The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 10
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MONDAY. VAftCH », IMS KiTTRETILLB : (AWtJ OOUR1BB HTWi HikeinA-Bomb Production Seen Nation's Present Supply Estimated , At from 30 to 500 doctors Who Chisel Veterans Cut Down by VA Staff Director By Douglaa NBA'staff Correipondent WASHINGTON, (NEA)—Dr. Paul Budd Maanuson, new Chief Medical Director of. the Veterans Art ministration, has struck, swiftly, at what he calls the "skunks the * BT Jeeeph I, Myler United Pnoa Staff Correapondent WASHINGTON, March M. (U.P. —-This country has no more than 50A atomic bombu and perhaps as few a* 30, an "educated guesser' estimated today. Not an official but a close nclen tiflc observer of thing* atomic, thli i&er went on to say that fion on the stockpile of bomb ma terial should grow at steadily in creasing tempo. He based his prediction on th fact that the Atomic Energy Com mission is undertaking vast tm provemenU of the Hanford (Wash Plutonium Works where bomb ma terial Is created for uranium 1' three lowering nuclear furnaces. "At the least." he said, "the Kan- ford improvements .should double Plutonium production." If bomb manufacturing should b? utepped up considerably for this and other developing reasons, the military might revise Its present views as to how the weapon should be used in war. It might conceivably become the answer to Russia's submarine arm said to be the world's best. At the moment few expert's think of the atomic bomb a* a tactical weapon.-it IR costly, for one thing Tor another. It Is more effective againsl concentrated strategic targets like city buildings, which cannot ride with a blow, than againsl Dr. Paul Macnuson medical profession who have been "chiseling" U. S. veterans and the government. usually dis'persed tactical like warships, which can. Couls May Be Cat But the project, at Hanford, Since he has been on the job, 28 private doctors, from various parts of the country, have been disqualified from Heating veterans on the VA fee-basis plan. Six of the targets doctors are subject to criminal prosecution. The rest are awaiting disciplinary action by county and for, state nicdical societies. MI vice sot permission from the VA for a series of prescribed treat- nent« from his home-town doctor. An examination of the man at Ihe VA regional clinic—after the treatments had been going on for several months—showed scarcely any Improvement. Investigation revealed that the local doctor had cut each treatment down to lj minute.s when It should have lasted at least minutes to be effective. All of the six doctors who are subject to criminal prosecutloi*. according to Dr. Magnuson, falsified vouchers. One physician In a mid western city made a veteran patient sign two vouchers after each visit certifying treatment received The doctor told the man that two copies had to accompany each bill sent to the VA. Another doctor forged the signature on vouchers of a veteran who had stopped coming to him, for treatment. Another one billed VA for certain expensive treatment* he claimed he had been giving a veteran, which the veteran never received The evidence on the six has been turned over to U. S. District Attorneys, Their names are being withheld pe'ndlng formal charges. 22 Doctor* Cut off Lists The other 22 doctors he took off the VA list. Magnnam claims, did things which were unethical but which couldn't be proved as cijm- inal In _court. One ease Involve*! a doctor whose wife had a service- connected disability. Her trouble called for a certain kind of treatment which is considered unethical for a doctor to administer to his own wife. He billed VA for it, however. ' In another instance a doctor gave a veteran electro-shock therapy as office procedure. According to spe- Airport News Member. 01 th* HjrtheriU*. private Flyer* AMOclfttion will^hold :helr monthly meeting at I o'ctook Tliur«day night at th* Fly-Inn at the Municipal Airport. Gale Haiuon of Little Rock, nonscheduled air carrier Irupeclor, will show Civil Aeronautica Admintatra- t!ou film* at the meeting. th» third to be held since the pIloU club wa* clfic VA regulation* and accepted practice theie I real menu mud only be given In cllnlca or hoapitftU. A county medical aocletj eauaed her*. the name of one of 'the n doctor* lo be removed from VA rolla. ' It wan claimed he (olklted veteran*' j patronage,- a practice eotuldered I na highly unethical, , Dr. Marnuaon »aya, however, that his Investigation h*« revealed the number of "chlaellng" doctora U "minute, compared to" the mora than 80,000 we do bustnesa with." Some Doctor* Genrrone He point* out: "Many doctors glvv veterana extra care,, for which they never VA. But we had to atrlke Improved flying weather brought an tnrreaae In Hying activity here during laat week and over Ihe weekend, both locally and M reflected In the lengthier lUt ot transient pilot*. At le*it three Mythevtlte college •turient* returned home bjr air la*t week to »pend the Eaater weekend here. Erneat Kalaell, W. 1. iBonny) Oebornt and Jodie U Nabera flew to NaihvlUe, Tenn., and returned with Mr. Naben' daughter, alUa Mary Jo Nabera, who U attending Ward Belmont. Harry Weedman flew U> Fayetle- vllle last week to pick up hi* eon, Manny, a student at the University of ArkinsM- W. H. Yarbrough aluo there In E. B. WoodaonVCe's*- anri returned with Mr. Wood- Mmrt at UKle Bat* and ff. W. Alexander of Dellu, Ten*, PeJr- chtld; Charles Skipper »[ • Uttl* Rock, Oenna; X. K. Pink at Wll- llard, O., Beechcratt; Samuel Bryant ef Joneaboro, Cub; Paul W. Roan erf Memphis; Oeorge ChrU- topher ot Preacot, Ark,; Hartley Smith of DeWltt; O. A. NtchoUon et MemphU; U. A. Hunter and Jerry Hunter of Paratould, I >on'i daughter, Mis* Betty Woodpon. Several pilot* here made night- flying hop* laat week. It It expected that more lltght-flytag will be done as tht weather warmi up. BACKACHE •U«4j urUk, EriiMt Haliell flew to Uttle Mock laat week In hi* Boiiania. E, O. Nawcomb flew to Paducah in a Piper -^-^ - - — — -.Cruiser and returned by way of hard at the few bad apple* In the 8lEe5t on. Mo., la*t week barrel to make an example of j • them and to serve a* a warning' that VA I* constantly on the alert against fraud. The honest. doctor* backed me up In my Investigations and I think they have done the trick." Tall, slim, and well-dreiuied. <3- year-olrt Dr.-Magnuson la Independently wealthy. He built up a highly successful practice In Chicago and served as a professor at Northwestern ' University. He U best known within the profession as a bone, specialist, thlrlng World War I he nerved u a major In the Medical Corps and during the !*»t war he -jrved as consultant to the S".rgeon General of the Army and as a member of the National Research Council. Transient pilot* who landed here during last week Included tht following: C. M. Kusaell nf Rlcevllle, Ei-coupe; Rudy Barti of Peorla, III., Culver; Mr. and Mrs. Robert. WelU of Chattanooga, Tenn., Ce«na; J. A. Crenshaw of Dyersburg, Tenn., O.uma; Atutln Oilmen ot Newport. Piper Cub; David Coleman of Joneeboro, BT-13;, Oooda which the Atomic Energy Commis-l Dr. Magnuson's personal Inve.iti- ston already has earmarked $350,000.000. may In the next several years cut the cost of bomb material while at the same time increasing the supply. Some 12,000 construction workers are involved In the Hanford improvement program which ultimately is expected to cost consid erably more than $500,000.000. gallons turned up the following typical cases of malpractice: In one eastern state a doctor got permls-slon from the VA to operate for removal of shrapnel from A vet's leg. After the operation was performed, the doctor sent a bill for $160 to the VA, the set fee for the Job. And the veteran signed the form certifying that the work ------ ------- -^ ---- ' --- > ----- . wile iti*iu tcl vl* JIII& L^ttu illc wm*t recent disclosure that thorium! had been done. But the vet appar- «5is been added to uranium as raw ently didn't realize he was signing material for bombs also gives prom- j the "voucher for the doctor to col- ise that atomic weapons of the^iect from VA, because he also future will be more plentiful and. paid tn( , doctor »100 for a bill which cheaper than current types. There! wa s sent to him for the same op- is three or four times mor thorium . than uranium in the earth's crust. It these promises bear fruit, the, tactical use of atomic weapons in naval warfare would not be ruled out. Secretary of Navy John L. Sullivan said last week that this country has not yet perfected weapons for use against the ultramodern, tough-hulled kind of sub- eration Treatments Shortened A veteran suffering from a men- l disorder caused by hi* military marine of which an estimated 250, Russia possesses These subs, apparently, are proof against conventional depth charges. ',< But naval experts for a couple of .years-have been thinking Or atomic • weapons for warships. rAdm. Wi H. t ;._£. Blandy, commander/iin-cniM of the Atlantic Fleet, once envisioned Deafened Now Hear With Tiny Single Unit Science has now mad? li possiWr- for the deafened to he^; faint to sounds. It is a hearing' device so small that it fits In the hand and enables thousands to enj >y sermons, music and friendly companionship. Accepted by the Council on Physics' Medicine of the Amerijtn Medical Association. --.This ; device does--iiol require separate battery pack, buf- submarines capable of tiring rocket-! tery wire, case or garmenc to bulge .powered "atomic miwilea while sub- or weigh you down, j'rte tone is clear and powerful. So made thsl you can adjust It yoursej to Mill your hearing as yini hearing •^merged. Propelled to treat depths before exploding, such missiles might be •the perfect weapon against enemy! changes. The makers of Beltone f»Aibmsrin« operating in wolf packs/ Dept. 14, 1450 W. 19th St.. Chica First'rodeo was held at Pecos. Tex., on July 4, 18*3. according to the Enccyclopedia Britannic*. First carpet factory In the United State* was established at Philadelphia In 1791 by W. P. Spragne. «. 111., are so proud of theK achievement that they will gladly send free descriptive booklet and explain how you may get a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing device In your own home without risking a penny. Write Beltone today. FLYIN'SFUN by RICHARDSON YARBROUGH n -, 0 "' Mah BIjthevill* Flying Seryice." BLYTHEVILLE FLYING SERVICE C HARTfR SERVirr PHOME 2717 INJOY THE EIST IN PIT lARiECUE! AT THI— RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN Courteous Waitresses & Girl Car Hope To Wait On You HOURS: 4:*e p.m. _ 1;M ,.„. Weikday* )t:M Seen—U:M MM-ai SiixUra Sourti Diviiien St. Phone 4341 First' National Insurance Agency 5 FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION v Phone 2811 ' . , , . 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNEB REF)YEI), the • hoe becomen new appearing <|>ar- tii'ularly if also rebuilt here). We r«- dyt »lioee any color —perfectly. 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