The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
Page 6
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• PAGE- 8K Believes Eddie Knockout in Clinmp's New Yoik Debut IIV 1IARHV (5HAYSON Spoils Eilllor, NCA Si-rvld' NEW YORK—New Yottos wlio talked limimturcly d tmolhcr Flanley : Kflclii'l wlillp Iliolr llnny Balsnnio wns l)ollin« otiL n rare crl'ccllon of nsscrled vomullictls, Iwnulonntas, and JUKI plain bums, iT'plly will s'ep, n middleweight who may be compared with fronts•.of."(lie flntlorlni )MKl when Freddie Stfclc clpfends Mis 'world championship nsnliisl Kildlc linhc Fllsko .hi - u M'liwlnlnl 15-rnumt mulch nt (her Garden, Fob. 19. JUsko either'Is n hard Woke lr rollsfy or n mixture of .Ice Cirluim find Bnl Nelson when II comes lo .laklnif It, Steflo Klnicl: nisko with rvcryllilng but n tolem pnlo In winning n decision [n a non-titlf engagement before twlcn cli>mn!ii' thc : Syracuse' Pole nnd relieving him. of his r.rown In Seattle last July II Yet liore:Ls Kisko gUfil'ftntPCln 1 ' -fiteelc $25,000 for n crack at his old crown. Per!mps the former .sailor believes he still K In (he 1'iieet Sound country, where the bucks oITIcc mnnlc of Stecle nnd the (liu clmmplonshln bout In the liistoiv of 1 the P.iclfle ncuthwr.iL spelled a -$05.000 Bale. . The fact Is that Rlsko 'Is riKl Jng Slcelc In Manhattan- tills hip, however,' nnd his victory over Hulsamo, wlilch seemed lo .surprise so many nt the time, didn't miike '.Bronitwav Tom'l othor slovenly nnd dl.snppcliiltii!! starts on the part, of the up-state boy, Itlsko I'acfs l>elldt As Well As lie.itlny Those knowing boxing valuer TJisks Crown Harry Gravson J •> .: Freddie Steele gives Italic lilsko .\ chnncc lo lennln tlie middle- velyht championship In n 15-round nt Hie Clnrden, Feb. 19, Pays,! I is Way lo I h! best predict that Ihc show will do no more llirm $35.00!), of whic L Rlskp tnkes GO per cent find pays Steele Unless they'ie dead wiong, Rlslo inlglil just as well taVo out rm A,'A! U. card now. -He's fairly certain to lake ills licking on Feb >19 Sleele, n polished jaw-breaker. Is keen .lo .impress in-his bow In the big lown.. It is this observer's guess that if he does not knock out RLsko, the Tacomn Tapper will .leave little Tor the referee nml Judges lo decide 'Abe .Altcll wns cmitloiis auoul lackllns opponents \\lio were Cin- niarked. Steele looks like n college halfback nfler 12J piofes <>Ionn! bailies ire Is 24 iiojv and Jjh.s been al ft since he broke .Iii us'a IS jcii-old flyweight Staple h ov'erj Ihlng- ihcj tintl" \\rote about Balsamo niul then some He If "by fit Ihe fl'iesl leO-pouiylei since Mlclcj Walker He Is'blessed with sjicLd\ liatuls and feel lie blocks nnd Jilts like old-tlmcis Fearless :Freddie has revived lei in the inlddjen eights like it hasn't ,been .st°amed up since (he Walker-Ace HiitlMm setups '» » * Aposlall,- Krlcger i.osc -BUI Get Match • Sleele- caughl on because lie • gives /the /customers Ihe genuine limits furnished ' by the accomp- h'-hed Ifliler He brings out members .of,-(he'. Old Giiarrt who np- precinte leal cl somcone.-'beside or a fool-racer. Pearle.vs Freddie uns -such a big iLltractlon on' the coast that it might never nave been necessary lor h|m to; leave that section, lie made his first appearance' oir the lar. western slope when he again repelled Gorilla Jones In Milwaukee on New Year's Dav. Ovtr Riiko again, Sleele will ffltiare off with Paul Plrrone In one of those abo\)!-.Uie-\vel°l\' aflalrs in Philadelphia, March '2. Ills next title defense no doubt Trill be against the • .Mirvlvor of the meeting between tVeti Apos- loll and Solly. Krieger. who nre to pjay lo n packed New York Hippodrome. Feb. 17. AiKsloll dropped an official clc- clslon to Ken Overlin anil Teddy Yerosz was awarded one over Krieger, but the losers Uiggcd Ihe fighlers to ftghl. Eddie (Hate) Rlsko. who foriner- .y held it, guarantees 1'rcddle Slcelc $2fi,COO to defend (he world lCQ-)ioiitid title aunlnst him. Louis']\cxi Ai'tc Speaker Nntle Brown .thckles Joe'l.ouls In a r 10-rouiur .contest hi • Kansas City. Feb. lli. lie stayed .Iho .limit in Detroit two years n»o_. and demand a } tough mniitcr llouuly OlYcrril fnr Itlnles LITTLE tlOCK. Ark. (UP)' Comities in Arkansas iiiny pay 10 cents p;r. pair ror, the front paws of gop'icrs ' nnd' moles - Umu'r a measure J passed by (lie Arkansas Senate.' 'Proponents, of Ihe hill itnled that rtamnge lo crops-nec^s- sllated nn • orjaiilxrcl Iliihi on Ihe Wllh all Ihe _ harsh noLse. from N w Orleans an:l Billon Ruuse il mil phoney names, ruti-ouUs, and fakes, It Is obvious lint w'lint .laek Toinnu'C rwiulres Is u professional btiildiT-uplx-r. , Mik'j .lacalis, who has inarw lh:in n rwjtlns Inlcrcsl In Torrance, fhoulil |«[;c Prof. Billy . McC:irn'-'y rl hi niviiy. Professor A-lcCarney litis tm oui- more Imiiorlanl that Nail? lirown mi Ids ImnJs right now, niid buildini; a beak husthi'j cnso l'->r such a laiye, imporlunt. and strik- luic llgiiri' as Torrance would be- lislil down his n Isle. Ihe old iirofC'Ssqr would steer the hurler of tlic |U-|X>iiii(l sliot tJ wllhln giulllng (llstnncr: of Hie nrir? Important money In no tlmo ill all, and wltii :i modScinn of sfiua-Ak-i. nlsed eyebrows ,and obllone gl.un:- (s Tl seems strange that Jacobs didn't Ihlnk of Professor McCarncy In the llrst place, instead of sending Herb llimlie, tin; former llglll: svcl(,'ht, down wnilh to get tbe V,\n Bay-Window of Ihe. linymis In-all liuil. trouble. 'Taking u golden heavyweight prospect oti'the road and bringing him back ijhlwmcd while making steady progress Is a'real art and| 1 fine Hull no oilier manipulator of manlinii(Hi:i|: ever mustered dull? QS well as Professor McCurtiei'. The \ nrofes^r Is us .Mibtl'. 1 lis Ilro:lie has been, apparent. • i 1'rofessor MeCariuiy was inakint; bulky blukcs f.-j'.'m what they were nol' long 1 before he, humped Inlo the real-thin;; In Hie lamented Luther McCaTly. who wns.;llfted from a Ciliary r'.n'g to die on the Hires- hold of the championship. Hfltr-r Minds KiTiiKid/o . ; iMef.'aiiiiiy's Tiilriil Tlic brltcr minds ot the manly nrL of mnngllng mugs recosnli'.; Professor McCiirney's -|icenllar lal- enl. Jnck ICearns had Hie professor lino ui) the annnaled hn'^.s whc's-j. jiiltiny Jaws .(«ek Uiinixrcy used as ; . r door.s of iipiiortunlty. Jimmy-Bronson promptly encased Iho professor, when he slarte-tl lo pave Ihe way for Bob Martin/ Hie A.R.P. cliain]iioii. .. x Tex Hlcknj-d sent for... the pro- ressoi\wlfen"he wauled ^omelhlni; out o/, lh= ordinary made 'or Luis Angel. I'iriin, nnd again when Willnrd" •launched his comeback. Mas ' Schmclinj wasted plenty of lime nrouncl' New Vork until he slumbled inlo Hie able hands of the professor and his (hen part- ler, Joe. Jacobs.. ' •• Had not professor McCnrncy been 1( I up wllh schmehnij, Bill Duffy no doubt would have hired him when Prime Beef Camera. lirst wns unloaded on a lower Manhattan wharf. Camera's representatives on the Great 'American Sucker Turn- of O equalled Professor McCiirney's best record- 'for digging up ussoi-l- edsmnvn.sbaeks.'biit'y lell down Ijutly "where. Ihe- pibftssbr stands out. 'They were iis rii^lilcss us the professor Is 'geiitlc. " There would have beeli no Battle of Ihe Dlny towel with ' D'ombo Chevalier in Oakland. Calif., rcr nxniiipK', hifd Hie professor been In Camera's camp. All Vniiiig- IlenvywclBhls ItL-ijuirc Oiihlancc ... Professor McCarncy Is a genius at kseplnj young heavyweights out or danger. The professor Is a firm believer in llic rule that styles beat, lighters-: He cither knows his pro- tege's opixmenls or gives lliem a tVorough appraisal tieforc ncrcptlnc lliem. Bobbers aiitl weavers nnd Osccola J^esumcs Inlcv- rti|)lcd Basketball Season Tonig'hl OSCROLA, Ark, — The Osceola Senilnoles will resume their bas- l:el));ilj schedule tonight when Tyron«a i-omcs li'cru for two games; Juniors and seniors. Tlie Senilnoles, who arc defciid- liifi champions or Mississippi coun- ly. were showing promise > of a nini.l .successful season when .Iheir :x-h«lulc was. Interrupted liy Hie (l'-o-| In jHiuiary. Their last game was a Ihi'lUing ttillle here with' Hie Blylhcyillc Chicka.saws, running Inlo an cx- 1 I rn period lo give the. Scmlnoles a nnij-tmlni margin. Tills followed :i game Ihe week before ill lllytlic- vlllc In which the Chickasuws won l;y n two-point margin.' ; Tlie gninc tonight promises to be n lough lilt, with the .Tyroimi learn expected to bid strong for (lie district championship nils -.In mrs .1. )lr:idilnr!t year, since .Ihey'ore playing host i lo lliii district : ' '; ' | The Junior name begins nt'l'oo o'clock, with Uic senior game set for 7:45. Self-Service ill llnlcl MINNEAPOLIS. (DPI—Hill M'A son, n-tnivHinjr. man. \-e|x>i'tecl lie wns iii Sank Ri.»-,ids.' Minn., recently and saw the following sign in .1 hold there: "We nin't yot no night clerk; so find yourself a room and go lo hed. Sec yon in the morning." ivm-lil ,.. slinlylm; his seripl. vy«-fi,.:.! clumpion sinym; his seripl. . . ; j; e j,| libs very \i-f|| once tie ivaiius uj> lo his those loo fast afoot nre out, lie forages for .sizable loosnns who stand iip.'sliaJalit, where they can' be belted and who ma Principals In Boxing Explosion TUESDAY, Above Herb Brodle, wlwi with Jnck Phillips, left, in the picture (it lower right, was fined $300 afler Phillips confessed UuU he rail-out Coimly Must ,H(;\varo of Toiinicy Winning Lion Five MANfLA. Ark. —'Manila high school Lions triumphed njjnln over Hie week end. bringing their to- on ;i Tight with Jack Torrnnce, lower right, after nefelng to "Inke n dive." Upper lisht. pro:. j inotcr Alie Kalis being (|iie.stlotied r.t Louisiana ho.xini; camini.ssion Hearing which resulted in the lines, ive none loojlal winnings this season to four T Profp^sor-McCarncy is not-only 1 a satisfactory booklnjj'ngent. but the dnddy of sock salesmen. The professor can do niore with n brok- ciirdown and flercc-lf>nklnj> wrestler Ml lightliii! trunks Ulan any man .nllvc: If n show is a bit telo'.v pnr, he already has the trade lalk- i-d inlo 'Ic'lllng it down onsy. llnxlie can't be crlllclned for lak- iii(f Torrance along carefully: Jl was the chuusy.-wny lie wenl about'that 8ot him in the jnm. All fighter!!, --cspccinny hcavy- weighl,s>rc(mh'c easy guidance, at theioutsel. The object at first is to give them confldehcc. >rhon there Is the task of eslabllshlng a repi'i- lalion. ';. i Jess Willnrd was fed ninny n sucker. Deuipsey Ironed out Max !hc{ Knplan. a waiter, under dilTcrent names In .eight or nine towns en route to the big lime. S|:ols were picked for Gene Tiiimcy. The I rick Is lo leave the ciistoiu- m 1 ' sallslicii—and keep a jump ahend of Ihe, shcrlfl'. .. ; TOITIUICC, rind Jacobs had Iwsl eonsiilt Professor McCarn:>y. He's thoij- mati.-. Cliickasaivs Win. Qvcr Copter Cage Team, 34-7 Ulylhevllle's. . Chlckasiuv cagers derontcd Cooler's : high school cage Icen out of '.fifteen clashes. 1 nnd winning a to'umatne'nt. Coach Cmtiss' .chargef ilcfealcd Caraway ul Moiictte Sa'lnnlay nlyht. 38 to 34. winning Ihe an- nuiil Invltiilioa toumauient .sponsored by Ihe Monctte high school. It was their lli!rd : . game of Ihe iiflernoon 'and evening. Friday ijrienioon 1 tii'c Lions defeated Tni'mann in one of Hie hnrdesl foiialit uames of Ihe tournament. W to 21. ' i Saturday- artei'jioon 'lliey vvhip- ied tlie Greene 'County' five,' coached liy ."Buddy" Story, form"-' or 'mentor of Manila Lions, 33 to 12. Unler in ttie aflernoon Ihev played; .Mouettc high, winning this only one point, the score being 13 to 16. '' the nll-toiiniament selection Manila's crack forwards. "Ace" Williams unil Hill Sliockley were awarded positions on the mythical team. According lo reports received here the heavy Dlylhcville five. Csceoln. and Sliawnee are ' the teams in liiis i-ounty who'nppenr formlclabli- foes for Ihe Lions In the county tGcininincnt. i. Realty v Transfers Calherlne Jolmson lo J. W.-An- .der.son, one and u hnlf ncrcs-in ncrlhwcsl • (|iiarter of -northwest qunrtci- .of 3-i lo 1, last- nlRht. The- Chicks' had: 1111 easy lime nnd were far out in front almost from the stnrl. They .did" not seem lo show the effects of Iheir long enforced layoff 'ngnlnst the MIs- Tlic otter Ls (he most evpfil, of all nnimal nshcnncn. Rveii Ihe Heel liout nnd salmon | are no match for his skill. : north n. 35. .lown.shjp 15 !•• ranije. 12 east. • .'..-" O. Slionyo and wife to Cornelius Henderson, lol 12,-ljlpck I, iiolli- peter-siionyo addiiion' : to Blyllie- yille. i : . : ,. ;''. • V. J. Carter, ci F.'licclge, F. 13. Finch, trustees, ' Penlecoslnl Church of Clod ;of Blylhevilte ; to F. Johns, norlli Hnlf of lots I'and 2. block !>, liii'ig-iiddillon to Bly- Iheville. "''..,; ' . Spencer. Taken Likely To Be taken as Groom BRUCE. S. D! (UP)-Fneiids of Spencer Taken i that's his real name) believe he is tile matrimonial catch .of the decade. Taken has complete hope chest, including six-piece' quills, table and bed linens wllh crocheled borders, tailing, embroidering, doilied towels, cushions and buffet sets. he;'made them all himself. learned to walk on two legs. The 1 cat frequently outruns the neigh- DENVER (UP)—Because twopo- Jicemcn remembered that brass beds have hollow legs, a husband nnd - wife were fined S200 on charges-of violating the city'nar- cotic ordinance. The policemen found n cache of mnrijiiann inside the bedpost. Tile pair admitted selling marijuana cigarettes to students. Vnndcr Wyst said. Read Courier News \Vnni Adv Britain Guards Secret Of Siiper-Spced Bomber LONDON t'JP)—Bebiml nil elec- Irically opern'tcd door in a closely guarded'- workshop at the Bristol Aeroplane 'Company's huge plant nt. Piltoiy the world's fastest liomb'er; is being built. "The 'performnnce of the 'snper- specd bomber, whieh; it is claimed, will give -Britain supremacy in tile air in tht event of war, is known cnly to nn inner'circle at the Air Ministry. The fomparatlvcly slow- moving bomber which is so ensily attacked by high-speed fighters and which has been, a ..serious problem of air-war tactics will be willed out because of Ihe speed of Ihe new machine. U is believed. (iflO Pennies Buy License i PORT COLLINS. Col. 1U1')_ ] George Hardwlck paid for his 1937 auto license with COO pennies saved during Insl year an<l deposited in an ice cream container. When Kardwlck presented the container nt the county clerk's office, it was nearly full nnd weighed four ixninds. Cat Walk KAUKA.UNA, Forepaws Wis.. (UP)—Peter Vnnder Wyst owns a 9-month-o!d cat, Ti-ixie. that walks only on ils forepaws. Born with the ]iaw.s turned Play Billiards! Whcilrsome Kerrent'lon Moderately I'rlceiJ Blytheville Rtcreatibn Center 31(1 W. Main - Former nn of Bell's I'harniaey .'3AKNER AmjiTON MAHVIN CHAPPKI.L Wrecker Servire - Gas & OH OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center I'liones 777 - 810 nea(I.,CaM4er News. Want Ads Rpo'il 'CJurie'r' Want Ad«- •.,:. W A N:.'ri : E: I) - : Government Loan Cotton ! V. 'Phone] 107 - • . Arri-RBAUfti BROS. '•'-.', COTTON'CO. Bertl^' tllds. • : ', Blylheyille, Ark. tasty « is the favorite KL'SINKSS Ol'I'OHTUNITY Bue "16 improving DniHtions; one nf ibc lirg- >A. .manufacliircrs in Hie wcrld has 'decided lo grant Is salts' rranclilse lo some, uiilified person or company n the ftllowin* (o\vn: STREI,E,J\IO. IVrsoTXs to whom tins franchise will be granted miisl )e of high character and epulalion anil have available $6,00(1 or more on which lo orrfrale. There arc franchises ol (las kimi opcralhis and nnk- ing nioiiej for Iheir owners in nearly every town of any consequence in . the world. U )ou have monej to invest and the ability lo op- fralc !one of: the niosl outstanding and profitable businesses in aiiy community,-we la\-l(c your Invcstlrailon ' Wrilf Bo'C "II, 1 ' Courier News, Bljtheville, Ark. (jRACIOUS! CALL THE CHlLDREtsI OFF THOSE RUOS-THEY'LL s- BEAT HOLES (• DON'T , IN THEM!! r-f BLAME ME. k»-—-=— ~s I XOU FED _ _ • THEM THE PE? F t ROOUCIN<i MILKFROfv 1 RECKON ITS THE MILD/ SMOOTH FLAVOR THAT MAKES IT c E^PECIAUY POPULAR, : IT'S PACKED IN TIN TOO EASY TO HANDLE CRAIG'S- DAIRY RA. STAYS PUT IN THE-PAPER LIKE A MAN WANTilTTO.DRAWS SLOW. COOL.AND EASY ri.ARr.NCE C.EHRIS joyi"l! a IVincc Alliorl nill-vnur- o\vn cip^rvK.'. His rt-as,>n for nK I'. A.:"l K cl a l,,n t ;er. snioko with 'critiv I'rinco.All'i'rl." I ROLL 'EfA FROM SUN-UP TO SUN-DOWN AND THERE'S NEVER A'TONGUE-BITE' WITH PRINCE ALBERT LOADS UP HIS TRUCK— then lights up a. I'. A. n)ll-yo]ir-own. "i'rinte Alhorl rolls into n swfll <liiirker"n A follow can roll olt a say. 1 ! Tony (,rimes (atovf). A TEXAS COW PUNCHER, knsty MrCinly (n^>iv) is hnrvl 10 fool vvhfn i I conies to I In' rig lit "matin's." "Kinfflt 1 evcrdiii run across is Prince AllK'rt," ho C. H. VAUr.MAN (riylill frnni Kll y«-ar.H'rx^prii>nv-p i ing I'rincc Aibt-rl: "ll's f ss thai InVrs any ii out of I'.A." like our pure, rich milk K-st, and Its good for them lioaUhful nn Join Prince Albert Fans-Here's No-Risk Offer i t'nr.rf Albert. If yon J OUADB Quart 1'inl i... nuilcrniilk, Q\. \ RAW MII.K Iflc Roll yonrwH .10 jwcll linrsl. la^li^m rolt.yoi witll thr rpsl ol I R. j. Kfynol.1, Tnbjcco Co.. Winston-SjU,,,. N. C. THE NATIOHAL JOY SMOKE IN A PIPE THERE'S NO OTHER TOBACCO SO MILD, TASTY, AND COOL AS P. A.- , fine rall•your-o^vn CigR- r?tte« in every 2-oimce tin of Prince Albert For a real American drink.., this remarkably fine straight Bourbon whiskey is made up by Kentucky's old-time distillers and suits the American taste to perfection, No other whiskey is like it. It is "Double-Rich"! ^^ Ma^thyirld-tinir Krnturky Jiitillers., .ll»t ^ ^ C"".loldKni,,,,-kyv. 3 y^ wmof COPS. 1937, KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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