The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 17, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS * 111* LjOMlNANT NEWSPAPER, OP Nf^niPTrf A CfH A m.^ A 1.1B A n A I.ITN ns*.* im* n-i i rsm . ,. ^ ' VOL. XXXIII—NO. 280 Blylhevllle Courier niythcvllle Dally niythevitle Herald Mississippi Valley I jailer NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AHkANSAS, WKHNKSDAy, PKHHIJAIIY 17, l!i:]7 SINGLE COPIFS FIVE CEN1S •'Scaffoldine; Breaks, Dropping Crew Off Bridge Over San Francisco Bay SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. n (UP) —At least nine . bridge workers vcie.^mi.vslng and believed killed _jOi riiowned todaj when scaffold• 5 ' ln» on Hie WSOOOOOO Golden Cate bridge' collapsed and dropped Earliest National Returns Run 'Strongly. Against Plan Fqr Liberalizing High Court liy WILLIS THORNTON NI!A: Service Stuff Correspondent 'By NEA Service CLEVELAND.—First returns of nearly lO.OtO ballots from 3(1 cllles in 18 slates In the NEA Servtcft- Cotirier News Supreme Court Poll sfcosv a- better than Uvo to one majority ugalnst the president's proposal. Tlie exact count was: 3030 for; 0354 against tile proposal. I'oiiulur interest in the issue was clearly evidenced by a tlood of ballots that descended on the offices crew of carpenters and laborers! of participating newspapers. 250 feet Into San Francis" ba A leu-ton |)latfonn, used of tin- np''"»n in bridge, collapsed nnd tlie workmen were thrown into the water. Two were rescued. One was removed from the "'afr dead and nine were reported missing.- Tim (wo men «iv»ri inemiiicd ns Oscor Osburg and E.-C. Latn- bfit, were Injured seriously. Gall urg. foreman of the crew, was the more seriously hurt. •• The men fell more tban ISO feet iiilo San /Francisco bav at the Golden Cate when (he heavv they were many cases within a few hours of printing of tlie ballot. Several communities registered strong preferences. In pittsfleld. Mass. 1191 ballots received by the Berkshire Eagle In two days of balloting showed a ratio of 17-1 ssainsl: the proposed plan. The Hudson.' N, Y.. Daily Star showed an even stronger majority of nearl; 38-1 against Ihe plan. The: Poplar Bluff, Mo., American; Republic has yel to receive a •ballot favorable to the proposal, while the Middletown. O., Journal hi's received only one. ' Vole in Some Cities M.).read Into the record a resolu- The Maine resolution on the Drcd l-lafform on which ...., working collapsed. I Favors F. l> It' s 1'lan .. The platform lore through the On the other':iaru: several lar- •safety net erected below the er cities showed equally clear if not Iliroi «>> ""*'•> «'" -"' e " ! il0| ", ) , ecl •? m 'e''whehntiig totals In favor, ol water. Calls U. a. r were f.tation. A Hie Coast guardsmen picked up another man and after sending him ashore cruised, the area, seeking bodies of the missing men. A pulmolor crew failed lo revive ,, r on| i .p.f _the_ men. , The accident-was: the-inast'-Ser- ious.' In- the/ history-of •••the -bulld- • ins ~dt "(he S35,000'.000 'structure which spans tlie Golden Gale at the oi>enlng of San Francisco harbor. Previously only one man had losi, his life on the construction work. Tlie accident occurred 3,100 fcH from the San Francisco .shore, between the center of tlie bridge and the tower. 53:1 for nnd 1050 against the Roosevelt proposal, -Milwaukee county stood 439 for and 781 against, while the state outside the coiinly registered M'fo rand 2G9 a«alnst. n far higher, percentage. Kuijy Adverse Majority j Cut by Later Returns The earliest returns ran as high Guard Asks Reelection lo City Council Seal I ' J. L>. amud, local jeweler, has 1 authorized the Courier News to make formal announcement ol Ills — candidacy for re-election as nlrter- I num.of the first'ward, subject to ! the April municipal election. •I .!" Ml-. Guard vviis elected last -April to serve out tlie uni'xpiml term of Koss D. Huches, who removed ns five and six to one against, lha i WASHINGTON Feb ,17 (UP)— prpposal,-.but as the rate mounted, senator Edward R. Durke (Dem. (hu """""'" " ....... " ........ - ' ' ' • * • v ".<,.,nn.-ii, i -j-miiui r,uw»ru K. UU this was rout,down lo Ihe two-ln- Neb.) foe of President one iiiargirij-that marked Ihe end Judiciary'program Uxlnv nT Mm fii-sf.», lnhi»lnH/Mi I „ ,_. .. 7 .. . - J of the rirslVCabiilalloti. Returns ari, of comas, scattering ns yet. with "only two or tliree papers reporting complete tabulations. Scores of..papers pnritciiiatiug In the poll have not as yet reported their first returns. Vole in Courier Pol Stands 43 lo 28 foi Court Change 'Roosevelt's , . _ „ introduced a joint resolution for a constitutional amendment providing liiat supreme court 'justices may retire at 70 and must retire at 75 on-full pay Hurke's constitutional amendment I proposal was the 'secon:! tnlrodne- ' e:l in'lll? ssnah'by critics of Mr. Roosevelt's plan which would call only for Icglslnlivc action. 'Would Limit Veto rower: ThD other constitutional proposa. i was submitted by Senators Burton . K. W.'Jccli'i- (l)>m., Morit.) and Homer T. Done (Dem, Wash.) Thev proposed, in a Joint resolution lor a constitutional amendment, that As 27 Took Slide for'Life Crilics of RooSCVell Jiicli- his residence "to Ihe 'second"ward ciary. Program I > i'6rjosej)! e ' ll ,! 1al | >111 ^ nrji0 j 'oU™"S'we"« Amendments election lo a full two-year Icrm. In business here for about lh years, Mr. Guard has maintained I an active Intei-esi. in civic ninths He served a s a member of ilm school board prior lo bis election as alderman. He promises, if elected, lo continue to look after the interests of lhc> city (o the best of his ability nnd his friends believe that li" h entitled to re-elecllon on the basis I of the close atlention he has given I municipal mailers Ihe past year ' OEITH on IME. ingress bs given power-to'ov:r-1 oi Tf rife ivi-n • •! de any supreme court decision -MCl'lIt S UtllCC! Will Act j lnv " li "" tss an :lcl of (to »- On .Request of Carl Hunt's Relatives 1 Flood Work Costs Not Imoressed . sian Proposal for Ne Naval Conference LONDON. Feb. 17 (UP)—Russia , | has proposed to Great Britain the | calling of a new bi«r naval con- : | Terence intended to'bring a nuin- i her of European powers into n v . , , , , . ., '.'" . U1 European powers Kentucky Leaders Life )01nt treat 5' M exchange _ _ Ituililnif Information and or d llmltn- ^_^_ , ~^...i,j,,g lu.uirimuun and nmita- LOUfSVILLE, Ky. Feb 17 (UP)[ tio " ? E size and pun calibre of — Gen. William Pnrcell Dennis warehl l >s . 't was learned today. Haley, 62, Kentucky Democratic Tlle • treaty would be similar to leader for 40'years, died today of ' at which the United Stiles pneumonia which friends snid was, "tain-uiui i-i-.mcc signed .March contracted through, over-exertion during the January flood. • General Haley, whose home was in Frankfort, ncted ns provost marshal during the flood. He worked long hours and slept In an itnheated and unlimited room on tlie thirteenth floor of a hotel. ilLTCLj YOU •1- 1/1 n "-0"«i . 1T1U.II.II i>, 1930, nnd it was understood that Russia suggested that the United States be invited to sit in at any conference that might be The British , government lias assumed n negative attitude toward the Russian suggestion for a conference, it was said. It did not reject it, so that the idea is still prL £r w< 33 d SSS Cosine, Stock Prices , prefeired the present diplomatic channels through which It is ne- Por the president's plan, 43. . Against the? president's plan 28 The trend TpfHlie vote locally Is contrary to- that for the nation as a wliole, as indicated by partial returns, available,-'^froin a few of the-.-hundreds' v bf 'newspapers, participating-In" Jthe.poll.- NBA service.-; sponsor of llle poll,- announced today that (he first 10,000 bal- •lot.5 - repotted T showed- a -majority of more/tlian-two to .-one against the president's proposal. • ' ; It is not too', late for renders of the Courier News' to , vote. The tost of llnee ballots, was printed in yesterday's paper. Headers who have not yet. voted" may clip a ballot from Saturday's, Monday's or Tuesday's paper nnd send it in, ns the ]X>11 will not be closed for a few days. Fhcriir Hale Jackson said this afternoon that his office had been asked to make nn Investigation Into circumstances surrounding Hie death of Carl Hunt, young Big Lake levee guard, who wns found dead on the cast: levee of the lake, several miles' below the .... „.,..„« ^ouuiLiu,. u,, me urcn f , rl8ln ™ y I8 tjl ''"S e on ; Friday.! Scott decision referred to the su-1 ™ preuie court's nctlon as "extra JU-- request for an Investigation' dicial" and in conformity with -tlic : S as m " cic ' Jnckso " snid, by rela- -nmbilions" of a few thousand slnve' ,.*•„ wll ° stalc<1 lhe i' wc !' c "°'t holders.. ' i s!1| Isncd wilh explanations that It resolved that tlie Dred Scotti yo " ng Hll " t ' ni'Pnrciitly died of decision should not be considered! CX1>0 -'" I1C « r froze lo death.' binding on .the. nation., .. , . .i.,iil* •" Thc . '"^"y "In,. rcquesiiiig ; ..the Maverick Confidenl .""_ ''• P lobe ' ns ™^only -yesterday' or to-. Reti. Main-v Mnufi-u-i- tr\n,,< day, was expected to urove n Ml PuLlllutTluHI While the storm-driven" waves 'threatened to break - up the '''coastwise sicamcr, CoUonevn, 2G members of the crew nnd Capt. .Ebcihiml Slahlbauin slid to, shore nnd safety on a breeches buoy, as shown above. The buoy was rigged by coast guardsmen! The vessel wns Jr " rC " Rep. Maury.j Maverick jps'm., reV:)'.' coiiferr'ed,"witli- Rrcsident Roosevelt'today and told him thai he would, "win your fight Tor, judiciary reorganization because Ihe people are strong for 11." Maverick said the mail he is receiving, after .two ifation-wWe broadcasts supporting the plan, Is "running two to one for Hie president." At "first, Maverick said, his mail was tliree to one against Ihe pro- Lindberghs Forced Down By Sandstorm On Desert BAGHDAD. Irak!, Feb. 17 (UP) i -Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lind- • bergh. on a vacation night from! Cairo to Baghdad,, were reported' to have been forced down bv a desert sand storm today near Rut- tali Wells, on the edge of the desert, 250 miles west of Baghdad. They landed safely the report sni d. gotialing individual treaties based on the American-Fyench-Brltish treaty. ' ' ' ' . NEW YORK. Feb. 17. (UP)— BY BOB BURNS _< New York Cotton . . . — Railroad shares led the stock market higher today in nil increased volume of gains. The carrer group ranged to two points and many Designed to Consolidate Sentiment Behind Wholesale Whisky Bill LITTLE UOCK, Feb. 17.—Wet leaders in the house Hit's week took a direct slap at the liquor interests of the state when they allowed the Vcsey whisky repeal bill to'pass by a small majority. Observers watching tlie house's Mar. ... May ' i July .:. I heard a lecturer say one time I O ct that the only way lo fool people w lo keep your mouth shut. But I coiiid'vc gone him one better and told him that sometimes even that don'i work. NEW YORK, Feb. 17. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high Sow close 1252 12C2. 1253 1258 123C 124G 123C 1241 122(j 1253 1225 122G 1131 lltO 1180 1180 Dec ing 1181 1174 117; Jan 1178 1180 1173 1173 Spots closed steady at 1298, off 8. "ui HOIVI work. I Uncle Sanky went into town one \I\eW Ovlettll '.i\ with a wagon-load of water- _ '" ,, 1111 b ° y ' D11 -' N ™ ORLEA y 'ISd ^H^ 1 °°^ "F* " L . T ' I a fa "' volume o 8 ° ,'" t0 tIlC lhc market an<1 ,own, Un e s he «vs -TV. o Hardware Slor ."u 'lit" here 'and ORLEANS. Feb. 17. (UP)- of hedges came Into close was unto two points higher, open high low close ... .... .....^ ,.,„, w , lu; ,, Ulc wat er- onoii melons He says-NOW if anybc)dy Mar °£, 1 ' , 2 - 50 , co™*«l°"g, Jmt keep your monlli j May 231 035 j« m- ^ml^Vare"* 0 ' 1 ' 1 """ ° llt "° W J "'" - ::: - ! "' ^ ™ & ™ii,!,,.n. C- ...... . . I0cl H70 1184 1178 Well, while Uncle Sankv was gone, a couple of ladies came by und they asked Dillard how much the watermelons was. Dillard jat there and he ctidn't open his mouth. The lady says "Young man, I asked you how much tlie watermelons are." "And Dillard -still didn't say nothin'. This ladv turned lo her friend and soys "Hie poor boy must be awfully dumb," atid they went on. After white Uncle Sanky came back to Ihe wagon and he .says "Well, DU- Ijrd. how did you make out?" and Dillard says "Well. Paw, I - - •" ..— . .»<« HIO Dec 1185 1188 1183 1183 Jan H'84 1184 1182 H 8 2 Spots closed quiet at 1200 unchanged. Chicago Wheat open high low c.ose May 136 1-8 138 ?-8 134 1-2 133 il4 Jul lie 7-8 119 1-8 117 7-8 118 1-2 Chicago Corn I ••» 109 l"2 107 7*8 ifts ' 1-8 104 5-8 103 3-8 104 A T nnd T American Waterworks Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities S?rvlce Coca Cola General American Tank General E'ectric General Motors ....... International Harvester McKefson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Studebaker Texas Corp U S Smelting U S Steel '.'.'.' Warner Bros Zonlle j „ ullu umi.j i~»j.->i:i\ei:> W.UI.I11NS me IIOU>CS for the y2<ir. j action explained that such a move "9 was made to bring In the support of the Old Age Pension group so daj',. was 'oxfaclcd to prove a handicap* but'Tif) iii'vc'sTtgnlioif'-will be made. Hunt's body was buried in n cemetery nl or near Manila. However the body was held- nl an nnderlaker's morgue n't Manila for a number of days because high water made burial difficult and the body was interred only last week. Hunt's lifeless body was found by t searchers itfler a boat crew, bringing in guards on the levee at Ihe end of their duty period, in the early hours of (he morn- Ing, had failed to locate him nt his : post. 'He was found! some distance from his posl a'ndilt wns believed that lie ' Watl.J started walking dosii levee to report after missing the boat and apparently had died of exposure fiheriff Jackson said that Hunt's relatives were concerned about a mark on his head and that It was reported from one source that a physician, nfter examining •the body, snid Hunt died of a broken neck. Relatives expressed belief the mark or hole, said to have been found back of one ear, might have been made by a bullet! Farley Asks Extension of Air Mail Subsidies WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (UP) — suses n Lhal the wets could pass the ma i „£• ce I as been - " A two-year extension of govern mcnl "subsidies" to a Aged Libcial Wains Nip pon Against Compoti lion Willv Powers TOKYO, Feb. "17 (UP) — Yuklo Dznkl. aged liberal leader, declared in the diet today that Japan has neither Ihe population nor wealth to compete with such powers ns the United Slates, Britain, ..Soviet Russia or China, wilh their great resources and millions ,. . a population of Inhabitants. (Japan had about 70,000,000 persons nt the last census taken in 1D35. China's population Is roughly estimated nt 400,000.000. Populations of Ihe other powers O/aki mentioned are: United Stnles. 120,725,000; British Empire, approximately 450,000,000; Soviet, Russia, 147.000,000). Thc 79-year-old "god of constitutional politics." in nn address lasting nparly two hours, denounced the army's altitude in seeking lo control .Japan nnd mnke effective a "strong policy 1 ' toward China and the rest of the world. Three Fined $25 Each for Assault, Battery foimci Indiana Cpxeinot Roosevelt's Choice (01 High Comimssionei WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (UPV- Prcsldent Roosevelt today'•'•.nominated Paul V. McNult, former In- diann governor, lo lie ,- Supplementalv.. Bill Will 1 Be Adopted as Companion lo Bailey Pioposal III 11,1. HOCK, I cb 17 (IIP) . — Un> house of representallMi I li) a \iilo of *U lo i pissed CJov CM) 1 Millet's bill In refund $88,000,001) In ,sl:ili- Imiiils. UK linn- o|>|ioucnl wis Kep W. 11, Ablution of .Willie .'couii- k LITI LU HOCK reb n (up)— Eunloi ircndiicks Row ell of Pine. BliiIT todiu Intioduad Lt Gov. Hob Baileys companion mcastiiu lo Cov Cml R nutleys bond ie- fumllng bill In lhc semtc \vlillo lhc hmisp picpiicd to piss thu BOMIIOIS hill ihi<j aftcinoon 1'iiv.igc of the goicinoi s bill In lhc house this momlng, as scheduled undei (he compiomiw agicuncnl \\iis delavcd when fiep ( .)6'iii Hull of Cnnoll county mo\- cd lo dcfci riQtlon until Uuj senate had passed tin- companion minMn.' 'lhc motion failed (ill to 21 ilonilng the waj foi ncllon laid totlnj j, A(r''"niuil li itjCichrrl Unilu nn agreement, which biought peace between two shniu- ly dhlclcd factions, headed by the governor on one side and the- lieutenant govcinor on the oUir-i, bolh imagines v.111 be made' Ihio law Thc- lieutenant govcinoi will take both bills, following thr-li passage, to Ihe governor for his Dif-iiatuic Tne chief executive will sign lhc companion bill list the companion measure pio- vldes foi a ten-man board lo act upon refunding of $88,OM)000 of Mate highway bonds The bill •jllous the Bovcrnoi to pam.e the bond "-\irbjcct" (o 'the~conflrlria- "" tlon of the Donate IJiilc^ Pleiad t < t Governor Dalley, in a slito- ment, said that he niut Iho llciil- enani go\emor ueie in nicoid on Ihe original bill nnd ils companion measure 'I have lalkcd to Iho lieutenant governoi who assures me tint he Is In accord with Hie bill and lhc piocednre suggested,' Bailey declared \ i this afternoon ' .McNutt snid he would leave for ' ' new posl in ^ lhe compinlon b.ll governor to flom a month" after the United States;,' senate ncl.s on his nomination. ' ' McNutt will succeed Gov. Frank Murphy of Michigan, who null, last year to run for the Michigan I office. j Although McNutl'.s appointment Is nt Ihe pleasure of trie-president. McNutt intimated he might not serve during all of he nexl four years. '- " 1 - I ° *-"'"« i/m» mi: i mnu service hns been oronoswl to Smilh-Colcmnn-Blair liquor bill. 1 congress by "w-nstcr^ener^ Tlie S-ii-th-Coleman-BlB-r bill if! James A. Farley, It was leaned IlIK^P/l ll-ill n!nrn t>ln etntn I,. 11*~ i _ .. 7 ' "..,,111.11 Tliree Dell youths were fined ' or |$25 on charges of assault and bat*" tcry by Municipal Judge Doyle (ichdcrson this morning. They arc: Rufus Lyles, Lcstis ' Peterson and Btiforcl Vclvinclou recommendat on for A cnarge of co a mncMcA m inn ttntt* ti-Vinii . .._•.. . v ment of the date when the air mail service is lo be self- supporting was embodied in a letter to Chairman James M. Mead of the house posioffice committee. He also urged tightening of restrictions over air mnll contract- Livestock passed will place the slate in the t today business of selling liquor whole-' .sale to retail stores. 60 J-jl With the aid of the old age "'pension group, weU In Ihe house arc of the opinion that there will be little trouble in passing the new measure because of the rev•H 3-4 eiiue that it will produce. 12 Most of the liquor dealers operating in the suite had the Idea j that the Ve.sey bill could not be! 4 1-4. passed and refused to get exciled j Seven Holrl in Fatal 53 5-8U-hen their lobbies reported llialj Ve " nelQ ln ratal 72 3-41 [he measure was sure to pass. J StahHino- nf MnViilo 191-2J While some of the represcnla- ( OIaDDIn S Ol "N>Dlle ( . , ... _ 54 5-81 tivcs said that the bill was pass- ] MonT . „ ,. ~, ,. Mm ' villo. closed lo traffic, when ar- 88 1-Slcd I,, order that the Smith-Cole- L,^^' nAltlr ' ! eb ,', ! 7 , ( P P> ~' lefilecl ' 105 man-Blair bill might be assured „'?,?• , Ray ' Mob " c J0xcr ' nobort Powe "' ncsl '°' hns bcen ' of passage, others explained that * *^? , to <tra ' h c f rly tohday ! S tlrlr , gcd with '' ccklcss drivi "S an<1 Ihev had voted for the Vcsev , fi6 ' U '" " downtown beer | driving a car while intoxicated. measure because their church! l^' 01 ' Scve " |)Crson , s ' '^'"f"'8! He will be tried Friday, w .. m; lwo womcn wcrc lnx | or Arrest In 1 . weapon against Lyles was continued until Friday. They were convicted of attacking nnd beating n negro. Bond posted by R. T. Dobbs on n charge of overloading a truck was forfeited. A charge of oper- ntlng a truck without a permit wns docketed against Doblxs. Andy Darker was fined $10 on n charge of public drunkenness. H.iikcr was on duty ns a guard west of Blythc- people had Instructed them to. district one member of the High' v.aj Commission lhc picsiitait of the Arkansas Bankers' Association nnd-the state comptroller to serve confirmation, by the senate. The governor will be chairman of the board and the.eomplrolle'r will be secretary. A majority of Iho board, six members, .would be required to transact busi.n-ss All dulles set out in-the original bill r , . mines set, out. in-the original bill Independent Oil Jobber relating to refinancing and Innd- A»« 1 "U L ivii> n ! lln " ° r Lhe " Ctt tonds will be sub- A»« 1 »u L ivif) n ! ot Lne " Ctt bonds \\ill be sut Attacks Hot Ull Ban jecl to nppiovit by the board . . " House Voles Sales lax WASHINGTON. Feb. 17 (UP) — ] House opponents of the Uo per W. R. McCain.-.Springfield, Mo.,j cc " t sales ta\ bill by Seniloi representing Missouri IndependentJNOrlhcult of Fulton county, musl- Jobbers, today opened the atlack I e . re & sticngth enough je^tcrdiy of oil marketers on lhc Connally '° defeat the emergency clause "hot oil" bill before a senate fin- Defeat >of the chuse would pic- ance sub-committee. - |vent the acl from becom:-.ig : 'ef- Tlie senate group Is holding I Active until'90 days atier'lts nn- public hearings on a measure to pioval by tlie govcrtor Tlie bill make permanent the Connally acl, | passed bj i \olc of 81 to H, which prohibits Interstate iilenl of oil produced in viol of stale laws. ship-j but the emergency clause wasTe- latton jected 27 to Gl It required G7 [votes for adoption. McCain said that the Connally] Murraj of Dallas, volliiR with, net hns resulted In "monoiioly and (lhc majority, gave notice that lie |>rlcc.. fixing." , , would mo\c for reconsideration ot As a result of the Connally act the vote" by which it was re- profils nre goins; to producers arid jected transporters of oil s'erted. and markets I McCain BAST ST, LOUIS. Ill Ft 0 (UP)—Hogs: recelpls 8500 Top 10.30 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.25 Light weights 6.75-0.85 Bulk sows 9.40-9.75 Cattle: receipts 3,000 Slecrs 7.35-10.GO Slaughter steers (Nominal) 6.00-12.25 Mixed yearlings and heifers C.00-8.50 Slaughter heifers 550-1050 Beef cows 5.00-0.00 mll . Cutters nnd low cutters 3,60-4.60 water. 171 Favor Federal Aid for Flood Area Sanitation WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (UP) — The senate commerce committee connection with the slaying. I Police filed murder charges i •isalnst one man nnct one woman.] The others were held for disorderly conduct, Esther Barton, 23. nnd C.' colder Hayes, a seaman, were held on night vctcd today to favor nn admin istratlon approved bill permuting i sanitation and flooded areas. WEATHER : Arkansas — Occasional rains, j wanner in extreme cast, slightly In northwest portion to- - -- - — - o-«- Thursday partly cloudy, murder charges. Others In the sllpluly colder in west and central case accused the woman of slab-1 portions. -rns, bing Rayford over the heart with ', Memphis and vicinlly—Probably - '—-" "•" '"- ""-a n knife. She denied the crime.] occasionnl rains tonifiht and use of emergency relief funds for, Hayes had the knife In his pos- Thursday. Warmer tonieht. Some- famlation and health work in; session when police readied the-[ what colder Thursday afternoon. Ticks can live three years with The fight was said to have resulted when one group accused -•*,.-• - - *...^v jvwio nil.,- *;luvnl Wllrll OIIC ^lULIU HCCUSCO, ol " fcXKi; e ' ellt molltlls wlthout lllc otl ' cr °f "scabbing" In the i recent iiuirltime strike here, .server, , .The maximum temperature here yesterday was 18. -.minimum 28, partly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Morris, official wcalher ob-r Rep. Ivy w. Crawford of.Mis- jbut against the emergency clause I Under provisions of amendments attached lo the Northcutt tilV in the House, agricultural nnrt horticultural products, as long as they; , i remain in the hands of the pro.— .. (UPl —AJducer, and milk-will be .exempt nine-hour sit-down strike in tlin|.from, the tax. The net will ex- "Sit-Down" Wins Wage Increases DF.TROIT. Feb.' 17 assembly division of the Brlggs Manufacturing company's Mnck avenue body plant was ended early today with pay increases for nbout 500 workers. Although lernis of the settlement were not revealed by Ilic company, strike leaders snid they obtained a 40-hour week and pay increases of live cents ah hour over the raise granted by the «.^. ii«; IUKV sitmiiai o) uiu nuniry. -jne money will be dma- Urlggs management earlier in thelcd among the common school, ' • ' plrc automatically July i; 1330. Utilities -will be permitted to discontinue service if the consumer should refuse lo pay the tax. Merchants would be required to pay the tax on nil articles they buy' from their own. stores. It ihas bcen estimated that lhc lax..will produce between $5,000,OCO and S7,flM,oOg in revenues annually. The money will be dlyid- , we< *-' • ' (welfare, textbook, home e\em|>- - - - | ti ml Bn( i g e n era | property tax ic- Honeycombs six feet in length duclion. funds with the bulk of urc -not- uncommon on the Malay it going to the common schoola peninsula. ; . .; -.'.j -JiLi] and welfare »ork,

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