The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1932
Page 4
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y.PAQE SIX : . f **" ' ''^ ! K'W- \ I^Cir m vnirrtm T'*•»'»» ' ' " '7 - -.y '- ~~~~~-- -•_ 1^--—-—^ . __^ ,_:•:-_•—..—,-..„. j *' ^" ^ i Jin Vijvi,K, (.ARK ) COUPIITP TSJTTWU 'CVl^ ' TH ~^"v. ==: ^'" =:::::: ^~~~~^^ lg , }sm Shawnee Eleven Opposes Chickasaws Here Fridav finrn n^r^^^^^ . rlilNIIIYb UJn JH9k ^ »x WT,.71B urannriiD HIPP I^-TM^^^ =^,^;,., A™^^*^- .Visiting Eleven to Have, Huskies From This Sec-! tion in Line-up. With two defeats and one IH .' , .umrih behind them ihe Blylhe ville Chiekasaw: lake on Ihe Shaw- nec team from Joiner at, Haley Field here Friday nlghl. It will be Die third game tc • ' be played teneath the floodlight:; here this season and the Kramcv eleven will be out for a win aflev tnking a drubbing at the exjiense cf the powerful Tech high team of Memphis before the home fans Inst week. • The game Friday night will be th; first wilh a county team for the Maroon and White squad. The Chicks and. their rivals the Wilton Bulldogs are usually ccnsld- erzd the outstanding teams in the • county but Shawnec lias secured unusual talent from over the coun-. ; "this year, talent that the Chicks «outd like to have, and crc Banning for the U. H. S. team. Johnny Buinc-tl, coach of the Shawnee team, look copious notes at the Tech-Blytheville game hero !ast week and the word has been passed all down the line in Shawnee to "Bent Blylhevillo!" To carry out this jilnn Burnett has not only the usual run of Shtuv- nee players but three boys from this end of the county that Bly- Iheville high school would have welcomed on ils grid squad. They are Ashley, a stropping husky from Armorel, Gracy, n Burdetto stalwart, and Garner,- ox-Luxorn basketball ace. students of the Whitton high school are also eligible for the Shawnee team. With this group to work with Burnett has molded the best Shawnee team since. the school took up foot- hall. According to reports Shawnee has won two aiid lost one game this season. Parngonlrr eked out. a 6 to 0 win over the Shawnec clan it is stated which should give some idea of the strength of the Joiner school's eleven. The Chicks came throtigli~Tncii trulslng struggle, with the Tech Yollowjackets In fair shape, Tom my • Short »as mil yesterday but Is expected to return to practice today, it was at first thought Tommy sustained an injured rib • In .the Friday' night game but, the Chick ace is coming around in good style now. The rest of the squad has minor bruises and sqars as" tokens of the struggle but will be ready to turn back the "upstarts"-from Shawnee 'hey believe. " Jii-i'|ili Hugrct, cud, Xcw Voik I'jilvmity <* 4 /* " *«» John HobitiMiii, Jr., ^- Dnmo Tufty V;ij>t, John l\jir;i^o/iiin. < i nd, J.oyuU (I,os An^clcs) Excuse Md Plain, Hard Sort ILL THOSE .VYtilicr Miu.iunald, i'enli'1', I'dili t'nlVoislly Walter .ViinvrKh. Ki"-"' Viilversity "f Chiingo a the Way! Finn, But Gentle HOOKS AND SLIDES— It was announced the other day that this would be Major Frank Cavanaugh's last year as conch at Fordham. Ill health was given as the cause. The news comes like a burst of the shrapnel that the Iron Major mmsclt ran Into as he was fighting along the Meusc 14 years ago for a fighting ma n like Cavanau->h B hard to down, indeed, and a man like the Major shakes his troubles off like rain. • • . Private in 102nd It was just about 14 years a?o this October when the Iron Major's ill health began. He had -3n- • listed as a private in the 102nd Reid Artillery of Boston because ne wanted action. It was because he wanted action that lie was named All-America end when he played at Dartmouth 33 years ago The Major always wanted action . Fighting with the 102nd Cavanaugh ran smack into atom i-a)I the shrapnel the German factor!-; were ab'.e to make that year One side of his face and shoulder we-* torn to tatters. * * * The Chaplain Said It Hours later he was brought bac>- to a dressing station. O'Con nor, "The righting chaplain of Ho•• ly ,,5 ross '" camc across the Major • with his shredded shoulder and hi' bloody, sightless lump of a face • "Do you know who this is, mj boy?" asked the chaplain "Sure," said the Major, "it's th ngnting chaplain o[ Holy Cross' To. which Father O'Connor re Plied, 'It will take more than th .,. to stop you, Cavanaugh." i .f ) Thal's why it is so hard lo be . »we that ill health now will sto .^lhe Major. Bui if you co uld hav *en his thin, stooping figure, a ' I searehln «ly Info the fac the op! nin prac Abo Mm-cuvsky, ^iL I'lilvi'i-slly of .Mii-li Fluffy Jlilhiiiin llollcy, imlfbnrk, Vulvwslty of Alalmrinr I'uiil. "Tny 1 . 1 Ill-own, tni-kle. V. of Soutliiru C«Hfornin n, tai-Ui'. Oliio Sliiic- Viiivc-rsjry boon so hard to believe that Cavanaugh had been stopped nt last. Ic Gave to Each He took to war the fighting trlnciples of the game thai he lov- d. and brotigiit back from war a rokcn body and the principles of vir. T!ie Ma/or gave football all o had, Just as he gave to war his ight and his health. He Introduced his own style inlo he game, and It was war style- hock, deception, courage under Many of the games his Ford- i able to see. But, as he told he players, "t don't to sec "ordham plays. I want to hear em." Assistants, related tr.e action n the field to the hooded man on he bsnch,• * « « 'owcr Oft Tackle It was his idea to cloak the quar- erfcack. His system was similar to Notre Dame's under Rockne.' without the shift, it can be said fairly hat his system of ]»wer house off ncklc smashes antedated the well-' known Rockne thrusts, for the Maor uas coaching teams before eocene came along. Under the -avanaiigh system, the deception <as built around the signal-caller '.nd a strong center was required to •airy out the theory. rJ! lc Ma J° r ' s l<*ms nt Boston hours prescribed by law in the between the hours prescribed by- City of niylheville. Arkansas on law. In the City of BlythcvilliJ. the 12th day of November, 193i. the following described real uroo- city, to-\vit: lx>IS '"c",' ''D" and "E" of Hale's Subdivision of- Lots 6 nnii 7 of Block 3 oJ tlie Blythe Addition to the town of Blytheville. Arkansas, situated In the Northeast Quarter or the Northwest Quarter (NEVi of NW>;',) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Fifteen (15), North, Eleven (11) East, more Fordh;im "• "«JO ICJitll- dou . l ° £^ h so mc of his tremen- lentless soldier, "hard to put So. if he goes away next 'year is to be hopeti that It will be' t n- if » a , MU1 ° wHIc - nnd thai ' K1 " tak i> more than this to op you, Cfwanaugh." co^ F ^4' S /"'>>.v Slven Ihilthc iica Lommissloner in com- fcmber, 1933, wherein Irving K lows: Beginning at the intersection of the east line of Second Sircet with the north line of the first alley south of Walnut S'.rcet; thence north with the cast line of Second Street 84 feet; thonce enst, parallel with Walnut Street, 100 feet; thence south, parallel with Second Street. 84 feet to the north line f said alley; thence west with the north line of the alley 100 feet to the point of beginning. Snid sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum of .Vine Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Dollars (S9.3GO) with interest nt the rate of 8 per cent from September 26, 1932. The purchaser at said sale will if required to execute bond with approved security to secure the lir.ymcnt of (lie purchase money ""i a lien will be retained upon :i property as additional security for the payment of such iiur- "'••nse money. •'ll.ioss my hand and the fal of said court on this the 17th day of October, 1932. R. L. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery. 18-25 COMMISSIONER'S SALE police Is hereby given that the 11 : aerslgneri Commissioner, in compliance with the (erms of a decree rendered by the chancery Court for the Chjrtasawba District of Mississippi county Arkansas, on the 2Cth day of' September, 1932. wherein Jesse R Clark, Trustee for Union Central L "e Insurance Company et al we plaintiffs, and j. A. Bass.' - ™ M,* erc d P rcnda » ts . will sell public auction lo the nt door of monl!ls ' n < the the Court House. Arkansas, on the November. 1932, the following real estate, to-\vit: That part of the Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of Section Twenty-one (21), and of the West Half of Northwest Quar- ( ler (W'.i of NW'.'i) of Section Twenty-two (22), in Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Ten (10) East, described as follows: Beginning nt the Northwest corner of tiic Northwest Quarter .(NW'i) of snii! Section Twenty-two (22). and running thence East on the North line of said Section Twenty-two (22) 62 reds. 12 links to the intersection cT taid North line with a County road; thence South 25 chains to the center of femlscoi Bayou Drainage ditch; thence .ivith the drainage ditch South 30H degrees West 12.00 chains; thence South 75V, degrees West 2.49 chains; thence North 30 dcarces Wc,=; •1.14 chains; thonce South 50'., degrees West 5.30 chains; thence South 85!i degrees West 3.0D chains; thence South 3.07 chains to the drainage ditch; thence South 83 3-4 degrees West. 'lO.OO chains; thence South CO't degrees West 2.74 chains to the South HUP of NE'i Section .21; thence West 18.77 chains to ihe Southwest corner of salt! Northeast Quarter of said Section 21; thence North « chains; thence East with the North line of said Northc.iM Quarter of said Section 21, 39.92 chains to the point of beginning, containing 203 acres, more or less. Said sale will be had to satin v said decree in the sum of S9.C07.lii with Interest thereon ns mcmionni and set out in said decree. . The purchaser at said sale w:'i While Grandstands Watch Numbers and Headgears Faces Are In Action. IIV WIU.MM HKAUCllCR NEA Service Sports Kdllor NEW YOKK.—Faces mean verv I llttls 10 a foctball coach. im-1 in I ihe average fan the visa»es of the players mean nothing at nil. Al)3ul all dial Cus sees down there between ihe white striprs on Ihe playing field—when he sees at all—i.s a jumble of animate; bcd- Ic.s topiwd by leather helmets. Dili, tlK-re are faces, just ih3 fume, afoave .sweaty uniform.;. Hector, and some of them would Mirpris'c you. Some of ti:cm arc frolicksome. Some of them are mean. Some ;irc patterned along classic Valce-p.'tiue lines, tliatehed by the kind of curly hair I hear the (-iris stutter ab-jut. Some of them hav3 c'msl ciiinr.! Rome of trrem arc snarling, and f."mi! are equipped \vilh smiles that Hash rows of even, well-kept teeth. Some of these phyers have pans Ihe girh would love to touch. Others arc mmjs not to Ls foaled with under any circumstances. s omc are decorated by nicely partetl hair i Ti:e owners of other pans In the collection c"o not seem to realize they have hair. ~ There are boisterous, rough, lea- l!ier-like, clean-cut, dangerous, Ireukled, pbyfni and pleasant phy- siconomies down there on Ihe grlil- ircn. looking into one another's '•yes. lunglns, gritting lesth, laugh- niR, grimacing. Some wear the marks here and there of other personal encounters There are flattened ' noses and' K very 1 him,' for Your Entertainment and Comfort R1TZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Adm. — Matinee — 10 and 25c — 10 and 30c patches, others wear no badge their pastime, and are covered with skin as fresh atuf fair as a baby's. They are .all football faces, anyway, and besides yen can't tell much by faces. The? har-esi map on the campus may !x>long to the lad who sings tenor In tho ciionel choir. And some of those handsome vU- ages won!:! fool yon, too. Son;? Adonis may | )= ihe very guy who v.dulcl poison your clos. Township sixteen (1C) North, ' na'ijo Third en (13) East of the Fifth Piinciiial Meridian containing am acres. Terms of Sale: On a credit of three month:;. The purchaser will »e required to execute bond as recjiihed by lav; and the order ana dvcree of .said court, with approved security, hearing inter•?it at the rate of 10 per cent r,, on the premises sold ,„ U1 " ca Die payment of purchase ,'* cl "' e Given under my hand t, f^: dny of October, 1932 mh •Seal) . R. L . GAT Commissioner In Chancery. 18-25 Hail (he Screen's Greatest Lovers ! in- moncv be required to execute bond approved security, lo secure payment of the purchase monuv and a lien will be retained unsaid properly as additional sivur- Hy for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal rt said Court, on this, the n;h day of October. 1932. R. I,. GATNES, Commissioner In Chancery. _ 18-25 Hcnd Conner News -win Also the Screen's Newest Ne\vlywc(ls. Paramount News awl Comedy Tuesday, Wednesday and ' Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Night- 10 and 25c MARY KKIAN and NOAH JJEEUY Fox News mid Comedy .VOTICK OV KA1.K -Vc'.iro i:; hereby civ-n mat in ii'jrfuanre of ihe auiliorlly and direction contained in ilie decretal U'der of ilm Chani-.-ry Courl <,\ .Ml-:»lsjiip|)t C'Jimtv. Arkaiy-n 1 :. Chi'jkLisawba Disi™t, made ar.d entcicd on the iCth <iay of S'_-[)- tasnber. 1Q32, in :i certain cau?o ffy. 5242 then pei'.Jiinj therein between The I'rud-.-nl!al InsiiriMic,-; Co. of Aincvica. el al.. plaintltTs. :ind againsl Black M. Fuwlkes. tl al., defendants, the undrr::igncd as coHiinh-tioni-v of said court \vill offer for wile at public venduc to the highest bidder at Ihe front | tfoci 1 of the court hui;sr? JTI (he City of Blyfhpville in -..ird Chick- :-£aul:a nistnct of Mississippi County, Arkansns. between the hours of nine o'clock in the fere- noun and three o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 8th. 1932, (he following de.scrihnd real eslalc, situated in the Chickasawba District of MLssi;.si|)si County, Arkr.nsas. ;o-wlt: A tract or parcel >jf bn:l being (he Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter iNW^I oi SE!i) of Section .\ineleon (19) LOOK • You need look no further if you seek, the ultimate in shaving comfort. Just try the Gillette BLUE BLADE It will awaken you to an entirely new conception of ease and convenience. Buy a package of Gillette Blue Blades on our money-back guarantee of unparalleled satisfaction. HOW MUCH you get in a Long Distance call «Gh,,ly a ,< like yonriiev, nominate . . . Yes, I found your sweater J II mail u tomorrow. Just a moment, Dad wants to talk." Children at school ... It clcics get lonesome with Mary (or Bull) away at school . . . lint regular visits ly hug distnnct arc almost like having tlic family actually together. Telephone visits keep the children from getting homesick or discouraged • . . ami they bring a lot of pleasure tio-geucies '•'•IL-ih Mary . . . tins is Dad . . . jlhtlicr iw'A lnwt the tptrathn mmrrnu . . . A'esr, thircs miking la u'tiry ahiil . . . Dr. Clark is siirt she II git along Kne." t i f In emergencies, a long distance call saves worry and delay. You explain things in your own words, without causing needless alarm. Special arrangements often necessary at such times arc easily and quickly made. Congratulations... "G>t,itstn/\ Harry! ll'/ttn'i ttti there is nn announcement . , , hirth day... wedding... graduation... anniversary • • . sending your good wishes (yime dj s . lavcc carries just the right touch of warmth and sincerity. 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