The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1932
Page 3
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\VEDNF.SDAY, OCTOBER in, ,1032 ULYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRER [QF BILLS Club Leaders of the County Plan Program ot Luncheon 'Continued from Page On«) In real money the police chief foimd Uo of the bogus $10 bills in Snyte's pockets. •Ii \vas while searching about Enydc-r's place that Chief Gwyn BlurnLkd acro?.s (he biggest cache of tccr and liquor uncovered by ixlki: In recent years. He asked Enyuer lo unlcck a room In an cuthcuse on !:e had To make Mississippi counly A better place In which to live will be the aim ot the County Federation ol Women's club which outlined plans for this accomplishment at a luncheon meeting ol the executive board yesterday at the Woman's club. In the coming 12 months, which will be the second year ol the five year beautlflcatlon program of Ihe National Better Homes movement, the counly orjjanlza- ilon will fealure the Improvement cf highways. Wilh tills as the major project Ihe group will also work for: every •^linen of Ihe county having a poll tax receipt, Ihe establlsh- place. Snyder Uic building rented lo Georje' Abbott and didn't have a key. The policeman gained ac- (t.'i to Hie room through a vvln- dcw and found the room filled with cases of beer and liquor kc'S. The find was hauled to lx>Ttce headquarters in two car kads. It v;as after this discovery, police sav, that Abbott was reported as having left for his Pemiscol county. Missouri, farm. jt wasn't long after Snyder was taken into custody until Wheat, found out about it He took ^ u iiwi ni immediate steps to clear himself, alon!I ll]CK , n nps lie is reported as admitting. -v,,,!™,,,, i n i,i „, ', lie is reported as admitting. Made Fake Coins, Too Wheat burned the bogus money he confessed to buying from Ab- fcolt. But the false currency was not all that he destroyed. Wheat admitted to police later that he was "greedy" for money. False bills were "easy money", so why not bogus, coins? The -middle aged carpenter, so he explained, had rigged up a crude "coining" outfit. Building a "pressing" machine ho had made the' Imprint of a silver half dollar In plaster paris. He melled a cheap metal and poured into men! of libraries in all rural com- nunitics. musical programs In all ?Iubs. stressing local lalent, the .Elablislimeiil of flower exchanges, pciisuiim; community fairs, community clinics and essay contests, advancing the study of Interna- ioiial relations by having current ivents at varlo'.i meetings of women's clubs, and by endorsing Ihe mother's pension. Have Accomplished Much Reports of the past year's work lhat much is being done chairmen told of the group receiving honorable mention In the National Better' Homes movement of the George Washington scrap- bcok contest in the schools, of international relations with meetings to which the foreign born were Invited, of the Women's farm week al l-'ayetteville and of Ihe improvement of homes and yards as a rcsull of . participating In. the national contest. It was announced that Mrs. Samuel F. Norrls, Blytheville, reporter. Department chairmen: Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, Uiymvvi.iv, citizenship; Mrs. L. S. MUch Osceola, education; Mrs. George W. Barnaul, Blythevillc, art; Mrs, George M. Lee, Blylheville, mil; Mrs. John White, Osceola, legislation; Mrs. C. M. Harwell, Osceola, public health; Miss Cora Lee Coleman, Blytheville, Junlois; Mrs. G B. Scgraves, Osceola, literature Mrs. Howard Proctor. Blylheville jublldty; Mrs. A. E. Robinson l.eachvllle, low observance; Mrs :i. C. Lsngston, I.uxoia. public welfare; Mrs. E. II. Teaford, Oscc- Un, assistant; Mrs. W. w. Haw- iins, adult education; Mrs. S. M. Hedges, Osceola, Ititcrnutlunal relations. 2,000 Persons Attend Weaver's 100th Birthday LOGAN, O. tUP)—Two thousand* persons recently attended a community celebration at the Hocking County court house in honor of the 100th birthday anniversary of Earnhardt Slracke, retired weaver. Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas Club Members Dinner Guests. Twenty-Ilircc monitors of the Blylhcvllle Rotary club wenl lo Carulhersvllle, Mo., last evening for nn Inter-clly dinner meeting. Th.^re were 200 present from Cnpe Glrnrdeau, llhno. Fornfclt, Jackson and Carulhersvllle, In Missouri, Cairo. III.. Pavafiould, Jones- boio nnd Hlythcvlllo. In Arkansas. Dinner was served In the social looms ot the First I'lcsbylerltm church. Dr. J. Will Hudson, professor of philosophy at Hie University of Missouri, Columbia, was the principal sneaker. His .address was in the nature of n slock (aklne: of American business and professional men. He suggested thai they go out Inlo their vtuiovis cvntts and Ivjlp mold public sentiment In favor of ilhaMilvhcr selfishness that recanls humanity as nart of self and Irlcs to solve world problems alone Ihc line that as our Baptist Church at Hiyti Holds Successful Revival HAYTI. Mo. - Friday evening marked 'the close of a successful revival meeting at the Baptist church In charge of the Rev. E. O. WnlXcr, tho p»stor, with Frank Adams leading the sonx service. Tlirre were twelve now members rulilcd to (he Baptist church at ilils meeting. Sunday iillorncxm they were baptized 'nt the Kcn- nrlt Baptist church. 'Ili«re was ft liiifi 1 ftUendemcu of Haytlans at llii 1 Dapllsm. 1 Mr. Adams, wlio )ms been con- diminii a series of revivals In Ihls tPiTllory. llx'gan oiiei at I'orlugc- vlllf llapltsl church Monilny eve- nlni:. Long Illness Fatal to Armorel Youth services will be held u •I (jv;oL-k this aftornoon for William Uerl Ozmcnl, H-ycar-uHl soi of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Omcnl Federal Aid System Increase* Wfkways HELENA, Mont: (OP)-High*»y : construction, under the federal aid system, h»is brought Montirn 10 miles of paved roads, 740 miles of oil Ireatcd roads, 2,060 miles of graveled roads,'and 550 miles of traded highway, In a five-year irerlod. Of a total of 5,020 miles of un. ...„ j Improved highways In the slate at of (he brakes. 11 the rear anchor support Is cnscd | tllc beginning of the federal aid Vet, it's easy lo silence thai noise! »!> n U'HIv. It will pcrmll the Hn-|' lro 8 m ™- but 1 ' 600 mllcs >«> w so Hint the hum of Ihr- molor Isn't | '"K lo come Into contact will) tho , f™l Improvement. By the end of By NEA Service wlille lilijh pressure Is applied to The most pleasant music to the I Ihe front of Iho brake, ears of the automobile driver Is '.lie; This k ljko „ , )rnk( , n|llng O(U 0 , sweet purring of n motor. ttuc> casing hard sled particles The most atrocious noke, forilo be ground put by the Imikc tic which there's no excuse, Is tho ' HIM to Mint squealing U Hie rcsull. drowned out. It b in (act possible «!"im al Ihnt en,l ,,nd even up the ' mileage probably will to prevent such nolsu nllogclncr. pressure all around. liiake squeaking Is the result «f a fcruplng or plowing acllon o[ metal or grit In Ihu lining. Clrll from Hie road, especially aflor u long counlry rim over dlri, highways. Is excusable. But Iho metal dust thai gels In bclwceu the lirnki; drum nml (he lining could liavu been kept out ptace. Singing Will Be Held Sunday at Oak Ridge HOLLAND, Mo.— Announcement have teen reduced to 800 miles of | unimproved highway, stale offl- i ccr.i predict. hns made lhat ilierc will IM Molal dvst comes from scratch-1 isl of Hollicrl's Blorc. li, g of the brake <lnun by the wire l/'^'^^^ ^'« invilallon Is extended to the lilley qmtilul mill other .sinners. 'I'lii- public Is Invited. 2nd r<;la(o C'rup Harvested BLAYTON, Minn. (UP) — Arnc Kriclsson, fftriiicr. today l;nd harvested Ills second crop of polalQe 1 ! from the KBIIIC plot of ground for this season. He dug his early po- inlws In July and replanted another crop of the early varle'^y. Woman Never Mrsscs Fair ItlCKHV, ,010. (UP)—Mrs. W. II. Humphrey hasn't missed an Oregon Stale Kulr since 1803. Those who altemled Included 70 brother's keeper we arc hclpini; citizens of Hocking county who I ourselves when we keep him In the mould, ted. But, a Wheat admlt- It wasn't a very good Job. The pattern was fairly good but it. was too dull In color. He got *cme oinlment and applied it to the model. It brightened but soon 'resumed its dull color. Wheat was a little afraid of his home made coin. He hadn't tried to pass one. So when he learned ol Snyder's arrest Wheat burned, not, only the bogus bills but his "coining' device as well, he told later. But lie had made one mistake. Wheat hadn't burned all the false John W.. Edrlngton, president of the county group, had been appointed, by Mrs. W. P. Lake of Hct Springs, state president, as a delegate from the county for the Child Welfare council meeting. Mrs. Edrlngton appoinled. Mrs. Jolui WliHo to represent ithe group at the 3Sth meeting of the Federation of Arkansas clubs In LilMe Rock, November 2, 3 and 4. were 80 years or older. Five were more lhan 90 years of i\ge. Stracke was escorted to the celebration In an okl-llme, horse- rawn phaeton by a delegation rom Ihe Logan Post of the An'.cr- can Legion, a band and a color uard. Common Pleas Judge Harey M. Whllcraft gave the congral- latory address. Trie centenarian was guest ol onor of the Logan Lodge of FJks, ollowlnga trfe celebraUon. lie is Jelieved to be the oldesl living Elk n the United States. For Cora Better Homes Lee Col em an Week. Miss was namec county chairman with Mrs. J. H Grain, of Wilson, chairman of the Osceola district, nnd Mrs. B. A Bugg and Mrs. George W. Bar- I ham, of Blytheville, in charge o: hills. There was one he had the chicknsawba districl. overlooked and police found it j t was vctei to have the spr j ng in a Iraveling bag in his house. He was jailed and later told his story, although Snyder had beat him to it by confessing his part in the plot. Namts Another Man According to Wheat and police a well known local man, once prominent, went to his house one *> day, with the intention, Wheat v liad been informed, of trying to arrange for the purchase of $10,- lilD ih the bogus currency. Wheat declared, in his confession, that' he got "cold feet" when he saw Ihe man approaching his house and hid in his chicken house, telling his wife to inform the visitor that he was out. | The visitor's failure to make the "contact" • is all that kept him clear ol "a possible conspiracy charge, police declared. The man denies any intention of purchasing illegal money or knowing of Wheat's connection with the counterfeit currency plot, declaring his trip to Wheat's home was in an attempt to sell him some property, It is stated. : Campbell, the barber, lived in. one of Wheal's rental houses and was given a couple of the false bills to "pass of!", according to Wheat's revelations to police. He passed one at a local drug store and attempted to pass one on a laundry truck driver, who refused lo accept, it, police declare. Campbell denies any part in the plot. In the meantime two men stopping at n local hotel had been Involved in the investigation when word leaked out that the pair had ordered a quanlily of paper, cut the exact dimensions of various denominations of currency, at a local print shop. for Their "Rolls" meeting of the club at Leach A prize be given t* the club having the largest at tendance. Asks Co-operation Mrs. Edrington, in her addres to the 19 officers and departmen chairmen present, urged co-opera lion in the projects for the com year. Her talk was followe< reports and informal discus- Gene Quits Politics These members of the executive board were guesls of Ihe Blytheville Woman's club for a three course- li|ncheon. Dahlias, lone bouquet having shades from flesh l o deep pink, and another of vivid red and gold blossoms, made i\ wautiful background for the table .vlth a centerpiece of red berries ind green foliage. Mesdames Paul L. Tipton, Rus,ell Farr and George M. Lee rend,red a program of .vocal trios, with Miss Margaret .Merritt at he piano, during the luncheon nour. Their selections included 'Venetian Love Song" Nevins, Mah Honey Chile" Strickland, and •Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes". In Ihe roll call each member responded with the naming of a Gene Tunney . has given up his campaigning for Governor Roosevelt because he believes the Demo- Paris, where his wife is recovering from an operation. as near the same slate as we are, economically, morally; and isoc- inlly. That the Rotary Ideal of service above self Is practical and will pay big dividends in world haonlness and peace was stressed. Ollle W. Chllton. president of the Carulhersvllle club, presided. Invocation was bv Carl Bloker, of that city. The notarlans sang a number of songs led by Dr. Gone Huff, of the Cape Glrardeau club, there were several musical numbers by Miss Kathryn Grcar, Everett McDowell land lioscoe Morris, of Ihls cllv. and Dr. Ruff, nnd Floyd Bnrnlmrt, of the Caruth- ersvllle club, sang solos. Presidents or vice presidents of each club were Introduced for brief talks wilh B. A. Lynch as vice president, group. wl'.l be made al Number Nine cemetery. The Coub Undertaking company Is In chnnjc of funeral arrangements. r ll:e deceased Is survived by his pa: i nis, six sisters, Ophelia May, Mniy Emily, Sadie Lou, OHa. Tcs- sk IIIH! Louise, and two brothers. Ho'.viml am! Theron. rcprcsenllng Ihc local Two Couoles Married at Bassett Yesterday HASSETT, ArX. — Two couples wcie married by H. C. Smith, Justice of the peace here last night In the presence ot relatives and frlcmls. Miss Mary Hoiihe. 20. and Lennel Ford, 22, of Wilson, nnd Mrs Mary Needham, 29, and Naglan Elhcrldge. 29, of Bassctt, were the contracting parties. Leachville Woman Snex to Collect on Policy Nora Selbv of Leachvllle, niece of the late Clavlon Selby. has filed suit in circuit court here against the Progressive Life Insurance company of Rogers. Ark., seeking to force payment of a $900 policy on the life of her uncle,'In which she had been named bcneilclarv. The complnint states lhat the nollcy wns originally issued by the Old American Insurance company of Little Hock, was later transferred to Ihe Springfield Insurance company of' Springfield. Mo., when that company assumed liabilities of the Little Rock company, and transferred to Ihc Rogers company last year.'Eight annual pav- ments had been made on the policy, which started nt $200 wilh the value to increase »100 each year. Pjyment on the face value of Ihc policy 'at $900 at the time of the insured's death and penalty for failure to pay promptly Is asked. The complaint was filed Ihroueh Nelson nnd Nelson, local law firm. Oldesl .nnd Youngest Enhibltor LENOX, Mass. (UP) — Among those exhlblllng at the 13lh an nual art and handicraft oxhlbi tlon were Ethel May Turner, C and Mrs. Rachel Ford, 8fl. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Uf) -, Forty thousand keys are needed, t open the locks of the classroom and laboratories at Massachusetl Institute lot Tcchnotigy. wher valuable sdcnllflu Instruments ar kept. llubkcr <ir fell liners nnd mclal lilms mirier I lie linings are now elng used lo avoid squealing irukcs. Hinder, lilgh-carbon slccl ; Ix'lng utllltcd for Uicj bruki 1 rum, nowiidny.s. assuring Irue clr- ularily of Uic br»k« bunds. H Is slmetlmes the least dlvcr- ,"cnci! from- true clrculiirlly that •aiises brake Iximls lo wear down al on« point'nnd CRILSO ' sriuenllng. \voarlng part, U'.cn, should not only he hammered to shape, but should got n rubber liner, or n uetal shim under' tho lining between the ilvels to make up for wear ul that polnl. Use of n lubricant Is not advised io take the squeal out of brakes. Some-limes dry powdered graplille, which will nut collect dirt, Is applied, bill even Ihls Is only a makeshift. Application of nn oily or greasy lubrlcnnt Is dungeroiL'i. It often leads to violent seizing of the brake's,'causing uncomfortable driving and perhaps serlou? damage lo trie cnr. Sheared rivets, stripped gears, and even a broken nx|c might be the result. Nine-tenths of tho brake Jobs that, go to service (Uitlons, It is estimated, are found "to have no free movement at the external r _.. chor support of Uic brake. Tlic result of Ihls Is lack of contact be twccn drum nnd lining at the rear NOTICE Stale and County Taxes will be <l(;lin(|iient on and after Nov. 1st. Pay them now and avoid penalty and costs which will be added on that date. Z. B. HARRISON County Judge Farm Places 13 Firsts GROVE CITY, Pa. (UP)—Twenty of the 11 exhibits from Ihc Scy- ir.our Miller farm won prizes, including 13 firsts, at county fairs in this district. product of Members Mississippi county, present were: Mrs. John W. Edrington, Osceola. pres- : dent; Mrs. L. G. Byerly, I^ach- /ille, vice president; Mrs. R. H. Jones, Osceola. secretary; Mrs. Waiter Wood, Luxora, correspond- ng secretary; Mrs. E. F. Blo- nieycr. Blylheville, historian; Mrs. . They were kept under the observation of county officers. When \ ready to check out, they were taken into custody. They had llctilious names either on the hotel or on the jail docket the entries were not the jet iu touch with a deputy sheriff in the community who had •.he posing agent's address. Wheth- .r Abbott "fell" [or the land pur- 2hase scheme is not known but inyway he showed up and was .aken into custody, being brought lere last night. The removal of Abbolt to Jones- register because same. Questioned by a sccrel service agent who had been called Into the investigation they read- .lly admitted they were gamblers. They didn't want to get mixed up In the counterfeit plot investigation if Ihey could help it. The paper they tad cut the site of currency was not for the purpose of printing bogus money, they insisted. The paper was to be used when their "rolls" were slim. A couple of $20 bills on the outside generously bolstered by sheets of paper on the Inside of the roll, made a fine "dummy", they explained, very useful in Iheir business. The government agent recognized the scheme and cleared them of any connection with the counterfeit plot. Abbott, Ihe man Wheat and Snyder said they had obtained the false money from, was w.ant- ed »s the "key" man. A secret «crvico agent went to Abbott's Missouri farm but could not find him, according to reports. So he let it be known that he was Interested In buying property In that vicinity and was particularly interested In the Abbott place, »hich Abbott was reported to have been anxious to sell. He would , bt bock later but if Abbott showed I ' tp In the meantime he was to I boro closed the case this morn- ng, as far as local police are concerned, until the trial of the quartet nest month. By their statemenls already made, Wheat and Snyder have indicated that they will plead guilty and appear as principal witnesses against the other pair. Does a BLINDFOLD KEEP Ytit from OBTAINING the THINGS YOU WANT? HASSIPIED %P ^*^P5^Sfr>. 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