The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1934
Page 6
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51 COT5BIKR Chicks Trounce Paragould, Winning Eighth . f -- , „_ , *. +^y ^^% P.IDEFEIM hnll on PfirnpotiM's 'fl Illy- ll'evlHo lfmk but. seven ti'les to uiil, l)n> Hall nvw. <.'ial(; Mil mitrY for 17. Piissr.s complelcd—Illy- thovUle 0 fur 135 yavds nnd 'i lu- Inn-pled; PrirNROiild - I foi- A |iiir..\ Mosky lit 1Iplon lyiirds. with MI<* IjiU-j-ef'lilcil. 1'f-n- yimls wiic uiloit'rd ljmui';<<l»itl<>.". Ulythr-villc 11 lor nO Mwley hmli'd i-t)i\l lo Loob 1 . Oi, Unclflf-nle,] Blylhr-villf I! Mai'diPS 'Hi rough Sluh- horri Paragoulci Squad Illel) M'llOOl'K fll'SI injil t"'luliiii! fot' the Uvttiie- iVM Friday afternoon us Ihe lilylhi 1 - VtHc Chicks passed and lun Ilielv way to n Ijrllllaiil K-n victory over Conch Jack Dulfs nulldogn nl Psi'figouiil while inrjir Muni IGflfj fans looked ton. In annexing fhf-ir eighth I'lui- .'.ecutlvc victory of l"iirc season tin- Chlcte scored In every period except the third. The Imlf ended, 18-0. O'ncll! put the Tribe cut in front by plunging from the t\vtf .yard line in the first, llersliel Moslcy tallied No. 2, iti tlie second period by slipping off t:ick!e from the two yard strl|>c. nick Tipton added Hie third by lukin'R n short forward pass from Mosley nnd ijnllopint! '.51 yards, in tin; .same pcHod. n.'i.slt LccJic c:om|ilrt- .<!d tho scnrini! In the llnnl quarter Oiv n lirilll'.inl '21 .y:inl run off tackle. . Tlie Chickasaws were without tlie service* of Kddle SaUfoa, hard ' driving, fnllbuck, Durintt a hlBh .school play rehearsal ThurMlay |;diiili?.<-d '., lor nil .side;;, 'l.o on a if-vi-rsc [jlditil uji iivn UVi, (dlnnfilf. Mr,Mf-v I'tmii-d il yaids; PurngouM II lor SO yards. Nn I'lHii.-. filytlii-vlllc !i liii' MS yiinls iintl u ii:ivfiiii!i- of :i() yiinls; Parujfniilil I:) lur J18 yonlf,. mi '.ivr-Tiiy/- of 'il yaiii^. Miihsiuniliiii.-.-- filytlipvllli-- ll;,r- i is. nnxicr, [.nililii. HcslincKc, I"). V.IUUK, MriMiii'V, .1. liiin^'.. Huti'Ui i I'L.IUrfllUll hUlllMTl, l.'illlllll, Cl):llitr::, lliltl IIIII- i',f l|«:.l(i-l'.-, -IH ' Jidcjulr, • - .'Iciuiotjovfr i««r Ti|«r,nV, |il:iiv kli I v.u-. IM, nood. fieon-: nljlhevllle r<ir«£iiiil<J i) IViiUj(.tijl.i iinidr theli llr.M ;• only liici iloiKi) ol tlir /iisi liiilC * i ' 1 ' 1 i referee; O:im|>bi'lt liller Pint],, klcki'd oil. UMVH'fi'.pM'iii' 1 !. umpire; Huilfii tiii'li jiiliy war. ;;h<.u Ilivil ii,\ i/! iiuili'J. licrid liiK-.'iiiiMi. IM.S.S lili :m ilVBirt receiver umi Hnrrt.'t il'iirjifwiliii. llnllnni' _ _ ' ">i on ' Twn hiii',,nl,I':. :n ymd HIV mil PI>K'A-S, MdMcy in IV "lid Mosley lo UliickVi-ll ID. were 1 offset by n couple of illl<v: (iritl Blacltweirft fumble iifi'-i utilising a jilcr- caieh, Pnra- li'lci} lien jKifiM-s, lecelved Wo peiilllen for olf.vldi' und jmnU i'd :ir> yurds lo Miwley nn hl.i own S3. After nn e.schniw "I punts Severn! pi'millie:; Die (rllm showed n net loss of two yni'd.s. omid (!hil) (iloscs On S All gnMftf, of Ihe Blyi.heville idiintry Hub wlio plim, lo eornpc-le V li! Die annual iOii)j U j HH'sl- <i'wlify liy .Sunday night. ' MHur Able Tn Pick Bel(or Tluiii Full Rlovf-n ITOITI Sniilh tlie ro^e of n crlp- •plc, the burly HillbacK tell with Ills leg bmnui tlgHlly. in the full lie recolvpd n lirnlsc on the knee cup and inflammation Immediately Eel 'in. It Is lliongllt Illat he t:; lo:,t to the. te;uii for the remainder ol K ' vwis slilfl- Mos'.ey circled left enil (or 20 niul lnirle<l n bullet pass lo Tip- Ion. Dick sidestepped several tiick- l«rs and with the. aid of Rome food blocking by his mates, went thirty nnr, ynrd« for ti (ouclulown. The tilni'r; kick was blocked. With flvi> jnliiiitp.s" led, to ploy in tlie Imlf Cnarti Laslii' sent, "Wimpy" Hunts. BeshnrKe. Dick Burns, and Moonoy into the name. Uii'kln, lliixler, anil Ilnriis )uu) previously been siibslihited. Tliosn were nblo to siic'ce.s.sfuily ulieek the UiitUlotiK. ullowlni; no (list downs llenilfrson li, o«uk,., 11. Hendrlx 0. Aik.'iHMi.s' <;»ll, (tie). Aiklinsas finite TesichejA fi, Arkansas Tech 53, Montlccllu A. ft M. 0. Blytlievlllc 25. I'lirtigould I), .lonesljoro ]!), Newport 7. Mnenolia <>, Wnrmi n. lint Springs (j. HI Dorado U. Mnrliiiina III, I'arWii (i. | Pftyeitevillc. .n. Kitoam Sprites 14 .Slutltfitrt ^0, yoi'i't'.'H city h'J. WiilniU Kldisc 7, Anfiiisla 0. UnmlflirK H, Dsrmott 13. Do Queen is, rirccnwtKHl 0. fIV Until Coach. University of (ifmi ATlfKMK, f;n.—Tliere hardly I:;'a l*':'i|ji utnon^ I lie (opnoU-h fiititinli r.nlfii.s. In Hie .south Ilia! hasn'i ; ,i least, one riian v;hn rales with (in 1 sen.',r,;r:! hrlijlitesl slars and v.hi, iictnully v.'ill poll u large vole -when ilie All-Ainei'icii if,n i'; pal«l. ai'!> Mllard llov.'ell. Alul)am:i liall- iKick; Alii' Mickal. Louisiana state haek. and Oc.orgo llarclny, Norlh Camllna cnplnin und guard. Others who rcci'lve intcnnlttrni praise «s ihcy fade and shine ar: 1 Hill lyjc and Don Unison, tack '('IIP iinohfyltig mum) is over r)w= ID-hole route ul. inedii] [ilay. W. A. ".linile" Dowf-ll. ace of Die ijiii), V;lll not eoinpeio In (lie Innr- numeiu nrirl will not >:eek liie chili ii'!iam|)tni>;iliJ[i. ffowev.'i- lie will | |jioliali]y mr-rt the "cHili chainplr/n in ii isTi-man I-VPHI iriifr in tl-.e :r-a. c nji. Wilson ftiiililojjs Defeat Reiser High, 18 to WirfiON. Aik, - Wit:.mi rn'liuolVi Hi))l<lo(fs Klin drnpj)f l | a g:,i»e to the Illyllievllle Clilel'.ii- T.u-s lust iveek t;0 i ) j; ,r(: iiitn vi'imiiiiK slrldn yesleniay when Ihcy Kwik this Kelsei- liifih iruin j into cuinj) by a score of 18 to 7. Keller played a yood hrand of footliall Uut failed to show a sns- S ? I JU.v L r-PU-AS OUT .SUSPECTS, AH- Ai.o/1 \ , .. and end. respectively, of.. Alabama; P*5lft WITH A LICK OP SENf.F- vyoui-p KNOW NONE or- YA HAP AMYTHIN& TDO WITM WOOTjE' : DISAPPEARANCE -NOW &ir Ci>'ir\ / --, HCKF- AN' TAKE THOSE x - BuNG-EYEP BOOBS WITH YA' the .seasoii. Onei] «;l to tl'.e. hack |iw, "Slick" Meredith lnok Ing liack. Jlaiiy I'cnallles Inlllrivii Nineteen |x-imltit's WITH iiifllclrd Onrlng the Maine, '.villi flif tribe IjertdiiK file liniiii (kf the punishment. They were penalised eleven times for n loss of l:«l jjunls. ParaEoiild receiver! eight for fill I'iivds. Onel! Craig, Ohlrk fnllbnck, and A. Stuilh. rtutieavilcl liuwdian v,'ere removed from the finiip for sliigelne. Ilei-shel Masley. finarleiliark, Basil I.ocke, lialftack, and Dirk Tipton were the oilenslve stars lot the winners: Although "on the .sjwt." the brillinnl .sif;niil rnller repeatedly (hrllted tin- v.rowd with hir. eel-like inns tor Ion;; Kilns, liH iincan;iy inarksmansliip in hurling Ulc pigskin, uml fine kicking. Twice ))o senl rolling punt.'! down Uio Held to he (leadened on the enemy two yard line. On one HuHilnKS Show Orh'i 1 Coming hac.V. inlii tlie si'cond j Imlf I'ai'agoiild niadt- tlielr Ki'eat- cst i;aln, riinnlnij up 'our first, timviis, one on a pemilty, to -Bty- tiiiiville'K ihrec, However, the Dull si'ft-snwed bfli-X and ffirlli with ntlthi'i- team In wining position, (be ijTork- |Otlcl ' Moslo.v shut or; Hie splurge jlv; intia-r.eplhiE » paw uml ran it 'nick 10. A pam, Masti'y lo Uliu.'k- Horallo 19, \Vrinht. city, Oklu. U, Shawnee Indians Yose To Osceota Seminolesjitj' ruoiitilain guard of the same team; Charley ViiiiBhan, Tennessee's hiil- let-like pass thrower, and Howard llnllfiy, Uicj Vol.s' vicious tackle' (Monk Simons, halfback, anil Kob- lin.son, center, of Tiilane; Corky Cor'• iK'llus, halfback, and E'.irl Went/, end, nt rjnkc; Cy Grant, halfback" ami .John McKnlshl, center, o! Georgia, and liert Jolnwon, Ken Is Planned for Miami MIAMI, Pla. (UP)—British cycle, r.-icio?, most thrilling ,if a i] mo [ 0r ; siiorls, is on e of the new nllrac- j lions Klorfefa will olfcr u'lnter I tourists tills ycnr. j The city commission lias signed an agreement with Edward Oito ,)r.. clirertoi y^'Z^^tvaF'/KH, BUTV^ATO « u ASfrcx: OIE\ JUIAPFDUG?/WH6N I -5Aw~) Tnoi^nou-o DOW I THINK ^ '('A KHOW } VOU FELLA^ partH BFFnw MUCK C-r- v.'F. WASN'T 5ME5AKIN UP \ ,vi ^,;-,^rr. THOUGHT-; toADOF " GUOPY.' OSOEOLA. Ark. —Osceolii school's Seinlnolcs tuincd surprising fi to 0 victory Shnwnee.'s Indlivis here Friday i\l- KiKKl for forced OH iliplr scnsnn's record tliu Wloi-K entered llin same favorites flslitlng locals put Receiver of Traveler.-, Building Hiders .streak around the course , ......... Hi yards bin "I 1 " <'"I!K'-(I uml liehl (lie llifT .loin-s, is "a heller hack Iliftiif"!) motora driven liy whom Joncx coached ^ohnl. u> kick. Surly in Ihe fourth .qiiiincr Ilievlllp. Bained a Milistunlhi) mur- . mi an exchange of (mills. WHli the bull nn 1'ui'Hgonld':, ihlrly one ysird line "Wimpy" 7liu us went I off luckle for Ti nnd l.ooke swept ol'.' the ::ame spot fnr 2V niul a j tnurlwluwn TlpioiVf, pluee Hc-k wnr. true, fk'oie; ni.vilieville K, Pnrn- (joulil 0, Wltli the Chick team Infested wltli (iminl lo more man invn. Pine work by and n succlaiallar (H yard pwa by Maslcy to the three yard line featured the closing mlmilcB ol tile name. Krtr Die liciiie tfaia, the work oC "Nntr," Unwell, nmion, Elmorc and Hurt stood out. iliirt, an end, Indian:; in c-lieel: sifler .vwini! the | Probably the next lx>sl all-round only ^touchdown (if Ihe i:ame In Isouthern back is Vniighan of Ten, ' often al.aiu speed, the first Imlf, f'nl Walknl li;o Jlllos KRNOSI1A. WLs. tUD—Helieuins he hnd seen the last ol his cat it, leaprd who Jias no peer at „, lint seldom kiclis. 11^ nlso Ls n driving niniier. Randy Dixon bows l.o no one in punting, and hi..; pa.w- , ing is above, average. ]for the of grading und paving iicafii street, from the [West end of Hcarn Street, and Hfiul Courier NP.TOS Want Ada. j f^mitory Road tri the Kasi side. 'ol Thlrtccntli Street, and from tin; Worth Side of H,-.arn Stiver. South in Ohiekasawna Avenue, and (hat (.he cost for forming said That all owners of real piojKTly lcsci'ilml in i))o folluwiiig- lerrl- Ir.iy lo-ivit: I learn Strfei running Cy Orant, wlm played plenty o occasion lie KIcKed forty yards oiit|* V! '' s Particularly strone defenslvc- of bounds on the seven ynrd stripe. ly ' lk ' v '' ar% a slivtl Iftcklcr nnd, cx- u ynn Despite a lerrible. blov; nnd considerably .shaken up while milking a tackle on lh« second kickoff. I.ocke played a dandy t;«me. 3lc (,'nliird more, than 100 yards Trom wriiuma^o reeling oft RC.V- mil long runs off tackle. Ho recorded |hc longest sprint of Die day when lie was off mi n K yiml jaunt in the first period. His de- fcr^ive ^-ork \vns excellent.' loo. Dick. Tipton and Knsene Blackwell were on the" Voceiving end i of'moji cjc \ passes. Tipton was I prahl)lng th T e'ni from almost every] nngle" nil nftornoun. niackweii I snagged several nice ones bulj )nlss«| n couple that should have hfen caught. Dick blocked well nm! stopped nil llncats nt his terminal, ft was pcrhnps his game this season. As his been Ihe ence all $ca-_ son. the strong fors'Brd defense held like a stone wall. Bin, four Jlral dov,nis were registered from running plays by Ihe Bulldogs. Es-l p<cially were J, W. Turtle.. Olyn- rier Raydcr. Elmer Lindsey. Hiuiry Walker. Byron Walker and HoVi- ert TJaxter rffiviliv on the tic- lens* 1 . Oneil Craig, backing the line, totted down several pa.sses and assisted capably in the Chick victory. Eugene Blackivr)! turned In a creditable game. Chicks Sclfc Early Tlie tribe went nboiit their scoring work with ma'chine-likc. precision, scorlns a touchdown in the first three minutes. ParaBoulrt won the to.« and elected to kick. Turtle kicked to the twenty, the liall being returned sixteen. Potter made a yard at. center and I'ava- gculd kicked to Mosley on Ills own 31 who was rtoivned in his tracks. Locke gained to at the line. On a .running play Mosley parsed twenty-five yards lo Tipton. Mosley picked up two offlnckle. then stepped back and shot a ten yard pass to Tipton over the lino. Mosley added four at right tackle. Craig bucked the line for time. Mosley and Locke made it first flown with two onslaughts nt. (lie tackles. On the first play CraiR crashed through for n touchdotvii. Tfpton's kick was wide. Score Blylhcville C; Paraeould 0. After receiving the Wckolf _„_.. the Bulldogs could not gain nnci punted. Blythcville then started another march down the field bu lost the ball on the ten yard tin when a fake pince kick failed. Locke's two fine tuns of 12 and 82 went to naught. After an off-side penally Paragon) d pun led out eleven yards. The Blylhevllle line was rushing thwiigh. (RSI. The tribe was pcn- oltted 15 yard* for clipping. With fcpt lint, few occasion!:, not many plays not uy Mm. Till' lineups: Hlylht'villis M 1'arauould n Tosiilon I..K. Stuart L.T. Downs l,O. C. n.n. li.T. RK Q.ll. lllaekwcll Uaytler Uiidsey 1'urile l.uiistord <enoslm, n distance of ICO miles. ^ Almanac: ft. Smith I fays Cllbcrl. (d llarreill Hurl nut I on lirnuetl Siiiiijnai->': Bcoi'lng—Toiiclulown-s ItlytlieviJIe—Cral«. Mosley.' Tiplon, Lccke, f'avagonld — None. Kxtrn ! Points-—Tipton (Place kick). First j Uowns—Ulylhi'vllli' ir>, Parnyouli f>, Yards firaii sci'imniut;i.'—!llythe. iVlll-' ^-1); Paragoula III. Passe: 'ntter,ipU\l — Ulythevllle 20. Pjir.i emperor, DOCA trial for traasorv' and imprisoned. 'ed States •rru=etsin> .„. forthc f&ttime. L msts start nnd Renry Jordan, et al v:ere Be- j teiulants, v/ill sell av pnbiu; ane- | iioi! to t.lie highest and besi hid- ili-r for ciiflt. on a credit of :i i muiiili«. ; ( i. HIP ji-aiii door a f (| W Conn House, between [he Horn-; ! pvpsmbi-ti b.v huv. in flip niv of I Hiyllie'/ille. Arkansas, on ihr : L'-l tin' tlie. hall, but falls a little shy in the klcklni! "'"I passing departments. Monk Simons is tht; race liorse jln the fast Tiianc quartet, lie. will f receive, suriou.s consWeratlon .for. All-Soutli and All-America honovs' because lie adds a good putiug toe lo his ability to register those eel-" Mike runs. Among the sophomores Ihcre is lievt Jolinson. Kenlncfcy ace, and •nil Dickens. Tennessee halfback, i'ho Is'a real Iriplc-thrcater. Oeor-' has a Johnson, loo. who looks if) .\L (il, Block l-'oiir (4i, C'liicauo lllll Second Addition to the City ol' Blylhcville, Arkansas, Ixns One, Two, Three, Four, five, Siv, Seven. Eight, Nine. Block Three ami Lots Ten, picven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen, Fifteen. Sixtseti, Se.vcmeen and Eighteen Bloe.'i Block :), and Lots 10-11-12-13-11- 16-lli-n ami 18 in mock 2) in thj said territory whose desir Chicago Mill Second Addition ui|lip heard upon said ruiestlon. :lu; City of niythcvllle, Arkansas. | The tolal cost of said Improve- •vnd Lot One in, in Block Two ments not to exceed $300000 (2), nnd Lot Five (51. liine.k II). i G. R. liEAVF.RS. Clerk. ike the floods. Among Uio linemen are n few standouts. Alabama again comes right nl the top. «-|(ii mention for aptain Hill i^ at tackle, and Don Unison, end. Lee !s one of those bruising 200-pound tackles for Alabama is knou'n. rales special attention because lie Is a fine defensive end, a fine pass receiver, ami an efficient cog In the end-around play. Karl Wentz of Duke lias lx>en playing great as one of. Coach Wnllnco U'iKle's flanks, and tu-o of Dixie's best centers are Roblnsun! of Tiilanp and \foKnlglu w Of,-f-! cllsl.rlct, and making .said Improve- d:iy ni Novemljer. 103^. the fnl- ] in<; real r.Mnve, to-\vii: j l.o! Fmit ni, jjioel'. fievfii I (7), ISiiEg Addition lo Blyilu- ville, Mississippi County, AvS.. und Certidcare No. fi.'fiSS, fierlfs Nri. 08. Chi 1 ;;; R, helng 7(1 chai-er, meeting of tlie said council to he.: ltf tll(1 'J'''-' 11 '- " & '' Ass'n. held at the hour of I'M P. M on! 'Ptnietiinli. ( Ihe nth day of Dc-cemlicr I03J, • Snitl Snlf> wi " >; '~ llni) i.i> satisfy t nnd that said meeting said council i™ 1 ' 1 afcm ' '" lhc slim nf will determine whether ov not ^' th 10 ' :cr (:w!l ' l»t<"'< p sl from those signing the same consiitu'e ! l - ' e '"'"«ry, 1034. the majority in value of such own- Tlle Purchaser at said -sale wi'.l be required to execute bond \vith airpvovec. security, to secure th? rayinent of tlie purchase money, Mid n lien will be rctninrrt IIIMI •said property as adcilnonal CTcnr- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE I)KPT. ers of real property and majority; ami at said meeting all owners of renl |>roperty whose . . . Chicago liiii second Addition to I WRESTLING ; ARMORY, MONDAY N1TR D11FFALO JOK vs. ED KANTHK liultan Wllilmnn Oi-nnan Strongman Tim out of Tin re Kills, Tw» Ilnur Limit Saturday Only Mnliuee ^ Nighl—10c - 25c KMII, niil'O Atgi nlina Tun OKI r.f ralU mil,I. MARTIN UUIicm-ii. Mil One llnui Mini! Don't wait until it's too late, and youi- cm- freezes over! Put in i'rcstonc or AK-oliol now and safeguard yoviv r:\r. Prcstonc $2.95 Gallon . Alcohol $1M Gallon PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Kord Dealers Notice of Delinquent Tax Sale The Innds anil lots nnd parts of lots returned dolitunicnt in Mississippi County for the ye ;ir ]<):)3, (o.ijelher »ilh (ho taxes and penalties charged Ibercon aRreeahle to'law, are contained rind rlo.scrilicd in a list or record "n lile in the olTice of the Clerk of the County Court; and notice is hereby given to all parties in interest that said several tracts, lots or jwrts of lots, or so much thereof as may be necessary lo pay (he taxes, penalties and costs due thereon, will he sold hV the County Collector af (he Court House in said County on November li), 1M1 unless the said taxes, penalties ami costs are charged thereon agreeable In law, be pain 1 before that time; and that the sale will he continued day to day until the saitl (raffs, lols and parls of lots he sold. Fred Fleeman County Court Clerk XYI Last Time Today MAT. & MTK—lOc - 25c Hob Sfeclc iti -TJIO Gallant! Fool" Ciirform Sc™l_"Tho Wolf DOR" With Kin Tin Tin, Jr. Sunday - Monday Matinee 2:30—lOc - 25c ( ' list Kpisndo of "Tlie Kcd Rider" with liuck Jones (.'artonii tJy tda •au/hor of "Grand Het&l" Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—]Oc-35r Hollywofld's Dnnrs \Y P v e | Wide Oiieii . . . So 'I'hcy | Cotiltl Throw Her Out! i i Von Iinvcn't laughed like that j in years! . . . There's fun, cxcHcmenl, action, .susprnse awl more fun! '365 NIGHTS IN HOLLYWOOD' A FOX Picture with JAM US DUNN. AI.1CIJ PAYK iMidiell and Ditranl and ,Ioh« Bradford Piintmmmt News Color Cl.'i.s.sif— "Little Dutch Mill" Musical Short with Little .lack LSltle PAUL LUKAS WYNNE GIBSON ERIC LINDEN Dorothy Appleby John Darrow Anita Louise Sam Hardy A B.F. Ztidmsn fav Kui< Neumann. i Ceil A UNIVERSAL HCiUSt; Coiiifcly — "Rural Romens" Novelty Ret-l

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