The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 5
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. •-• PACK Two ctn'.s a. word tor ilrst Insertion and one cent word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No (Advertisement tp.ken for less than 50c. Count the words and scud the casli. Phone 30G OUU BOARDING 3 By Aliern ' sou iiAv'e. 1 , SMELL OF PAt\i'f KMOCKI.M 1 -rH J3 4 UP, v\ieu. vw Vp S'OUR START I'LL S'OU SOME FOR SALE FOB SALB-Baby Chlcfcs. All var ietles. Custom hatching solitit ed. Marilyn Hatchery, uiytlicvilli;. UO-CK-TP FOIl SALE>-Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., phone 107. 11P-CN FOR SALE—40 acre improud $«rm near Manila on concrete road. Price $MCO. Will take gocd seciur-1 Ity (or first payment. J. V. Chapln. 31P-K3 I FOH SALE—Baby's Stroller, P'ay pen, w'alXer and swlns. Cheap. Phor.e M5. 1C-K* lilCOIX IIKIIF. TODAY OVI'SV MclllllIIK. 10-ytnr-olil 1»iixl Li Jt Nc^r Vfir': oilier, mrrt* Jl.ll WAI.I.ACi: nl HIP liniiir "I hiT ivvlllllir voimlli, A.XN'KTBOW- IIItlDGi:. Cljli-y t« lilUcrnljIc lii-- rouse ^llp hn^ IrarniMl AliA.N CIIOSHV, lurk (rum n ytnr uni! n hull In I'nil^ KdlilyhiK nrl. no lur'Epr r^res for [ii'r. \VnlJ:iri- (I'll* <:yt^T llmT hr l:nx liri'ti Jlllr<\ l.y liix llnru-oe. To *|ihf (hp Klrl lit' rjirrx lu' Ili.l:« (!}|i^-) «' i.Kirrj- hEin. Slit* (Init rcfuxpi. lint lni?r Rfppptt. 'I'liry /irp innrrlp^l rr-| nuirnli;^ :llifl <!p;i:trt for I'ur- t^! (':!;-, lilx Inline n>M n. A! Jim'* LUMP Mi»v rirc Krct'ln! l>v I'U num. HISS KI.I.KV WA1- ].".<!:. nil,. li,],i,.-ill,.ri-K I, fi'i. .],<-. Instil,. TO iht. qirl. .\fl watch. "Wanted to start this uiornlns. tcr bo on ni>' way. es^ I'd lict- II socunrt cuf 'I'll Icava without of coffee was unheard nf. ros'j as (he young man diet ami i< I lowed him u> Hi-' 'locir. 1'hrn ---i.t i waited u few innuivMif-i until tin- 1 prec:i roadster iiiir.eami ia thy I , ..... usually sre wave,! Itu; this | Wit!: r. Eigii Oypsy r;luv:^J to i brcii'afas: :a'o:'.-. 1 Tlis ncw5|ia5«r !a" v i'.crc ili>M . in- .. . n-K-i-» n li-dcr Irin nn>j nfipr KIIIIIP liiLlr K. Jlin iinilprinlii-s XI.V.X ltnni:if|-S. nr lli-rlnK fl'-T rtnlllti.i In ri-cl. ii:- ="•- i ai:ci foia?'- j., ' i nbfcu< Uier.i hxausvK post of uh con- l.-iil seen the niornhiRi sultatlous were, nt ttio iiationta' uowMiJi-cr s'lu «ald mtlhliiK at;oul| homos. Thi're WAS a man In il.c t!,c'l.orlus-1'liilUiu wedding Alibluj-iHicu. ;i.misli. an hour More Kcjw- ivas ilrlviiu- the coii]:e and us snoiiUcr IV.-.H 1-1:01. Ho'jcrt Kliuball, lua as slio and"o>'|isy were inside sholiiKme is. He's an i-.dvoilL-lns sales- li'u/:m:m cnoi-Kollc discourse on the! Hinn. 1 talked to him this ntter- i-.v-i- arlur Cii.irli-J trying lu ; iiomi." u;i1V., lie wanted lo du n l.iai ,.!(} \ "WUt's ho like?" — •' i'e »"<! Abhlo had comliclli:,; j ' * ' - ites'uf architecture, j TIM s!irii ss ca Ills fibonldcu. "Or- : - Hyi-sy v.-as Himise:!. She wv 1 J dhi.iry. About 35 1 should say. ' ;.:-atcfi:"l tor' such (ili-uci;* 1 . uiu-rit-! i.f>nkol scared when I (old him ivliu I'.'.ii ciiiii|-:i:iii)uyiiip. Ttuy iv::o!u-d! 1 w.i::. Init lite ttory seemed 11 ' ill's SLOI-Q and before tin.- dazzling | onouvb. Kluiliall £ald he went lo « CClT-TbrVi "TO STUFF IKl VOUR £J \? pOCk'E-fS t --~ MAVBE IT A WILL BE. teErffeR IF Alnn Cio»liy rthlcm rplurnx FGlt KENT house i i :h5 wc.iai~:. | ;-. scv-r. i:a^ fe:: -•'•'. topr^slv? cames ot altoasiaais and ushers and details ot t!ie reception following ;ha wccillng. "!-.: ::?v.-ly married ot li?.iutitiil laulc-wiiro fur^cil her- c-trlter inoo-.l AbNlL- hi.uf.hl .the Klcaiiiln:; co'LJtnl ;;•>!> ic:s r.liil a dozen n:c!ad plates tiysisy's puri-husc'S were hninldcr. They lunched at ihe'Carltini r.nd It was alier 'i o'clock when ilic sec r.i-.vlcr because! Mi throat !iad l!lPTl!IS lltni. .111(1 Ills wlf'J Ilia wlto one ot V.nvlvr demanded ' c- FOR RENT—5 room ... baih, servants house ar.d ^ar-1 a?e good condition. 710 Walnut 1 St., S30 per month. Ateu 4 room houss with bath near hiijh school,! newly decorated inside, 311 Kcani St., 514. per month. \V. M. Burns. -FOR JiBiiT—"mi.' room I'.ouse and '^'•tariiB'v'.•'•!{•-. iff papered, on pave- >c:--i'il. i~ai'ic-ri..-'piamatl. $12.5U pcr| •'•-'•nVn'pilsr/k-jE'swlti-, Phone -S50-J. I -•'.'-. - ' -' -. ' • MC-K.TF ini:r:irr *~l: tir<-:tl:fiu: 11.1. ^iri. Oyvvj- ll.Tr^lril In llir mill .Tlni nrp n: ii;!-. 1 : nlni^rii : to: :> ! -;:!!p3 a::d her parents lor- -,v <;o ci\ ivcrit TIIK srniiv I ,. lf ,..j v lived in Forest City. Since CIIAPTKHXXV Jim','lpatli o IF! headline «liic!i had aldaclcil eye was on ihe front re.-.d: "Mrs. I warded. i ai all what he «aa ilsn of ii. II -.-,.- .—•. — k'ilEJVi.'-- .',/oom turuis'ied lia!, ''irf. toal houst. Call rase. In Iv.'O llnciof s!-.e :cad: "Miss Maicia Luring Weds SJ'.i ol New Vor't; Mannfac- turjr." There was a Long 1 il.incl datL' line and ber.e:Ml: it tliis B'.II- tc-ixe: "Tho marriage nf Mhs Man (lie death ot her father a year aso Mis. I'hllltps and lier mother havu inadc tlielr honie at Great Neck. I,, i. Ilrock Phillip's Is a graduate ot Princeton University, ivliera be was a memlier o! the teiials team and prominent In other sports.' lit Is now associated with his fa Henry 11. Phillips. ov:ncr ot llio Ills v.-lla had Inslmad tn> nlioi.i'l fee u doclur but Klin!>all furt'H nhnnl It until lio h:i!J|n. lo s.-e rovvlc/r'a nlllco sign. Ilo l-'o^ltr examined him. ^-.ive him a m-ii i.3,L.- u lv!'y l lo"uri' > sll'r<-''"ll 1 tl 1 "'. n111 ' " M llc lo<l nl>: " 11 lle'r efior:. ' w',ro mro-j "> "'hiiKcs after 5. As nc:irly_.i3 I 1! the youim man noticed can .-hctl:. tlie alnry s ftra slit. L - c "\Vli)' wcro Nina aa,l 1'iiwur rt.j worlili:; 1 , so late tbal evening-'" rained a dinner that ' .. ; ho library which had now bc-ceine his borne offlce. , t ,, atttnifion tlion como in at -1 or The wl.ote house was quiet .U Eho turned on the r:-.illn It would ] r acco; , i , t? ivould bo out 0:1 ca!U caily In lion como au( , v . a , t , lpr lo disturb Jim's worl;. t;y;sy stood now associated with his father. | hcture one ot llio IKIiin loom , win- wrlto Tinit been ma'Kiiig oat cjows and looked on; at i!;c sky. cia L-orin*.' ( la«£lite"r ol JIM. Siilr- i''hiiii',)!,"BrcakfasVKIalic3 Co." \ The v.luiio'.v was lialf-cipciiod. The stall Lorilisan:! tho lato Mars-ull I On an inslda pa'so hcsidc a col-|nl B !u |II;«JB was coo a=am.-,t l.or. lo-ln-- IJrccI; Phillips, tun «l i inim headed "Society News" tl;crc liiiiily clad shoiiliicrs hut u .iaci i..e evening she bilif." bad nuu<!.ovcr mosl ot ' TOR RENT-5 rco;n stucco bungalow, bath, 118 South Franklin St., \near. hospital. §18 monthly in ad- \vahce. Bee U A. Waters, phone \742-W. . 30P-K2 Mr. and Mra. Hei-.ry II. Pliillii.s oi I was n picture of a blond girl it: a Ni\v York, tool: place at IMsli r.oaa j droopini; pf.'ture liat. Above was t(i:!uy at St. ABiirsVs Ch::rch." | ih 5 caption. "Hecoines Bride of the re tiny \vay tor , out of the lit- QUT "FROM MAkeS ME. DROlMSV . );/-fRAMSFtR VoU TFROM J J-V -( -TrlE WALL-PAPER Ct-EAMlMG' SEC-TioM j ^IZlS-"»—i^ ^=?Iii - ^^&*$SJ^?J^^ 0^ 1 BOOTS ATSD HER BUDDIES •> '! ? Gy I l s!i .. oh . >•„. lallll , acj to _,. roou.nuto. Sho OR HUM"!':--Forty acifs ct land | 1 near highway, one rr.ilc norm o!, i-'V/ill furnish. A. G. Little. :st National Bank. -c-k-61 ., -• mate anc "Gcu^ !:icru:nsr." sne H~\ z •: i .-~i= :oo Dr:^:::y. ei-3 ami sbat- • RE!<T— 5 room ''O'.v. ov. par., Be' decorates 1 , lioi cticold water. Apply Ike JSiller, 889. I i SJU WANTED TOULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. BDiirelt Go. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone C4 240-TF except licro ai:d there shrubs cast \,!aek sli.iclows. Somewhere in tho iiis!:i::co slie: E a:-= Ni:ia called lier 1:1:1 hen'rd a violin. • Halted for s-.-veriil minuU'S Qh. it-was a nisht for youth and I 1; iai-.s lor Hie cvcuiu:;. it wns a love ' and Bay lauyhiorl Oj't^v | pnWic tdephona ur.d no rcni:d Is cloECd tlio window hc-'.iind her anil j kcut c:f (lie i-:iili niafie. lies Tii"» cv»=' ii'oved A acw n'.apiziiie was there's no way of cliccliiuB -^ i L — >i as ij j* a;i.-."—:}, i:;Ltj-^ii.,"«.^' p ^"".. .*« »- 6 r a ''i ar35 -ar.d v,-:l! placed, ac-1 lying on (he tsb'.e. She turned Vha no-- was issti'dious. ,It .there! read. , "',;. . « 3 . v i- i. C r face Gypsy At 11 u'cloci; Jim was still In (lie -liojln:; ii, :a-(nrs-uy. t'l.o.T-" V. 'was*In" the lie's 'which ' library.- Gypsy wvut to the kitchen [ There v,;.s n on the- «all 1 drevTiogeUier rather tisluly. Tbcy. and lillai! a piatc v.iili tho sinscr | 011 p,, ito. 'iViay was Th'jfs.l.iy. ' - - ' Tli»re \vc ' coaliles he v«is fond n[. She ponrtd five i!a:'.i more and Nina llulnr.r, - - •• -,i i lcn i),,. i: i.jon who vfinild a=kel: '-V.'h::t day is th? irir.l.' 1 ' POULTRV WANTED—Market- pri- CES, any quantity. Marilyn, Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF expensive! step and its;! on Do yon v.'ii='e'vme:iti:i'tliewa'y'slie"held'ner.|b'<;k (liL-ni (.; tho. library door m yon v.-iiiii UK: to| chin. Or vvas (lint ' n ^ rel >' a trll!k if yonr lorrcoal has | o: tho photographer to show off an .uncommonly well moulded throat? • • The parasragh below stated that aisd knocked se. •'Cnme in." Gypsy opened the c'oor. " you think yun've worked ennush, Ji:n?" she a?':ed. "1 dcci'iy her fate. "Jim." ti:c i;U'l "take :r,e to s<--i Xi: Ji:n suriiriscil I'.i said carm-sily, lous j to ^n~" u TRFjVSUBY DEHART^iriNT. Ot- fic of tho Secretary, \Vashlnston, D G March 1, 1S31. Proposals are 'hereby' solicited, to be opened in tlic onicc- of the Supervising] Architect, Treasury Dcpartn-.etit,, Washington. D. C.. at 9 o'clock, a. j m.. on April 13, 1031, for the sale : or ilGiuitiun to the Jnitcd S'.ates j ol preferably a corner lot con-. tainms anprosiniatcly 21,000 square feet, with a dimension of approxi^J mately 100 lineal icct, on tho more j important of the two street Iro:il- ; aoes. centrally and conveniently, located and suitable ior a. Federal ^ builciin-.; site at Blythevill?, Arkansas. Upon application, the; postmaster will supply prospective j bidders with a circular giving, particulars as to rctailo-menls audj instructioiis lor preparation ot bidsi and data to accompany same., FEUl'.X" K. HEATH, Assistant Sec-! rctary. 1CC-1U i sb- sk'tl "fiypjy passed tbo luastltn spend several weeks'In Canada a-i! iiieriviiucally he accepted a | b-forc retuniing lo -New 'lorl; r : -i" S-iUlci-ly -be «a".- a c!iaa;c , wliere they would make tbeif home. ,--'.n-n'r>vcr'his [see ono corner of the desk. It v.-as ihe only corner available. The des!: lop was a tumbled muss ot books and manuscripts. "\Vcil, hov,- about - o'clock?" "I'li bo renily." Gypsy prou:l-cd. "£'11 t.i'ae the car down town and meet yoi: at yo'.ir o;T.: Gy[:.iy v;:id His eves were! Matilda entered the diniug room i—•• i ,;'- ' .. . ' , .,„„. ^ 'n 1 " - knew : and r.aiiccd, surprised to see Gypsy Jim leaned back in his chair. I t,,.n,itc, I.Jo , . L ^ lUy EfcS^ E ~^'^^^-J^S^^rK|i^^H!;'!S ^^BX33ia^3:JSSI.a^^?3^!^^r3S^. riri'(;••'(" "'•vo'c- Miree' lin-cs"' At I of toast. She could not take borjt'jrh yo'a!' "'iil'tiiriicdi'iioWe. '" J eyes from lUc picture in the news- ^~ Wl'.at time is Alible coming!" i paper. :i='icd ivithoct lookii^'up. His i It one had deliberately set oiu 10 voirp. witich wus casual, betrayed i search -tho vorici. Gypsy thoiignt, it tho effort that was keeping it level.' would have been impossible to timl Gypsy's heart bled for him. She reamed lo be tympalhetic but there •was nothins fhe could say. Jim vas kcepins hi", mystery la him- last he iOX 'I'O AV-| l-I.Y l-OIl OKDKK OF SAIX . Ndlice is hereby given that the undersigned, as Administratdr o!, the Estate of R. E. Anderson, de-| ceased, will apply to the Pictalej Court for the Chickasawba Diftvict of Mi^sissinui County. Arkansas, j on the 25th tiay 01 April, 1931. !or: authority to sc-ll the fcllon'lng lun'.i.s belonging to said estate, or y) ELlf. "Eho s:;!c; s'ne's! come about 10," tl.e sirl iins'.verr'i. "Can I give you some more coffee?" Jim shook tiJ head. "It's set- tijis" be caij. slr-.r.ciQE at his anyone more totally uiiliUo herself. Here was the girl whom Jim wor shipcd—bload. ably Mil and aristocratic, prcb- „„... _ slim. Resentment asainst this fair girl who had been so cruel welled up in, Gypsy's heart. At last she arose and went about her morning's duties. By 10:15 when Abbic Manloy rang the door bell, tho giri was ready 1nr toward tiio chair. "Go j street, gray ar.d formicUiWc, 'i' ahead, I'm rot ^ettin; anywhere. E ia= v.!:o m.h^ted the heavy ,U anyhow." Jim :-.!Uu;hed a toosie.l 3r.i:ir.c(i sooil u:;uircnly at Ji.n. in,, I '"llow're you, Mr, It was the Roberts ease, of course.; srccteii him. There wcro millions Gypsy v,-antoil | . "Ik!!o, EicTe. Wj'iJ .:.;o .0 seo to ask but she felt hesitant. Before , MIPS RoUerts. she coald think of the right bssi ning Jim continued: "Here's K fnuny thing about that bird. Fowler. Throe-fourths ot his patients were v.-omoa. T went llirough some o£ his books this afternoon. Nina doesn't know—or clw-^w >»ba doesn't know—much "1 guess siie's l;cre. .ill ri"ht," man called Stc-va ansv.-erpd. "Just. a minute and I'll call the matron." He Ictt them. A iiioinent later Jim Wallace i;ln.nced "Why, Gypsy," ho "what's (lie matter?" 1 IT'i L'fl Cot.tlo x(rri"fF. or Fii.ivc or FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . 11;-.- c.: Ecv:=r ].;.;..r.:.;n Dhlnct Ko. 3 of C':iy of Bl'thovillc. Arkansas, was filed in r.-,y of!:te on the 1st day oC 10^:. :md the- same ^'JJ;! f'LsTE^TFeOND MACKS Ol TUG P I much" ihcrcof as may be ncces- no-.\ Eary. to-wit: The undivided one-halt interest ol the deceased in the Sculhncsl Quarter ol the Quarter of Section 33. Township Ifi North, Raiyu 8 East; ar.ti The undivided onr-halt in- of the deceased in f&ur, mure or less triangular shaped. tracts of land, being all of the Southeast Quarter of the Sonlhe-ast Quarter of Section 33, T'o-ivnship 16 North, Range 8 Ea-st. except Ihe riiihi-of- way ol SI. Louis Koutlmcstcrn Railroad Company ar.d Honey Cypress Ditch, containing thirty acres, more or less. Kaid sale is to he nude for ihe p-.irposc of paying the dc'u'.s ot the estate. C. J. F.VRARD, Administrator, ilcnacrson. sul>"?ct lo inspection. S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk ol the City of Blythevillc, Arkansas. New York Cotton ! NEW YORK. April I. (Ui'i—Cot- i : ton closed bandy steady. M.iy July O,~i. Dec. Jan. Mar. la ,v Clw i055 10fi7 1030 1031 1111 111? 1132 ll'Ji Ilo-l 1155 11-12 114) .... 1174 llfiln ts closer! quiet at 1015. of! 15. Open Hvjh '1C70 ICi'iO 1C9J 1095 1525 1115 11 Tl 1147 1155 New Orleans Cotton r ^-^ - NEW ORLEANS, April 1. (UP) Cotton clo^d Open Higl JU-id. Evr;ii\l ' Altori'.rrys. Invest With Safety G'ii paiil (itiiii'tcrly <'ti full paitl stock, §100 ar.d Guarantee;! by first in BlytlicviUo. Secured and Insured. Bljthevilie Building & Loan Association \V. M. Bums, Sec. I May July Oct. nee. Jan. Mar. 1033 1143 1153 1109 1071 lOSli 1127 1K5 .1171 Low IOS3 1031 1112 1131 10o7 1031 nr> nai IHOb 1157b p^ls closed steady at 1033, o!T 10. ?,;oiiI!,K. Ala., iUI>) — The lug , ".Mury Wltticii." ^:;cc ;-,r:dc of t'n-3' Mcj'.iilo Ln^j licet slid tor almost 40 ; yea is coiuidcicd (lie queen o j I'.artjor licet, has boon "neivsioncd" r.d is liaulini; cement barges now. AU, KINDS OF MACHINK WORK Electric t»iu1 Gas Welding done at OSIJUOX HLACKSiMlTH S.UOI' US X. Franklin St. l TH'.S Rcx>M....AsK> U W-E ACSlF?^e Ji'.AX STEJ'S 1N!I -^cwii " J.iM, 3 (/.>y^,'4M;:f'

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