The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 22, 1897 · Page 6
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 6

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1897
Page 6
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TOE ENQUIRE!., CIKCIKAli; ' EDNKSDAY. .jI'PTK? lii.... 2- 1L.7, JOLLIED His Imperial Friend Emperor Willian Lands . Francis Josepn And Throwi a Few Bouquets at the Hungarians, Fer Which He Reeefres Eitha . lUstle . Cheers. EugUid EiUbUihei Protoetorato . Ow the Kingdom or tut Bwiai . Troops For ladta. v BcKn, iptmhr SI. - At riv era is anqiM glven.'to-day In honor ot Kmparmr " William -of (hmnnir,.Ein(XW Francia af ; peon, tn proposing III Majesty's health, ro- ferred to htra as "my faithful friend, ally '. ami unwnnnl fHlow litwrw la tit great or of pmw, to W 'eh may we ever devote tuf best powers." Kmperor William In reply remarked: It waa with feelings of th ro-wt profound gratitude thtt t llalened to Tour JtlaJeetyV moat cordial gTtlng. Thank i.f you Majesty's Invitation, I have been enabled thto bsnutlful cUy, lna rptrndi.i rvt-t;tlon frms MTKKAI.LT OVM NUU3 me. Ac tj.em.ans follow with a ayntpatJmfc at, tha history of lb Ifungsrtaa people, who luvt for the)r 'country Ha btrfome proverb, 'and who. In their elrugglr, hav no hesitated to sacrlflc their blood and goodi In dnfense of th crossNarnes Uk y.rrnyl anj Cs!r7tn to tht day roako tho heart of tfT UM'icin In. I beat faster with pyrranathette admiration. W have followed tho ca-lebratlon of tho thotfaanrfth birthday rf the l.nal Hungarians, arrayed In daa- Sllng F.-mlor about I heir beloved atlog. hut. wlix h mad tit lHa Impres sion Ji-on me, and djrlng my stay la Hun gary I Lb ( KVTIIt A1.ISTIC t.BV0TI0W or the lluugaiiana tu Your Majesty's au-a-fist person. Not alone here, nowever, but in Korope, and, above all, with my own iH", the aama fervmt enthusiasm pro-v.alla for Vour Majesty a fet-llng la which I glen, who look up aa nm to Your Uv )!'. aa being my paternal friend, venture to claim share. - "Thanhs to th wtadont of Your Majesty, our ajllrncr, concluded in tho past by our as. mantis firm and indlsaoluabt. It has acurrl pa'f to F.nrop for a lona; tlmo, and will An mm Mill lohjjer." Th ipowh of Kmprror William eauaad trmonsloua anthualaam, aapoctaliy whoa ho alludmll to, Count ZrlnylS defrnao of tho FartraaV of Oalrflh. tn lnwrt. whon ho Mow tip tho ritadala rather than capitulate to h" Turk. , v After tho banquet Emperor William and Kraperor Vrancla Joecpa attended a faJa lrrformanro at tho opera, foilowlna; which hey IneiMcted tho street llluni (nation a. They then drove to the railway elation, whrro the German Emperor bade farewell to his Imperial host and took his departure after mutual klaslnc and a at Id loud rheerlna. UBDER3TANDI5Q Paid To Exla Betweea Kane I a, anco Uerananjr and Aaatrla. - Landok. September SI. The Rome eer-respondent of tho Dally Nawe says; -It la learned from a hlh source that Oermany's want of alarm over the Praaoo-Kusatan alliance la thought to be duo to aa existlnc underataodlnc betweea Ruaala, Oermany, i-'rauca and Auatrla about .the Levant, phlctk has been mado with a view to future events leadlar up to chanter In the Levant, anil wnluhdeale with their several portion In th eventual tHvlelon. "Uerroany find her satlafaotioa la ear ly from attack. 8h will thus bo at leisure to develop her Intern! resource a, poetpon Ins any dlaputa with arrace. Kfforte are making- to Induce Italy to Join, tho lea?ue, whltmt K to aeaerted. does not look with dla-I4eaure upon tho prolongation of th preo-ent situation that leaves an openlns; for etartllni complications If rotutldered ad-vantarous to th four power. ,80 th set-llomejit of the Cretan question "will not b ma quick and almple aa predicted. It le aeaerted that Russia, will propose that th Uovrnr of Crt be a Turk. . f UBLIOLY ClfflSU&ED. . FraacU Joaeph ItjlUy Reprltuaatla ; m IVaaonUa Colonel. ' nt or4T. September tl. Anions tho In-' rhteata tn eoanectloa with tho arrival her jreaterday of Kmperor William of Oermany are the following'. tin hut way to the railway station to meet the Gertnaa Kmperor. Kmperor Francis Joseph pa awed a Boenonfan division commanded by a Ueneral. Th Kmperor anroe In his r err tan and rrted la a loud vole: "Is that how you drill your men. Oeneral? Look at them! They are a dlaraoet To1 ar Roenontaa Colonel the Kmperor aatd: "Teach your aoldlera the rule. rolon. b-ror you let them, march out of th bar-' racks!" At three points alone; the rout Emperor Kranrls Joseph stopped his carriage and aa-grrly remarked upon th conduct of th public, who persisted la trespassing wjthlo .the Una mt troopaV ' . When th proceaalon. headed by tho two Kmperor. waa returning from th railroad - station the horas of th ceneurcu tletteral became restive, and th Oeneral, sheathing Ma award, ordered th B wonlana to open their line, and, before the Imperial party arrived. It rod out of sight, evidently tearing tar Kmperor would again censure him. . EARTHQUAKE 15 ITALY. ' Hoataj. aptomber 11. Two alight earthquake shocka wer felt her at i o'clock jhla afternoon. The ubterraaeous Ulsturb-anre was alao felt at RJmlnl. Frrmor. R naU. UologikB, fflnigaxtt. FabrUuiarag... florepx-. Venice. Trestl and A neon a. At mosi plave the people wr panic strtckea. At A ana a a, few house felL SSHATOR TELLER AaaowavC Tfaaa H Will flap port the ltcpaulicaaj Kaslon Ticket. , ttTVa. CotOw September 31. Senator TeOetr ha written a letter to Chairman Jam H. Hloed. of th Arapahoe County totnmltte of th Silver RapuMlcan party, la wblca he announce his Intention of supporting Judge Charles D. Hayc aomlneo of ItM Rcpublloaa and Silver Republican par-tie for J oat toe of th Supreme Court. The rWnator says ha rria tnat Hart creptrd the noiiilnstlou by the A.liulnlMrit-tlun party, but tn vtsw of Judas llayt's plain siaicment of Ma position, aa Well aa Vita recort oil th eUvcc question, be WU1 support him. . LOND Oil 'BANKERS , To H6IJ CoiilVrrnt.-. Concern lug h . Hilver Situation. . araoiiv xsrTC v vaa axoetaaa. Virw Tott. rVptemher 21. A ' tnilon talJe t the Kvenlng Post All the leaJln luinkr ot Lomloa will mwet prtvately tomorrow t dlacoaa the re. cnt irttrrancea of the Oovernoc of toe liana of Kiieland aa to a.lver. A reaolutloa of pre-i.4i ami irollly be acd. Tn, feeing rros.H.tati.t I hav reason to lc!!vs pol:U'4l ive i U-lng ma.lo m ravor of r.n tl rMver. It V"M rot b i ,.i If n..-ne Intrrna litl none. ri HOTEL GOSSIP. )eaara. Anarlft) J." mKb."CotmaJV-r of Ike Uidwelt-tA Ukenaoa i- Al K. f- So. ; Alfred Lyth. lttor VWe rmoiandr la t!ef J. A. R. C. D H. HtOWiti. member of the RafUW raecotlvo Ollaa' Committee, and !. K- Turn-', UetMrral ecrrtry imm Ottseaa raal(l f U 'tlmia. the rooa-mlttee aeat I eecwe etfltaUe quarters for ih mdwn-Wllknao'J. A; B. foet eoww rs4a an4 ladU f lb" tmmV durlna; th earamfimewt of the tl. A..K t h-M 1 t-tncuMMtt iwit year, are at tie Ira ad. m ehara ft Meaara. Thoaaaa Tlmpeo", leeneral Aet mi h Ummm ttajore Raad. akw a member f Ilkl we-W Ufc poat an l Clar-tH-o Htorkmaa. Ufl Aat ut the i rr KoaU at UuaTal. anl a royal baavj of brethrea they are. Ta-y had a, auaaber f aattafattory Inter views reaierday M reaar-j t omit rue heaInua rers a at mm n. aJ Will vepeet the reeuH of their veetlalloit t their paat far rafitK-atttm waot Ulr frl-nt M uui- fala. They liptvt I brlnaj a .iM-r bvJIea with Ibrm to the OsJmi,o n u They have ae lex-ted Ih Uraifl Hotel aa rerl head'tuarters. whl-" ""'. however "00- a . a Tka tirAIVl M wtx-ta-l l adoiartr lir ''" la-iianaw ort'nlumM fnat. of te-ae. l--fayrxe. mt Near laflt; onn't-' t.-Jt. an 1 h.)aeeral hwext'iuarteea I - . l uriniu f 1. 1-rwral Andrew Mkrli-iikxi--r, t -plain 4- Slillot Blair 1 ",,Jaia U llhlee. rHneVh- ""r-,.i- n.' HM mt 4 hm llraiMl resiertwiT mr mMV vslaaMe) p.iuttaa fraaa taen. rm- larly fn.m lr. I. II. T'irnrf. a,..- .,. lw FlulTala vmmtiive. um " .' rmii-nl in year wv It Z xr- Kavrtlir.1 aaas aHl I her ar I tor Urge poaia u Uui- ii' ilk.. -rw. mui aion " falo.- . , Colonel M. MulMne. tho famou conlat of ralmotrth. Ky., I at tu worn. IV- K-.1 mm well a frost in our se-ina reeter-Uy mornlna " a .M ' ,"'71 fcand mtM'h of the lata aiHl MiataiwIinaT l-b.. sjm ba-lly llteu. Tht ul - pTor? thSn nil!7- crop In K-?;.y thp, ear uihu in mwaa aMwwa Mr' R. o. VcCurmlck. raaaenger Traffic Maaaarer of the ! rur, baa estanled an Invitation to Commanter nmiin -tcufTslu eommltte tu accompany him. Oen eral HU k'-nloopere' pain n iitaaire an Captain Hlalr In ihe. private trolley car Uraes to Kt. Tnneaa. and he start nil! be nul from the Orand Hotel ttiia m.!rtitng at t V Mr. Hl.ln-y Oale. O-n-eral Agent of th Hlg at IxwUvHle. an Mr.' J. Rea ves, uf thr t in. inpall of-f.e. will al b of the party, and a muat delightful trip to guaranTd. The lofomiattoa twit tared areand among traveling roan that th yellow few . a foothold In I-mIv.I11 to emphatk4alfy denied, by Mr. Thorn A. MuUlgan. I a pop ular Ualt llewae tier, la a a-tter t in UlhMon liue. Mr. MnlllaaJi stale that be haa thorouahly veniltoleM in SMltev ana) ItiHla that ih alarmtug runvwe s- foww- davllvn In fail, - . Tho O. A. R. Kgecutlv Committee wOl meet neat Monday at th Oraad t round out Its matnbrrsblp and jrlect officers. Mr. Kdwln Stevens, who aerved a Secretary la the auccceasful effort to bring th encamp ment to Cincinnati, mill svobably hav his efficient work recognised by being mau permanent Oeneral aWretary. The Poplar Manufacturer and Waoleaal lfeVrs AsaocUtlon convened al th Hur- net yeetenlay upon the can or tne comma-toe composed of Meesrs. M. H." rarrtn. Chairman W. A. Trtonnett. T. B. Stone, of Cincinnati, and A. M. Spvttawood. of Le log- ton, Ky. Th meeting waa called for tn purpose of adopting a anlform system of grading poplar lumber and methods of man- u far tire. A preliminary organisation wa effected by Ilia adoption of a conattrn'.ln aiul th election of the following officers; y C. Kjiher, Htl tlrove, Ohio, Irelloot; M. M. Karrln. Cincinnati, Vice-lrs.ilect: T. H. ell tine, Cincinnati. Treasurer, and John K. Williams., of the CkIiiko Lumlwrman. temporary bacretsry. Mreenlatlv Kp- Inr ofMrratora were present irom n.saiacs.v. West Vlrrlnla ami various Ohio Hlver olnta.. The following committee waa appointed to formulate a net of Inspection rule ami reiioci is nm n pwimi to ,lm heJt the llurnet October 12i M. U. Kar- rln. Chairman. W. A. Hennett. Clnctanatl, Charles W. Hurt, Ford. Ky. : K. ' C- Cof lartl. t AHiana. W. VH w . n. nt. Iranian, tihlo. Th Commit te on Pyemia- neiH Orgaulsatlsa ar K. C. Collard. Chairman. W. A. Bennett. T. R. Utone. J. P. ear man. or irosnoo, . v.. rwen-r, ie lain A. W. Watrouv. Charleston. West Ve Kn-hard McKeeO, Wtlllnniaburg. Ky. Mr. William, of tho Tlmberman. aaki la tub Ilxui mil man that th general state of the I urn tier trale la esorlleut, but that the r'ellow fever ecar In Louisiana and al Jot ring atajes haa afTselsd th trsxl seriously. Mr. W. H. J lifts tn. of the CtUuaso Nor lb- west Lumberman, attended ta mseting. Mr. and Mra Walter A. Mag well, of the Palac Motel, have returned from their outing to Oreenwood Springs. Indiana; much reluvanatsd. Jlr. Maawelt aaya h Mis. hlmssir dally with Water drawn rrora a depth of I. lull feet, and now Ala stomach trouble are a back number. Colonel WIH lam Kirk by, ' lata Railroad Commissioner of Oh!: Colonel Albert E. Hoone. of ZanesvUle; OsrstrsJ J. C J. Wil lie ma ami Mr. J. C. Boun. of Knoxvtlle. Tenn., prpomoter of ther propoasd great 'Black Plamond" Railroad system, were at th Oram! yesterday, en route for Paolf, Intl.. to attend the meettna; callled to or- anla the Itcard of llrartora for th In dian eml of the Itn. Prominent men from New Albany and Vrnceftnes will attend the mewtlna. Colonel Klrkby I President of all th forporattono of toe company north of th Sims of Tennessee. Hon, Martin L Hos Is PresMcnt or ail the rrporatlona south of Kentucky. ' our road la tv be a reality la th near future." sakl Colonel Klrkby to Thi Km- ul'litt man. "and w aie-t lo eommence iraslln tartrt iy tn nrat or neat Mr. I Hw, corn of our eitrveyors ' haa goite through llravn and Ad-ima Countlva, Ohio, ajul la now working lie way t Coium-liua. W stopel our corpa aurveylng from Lover at tVnterville, Mourbon County, Kr . aa we etpeot ultimately to ten- that fine throuiiti imlnat.n on to shviie. Tenn. We matte a complete shift or change In yhe route mt our main nn eaai ine l an.i N. system lnstes.1 of west, as at -trrst-Vot-temiildted. entering Keutu ky m4 the Jrlli- co Narrows ami coming on thnuh Bar-bowrsvlllw, Manchester. MKee, Iniw. Mt. Hterllna. t n III Is lis. uwsulon -anti striking th Ohio River al Carrolltso, lasaioa to la-tllangpolis. Uwemon Is ta voutty seat of Owen County, which hasn't a fuot of rail road, and yet a county rtcn in looaeco srxl oilier prmlucle, i.VmuiiiK by Barbouravlile. we pvnetrate m rich coal region. There Is already l,).ntt worlli of wrk flntshsd on our main line tnroiicu tn ntauntains or North Carolina, and Oeorgla: l.ii.iM haa been subscribed by the city of kiwi' ville. by, theclty of Augusta. !.- aak.aai from uihar points, WsiUes our f res right of way. W Haw a r priaantattv In lindon now who assures us of abumtaiir of VMpltal lo back us te a siicceaaful Itliiatt. The road from th Ohio Hlver lo th sew will cost V.'V''0,il and wilt ba.tbe best paying croerty mu thte ountlnent. I can sav to Tk iLWttf tana that It la mv honest belief that the. eutervris la a aro. Our Ohio lin to fulumliiM passe through West Uuiun, Adams Ccunty. the oaiy county seat In Ohio thai la now ntthout a railroad." Mr. Haiie, who waa oim of tta party at th Oram! tteorvtary of tne Koavi liaianl of LKrvmivrm. .Mr. wimsma. or thai usrlv. waa Attornev tirnerai uf 1 eenassaa and I'nltstl btatea Ilatrht Attorney during bwth Crrveiaua Aumtmairaiiona. Messrs J. K. Blackburn. Btate Dairy and Ir'oud (umnilai)lunr. au r'rrd W. IterbaL State Lrrug Inapeetor. of Cotumbu. are at theUrantL- "Our mission hare at this time." aakl the stale officials, "is to vt the Jobbers an.1 druggists. In purauanc of a circular we asnt ttiem. placing vnder th baa of th law number of poisonous patent medicines loaded, with cocaine principally, ami morphine, opium, chloral and other prnl.loua tlrua-a, lahli-fl are usstroylng inousamis of psotie under tne guise or -aooii rjmeoiai metlictue. e will gt tnem pcrnai in r three weeks to case this .1ra.l v trarflc. so that they caamt say w took snap Jih1. ment on thvm. snl. if not toiil by that tim. sr will imbljsh the entire list of Inter dicted drugs, or so-ca.llcl rrnietllra. and then prooeett to pnsacutt. i noisn.i of moment are awirtinr the teve1ttiiient of tttr hahea ami briniilrg thrn up in Imbecility throurh the use ui sootti'i' sirups urvil oS-er nostrums sattirail nith eoirin- We ar very tnuca in earne.ii in mis mnr, nd at her tn give rair waroanc. i n I'lM'SIn nau I nil irowa to sn sismiins tlesre anions out tropin s.n1 It must b atilett if IKisNlliie. Un rase that earns un der our oliscrra iiou was iiiji ci mil ho a short in tf w.a c -hii-r ami run. Il.lential man of a liiuni ul concern. ho is now aa t rvauii oi the us of this Urug porier Lfi a attux." nHD r:ir::i sicmrs. srariatu wisearca ro rs a avariaca. OHinitrroy, W. V . Si trober 21. In th XlrlVinaM lmi achnient trial thia (ir- noon, fixmrllmnn H na ar-.l i: n Hall ie- fahXI. A. M. bova t, aura I tH-tl T l .aa. r(lMr-na f MtilTato Hn. , nletl outrlaM svl.ien--' hti,! l- ll a t ! 11 an.l . ' ' m X on t . t ... .. t 1 ' i I t i i . ) l. jill ! , I itut enipl.Aiu'iAlty the n t' v UUliC r 1 - EVENTFUL Life of Robert Harlan, The Sttei Colored Leader, IV i tieiiB aid Tirass, ,- Bronght To a Close By Death s - ley Toach. RraarkaVIo Carter of a Poor fl red Boj Who Rose To Fe aid Fori a. Tk. e. ear ill nmt mt CuUMIsi 'Robert ti.. , a.. uteJ foewd leatater. POlltJclkB ... i.rfua waa cksrl at aa early aowr yesterday morning when, after a lingering Uliewrx n pajascl I th great ucyowa. Few san r his rac were ocrrer invwn ,i k,.K tfrtn. Vur ver an year a res! Jen I mt this city, with th egcejuKMi of about 12 years spent In 'bnglana. a lng gt-jcg mad for himself a reputation and acquaintance thai alll ourvlv him mT"Z .rest turf e'vewt r roBtscaJ gs: be ring at his party ever took place but that th stalwart figure ml -tnx nana w. Miina In l Ms throne? of cels- uit.. i.ia Miaa r mtm aaivancssl aa. C"4oaef Ir!a had ojuletly dropped at of public Kfe. ami speat a la decttuiog uay at his aoas borne, at lota ilaymiiler street. her mm died. - . . . , TK. .!. a sail sras til veara 4d. and had e wKm n alsv'S B W k IH- . v.- .l.w. e sttetb,tfins? hla Jemlse ts old a- mora than any on particular naa my. lAat night a tnreng or in at Ihe hus t pay their respects t hie s,im an.1 ssanv wsr thr who In the past had realised rfc-h tsrnSta from th un-ceaslug effort ef Colonel Harlan la behalf of to people of hla owa race. . In lb death of Colonel Ilarlaa It can te said that a riAiArrn to m tmiuo l m -m ..Mnnllrlr-tl.111 mt wtint thrift and enterprise 'can arcotnpllsh when proper l'l ."v. 'l - -w A Ci ly applied la ended. Bora Ih Mecklenburg County. Virginia. trt Dcem-ber 13. HU, th daeaaaed spent th first '-tare years of bis lit la that grand old comino wsalth. whe be was taken to Ilarrodsbarg, Ky and lived la th family of Judg Jinn Hiriatu of that ptac. vrho la perhaps beat known aa IheM ratnr or Aseoctat Justice Jimei m. Ilarv Ian, of th I'nlted State Supreme Court. Thus "BoV tHartna came by th sum he taunored tru-outghout hi kxig Ufa. Whan tola eoiorad hoy scams mid enough ,t go t schooM-Vg. Harlan mm htm t th viyag BchobjTat Harrodsburg. along with hla own bey a. Although hla appear-anr would hardly reveal t tie Tact of hla btmf a colored child, aom on Informed th school authorities of In fnct th eanaa day that th buy waa admitted lo th school ml b waa sumnaarlly dirhargasV Out mi this carcumatane Colonel liarian often re mark. 1 that he had only "a half a day schooling." Tk boy's playmates were Kichanl Harlan and James Harlan, oitlsr brothes of the pnynt Juds-e Harlan. When th Harlan boy a caan heme from cbooi and at.arted to study' their less owe th little colored boy studied th aam lev-sons with them, and In this manner secuwd th groundwork of hla education. He grew up amid refined surrounding, and at the ag of 1I opened a store at Harredanurg. tie succeeded fairly well, and In tarn year haul managed to save enough money lo buy race horns. Beginning at 1 he raced this on bora, and a fort una am fled Upon, him h accumulated a a Labi that waa a formiiiabi on. Having ben nreaind horses nil hi lif ytmg Harlan waa very successful in flandllug raesra, and aa hi winning increased th colored turAle brantthed out and raced for the larger purses at th principal rac course In th ktMith and riouthweac Tata was 'tn th good old ante-bellum daye when racing waa strictly a gentlsmaa'a sport. A boug this tlm th Caiifocai gold fever spread aver th cauntry and Coiwmal Harlan UMcldcl to temporarily abaadwa ta turf. In IMS he trt orr ro cunm.xu With th gold-aeeker. hut never got further than Ban Francisco, w hers h opennd a trading stor with IJ.1UI h eacalvsii rrm th sale of hi horse. In short whit he had accumulated a fortune of CVi.tkai. and with that money returned to th "slate." He the speculated In Cincinnati re I estate for several years, and mad money emiugh to open an esrnnaite photograph gallery at 21 Went Fourth street. This gallery waa the largest of its kind In th West. Among th photograph! ak wrkd far Colonel HarUn in that gallery wer Wai-deck. Ian.iy. Via Lo sa l armal thrs who na me ar equally well kiowa and Med no further Introduction. Th profits of this business Were something enormous. In a short tlm CommmtI Marian hadiccvmn-latetl anug fort wne h addlllow to what h had brought ba'-b with him from th gold UehJe. awl In Inst h decided t k-avi th eoumry. aa he sal.1 h did not car t be longer linrrtmlnatet against by A inert-re a prejudice. Me sold wt hie Interest In the photograph gallery, and. putting all hla money n Anwrl.-m seeurtile. gslhered together a staut ef rac horas and rioved lo Knlanl. where be Intended Tl spend hs rest mt hla slay. tMih anr- ln sine ef IT.taai per annum t oionel liirlan settled In Knslan.1. Hoi si able hclu.e.i such famoua horse mm t iin lanatl. tichlttre. fsschlle, liwhltin ami Ihre c four others. Hi ta akrjrm wtf rrsasad th witer with him wees Chirlef Kyt and Johnnie Feed, th latter of wham sabasuuewtly becam n nf tka foremost trainer f rac horse In the rM Harlan's trailer al that lime nan John Manor, mhos s-.n ifterwird had enure rMrri of th lon atabie when U wan In Its prime. i i tm this trip t Knahrnt Colonel Harlan ln'ru,luce,l o Yhe peut'l mt that country a type vf Ihe famou Kentucky trotting hors In Jack Itonsiter. an I f.Vii n a wager thai he ceil I trot ls 1 aad M nyln la ah hour each trial. Colonel Ilarlaa settled In EnglaaJ, and , . uriO Is OBAjfD ITTLJt. He had a nn hasns, and hen a etu- F.ete retlnu of sersnts. To hi alresvtly ormMabi lis hi tVatonni Harlan addsd a number of Knallsh burses, avl raced throughout ;iiln.i fn- lo years. When Prioress won the truwlts Stake for Mr. Kichard Ten Kroei . who waa n great friend of Colonel Harlan, th latter woa Over I on her victory. He had bet upon the American Olfy tn th winter at ami !' t I. and never lost faith la hb, belief 'that sh would laml the great stake tor ber gallant owner, n h was th Prat American that erer shlnped a stable ef borna to Kagland. Coionei ilarlaa wis the second. Wben th war broke out Colonel Ilarlaa was nlowlv init surely ruined, is I ha great bulk of bis fortune a aa invested In American securities thst the overthrow ot th Conemisracy rendered valueless. He kept no his home in Knataml. hoi ever, until 12I, when he returned to this counirv. Using an intlmats friend of Oeneral t'.rant the litter aw anisMntsd htm to a nsaon-Siiftie tevsrnment ptMitlon. imi iTeeulerit Arlr.ur ala., gave Mm a Mmilar Ht' t la tin t.ovrrntiH-ift service. Tlie pusiiMMia b til'e.1. an.l wncn Hin-twa naa siscle.1 Colonel Hartal n as iram Med. as he ws irn the a 1 1 ia r ''"n of ctectl i inin.iv cf the TreMury ltartrmiit. lieai juar- lera l- lhi.1 city, liuring praa -lent l.ririt a A., nitr. it i w ' l. he ra rnnnlnl lliri the p.mtortic 1 N-inrttarent. In aeeese.i wis a i " a warm personal friend f I Tea i. lent n inley. t iionel lliHin lenws only a son ami three a ran. i --ai .! IrSMft lo mourn bis loea. sa i rs ia len !-aii t...r msrv years. (! a.m. f-Moeel Kotvert llr'vn. Jr. is lite t i I fcnjn ii na In fiier. At i i r -!! I ci' h on a ttji.le hi rr.-iu.-rv .l 1 r'.-rl- 1 hv tein .rlri- . V X T t r vt t -t t lie al l.ui'...rr ci t lie :.-.! ,'.w tor c,ofl rli . ircn tral a iim'i .-.1 f u V FT - V i i i iila ri'v 1 1 im vn toe-set-.' .f l.riitlair. ;i. na . i ilia lata :.v. Lonn- i a m-r. r-.r cf '. I - PRELIMINARY TRIAL Of Shcrir Martlet aaMi Mto" Deaatlet ' sstartccl a Wllka-nknurrw. W.-utgaaaaag. Pbj SsKcaber SL SaertT Marti and ht fepwt! were give a prelirabuiry hewcing Wfr the Coasrt tnte-uny. charged with tta kaimg mt 24 atrthlAg aaiaev nr ltiawag est Friday. Septembar Vt . Tn aVrpwtle were being Bt p fTvea ItAakrtasa aader sa.Uiary esoort. A Urge ciwwd sac, tfrecn at the eoc hat I hey aesxeeaed ataested te h ewjrt- Jwdge Lymh aad Basravett pre1ea. Javlge Lynch hnnnce that la Jwdge traall alt aa JuOra ? th Peavtw banr lesn massy ta the e " Jba Walsh, mt IlasWtaaa TewcaUp. was lb Arat wttwrs II said h saw th at r-krr i nan- and weng waa he mist these and t ae what would happen Sums th mat nrrtel rlutaa. Wiiaes pai them n tSr-nr amy tteir Hun, aad Ussy Oft so. W alsn said ho s-K n car ast started f- r La". usee . heard u mi lb emili.-a. asm.-1 Turntsw-h- say: "I don't know what th ShertlT ssnan by taking wa around Una this Hhestt rdcrlbg s i sht." 11 said the tryitln) B"t tx in rm.r samr Lattnsr. "T nm s:risrs caan p, news saw Iev'y Hess. gm and it- as f stnuera and rry. Halt. Ther a aa a sucrvs. and nan ona ertad lee.- Tleiv wn on shsi. t he another. ami shn vauley. Th deJ-uO-s kept Mru.g aa tn man ran. Jonrph A. ttnn. truat mrer. o ine " Trust aUfe ' iMpssut imi-ittirety Company of Philndeiphta. uoahrlad aa tasndsmsn s live susn "t jrst.iae.. Not a stns-l Unesa haa testified to hearing ftn-eiff Marti Ih anW to tire- It is doUMrui ir lit ev- oVnc will 111 b at rang enough t hod th tie-its for Court. The hnartng wil. l-e rest V o'clock. to-mtsrs ii'Tning. ferviant uma-d CONTEST Among Geman Catholics Orrr Malstililor a l'alr ! tko WaiaiaaioB UfTOr-ix Ultjr Waat ItAWliibed. arnciaX ptaraics v yaa ruacimaa. Cot-l-nscs. cmto, September SL Th guea-tion of tho meat vital Unportanc beoes th Central German Catholic Society tm that as to the malatenanc f a chair In tk university at Washington for the propaga tion of th German, language. The laity ar la favor of abolishing ibo chair, and are up held In th light by Mgr. . BrhroeOer. The fact that such a eontsst waa . and that It waa llkoiy to assume a assisasiv If nt even a "virulent aspect, waa wired yesterday to some ef lb nseet eminent nig- nitarie mt th rbarrh. While Mn session this aftaraeoa th I'M brrs of th convention wer auprtoed by awtintf tk presence f Blaasp ilorattunn. of CI V aland: Rademacher. of Ft Wayne; M sss mar. nf Orsa Bay. Wis., and Mgr. Mnhllaiepen. of St. Loula. all ready to take a hand la th tight for th endow ment of th chair, even If Mgr. Schrweder oru mm rgroaa. Th v tellers- wer sesortod t the platform. and. a If by a srearrsnaad plan. President Weber aros and atrmrnnced that-Bishop Watteraoa waitld Id dree th eonventipn. Tn Oolumbu pre lata . doe not reprnt any faction or any rao. aad when- called upon to odd rase the body b pimply -plated that h had already expressed ala aati- meota and opinion, and would rtlr la favot of Bishop JIanrtman, of Cleveland. The Cleveland prelat evidently waa fully war of tb big flght that vraa abend od him. aad h started bto speech by Uogla-Ing Mgr. Schroeder, - whom be ' termed bis best and truest friend. II said that be had already eubacrtbad II. WO toward tb establishment mt th Osi man Catholic Chan at Washington aad wa wilUng to subacrib ll.tsw mor. If th 0i man Cath olic) would establish this cnatr tt wowm be a - ' - t jtAgg or autsyscT . 1 , Shown towsMrd th- Oenun Ca thoMce of t tin world and alao toward tho Holy Father Lo XI IL . aonie slight applpus bmc b remavrk. but . ta majority of th delegates nreea el lent - Th lajrnva. or at leant grant number's imm. reruaw I taa nay aarnoa in in mailer. un:s they rclv a positive awurano that Mgr. hVhrwader wiir ream In aa. Professor of Tkwloa-y la tb univrtty.- UNION VETERANS Gather at Colvahus la X&tioa&l Ea campaoat -Maaj Promlaoat Mob - Amosa; Thooo Proooat - srncrax ntseavcw V ni anrtaa - Cocratarsv ' Osm Sept sen ber , tl. Th National Enrunpnacat of th Union Vetera Legion to now ander full headway.. If early every state in rh Vnioti to regrissntsd. Among th disUnguishad arrtvato ar Cor pora! Jam Tanner. He wlU h of tk speaker at th trap fire and ban-go rsaat Thursday aftsrnoon. aad will atoa add re a surviving iuubra of tb Army of tk Cnn-beriand. Other who ar on rn ground ar National Cnmaadr John P. Ponsko. and Adjutant 0weral W.-A. Reflly. ath ofWn-mington. Utawar; Quarternmaatsr Generai Tnomas Hubbard, ef Baltnwor. MX; SsaJor Vic Ctrmtnajidsr Wooter. mt PhlladerpiOa; lsapsoto Oanara! Lnsniel CaJdwwII. of Philadelphia; O so seal J. M. Pave, mt tmilnnap-oris: Oetvnral M. J. Foot and Jd BlaAely. of plttaburg. and Coionei T. J. haaanea, of Washington. D.-O. Th day was largely spent la aocial r-nntnn f ih mcnibers of th great rgaav. m. f sawn nvsnt will f.mnally pe with a ww-eeting at I dock at In Board of Tr.WAuJ-tnrtum. hm prayer nill bn offered by Rt Rev Bishop John A. Watterson and n J lJrasrr daiiverrd by (iovernns. Hushnoil, Mayor Blach. Srtvatoc J. B. Foraker and Hon. John X. Lenla, ... . , : Cot-rMBt . Onro. September 81. Tn n-i-laty d th Army mt th Camber land win neetvbers to-orrow. Among th enrty ar-livala mt procuinaat ex-fflor- of that army are Oeneral Jam Jlarnrtt. X Csrvclaad. and Colonel Archibald Slakely. mt th Sev. antv-eiahth Peonsyivani Kcgimea. Oea-rnl Rosscran. Iks prvUdewt. 1 to Inflrm to b prsssal. - FLQORJTILL And Thrw Mow X arrow ly Ecad Ba. tne; Crwihjcd T IH-alb, . . grnctal. Piar treat t imm ". SraivunKLB. Otnv Sc.'tercber II Oaa. Weod ward. Lake Brennaa and Tent Frry, employe of th Badger Iron Frnc Cosn-nnny. wer tajilswii t-dy wrhO engaged M jacking- up a Boor which wa loaded awa with pattern and casting- ' Tn Jonrt ased for th Jack't wrh cat slipped, ami down cam th Boor aad hundred of Pound mt aaeumutaiiun wn i ptied up beneath kept th Boor from t round and aaved Ih men from instai dram. Vtoodnard waa caught noma tn umutattoMi OB th thr maw- nptl th it re T in.! nmtomen. and t badly Injured. L.a srss raua bt serosa tn haw-a. and rry sa nurt a ooot tb bead and fi Tbey ar not eertowaly Injured. TATI3-ZC nTctat inrtmi v vga asoiaaav ' Hamiltcoi. Ohio. September Sec-iety wa ut la full fore thi aftcrnwon. to attend the wedding- of Mia K-ina Roger and Clements Hlrani lavle, mt Hartweil. Ohio, which occurred th.s evening at il a'ctock. at the beautiful country home of ex-ShcrtlT ami Mr. laaao Rogers. A prtvate car conveyed ttc guests to the cauntry residenc. Th brl'ts is erve ef HamUtoa'a prettiest rung society tleb.itantes, a graduate of the high school ef city, arvl for th pst tw year a eroJent at the Western, at Ox-ferd. Tb greom to a protniaent young society arel buaines man of thi city, am ts employed In the office of th Columbia Carr il for" anv. of Ham"ton. The voting e.1 " ... . ,.-lu. rTWI, of i' is c - r sn-t w r 1'ruit. of K ca l of t 1 ' ' '1 "n- Mini' a . sa i I ' s ; -a 1. .1 n At. maa firmer t. -1. 1 -.e nr. I l.v ar t a laatlon. tne reception ... riuua comrrrinee aid tody as a I liar-las. ending io-ight with a general reception tendered to th nation! uAcsrs. aeiegit. visiting cmrde and todte at the iianl Motet. i u-mofTflW taw tsrimp. . or 1 flpie awn) e e . awl I as astss day sviarht. JU had a blab fever, and aC he rags frvsa th Or' sss int. desdg ikaat Alpa. rigsn4 revetment wark near Eaat Cairo. Ky. Ire. C. K. Irher. P sn-tsi I akarsn mt tkw. Itnaa HoMdtal. becaas ln-.rwu.l a rb caunt whew be mam tid by Tri t that h had b worming am th Alpha, for that boat had beam nwd t traa. swrt peveeal case mt yvsVew fever I lb Marine llssssitaJ it takr. lit. la rtciri ta th me Ir. StarklowT ' -1 hav nkb ik mm1! eaaaslnathra eT TrtiA. with Irs. Jordsa aad injeaer. Th aataiyato aa aefed M swahs h cars kafe lib esvs ad rnary larterasittewt U nr. It It in jeiltrw fever tl to a a very nvOO type-" Two kaavlrwl eievhs with tAssr tamllhvt, esntdoyrj 1 the general erV-es of lb MoH ad tb Railresl al Jft".Ve. AlaU.arrt.ed kers t-Hgit. temporary nai paartra i h ruavl Paling be-n ra.aolieha-1 I tmactiy uatil after LP ysthsw levey haa aard east In snalk v - V saUa naaaw tints. It I mrt certsia tint tto r'ema nv ye., low fever, but tne Mart llsarpatal f ftan ar prtssdlag mm tb seeria irmt they bats . 10 1XTE1 AT CAHCV Rdtlpnd Pnyiittana My a M total . . I la aWw 3dd. aewciaa ssvawa a IMtiua dai. I. an ..lainii.r rL A I WW fT ntxuried last night, aad there wtB sa-bbly b anot bar l-aiJit. Tn etiwe haew are .ii i.-.,.., .taa aat na aiaaTS has ll haw HL in-. J. K. McCiarmarh. f-c II year Sexwiiary ad lb Kentacky Staut Hoard mt Health, to here. az.d after vtewlha; taa ilinntlM ha I i M mm naiad thavt kvasv iaesi nm .'whtJti hav nnamnt niaat tsirn as a oh Ibehr rder. 11 lar. laa t-night In dsspstch t tn Tessas Btai Mward mt Ikwilh. advtatng theea t rata tbrkr anwra-tan against this city. Irr. Kgaa guea t St. Laran wight t wrg th Jdhtaunrt Brd Health t tab armltnr t tiob. Ta featlng that a mistake ha bees I nVd In praananctn- rk ran mt tvT yellow fever cry stalnae ! today I a atateanen surae-t by nnaxly 4 tb pkrstciana of t'asr. a tlnr: e-To thi Prnuc; e e. tb undiraign. d physician of Cir. III., have peeiiy ea-amtned. ami kaw ,f aar rrs-"l kaowledg I bit lb rwaea of sw-cabed Tl-luw fever a a reported by th levyemment expert ar not yellow fever, aad aave u r faver. but ar mlid rases af snauvriaj fever. W anr certify that I here are m as w r"7 - thi city nor tn tb vtcinlty mt thto cny, sa lv -rr :.i .. fair, and do not feel there te nay aev- alty for one. sVgnd l.y A. Ja. manurani. . M. n"vnon. M. !.: J. H. Bryaat. M. It.; t. H. McNetner M. L. ; J. J-..KS".7- M. U.; J. hulilvan- . la. : w . . v art, M. iX; J. J. Chard, kC p.i J. F, aHroatV" TELLOV JACI Y1CTIXS. N amber of Caaew CMketoJIy He ported - Frtm f BfbcteHt P-dwt. ' -Waisniterf, b O.. Sept m bar 31. Sur- n-aanf tVVman tO-dlV srt tb fU kiwmg Mtegraphi etuaaaarg ad th ywihvw fcr situatloa toMh ntata nanuia aatnewt. tlr throughout tk South and Stkwt: Total yotlow - oass aaVilally rort-sd aa foUerwe: fbn. t Sept sm her ta. Ml; Septombsrr rmWm ti liUmlsf 1. t. September 90. l,.XsW Orteaanv, ta atoeAaonba IS. ftW. Septmw . s r ad tb IS ar-vhroaly existing,' kill reported J Ue : Bnrktoy Mhiai,t Sept ember Ub ln Warm t Beptcmher IS, S3: Kawnrda. tw Sentcmber 1ft, : September 8U. 8: Ooeaa Springs, t Iteotember 1S.-AI: Paawagwnbv .. ..- t.mber In. Ir Scronlon, n-lKsino- ,, Septtnbr V " 1(A rein, avnent wer. -a tmday t e- a.v n. awaatS M khfagMlaT 11 M tnenM-VOMtTpt sUswtraM tn terua IVlamios-aV.. - TIvb OwAJTt sartHWOwl On Nw -- ri--. 8L-TW wa another day of f avwrahto rwfnw. Taenw jnaa ..i. a, nana WDntd tnenWy dhsld nimad wmit Oodlo. living la tn tov fsr-ravl- Stotrhrt. Ow waa .Bias narnu. toavtngt Wider treatsseng 8. bH mt 1 sr -ji laalng favorably. Tner haw but thro fhratb. and non niae So lav Bay. Th d- phyaacaaaa are awgTnnn M sonar their head and as.Uro that thto to th t e,.etnii anantf eatton f yHof fvr sn In tk South. 8 many of the reports hav faitod I f ri n their vat law fever rtiewevervstesthat not a few mt th anrtsta nrssn t doubt th rreectmsaa mt th dr--. Troflto to ptcsa P de.My.. u.ate th rigid na rant inn nnWauUnad. frae Motonr ami Birmingham K-nvl ta-ay go thstnign train with laaal an tarwu a a- oaw thrsufk araajtl fr la rsl Una at' Veanr. Par. toh7to reports (Fbe'euk with tk yltow fever lavaigkt. . ' OSI DEATH And TwbIvw lie fH Ittwa4a Xaklaar rvwty-Tw t i. r....n. Vnaa.. Seatcmhey 3L TM fol- Inn lag now tesir mt ywfaosr fe-rer are rw psrt mm tn S o-evota to-aigai: Mrs. O rears. r, ueorgn lausu. ,-a fiamea. an known). Miss Mlanls Levla. Mis Arteaslsla RaacB. Mis I .ran a. uu. a Kafaiisu Mra. J. B. Hawto. child of Mrs. Lowry. Clan aVdser. R. H. NoUin, C A. Walton, MM awn newaa. -rwi. kaa a tntsj af Tl caaeg t data. Mr. Henry. Mra. Grave. Nathan and Hud- e a - ..1 ma 1 Iw-.- h akin are report en ana-rv.a "T-. "- tmianc ar rrpmw, - --t -Tber has been on oasts that ef Coionei R. B. Robh, wh died thto mrnlag. Bee afAflotda TssT a flOr 'T- a an - r - rmlWt. ferbW prW th attach mt yet- IOW- arrar. 81TTJATI0I AT EDW AEDi EpWABDa. Mm.. - ftoptanbr; 81-Tner ere 13 n-w cane of yefVow fever report a to-dAy. This Bvake a total, t aire. n including aevra la th counWT- Tk nm-tkMt camp trfllaw raady fer pccupallo o- Manst geaeroua atter of totaac now- tiaw t csjtn frorn vartowa potnta. t na- ta BtOBUOB. a in rairrana m giv y naaiatnncs poosibi. la th waynf .laTaoiin to so perfect rbat Kdwaro to entire r hwlllrd frosa tho enlitd world. nirnont TXLLQv jaci. mmm tt atvaa T yaa awatnaaa . CnuxscoTsTK. September 21- Tw fugV rlve front th yellow fever district have arrived gt ChiUlcotbe. They ar Frank TL Tem3c. employed In th me or tn A tarns Express Caentar Bt Kw OTkwna. and Mr. Elisabeth McJieai. mt JacKaeo. Mia. tr. Tisalie stale that eat mt twenty-Be n-kyaa tl th olTise nlv slv arer t hers srhew K left, and the bwsisee mt tb oomaaany haa ursiy susp nor. PEDIOATIOI PCSTrCJEX asasnAj, ntsrarc w v CktATTaiMKMas. Trnaa- Sepaamber 21 retary Omn W. Skinner, of th Praayt-raila pirk Conlinlsaloo. t-day noOfiad tb inrJ cwmmltts that tb Bat f th gedi-catioa of pennaytvana , moaunaewts at Chtrkamaoga National Maitary Park has paaaa ciaanged froan October S t Oct soar ZX Th rhansr vroa man s teat th yellow rar sat woult no min ana ua attendam-. ' ELT1TTIIE21A QUA1A3TI3IL , A a s ii urn sewexa. parawa v vas iriuil . .m m. Srutemtier 21. Th distrV-t ing couth mt Paint Crock to nnder quar- antln on an-count of an alarming nniomi tt dink'ncrta. and n riri frosa that esrtion ar aiiosra-i 1 attend arhoot. Tne scltooi have haew torwial fumigated. t.ut taa enren-i ef t i cnif n kaa a-H yet teo rf-tliT cbctiaed. . . ErAIXXJ TZZ LCCIC-Te sfAPnio. He.terobr 21. Th Quae Regent haa "'. ere-1 that evecLal Ivinrti. lanes pi iirrrsel at te banieh porta em ail ar-rIva..a from Cnited C!at porta, la ee-yrience ef ir r utt,t il of I'liv fever in a.-o if I've .s.hi!1' i- a'ea. , Tr I ail r-annsa, ai'rt-rr r Tie e ftuwrd mt H'Ul X rs-H -e-l in lama -day 1l at ta rnasn u us al I t w retaoa J-.. i --l.i a in4ssi a: tobacco cr.o? BJM-td To IV sirrtaJy IsJ ird fly I at s 1 1 pasearr v vas s-isa MgPsTuviLX.a. Kr. Sepien.!- 71 Asx.l on half mt Ih ttft rr n aa nssrnt last Bight 'ial th-a tilovAiaai aaj enssruies. sat ti.j aava half as? tmm waa te taUJy der)l by frst . MaTevtLAAC Kt. Sepwrnbsr 81. Heavy frwrt tins nforamg I tb roaatry bach frosa f h rtvee and aom tee. Faravera reject tot anew and lue roksim:Jy Aaaaaged. Pwtsvrx-rent. Kt. sV-ptaastocr IL TW a twaswserraki frost t thi enwy tost aigh. nan wt toi car i tekiee. Abnear Ihre fnurta f th ltem.r trap Is yet ataadsnar. ntrvs, Kf. S-vna-er 21 -Last a.gbt Ih Arwt troat f tn fsU f. S. Jt mlt t ht Use lultre that to ml id urns. Krrriva. Kr. nVptber 31 y front Ust lutbC aad U to lhaeaghl th t UWgsrrun. Kt- sn-pteipev n.-rant froet and be tost night, era hi v s tared h khlia,i. iiaaaiaausa. tmn. Sent a saber 11 llMtf frwat Inst hlgt.1. CawsHeral 1 dasa- aer wa Joaaa t the grwtw tobacr crop. a a. psaeaeea va am Owgneavsm. Kt, Wsyuman-r it--Pport fnasa a radiwa mt m mis fro ronwr ay that th entire l itan a rev, wttt fw pan, wa artterly rmeed tot anr. py ANOTHER TEirBL0W. Too Bark hard t Jdodb-tn CwewpaiB Is nadly ftrwex Vi, Sksrrtry hfc I ctoak thto srwig lew-ntow Br asm na owed fa tb ea mnl taw last Bight. Th Br waa ta a fui story brtcJl bunding al Set Mala etreet, betweea Fifth and Sixtn. erwsd by Iw. W. a BarkhaxJl. a dealer la snuawt sa Th btoas na discovered ra tb tl.lrl flasr ed th hams by Officer Brown, n turned ta aa alarm frasn IhvB M at J3J5 cl'n-k Caotaia Huakw at saarw tarn.d ta a tew-btavw usin as aerwaet ar in asnger nun Imilm mt Oae lira, Tn baw4lng to Tb- Mr-err thre stnrl- wee ecurd by sr. irsirt Mb ass pniasn smiiui a ai ss-aa. Mia sss Wtl n Inawt li Tm dim t tha boiH ng n ill b aba Bsnu. Ins eniak ski mt the burniae ha ar foatr-alary l-n-h bti-tiige Tbe esve M lis nan a batons W. F. tv-ipn-ta. naeyer mS t'.. Vainer mere hints. The nr gat pita tma lavrta story ar insar aurrnw bait be I eiac. tn Bremen a -eased It hit th bias ahout tMter ensrtrvi. . Mr. Leosaw.l hsnkhanll. th 4 man. 1 na I he noruinin ntenotcg nn tn nasjin hja aa laisaL and oil not dimageal Tiers le a gonoUsi tsk la tn oauar uf las sarssnl naateling. teat t I -J-t In r CAPTURED. WoaUhoator Xtrdirtr Lot Yaa Bioo Fotad ia lao Orogoa Poa. ; To-day hbavln XT. C. Rruck. . ef Butler Ceajntn wU Mart for,JlamUton from Selena Urmm WIXB at ursarrr Jvnu an ma, gr. wh bra tan Murdered th aged W. T Cuttor at Waste beat sr. Onto, aberut stg years ag. This to th West eh sat ar new di about wMch so much was writ Kg at tb ttna. C vac sine that tins th murrlsrsc haa h at larg. aad might ham rat load bto liberty t thto day bad ha aad a pal Bart gone 1st th burglary tiualne gnd got caught. Van Ilia, ander tti alto f Jones, bur glarised a store at Turner. re last Octo ber, god. Wbea arrsstsd. pleaded guilty tl got B year's sentence In th peril tsntlary but at the tlm confided to Kla attorney aad th Sheet th fact that mm hml kills a maa la Uk stale, ana lain mm aim. a Santa aoal a aisrurrrm. v pu - uu wen. crrespondic between th Sheng thee aad th euthrine at Wistehenter Bevel-pad tli fiat thai h was telling th truth, and aom day ag MA-rifT hrutk. of Butler County, started to Oregon fr Ih prkaoner, and will gst Use - wUiek was efferod fr kis capture. taa Mass wsva for yars a wild ywang fet- 1w. Karty In tu career h alo.a a Jiersi r ma ia atirta arvi rnevi aasnsarei en V eat and waa r.rv far Res renrs. Thea h rorwmaai Wentct; setter nd umtor too to ius stmt n wild and weutiy fc.itrw b had earn to mm. Alter geftkr.g drvna mm taroa tnt th bam sf Cutler sad began tant-ing at ta ctucta. Cutmr wn a maa Tw years sel. and when h got P ' la-ntroted Van ills ntrm a h:m n th hesd n-lth a ' a 4a revolver a rut Bad tn country. BVsua aft-STVar Cotesr Bled, arm lnln Va Ha went esat Want. Tlas avnrs alnat him la surtar th tn eevn.l oeree. lie we star, rtnt. but M Wife ia married ncsin. H had mmm cVUd, but U to Bead. aa Ilia is SHORT DRESSES Vera T3jB Child Wlf Wfc A pawalcd T IfcB Cowrt. aracuv pterarca v vaa asur na. ABPSBBCW. Isn Beptrnihar 21-Will lam Poor, b maa aver years of ag. wa arraigned t-day for aaaanlt and buttery up hi wlf. Bant aiadfor thrwatenlng t het hi snsther-iB-tow. Whew tb prosacutang wttawaa eenared th courtroom she wa nt-tBivaB fT B ctilid. Sn waa nrt It year sjpj, SA wor short d re see a. Pract roaily in to a chthl. It was ala townd t baf thsy had aofa. from Anders lamnn ago. aai tnast t get mimii tn Kenttn ir. -jniar wee sM4 sn riwianail. tasl TBKut'lBB hamtte.1 1 h ems e vseisy sals. AA last Ihey dwappeared from Anal potrt. sn tt ev stops tiaat tber Sl In 4te.l-an and gat ucausse. 1 ney BiKPlas pf iAik Mlctiiatan. H anaeesi sjasa a Com Sbartaerly. Poue to being snad. ' FEVER-STRICKEN. Forty Iaau.toa "of tao Tololo Work-Hobs Foul Air From tlo Ctaal iao Cu- srsciad PtraTCw gas seneraaa. . TotAton, Onio, Sevtrmber 21. About efl n-anxteg nf lbs nerkhema hav bee take Is s n wtth fearer of a snaa-aaat form bur-nsrtnsT mm typhoid Tn dtaros bag attacked ta aa to popntota, km-tmllpg th Supvt-tatsoornt, gward aad sotp SB sa-crs. Many mt tb tain ar coastderod gutre sprtots. Th Bret etcnc mt rh dineaa accuxrsd Sv day ago, when i prtoowees. wer taken doom. 1 n dieros ha sprang tlr s:a-s then. Dr. rtirw. lb fbrai-rtsn. sarn that n hi rsna that eptf enie frror sa brosht t f-t.i siewh rtninsling I rem tne canaJ n r w H aurraua-u t ke mat tut lan. Inrni 1 M 11 imr sarn nea'her ra.-arly tn waiee was arswn t of ins canal I mil sana r-,ain to toe Ineha. tro.og I taa but nes'ktr. th n in-dos of th men a pna-aa r , ! net be kej.t rlurr-t. and the ful air bai fre iiki le their eVtirUuenL. Th ""lri mt l fe- uirue d lot spen irtwt mt e, ' - neat I a here tea nster -as r-sa n(V sn hene the eaesre!. haar mt 1 an patlesia hive hi n n'ls. aad bv Oaeraa etnwr- raafaa. nueme mm ue,-i ' " - -ttfll. ia a. 1 ha -al r Ike rn r. mid K to r ra r-l.-t ea a rat s. .a sea -.retes a U kiu ta of huh fiosa tb totcrnHr t th Vi sanies hi OEM CITY NOTES. teat al s arte. Isn e aleL Aa a rr.ri a -a s. m-h rW,4 fur t-- .- t r-re- ' wii wi ra tie " a Ir " " lt L si. sal 1 1 e . 1 - . . ere. .as am SS Sanaa sa earr eerrraa-A nerma As lls'ot-r ' rf he Uia acr liasliarr't"1 ' aa-sWy. auaaa per-asaaitl astaau l I r '.. TW rfmat r.J-e4 s-i te- -s par, , irt' la a erH i ' 1 era.,- tbe I, . I t. t .a et- r i' - r le e-'-' -- r ef la. saaa ai V a .mete-tt. I snrana Ar. t--A t. r r. I. a a. . s . ' 1 .... . - . -ym , f Sr I B t . - te . lea, r . At s Ca 1 1 T--e. - - .- rt e r. - 1 - - t 4-, -rf , - ,a - - -f. m. a a 1 a - t V -at v e I v - a ra e , T 11 4 ' , f , v. - . - I-.--I pin irr 1 . , . 14 - t - . - t ' 11 tf .it A le st 11 1 1 111 I 1 c a-t 'in mt aa sat taa-l. " as.waiai WUiB a en-'t a.,e r.a - I-wa,..J Of Juct a Z:sh E:aj All l iH D.wi tie tifj.Cci-lilts CHe Valley. Wtwt KUo of ?;!. Ilvct. aai TaiiRi rEa jiIrtr Ccmjoilfsti. . C2I1 tFasrr T" 1 rt. SisMsassr tt -i-m SW. a Suae ass west mt haa. e air asay. tie nee T yeare eat and Mi ri ar. s-4 t eausid Fis ass nviyiSgiS snssn aaa m itana. Uaaa lp, shale srMk ki fesg tolskal ' at a statu tost nasnf, had i ur ae imps It 111a ass Car- I as nS nest saw. laser. Atnuav rrli I B. Bf (annua af Van I. I farkiait t'l ptsg grnt anas p-sr the bank Chsk nisi B a ma lunar. Mrs. htssy r. Mir Ball has hasaght swN Bsr sn isn mna is law Btaast kiimi Wns-r lAlsnrv. si ail 1 r stea. Ahiasa t till at-. r. aaa esssang. has OMvUaj tn 11111. oa haa hag est pa MaBTPVttAAk B si 1 at 1 ir tl. Prase kl.a sss nil I is 1 si aalnncuan ahis M nitr ef ins hwnh mt MarassiMs, W. B. B si', a nau aa as fsraaer f unT af har ssvejerty aa 11 mil af a be Is I. ef an tthach he en as tne ksak. Pna gl 1. U Fust tar awa Tea Beta mnvag ana ik snroitang las lag hg Kasa. ns the faaafly ef Mr. baas ar ea nn gl ski k aria. - ' BaiABrowTAinB. s ' 1 1 ' tLa-nTm. hws bse. igad a, bring la tb a MS ag lie saarntr, wis rsgka Is this etty 4 I nf to to", raanj.4 nltb aaaasalsg Is etatsa-yanr. aid assghts s1 B Ulmsa ha1eg. Ftajisr, a Wainis. feN at fact frosa a It is aad reset t a rani biurtsa. CasVCUrtUXB. gasanr SI. The Cessans flaas I sort tla an rslag Simla Mra. tis Wsish a Bit use taaa lisatom'a F. Wssr fa a glut mt gnts. It alas Bar her th eueudy ef tbstr easy ebtvs. fr bmaklag Igt the AWJAHCB. Stpngy. Sspi'kar It. Thnmee I sv. aged ever T rears, natllag inkkw ail PS far a Chlreg 'i pair, wn f 1 si I aa tm sag at the Btsaar Srseggnvtaxs. Sri r U atn. UWiy shnt a wsB an by bw be wa surtsg wtth a gna. ITDIAIA. Rtoratoarp. Iiiiiai ar tl Hiiwt r tl. ' sfaaey W. Sara aaa Is day sprslaiad by the fntaft I The f Hy Onmrtl a a aasstiig I I Bght ta artang at the haaarai Un Cm ha raasiag Ihe arte vf tk peagtaet as pka sss M (sr Mfsaiseltsg psswaass. lslrlAB AtoOiA. Bapasnasne tl-A Hi aa ka a pla) at ante aaer snitsr lag sniaa Sini at Ike tasg af Tross pMjUipg tkas a lag as as a I as a the tnarg Sss aad gt The tw, Psavurr haane af B. kt- I a as. a a with th bar to aisasi'Ma wit kt, wer ln P-akrna. A large ami awl nf snaaiary wse San aa aaa. Tk asaai kas is .. itrsnvtiAJa, Biaeatkae ft. TW ! as'. rtogs Bv SBsnth sa mt tm. O. a travel m spet-tonst pad -gugastle hsikar Miss Eanaa Beptar. ef tnle sat, wa r. 1 r tl A snag be ah nag la sa 1 snxaae ssf rur'is Mass is-as. t aaiia nsnk af thto ttif, Whs Inks sat Charts paa snag aad fhwip to ti St. sails gink I'm ai li vag a arsy kapg a ask pet ravtare fr-an Bah tow It las ira alsag ta Waksah fcuter from Lfrti t larea Haa, Bfrnvia. giiamksr W -Last eveilig pretty Mary Sa a aiaft ga Te nsy aa n ss 1 ta Saaevy MsU. la Cli ulsst Tir-roal. gsalawanr gl.-Tho Bntaat ant at nf . f. Oraksm. a fneansr III lao nast ag tha cpy. gaeg rsae tmsmiig n sa tn ef a sf KvAngvnxs.'tv - Fire at e spar. ts-angst elans! tetany ussters4 Las aa'asi mill 1 - hi aaa. t 1. t JB us. estarsg ky tay ersic. Ortgt sf Br ansiass. E no us a. tiniwi St. The Srm sf Aahiaa. asnsssi A Ca. tost e-anta hltl aaa rsraats an Starr art lis. Kin, skua t IVtTLlBD. gipttitsr gt. nartae Belissd. s samaaph iim't. la miasisg. an hi ' fasra kat be bse Bart l'k font Ptr . XJCPgfSK. Pestssabsr 21 sr nil 1 JSZTZCZJ. Cpraarrnv. a-eeala tt Mass taaaa Prewari. snrteie af Mr. g. M. peroni. sf Pirse Lnprn. thae i.aitr. ss ssevensty hfnesg kr ta me tnrsns fin kaasgf . Vtrgll Waa eSaataawei a pnaariat. oharsa krissn s M ss iw; va W ttisaar Py pstag J ss eaasa. suanrr !' r ' P-s-an-at4 sa af Mr h. B. , t Psrat taraut snsr, aa !. analy HI trass SS'log BMtla-a ( FViatii-aswravo. asr 31 Tkeas kani. kais srees a eteete Wr lea st t"Mti,. I .... st-a .i as W. M r-rstar s"e.rt-a Was fi ,, r. A. J. harsa. raal-.s. kaa fl urn,. iarler. M-et f lis S" art 11 J . -i- ti T. i., ,,. 1 leet eerar Is I i.a.t a ' t-e I ' i . . 4 I r inf.a. " . rr. - ' m r . . t - 1 w r fc . ) ' r ie.i .-,-.1 vi . . . i,.et- e. a sa tt' t a. 1 .... . r-.-e-.a I . e.-s. e. I , . m. :4 . t.-e- J -a tMt a .wi 1 t- r, f I kr. 1 , -r ... a t - . ... -1 . sss us aseav an win W til taaCVnt a-rasa f-i ila laA 1'isU.r SL-Asrsh tnl lvanwn B and tajmg sy s snfanaaat kali. fram par kal k 1 , 1 1 1 tu g ana aa an C 111 111 n Fkra raan m wkirh lbs paaHasi allt saa that an aa I at art an In- wharh bas-aa it Jiga rant earn ag ssrp am aity snpaesd ss raaiaif ansa hsja. Ths r 11 i ansrbto erssh ag BsnTisn Baa, ska, I nsea gasirwsd by Be tn sshe ags. M sa a iPs tit. The CMlis bar gnaslat al Pare I If as help a. state Ikem. ' ftt'BBA VnrTa. I'll sje H- As St aaaMhs aa ska hHf a K. M. gross had mmm. 1 kens. Lnat eaasa Mr. has !. ai kta. M Alios) . asptamsev tt. Maa ears! PllMI hla ant Fran Fas far Saniaga ear totash XioCoaasUAVUJ-a. g 1 nam n tl. A o meat Ssiastlv imssng ante nali g Taaa Jssa-aaa and fslna. te Pan Tainallp Bar. Pnytvnia Paeisglia " aaa. an-., wtnaa baatsa snag ewe stla ag. ea. pared t har k asas. mm Batata laksrty Irs is, thi umlag. ageg J years. eaybt sit sss. ate sa say. LAJirs. lisnaitir tl-Jaaae Smith, a a sennet. Is-sslf a aaa ahg xhni Mat am. a pssanl-east fiMi, wirg a slaagm i. hVe was i 1 aaia g a si sea tap, af aa saiasni n a ii 1 1 aWHsea LasBA , Siiimi if llfPTinoTrry. Bilw ir St taaatrai thtuags aaa arWs as ear Tata as ths new aannat hst ksam br the eanVsai ms w af aW t nnag anarisi twawrh. s a sss at T an. 11 s it iisianunl py ayhniavs, . JUrpatataoB. gilail ir tb 1 1 ill Fasa- I - - - Passu si Petit Msilk. lliar by an ansa, ssansg as anas evtv tn a r. sa iss pmata a the nsaas sf Bhaa. W. T. Isnrkaa. . - pppn i A Natural SprclIIc for Albuminuria and Brlrrf Disease It DIsIntCpTrntci and niimln.fp ' 01 JL H'tDEIEL FtUGi'iET Btaa aaf th F I H, net ar mt tmm taaw. ' mt th ' fane. Sting sdF-id " mt fraaa. a P-l t east T af MMB IsrltA 1 mX e Ik e." ! a I. a 1. I l l.l al I. -at ss m m.1 ' I " ' ' see I -. a nn-i ' rk'S-wa tot p. t t It' 1 a a ruti 1 n in 1 s Tha e,..n.-t..s ef iw l'ial1 l Vt r l r I J s.aanie4 aaa ese i sa ea. aeee i II isa A rai'ill l " ea-B et.e.l.-i aaa kaa rsan turn, t-l m " I'1'. l" era wania kr iw naa levtaaa s slAaial sa tps lanirsui bus !.- - . ' . - gaeaia mt 'a less) "A tansgaigad U Tsass r.MIMTIMAV.ll hHal, 11, I I J sea I- r aaan, las laaaent IMnaltn ea ia rate af seams t.f tsrlans stsss irot ar Ins alas af I 4s la tnat af s Peat ef rh arile ra sr, eatr har s la less is las rernrr r set ra I a as amsana i' I raw ar -e-w tas aan. r'tss arts e t- t ' ' ansa' it a 1. ata af liana in messes.!-antsu y. tTalmls ' f" mecnina B I Tau niKHTroK a t- r vreirn, '" 1 ' ! 1 mi 11 is naarf ta int term af pJAST rhi'a BIS .M a inaaa' aw 1 af a ila nxne etHar. Tef S'S ...Iff W-ffceS IM the arnwl' a th. WaSa.M. alee ' pre r'r,a. IMat : t ai stem emvali' i-a eae Mt 4r ihs ar ' r rai. ' etsia at an- li gnan'ttr. rajls t" SassntlaS k glssteaara I "Vrrt'-at, nti ie pr vtr i-pt T 1.1.1 an -f.ei.K -.aet -4 s s'-" rtm ,-.-ar ret . r felaar I ermine! nw ail taaa r-awaaAaate .f iteerll .1 . . at ths geaster part I a ra.,.1, sf I raa aaall waa Uiy. lestat af ii ins n a ra esasll at-sa.i'a. J v-M' T aihi t.' naenrn m inrr r I AiIim-i pf .,.s , ,.t p. " a-arigrs inn lot tea. i' . s-m, ea a v.'m vvi.viiatV1 'i-Tier.r. :...v;r gn!-:v7-.vv! v:.vwr.; C'jrns.LO litmii Virr ( glantatai I B4 lag la a o nBkrala r' Bt.aHW4 f .,. , VI a--wa " ' " - w',w-nv See -r-l.l. rna,,. 1 Hit IH. ' AV "eselAral m-i' k. er" llk.iriiHi, aaia-,MLMle -la a 1 eA an. I a. la said ' I ..w 1 s' ae-.,, i . . a r.itre, .... . i.h.i.i . . ee-a. af a eeew slits erl.rr. 'h-e".el ne-' ere ' ' -r - tee ' ' -re rel l. .if , saeii A. OaPfclBL FOt 1-MsrT.-' I Al-t" Ml F sm tv " . A saeawanr sf .. S, at af .F-. M'-T P' II " Dr. Roberta Bartholow, A. A.. LL D Vgrfigy 0f Asrria M,4,im- mud Cms ft Tk"'fr " k Ihauml CUg, ef J-hi!dtpki..jitc; -Buffald- Lit Kis f coot aim wrii defined. t.rf i ci lKhlg snd sie s!klise. Aijf trrat sdygntixB in C'.OL'TV. KHI UMATIC bb4 TO y Tifivs IT it -rut T'cti-r Titif r u,ATl.R KN"- AND I HAVKfrUMI."i;ki j:r;nck of tmuu aii te -yt- EAST Ir ' - ' . la s 1 h. a --at aUi act i,.....i, r,.4...l pro Basse ,m'm sel " t ... . 1, a -aj err - ..... ae S -a las I 'i aM I a '" tJ - i as. t ... -.- te tae 1 .rt.a. ... r-r r - t 1. - - l-t , l-e S.lea I " i . . lee ar I . t ir. I, e a rem eaiatraBaa a a-e'. a-- t. r . . 9 .a. t - f . anBanss ' - . -r - at. r UTIC UA - 1 . a a- i a. I- a ... fa r a t-..e W I " - w e e wa r , tat .... a a. w la aeea raaaeaaa a r.. I. ...-CI - -W --. It , r.'-::.r.-s 'Sr Vr: 0) l y( ..... . .. . ., .jyyyfltiLu. -- I , , - , r I . a !. M bai V-arC B , raa " I r - t a. I , t a ' - - Mna k " ' 1 ' ' Sre " I ik. , til, ssaa - . r ' I a re. t -t ,. a , BW-wrBanBsroar aBa BOBSnO j .a- aanawaaas -TT. mmm m- " - I.. , a -. aa aa.aarea . s Sam. vWJsa srarsv .re I ' " ' ' ' ,et Wa tn " im9mi aast a r .. . -.1 . . . . t. -a- ' ease. -ax - -- ! - - t , a ' 1,-r.l . St I S a as - ' ' r - - ' a j TV ' ..... .ill SUFFBIO 1ITMIA W ATI'S nnnn Renal Calculi fli d Stoncof the U4fj. dcr-rHie U si iab.cVattr ANAi-tll. tleMiV-l vf ., I Dr. Alfraail I I. . -e APornii aeg Pnetan, 4,-m. m ,' a. mt SW 'I ..!-'r I an. 'i. s '.I. f tl hlllaa, " " liiMM-yy -ib. ParT-, t: l IT ki 1 . .. " ' ITrl MPhr, ,,-, fniaenMs. Tr .as a.Kl, ..'.""- tir. William A Harnmni Paross f-.iaj I .-a 'Sri aj r . " ' f fha-saa av, g. a a) m Is aw I a currALo Uthia g ih AI.HI Ulkl his lay WITH rt.M4KhsHvl. Ml f. i i tors I'ae.i., f, t to t MIPTa a t ht v' Int. II ea .sa. at a-l t Ml.ftai . Ml A IT hidB a IViBihrtt ,,,,, , TO THR frTMKH Ma. AUt l llt, , FFCT A I I Kk Ct.. Cttstil I:j!ni II, 11 ef fsvaa. Iaa, mf m,w-. tosWAW tart M.llini fese. lev I "Tlirhr lg hn hi Witt a. B-H1kji.t Pi'M ir-if m au, p.,. IF AI.IU'MINI rt I Akli am . IrlSBABK, ohelhrr B. ut. sr -r- si . BUfPALO UTHIA WATrl Sriag k. I. trisansa'! ht n 4 a. la aH rosea . ef t air.Kai hi r. AldH'MIN I Isung it, ire- arts. . PS the last perk I,. U. les-r . 'ill IS to A T r M Iklii Mil h lall a, PNaJM'RJPI' Ii Tilt, a I. It 1 hi ..., PKAItB MAI1UI.V rit. 11 Tiir I ki A NO THK PATIthT MAS piti fir'ANAMTFK All I kPT ft thill. it I lAHOKS ' Or. William IS. TowUi. ft niai af Aulas nag aa ahava n a AWfant arnesliBi mt at SW I ai 1 nit ar If, "7haenrtatf CwTTALO LlTWIAVLrtrtl AliK Ih ai SIN. 4 1 ... I'KAItAM K lr AIM MIH fh'AJ t I'lOhk. I bts,pneaa,4 llpiKI I ri KFICIAL Kftl ITS fvg III utaKiiirs oisilAsa .J ina t ken" Dr, 0. A. roote.-fXL' Sak AVskd Issii ' hrtOW p ri I . IN RXTHf MIS front I'll t k .f Hklurrr LrlSKASK OF TMR hll'kii arA natt hep mt ralisf frosa sst datofr I by th naa mt J DUTTAt-0 L1T.UAV-JH fa Is anaatilta. ltll"K0 Hi in PMT UK a 1.1 M aaa r-a a Mf. M AI.MI'MIMI MIA aaf k a U ml lag 'BMAhl I ha.r s-S w sire Hh In ma ssiieia- lattVnmw Dr. CirAeme M. Ilammonn ml Mmm I eel. fnaiaa sf a nisaraw Batat gkaisn Ptetaest Is aw . es pa -a-t Mrglesf Brls-f sag m-.ea- "I art -mm i SIljUMT MH.A III! kll'MU. have found CLrtTALO UTHIA 'jm IIP Teti. lltrilUI pa PIP. I 11 l-iir-Aalh'i 1 II P tyl1 Aht It I "f I " and IM fcl4b)lATI Tlit. Ai,f' Or. James Ii. "UUw, nf FnAaasag. is . AWesr. Ms rlef at i'lreiais. Sewenaa '. ' r " baa mt fVssato. ea--,, laa. fiwaBe- gfesnVg id' Tlli fi II i H CurTALOUTIilAWCt It Aill MIM Ml l .r"k 1 Dr. Geo. M. Mjltrnbrrrr fi , n 1 1 - sf lAaterrM I amrraea ar . hr1.rr lbs M1e-l rl ' i.1 - f -r Msralaod. la-ei. re-.m,t.-.-'-f CUTT7.L0 UTWIAViOT a pibaiine et'i't'e is Ai.i" m OF plllIB AFrtt Dr. J. T. Davidson. , I . e .. . m m '- m jsear rnaasss. ta , r- . , rlea. sn AVeW Aana t.e .... P ! nveeesl 1 esra prw rl.1 II U reas tit P . . e , 11 lob Br-itk nf ' ' r M t.LI Bt IM' I AU. JfitL, hi I h I tier ' "I "T, fnrrs in rtrl I sn sf ilkiilne in. fina AV. arm DlC. "burrAix) UTHIA VOTl ..t.- a -..aarrsaa rferr luwii, aa. a- sa 1 pain, a - t-, p. haaaasne-aa, sawS -rUe hen 11 a '' ' " " " . .ia.vim fAVATER r.oPBirtoB gpAMt if '"-" e, .isrn. nwie "TTL V-e a he ..- )"' Emm 1 r .1 east. smb. a . a ! -1 .V .... I 1 - i: - i v I i. . I t .11,. t I 1 u till I rAi'i!itKry

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