The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1932
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• "i-/w I,,, the United Press V01, v.\ix_ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •"«"*»"><««• »»„„«„ o,» w ^^ KA ^-*»-*JUJJLIl. 1,1 AJ. TT k7 183 Blylhcvlllc Daily News. lilyllicvillc Herald. —^ Mis.slsMt)i>l_ Valley Leader, niythcvllle Courier. LOCAL MEN CONFESS HOME EDITION SINGLE FIVE Libbu D^ > mands Murder Trial s, Girls! Wants Complete Vindication and Exoneration in Flusband's Death. WINSTON-SALEM. N. C., Ocl. 19 <UP)— Libby Holman Reynolds today demanded trial on charges she murdered her late playboy husband, Smith Reynolds, heir i to the tobacco millions. I "I want a trial in order to j gel complete vindication and ex- j oncratlon," she told her chief counsel, Bennett Polikolf, in a' long distance telephone ram-era- lion today, Polikoff announced, Polikoff refused to disclose Miss Hclnmn's wlicreabouls. Her statements were made in connection with a letter of Will N. Reynolds. | uncle of her lute husband, to I Solicitor Carlisle lliggins, suggest- } li\g murder charges against Smith's j widow and Ab Walker be drop- j |Kd by the state. letter No Vindication Liliuy cunnot consider as a vin-1 dication the letter of Reynolds "nor anything else tlmt dees not exonerate her completely". Polikoff told the United Press" today. W. N. Reynolds, uncle of Smith, July 6. and for whose nmrrW • , y ° U !f; ei ' KI1(J " c ' s not bound for y would be pleased if charges against Libby. and Ab were dropped bv the state. In'the letter, however, Reynolds did not. concede that Sm.ith mi£ht linn**— Hwwl i»T/ \,: f,.,, r '^??*?**T" u*- ms OHJI nflnd but - , m , nr it said evidence of murder was inconclusive. _ Polikoff stated that William femes, associate defense counsel had been called back to Winstoh- Salem from New York and was for a co »- ,.„ ,, ,^ v _ t A -, ulllit; _ tut; BHy young blade sports a boutonnlei and has bought a bottle of perfume to delight some little Moroc- 'i can miss. Ab Walker Silent Meanwhile both Ab Wnlkcr Lib- bys co-defendant, and hi,' at- ^rney. R.|, cy Uole , t ^^ make public statements T .° al ° f ° r «ie possible (rinl of lietn' T , Ab °" " 1C nuirclcr j »- dictment has no!, been set Oil Conservation Bo=>rr?s Gives Optimistic Report WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 (UP) President Hoover had under eon"! sideration today an optimistic rc- <y>rt of the federal oil conservation board declaring" the American "u industry pivrs Indication of fcein? tlis first basic industrv to eninrRc (r <"" the world rieiwssion The president was informed' however, that if (he present improvement is tn continue the slates must cooperate on a permanent i nasis to standirdfl? production and balance supply and demand Tlw oil board, established Informer President Coolidge. is made up of the secretaries of interior war, navy, anrt commerce. Union County to Vote on Salary Reductions nn rk. fAP)-Clian- e lor George M. LeCroy Tucsttav nf f • °, en ' Dln tlK> "••'"nissi-n n l«" r ' nlliatod n <* «ducin« sal- rtnnnl. C °" nl5 ' ° niCinls ™ A (!l " r de mutes at the soncral election in Union County next month. He sustained » demurrer to a ."payers petition for an Injunction. declaring there wns "full and adequate remedy by law" In I he case. "We would do n grave injustice cellol- '" g UllS '" SSid thc chan " The proposed act would rcrtuce salaries of elective officials iitarly fifty per cent. 71-year-old Native Votes for Fisrt Time HARWICH. "M^. ( up)-j A mes win '' zell> 71 - a natlve of Har- hk ii» volctl for tllc " rst "™ ln Sta ' c Fr '- rnnt hroughollt morc than half a and i7, ns tt "Sherman, sklnper. °™ lighthouse atlcndanl, Frizzell »i*ays Was at sea w , lcn c | cclfon da> came around. .„ " c ' s , a pinsloner now. and In- flecuon° ™ tc ' Sent Back to Continue Deliberation After Reporting Disagreement. MEMPHIS. Oct. 19 (UP) — Stanley A. Puryear .waited nervously in his cell today for the decision of twelve jurors who arc debating whether he killed u ne- wo, Will Jamison, to cover up the <\x slayin.; of Purycar's wife and daughter. Tho jury returned to the. courtroom at 10:30 a. m. today and reported "we are unable' to reach n verdict." Judge Phil Wallace refused to declare a litmg jury and sent, the jurors back to reconsider the evidence. The jury retired again for deliberation. > After listening to testimony nnd arguments in Die r.°nsjitlonal trial for Ihrco weeks the jurors began their deliberations iat 5:48 p m yesterday. At 10 o'clock last nisht they had failed to reach a verdict so retired last night in order to be fresh to resume their task this morning. Roy Nelson Now Partner of Senator R. A. Nelson noy N'rlson. son of state Senator R. A. NelPon, has entered n law partnership with his father following the recent dissolving of the law firm of Nelson and Crawford. Major n--- W. Crawford, former junior member of the firm of Nelson and Crawford, now has law i offices in the Berti? building. Roy Kelson was admitted to the bar more than a year 350 but did not immediately enter the nrncilce. He served until recent- Iv as Hnuidatinnc aeent for the Bank of Leaohvillc. The new firm of father and son has the title of Nelson and Nelson. Money From R. F. C., If 'Obtained, Will Provide Jobs For Many, An cxlenshc public works pro- jf.rom for Mississippi comity, to be financed in largo part by a loan (torn |he Reconstruction Finance rrrporalion, is planned by County Judse ?-»'. n. Harrison to help meet tlic unemployment situation durin» Ihe winter niontlis. Judi;e Harrison is making application fcr a $100.000 relief loan Iran [he R. P. C. Experience, of other cnuiules which have applied lor similar loans indicates that al least, a substantial part of (he sum sought will be granted. Money Goes For I'ayrolls Under the term.-) on which such loans are made the money must KO entirely for payrolls. The county is not in financial position to make large expenditures lor materials in connection with j any construction program, but Judge Harrison believes that, by using materials from (lie county farm he can, with a small cash outlay, carry on a bridge building program ant! otter work that will bo or large permanent benefit to the county, while nt the same time helping materially to relieve the unemployment situation. Tivre tire scores of small timber bridges In the county that are in immediate need of rebuilding, and many others that require repairs. Relief loans by Hie Reconstruction Finance corporation are charged against the federal highway aid allotments of the states (o which they are made if they nre not otherwise repaid. Will Help Situation This county construction pro- pram, if th e necessary loan Is successfully negotiated, coupled ivith lew work now In progress "t lils Lake and the federal government's extensive Hfississippi river levee rebuilding program, will -ro far tmvnrd providing work for residents of this county who would otherwise /nee a difficult situation after t!i e cotton crop is picked out. Cy o.'ic Habeas Corpus Hearing Is Postponed ATLANTA, O:'.. Ocl.. 1'J (UP) — Hcar-lni; un Al Cupoilu's .tpullcn- licn for :i ivi it of babwi.s COIMIIK v IIK ]Mr;l; Micil to:lny until the week of Novembrr H. Assistant, U. H. AUurney A. G. Yuuigjj<|iilst, who luul conn- here to fight the i writ, loft for Washington befdro noon. The hearing originally was schcd- ulcil to IJB In-Ill today, Capone who is serving n term in tile federal penitentiary here on charges of evading the income tux law Is seeking n writ ol habeas corpus and. ullliiintr reduction of hlfi 11-year sentence. Six; lii!iiij.';iir; i|('s Bi!!v Brewer Elected "President" at Sudbury In 'n movement to interest children of the Sudbury elementary school In politics, an election was held there today for officers of the intermediate .grades. Last Wcdncwclnv nominations TO made and thore nominated were allowed a week in which to campaign. Thc result of the voting today wns: president. Billy Brewer c!"- feafing William Ellis, Amy 'uuih Morris. {Raymond Murdaugli. Vernon Thompson. Ks-Baret Acton, M. J. Parsley anrt Lloyd Plor- man; Vice president: Bill Meharg defeating W. II. Davis. Jaunicr Wai pole, Orlin Cross. Joe Beardcn. Polly Nash ami Adriel Medlln: Secretary: Eugenia Crawford, defeating Ruth ,'Sccoy, Peggy Long, James Long and J. B. Holt: Treasurer: Anita Beck, defeating Pete Sulton. Buddy Baxter, Peggy Bn- iarsk-i and Tom Taylor Stotts; Sheriff: Alice Saliba. defeating Virginia Scott and Mark Enderson. Much Labor Returned To Build Lookouts CIIOTEAU, Mont. (UPl-Thow neat little forest rangers' lookont slntlons, ntop coramandlnR mountains, require a sreat deal O r labor. A new station on Bare Mountain, in the Lewis and Clark National Forest, required mater") weM, ii B G.500 pounds. HorscsTere ;"*<J to pack the bulJdlng mater ial «"d all furnishings. Three da « were required for each tr £ S a nearby ranch. There wcro Si l«ads to be irnnsported S Ad Worth Money This rented an apartment nt a sniBll cost to Ihc owner. Here's the ad— FOR RENT—4 room, newly furnished apartment. that cost the owner 54 cents and gave him a monthly In- conic. To save that apartment, houso or room from being empty call CLASSIFIED NEWS nrPARTMENT 306 COURIER NEWS IflFflLLEIIE ,Voto Democratic Ticket This' Year But Hopes for New Party. MADISON. Wis.. Oct. Ifl (UP) —Senator Robert. M. la Folletle jr.. leader of the progressive Republican faclion In Wisconsin, announced today his suapnrt of Qov. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Democratic nominee for president. He announced hi s bolt of the Republican licfcet In n statement commending the "liberal views" O f Roosevelt, while at the same time declaring he has "no Illusions" about cither of Die two old nolitlcal parties. Young La Pollette also announced he would vote for Albert Schm-xleman, Democratic nominee for governor, and Rvan Duffy Democrallc nominee for United States senator. Iff hinted at formation of' a new political party, "progressive in principles." Tn n 1.700 word statement lu expressed confidence lhat "ultimately there will be "a new political alignment (hat wilt afford a definite party organization for whose who believe In thc fundamental concepts of democracy.' Answers Pre Clai Banks Case Goes Over For Term OSCEOLA, Oct. 10 (UP)—The ease of A. li. Banks, one,? this state's leading financial flwe. charged with accepting deposits in the First Slate Dank of Osceola of which he was president when h,. krew the Institution to be Insolvent, was continued for thc term today over the protests of rcritsel for Hanks. The continuance was ernntcd on the motion of S. -L. Glarilsh, prosecuting attorney, who contended that such net ion was necessary to permit trie! of defendants held in .fail. Banks U at llb- ;rlv under bond. J. T. Coston. counsel for Banks, vigorously opposed further delay In the trial of the case, which has oadv reen continued over several terms. The alleged offense with which Banks Is charged was committed In 1930, shortly before if First State Bank closed. Trial of Arthur and Thelma Brown. Little River farm couple charged with the murder of W.,T. Youn" and the shooting with Intent lo kill of P. M. Barton, will open here tomorrow. Studenf of Archaeology Visit!! Indian Mounds OSCEOLA, Art. — Tom Lewis. Wfltertown. Wisconsin, manufacturer, patron of museums of natural history and collector of prehistoric artlcrofts. Is .here for a few dnvs evnlorlng Indian mounds on Little River, Mr. Lewis has spent his spare time for thc oast. 10 or 12 years traveling and studvhw nt their sites the various prehistoric culture of this continent. Arkansas, he says, affords tl'3 best opportunities of any single state for thc The occupation of prehistoric study of archaeological subjects, irlbes In this state was apparently more general snd for that ronson the onportunltles for comparison of. cultures are greater than In other sections. < Mr. Lewis came here yesterdny from Wycllffe, Ky., where he hns been watching excavations made there by Dr. Jone.s nnd his party of Alabama University, who spent two months among Ihe mounds here lust spring. To (hi.- victors belong ,[|ie curls— at least the lop ones—in the ")n- aiigiirul bob" created by Dumas noted I-'rench coiffeur, and ills-' plnyed here (jiillc smnrtly by Miss Ann Taninda of New York City One side of the hair Is curled up dcnoling UK winners. The other side Is curled down, denoting thc lasers. Here you see thc winning side-even before, the votes me counted. CIGTO'FI Fowir! Guilty of Tflx Violation in Municipal Court. ' In a decision handed down yesterday In n case Iricd iiboiil two weeks aeo Munlcliml Jmte C. A. Cimnlneham ruled lhat . Ed<?ar P.orum. loral druir store pronrlelor hud violated the slnto tobacco slam" tax law. The minimum fin" of $2"> was assessed. Borum's counsel Immediately announced that nn anwal to circuit court would be taken. The court's rullni; followed nr- eumenls bv counsel for the stntc and defense. «n announcing his decision Jndce Cunnln«hnm re-lt- Tatcd a. statement made tn a. similar case last week lhat his'sympa- thies \rcre entirely with the defendant but thai, under provisions of the statute n technical violation mfikes Uio defendant guilty of n misdemeanor. Approximately 233 unstamped ickoitcR for clgaretles nnd clears were found at Borum's drii" store bv revenue agents. Tiorutn admitted n technical violation of the bv havlni? (he tobacco In his 'V-slon without stamps but '•stifled (hat the shipment had failed to check with an Invoice nnd he hnd I withheld (hem from sale until an adjustment could be made. HP said tli» tobacco <vas belne held back for the adjustment "t the time revenue agents found It in his store. A 'replevin nctlon by Borum (o recover thc selvcd lobncco and a c'rcult court ncllon by tlie revenue deparlment asklnc damages of Borum are pending. 'Unit "Thiiii>s Mi Have Been |Worsc." WllKKl.INCi, W. Vll.. Ocl. Ill (U I 1 ' Clov. rranklln D. Roosevelt to- <luy i-hnruiMl his liepiibllcan opponents with trying In Inslill pun- Ic hilo tlie volcrs. "Vim linvn lR-cn lold that things iiilyhl liuvt! Ix-en vatKK anil will be worse if I am circled to office." Rci:scvelt Bald In' his s|n.-ech here, "To alli'inpi lo Insllll panic In lo llu; electorate nl a lime win- \u- must all have courage and firm belief tlnit tin- Amerlcn characteristic of Hulling answer lo problems will bring us back 01 the upward hull Is a method o npnlKiiln'j Hint dees Illllc credl lo lenders still entrusted nt thl lime with (he weltiiro ot Hi Untied Stales." Stairs T.irllT Stand He answered Republican charge; Unit his dirlir position would civ cliingcr l he well being' of Amerl can labor. "I have nol advocate! and will never advocate a tarlft pollcj Ihal will withdraw protection fron American workers against thar, ccunlrlcs which cni|iloy cheap la bor or who opi-rnlc under a stand aril of living which \r, lower than flint of our CWH . great . groups," he said. Cheering crewels turned oil a|ong 11 50-mile drive which-Qov cmor Roosevelt, look through th Industrial nnd mining regions o western Pennsylvania and \ Virginia. IHIjtht Have Keen Hatter Taking up MIL- phrase, "things might have been worse," whlcl President Hoover used In his Des Molnra nnd Clcveliind .., „., Roosevelt said "things might also have been IjetteV." Jioo.fccelt said conditions might hnve been worse but for the functioning of two •agencies, Ihe federal reserve! system 1 and the Reconstruction Finance corpnralltin, Iwlh of which he itssL-rlcd, urn- of Iteijccnillc Inspiration. Tlu- Reconstruction Finance corporation, Rooscvcll continued. "Is as much a Democratic measure n.' a Republican ii:rnr,ure for It was passed In the spirit of bl-unnlsnn co-operation hi ihc congress." This measure, lie s.ild, wns not due- lo the creative genius of Hit Republicans, but lo the fact thai during the Democratic war time admlnlstrallon the war finanre cor- pouitlnn, after which it was pat- lernecl, was .set up. Wfirkcr Has IVrtcct Itccord UROCHTON. Mnss. <UI'>—Henry W. Jones, 7-1, has not missed a day from work in 59 years. i or A: Cotton Kidnapers Cantured by Minister Victim KALAMAZOO, Mich.. Oct. 10 (UP)—The canliire of twn kidnnn- crs by tMr victim, a Baptist, min- uter, wns revealed today with thc detention of two men here nnd " search for n third. John W. McQueen and H. p. stone, both of Hartford, trcrc held m jail here after the Rev. Frank Smith jr., 29. a Dale, N. Y., mln- later. aided by a farmer, had cap- t'lred thc pair following the abduction and robbery of thc clergyman. Shrevcport Pastor Will Preach Here Tonight The Rev. B. F. Wallace, D. D., of Shrevcnort. La., will preach at the First Baptist church this evening, 7:45 o'clock, on the !heme 'The Secret of 'Christian Joy." He has frequently preached In :hls city. NEW YORK. Oct. 19 il)p> Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close J "n fi!2 6ffi C33 6-18 March G« 659 041 051 Slay C58 6GB G50 C02 July GG5 C77 659 670 Ocl i G23 G30 623 030 Dec CM (510 G2G G40 ifKIs closed at C-15. up 10, quiet. •Verti Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 19 (UP) — Cotton closed v.caily. onon high low close Jan G37 548 032 6*7 March 045 C58 Oil 658 May 654 GGS 650 GGS J"ly 602 674 660 014 °Cl 624 638 624 038 Dec 632 ' ti!4 62G (H2 Closing Stock Prices A. T. ami T 108 1-8 Anaconda Copper 10 1-2 Auburn 45 3-4 Caterpillar Tractlor .... 9 Chrysler 15 6-8 Cities Service 31-2 Coca Cola 87 Continental Baking .... 5 Oencral Electric 16 1-2 General Motors 15 Mlddlcwest Utilities .... •Montgomery Ward 133-4 New York Central 21 3-3 Packard 3 1.4 Radio Corp 8 Sinynons Beds 9 Standard of N. J 30 7-8 Texas Corp 13 5-8 U. S. Stoel , 39 1-2 G Us, If you're working nl men's Jobs, r doii r t I'xpcol to Inspire any liL-ail throbs in Count Uliho Kin- •ky (above) 'or any man who bo- longs to the International Masculine jU-ague wliluh he heads. For the member.! of the LtiiijUu-or- giinlxccl In Vienna—arc pledged not lo miirry women who occupy business iwsllions that "rightfully should be filled by men." Bis; Lake and Neal Constable Nominees Will Have 1 Opposition. T«-o Independent candidates for constable of Big Lake iind Ncn) townships are among candidates who have paid lliclr Ullng fee: o the county liensuier, In order lo be listen on the ballot for IlJe general election November B. J. H. David has pnld the filing Tec of one dollnr nilsl It, Is unilci;- slood lhat he proposes lo run for constable of Big Lake lownsiilp In opposition lo R. T. (Kid) Wright, Ihe Democratic nominee. N. J. Hipp [las paid a fee of one dollar wllli the Intention. It Is understood, of filing as a candidate for constable of Ncal township, opposing W. 0. llancy. ihc Dcmccrallc nominee. Neither of Hie two Democratic nominees who have Independent opposition have us yet pr.ld tli;ir filing fees. Others who have paid fees to Iho •ounty treasurer in Ihc last few days are the following Democrallc nominees: C. J, Little, representative; w. H. Stovall, coroner; Oscar Alexander and O. J. Walker, Chickasawba township justices of peace; Charley Lulcs, Cljar Lak; constable; J. J. nlcdsoe, Uurdetlc conslable and H. V. Mllchcson. Canadian township justice t>f the wace. The following Democratic wnlnecs for county offices Imd >rcvlou.'ly paid filing foes: Z. n. larrtson, county Juclge; Clarence Wilson, sheriff; W. W. Holllpeler. rensurcr; R. L. Oalncs. circuit clerk; Fred Flccman. county clerk ind Joo Dlllahunly, county assessor. Receipts from the county trcas- ircr showing payment of filing f»c and accompanied by certification of lomlnatlon by thc Democratic party or petitions by independsnt candidates must be filed with the county olecllon board by Oct. 25. At that Imo the board will meet to pre>are the general ballot. Sobby Jones Receiver for Atlanta Crackers ATLANTA, Oa., Oct. 19 (UP)— Robert Jones, Jr., world's greatest olfor, tcday was appointed re- elver for the Atlanta Baseball nd Amusement corporation, oper- tors of thc Atlanta Crackers In he Southern association. The appointment followed sulti Abbott,ami Campbell Deny in Fakd Money Scheme. The "i;cl-rlch-qulck" scheme of, ii man past thc prime ot life which Involved four men uml. nnriowly missed Implicating a I llllh In n counterfeit money plot [Ins been unfolded In the cmifes- •.liin of A. '-'a, Wheat, Blylhuviilc coiHta^tcr aiid^ eiirpt'iilnr. Tin! enllrc story,- of proposed fraud, which was lliwnrtcd almost (it the fdirt, hns been revealed by Police' Chief A. D. Qwyn. ccn- liul llghrc in Din Investigation, ftlih the niTcsl last night of Clco- r«e Ahtoll, fonrlh man held In liie case. Wheat, A. D. Snyder, liniu-r rtvnyinan. nnd J, W. Cump- IfH. barber, nil past middle aijc, »sri- held to a federal grand jury after n brief preliminary tearing at Joncsboro (yesterday on churges of conspiracy. Illegal i:osnc.islun of Illegal money and i::iMlnic cf illegal money. Abbult was luken Into custody l:y I'cnilscot county. Mo., officers last nls|il and brought hsrc. This Mcnilng Abbott, regarded us the "key man" In the alleged conspiracy, wns taken to Jonestoro by Chief Gwyn. Of thc quartet /ll.-tell nnd C/impbcll deny any connection with tho plot. Wheat and Snytlcr- hava both confessed and Implicated Ihe oilier pair. Bond of each of tho trio arralgn'ed yesterday was set at $3,500 by United stales Commissioner E. L Wcst- lircok, Jr., «ni the hearing for Abtotl todaj' was considered only a formality aa Snyder and Wheat are expected to tike the stand agolnst him, All may be con-In tho JcncsboroJ Jail untl). next ',. month Ihc lull penally for which extends •-veil over 10 years. • '•• Says Abbott .Supplied Bllb The. foundation of Hie "ensy money" dream of Wheat's • goes back to Iho summer monllis when Ihe middle aged carpenter rb- cehcd word tliroiiKh devious channels that bogus ,moncy was ob- Ulnablc If the right contact ulm printers of Ihc false currency could l>c made. A week or Iwo ago Wheat received definite '«- slrufcllons as to the source of Imitation sio bills. Hoarding a 3i:u hero lie Journeyed lo Ei Paso, Texas, and IKTOSS tho inlcrna- llonal boundary to Juarez, Mexico, In search of the cheap money. (U was when confronted wllh de- lalls of this trip that Wheat ;0nlc«ed.) Strange enough-Wheat's -'000-mile (rip to Mexico and back was unsiicccsslul as he failed to locate Ihe nun he sought. But,- so Wheat confessed, he •oiiiid at home that which he had scuaht far away without success. Abbott, who has been convicted number of times for liquor law Tenser,, hnd rented a small out- icusc owned by Snyder. Wheat and Snyrier were good friends. Wheat, so Ho told officers, con- Wed in Snyder and Abbott the allure of his I rip to Mexico. Ab- ooll, according to Wheat, said 1= might be able to get some tnc false money here. Abbott duccd SICOO in thc bogus $10 'Jills nt Snyder's place one aftor- 10011 last week. Wheat anti Snyder agreed to purchase the bogus money nt the stiff price of $225 enycler paid 525 and took SIOO of the false currency and Wheat aid $200 for S900 in tlie imita- lon erccnbacks. Quickly Delected Hardly had thc false money hanged hands until difficulties wiled. Snydcr passed one of he bills at the National Brokcr- 150 company and another at a Kroger store. Clerks at the dry ooris store called in officers when hey rcaliertl thc bill was "bad" •""icy and ivcro able to give cf- 'ccrs a fair description of the vhlte haired Snyder, (he oldest of thc group. chief Givyn went to Snyder'a home on Clark street. He was irepared to search the premises, wins; already obtained a war- ant lor lhat purpose. With $47 'Continued on pnse Uue«> WEATHER ARKAN'SAS-Panly cloudy and unsettled; colder, probably frost in northwest tonight, Thursday nartly cloudv and coldsr in extreme northwest. The f bonds ol the ball..— „,„, *»ay in Fulton county supeiiorl •ourt, y was 38 degrees, and the um 57. with clear skies. A l j-ear ago tl- maximum was 74, minimum 40, cle»r.

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