The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW9 BZ/VTHEVrLtB, (AjtK.). COURIER! NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1938 ' E IT LEI, imit * - \ had cwlod&i In. C Seeiri Fai Apilff O'ri Just imps wo«ing ih, ,j mil , ,i r» c s major repairs. .C How ,!vluc{\ PA-I--*— •• —•- NaW Provides t>, •*' i Protect c WILSO\ open when America^, fiwt.g'oes t;o war. ' •':'.-•.'.' i •• Canal Could Ite Easlly'Bloeked '; Befp;e Admiral William'II. •'Stand- icy retired as chief of naval operations lie made the statement that t,h« ..first, knowledge Jhc Un\ted States would have of liostilc action probably would jwl. in Die future; W> a declaration, of war. Wore, lilie- ly, lie said, It w6Vilrf be a dispa'lch' from Panama thai a trniiiu freighter had exploded In. GaUin LKlis, per" the canal peii'dhr* One const would ion have the fleet and protection. The ol'h'ef coast would be vulnerable. I Some persons argue, therefore, I thai circumstances tnhVit artss in . I which' IM British fleet would Uritcil Press Stiff Corrcsixmilciil trol. police or 113lit in Hit Atlantic , WASHINGTON^ Feb 1 jn (UP)— '«••»> the' American fleet was'pa- President Rooseielt and Ins chief trcltfiiff,' policing or n?htlnir in the iiavnf advr=tr 9TC. fa'r a'part todiy pnni'fir. Th6y surest dlrecllv or by in Iheir cslimales of how much implication tlVa'l llierc exists ar protection Hie nc» ' defense na\y" understanding: of some kind b3- will be able to guarantee Hie Unllect twcen' London and -Washington t' fclites ' ' that end. Th'cy bolster Ihelr contcn That fact coupled i\ith Hie pe- lion by. assuming tliat Great Bri- yiliar disposition of the American tain's fleet Is so engaged bv con fleet since l?32 may in sonic 3e*ree seoXienccs of Italian antl Gcrmai c^lain insistent; repitltion }f political expansion tliat the t™ charges that the United <=tates and great oceans alrtiost .automatical! 1 . Great Britain have established a would be assigned in time of emer naval understanding for guidance gcncy to the fleets of the Iwo grca to emei^ewclcs ]*---'W. t-uoWnir ner-lcs—the pa Admiral William n r,->aln "hief cific lo Americans antl .(he Atlnptl Of naval operations t°stlned bifore lo. Britons. The .theory is Ilia the Ilcuse naval .a'ftarrs comm.lttce Great Britain could not scnl he that-'for "complete and adequate" fleet (a pacific warci's IK .protection of. both.ccasl^ the urtilcJ condilions, prevailing in Euroo Slates: would need a' ftavr al least wherc-a's (he. united states mi?l twice as'large as.that contemplated - • - -"n lo nut naval power i 'under: the new $800,066,006 program, the Atlantic, because of faV eftstci That/ expenditure will Increase Ihe coi'jdilipus, .. : , rmy b> approximatelj 20 per cent. The case a'galnsl existence of ar Mr.';Rob'sevclf Is liot planning to agreement' for iniiii'cclintc oV futu double the nav) but he ib lalklhg American fleet movements has bee of naval defense in terms At bolh staled irt repeated calc«or!cal denlH coasts in addition to the panain'a by Sccrelnry of Stale ^Cordcll Hu ^.»^OT nrti\ flie ojtlyjn^ possessions. | Cousullatioiis Unilenvay He reiterated that pollc> ; this, week, i Known' facts are lhat the' Untie On Jan 28 in suBmittmg hV prc- Stales now is In the process cf coi grant fd Congress the President slid snltotion with, Orcnt Britain ••» 1m national defense was ' Inadc- France for abrogation of quate for purposes of national s'i- iiayal Ihnilation to meet a situation curity," afid added: created liy Japan., The Japanese "We'caTtiiot a'sswne that oilr de- government refused to limit .new Jense \\ou^d bb InnKed to one 3"6an cruisers to 8,000 tons arid, eight- ftiS&e HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Man \vho , wrote the . Answer Hi titvll>& Pu»i|e .- "tiobfnspn •CriWc." ; ? A 3 A'pnifoxl- . .Mafeiy. *, Inclosed Acid. ' 18 Grn'zed. 20 Cuckoo. 22 Northeast. • 23 Glbboh, 25 '('o shed fealhcrs. , •16 .. . wrecked sailor ftjarscigr •' .is still •-^•• iv Companion. 21N;iV ¥ 24 Measure of < ...^V?*v. - 289'erol. 2?"Vo6'.. , 2,9'tcga) ruTis. ' size 6u . ships and cruisers. of capita! Nature , of "<lailjr .coiifiul.tnljoiu" bc'twccn' LbridbrY nnd Wa'sliltigton was exposed this week in Parliament: by Lorfi Plymouth who said. the' BrKlsli had licciV lii c'onslant, exchange with Die United Slates. , , alliance against Japanese agg'rcs- 6 toll,,. That' was loo tmicli for Hull. Ho exploded In protest against "loose ana u'lriniprmect talkers" wliose sili'sallbhal remarks gave the world the "jitters," Murray blandly re"Action has been tqken Indepen- piled, he obtaifiW his Infofmallon inlly," lie said,- "but as a result ( fro^ ah unidentified English news: llicse consultations, it has bsen laner, . 30 Fairy. 31 Edge of 0 roof. 33 Epochs. n Dutch measure, 49T,6ilet bbx. D1 To prepare for publication. „„ „ , v 5?,Tb cl'oihf,. SSYoiTaiid me. 54 Small island. 37 Russian 56 Tumor.. villases. 57 Reverence. 3ti Slioeniokcrs' 58 Uo.wcr prop- tools, -«ty. 40 Soulli America GO 2000 pounds. 41 Substitute. 61 His native •13To slfmdcr, '4nd. 45 Merry. 02 This popular 40 To apportion —— won , . 32 Glass bottle. 34 Merriment. 30 yn . . .. fame with adventure , stories (pi.). VERWCAt .. -, •. . ,,.-,.--!• 40 Marihcr 1 To hccomplish 42 Person'. r 44 Organ' 2 Circle, part. 3 Tobacco sniper's tub'6 -I Portrait statue. !) filVfljtc. eThos'e who letter. 7 Crazy. hearing. ' Note /in , 52 B'a'rfQy , . spikelct. 53 Ye. . SSBeinj. : sr\eep'*. QC.n'cssos. ,.._ T . m _. lOOpp'osite of in SD'Strecl. and'ori'6 co'a's't nn'd tha't the other' r ith"r coist ttould with certaltttv be s'ife Adepxnte defense affects therefore the sumiltancoift defense 6'f every part of the' United States ' D6clarali6n 6f I'olto Cha'ifm'an CaTl' Vinsoiv of the House committee hns Hfltlcn into .tt'e' ne\V naval bHl a' declaration of policy along those hnei— that the United stAtes \\ill mamtain a navy to prolect the coastline irf both oceans at the sam6 time, lo p-oiect the pntmini Cinal H-\\vali mid oivr insular possessions' The foregoing constitute a form's! declaration Of Amcr'can relics 1 which the record indicates Admiral Leahy docs not believe the na\y is large enough to maintain inrth'er- inch guiis and new. battleships to 35,000 tons and fpurtccn-inch' Runs. , "vitlsi'i For^isjn secretary Antl>6ny Eden flrcd the . conli'oversy -with n statement- in the House of - Commons that the United'- -States find Great Britain were in daiiy con- suHaticu on foreign policy. Admlrfil >Villi'a;n D. teaiiy, chief of naval cpeiatoiis, raised a fog of .doubt when he: refused to respond befVfe. (he Hpi'ise ' Affair? ' committee, to' questions, tpuch'insf on possible naval commit men Is. Neither. .would lie (llsctiss Jlie business which look. Captain ' ' dei of these consultations, it has bsen ajmosl Invariable along parallel lines." , ,,'..,. Ac( Tojetpcf At ^Shingn'al , ^pMrcJely; he explained tliat the BMtisli, French and A,meri'ea"ir jov- prninente had a'freid the Sliinghai municipal cpiincll iii resisting. J_apan;65C Interference. Bc- yond that, the Implication of his rejnarl^.. was. ll'iat London and WashlngCpji wove coiisuMlWi , and IpolclnV toward "parallel" b'ut independent, arid. not joint or con! certi^d action to maintain Iheir rights in 1 Asia. •-•"nt;: and |>ablica,lion of Hie "parallel" com'mVmlcalious ; demanding (nfprmflfloii of Japanese naval plans easily .could lie— and perhaps are In general—accepted as sumcleht Dxpla'natlpn that the Onltcd; States aria Great Bri- .talu are not making a, naval agree- inenl In their secret conferences but are Keeping each' other in- ormed how eacli will meet siniilai wobicins in tlje Pacific. vBut influential ,ptrsphs, remaii inconvlriced. Sen. Hii'aiiv, W. Jolin- (iicp., Calif.) as!t<jtl three <iue->- tioiis to. which Hull r6pliccl will a staccato ,"Np, no, no." ' 1. Docs an alliance; agreement or understanding exist of.IS.such cou- • >~i',i ...nii (ijreal isritaiii? a. Is there an understanding or a'greenVcnt for u's6 of the Unite:l Talcs .navy in cblihiiVbtip'n with the rYayy of any other nation? : 3, Is Urti'e an a'jreem'ent dtts'tanfling; tlVat the .United. States rta'yy p&Hte cr lie transferred to aSij* pnVticuTar waters? . ncpiit'able speakers and writers continued to report existence of a titad Courier News Want Ads, NEW SPRING YARNS AND FASHIONS liy BcrnuL FREE INSTRUCTIONS Mrs. Leslie HQnpcr , } 1109 thiciiasawlia Plmnc 70Z Everything for your.enter- faiAnic'nt anfl comfort,., Admlssioiiii Matinee' .lOc &, Mo is a Splendid Breakfast" says Rath Harkness, Great American Explorer, who captured Su-Lin, only Giant Panda in captivity! •-What a bargain in breakfasts! Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions costs only Vi Cent per serving — yet it's exceedingly rich in food cnergy,aq<i jn flavor! _, Every sVrving ^ontaibs abun- diWt Vjlimjin B^-tSc precious vit- atoinyo>i : Accd everyday to'coniba't perv9usness,constip2tionacd poor a'pp'eWc!...Order ibc one and only Quaker] Oats ioday's ^—^_. M, W.I GO \JUiv Fa^Auor fri-aft eevxrKr!K\^y^ T~E$^Q Last Times Today ; at j special prices t which many [ grocers' fca- Hurc. |. giiiVilav siiiiult'aii'eotis..notes were France, co-si'ghers with' this se'n't japa'n by drertt Bi'liaiVi a'n'.i try to a Wcaty which liirt this court-. mits the r I'ind.. pi'pfess'oi', Gilbert ..,._...,. chainnan.,of the Ltagiffi of Nations' ii,,.„,>. a3s°;Tted in London thai the BiHlish and Auierica'n qoVcfniu'cnts had exchanged a "conndeutial com- So. WANTED K'.n: it. Maiden Gram Tf. 6. RjcveS, _. - • • Phone. 555 3ANS Aril, i , 16o & 36c • AooipMS NENIOU __Wil(ii__ • , . GAIL PATRICK . Consbnce Collier ftnd'iea Leeds ., .Sarnirel S. Hinds lucHle Ball Alia ra'raVn'oiint' News & "1'6'rKy Ca'rlgon." AamissJon' jVrtinee Iflc & 266 A'rtmii^idn' Nfgh't IGc- & .^6c,, vSp'eciiils for Fri., S«(., & Alonday FRIDAY niore, tn6 is not physically , rlispo'ied to protect Both coisU .si- tnultaneoiftly SWce March 22 1932 the • 1 Uhit6d States fleet has Btatiofied in the Pacific Prior 1 .'.to * ; t'<^ ships of the scooting force had been stationed in' the Atlantic and the batt/e force i:i Pa'clfic waters The fleet was io'rn- binea ' a'f ler Japan iriva'ded ' Mah'- chuna" Iir & tc-i or April 24 25 1D34 the entire fleet was moved through the Panama Cami as a unit Tha 47 hour 1 - compared •with the Weeks required .by Captain G. E. Clark to round -the Horn in the battles'hip ore*6n in 1 the pr?canal dajs oi the Spanish American' \\ar But thefe is substantial naval opinion back of (he belief that the Panama Ca'nal may not. be JOB BTR'IUKI.ANI)', M'kt: :\!sr., ftfr Better Service ;ind KEKF itOA'STS ljifa'ri'<lc.l -j C ft a by Bier, fch'ucft, I.b. 1J PIG LlVIiK Frrsh. Sliced, I.-h t HENS fat £; Tender CHEESE Hoop for Cook- | /» £ ii--j cir fiati'lig, LI) i*)C G'^pY IIEE*- ROASTS 1 Ol Jliuc'U of thicfc Rili, lu i"^C ii..ico,\ r.pii fiupuiy *t'C f GEOPLC& R&NGHOT TONE in I938's Fiat Big Romantic Riot! sqll, cli'lef.of navy \\nr plans, on ft witln:' 48 hours tlie elate de- l>arlmenl publish?:! ils intorm.atlon on. Japanese Thanks, Blythcvillc. 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