The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 10
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Reds Boil as Maglie Shaves 'Em Close and Giants Win 8-3 By JACK HA.VJ) Sal (The Barber) JIaglie is shaving National League hitters so close the objecting to the lather. 4Ntickumti did its ' BLVTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ,.. best to up«et New Vork Ginnls noo y osier • w'iih repeated demand? TO =f»p the baH. The intimntton wns thnt Mag-He might ho ? urn kin c in a "spitter." The umps could fmrt nothing wrong. When Frank Hillor. Chu-y's Hiring pitcher, nskcd Umpire Auuio DonfuelH fnr thp bnll in ihr tV'h. Maplie bwnrri to :t rn^p. His HI-S fiailrd ovpr 1hc rntchci'? hrart toward the sifinds. NYM innnia ihr Giants a?bt'd to son the brill HiUci' was throwing. Map! IP was ?r> up'-rM ho rooSort off the Rpd.s with six h:;:-. 8-3, for his sixch straight victorv. Bohljy Thomson, thr -lolfirn bnv of The '51 Benson, urn ihc Guuu^ off fflsl wi(h n firsi-muitm mpl<; antl a Meal of homo Horn* 1 mnn hy Willie Mr»ys rind \Vos WnsUum opened up enoueh r>f n Irnd fnr Thp Barber oi Niagara Fa IK -NY. Gerry Stnley, beaten onh p by Maglie in compiling it K-\ recon for St.Louis, shoved Biooklvn an other gnmo bohimi thf Connie -A'i:h a steady six-hitter for .1 .vl viriory. Solly HpniiiR wns OH* hii* hinrr for the Cams, hnmmrrnm homo three runs with jj hnnic i mi :iwl triple. The homnr ciuno olf lo.^er Chri.$ V,in Cuyk. With Granny Hajmiev and Willir riniim the hr;?vv bombing, j Russ Mcynr finally dnclard the h.,-. , hard lurk ihai trailed him in four | C»POM,'r Sir-irk Mori just June entmch U7W * »'nfi of iheir last 10, with previous pamp^ to lifr the Philhe^: 10 lot Jnrk DunirK score cavp six-hurn. over Chicago. <>-•>. Allhmich Meyer : the nwon Braves- a mil, inninej The St.Louis Rmwtis snapped out allowrd 11 hits hr kept them well;-H cduc over Plushiireh. The I of a batline slump lo rack up four scattered as Ihe Phils nmtinwrt : Pu-nips srorcfl one in thr loth but I Philadelphia pilrhors with a Ifi-hn their spurt townrd the; first riivi-j pim-h hitipr Genre* Ci nv.-p iiori ii'attack to win. 12-?' THURSDAY, MAY II, 1953 -the Barber: T/)ave a tough even shaving myself." slon, Unilinr 1 !' fiome! cd, tripled and "•ir^ieti \vhlle Jones rir<v\'e in four tuns with his li/ih hnniri auri a single. Hob Kelly was Hie loser. Peio \ s siiiBlc ii-tth the ^Vlth a hoJ it. flank n,ini»r ant! .Inlinll Ihn New Vnrit Vnnkrpr, win over Cl"vr]ai)ri. naucr, .sizzllni! n-; a Ifadoff hitter, pnvrtl the ir.iy Mr tohacro- Phawin' Haln wnh a hnmrr. donlilp and lour runs batuvl in. H.ii/pr's'. foilith homer of tin- season v.'iih two men on ranie off nn(7 Feller in Ihp lliird inniny for a IK.3 Yank Ader Cleveland lied Ihe srore In Nev/ York 'lie /iftji, j-eJicf ft.'trher 8am .Jniu-s : Philadelphia loosened a wild pitch thai let pinch: Detroit runner .Jim Hrirls>tvcr>r S'rore tile I tie-liieakinii run in the sixih JJnuer's riouhf", foUnwina Kam'.s! fiiiiHle. piorluc'eri Uie final run in Moiiih the seventh. iVe'A- ( The RD^IOII Red Snx IOKI Ilieir sixth straight on the road. ti-3. at Ohlcatio. Konkie Miinhp.nv Hill Heinv took a 3-0 lead into Hie sixth whpre Ihe \Vtiiip fiox eut Inoie uith a six-run blast just as rain iiecan drlvinp the small cto'.vd to shelter. Rain forcetl the umpired to call the name after xeven inninys. Ni>»'lv i\ed Vic Werlz rciriinerl Ihe Detroit Tieers and hh.sind a tie-breakjnK home ri;n off \Vash- lilfiloti's sifl Hititson in the eichlh fnl' a 3-2 ivin. Art Hourfeman SOiri'liKHN ASSOCIA DON Wnn Lost Pel 51. II .1551 21 IS .58! 1!) H .571 18 15 .M! n n Cliji I lauoo^a Atlanta Rii mm'iham ! Little Rnck : Memphis I'fiSTKKDAV'S HESU1.TS National League New York 8 Cincinnati 3 St. Louis h Brooklyn 1 Rosron 4 Pnishiiich 3 '10 innings Philadelphia 9 Chicago 2 JHG$ Close Decisions ^ Mark Play in SA All Games Decided By One Run; Trovs Shade Chattanooga Hv Tl!i> Assnrlaled l'rp\s If last night's Srjinherii A'^ncia- linn names hart been any rln«pr there JIJM »-r,uldiVt have heen niiv necisinns. Fach oiitine wan dcririerl by a on»-run margin and home runs played a major role in three. Mobile educd Birminoham. 5-4; Little Hnck nipued Chattanooga. 3-a- Nashville topprd Memphis. 3-2. and i\<> w Orleans shaded Atlanta, 4-3, in 13 inninss. Hill AntojiQllo. u-ho'p 260 banina average isn't caitsing ihe Innp's tup hitlers nt :ose any sleep, rnminued to he a nightman- for the unwarv piU'hcrs. The Mobile centcrfielder jflapppd his l'2th home run !a-t i niaht In thp thud inniiiB for «-hat tor.v over Bnmlnsham. Thp Bear I slui-iier's'clout came with the bases empty afler his males had shovrri over four runs in ihe second irmiiio .414. rim decision slrelchrd Mobile's .219, league lead in two »atn-.s over New iOilnaus. The Pel., climbed into .,«- j end place wlieli their victory over j Atlanta was coupled with Chstta- itloORa's loss to Little Rock. SCHOOLBOYS—Schoolboy Howe takes notes o in the Detroit area. The former Tiqr-r hurling ace cannot S|.- Delvoit hrass what he sees, <NEA.( on high school baseball stars while scouting games ice cannot speak lo the athletes, can only report to IS 12 1 17 25 ,000 .484 New American League York 5 Clpvrlanri 3 jucck-ri by shot (stop • t*n 'lerl back the Senators, who had Detroit 3 Washington 2 Chicas S Boston 3 (called end 7th. ram i St. Louis 12 Philadelphia 7 21 Players Shuffled Off to Minors As Axe Falls in Major Leagues NEW YORK f/Pj-A score ot major leathers are on their way to various minor league baseball clubs today hopeful that they'll be back In the bis time before another season rolls n round Twenty-one players were chopped Civim major league teams yesterday as the clubs pared their rosters to the legal limit called lor by baseball law, The deadline was midnight and the St. Louis Browiu vere the last to make it. *,,j± B T;r,i°. n ^!i i :.:", it _'. i ! i .' i . 1 ^,. wan r i0 wa <°» ( «>; Big st ate f^oacr Wins Still Evading Boston's Sox before midnight. They optioned! League,. pitchers Rob Aiahoney. Cliff Fanninj Deiroll ^ ^1 F IK and catcher Darrel Johnson lo San T .vi v, baseman Ben T ., ylnr shortstop Alex Garbowski and ' ' . Antonio of the Texas League and veteran Stan Uojek to Toledo of Ihe American Association. That left the Browns with 2fi players. one above (lie lesrnl 25. The extra player is pitcher Dave Mndi who is n rettirnini! service ..... ,. and nnricr baseball law can be carried for one year. One player who probably will not return Is outfielder Dick Wnkelield. i the r.r.c time honits henutv ot the ' Detroit, Ti K ers, The. New York Buffalo. pitcher Wayne McLelanrt CHICAGO (fl'i—"Hie B'islon Tied Sox were never the ours to think It greener in some other backyard. They could win nt home in Fenway Pnrk hut seemed to suffer chronic travel .sickness on leaving. This happened under Managers joe McCartny and Steve O'Neill. And so far Lo ( u Boudreau hasn't found a A week ago the Red Box led thej nlKO Rn ' lt Dil eher Ro^cr Rownian to Americiui Leacuc. They had won H; Minneapolis of the American Asso- out of 20 games, a dor^n of Ihe v lc-j cinllon "' brine Iheir squad to 25. torles being harvested in 17 homej The Giants will be, one under the <irilcs I limit when outfielder Willie Mays Then they packed off westward: reports to tho Army fallowing Fri- , . Giants asked \vaiyers on Wakeficld with the intent of plying him his E Chevies Lose Again 8 to 7 In BWL Action Smillinrn Assocblinn New Orleans 4, Atlanta ; inningsi Mobile S, Birmingham 4 Little Rock 3. hCattanooga Nashville 3 Memphis 2 TODAY'S GA.MTS Natinnal l.raRiir St Louis at Boston tnishtl Pittsburgh at Brooklyn Cincinnati at Philadelphia Chicago at New York Philadelphia a! Si Louis (r New York at. Cleveland Boston at Chicaeo Washington at Detroit m Southern Association Night Games Little Rock at Chattanooga Atlanta nL Mew Orleans Birmingham at Mobile Memphis at Nashville Four Teams Acquired For Y's Little League • The lineup for the Klytheville y's Little Lsague was complete to- !duy aftpr the sponfur (nr the lonrth learn was obtaiiipri ve.-ifroay. The _ Board of Durc'O'j of , h e .our teams will he chosen. After Kuvanis Club, in a mretuu' ye f tw -' the reams hale been selected they (lay aftcrnooil. voted that the club will he assigned to sponsoring civ- j sponsor s team in the ic clubs anrt will bet-in prarnre | and under lenene which is to be — - j sponsored by the Y. The burial of the heart apart- from the body was a practice in both ancient Egypt, and medieval Europe, acording to the Encyclopedia Britanniea. Johnson Shines After Bench Rest BROOKLYN' l.^-All Billy Johnson. St. Louis Cardinal third baseman, neripd was a rest, to set bach on the beam. Johnson, who had been riding the bench for more than a week.'played the hot. ccrner in sreat- style as the Cards whipped the Dodgers 5 to 1 yesterday. Hilly came up with ei'ht assjsik only three short of the modern National Lencue record of 11 held by Damon Phillips of Boston. Negro Scouts Get 7-6 Victory Blytheville Npsro Boy Scout troon defealed the Robinson Addition ^ j a .ir Mr;:"; ~ '.i & Y^±, "S 1 hi? afternoon Thp Scoul^ were ' " icheduled lo play another Robin- The other three teams ate to be sponsored by civic clubs, too. Tlie Lions Club. Rotary and Junior Chamber of Commerce all have vor.: ed to sponsor learns in ihp league. ' J. I 1 . Garrott. Y snciTtary. said i the league will be operated alnnu } tile lines of Little Leaaues In other . cities. i The league nill be npen lo ail . srade school boys 12 ypavs of aite clubs will be responsible for lur- nishinir coaches, balls anrl bats and tile Y will furnish other equipment except gloves. The Little League program will continue throuehotu the .sittnmer with sanies lo be played in the late afternoons. The games will be played at David Acres Park. Big ASIC Tackle To Get Pro Tryouf A 28(1- Sta.e » "Tout OREEN BAY. Wis. I ^'"'^ U ^ , fl ' Om ** T(lil , chr "f CM <* e *•>» "" Xl /»" *'"" lht> Crem ~ CT * ° f thl> N " atloll: '> Football League. tureen Bay announced last night thal !l had s 'St>Pd George Pratt, Mr. Oarrotl that all hnys j tfan yesterday and so "far there has bpen no deadline set for registrini*. Leghorn. Italy. Is more than 300 sailing miles closer to New York than are Germany's Bremen and Free Picture Of Your Catch Just bring your siring of Rsri lo our store and we'll take a picture tor ynu any time iinltt 9:00 I'.M. .Vo charge At nil. Good Inck to ynu nn your fishing, Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 50W W. Main Phnne 3641 Automatic Airplane Navigator Tested • and haven't since. Yesterday's fi-s loss to the White j ant* will fill the .spot Inter Sox in Comiske.y Park, where it 37 feet farther to the le!t field wall; than at Fprr.vny Park, was their sixth FftoacV: in „ rn w. They have saaRert to vhird place, three Raines ofl the pace. Sudbury Defeats Yarbro in Y Play '.^—Seven miles over Britain, a four-engine jet research plane Is making higH-speed Mights to test a new radio automatic i ntivir-aior. L I The automatic navigator, the ' .... Sullivan - Nelson's d e f p ti d i n e ! Decca Flight,.Log. shows (he pilot release. The Giants i c ' 1am P fDn Chevrolet* suffered Iheir! the position of his plane on a map second strateht-sethack In thn Bay! and auiomniically draws in its window Leneup yeslrrdiy afternoon, track. It has already been tried and Coach Jimmy Fisher 's team; on low-speed helicopters and pis- ed^ed the Chevies H-7. j toivenrjine planes. Now it Is want- The Chevies had the lymz run on second with two out in the. fifth inning but a sinclp to cenler field Jnlled to score. The next batter popped a fly to center. Jimmy Pisher wa.s on the mound for the winners mid Arthur Sampson buried for the lo.sers. Play In the league will be resumed Monday afternoon u'ilh Su|u_ van-N'eLson playing Mead's Clothiers. camp. It is believed the Oi- Sudbury s Sixth Graders defeated " "" " llr ^'''nns Maucn he prob- Yaroro 6-2 in the Y's Grade School; ah 'Y wl » hi? sent to either Roches- eciillinst pitcher Al Cor win from Minneapolis. Here's h.iu tbe other clubs trimmed iheir rosters yesterday. Now Yoik Yankees — Optioned rookie lefthander nil! Miller to Kansas City. Cleveland — Optioned pitchers lincireo 7,uverink and Boh Chnkales niirl veteran infieMcr George. Slim- Weiss to (ndlnnnpoIK SI. Louis Cardinals — Asked waivers on infinltler Gene ^!allch It no one claims Mauch he prot>- ert for jet airliners. Us desipner.s have bnill a new airborne receiver which will pick up signal* and convert them into the track line on the map while Ihe aircraft Is. flying miles above the. earth at 1,500 miles per hour SofrbsJ! League ye.srerriav noon A live-run first Itiiiinr E0 i S'id- byry off to a fiyitiE start and ;t = one run in tho second '.fas iu't arid- Alain ed insurance. ~ I c'iu Bratclier ^,-75 (h«, 7.-inn!m; pitrhn- f'hiti. tor or CtihimbM- Pi"?lon tied Sox — Optioned first baseman Dick C.ernert to Louisville and outfielder Gen- Stephens to full- - . Optioned Harry iv-lioinid catcher, In »™^1*^^ *". H — •;"'«'M"'""""-' 1 ^™*". p'Irt" L^tf^* ™ ™'™^^W%;. The [ sheet of paper was made I by a Chinese in 105 A. D. by pnnr: ina mashed vegetable fibers into a I flat moid. Catches every passing breeze V-vu 3 "AmMt e.\pr>.sii r p" lo nK ll,e lieat « eating a pair of our Jarman \l,>orlr M,-.,/, .«(, f.erv ,>i,5M,,j. hreeze ami krcp »n,, rool «nd Gmie in lortaj jnd st.-e »Iut'= t-.c.> „, Jj,,, MJI5 u-hcn you're !„ ,f, a , c al rh comfortable a , our hoi,; C . kEK'TUCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON become il'i £ve/y of/Me a Afafg TIMES PISTIUIRY COMPANY - i. Bilvi( ,. UMfwt KELLEY'S Yoar Friendly Shoe Store in Blytheville C.OOD TIRES phi? lax and yi)tn old lire Size fi.nn ,\ Ifi SIZE 6.70x15 . . . $14.95 P.'us tax and your old tire MARATHON As Low as $1.25 a week for a P A I R of tires! '""•""'"•'"MwwaNWIU'.'SSSBS GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES Phone 2492 - Blythevflle

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