Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 26, 1889 · 4
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 4

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1889
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HOSIERY SALE TO-DAY. I AS ; DETAILED IN A Ffcl I iuw FILED IN DISTRICT COURT T Sofaff4 Trial Still DrnlBg Aloa-1 Fall-child Sue tha BurUnston far V' Damage. ' Grand Opening On Saturday morning we "will open our new MUSLIN UNDERWEAR Department. CORSET COVERS from 15c up. SHIRTS from 29c up. CHEMISE from 25c up. DRAWERS from 20c up. fi v ajukmu m wm w r - w j meat - We "haye these good manufactured to order Mid will not be undersold by .anybody.- Please call and see u foods. - J. &. D. NEWMAN 1037 0 Steeet -- -t I JXmLN EVENING IE WS. PERSONAL. W. W. Robertson. late a member of the ritr staff of the Journal, leaves this even- in r for Chevenne county, where he will taka adltnrlal charge of the Sidney TtU- oraph. Mr. R It a strong, trenchant writer, and the Naws wishes him suc cess. Mr. H. G. Messier of Denver, the champion pedestrian of Colorado, arrived today and will give his first exhibition to morrow at the sKaung nna. Judsre J. 8. Townsend of Albia, Ia is a visitor on Dleasure and business, and iruest while here of his son, R. B. Town- send. The judge is an old and highly esteemed friend of Co). E. TV Gadd and . through him is seeking investments of a surplus of wealth. . Dr. Tavlor is called to a distant part of the state in consultation. He will return Thursday. CITY IN BRIEF. See Shaw's corner for bargains, phone 825. - Tele Call on F. A. Korsmeyer & Co., 213 115 South 11th street for sewer and cul ext pipe. Ladles, dont buy your stationery before examining the new line at B. O. Kostxa's, 1294 O street. The Transit Hotel is the best place in the cltv to get a square meal. 125 to 183 N.Uth street. Hot biscuits and pure maple eyi up right from "Vermont" Friday evening at the Baptist church. Fob Reht Two common furnished rooms for light housekeeping, $ 7.00 per month. Call at 1318 T street.. The new reliable gasoline stove is the only oerfect burner on the market, For sale by Sprague & Armbrust A hanauet and social will be given at Masonic Temple this evening by the Bur lington engineers ana nremen. Charter Oak with wire gauze oven door will be used, and practical results obtained. Call tomorrow from 10 to 5 p. m. H. J. Hall & Bro., 1128 O Bt Aprons, darning bags, tidies, sunbon-nets, etc, at the panorama on Friday, Saturday aftetnoon and evenings at the First Baptist church. . Funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Hn Edward P. Ewing will take place from their residence. No. 417 South 14th street, Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, At the earnest solicitation of his numer ous friends, Col. Thos. Lowrey will ap pear at the Elk's entertainment Friday avaolnr in his lastly celebrated hori zontal bar performance. After four weeks of earnest and per sistent work Herbert Wiley has evolved m. hrn new 1oke. His many friends will be pleasad to know he is saving it for Friday evening's entertainment All kinds of secured paper discounted anI nrotl&tAd on real and personal property at lowest rate, by F. W. Baldwin, Real Estate and Money Broker, Room 17, Alexander Block, 1ZU3 u street. An Indeoendent labor mass meeting is announced to be held this evening in TTnttad Brethren church, corner of Thir teenth and B streets. Good speakers will aiMi-Mii tha meeting. . Fifth warders es pecially invited. . , Tha ladies of the First Baptist church will give a panoram of house keeping- six days in one on r ricusy, oamruitjr i-t.rnlin till renin? Saaoar from 8 to 8.- Almlsalon, with sapper, 30c Single admission 10c Th rUnld Transit is making regular and oromot trios now to West Lincoln Wfinf rmAoirers at the exchange build- in i the old line. A substantial plank walk has been laid to the packing houses and no mud to -be encountered hereafter. It will be immense. The grand dressy .ff-ir t tha orjenlng business reception nmnrm at 1823 O street by Mr. Blach, the new dry goods merchant Everybody Invited. Some lucky lady will carry off a silk dress. It may be you so and select the correct number. be sure The Nws was In error last evening in ot.tinr that Mr. Arthur Ware, the card ..J m a correspondent of the i-w.iand Leader. It should have read the Sunday World. Mr. Ware is engaged in gathering materials for an interesting chanter about Lincoln, the Queen City of the west - Th Imdv friends of A. D. Marshall lodge, K. P., gTe delightful entertain ment a uaiue iw c.ciuus. iuo boys have rented a room in the Bentley block for an armory and the proceeds of lMt evening's social will go towards furnishing it Col. Edward R. Sizer made the address of welcome. Messrs. Hos-tack and Maxim, Miss Grace Ford and "' Mrs. Williams also aided in passing a pleasant evening. Have the neighbors anything to say . ..loon with all its kindred sins and polution should not be established in ;v..i Mt The city council oy a ma- .fr,a to entertain a protest An loneirt conscientious mayor says v." k Mi decision Is overruled. they Citi- xtnsof Lincoln who abhor the beastling frU wUlkeep a place in theh hearts sa-cSToinany of the considerate acts of Mayor Sawyer. Bar ClUMMa. trt Axchance equity i a good -4na. In Custer county, for horses and bu?siet50prct below cash value, E. T. Gaps ft So', Call oa District Court. B. F. Bheafle, one of the plaintiffs sin the case over the dry goods deal . com menced yesterday, was still on the stand I at noon. He is the principal witness in ' the case and the examination is full and i exhaustive. Thomas Martin filed a cross petition in I the case where his wife Lillie sues for a divorce. The petition states that his wife has been extremely cruel to him inasmuch as she has at times refused to prepare his meals for him, and after re turning home from work had to cook them ' himself; that she on many oc casions used profane and vulgar lan guage in speaking to him. That she would go out to do business in the eve; ning thus neglecting marital duties. That she at all times has been in the of Bftsociatiner with disreDUtable carties. That on the 27th day of Feb- rtmrv. 1889. she wilfully deserted mm. That she has been abusive to children. That she has called him cross and oppro brious epithets. That sne by falsely ana maliciously swearinc had defendant carcerated in Beatrice jail during July i7 and August, 1887, and he secured his re lease only by her writing a letter to the county attorney acknowledging that she had committed perjury. Mary Brennan, whom Jerry Harring ton pronounces the bane of his existence, was arrested again last evening, one had but a few days before been released from lau alter serving a mmy aay sen- tence for troubling Jerry. She immedl- ateiy wv& uer vjiiiu uuu neut uunu w Jerrv's farm, and on being refused ad mittance kicKea in ine aoor ana took nossosion. She will have her trial at i six o'clock this evening. The defendant in the case ot wattle Watson vs. Harriet Leighton filed answer today. Mrs Watson sues for damages. claiming that defendant branded her pub licly as a prostitute, ine answer or jars Leighton states that sne does not remem ber of ever having said any thing of the I S J - ' Wants But Small Damages. J. P. Fairchild & Co. have sued the Chicago, Burlington A Qulncy railroad for $240. The petition, which was filed today, recites that on the 25th day of last February, John A. Fairchild, a Bervant of plaintiff, was driving an ice wagon from West Lincoln, and while crossing de fendant's tracks near stock yards was run into by a locomotive and tender, an irregular train, killing one horse and breaking wagon into pieces, ine engine gave no irfgnat either by whistle or bell. It had been in the shops for repair and was being tested, and at intervals run very rapidly. An excavation, tne stock yards, cars on side track and another en gine prevented tne anver rrom seeing we approach or the locomotive. THE LEGISLATURE. The senate this morning called up the resolution requesting the board of trans portation to make, adopt and enforce a schedule or schedules of local freight rates which shall be j ust,f air and legal and bhall not discriminate against the Inter ests of the state. Raymond moved its adoption. Howe moved that it be laid on the table. Norval moved a call of the house. Two members were found absent The motion to lay on the table was carried by a vote of 17 to 14; The resolution requiring the state offi cers to purchase supplies in accordance with the law. to the lowest bidder after due advertisement was called up and passed. In committee of the whole S. F, 235, an act to better define the purpose and scope of the college of agriculture and mechanic arts, now known as the Indus trial college, of .the ; university of Ne- braska; and to provide the manner in which the instruction in and work of said college shall be carried on; and to define the functions of the experimental farm as a part of said college, and to de fine the relations between said college and the agricultural experiment station established in connection therewith un der the provisions of an act of congress, approved March 2, 1887. One or the provisions recited tnatn ... '.a a. the general government should cease to appropriate money, the work of experi menting should, oe carried on oy the state. : This was stricken out & wa8 ah?o the enacting clause. The Lincoln charter bill, with a senate amendment was passed. The senate then adjourned until 7:30 this evening. This morning a motion - was made ny Mr. OlmBtead that the house concur in the senate amendments- to the Lincoln charter bill. This lead to considerable and lively discussion.. The ayes and nays were de manded and the motion was adopted, 54 ayes; 28 nays. a. it 4S4, providing appropriation ior salaries of state officers was then passed. Aves 80; nays 3. M. rt 40, a Dill to regulate railroads. rates, &c, was passed. Ayes, 54; nays 33. 11. rt soo was then taken up. it pro vides for the payment . of Eennard's claim. Mr. Johnson moved that the bill be referred to the committee of the whole and made the special order for this evening at 7.80 o'clock. The motion was defeated. Ayes 32; nays 39. Corbin moved that the reading of the bill be postponed until tomorrow morning, He advocated the motion by stating that facts could then be presented that would convince many members.- That in the absence of Mr. Gilbert he had not these facts but they would be presented. He had been friendly to the passage of the bill for a certain amount but from investigation he now could not vote' for the bill. Caldwell. Hall and Baker advo cated the immediate passage of the bill. The motion was not agreed to. The bill was then read and defeated. Ayes, 43; nays 47. H. K.152, prohibiting the selling or giving Intoxicating liquors to habitual drunkards or minors was then passed. Ayes 6o: nays 20. i H. R. 75. a bill to establish, main tain, operate and control a system of electric lights, &c, was then passed. Ayes 73; nays 1 , H. R. 268, a bill f rvioing for counties to assist in improving streets leading to cities and and towns was then read and bill defeated. 37 ayes; 47 nays. - Mr. Caldwell moved a reconsideration Carried. A motion to recommit the bill was carried. Adjourned. Ta lt Bayara. Desirable residence lots, on street car line, for sale cheap. Call on jAVRft Dok. 1501 O street A new, nice, &ure rouui for rent cheap at 27 and U street A. JN. wrcoFF. The Enterprise barber shop, in Burr block is one of the best in the city. Fine bath rooms in connection with the same. Ladles and children will receive especial attention, Sam WsaTEiunxLD, Jteprlettt. 3A . Cu W -L J, EL The (;lty Council, Sixth warders were gladdened last evening by the council ordering side walks laid in front of several blocks. Property owners on North Sixteenth street filed a petition stating that if city would pay for filling in lots, all .claims fox damages would be waived. Four liquor license petitions were filed. The fire warden reported twenty-four applications for building permits, aggre gating $20,525. Tom Beach asked permission to move old buildings from O street between Eleventh and Twelfth. Granted on con condition that no stakes shall be driven on the paved streets and provided build ing is safe to move. Wm. Clark presented a petition pro' testing against the granting of liquor licenses to Ed A. Church, Chas. McMahon, Carpenter & Bielefeldt and H. J. Saun ders on the ground that they had violated liauor ordinance. Keierreu. Claims lor damages causea oj graumg were received from H. H. Dean and Mrs. . . j i jf M. . Roberts. Cooper introduced a resolution order in? water mains laid on D street from Seventh to Twentieth. This was amend ed to include Tenth from T to V, Q from Twenty-seventh to Twenty-ninth, and PfromiJeventeenth to Twenty-second. Pace introduced a resolution that an attempt be made to revise the present grades of the city on such streets as have not yet been paved, in order to prevent further claim for damages against xne city. Laid over. m flvor MAwvfr read a veto oi me reso lution Dermltting L. L. Lindsey to remove his saloon, sustaining it with a number of legal arguments, un motion oi tunings- lev. the resolution was passed over the veto. Ayes, Billinfisley, Dailey, Dean, Ensign, Fraas, Graham, Halter, Meyer, Pace and Rice. Kay. Uooper. Tha following list of judges and clerks for the city elections were nominated Dy the mavor and approved by the council First Ward judges, jonn j uzgeraia. George Denham, H. B. Vail; clerks, B. Bennett J. P. Hayward. aonnrf Ward ludireg. A U. liastlngs. M. Newman, W. H. Stubblefield; clerks, A Katzenstein, J. It Bing. Third Ward Judges, r. P. Dakin, R. T. McClelland, L. J. Byer; clerks, Teeter. J. H. Fawell. Joe Fourth Ward Judges, !', w.unapman, W. G. Franklin, Root; clerks, William Gillespie, Lem Tebbetts. Fifth Ward Judges, G. W. 8isson, A A D. Guile, Henry Keppner; clerks, Frank Manlev. Harrv Hob man. Sixth Ward J udges, J . m. jrnupoi, J. I. Salter, M. L. Easterday; clerks, Geo. Tinker. Walter Hose. - Fraaa from committee to locate the new engine house reported in favor of P street between Twenty-second and Twenty-third. KHiinffaiev moved mat tne report uc adorted. Pace wanted the house piacea on tne other side of the Antelope and gave a long list of weighty arguments in favor thereof. For over an hour the member from the Sixth held the council, a major itv of which favored the committee re rwirt.. h'inaiiv tne reoort was auoowsu. .. . ... a j Mr. Lowrev had some lots to sell, and after hnarinir his talk the council ad- O journed. AMUSEMENTS. TOMOBROW EVENING. "A Hole in the Ground" will be the bill at Funke's tomorrow night This is one of Hovt's clever satires, and is de scriptive of the trials and troubles a trav eler is subjected to. It contains a whole barrel of laughs and they are Judiciously distributed. NTE AKD BILET. Tuesday evening, April 2d, is the date set for the appearance at runkes of I Bill Nye, and James Whitcomb Klley. j Mark Twain has aptly described them as i the Chang and Eng of the literary world. While one lectures, tne otner searches his memory for bright gems of thought AT THE MCSEB. The baby Gulnare. advertised for this week at the Eden Musee, died in St. Joe, and Messrs. Sackett and Lawler were compelled to disappoint their patrons. fivaleen, the water queen, aid not put in an appearance, aimouga nor tan, uiu. She will be at the musee tonight sure. PEOPLES . THEATRE. The Chicago comedy company played "Queens Evidence77 last night to a crowded house and gave the very best of satisfaction. The company is a strong one and will undoubtedly have an im mense patronage this week. TOHIGHT. Dion Boucault's great Irish drama en- titled "Inshavogue" or under Two Flags. Admission 1U. zu and ou cents, me handsome set of parlor furniture now on lew at Hardy ce Pitcher's, south Eleventh street will surely be given away to the party holding the lucky num ber, so purchase your ucaeis to tne show and receive numbers. We will appreciate a visit from our friends and the citizens of Lancaster ounty tomorrow from 10 a.m. till 5 p. m. An exhibition of broiling, roasting and baking on "Charter Oaks" with wire gauze oven door. Coffee and biscuit served free to every visitor. H. J. Hall & Bso- 1126 O st Go to Wrlsht Flaaagsna' for feat-class ets aal hoes, 1QS9 P stnet Warranted not to Bust, Crock or Fade. Guaranteed free from all Deliterious or Poisonous Substances. SUPER IOR TO ALL OTHER MAKES! ASK FOE THE ROYAL STAINLESS HOSIERY. miens, ladies, misses .ajntd boys 37 1 Fl. NISSLEY & Co., Cor.lOth and Llacola Commented. Editor Kkws: For the second time I find myself called to your beautiful city on special duties connected with my ministry of the gospel in the Reformed .church in the United States. "Upon the first occasion I. was very favorably impressed with the general ap pearance pf this capital city of one of the best and most progressive states of the Union. At that time I had the pleas ure of meeting and making the acquaintance of a number of your prominent busi ness andprof essional men,yourself includ ed. I use nodittery when I say that even from my limited acquaintance then made I recognized wherein lies the secret of Lincoln's prosperity and metropolitan aspirations. All of my first impressions have been confirmed by what I have seen and learned during my second visit Some time after my first visit a friend sent me a copy of your paper containing a most interesting account of your city's progress! veness, and a description of the fine business blocks, churches, institu uons of learning, state capitol buildings, eleemosynary institutions, etc. From what I have seen since here i recognize nothing as having been overdrawn in said article. Some of these I have visited and noted in particular that they com pare favorably with similar Institutions of larger cities in the east The secret of success oi any city lies within the spirit of the people themselves. lhe spirit of progress is apparent on every hand, therefore I am not at all surprised at the success and material de velopment to be met with in every part of the city. If the spiritual and moral status ox the people can at all be computed by the beautiful and commodious churches provided for the worship of God, then the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, is most fortuaie. And indeed, I am glad to note what I believe to be a fact that these temples of God are a positive assurance of high degree of spiritual and moral ex cellence among the people oi tne city. The business aspects of the city are gratifying to the eyes of the visitors. I have lrequentiy neard travelers say mat mey regarded Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the riueat, best and most advantageous of the great west Of this I have now no doubts. A visiltor must Judge largely from generalities of observation: notwithstanding this, I see no reason why my judgment of the facts noted in this article are not correct I am most positive in this, that I have gathered ample evidence setting forth a high degree of business thrift Culture and morality The excellent public schools, institu tions of higher education, and a good business college, speak well i or tne intelligence of the people. I know of no city where more ot the advantages ior mental culture are greater, if as good. Parents having children to educate can nnu no better opportunities in this line man those now offered in this goodly city. It seems to me also to oifer to business men elsewhere the best possible inducements for investments. If I have looked only on the bright side and have erred in my opinions of the city, then I have been deceived by ap pearances and statements made to me Dy those who should personally know of the truth of their statements. But I am in no way fearfull that I have been led Into misstatements. One thing more I am pleased to note Is the city press. I am Inclined to believe this capital city owes very much to ex cellent character and power oi tne city papers. No city can attorn to ignore the influence of the press. Every wide-awake people will sustain and foster this the most potent arm of material and Intellectual progress With kind remembrance of limited ac quaintances of your city, allow me to say adieu for the present T. J) . DTAtTFFEB. UompUment for Lincoln Wlf Department. Editor Cleaver, the Orleans Prets, was in the city a few days ago and in next issue of his paper produces, without ap pearance of much effort, the following concerning his observations at the Lincoln fire department: Chief Newbury eave us several exhi bitions of the chain lightning manner in which the fiery steeds swing into line and out of the building when the electric eon? Is struck. The "standing hitch" inside of a minute In facts in so few seconds was too quick for the stop watch this time. It is asserted and not contradicted the best time on record for a standing hitch is now made by the Lincoln fire department Chicago or New York have no better, none more faithful fire fighters than Lincoln, though. the force of twenty-one men win not compare in numbers witn .tne larger cities That the efficiency and economy of this fire department is owing to the ability of Mr. Newbnry, who takes great pride in it goes without saying. Stock Market. West Lincoln, reported by Myers, Higglns & Rivett: Receipts 400. Market strong but lower. No. av. wt sk." pr, sk.' 80 120 200 120 120 80 64... .....231 80 $4 52Ji 66 J3 55 827 66 821 70 260' 58 ....267 55 65 52 WAGON BOOS. No. av. wt sk. pr. 8.......... .....810 $4 45 6 218 4 45 IS , 265 4 49 CTS, Krai Estate Traiufvrs. The following is a list of the real estate transfers filed in the office of the recorder of deed from 1 o'clock Monday to 1 o'clock Tuesday. Reported by Zernicke & Hatch, abstractors, notaries public and conveyancers, No. 112 South Eleventh street over tiasiey 8 drug store: Friend H Woodb-idge and wife, to H D Cartie, lot iz, mjc a, ioiuz & lsaiawm e Bub-div wd $ 1,250 00 C U Hickmn and wife, to John Hot Jr. lots 11 and 13, blk 10, Hickman, wd.. 75 00 Ella M Betts and husband, and John Betts and wife, to J T Hutching and C 3 Hyatt 880 ft of the e side of sw qr se or of see 4--6 wd 2,000 00 E B Kymes and wife, to A Van Derway. w hf se qr 1-7-7 wd 850 00 Hendrick Van Det and wifer to Gerrit J Teseile, und hf of pt w qr ew qr 1-7-7 wd 850 00 W W Holmes aud wife, to Jane U Hutch-ins, lots 1, 39 and 44, in W W Holmes' 8d sub-div wd. 1,400 00 Lincoln Driving Psrk Co., to Fredrick Kent, lot 80, blk 0, Lincoln Or. P. Co., lstsub-div wd , 600 00 Gny A Krown and wife, to Herman H McGahey 160x150 ft in ne qr 25-10-6 wd 4,000 00 Frank Sheldon and wife, to Brick E rick-son, w hf lot 4, blk 6, K at Park wd . . 600 00 Catherin Donahue and husband, to James Kennady n hf nw qr 10-16 wd ,700 00 Nettie Carper and husband, lo William AicMester, n hf sw qr 4-8-7 wd 2,850 00 Frank T Uerst, to James H McMurtry, s hf nw qr 21 10 8 wd 1,800 00 A E TouzMiln and wife, to Herman F Marferding, lot 14, blk S, HilJi-dale wd 800 00 Frank L Sheldon and wife, to J E Sea-holm, e hf lot 4, blk 5, East Park add -wd 60000 George D Mnlth, to Henry Veith, lot 6, blk 180, Lincoln q c d 1,080 00 Total $19,855 00 "Waul Mora Wards, There are evidently too many statesmen In this city of ours who are willing to serve the public in any capacity for their mutual comfort and well being. At least a number of citizens living north of the Missouri Pacific tracks have taken that view of affairs, and organized a Sev enth ward, selected officers and are all ready for reorganization. Sixth and Fifth wards are also anxious for a division. They claim that both wards are three or four miles long and it would take six or eight council men to properly attend to their wants and needs. i-The matter is being seriously considered, aud it is very probable that steps will be taken to ac complish this purpose as soon as it can be done, sio advertisements for statesmen will need to be inserted. Early Orwiit. Garden operations occupy general at tention these fine days. Lot owners who have space to devote for vegetable growing can reap an advantage and much pleasure in planting a wholesome variety of early maturing specimens such as spinach, cabbage, radishes, onions, letuce, beets, peas, potatoes, etc., which light frosts will not injure. If war, sunny weather like the present continues corn for table use can be planted with assurance that if the sprout ing process gets a good start and blades show themselves above the surface a light nipping by frost will not seriously interfere with growth. Farmers realize the advantage of early garden planting and enjoy great benefit from the usual variety in advance of the main crop. I iws I duNtriea Kevivlag. Constables Hamilton and West went to Coon Rapids last evening to testify in a liquor case. Two cases of intoxication at the police court today. Cassius Welch pak! his fine and Martin Fitzpatrick had his fine remitted. Allen and Browden seized four bottle s of beer at 110 East Walnut Scholes and Browder seized two bottles of beer at 503 EaBt Froat street At the Rock Island freight house yesterday afternoon Officers Hansen and Martin seized six barrels of bottled beer, which had been shipped to fictitious addresses in this city. Gov. Larrabee offers $500 reward for arrest of persons guilty of arson by burn ing buildings of J. Jfowers, .New Hampton. Mr. P. was prominent in helping enforce prohibitory law, and the fires supposed set for revenge. Dot Moinis News. "Woman! be fair, we must adore thee; mile, and a world is weas before thee." But how can a woman smile when she is suffering untold misery from complaints we men are exempt? The answer is easy. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre scription is an infallible remedy In all cuses of "female weakness," morning sickness, disorders of the stomach, nervous prostration, and similar maladies. As a powerful invigorating tonic it imparts strength to the whole system, and to the womb and its appendages in par ticular. As a soothing and strengthening nervine it subdues nervous excitability. irritability, exhaustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and other distressing, nervous Bymptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organic disease of the womb. It induces refreshing sleep and relieves mental anxiety and despond ency. Sold by druggists, under a posi tive guarantee, from the manufacturers, to give satisfaction. ..Wanted,'" 10.000 people to come and examine our building plans, monthly payment Crasoall & Bell, Room 11, Montgomery Block. Idneolm Hek and Baggaga Una. Telephone No. 201 meat market; O St, 10 calls up livery barn, 221 South 10. Order slate at same places and U. P. ticket office, corner 11th and O street Hack stands at Capital and market Bobaxan Bbos. WANTED Five good seamstresses at USS " stmt, row M KauiaSaMiaa. - 2 50 Thive Captnrd. Wm. Stevens and Ben Purcell broke Into a house just east of town this morning and atole a shot gun and a revolver. They were detected and pursued, and threw away the gun but were finally captured and brought to town. tVhen searched at the station several revolvers, cuff and collar buttons, two pair of gloves and several other articles known to have been stolen from Mr. Melons, three miles east of the city, were found In their possession. They were also wearing clothes stolen from John Turnbull of Palmyra, and answer the description furnished by the authorities of that town. The thieves are both very young, not much over twenty. Death of Btiwln Mother. T.oat Hn turd air Frank P.nhanftti was . Cj. T,to rst tha summoned to St Louis on account of the dangerous illness from pneumonia of his brother-in-law, Edwin brOther-ln-law, Jdwm aiosher, former well-known citizen. A dispatch wa3 received yesterday stating that he was somewhat improved. This morning another message announced Mr. Mosher's death occurring last night. The deceased was the son of P. J. Mosher and brother of Mrs. Frank Bo-hanan and Mrs. S. J. Alexander of this city. He leaves a wife and two married daughters. It is not decided whether the rema ins will be brought here for interment. A X arrow Escape. Prairie fires yesterday afternoon in Grant precinct did considerable damage. The neighbors endeavored to stay the devouring element It was with the utmost difficulty they saved the house of Mr. Beck from the flames. His barn, however, and several hay stacks were totally destroyed, causing a loss of $200. Cnamplon Walking Raea, Everybody should see the great 27- hour go-as-you-please race at the skating rink Friday and Saturday night between H. O. Messier, champion of Colorado, and J. M. Springer, champion of Mar-shalltown, Iowa, for $50 a side and 60. and 40 per cent of one-half of gross gate receipts. There win be snating during the race. Admission 25 cents, skates 15 cents extra. Ryan & Holt, Managers. In Whola Blocks. E. T. Gadd & Son want to sell 20 blocks in their new plat of Bethany Heights, first put on the market this morning. Terms easy and time given at low rates of interest No such bargains will ever be offered again, and this only till next April 10th." Go see the jewel round fire patent practical. 5 years ranger., bomething warranty. li. . KELLY 55 UO. 1028 O St, Trees. For first-class Nebraska grown nursery stock call at S. E. cor. hay market square. J. M. Barber. Rich food and lack of exercise during the winter months causes the system to become torpid and the blood Impure. A dose or two of St Patrick's Pills will cleanse and Invigorate the system, purify the blood and do more good than a dollar bottle ' Of blood purifier, ooid by druggists. all A.T .A.. BLOCK'S few Dry Goods House 1325 O Street. On Wednesday, March 27. JhVoii 2 t ill 6 and from 7:30 to lO p. m. Everybody cordially invited. Every lady attending will be presented with a chance entitling1 her to the drawing of One Fine Black Silk Dress Pattern. Respectfully Yours, A. BLOOH, IDye CTS, War In the Bloody fifth. A meeting was held in the United Brethren church last evening. It was an adjourned meeting from last Thursday evening. There was war from the start. O. E. Goodell, a v Bushnell man, was selected for chairman and C. L. Trevltt secretary. The voters from the west end of tha ward had control, and after a great deal of wrangling selected j W. A. Klock as their candidate for the I council, and authorized him to select his own delegation. He has not yet done so, ! but will announce it tomorrow. There will consequently be two delegations in the field and a hot fight at the primaries. A meeting of prohibitionists and labor- lug men is canea ior mis evening at tne rch &nd K,ock mea arJ jvited tQ I participate. This means that Randall and Baker will withdraw in favor of Klock. In this connection. Eli Bates desires us to Bay that he has not been a leader in any movement; all that he has done in the matter has been to secure the use of the church for both sides. Mr. Klock resides at Tenth and A streets, and the west end is pretty solid for him. Cuibman Park Balloted. The locating board of the M. E. church to select a site for holding the next camp meeting, after several adjourned sessions, decided at 10 o'clock this morning to hold the first annual meeting at Cush- man Park, three miles from the city, commencing July 10th. They also have the refusal of the grounds, ninety acres, with all buildings and appertenances, for $27,000. The citizens of Lincoln have shown great liberality In subscribing $1100 towards defraying the axpenses of carying out this grand scheme, and placing it on a solid looting. Chancellor C. F. Creighton was chosen president; Rev. W. H. Vance of Crete, secretary, and C. A. Atkinson, treasurer, Merchants Attention. There will be a special meeting tonight in the council chamber of the Lincoln branch of the Retail Merchants association of Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas which will be sure to be interesting as W. H. Dodge of Des Moines Iowa, will address the meeting. A general invitation is extended to all merchants and retailers. J. S. Bishop, Secretary. FttlCES OP ICE. To take effect April 1st Consumers using at each place of delivery. Per month. 500 to 1500ft9, 50c per 100. 1500 to 4000BK 40c per 100. 4000 to 15,000tts, 30c per 100. 15,000 to 30,0008)3, 25c per 100. 80,000 to 45,000 lbs, 20c per 100. No ice delivered for less that $2 per month. P. n. Cooper, T. A. Cakotders, Lincoln Ice Co., Ebb & Esdres. Frae. You can get a lunch and witness the grandest system for roasting and broiling at H. J. Hall & Bro.'s stove and hardware store, 1126 o street tomorrow from 10 a. m. until 6 p. m. Have your prescriptions filled of chem- ically pure drugs at Kostka's, 1234 O '.street. GRAND OPENINGS : CTS Sts. A good pony, well broke to harness or saddle, for sale cheap, or will trade. Call at 121 So. 9th street The St Louis exposition In Lincoln! Call early as H. J. Hall & Bro.'s store will be crowded. Broiling, roasting and baking on the new principle. Charter Oaks,with wire gauze oven door, in operation from 10 to 5 p. m., tomorrow. II. J. Hall & Bro., 1126 O st. For Sala. Four nice lota, with fine fruit and shade trees in the orchard north of my house in Cottage Grove. L. P. Young Room 40 Burr block. Standard Dairy, Daniel Holm proprietor. Prompt delivery of straight goods. Mail postal, Lincoln P. O., box 771. To Oardor'a for lunchs at all hours. Coronet Reliance, Victor, Chain plou. and Sterling flours. In addition to these well known brands of flour we have added The City Roller Mills flour of Crete, Santa Claus, Let Her Roll and Royal. Silver Gloss we guarantee to equal any in the market, Victor and Champion not excepted. Whits & Glade. SHAWS' CORNER for bargains. Special! Special! Special! FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.. No. 1. A corner lot only 3 blocks south of capitol on which is being built a splendid 7 room house with gas, hot air furnace, city water, bath rooms, etc, for $3500, the ordinary price of a vacant lot in that locality. Will take 1 or 2 vacent lots in exchange. No. 6. A fine cottage of six rooms and full lot in East Lincoln, (no incumber-ance) to exchange for farm in Lancaster or adjoining counties. No. 4. A splendid cottage house in . e. part of the city on street car line. Six room house, closets, pantry, cellar, well, barn, sheds, etc., all complete. Price $3000. Terms, $200 to $500 cash, balance monthly or quarterly payments to suit purchaser. Will take horse and buggy or vacent lot as part pay. No. 5. A splendid Improved farm In Otoe county of 160 acres to exchange for Htock of Merchandize or City property. Price reasonable. ' ' No. 7. One hundred and sixty acres of land three miles s. e. of the center of city and one-fourth mile of street car line, at $150 per acre If taken soon. Eighty acres three miles west of P.O., will exchange for city property or good western lands. No. 6. Fine lot iu Summerdale for $470 if taken at once. Only $150 cash. No. 3. Nice house and lot In East Lincoln to exchange for desirable 10 or 15 acre tract Numerous other desirable properties for sals or exchange. Almost anything you need. Houses and roams city. for rent In all parts of the Shaw Sc Shaw. Telephone 62S. 104 So. 18th fcft. 7 WJL- ,65

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