The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1934
Page 4
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i AGE FOUB THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NSW rax COURIEK NEWS DO., 0. R. BABCCXJB. a, w. OUNKB, Adrenum< Sole NtUooil Advertising .i Ariansas D»uiw, Inc., N;w fork, Pl))e««c, St. Loula, DallM, K»re»» city, H empiklf. Published Every Alteiuoon uccot Entered as second ul»M matter it Hie past cite at UiyUwvllle, Arkansas, under act ol CoagiMi, Oc^. tober 8, 1917. Served DV inn lliuua. SUBSCRIPTION HATBB Dy carrier In tne Oty or Iflyuic-vuio, llo ptr •veck or 16.60 per year In »d»anct. By mall within & radius of 50 rollei, 13.00 p«r ie«r, 11.50 for »ix months, 85o for Ujce month*; by uiall In postal rones two to «U, Inclualre, »6.50 per year, In zones seven &no tight, 110.00 ixr year, pay*ble la »dv»nc». German Equality in World Is Worth Risk Jor Peace CUM. ,l;in Smuts ol' SMI Ui AfrU'n Iws loiii,' IJWMI out' ul' tliu inosl ix'spoctwl men in the tirid'sli cinpiri;. Now lie comes I'orwnnl with ii .sujj^ustion Hint MiiKlil well win now resiled for him, tu wit: tliiil tliu Millions iry to insure pe.'ia; Ijy act ing ;i.s if lliuy ivmilwl peace, instead of stalking about willi bludgeons in Uieir hands. Geiiunil Smuts refers tu the (lurmun problem. What lie .says i.s wurlh quoting: "Tliei-e is only oiu; way to ruinuvu Hie inferiority complex tliat iw (iljscss- iiiK and iwisuniii); the mind and tliu very soul of Cieninmy; namely, recognize her complelu c(|iiiilily with her fellows. "l)u so freely, frankly, and without reserve. A re.soluto and deUiriniucd ell'url may yet wive the siliijtlion, brint; Clenmiiiy buck lo the disiivnuiiniml coiil'ci'unte and the League of Nations, and llms proliiibly lead to n substantial step forwjinl toward jigrcc ililisai'imi- ment." -, r *" • Gwiural Simit.-i ji] i( u>' no belter thiiu the next man. But he lias Uic good sense tu set: Hint IliLlerism, like the present leiiduiicy toward war, is in lai'su part a direct product of Llio repressions and inui|ii»lilius of tiie post-war treaties. ' H spfeto volumes Maul {lie .stupid way in which international politics have been conducted to find this simple 'idea, that trouble can be lessened t),v removing its causu, coming ns .such a surprise. Then; would he' some risks attached to this program, of course. To jjive Germany full equality with other nations would mean to punnil her to arm right up to the teeth, if s h u diose. A nation like France can hardly be blamed for looking on such a plan with grave anxiety. i -, » » , But the point to remember is that there are risks attached lo the existing policy, too. When every magazine, and almost every issue of your daily paper, carries new rumblings of the war that everybody fears, we can hardly boast that world peace is out of danger. Furthermore, 'it might be m-gued that preservation of peace is something that it is worth taking- risks to get. OUT OUR WAY Too nuiiiy policies arc purely negative. Here is biie Dial offers » straight- for- wiml, (lolinjle program. Risky? Undoubtedly. But isn't peace worth u few perils? Recovery Will Thwart Radicalism A Washington dispatch reports thai lui.sinu.SK find administration leaders are "moving toward a common front in an ull'ort to cash in i>n prc.scnl recovery gains as an answer to prospective left-wing drives in Congress." If llii.s ue true, it .simply indicates Unit business and administration lenders are showing excellent good sense. A great deal has been .said about the radicals who wilJ be nt larife in the next Congress, nnd a great deal more has heei^ said about the wild and woolly legislation they will try to put through. The thing to remember is Unit all this is a direct result of economic pressure. The one sure way of luuidi/ig oil' sudi radicalism is to Imslen recovery. Let unemployment approach the vanishing point and profit return in gootl measure, and tho threat ol' radical leg- wliilion will vanish ol' its own accord. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Business Man's Legacy 'I'lie lale William Lawrence Clements, Michigan manufacturer who died Uic other day, was a fine example ol the business man who uses his wealth for the benefit of his slate. Mr. Clements hud made a hobby of trucking down and buying original documents connected with the American Revolution. In j'jUJ! he gave his collection (o (ho University of Michigan, and from that lime until bw -death he added to it liberally. As a result, scholars who wish to' learn about thu Kevoliitioii go to Ann Arbor instead of tu London or or New York. So rich is Hie collection Hiiil it is still yielding tu research new discoveries about colonial life. For generations to come, historians will be indebted to this Michigan business man. Tlic linmnn .suedes is the only one where the mule dooai't do all the "slriillin(r, awing, mid n'cnrlng of finery. —liarl N. Kitrlz, president of newly-formed He-Man's Association. » * » Nations, like men. nuiy prefer lighting lo sliirvliiff. —Francis S. Say-re, nsslslaiit. iecrc- lury ot .slate. • • » Hants nrc nice places, to borrow money. -Cyrus S. Eaton, Cluvdnnd financier, ul Instill trial. * * * The food fortune of Misstsslnphuus Is ullrib- ntcd to the luct that [lie mighty fntlicr ot waters, Hie Mississippi River,' scixiralcs Mississippi from Unilsimiu. —Senator-elect, 'J'hcotlorc o Bilbo. X + * 'llii-s Is n difficult world, in whlcli we have to walk warily. — den. Juti C. Smuts. Bv Williams /IP HE EXTENDED CREDIT, HE'D HAVE A BIGGER RUSH THAN IF HE LOANED V EM PER NOTHIM 1 ' SOME PEOPLE ARE AVffUL IMDEPEMDENT-1 THEY DON'T WANT PER MOTHIM; IP THEY CA^ GBT EM ON TH' HUNDRED-'r NEAR PAVMEMT PLAM. MUST BE TO KEEP TROM LOANIN 1 TOOLS. SO CEMTS PER HOUR,AND NOT EVEN CREDIT, OR PAYMENT | jlg£GUiNCES By George Clark 'How much you think I make on that hamburger after you dump hair a bottle of catsup on if?" THIS CURIOUS.WORLD I William Ferguson "PRINCE DROPS," FORMED BV DROPPING, fAOLTEH GLASS INTO WATER. CAN BE STRUOC WITH A HAMMER. WITHOUT BEEAKING.. .. BUT |p ATI MY TIP OF THE TAIL IS BROKEN OFF, THE ENTIRE DROP PLIES I WTO POV/DELR. ^, AR.E , PHILIPWNE ISLANDS/ CONTRACTIONS OF QUESTO BORDO AND QUELI.O BEAMING THIS SIDE *.ND THAT £bE THE I'liillppincs, »-ith all Us lm fel . uu!s> lm „„ ym ^ Q]l|y bonl 114,000 square milts, which is the approximate area of Arizoii" Ho population of llic Pliillnpliics is ahmvst, 12 millions, iviuic Ari Oila is the lioine of only -135,000 |iei!soji.s. Right Posture, Diet, Regular Habits Prevent Constipation HY DII. MO11U1S Sit .slriiiulit-, Maud erect, l)iilk. foods, he u-Kiil;,r in your dated witli devr-lnpinciit of Dili's. Snnii'timiss accumulation i wiislt 1 matcriid. hy pressure —„„, ,i.. v , i> .ukti i\m i <i. liy its (oxit rh'ir'irff 1 !' n Here yon linvr the lovmnla fur j a'ssocinicil 'will, a normnl lUjjcsiloii iim | prevention! ulcers ul cui.isllpailon. Thoiv is ,„, nrnl The' p,,.s,n,-, ,„ <| ra ,mlm SATUKDAV, NOVKMBEH 17, The Clew 01 the KCNDRAKE HUGI.X II unit . rt'licn OIMHMIH SIOIUIl'V ,, I'UrlCJ- IOC !!.<• Mlriu" I, rmi'd A, a a lu.v iii,i:i3Ki-:i»; , , ,,i X, ••miHoT. sinsuv <; n , \rS. ',,,„"; frfinlnufnghii. ,o .„!,-. il,, ,„ „,„,, ",?","" "i*, 1 . 1 ,?" '"•«..n Bn , ;« ."« »ff.i r. ,.l IfllASK „, C.4TII.4V, "vnlilij ..... I or,i,,iiiir,,i. fnllmr ..... Hie arrcti or nn h,il> U ,,nr C|:,|, U |,,K co lie Cnih.-ij , ma iirivMiiiHuilcd (IT i. url Mllea JIAHV lllll'nosf * I'ln dn> (ollmvtoK H>.ni,.,,', •"••'.";. c»i''»» »<<•• ••' ,,.,f.,',,i,,i C.rln l.:,r,,. lli.nlfn I,,,,! vl.lcrd Ibr iiintriinciil or Al.l<:|.; i.oifl'n> l»r*--II7 unit titiciotilrtynl. f[,< ton- ''""'T,. AHft >»tiii KI-:NM;TII H)0.>B. op,. u .r. n, r ,,„,, „, , im . nit: .lldrdrn. .TIH| OICT t irt nrrrhinl Jius. III.A.VCIIH JMI.IIV"?,?; ."''».'" '.'"•''• CATIIAV nt,,l PA HI. ll.U.-JAK. .lo.rfllvr In !,„ ,,„„!„,. "W lici'n .,-nr<-!,ln u . |. l.u'lilrd lint rcfuura in inlk. «rlIT nri.l lllei-Kc'r en In ihr nn- '"•I whew M:ir» llrli;),-. ..... ., [i. Sn.lln Jlitruiry. I. ,|,,,. i UK. in IT fiini on.Mii.Bs i-'isiuiii. < :,ll.:,y> hnvy.T. Ilirre. I'he i:lrl IflU Kit-in .11:11 ilir miin >rl,« i m . yrr.1,111,1,.,1 Cull,,,, „„, rn-i-u J1A . I.OMCnnil ,1,,,, I,, fmnitnil, ,^,<.. liliuni'il I'HA.VK III.I.VS. (-.-;<],«,-, in M)iv en o.v WITH -run s'lonv CHAI'Tlill XXXIX f?lU\fl? nodded tn tlic lawyer. ^* "Yon lell him." lio said. 1'ishor turned. facing ISlcekc-r. "Ai [ho lime the check was cashed." no said, sneaking slowly nnd wllh gravo emphasis, "the plot, whatever it was. was about lo culminate- This man. Malonc, knew that Cathay <i-oufd noi Oc In a oosl- llou lo in.-iko any complaint, in oilier words, tic had anticipaltd tho death ot I'Vanlt U. Calhay. tn which event llie canceled cticclt with the forged signature would no found among His cffccls. rt check-up of confirm your surmises, and I do not wish la you cau, ton-over, ap- lireclale tlie Importance ot Betting n-au)j nilss ijjto custody and get- ling an Interview with Mrs. Olanclio Malone before Peter Malono is aulo to get In touch with her." "Don't you think," Griff asked, "thai Pclcr Maluuo lias done all that lio cares lo do; thai he Hat fully performed hla part In the scheuin ot Ihtngs and Is uow ready lo vanish?" "1 think." Fisher said, "he already has Eanlslie-d." "Your planr asked Orilf. "I think," Klsbcr saiil, "we should call upon Mis. Dlanehc Malone." "llo you." askeil llio crlmlaol- ^ 1st. "know anything about BO Usthcr Qrdiviiy or Alice Lorton, as llio casu may tic';" Kishcr scowled; "No." ho said. "Why!" "Only," Griff told him. "because ic Is mlsed lulo Uic CIIEC lu some way. That Is, iho woman Is uilied In Ihc Mordcn murder case. She and a mule companion tiy Die name of Kenneth Uoone wero lalten Into custody today Dy HIP police and are now being Interrogated. It Is possible thai she has already made sonio statements." "Von :onsldcr Hie murder ot Morden connected will, llio plan of this I'clcr MaloueV" Uic lawyer in(lulled. "1 think." Crin said, "there can not bo iho slightest doubt about It. Morden found cm something, fie was murdered because it was vital that ihls Information Morden hart acquired tie suppressed and tho con- c.isdcd (lie check had cshthlted _" ID ma newspaper, documentary evidence sliowms be '.'., T [|INI{ you'ro rl^lit" the at »•»« Uic rent F T -,-,,ik Cathay. Of! 1 ,,„.,.„„ _,,,, ... , ,' l ' course this mailer would no, come' c - lrB ' ,," "1": , "'" ' ll0 uo; ..P until months after Cathay's I"'',? '° -i , ' l ° n "°* ,! cnl l, •' 1 ]ii]>tclf 10 get side-tracked on Hie .,.„,' ,, i matter at Uij 3 M C ni e ur(]cr I lie aUornuyu re|)rcscntini; the After all. yoll , m]B , a , ]rall k ' Malouo cUilin. vMialover 113 uamro. Ihsivo been due to oilier causes, lu n'onlrl (lemanrl tint the cstato produce all document*- and vouchers nllich wcro In Ha iiosscsslon. Tiis canceled check could not liavo ueeti other words. It may t, 0 one ot those coincidences which happen In real life ami which aro so hatfling in an luvosligaior. for instance-. It Is destroyed because tt would have very possible thai this woman como Inlo llio possession ul the j Uathcr Ordway. actually had uo cstato Instead of the possession of: connection will, Uic Cailny case Cathay before his death. It would. whatever. Hut Dial Mordct, though! therefore, make an cxceilem dom- she Had some Information which onslralioii ol tho genuineness ol I would bo ot value, or Morden may Iho forged Bgaaturo." ,,avo merely scraped an acmialni* ,,,, A :'^'l 1 ; ,, a ?l . "°?h"' 15 ! ; "'«> »'"• "« "• « =ocia! way. Her cc-cdhiKly jealous. "llo may bate . .„„„„. .,,„„„, „,,,„. , murdered Mordon lu a in of tcal- Mii siiruiioo and 1 can suspecl bui| UU5y . and because Morden was l". "1 ivlsb ' t'islicr said. "1 uiy obligations to my client, tncu. prcvcul me from couimnnicat- Inp my suspicions or rny siirnlfses. U even goes so far as to seal my li|is upon facia, gave such facts m i believe I may communicate without detriment to my client." UIFF slarcd In li.vecl couccnlra- Q vy tion al the patterned carpet of ho said, "although tho hotel Iialhv.iy. "I think," he said slowly, "tliat I ECO what you have in mind." "f tun qulto sure-you do." Flidior said readily enough, "hul I cannot vcatigatfog ihi a Camay case. ..^ would nalurall; i\mp lo the con. clnsfon tiiat lie lost his lite because of tho case iia was Investigating. "No gentlemen, while f think that theory Is, perhaps. Round, 1 imrst refuse to bo misled by n_ f prefer to keep lo (lie main trail." Griff nodded, "t see your poiot." 3 said, "although I am not Inclined to agrco with ft," "Whether you agreo with It or not," Kishor said, "you must admit tho logic of rcfusitiK to be drawn from a hoc trail. Wo ore aow fn a position to run doyvu in splracy agalnsi Cathay, \y< brouglil homo lo Frank Bl grovo suspicion of having U( pllraied In Hie murder ol Calhay." 'You think It was a umr Griff tistel. "Beyond any doubt." "Oo on," (Jrlff said. "\Vo have." iho lawyer ivei "secured the address ot I) Malono and 1 say lo you r men Uiai ii is by no means In ulilo Mrs. Slalonc Is ttio ono Is to prolll by tho years ot aratiou which have beea ma Peter Malone: Dial It Is not cclvable that Maloue was prc to make It appear that in Lit tiny were ono and tho snin son. nnd that Mrs. Malooc marriage onco having been Hshcd. Is. l,, ! !ictj ,| lo 5un wifo ot t'rauk Calhay." J^I.KEKKIl-s eyes sparkled sudden underslandliig. "Good tieavcns!" tic said.. must be It! u,, t can lt llo]( j view of the lesllmoiiy ol young woman?" '! "That." Kishcr said, "rcraj IJD seen. BUI. of course, that 1 thing I am trying to do—lo I llils conspiracy. I tbluk. men, ft will be belter if 1 e o Mrs. Malono without having along. Tho Interests of ray tiro vitally Involved- I pledp to malic a complete dlsclosu vvlialcvcr 1 flm) out, After I lallicd wllh her you may ult licr. but I think you ivill a may be much more possible a complete slatonicnt from I talk wllh her nlone than ive an audience." Griff nodded. "Thai." lie "is fair enough." "Where." asked Hleckcr, set tn touch with r , m -,fi c have finished your luicrrlow Mrs. Malone?" "I would siiegcsl." Klslier "Hint you go (o Air. and wail there. I will lelel is soon as i lurb discovered Ihiiia of importance." "jMy oflice." tlriff snl I live, ll's a coiiiliinnlHii] of| c-lor't; apifrlniciu and ; (j||ico. yive you otic of my curds will assign lo yen an uii]lEte(| phone number. Whenever yo on this telephone I will kao? )ii aro UIG ono who Is spea He took n card from &l3j scribbled n telephone tho back ot It. uanded It lo ' lorney. "Now." saiil [fjsiicr. "wD'reL uicncing to get soliicwhcre."!=| Ito Jabbed h'ljg.pager agaji call biiitoti on tho side of •alor shaft, Tlio men rode down In 111 valor in silence. Kislior stro v»'.ird tho door. "I'll call you." he said, am| caught Iho eyo of tho d 'Taxi," ho called. (To lie Continued] f;rl[T iinilcrlnkc* a baalj i Ilic nc.\c iNHlnllmcnl and 1 nxliy't, Kccrt--f,ir7 rccoc >eTVHiicc of good posture, use of oods with sufficient hulk and with, slightly la.viilH'i: character, and isc of water (at least uijjlil uhus- a (Jn,v) are cllcetive h/gcuic res. -EslnblishmciiL of ;, • regular lime for cinptyiny the howel, develop - ncnl- of a will heed Millc- of ilarly call lo empty Uic bowel, and re- .ief from worry anti «lrain will all help lo overcome a tendency Lo infrequent bowel action. In addition you might try corrective exercises in bunding and Iking, and mat-saye of the abdomen, beginning witli Ihc hands al tlie right hip and massaging ijcntly across the abdomen down the left groin. This type of massage follows Ihc path of the colon. OUR BOARDING HO USE i.s hereby aiven that the undersigned toinmis.sioiv.-r. in com-1 ptiiincc willi tlie terms of u decree rendered by tlic Chancery Coin'; for Ihc Chickasnwba District of. Mississippi Couiuy, Mrfcatisas, on Uic 24Ui day of September, 10:i'i wliiTciii it. iu. aprinklc, el al «.-.« Plainlilf. and C. Ti. Uo'nr:. ct al, wore De- fciuliints., will .sell at public auction to the highest. ;>ml beat bidder, for cnsh, on u cictlit of thive i:i) months, at, tlic IronL door i>f the Court House, between Hie hours lircscribcd by law. in (he Oily of Blylhcvillc. Arkansas, on the 8tii day of December, 19:M. Ihc foliow- li)B real ustiitc. to-witi Lot Four n> in (lie Southwest Quarter of Section Thir- ty ISO). Township Fifteen North, Uangc Eight ID, Said sale will be had to , said decree in Ihc sum of si with 10 per cent interest! June 1st, 1931. Tho puicha.scr at said. sa| be returned to cxtcnlc IM>II approved security, to ECCII| jrayincnt of tl, c pnrcliasc and a lien will b c rclainc<| -salt! properly as addilioual . ily for [lie payment of snc| chase money. my hand and u| of Enid Court, on Ihis, III day of Nov., 031. R. L. OA1NES Commissioner in Ch| House, Mosra & flolmc.5 ( ' Atlys. Little Hock, Ark. lor liixiilivfv; or i;n|1w;(i<,«, I\\K iruimi-n. i.' moic. niKT you hndmi' ilc such uunornial Mimuli. . you'll lind it (lilUcuH t , ,v,,,, u ,,i. .- tl.em. wm , ColisUpalion i.s a .suniituiii. not.' bulky :i disuse, it is. Ihi-rrlorc. ncccs- -siiry. in liundlini; aiiv case i" IH'llOI.MlrN-. illlll shrplcSSII ill MIIIK; liiMancivs. dnr to of Hip hcnvcl in ;, ( t. Amo couunun i-i which this .symptom is n,,, subject of complaint, to tli'lrimjup (he di- i-ccl and prcdisixxsin- causes, correct tllCM-. illic) f,, |,.|,. nr t |,c .svill- Dlom. There HIT ailv»ratr.s of vjirious ol coii.stipalion .... . fiicloix as improper dirl. j insullitMcnt iiiiiiHinl of bulk. nwteriiil hc'ing in iiwlf a hliniHlus lo i ; ,,wel action. Uick ul Miiiicicnt fotKl mav fall m-liini. Sonic in- sliinjltl empty limes In :M ii-vr lyi>es ol liovccl si-st (hat the u .,, iUsclf al H' Ihrci hours. lloM-rvcr. n,,> V ;,st mnjor- Hy of!, Vi-l In ^!-l hums is a w ,u for llitet pco|)li'. Kailiin- ol llii- ii,] liowrl 1,1 1'inpiv j( ; ,, : i| in 21 (mure i ni)V (1 ,. -sympioui ol i-oinlipai TIUM- »llu iiilvoi-., aclivliy ...| Hir i-.,,-.i',-i tauw II lion a.s wllh a (hat once iiiciuTy rail- ,„ ,„• i;,,- s ,. , | C , 1S , , ltm . ,,,,s.itl..inl .1 to (jive ilu- ijou-rl ll.s stimulus. Whet, Hun- i.s iiLsulIiticnl water, Ihc material is <|i y ;UK | (ruled in amount. ' One of MM- nio:,t common cnus- I'.s of coii.sti|x,tion is failure to iTCOsniw iho call Mill, liiiliirr ((, action, once a dclinilc lime is developed and icfjulaily observed, tonslipaluin is i'\ccctiini;ly infre- , (Ilicnl. Ilinry ami woirv arc as- jiucuilnl willi liiilnic to ousrrvc Ihc li.ihititiil call and u vk-ions ciirl! is rieiclopctl. Autliuniif.s why v v(!iiiv Hi'- (w;-- Hire ill Hi,, tinman );,,{, ^ i]VC wy bclicit- ;i .•.ympio number , i ; , ussoualnl ,,,|, 01 - M ,|, )1IS l)i;i I. SIUE PK.UUC in- (.1 .seal nuiy Ijc a:^.tH si ilia (km lljiough vi'lop ))iopcilv nn])iiu: in yu'll 1 laled willi u>n- li'iluif lo dc- Ihc :'Uh>',jil!al (iiat c-hi'oiuc 'rmM'im,,'" 'I'" IJCt | Wllr " - vo " •'•'"'"' "'"' ""' ;!lltlu - allv »,-™ ,,,,i V ,' b "" mc " ucl1 '»• "> t,t ciecl will! the tu c ^1*2X1,? " 1C ,r ! ' PCi "' dim aml aWoiMEn well in. the ,.0- The"/ ',"?', "' """• tiumlllal "'"soles are linn? and! ratuiM Pte•«?,. r , Ve "' S "' Ul ' tllEir r '»'"'-M is renecled in Hi? •iiute'l'il M» , '"^ "' iicllvil - v »f muscles of Hie bowel*., cau-w L 1,1-. r"" 1 m 'l" l «i I'l-oni ilm analysis, covrcctlon I lion »nd (nTi , S llw.clvcula. !of the urciiiiaiy case of conslliw-) lion ?J ,,| in u, ? , ,, oy „„, ljn „,„.,,!,„ M , OV|U , ,„•,,„.., oijvll , l , s ^.! EGAB —-&UT TWt UPVSttP OF A "RACE HORSE IS /\ x "BIT Ey,PENS>lVE:—UM- OO&T ME TUW TAsSTE&T WILL BE "RUNNING INTO PEBT / HGLL KEEP H\S NOSE IM WELL KHCS WHEN HOWEVER, I W1LU T«,E(bA,\N THW SUFA fv HUNDRED-TOUD, WHEM fAV STEED OOfV\ES T)ASH)N& IN WITH SOME HALL.' WILL MISSINCb

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