The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1955 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1955
Page 15
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MONOAT, OCTOBER K), I9M (ARK.)' COURIER NEWg FAGE FIFTEEN OUt BOAKPIH« HOUii — wrtfc M«i»f [ AAV WOgol V, HOOPL6,,' Wi ALMOST^ '..Flee ALAEMl AS Asl A PlSlMS PROJECT FOR. S0M6TIMS--H&H-HSM.'? I>JHEM VIE OLlT OF This HOUSE EAELY V«esl WE'iAVJ VOL) IfJS A LUNCH PAIL. l?5. BARTER PASSED OUT/ ARE you 4TILL ISl y,v s>HAt>rsroe Tuts MOR/J- IN6 r OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomi I SEEN VOU JUMP UP ON TH' FENCE ANf PRAfi OUT THAT KNITTIN' WHEN YOU SAW ME COMIN'-- WHAT'S. TH 1 IPES? THAT'S AM OLD SWEATER. SLEEVE AW' WORE OUT SOCKS--/ WHAT'S TH'6A£>T I TOLD YOU > B0*3, ONC6 •tou've HAP A BRUSH WITH TH' LAW-1MEAN A BAWLIN' OUT-- VOU'RE A MARKEP J MAM FER LIFE IW THISTOWM.' THIS PROVES '/TT7T , „ ^l.ll Bdew THICTY YEAR'S. TOO 5OONJ C-/KLS ARE BUSY COUN CASH ON HAHDf ^A/o < /La,vr, FOR. THIS IS-- -.--, THAT TlMB Of= TEAR A&AIM- TWIRP . SEASON/ TME ^jt>MAr4 REQUESTED ~lb PAY/ HAVE- FUN/ op«. 1965 b, NLA Stni REMCO electronic WALKIE TALKIE -A Real Two-Way Telephone System. No Batteries Needed. Ready to Operate. REMCO Official Dick Tracy WRIST RADIO Two- Way-Good Up to 1 Mile $3.98 REMCO INTER-COM SET $4.95 REMCO electronic RADIO STATION 98 REMCO Mobile RADIO LOUDSPEAKER. It is electronically controlled. '9'. s Use Our Lay-Away Plan, LAD & LASSIE TOY CENTER XXXIT DR. LUND was smiling a distant smile. "Your logic. Mr Lynch, is persuasive. It is true I could have.* 1 •Quite. Thank you for thai admission. Mr. Dibble?" Reg's handsome mouth twitched uneasily. "My turn? 'You, Mr. Dibble, in one particular, closely resemble M Sand. You love money. You wi do almost anything to get it" •Almost." "In the crucial hours this morning you had a unique advantage. You knew with fairly close approximation where the :hests were hidden. You possess A revolver which I can attest was in excellent working order. Your respect for the somewhat absurd carnival of human life is severely limited. For your vic- :im you had none at ali." "Quite!" said Dibble. Lynch was momentarly disconcerted. "Er, yes." Lfly Wyndam was silting next o me. I heard her say under her breath: "Hey, what about me?" "Mr. Souhani!" Lynch snapped. 'What is your role in this?" . The everlastingly smiling dark (man in :he dark plain suit did 'mil vary his expression. "I am—I was—an old friend ;of Heir BraunV Souhani said i levclly. "Or maybe I should have said, an associate. We have worked closely together at home. It was ou,r purpose to work together in the future. I came with him to give whatever assignee I could render." "You are not a German? Souhani hesitated n fraction of a -concl, then saw he couldn't gc: away with it. "No," he conceded. "Rut." T,yn"h por'sted, "you are of the same political persuasion?" Souhinf gravely nodded a sin- lie nod. "Yo« agree then," he said rapidly, "with the generally prevailing opinion that the late Josef Stalin was a butcher and a tyrant?" Souhani's well-disciplined fnce lost its habitual control. His eyes flickered. His lips parted to speak but no words came. "Thank you!" said • Lynch. "Manfred Braun, as we will call him, has been living in the Eastern Zone. We know that, for we have his papers. You, Mr. Sou- hani, are a SOT i e t official. Though not a Russian. It was never your plan that the gold hoard was to be used for its originally intended purpose. I suspect that Meer's 'Fuehrer,' in exchange for so handsome a payment, would be given appropriate powers and honors under the Communist regime." "What?" Mcer was shouting again. * * • "BE quiet," Lynch ordered. 'As a servant of the Cominform. however, Mr. Souhani, you had no intention of carrying out that After your two gullible Germans had led you to the chests you had no further use for them. You put the more troublesome of the two out of your way last night." "You would have to prove ;hflt, Mr. Lynch," Souhani said steadily. "I believe, though, Mr. Sou- nani, that you were confronted with a difficulty. This voyage originated in Bremen, in the British Zone of the German Federal Republic. It was Mr. Sand's ntention to return to the same port Neither the Occupation Authorities nor the Bonn government arc so lax that it would possible to transport two tons of gold safely behind the Iron Curtain. It was Incumbent on ye* to make some other arrangement Captnfn Carey!" Tbc renegade Irishman, hii big hands clamped on his knees, had been listening with such uneasy^ concentration the sudden pronouncement of his name made him audibly grunt. Lynch held out his hand. T asked you to bring some handcuffs with you. May I have them?" Carey fished in a hip pocket, brought out a pair of linked steel bracelets. "Carey, you are a wanted man back in England. For desertion, I suspect, from the Royal Navy. Am I to bike it, then, that you are a man without loyalties?" "You are not!" "Money, great sums of money," Lynch went on almost dreamily, "abolish in many men even the highest loyalties. But as you know, the'focus of these crimes, the gold itself, has now been put beyond your reach. The motive has been eliminated. I strongly advise you, Captain Carey, to make a fuH confession." Carey's jet black eyes seemed clouded over. His jaw was set in a rigid, bitter line. He was staring at the floor. "Very well and I wiRT • • * CAREY drew a deep breath and looked ofT into space. 'Mr. Souhani has thought to oribe me, mistakenly I will lardly need to say, by putting nto my hands 1000 sovereigns. In gold. There are as now in safe keeping in my cabin against such time, and soon it would lave been, Mr. Sand will well relieve, as I would in secret have ;urned them over to him with .he fullest explanation. This Russian had also sfiid that I would get in addition twice that sum when the chests were safely lUt ashore." "Where?" Lynch prompted. Carey shot him a final look of almost serpent hate. "In some ion in the East part of Germany. I was to take the Vittoria last our proper port, you sec. I had his faithful promise thai 10 one would come to harm," "Quile, Quite," said Lynch, 'Mr. Souhani's sovereigns will pay Mr. Sand nkely for bw lassage money.** (T* Be Continued) BILL WALKER HAWiS BEEN PRINKIN'PAWS CORN \SIN,'<100DTHINiS HE'S INSURED WITI W. L. WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Glcnco Bldj. Phone 3-4360 Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton B&CCoalCo. S. Hiwar 61 Thone 3-8612 "He's going to bawl me out once too often! My husband it only letting me work till we've got enough saved for a car, a house, a TV and a dishwasher!" IQ-IO "Co play follow-the-leader through someone else's cab? Jo Sell — To Buy^ REAL ESTATE TERRY PO-2-2381 Give Your Child Something Educational and Entertaining for Xmas, a set of Child World Rooks. Call 3-1152 for Demonstration. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored AU, H'OltK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 5Mi Cl. Like Avc. Pho. 3-690 IT'S THE CAR, EVELYN.' ITS ON FIRE/ NOW WASN'T \ THAT SWEET ) ~~/ -^-WALDO MUST BE THE PERFECT, HUSBAND £# AVSfl&T 5/£~ R.AT, OWLYftFEW HQU&£etOX£ ~HB CURTA/M /$ 7D&SE; Qfr -rH~ OP£3ft 7Q5C4... IP you /aee TO 5i IW MV PLft YOU MUST LOOK Llk'E . KJUMZIO SACCI/, INSISTEP OW WAILING TH& POSTWRDS FOR n> WRITTEN TO A FEW FKIEWD& BP\CK HOWE CM ft HLJMCH I FOLLOWED Hl,\\ D WATCHED THRU ft WIMPOW READ THEMi AMD JOTTED OEOOK 1 . \ DUNNO WHERE ^X "HUNG... «. . fft THIS TRAIL'S LEAPING ( USTEMfJ-fbo US.-.BUT ! WISH I ^ HADN'T MYA£i J^^Jr^ ^Sj*/.lO-IO --^~'~ ~"f*f^~. -•^#*&& __ j_-*:^g^»ai«jy BUT WE CAN'T GQJ LEAVE VOU_/YEH,CSQBJ YOU BEEN /BUT YOU CAN'T i HELP ME- NO i BODY CAN...LESSW i VWANTA GO GET TH'SUV WHO DONE IT FOR ,\ ONE WITH MUSTARD! Vpd'WL P»SOXW\.\V W6W. feomb *;> GVOWV" vwbswowos TOa. N>'\ ?>t "TOO M*!. *> vpo cwcfWiM w w;t ft R "WS. f WA. VOOWi ^OO'vyt W^VN '. \.SMlfcWOWSWS ,W\YA. GOOO W0«0

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