Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. —Spring DEW ENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. ONE MORE DEFEAT."'';" 1 ' 'THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. -, $250,000. DIBECTOBS: Wi . , Banking tn a]. Its Departments promptly y f t U o ly cus°t n omor a and Stockholm Re-ervo Fund DAILY JOURNA Had Good Riding and Nice, Clean Sport. FRIDAY, .TUNE 20, 1S9G .William Stelnhart will so to Tern today on business. Dr. BarnfleW ha« fitted «P offices over Ben Fisher's drug store. . ?2.0S for homespun linen suits at Otto's. See ad for finest shoes. E E Stacy of Indianapolis, State Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., is In the city. Miss 'Ma Clifton -will arrive tonight from Peru for a visit over Sunday with friends. Miss Edau Skinner returns today from Peru, accompanied by Miss Do*? Diebert. Umbrellas and parasols at grand reduction to avoid Saturday's nish.- Trade Pake. Miss Clara Taylor of Union City, will be the guest of Miss Edith Skhmor tor several day.?. Great sales prove the great merit oi Hood's Savsaparllla, and great merit •enables it to accomplish wonderful cures. , Mrs O .T Stouffer, Mrs. Fremont Hau"of Bradford, Ohio, her guest, and Mrs. Colt Barnott, returned last night from- Wabash, where they visited rela-, tlves and friends. At the public library at Macon, G.i., there is a barometer made simply of a thin strip of cedar and a thin strip of white pine, placed together and stncl; perpendicularly In a base rest of wood. When it is going to rain, the strips bend down and when It Is to be dry they stand rigidly stiff and straight, it Is said to Indicate coming storms unfailingly. . A' ^veil-dressed man stopped Alien Pennlman at Battle Creek, Mich., and seemed rather favorably Impressed with Mr. Peiralman.'s bicycle.. ATould Mr Pennlman sell It? He wo.uld. Had he any objections to letting the stranger try it? He hadn't. Has he seen the wheel since? He has not.-CIndnnatt Times-Star. ^m Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DVt* The race meet a.t Peru yesterday was a success, botih in point of attendance a-iul in the character of the racing. The.ro were probably two thousand people saw the racing, and it was oC thu kind -tlw-it mates people hold their bri\vth for a little while, then break out in cheers for tlie winner. Evei-y race was hotly contested trom Ute start to finish, and though no records were broken, with one exception, sffll the time was fast enough to keep things moving. Two Transport) riders, Charles Shalt and Sam I/ispenard, wci-c entcvi-d In three o£ the races ea.cli, the mile novilce. the two-mile handicap, and the live-mile handicap. They both rode in the first race, the mile novice, but threw up -the sircngo wheat thty found wh;U •the pace might be expected to be In the other events. In tihe mile novice Shaft opened the way trow the st-,u-t, leading the bunch of twenty-one starters a merry chase to'the half-mile post, where he threw it up and eleven of the sprinters passed him. Uspcnarcl was never in the race at any stage of the game. The appearance of 'tlie. m-uch-ridvor- tised Fowler sextuple*, 'the six-man machiue which was to have meed the Empire State express, was a disappointment to say the least. After having seen the machine and a trial of Us speed, It is no wonder the race with the railroad train was never run. The machine wns brought out between heats of one of Hie races, and was given a mile to get a shirt. WMi a flying start and everything favorable, excepting a strong wi.ua blowing «P tlie lwck stretoh, the best Hie machiue could do was 2:14. This time was beaten by a stngle rldm-, t.he steerer of the big machine, who rode a.u exh-il>ltion mile, paced, in 2:04, flying start. The races were all highly satisfactory and the crowd of visitors all spoke lilghly of the treatment they had received at the hands of flic management in tilie provision of good vac-tag that was made. There was not a single accident to m.ir the eowso of tlie sport, and all the riders were very well pleased with •the treatment they received. There were some professionals em 1 era! In the •amateur events, under assumed iwimes. but they were detected before the races started and were set out. Rockville Giants Gave it to the Ottos. Just one mo-re defeat, that'!.* all. Tlie Ilockvillc plants, of whom we now have two of tlie IH-SI-, put the sharp knii'o of a beat, into the Ottos yesterday .-it llock- vilR., Hie sew Guiding 12 to 2 when. the- teams quit -the field. O'Connor, a now pitcher from TI.MTO I Ian in who is be-in;.' given it n-ial, was hi thu box for tlw Ottos ami Durrelt for this JlOck- vllles. Some of the fans who luul bcgtin :o think that the home team- was juvi.tici- lilo, are begUniiug to wonder rf the lioys will ever break the spell that seems tn bind t-liein a.nd be able to give tJu: proud, boasting Ko-komos wh.-u- they do- .si-rve, a good, square beating. r J ho Journal got t!ie batteries mtod in its report of. the game played at Kokomo We-d-tiesd-ay. Fauirote elid not pitch the game; Lyen was in th<.- box and the way •the beating rcally'happeued was told in vhe error score, fmir for the Ottos and OIK; for Kokomo. Crosby was hit safe Vmt. seven tMn.es Instead oC eleven, the scorer for Kokomo having added in the sicvitico hits for good measure. The Ottos got six hi.ts off Lycra, one a two- 1-iaggo.r, while Crosby was tou.-hcd foil home run. That's the srory as it should have been told. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. ClcvehuHl had little trouble! in iletVat- iiv the tall-endurs yesterday. Baltimore did not play. Now, if Cleveland \vrns-today and •BatUmO'i-e loses, the Spiders will again be in first place. Following is the score of ihe games played A.V. cioveUnul-I.ouisvi.llc -°., Cleveland S, At Chicago— Pittsluivg 10, Chicago 1.. A* Boston—Brooklyn !5, Boston 0. At St. Louis—Chreittnatl ~>, St. Louis 3. There was no game at. New York with AVashtugton on account of rain. Baltimore nod Philadelphia had an off day. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. •We are irtc Fight, Too. o »()O Cost Not Considered, and this is not merely a figure of Speech but a fact, We now include Patent Leather Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen in our Great Special Offer of CHOICE OF ANY FINEST TAN SHOES in our store for CREDIT-Ladies and Gentlemen. These are the Handsomest sK the city, and are worth $6. We are in this fight to, the finish and our customers can bank on it, Means Clothing, Too. OTTO KRAUS. CHOICE $2.98. OF COURSE, SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. Clutis Won 34 Clovoland ...... '...32 C.inciiuint.1 ......... 34 Boston ............ 30 Plttsbnrg .......... 28 Washington ..... ,.20 Chicago ......... '.-30 Brooklyn .......... 27 Philadelphia ...... 2S New York ........ 22. Ixist Per Ct. IS 22 21 24 23 2T 2(1 27 31 30 .GOT ..HSS .538 - r ' ;J1 .520 .500 -500 .410 .204 -215 Louisville H 4( BASE'BALI, TALK. The home team has one good pitcher as is to bo found any where In Crosby. He is good a.t all stages of tlie game, n.nd is to be elepe.udud upon. Whaic is mecded now is another just as good and Manager Keller is going after Mm. Tf it is possible to wean Dnn-ett away from Eockvillo, ho will be with tlio tca.m when it arrives from that town this evening. That i,* the weak spot la tlie armor of thu club, and "with that strengthened, there is no need to fear Kokomo or any town. Manager Keller tells a good story'of lio-w sftine fellow, n stra.uger to him; approached him last Mdndny evening and asked, in a sort of confidential aside, "How do you account for tin: loss of the game this at'tenioo:i7"' Mr. Keller loaned over a.nd whispered in -his car: '.'Well, I'll tell you; I thiJik.lt was the KobomoB that did M." The stranger looked at -the manager for an .instant nod then turned away with a- sickly smile ou his face. The coming o-f the Cleveland team Sunday has excited quilte a good deal of interest a.moug' the friends and admirers of George Cuppy. If it U a fail- day 'n big crowd may be expected at Hie game. JOS. G. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINECOnPLETR Buy aLougley Hat and be up to Date 436 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing AMATEUR EASE BALL. Yesterday afternoon on the Fifteenth wtrec-t grounds Hie Crescents defeated Sample's nine by a score of 2.1 to 0. Batteries: Crescents, Ronch and Andci-- «OD; Sample's nine, .Tones and McGiu- n is. CREAM POWDIR MOST PERFECT MADE CHARGED WITH THEFT. Lafayette and Homer Mitchell wore arrested by 1'ark Policeman Anderson Wednesday a-1'tornooii upon the charge of petit larceny. Their trial will be held Mils morning art, 9 o'clock. They are j charged with stealing ball bats from the ' association. A BATH OF TAR. Thomas Chappel's Disagreeable Experience--A Lucky Fall. Thas. Chiippel o.f the Cohunbia Brewing company, f- 1 - 11 n tUstanc-e of twenty' feet yesterday while carry-ing tar to the root'"of the building ou High' street. 1 The .tar was precipitated upon him, nvn-ivtaK over his head, face, and the upper part of his? body. The mixture ira* not hot enough, luckily, to seriously burn him, a.nd his hurts were from the fall rather -than from tlie tar balh. The in liter is certainly very disagreeable. HB ACTED-QUEERLY. A Restaurant Keeper Hocked up, . .as Dangerous. Tills morning abowt 3 :o'clock Capt. Sbol'ton was wiled-to-Ca-mfield's rest-.tii- ranf bn -the West"skloi - o.f Syca.mpre st,reel; Jast^on-tlie North side of Hie Van j; dalin \ tracks, to ariwt <h« proprietor. It is SH.H1 1;ha.t .Cam-tiehl -is-subject to attacks! of insanity, and this morning when he-was seized lie was charged wlt'Iiia wiilTl desire lo'kill his wife and dimgb-U'v. Mrs. Gninfield hidden ou the ouUide'br tihe building while tihe daughter lock'wV iierst'Jf .In a room. When Capt..iSkpI-loi) iin-ived he found Cam- fiuld'.carry in.g a'. himp'over .the Iiouse seai'cii-ln'g'i'oi- li-is supposed intended victims.' Ho "was taken into custody by 'the ofKcer n-nd jifciced in ja.il to. aw.-ift--, fui-blver action. .While he was walking j PERSONAL .T. D. Johnston was at Ft. Wayne yesterday. J, A r . Godman of. Wabash was in the oily yesterday. Thos, -T. Peden has returned from a trip to Chicago. Judge M. \Ylnlield attended the Carroll oirciiit court yesterday. Robert Arrick of Montlcello was in tlie city yesterday ou business. Miss Ola Rice has returned after an extended visit at Omaha. Neb. Moutice-J'lo Journal: T. T. Wilson, of Logatispoit was In the cM.v this mom- ing. James Barnes of the Westside, started for Chicago on his bicyole Tuesday. Miss Daisy Gronniuger of Ca.mdeu Ls visiting Miss Kate Kraut of ihe Westside. Chais. Kruger of Hall's Business Col;;'«,T- 3 ni "wHh Capt. Skelton he con- J1^ '- emortalning his brother of Win- versed vbrj- intelligently. The cause of annac. 40 Yeats lihe WILL KNOAV TONIGHT. ' A special was received last night from Dnyitpn, Ohio, stating that tlie Lo ; gain«port boys arilled yesterday and were confident, though 1 the contest does not close until today, and the prizes will be awarded tonigh-t. Otto's got 52.98 on the brain; in addition *o ?5 and ¥0 patent leathers and tan shoes, the finest, he offers new I honjesp-xm l!nen suite for $2.98. i HALF A CENTURY. Yesterday was the llftleth' anniver- sai-y of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Dn'vid Pugh of Grass Creek, and a large number of their friends we're tliere to assist to th-e celebration of tlie eveni. n-nd to enjoy an elegant ' anniversary 1-mnquet served in their hospitable home. The golden wedding was ma'dt the time for the presentation'of •''many nppropi-iate gifts \by friends 'and relatives. Dr. and Mrs. J. Z. Powell and Mr. and Mrs. AVUliaju Wlm'plef.'Vere present from this cWy. .'•;'" ..'''.,,. ' Kate B«inica is vMti-ng : -relatives at Defiance, Ohio. .••-... v Ills supposed dementia is not known. A 1 'SCHOOL CONTRACT. T.he Board' ol! County Commissioners of White county have aeec-])ted the proposition of Wilson' &"Ttn)np1ircys to furnish tlie books and sta-fJone'ry used In the county's biisl'ness' during the coming tliree years. The price Is .fl2,000 per yenrJ The com.ni'le«Ioners. "tlrfnk . that they can save>1.. r >00'per year under the new contract. FUNE'RA'L'OF OSCAR ..ANDERSON. Tl'io ftinernl of Oscar Anderson will be held'Suniday 'afternoon' at 3 o'clock ' from itJfe English' •Rev. J.' T d'. Kanffman ^- Church; the, ' co'Dducttag the Mrs. Gilbert and daughter of Dayfon, Ohio, ni-o guests of tlie family of A. FI. Mr. Gra-nit Wl-tf-hoft of Indiaunpolls is in (Jic city the guest of relatives aud fiioiuls. •Mrs. F>lle.n Thornton of KoKomo. is the guest of Mrs, Peter Smith of tlw Westside. The Misses Julia and Mamie Corden are Hie gu<wfcs of relatives at Daylon and Sprlngfiekl, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Clevenger have been for several days the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hnllinger at Kokomo. The Kev. R. C. Wilkinson formerly of Kewanna, will preach Sunday morning at tlie Wheatland street M. E. servicer'iJaterment will be.nrade'In Mt. .'church. •SS^^. - ""•'• :r -': ^ i County Snpt. Cornell is att^ng the convention of couiriy supcrinleniSaite at Indkuinpolis. A. N.-Dukes of-.Peru was in the taljr yesterday. '.MMo Fuller was at Mexico yesterday on business. Miss Einino Koonts of Plic Westside SB visiling at Twelve Mile. T. N .Harden of Imlhinapolte was !E the ei'ty yesterday on biw'mess. Justice of 1he resx-c David La.ing hsc returned from a virft \n Chicago. Miss Rosa Mfcbaels has returned froz Ma.rion, where slie visited relativefi. Mrs. Fil/erald went to Chicago 5<«- lorday for .1 few l1ll ^s' visit wjlk j'riends. Ge-orcc Gonlon :»"' Craven Smith «I Delphi were- in 1.h<- city yesl:erdaj oc busiiH-ss. John Faucet, city editor of tlie Det phi/rimes was in i.l»; f-ity Wedncsdajr. on business. Mrs. Jessie Tlinx-kmorton has be- c-ome a nm-s<> at Dr. Eastman's hospital a.T. Iindinnapolis. Will Maok. foi-mcrly of this city, now of- Wabash. made his first trip this week as a bnikmnau on (he Big Four. A. B. Dod<l. Hai-rj- Hogers. Fr.^E Dykcm.in, Au.st.in )'a.nsler. Bmil KcJ- IPI- and C. S. Smith were on the OSCOT- jjjon to Kokomo Wednesday. ' Thomas Gorman and family of Ks- komo. auejutol the wedding of Me. Gorman's bi-olher, James Gorman an<T. MJss Maggie Sullivan Wednesday. Thos. Cou.it ney, Pa.nluuidle passenger coiiduetor. went to Kokomo Wednesday to wi'hiess the baseball game anfi help 11)0 rooters root for the Ottos. Mr> Davis of Johnstown. Ta., ^s here for tlM? piinios* of apply for the position vacated by Sec-ivtary E. M. Cook. -w*c will soon go 10 Toronto. Can., to take £. general secretaryship of a branch.

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