The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1950
Page 13
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FRIDAY, JULY 28,1950 •LTTBEVTLLE (ARK.) COURHSR NEWS OUTOy_R WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopla TAOB THIRTEEN H' GUY MA'S A MIRROR. IN HIS TOOL BOX, AM' LOOKL AT 7K BOSS--HE SAW MOVEMENT IM IT AM' THOUGHT IT WAS ATELEVISIOM SET 1 DID, TOO, BUT IT PIPN'T STAKTLE MS THAT MUCH. WATS AS FA1R\ VEAH, IT'S A' AS CCKSTER-'f S006 t>EAL MOOPL6 _. .CO5TS\Kl<XS IW IS MORE WAMPUM/ A COUPLE THAU You «sf or- Two-en COULD DROP) INTO A WELL, A BOSS'S \ RISES — HE HA6. BOTH SURPRISE AKJO INPIGKIATIOM TO RECOVER. FROM, AND >CU ONLY HAVE TH 1 owe/ LET GO / VOU'Re AS PER- 51ST6MT ASA WOODS FULL OF ROYAL TILL YOU PROMISE TO L6T ME BOY We CIGARS/ HE MA.3DR LOST THIS TU6 OF WAR THE ViSIOMARIES ^ ,„ The first time "Old Glory" flew over a fortress of the old world was in 1805 at the pirate stronghold, Dome in Tripoli: The flag was raised by Marines. Contact Us For The Best In Wedding i'iclures NAUGHT'S STUDIO fRe* Gleneoe Bide. 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Bill. 1 was noted sob sistet in my time " I They reached the notcl- Bill | placed Mrs' Fasker in charge of a uniformed lackey who trundled her oil in her wheel-chair. II r>ILL understood what Mrs. Faskcr nad wld mm. "So Hildy Sands." he repeated, "has been walking oil vith the men and the young women don't like it. And somebody started a smear campaign?" That's it Hildy came at the beginning or summer. She's from some smalj city in the Middle- west She cut quite n swalh for awhile. She's as good at other sports as she is at tennis. Plays a man's game of goU*. swims beautifully, dances like a drenm. Every male—attached or at large gave her a terrific tumble and it didn't help her with the ladies." "Surely the men wouldn't care about anything her father tnay have done?" "BUI." said Mrs. Fasker, "you don't know this place. The Inn's mainly a high society refuge. The haul moniie prevails. A lew fel- lo./s went on oeing nice lo her after the rumor started. But most of 'em sheared oft. Particularly those iwo social bums. Dick Trevan and LJoyd Williston." . „ "So. .I'm gathering," Bill said, "it's no place for retired lady novelists who purposely murder •the king's English. So I wonder why . ." "Why I'm here, eh?" Mrs. Fasker interrupted, chuckling appre- cialively. "You're not as dumb as you look. Jarvis. I'm here because jl like the place, not the people." iShe called up an accent that would I have passed in too-too circles. "'Not lo the manoh bom. my deah. but nuite amusing—niyally.' pOH 3 moment Bill stood admiring Uie view from ihe from of the Inn Below him Lake Lookout was a stretch ol deep cobalt, ringed by the soft dark-green of countless pine trees. Bit] ^ave himself a figurative pinch It was hard lo believe that he— William Clinton Jarvis. t"5 o week publicity writer— was actually m a place like this Nor would ne Have been had not Beverly Coulter, all boiled into mink : and topped of? By Lilly Dache. swept into ner lather's oHice one day last winter, definitely a dream walking And providentially genial Joe Couller— urams of Joseph P. Coulter Associates. Public Relations Counsellors -had .as yet failed to return from lunch. Beverly, kicking exnensr-e heels in her father's sanctum, borrowed a match from Bili when he happened in 10 leave papers 'or Mr. Coulter's attention. Which is how it had all begun. Bcv was one of a foursome at a corner table m the lounge. Bill had met Caroline Marr, a (lashing blonde, that morning. He'd also been introduced to the little chap, Dick Trevan. The big taffy-haired fellow, with shoulders like an ox and one capable arm hooked carelessly over the back of his chair undoubtedly was Lloyd Williston. The blond giant didn't get up as Bev introduced him as Lloyd Williston. "Lloyd's an aviator and he's asked me to take a plane ride with him," Bev said. ', Lloyd offered Bill a drink. Bill said he didn't c.ire if lie did. He dragged up a chair, wedging Bev in between himself and Lloyd Bev asked: "Well, how was the tennis?" was informal danrjnj thai evening which certain ol Ihe elders watched from in* sid«- Imes Ola Mrs Faskei cr , expertly and auiomaticaijj wai one of ihese fht sight M Mrs Fasker re- mintiea turn that ne aot even met Hildy Sands, much' .ess founo u opoortunitj o( Being mr* to her She was no! at the dance Dick Irevan tappea 015 shoul- I der oresently Bill njrrrndereo I Bev did a duty danc« until tbt vanquisher Mist Graydon and trod a more enchanting measure with the lithe Caroline Alter thai he saw his host and employer. Joe Coulter, in the doorway Mr Coulter tit i cigar, the malcb flare highlighting his strong, ruddy face. "What do TOU think of this set-up, afttr your first day?" he asked. "Pretty special, sir I'm a lucky guy." Coulter exhaled an aromatic blue cioud. "I'm luckier I've got a month here to your week " "Well." Bill laughed. "I'm leal- ous, of course Hut 1 want to triank you agnin for having me up here." 'Thank Bev." said Coulter "It was her idea." He paused, then added rather slowly: "By the way, have you met young Williston?" "Just for a little while this afternoon." "What do you think of him?' "He seems like a nice fellow," Bill replied. The space between Mr. Coulter's thick iron -gray brows contracted momentarily. "Well, he ought to be. His father's a fine man. Investment broker in Wall Street." That had been sort of a funny one. The question was casual, only not casual enough. So why bad it been put? Coulter wasn't given to small talk. When he spoke he usually had a good reason for speaking. What was Joe Coulter's Inter in Lloyd Wilhston? (T« Be PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores ^^"^^^^^•"^^•^••i^^™ Chrysler - Plymouth OWNERS EXPERT SERVICE EXPERT REPAIR T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Sale." 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