The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 7
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WEpNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16; BLYTtjEVrLLE (ARK.) CO NBW8 MGB *EVK» i tlye prii Titf INFORMATION ,te' pfr lli»c for. c- pne -V j>?r line... luo , . P*r 11 W! Pfr day ...08o wr J^per d>y ..Mo Six times per -line per day,'. ...05o J^qnth rate per line . .'. ...... 60c Cards of'Thanfa ".'.".'.. .5flo & 75c Ulnlmum Ads ordered for Hirec or six times and stopped expiration will be charged Jpr the num- •;r of tlijies the add appeared am Adjustment ol bill All classified ' Advertising copy submitted by perscii)s r^ldtOS fl\ 1 'side P? W)S . Ranted by cash. ; JRatefi iriay bp easily "computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irregula insertions lakes the'qpe time, rate No respon$bl}($y will b«' lakei for more lhan one iricorreet Insev tion of any classified ad. Directory HARRY BAILEES CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Price All Kinds Sea Food Fresh Crappie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARBtY BAILEY'S ilpely furnished 'hi<$n?.'g lie.8.1. ponyeijlent to b^th." pall 560. 'l5-Ck-3-15 furn|shpd steamheated Ijeo;- ropm.' feb3 W. M|fi)T(!J)f M2! '.^ " ' H-ck-3-14 llcply furnished b«Jrooi» wilU b^tji in private hojiic. 112 E vine. i'J-ck-n :ninfortaWf bcdroqm adjoining bath'."''Qcntlei)i»)V 0}ily.'713,' \V 1 ' plionc liOfirW. 1-<f\ ' J or 4 room furnished apartment rent rejasori^ble to u ------------ 465-W. 4Q A cres ! al )S- Require stock, feed ' tRQls. pi R. Garner, Arntorel. DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furntshfi' ajjartinpnls. Private baljis. cai 280. : " 26-ckrt Nicely 'furnished room entering In to bath. Itmersprliig mattress Will glye 3 meals a'day. Call 818 Ohickasawba. 25-da T (j Coinforlable bedroom In privai home. 115 East Kcnlucky. 22-ck-l 3 ropm furnished apartment. 10 Ay.' Kentucky. Phone 683. 13cjtl furn.lshed cojnfortable bedroqt $"Walnut. Plume" 351. 10-ck- : Phones 6-F-4 & 878 One coirjfortable bedrogm. pa Mrs, S. S. Sternberg, 984, Holly. ' 28-ck-2.-2 .\I;r C»al Is Black .But I Treat Voi) White. 1OOAL HA1JUNG __ Iqljn Bucbanjia ' Blythevillf, Ark. rhppc 10? Radio §ei'vioe: EXPERT RADIO SERVICE CpsipJplLe ^|nc Qf PARTS, TUBES, B'TERlEb Hardaway Appliance Co. HENRY WERNER Main & 51 h Phonp 23 120 A, ? iplle^ Wtit of K iuse It bafii. 3i A., clfured ash',' ." ' . |1600 ;' '' rii'?'" v~ ? 1*7 •* . , i~> ives, filo., \vas Isyia} o^t. ' •160 A. 9 inile^ |Sp. i}f BJyllieville. 40 ji. clcarecj $4fl Sf! ft ?4?!!' A; a fld . bari). cut- yer land. $3Q gn .A- I?W Jalai^cc like re|it, V '<!0fl A. Mp,, Sma|l •' CHILL TONIC l>m Mor^ QiiUjlrfe^R^oro Jr«jj pctjotOEsnat'i} TmUntpt (or MALAKI Al/ CHILI.8' 'and f FKVEH t l-EVEK-r AGUE VKVW it All Brty Dtog Bloni An^'po-t...'^.!?'.^ PWaMphi* tewfc '37 of hiutb'iil). Latin- it \vu.-. ihumjwl to 65 In 1 ! '(iliil Iliuilly !<>' <j6'.,. led. Is Ihi' dlstniw today •Amorifuii tori'i'^i} triuU> is Ki fatly Influenced by AmnkMii inovlrj,. KorUgn audiences ilo- ntiuu! dollies, fimillnrc lnJd t:':oitK. fie., seen In H(M8<» igi'l - llDUSCS Were lOI'l] '(IrtWll- 111 house- j . MEN OLD AT 4Q| OKI' Pkl>. Nu^'j ' Jupun Imports'a ^eat num bn' Cslrex Tonic Tnblcls cental" jot old tin cms from California It. law oyster invlgornlors nntl other stimulants. One doss starts IW|i. Value <1.00. Special prlco S3a. Cnll. write. Khby Jlros. Drug Storo •ccluiiHii ilieM- mill VdnauiilattUmts Ihi'in iniu .uiyiliiiiij from penny 20 A., a)) ''fif» l)lp. : .''>- . .' , )attly 3f}ia|l .-eijt, 40... 60. cjpaf'ed a). 1'ii.scoto.i '', |>ttyi!ie|it itiui & 1^0 sjcrcs eville Balajic'c lik 'it Pgrjageville. fiayrtient, ' •' •• 40 A. P|i gnjyel road | nillp from ^ar'iiia, Mp. q mopi 'liflusc iV 6arn. jcencci). Al), cleafet). 'fS5 ar| ficrc 1-4 casli'ai|d Vprpis oypr 10 ycais We have 'many bluer' fijn'ns • f'rojii 40 acres lo"20lH) acre's. ' R. M. BECK 103 Boulh Second, BlyllicvilK;, Ark - ' • ' ' '• ' •' ' For Sale S A V E . The - Top pf Yoijr. Furniture "' • ' \Vith 'qi'nss A|l dcsierjV cut & "finished. cAi|t) us Pljqiio 880 '' "jlV S. 2m Gpfld f)oorhi(; and lunibpr cheap. Mrs. Henry Heidnian. 15-pk r 22 S rponj Stucco Bjjiigatov/ at bat-gain. Newly 'finished'. 226 E. Da- Is. Owner changing location. Call Living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture. Stoves, phone. 912-J. Mrs. Belvie Morris jr. 'H-ck^S-S Burke Hardware fixtures lor sale Box "B", Courier News. H-ck-3-14 FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. I Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed' Coin—Milch. Cows Aiid Tractor "Work."Sec W. U Tale, Armorel, Ark. Leather fplder y.jth^ keys. Own- ef cap have s?ine by .paytag cost K of -'this ; ad. " x ••-' ' : ' ' • ' r ' Black feather key hflWtt ing one key. Owner, can" liave sarne by paying cost of this ad. Courier ^'evtt. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High .School.. Owner can have'same by paying cost of this aa. Room and Board CO Wanted "" "•- Wanl'e'd ' Expert Cook. No other need au|j;y • Mrs. Samue'l P. Norrls 810 W." Walnut' St. Apply'between 6'-aiid 7:30 p.m. Batteries BATTERY J. IJep Phono li »l 'l'o||i ji)ck:;on'H Hatchery Baby Chicks UBLIC' H ATOHINU: Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlievillc, Ark., H.W. 1 Norlb.'l'lioiic 7«; )yess Baptists Ship Frujl To Orphanage DYESS, Ark., Fcl), 12. — Uycss Japtisls shl))ncd 28 crates o( ciin- icd (;oo<ls to the Baptist Orphanage at Monllcoilo recenily. The donation iiieludcd canned vcge- ables, n)cals, fruits, mid potatoes •nid liad a vahmlion of over 128.01). Twpiity-six biishcls of corn was sold In Ilic Cplony,.nnd clicck for san\c sent to the orplian children, liie drive for contributions for (he hoine wiis led by Ihe Hev. liarysy Gray and Mis. ili\lt|i> Gpssien, spoiiior lor. hoine <!c!|loiislnit|oii elijte of t'hp Cplony,. It is csil)iiii|- ed ihnt ni'pi!|id 150 Baptist faniij" ics aij.t) ('(iQir fr|ei)ds cqi)lribi;tcd to liic oirer]tit r . WELDING ' BEST' SBftyfCR Barksdalc Mfg. Co, Al.l. 'I'niiC'KS CUAUAN TKKI) TO I'AHS STA'l'l' INSI'MCTION, Plionc 802 WANTED Ko. (Icjphjn diiring 1937 than In any - I'ciiv' of thp city's lilslory, accoril- h>B to n MiVW-by' Uio Ph|lade>"' ' or 13.65J ncr^oiui y,^ f e _,....„ lelicd. Tljp^c hid, j() asMsMd yalije _., ... ^_ 9r»F' iv. ,•' Co. 5C5 l'H|!Si'CHI|»T}ON lU.ioj jy 111 FARM LOANS 1500 anil UF l^)Kf!il 'rait*— lu^fsi rf|>c)iK Abo cllv imMitrtjp? DON H. KASStOUMAN ninnras Lnnd Co, QJIlce P. O. Uox 410, pho/ju 637. it rr All Auto Accessories re, |}cct y |jhi| cvt'i'ylhiiig ' (li«t>liiy I'M Piuihlt yfitj to HoJcctfonB of Cull !)«;> Tom Little Chevrolet Co. J. C. EVANS Box 601 BlyHwyllfa, Ark Iflstrlpt Mapucr 1IASU1.ION IHUbX 11INU Sponsored $y, IKiiiillloii OCpocllors Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 1 li.idlnj |I r jiiOs qf Bei \Vlibkcy, VVf»e, I And (,'oriiUI* IN riin,t,ii'.s CAS 1'All) a |)h. 25u iif ?l.lfl pft Utftitn 24 Hpur Serytce II.W. fil, I'lionc 17 Holland, Mo Hemorrhoids-Piles CURKD WITHOUT Now LofutciJ at ;01 ADDING MACHINE ^ TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIWAUPH, Propriety 411 niaVs of Itebijl|t Tjpenrtttrs, j^dillnit M»chln«i »nt ('jlculutors— Iti'imiriiiB— I'ar|s--Kitiliqii:i )Iete 10 volume set ot Slap d Reference -Books with loose leal binder. t;al{ 239 or T93. ." ............ IS-t^-fa Pair clean 4 year old iimre mules. Acclimate " Reasonable. Steam heated rpoin with board and Turrell. Reward. J. H. Seer 803 W. Ash, phone 15l". 12c'k3-12 man. Call. 947. U-plt-1^ Ferninine Athlete sum anil nllli lc»a dlscomrorl. and comUllDiis of mrvou |-ulud at uur clinic. foul nll|iicnls anil sWn cttnccrs trentci! and DBS. NIES & NIES ()s(cn|>t|l|ilo I'liysklanj !)* porciipincs two feet in length.. CQpp FUNERAL IfOME. 5MORTIW DLE.ACti PEACE MAKER: iu IM so Busy PATCHIWUP'OTHER PEOPLE'S i;2OU&LE BV GUM, 5IMCE CP.OVVW '' I AIM'T HADAMV _ •"i'WCUOHTTHIMGS WOUUD COME WEBEM'T FOR UMPA ,1 SUBE'W/bULDU'T PQ1W' _ «, Gene Bradbury, 210 rpjles south Rpseland. Jpncs,. m. 3, Srnithville, Ark. BOQTS AND HER pUIj{)IES UHE V 6O OM WWV.\E TO . . .viflfcffiV \Tfi4t CARt OF WtvA 6\RU ME AP ^Ht V fet|J|plA} 1 larpauliu between •Answer to previous Fuulc 1 3 Sun god. 14 Myself. 17 Lock 18 Guns. ; 20 Com plained. 23 To put. up ap ante. 24 Qirdlc. 25 Gbvernrncnl official. 2p Mpther. 27 She is a ta|l girl. , 3 2 Race end.' 34 To -bchaye. 36 Line of colop 38Hosliliiy to WASH TUBHS HOPS fr TAV\ AMP WHY, KEEP A> SECRET PROMTNkE. BEFORE-EXCEPT ONCE THAT VJ^S.ABOUT HIS PA^t'A 1 WHY HE WAS DISIK1HEWTED, AM' ABOUT THE GIRL HE ,ONCE ^A^CR.^ED. ,—- ft BOY, Mf.l BUS.WIMG UP WITH CUp.10Sl.Ty. 1 TH15) IS ^UMiPlN Rjfi IT'- ° !0 ' THAT GIRL; A.H''HM i BETCHA WES y\\u\ ; IN LOVE WTO HEPr-' HE'CAH't FOX "We, v : THO —?W GOIM' TO Hft HOKAETOWM 'XfJ':' SEE VJOT'S &OI 1 OM. ' ' 49 Cover. 50 Inlet, 5.1 Toward. title in 193S (pi). ' VERTICAL 5 z Honors. 3 Deduces. 4 folding bed. 5 Foe. 6Pr'i 39 Drone 40 Vulgar fellp^v duck. 44 Tatter. 47 20QO 4g]Roqf point covering. SORaiiroad. -01 Note in scale. 53 Form qf "a.'' 55 Like. 54 Tiny vcgc- -•able. 56 .She was chosen wonjan tennis player in ae children fied' 8Toex$l. 9 To ignore. 12 She was in the finals ill 1S37I ' 57 She was — of fhe national tennis BAST "J THATS A.S/LLY .^^••Ti V/ILL IT GO? ^ HOV/ SHOULD I ABOUT is HOW FAST.W't-L A CAR GO.y MUTTYj CDHS!DEBJ H^W FAST THE p/SfJQEBS COM-"*) V/ltL. IT FAST DRIVIMG OM AW ROAD. 1 ~i ALL THIS SS10V/ AMD iCE . IT D OSJ MAYrflELtp BOULEVARD.'/ BE DAhJGEROUS TO DRIVE A CAR FAST OVJ A HIGHWAY.' HORIZONTAL 1 Pictjireij Anierican , lenriis ace. ' 10 Soon. Il-Gpif:!)«vi.ce. 12 Bundle of 14 Musical note. 15 Before. ' " J 6 Conducted. 19 Small feans- •port /boat. 23 Instigates. 25 Hair took 28 Like.'' 29 Writing tools. 3l£t9F$ .""" 33 Morihdin dye. 3 3 40 to punish. « ' 43 English coin. 45 Ghastly. 46Grajied. 47 To : «;xchar)ge.

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