The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYT'riEVILLE. ROOSEVELT 11 Prospects Aie He \Vi' Win Despite Opposition Stared by Pioposal By RODNEY WASHINGTON, Feb 11 —Despite Strong opposition ^htch hns arisen against the president's supreme court reoragnizallon plan—some of it In quarters where It wasn't anticipated—there Is still plenty ol reason to believe the measuie v>IV pass the Senate as veil as the House. Robse\elt himself Is confident His pride and prdstige are Involved as never before in a legislative fight. He is readv, according to those •nho hiue talked \\ith him, to lie ' as tough as II takes " Didn't Exited Split The worst blow, the administration-has had Avas the refusal of suSi '"undiluted Senators Norrls of Nebraska, and Wheeler of iiontarin, to fall in line behind the plan to appoint additional Jus- tices'to the supreme court when justices over 70 fail to letlre The liberals'Inside and outside Congress are split Senator LaFollette of Wisconsin, leads the contingent of Senate progressives standing by Roosevelt. Roosevelt did not expect this split His emissaries are urg- ing'the .wandering ones not to fight the battle of the Republican piily and the American Liberty, League. Dissenting liberals nearlj a 11 favor n',constitutional amendment to achieve what Roosevelt hopes to get by a short cut The one pio- posal bshind which seekers of an amendment are getting togethci, calls-tor a I congressional vct-6 over the supreme court Even if a two- thirds .vote to upset a supreme court decision ns to constitutionalltj ucfc ieo.ulred, this plan would Involve n rmlchimore \lial transfer ot now ci and upset of fundamental go\- einment pattern than the prOjiosal of-.thc president , Roosevelt «Ul,ptomlsc to support such-all amendment: In-return for h'aU\a .dozen more Senate votes for court refort now. But If the presldeht can't get the liberals all llneci up with him in soine - such' iiiarinei 1 , there is .the more unpleasant possibility he v.111 \\lti bj trading judicial pa'ronas« ^sith pohtlcal machines and materialistic senators Rcarty^-to' Brltijj.Pressure •Rbosevelt-ls,alliset ; to iio ruthless. If he finds it iicccssary^ the pits- sure applied to, individual members will bo lieavlei Ihan^anylhing they 1 previously lm\e encountered And tlip^boib; dangled before undecided inemBers will be coriespondingly more tempting The Roosevelt recoid on appointment of fedeial judges isn't pretty-and it may. become far worse. As the bill nov. stands the president conceivably might have ns many as a dozen appointments to Sa0,0dp-a : ycar jobs'oil the supreme court, about as miiny cii'ciilt court justiceships at $15,000 and even more district judgeships at, $10,000 New ]udgss must be confirmed bj the senate, but federal judges are a recognized Item of senatorial pit- ronage. , ' Packing' 1 Not Ncn This prospccf. Is not savory But remember that Hie great John Marshall v,as ' packed 1 ' into the supreme court in the_,last month ot President John Adams' term so he could obstruct the liberal program of the fncomlrig* Jefferson Grant appointed two new justices only af tci assurances of support Theodore RooscNelt accepted Oliver Wendell Holmes only after being assured Holmes tfould be sympathetic to his program Few persons believe Herbert Hoo\er's appointment of Chief Justice Hughes had nothing to do \vith Hughes' campaign speeches for Hoover in 1928, Roosevelt .doesn't want io be an impotent .executive because of supreme court obstruction. That was ivhy he. made his proposal instead of scekihg ( nn~amendmcnt'he feared he couldn't get and, that's why he mil be In no sense Squeamish in lighting for a victory. Cooler's School System Observes jSOth Anniversary COOTER, Mo. — The Cooler school .'system Is celebrating Its fiftieth , anhivdrsary, Ilic first school Having been established here In' 188? Ill a biic-rooih log building vvilh seals of ilveu logs vviih holes In which the legs, were driven, These benches were all around the room and, with a few blackboards, ' constituted all the equipment. Teachers, who taught on a county certificate, drew $70 to $125 for the two or three months per year they taught, The first teacher, a Mr. Masters, had pnly K pupils. Cooler, at this time had three stores, two hlackslnllh shops anct a population of nbout 200 This one-loom log school house was icplaced htci by a foui-ioom iwd-£tory building, which was destroyed by fire In 1909. It was replaced by the building which, with additions .and alterations; Is tho present gymnasium. In this building the first higli school work was lausjht by ^a Mr. Frj'e, who had 19 . students'. In 1920 a $60,000; thrce-stoiv brick building was erected, with 13 class-rooms and a laige study hall. Oil the . school gro'iiiuts Is n modern tcacherage. The scihOol has Its own printing press and excellent grade sehol and high school libraries. In June, 1924, Tyler, No: 8 Crockett and Lake schools were consolidated with Cooler. Tlio 'prcscht syslcm has sever high school teachers hhd 12 grade school teilchei-s. High school leach- eis have 15 S decrees ami grade school teachers hiie two jears o. college v.oik Jack Wimp is suiietlntcndeh and absuclate high schoftl tench-, en are Cail Huglics, prlinlpni^ Alma O Copeiand, Mis Jack Wimp, James Wallace, Mis Haket Reid and Elizabeth Clemmoiis. Maiotis Llhibnugh Is principal of the ginde schools Othci teaclici-ii nre Ella Masiln, ElUabcth Renner, ^rs Milieus Llmbnitgii, Mrs Jack Rilshtng H.iztjl Mulllni, Ralph En- Flyer's DdugKter Pawn in Divorce , FEBRUARY i7, !&$'"" Steele-Cooter Society — Personal nis Rubyc Men Boston , Azbill, Jack Rushing null Tliclma Thompson I Since (hli fust high school giad- liatlng - ot seveli In 1923. the " thrjol lifts fsatel "diploma's to i'is high scliool graduate 1 ! ami 801) ?njde scliool marinates In lllor- uy •uify' athletic contests the |ilB)i school hns won 30 Uophics n omntj, trl-counlj nnd Souiii- enst MLssoun torn raj's nnd meets. Bptli D. W. (Toiinmyj fomlln- sdri, widely--known flyer, nnd IVIrs. Virginia S. Tpmlinson, lower photos, are unsuited -. to cni'b for their "l-ycnr-old 'daughter, Sheila Ann; top phplo, a Karisns City Judge decr-?sd in' granting Totnliiison's plea for divorce. Uiimovcd by the sobs of mblhor and daughter; he ordered, the child placed in a convent; hfi'5, Tomllnsoh Is a writer.- There were six members present at the regular rotating of the Woman's Missionary Society In the home of Mrs. J. A, Wallace Monday afternoon. Mrs. A, D. Abernathy gave the devotional and the program on Christian Stewardship wa Kgtvcn by Mrs. Cob Lawrence, A number from here are attending the funeral of Mrs. Charles Ma-, nard at Paragmild this aftrnoon, Amoiif them nre Mr. and Mrs. V. \V. Colcmrin. Mr. and Mrs. phi or Perry, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Myril Asher and daunntcr, Jacbl;. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bcckham. Mrs Aide Burns. Mrs. Ed Crlce, Miss Louise Beckhnm, Mrs. Lloyd Booth, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Briggance and Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Opal McCaiin, Mrs. Ivan Emits. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whitfield and three sons, who have been very sick with Influenza, are improved. Mi', nnd Mrs. W. E. Hodges nre moving to Memphis this week. Mr, Hodges litis been manager of the Hanley-Camjibcll Hardware store for several years. Miss Minnie Hudson of Camden Tcnn., l s visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whitiield. Wllliouni Turner and Dora. Turner, both of Canitlicrsvtlle, w lulled in marriage at the home'of Rev. nnd Mrs. M. A. Masscy Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lewis have returned from a visit In Memphis They plan to move to Hayti soon Miss Ninn Brooks' Is very sick al her home in Cooler, she is ehie: operator of the Cooler lelcphbirii exchange. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Slowc arc moving to Indiana. Their place oh tin L-ike fitrm is to \,z occupied by Mi and Mrs. Mike Riddick. ItV I To Hold Disldcl Soys' Tourney Al Tyronza, March 5-6 Tile boys' division of the nnniml .ourth district high school basket- rail tournament will lie held at Ty- romn on: March 5 and 0, it has been announced by school officials. _ _ county is in the clis- .rlct and winners In the county ournament to be staged Feb. 26-27 it Osceola and teams placing in 'lib colnilj meet, will participate In the district loiniiamenl Will Observe Purim With Services Sundai Jewish people of Mississi])]) county, Arkansas, and southeaa Missouvi -will hava special service licrc. 1 Sunday afternoon, at Hi Temple Israel, for the-teglnnin» o Furlm. This holiday is similar-to the obsei'vance of Lent among Christians. • '-;..• There will b2 no Sunday schoul service and Rabbi 'Maurice llyons will opsn ths srrvics at '2 o'clock -orning Lens Expert Takes Over New Work COKNING, N. Y. ( UP ) _ n,. John C. Hosteller, vViio holds, the IT now. defiiiifcly has been de cidcd.lpjssuti covoiuiiioti com nicmoi'aiivb stomps, siriillar iiysiz to (hosejof-the-late Kjiig"GeoVge' jubilee,'forCJi'eal Britain's--iS'coI dnics! There will be three value lor each colony. The stamps wi bear the portraits'of King.Gcorg VI and Queen EHzubclli, in a set- ling of coronation emblems. There will be no bi-colpis, and IKe names iif lljc colonies will.nfart the only difference among th'f stamps. .;';:•• In addition, the dohiiriibhs aiie other possessions ; arc! : 'planning coronalion sets of'-.yavying lype: and value's. The stamp's y:'ll tie on siilc from May '12 to Dec. 31 *'.'*"*''• The Boulder Dam.stamp ha.' been withdrawn from sate at th« philatelic agency in Washington. , -. . . • * *'!*.. Canal Zone has ordered a nivv 'H-ccnt -slamp from Washington, to replace the current American Royal Arch Masons There will be the regular me;t- iuj of the Koyal Arch Mason'sj -Tlinrsday night, 7:30 o'clock. lit' listinc'tlon of making the world's'! lndin 'V stamp of that value, with argest piece of glass, hns assViin-',' lhc " Can! >l Zone", overprint. The *d his new portion as Mce pi'esl-! on 'S' remaining U. S. overprinted dent of the Hartforil-EiiTpim C6 : Haitfoid, Conn , Wlillo (luec|or of research and -levelopmcnt^at the Corning Glass works Hostcttci directed molding )f the 200-lncli telescopic mirror slumps in tin's terrilbry will be the 17-ccnt Wilson and 30-cent Bison. .,-.•' ... -.* '.-.i . *' • ;. Russia has prepared two new sels/bf slarhpsV One, in two designs -and -six values, coinmem- m|d-'\vecV* prayer ; service..: of-:'l First Christian 1 ' cliurcli toiilglfl; beginning at 7:30 o'clock. , This is th' first of a series of studies on tti J took. ::: ' ': • •'• : Following the study there will lit gnmes anil the pastor, the Rc\!. Carroll Gloyd, Ims issncd : a specia) invitation to the y6u'hg- pioplc. WAKE UP YOUR LiVERBlLE- Willral Citod—Aiid You'll Jump Oiil»[ M la .--',- 'ibe Morning Ruin'la Go f The liver.ehbuid pom r.nt two ponncla of lieimil fcilairilo your bowels daily. If UiisiT is not flowing freely, your food doejsn't disf.. . U juatHctays in tho bovrels. Ctu bloat* up yourttpmach. You Kct constipated. Your • whole system ia poisoned and you fctt BO:I-/ eunk mid the world looks punk.- f. t^kea thrwc. jiwKJ, oM Cnrtcr'a I.itlle Live j ' freely an it make you fcet"uni\ndup",llfirm4 It-fa, ccntle, yctamaEini: in maWnc bile tlo-,^ freely. AsV for Carter's Little LK-ct Pills bj name.Stubbornly refuse inythinE «'" "' " olank vvhlth will be used in the. oratesi .the centenary bt Iho derith Mt.l of A. S. Pushkin, famous Russian t\nKl.; TLn ' n4l.n».-An^ :-- i_ JL;_lH norlds largest, telescope on V'CaV ' ''-•'• r set is' in' eiglit vitlucs, (!ocK illuslrating a famous Ittissituv structure. '.'.••'• ••' '-'• (Copyrlshl, 1537, NBA- Sirs-Ice-. Inc.; -ttage Door "Johnnie" No Longer Tolerated • Titdbu Chicr Snys He's 110 BOSTON (UP)—The stage-door NORTH'' BAY. Out. (UP)-Chief 'Johnnie' is a thing of the past Simon Commsmda. Iroquois IiV-- .ajs actiefs Bigenla Ranh '.dlan,'" is 'now in what he claims is The legitimate siage lias be-' hV liOih' year of life.' Relatives' come terribly proper." she says!" 1 !' h|-l clflhii as the oldest'-in- "BERN'AT" 'KNITTING YAltNS : ;FREE INSTRUCTIONS ', New spring and summer yarns •• Latest Styles Classes, Friday. 2:30 P M MRS. LESUE HOOrEU 1109 Chicknsa\vl)a -Phone 79 Ciib Scouts Enroll ' Three New Members . . It seems that 'plckiug up' is now rtl >?> In Gnn'rida, and one of the lone In- appointment, vith mtro- oldest' 'on . tlic--' continent, is'sub- ns letleis and complete (or- stantiate'd by'! records of- the Hud- i , ; i ion's -'Bay- Co;-'.'"-. ' ... 'i luctions The icout Cubs,.an organization of bojs beuccn nine and 12 who src preparing Jor Uoi Seoul vkork Jad a jencVal meeting Insl rU'ht-at the facial hall of the First Christian 'church, "which is sponsoring this group James Edwards cub master led in a discussion of the manual b»- fbre games were plajed Three no* members, Kenneth Ruble, Ralph Graces and James England, nerc cnrolTeS making a total of 23 in the group The membership is limited to 32 It 'was announced that ncxl Tuesdaj night the several dens will have separate meotings with Brj- ant Ste»art, den master, entertaining his group, Harry Halncs entertaining the den or which w Leon Smith ls head and Roy Calvin entertaining the den of which Raymond Craw ford fs master. Read Courier News Wan.t Ads BUCK-DRAUGHT ! Wrecker Service .'- Gas & Oil OPfN 'ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center .^Plipncs 777 - 810 8S% *$ axative Experienced.travellers knew Ihot a pleasant night's rest awoits them in St. Louis' ot Hotel Melbourne. Soft comfortable beds,- every luxury and very fine food at moderate cost. Be free Irora Pile pain. Enjoy soothing relief with Private Formuli ointment developed from 59 years' experience at world's oldest rectal clinic. £sfc for Thornton ft Minor Pile Ointment. Try U on a satisfaction Money-Back guarantee. Sold by Kirby Drug Co. Main Cut Rate Hi-Way Cut Rate Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 24 Hour §crvkc Tires Repaired - . Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co I'honu 033 Main & Hroadw'iiy I'li«iie2;) Ca'sh & Carr *UO Value Sure to please! Has Face Powder, Lipstick, Rouge, Eye shadow and Mascara trcraft ,3-Heal ELEdTRIC IIEATJKG PAD Absolutely '*• • *** /JWVALUES! GILLETTE 10 C HEADQUARTERS ' BUYS THiSREG. 50* SIZE PEPSODENT AMTSSEPTIC Rubbing Alcohol IQc c PACQUIN'S 7Q tfanj cream ' Sl.OOSize • »r 60c Italian Balm Otafit* Halibut Liver Oil Milk Magnesia . Pint • " . SHAMPOO £ VICK'S OQC No,, Drop,. 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' ' ' ••" -• aiS^£iga^Boii'«f56:i$1^5 W^^^^^A Gardenia FACE POWDER •«J«»r' S >r ....>:,:o A new face p&wdct moderately piiccd. Delicately »centcd u'Uh ilic yopxifat %a.i- dentn t,n I'aliuu Cigars i, for Kl Tbro Cigars EC. for ., Garden\a CREAMS . For health anabcaaty check your dally! . • DETECTO, Jr. BATH ROOM SCALE All-Glass COFFEE MAKER Prince Albert or Velvet;' ti Gardnni'a LIPSTICK Cheese Tray Set " _Sttle Only . Laue .13 inch fini»n with natural wood .eultiixir bfliid and jtain- " loiilc'.' Hcrshcy Cand Kurs, 3 for . Gardenia ROUGE . . Stomach Sufferers Guaranteed SERVICE Hot Water Bottle Super-Juice EXtRACJOR 50c lodent TooiK Pasts 35c Citrates and Oarbnates 39c $1 Yeast and Iron Tablets 590 $U5Peruna 98c' 65c Hujol 25e Aspirin, bottle of 24 15c 25clirby Cold^Bapsules, guaranteed Flour itch - Itch . Itch, don't suffer. Cure 75c ' By diGBotvuic smtl rcr.«vi:ij.niucU5 or phlegm tJiai causes ehcU3n5 t slrRtignnr: IlS^^m^ nnaclfF, the doctor's prescription." ROYCE'S TABLETS, remove trie cause ot your trouble. You then can stccpi lou^rfly and «on feel well ftnd sUcnt;- Jo pvovc .llial thin doctor's jirc*triplion wHl sue- c(cd Jn ilic niosl i;tutil>oi-n cases, \»-e.o(f«r ROYCE'S TABLETS unt!er. a., positive Ciinrantee lo stop nsltmia MliicYii lo your complete tnllsfaction cr' monej> Lick on return ot empty McVage. Gel gU4|-aniccd ROYCE'S TABLETS at drug eoxintcrs. $1.25 SIZE, ONLY DOc 3

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