the best" Clean, Dustless, Oil- Treated and all loaded with forks to prevent slack. 1'erlOOOIJis. Kentucky 53.25 Black Diamond .. S.Sn Sahara '1.00 Acton 5.00 Blue Blaze, (hard coal) .. 5.00 Lumber Co, Phone 100 ^BUILDING NEEDS Now is the time of year for building, remodeling or repairing. We are ready for Increased building activities this season with a complete .supply of high grade materials. Consult us about your requirements. : THE AfttMO LUMBER GO. PHONE 40 FEDERAL HOUSING LOANS at 5/>- interest over a' period of 36 months f o i- MODERNIZING, repairs and beautification of existing buildings may be secured without expense and us-;' ually in about one week from date of application. The Act authorizing these loans expires April 1st and unless extended by Act of Congress loans will not be available after that date. WE URGE YOU TO FILE YOUR APPLICATION 'WITH US AS SOON' -AS TOSSfBLE, It will have our personal and close attention. E. C. Robinson lumber Co. PHONE 100

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