The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 12
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MONDAY. MARCH 29,1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWg OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PACK : \ SO/ YOU HAD THIS CRA.VOM HID IK! SOUR ROOM TO PRAW A BLACK LINE AROUND THE TUB AMP fAAKE ME THINK VOL) HAD TAKSN A BATH/ I'LL BET XXI HAVEN'T TAKEN A BATH FOR A MONTH--SIX. MONTHS WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY SGAD.MftRTWAf HC.Re IS VOOR. TRAMEL-feTAlrtED HOSBAMO, f«W\e FROM TOCSOri JCrST WHAT I'VE A1VJA.V5 WAMTSD, TO POT UMDefit COLORFIX AWaTERPtECe OP iMCHAri POTTERY .'-- 3ove / t-JoTlCS HOVO rMETANNS AMD PICKED OP A BIT OF l SUPPOSE i IF SOK380RU AMO LACD ARE Alt SOO PlCKBD OP ? Disbanding of Red Youth Groups in Italy Asked ROME. Mar. 2. (UP)—V9lce Premier Randolfo Pacciardi. the cabinet chief in charge of public order during th e Italian election campaign, demanded today thai uniformed Communist youth brigades be disbanded by force if necessary. Pacciardi charged in his newspaper, Voce Republicans, that the police have documented evidence the brigades were being used Illegally and were Intended for violent action In the election campaign. "Therefore, on this hot electoral I eve, Jt is indispensable to disband [ them by invitation or with force because In » Democratic republic only the state must have armed forces," the paper said. "All else Is subversive or Illegal." '• 11 •• ti By lone Sondberg Shriber P/ans for Testing Sixth Atom Bomb Completed « "WASHINGTON, Mar. 29. (UP) — us have been completed for this ing's test of atomic bomb No. B at Eniwetok, informed sources believed today. One source said it was just possible—In tile absence of any official disclosures — that the test already has been carried out. Others, however, what thought good believed reasons XXXI C1IK sot up slLtlly. avoiding his ^ Sate. She lelt curiously bereTt, alone. as though she had nothing left Nothing at alt "Don't you see." Rush said in that same low insistent tone, "that it might have been the power of "suggestion?" He let the words sink in, heavily, relentlessly, and she thought, It could have happened that way. It could have. He tried to impress it upon her. He said. "Until that letter came. Ann, it didn't occur to you that someone might have been trying to kill you? The bridge collapsed and Luke was on it—it could have been you—sure. But you didn't think until alter you got th* letter that it had been a trap, did you? The wording ol that letter might mean everything— If you hadn't lost it . . ." His eyes were on tter face again, watching her so carefully. She said dully, "1 didn't los« it. for | Either someone took it — or els that the first test at the new Western Pacific proving ground is stiii ft matter of weeks away. It will, they said, he an underwater test at what scientists call an "Intermediate" depth. That might mean a pretty deep shot in the lay view — anything from 2,000 feet to a mile below the surface. First TJ. S. presidential convention to admit women delegates was that held by the Progressive Part . at Chicago In 1912. Fried Chicken... Crappie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Blanchard's Cafe Porlageville, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller "Ann." Rush said, "Ann, look at me. Darling, do you really think I want you to die?" Somehow, without moving, she was in his arms. She was never sure iust how she got there but .she was, her face pressed against his coat. She was sobbing and trembling and Hush was holding her tight and kissing lier hair and making soothing comforting sounds. '•' "Oh, Rush," she said brokenly, "oh, darling, it's all been so horrible! I've been so—so— Oh, Rush, I guess I have been nearly out of my mind! I've had an awful lot of headaches lately. And— and—Hush, I'll do everything I can to help it you think I'm—if it's . . ." Her eyes filled with quick tears. "Now, look, Ann, there isn't thing the matter with you that a few days of rest and quiet and sunshine won'ticure. I don't mean the kind of rest you've iust had. cither: shut up in your ycdroom. scared stiff, and all the lime nre- :ending you were getting better. Something like that Is enough to drive anyborfy nutt. We'll go to the lake." His (ace grew animated. "We'll get supplies—groceries. We won't take a thing from the house here. Then you won't b« frightened of anything. We'll stay together every minute. Just the two of us. We'll swim and Ue In the sun days and"— He leaned forward suddenly and kissed her check. "Oh, Ann. I've missed you." The chill was leaving her body. The fear wtis draining away. Her blood wai tingling and she was growing warm all over. Rush held her face close to his, waiting for her answer. She ran her finner- tips over his smooth-shaven jaw, and slowly turned her lace so that her lips met his. "All right. Rush," she whispered. "All right." • • • r PHEY made their plans hurriedly. Rush wonted to gel started right away. •' ^ "It is important for your peace of' mind." he said, "that no one lias a chance to get to the cottage before we do." Ann should get up and pack just toss a few things into a suit case, Rush would go to the lab and give Gay a few instructions then he would find the othen am tell them they were going. She got ou; a big suitcase. On would do for both of them. .Sh was in her closet searching fo bathing suits when she heard Rusl at the dresser. "Still there, darling?" she called "Want anything?" "Ann, don't take a lot of stu for me. Just some shorts and decent pair of slacks in case w eat out." "I know." She came out of 11 closet and kissed his cheek. "Di you get your shaving stuff 'Othbrush?" H* was hokllnf a athcr case In hut hands, tin resscr drawer was open. No but I will. 1 don't want to other with this." He put the ase back in the drawer. "All it ocs Is lake up a lot of room. You ave a zipper bag you can put iy razor and stuff im. haven't ou? That's all 1 need. And for ele|s sake, don't forget the toolh- aste." She laughed. "As though 1 ever did, All right. :>u go tell the others now. Go i. Get started." She found her bathing suits— vo o( them—and a pair of long horts. A couple of sport shirts, ighlgowns, a soft silk dressinj own, quilted sculls that took no oom at all. play shoe*. She got shorU for Rush, changes f underwear, pajamas, a cotton iilhrobe. slippers. Then the razor. And toothbrush. And paste. She wns humming oftly as she looked In Ihe medi- in« cabinet, found his razor, the oo(hpasto and the shaving cream, icr toothbrush. Where was Hush's? She couldn't llnd it. Not In the tiest bathroom either. She came back to their room, frowning 'lightly, trying to think where it might be. And then her face cleared. There would be a spare n that case of hit, she'd get Uiat. She opened the dresser drawer, ook out the leather kit Rush had iust held in his hands. It was snapped shut but not locked and she remembered later that she was still humming a silly little tune ns she pressed the catch and opened it The tune stopped «ven at tinw stopped and the earth stopped and every thing else that might have moved stopped.. Because the leather case—the case Rush had just tossed casually back into the drawer—the case he'd said so blandly they wouldn't take—held not only the usual equipment of a man's toilet cose but, lucked to one side, the letter from Mr. Stark in Cheyenne, the note she had scribbled to Enos about Ihe can of wax and the bent and twisted lock to the grondtather clock. (To Be Continued) BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj Size T. L. MABRY 42J MISSOURI ST. 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"It's fate, that's all! Why couldn't I break my ami last winter when I had to practice piano two hours a day for that recitnl?" I'RJSCll.LA'S TOP Not How He I'liinmid It This is a good tv3y to best food prices. grows up we tvon't ha\-r to from thf grocer! t\ chick method to nadness. O'MALLBY tnd RALPH LANK The Racket Stiirts llMrW THIS YOUR T MY NAMl IS NIK'•" " OWN TELE VISION SET./NIKOPOUIOS.NOT »OD TOU HE CRAZY IN TMt HMD.' IBUVlHtt SO TKE KIM THAT COME TO W PlACt CAN 5E£ THE TtUVISION MOWI x. UKS TrltlR US'NOT AS NIC* AS AW FIRM'S MACHINES, MR. NIKOPOULOS. I THINK BETTER RIP THIS ONE OUT ANOTHER ONE FROM ME. SURE IT'S MY SET. WHAT 1OO THINK? DONTUSEtt VDU'tL STT TROUBLE ' By LESLIE TURN EH A Dismal Prosed WASH TUBBS OW, r HET> ONW H6N KNYMPr ILSf! H*i MMN8ED fOR HE 1O MEET WM SOCIM TOWGHT! POWT 1AKE IT SO HARD, MIS* SUS65. IFOUMOn MJIOORMINS 30SH, 11HOU6HT HE WW 1H' IWWORC OU SWt> MIGHT 1RV TO TWCE & PWNTIM' ECAUSE NOJ WAS BEHIND IN TH P RENT! I UEUER DftEAMtP IT WA5 WJ.McKft! Of TIW« DOLL TMe DIP SCHOOL, terr HERt TOR ME TO RESTORt.MSIDfS, It BHONOSD VOU TOSM THM. BUT IOOKIT HER PICHUKE R.UINTK By FRED HARMAN An Interruption TOUR. DUSIKJESS IS. CRADROGOOltfZE X T>tF WDIK)' WSELf fWSIrt TfJi&At C£REJ-\OtfiE3 foR RED RTO6.R ARE. { i\i V i»\f^ r>r»nrtTr r^ nv ti^t^Jif >-r»Att.r>i-^/-iX _-- ,»-* SUODLK>LY liOT£RRUPT£D BY JONAS CRA6ROCK-- WART <3UK> THtH UK6 R6.D RYDER rWT rWE DO NOTATIACK PALEFACES MOST HISTORY, WAS WTT6N/ YOU'RE TILLIN' «•>•£* HAPE ANY.' (-) V. A CITIZEN Of CJOMl 1 M05...WHO / NAME-WlLCOMt Y«AB» A«0\ AKI YSM'i TO TH« TW»NTIBTM A MAN Of AN ANTE- OA7tN(5 THE K.I fvSll V.A6 ACeiDtNTALLV MATKICO.IZED TMB TlME- Of A FAMOUS PHVSICUT' THIS MMTIN60T UNOIVILOFEC? MAN \VITH ON* SO FA«ADVANCED K SIM-TED IN AN EFFICIENT UNIT By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND IIKK IJUDDIKS

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