The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 18, 1932
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bv the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOftTKEA ST ABKANSAcTAND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI IIWIE EDITION VOL. XXIX—NO. 182 BlytheHlle Dally News, Blytuevllle Herald. Mississippi valley Leader. Blythevllie Courier. BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, OCTOBKK 18, 1OT2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JURY WILL GET PURYEAR CASE TONIGHT ISffil OFF JIG imp Starts Pre-F.lection Tour of liviiuuie Nv'estern and Border States. Senator Robinson Gels An Kari'ul EN ROUTE WITH ROOSEVELT. Oct. 18 (Ul'i—Oov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic presidential! nominee, left Albany at 9:35 A., M., today on the second ;najcr 1 tour of his campaign. Smiling broadly as a band struck up "Happy IJays", the governor addressed a few remarks lo n gioup o! students and llicn posed for pictures. He wore n top ccat but was bare headed. A driving rain was (ailing. "Rain Is lucky on nil second campaign trips", he said. He stalled !iis second major campaign trip today through middle west and border states, some already regarded as certain for Mm. He has scheduled appearances in lwel\e .states laving a com-1 blned .strength ct 115 electoral | votes. These states, plus six others i of tne solid south, would give him more than the necessary electoral college majority of 266 votes, i One cl the major events of.-the Possibly tour is expected the statement of his attitude toward the soldier bonus. r While his Republican opponents (allc of "turning the tide" Roosevelt is driving his campaign into new territory. He is even going Into the rock-ribbed Republican state of Pennsylvania tomorrow to speak at Pittsburgh. Cautious Democrats find it hard to bslleve tile party has a chance in .that =state but straw votes, private reports, and the disaftec- liGn-of-GoTernbr PiricKot' who-lias been in prolonged controversy with the Hcover administration over relief . have combined to encourage some of Governor Roosevelt's more enthusiastic supporters. ra .11 i Governor Franklin Roosevelt wns reminding Senato Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas of the Democratic party's prohibilio: repeal plonk when the two conferred as shown here ut Roosevelt' HySe Parx home. At any rate, Senator Robinson, outstanding drs told 'newspapermen that. Roosevelt's election lo the presidency i November would amount to a mandate on Congress to legalize bee at its short session in December. Great Britain to End Soviet Trade Agreement LONDON, Oct. 18. (UP)—Parliament reassembled today to ratify the Ottawa trade agreement presenting a united empire trade front against the world, and was informed almost immedlalcly the existing trade agreement with Soviet Russia would be cancelled. - J. H. Thomas, dominions secretary, informed Uie house of commons that Britain yesterday had given the Soviet charge d'affaires in-London the rcQuisite six months notice of denunciation of the agreement. The step was taken, he said, "to maintain the effectiveness of the Ottawa conference preference? against action of any foreign country which might stultify the interests of preference." Sleutii Solves Mystery ol' llu- Missing Creiunl Season's Total Above 70,000; Number Two Plant Is In Use. Receipts at the local ' plant of the Federal Compress and Warehouse company for the week ending last Friday were 12,292 bales of cotton, bringing the total for the season to 71,201, more than 20,000 bales above receipts for the season nt West Memphis. the second point in the state. Heavy recclnls, coupled with an unusually carry over from New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 18 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high Jow close Oct Dec Jan March May July 620 630 636 643 653 658 63S G40 651 660 667 615 618 624 633 642 652 M8 626 633 612 651 658 Spols closed at 635, unc'.ianged. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 18 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. open high low clost OCt 620 620 620 621 Dec 030 S35 617 632 Jan 635 630 622 637 March 645 649 632 045 May 652 659 641 656 July 664 666 650 664 Spots closed at 638, up 7, steady. Son-iii-U\v o{ Victim Tells o{ Shanty Boat Slaying Near ijoiner. CSCF.OliA. Ark., Oci. IK—"It is cither kill ar to killed. Vm 01 r/ it happened, but I'm not j crri-od nlKUt what will happen , V.ic-.uiEi- tlrctu wasn't any- i-lsi- I could do, nnd if I adn't :;ho! eld num Poster, he :ould have .shot me", Iloberl Ncl- on said In county jail here lust ilshl alter he g«vc himself up o" riliiTts lute yesterday nllcr- icon follf/viiiB the fiitnl shootlnx f hLs la-ytaV-old (alher-ta-law, . W. Fosler. ;il the tetter's shanty .oat home on the Mississippi rlv-' r near Joiner late Sunday after- Nelson, who lives wilh his wile about SCO yards up the river bank rcm Ills rallicr-lii-luw's shanty toal. said Foster sent word lo him Sundny morning by one of the boys that he wanted him lo go over on Island 37 and giilher ccrn. Nelson svnl word back thut he wouldn't work on Smuluy and thoughl no more about tlie matter until lute Sunday afternoon" when he went down to Ills father- in-law's iilace. Dirt Not K\p«l Quarrel "I didn't, know the old man was mad al me, or I wouldn't have gone down there", he said. When lie went up on the pore! Pester beynii cursing end abusing Him, he said, because lie hoc refused to work that day, and told him he was going to kill him. "He was slandlng inside the door and I was on the porch, vyhen lie reached up and got down Mi). iUl'1 --'I'lii' iiiyMery I'.ns been solvrrt. ljul Un 1 culprit ROCS ununnlhlu'il About 5 o'clock In lln- umrDlii',' j Ihi: mllkmnn leaves a rtally supply (if milk on Ihe iluorslrp -j[ th-' William N. Slonyci' hunir. Rut ih'.'rc tcsiin n series of tlH'li.s so iillkf and so refiular its Ui UITUIIK- mo- iiolunmi.'i. Tin- i'iii> would IM' !<iuii(l lylnu jlx'ilde (lie bottif. Tlic tattle ni-ver wns moved. About two inches ol cream from (hi 1 top iilwuys was mLssiiig. Sherlock or i'htlo V«Hte would h;ive itnlved at the i 'jli.llon by tca.sonlii|j ami Indiicliiin. lint blDii- ger a more pr.ulirul uiclliod. His nijiglilwr neross the street Is an early riser, nnd HtwiRM (joi him to keep an eye pjekd (or tin- lhk'1. Tin! spy's iJIUgpnrc rowaiil- l, and he wns able to Uia luiil llieft.'Hc stiw n crow walk ip lo the milk bottle, pull iilf thu cup, deposit It ncutly ue.sldc the Ai'"UH\niiiH!l Bciort^ U. S. r<i]i)iHissioncr at Jonrs- Keller Awarded $5,000 by Piiblicalion NKW VOliK. Oct. Hi (UP) ~ Kcll'.'i 1 today rrculyuil Ihn ' ' iclik-vuiiirnl In 1K3I. uv.iiitl !•: inadi! iiinimilly by r^l!.-; Kflli'r 'A:I'; hniiiireil for In ilio iiTo Illyllievlllr ini'ii. HiH'Mi'd in ilir Imt'tligdtlmi u-lilclt fol- Itnved I Ins piiwlni! of counliMlrll $10 bllhi heri 1 ' l-'i'hliiy. wi-iv iu In Jnin'sbcro Iwlny In l dy ul icu'iil dllici'iu mid nllicL-rji ili-cUnwl lo bi'i-;il: (Jit lillL'iice which has inurkcil tin 1'.Uon since the urrlvnl "1 .liihn' C. Munli, seen 1 ', service iilieiil, H Is bclli'vcil tin- irin Is lu IK' nvvnljiut'il bcluvir Unlluil H:alcs Commlssloui'i'. E. U Wi-:il- krcoic, Jr.. :it Joni'.slini'rj todny. 'I'lit- exuct lorjiuil tiliaiKt's to bi 1 IcclncU tlm lliit'L' men were r.ot lovcukil bi'loit! tliu pnrly led i ..'. y.-ui!. In (lit rausi 1 of ; iiili-:. i iiul Ihr doiif. • Miss lti'IU-i, \\Tuilinj a riid .".u\ ji'd li-jl l:iil, (KJSL'd ' for |il tniphrr:; uuiny limes Ix 1 !!)!'! 1 Li'hlni: Ihr inviiid from TlK'f •, n'kimrh, (lu- cilltor. »lllc, and consume the crcnm un- j ,'„ |llt . v . jlle „ ,„„,„,. t , (I ,.|, .11' his bonk no longer would rencli , m i|-niin; McLam Will_ Make Final Pica -for Death Sentence Urn Afternoon. MliMPfllfi, Oct. 18 (UP)— Sltm- by A. 1'iivytni 1 lodny hoard <Jo- fiiisi! cininspl attack the "cock anil bull story" or Will Jamison, tieiira, UK Putycui was defended T.'t hl:i I rial on charges he killed i he negro lo hide Ills hacking li; denlli of 1'iiryuar's wife .nnd dn lighter. A. li. Crullovjny, defense counsel. in Ills closiiijj iUguiMcnt dectareU tiuil .lamlMin "framed" the story i f teliie picked up downtown, taken lo tlio I'lii-ycnr home, ami then: killed. The negro's dying denial thai he Imckcd Mrs. puv- ,cai nnd INycar-old Aiircllii Purycar tu death caused Indictments lo lie rolimie'il against Puryeal-, Ihe tonic's conlcnls. The three men iurct>tcil «»'- luken lo Joni'Sboi u lire: A. U. Snyiler, need fcrmcT clniyiiuu, A, O. Wlivnl, uirpciUi'r mid properly .wni'i', nnd J. W. Campbell, Iwi 1 )IT. Pollcu urrcstcd Suyder uflcr clerks In ti sloro hi-re liiul given n general ilescvlpllon of ft imm who hud pnsiji'd one of the Memphis and M i s s o u n Visitors Expected at Medical Society Meeting Approximately 125 pliyslulans from northeast Arkansas and vls- ilcr.i from Memphis und southeast Missouri arc expected to nltend the meeting of the First Councilor District and Northeast Arkansas ijts shot gun from the rack over j Medical society here. Thursday. the door, I shot him", Nelson f -iThe two sessions will be held last year, have brought the stock on hand here to 69,515 boles, as cf last Friday,- and for • the first nne since i928 it lias been neces- ary .to put into .use the num- er two warehouse, the old Ark- fo Compress plant west of High- vay 61. Receipts for the state as a whole ast week were 30,654 bales, compared to 110.143 bales the same Motor Comnanv Tells Em- ployes President Has Averted Catastrophe. DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 18. (UP) —The reelection ot President Hoover was urged upon employes' at t£e Ford Motor company today lii a message posted upon the bulletin boards of the River Rouge plant. • "The Ford Motor company Is no', interested in partisan politics. We do not seek lo control any man's vote." the slatcincnt read. "We feel, however, the coming election Is, so important to Induslry and employment that our employes should know our views. "President- Hoover has overcome tr.s forces that almost destroyed Industry and employment. His efforts to start the country hack to work are beginning to show results. "We are convinced any break In Ms program would hurt Industry veek last season, according to . nnd employment. To prevent lime; he weekly compress report of i {rom g e m ng v.- 0 rse and lo help them he Arkansas Cotton Trade as- . to gct j^ttpr president Hoover must relation. Receipts for the state bc c ] ec t e d" 'or the season up to last Friday vere 443,531 bales, compared to rt . i .• •. nl _ J 355.250 to me same date last sea- Service Activity Planned Following are receipts for the week nnd for the season at leading Arkansas compress points: Last For tlie Week Season BKtheviile West Memphis Pine Blurt Little Rock Walnut Ridge Helena Hope Newport Marinnna Marked Tree Forrest City Texarkana Fort Smith Earle JoiiEsboro Leachville Rector by Local Legion Post Between fitly nnd sixty Missls- s , ppj colmtv veterans of Ihe world war attended last night's meet- inj of Dud Cason post, American 12,292 71.201 I Legion. 9,145 50,774 ! Dr. A. M. Washburn. command- 6.449 43.629 1 er . and E. C. Patlon, chairman 6,135 29,756 [ O f ihe service committee, told oi 5.450 23,190 ] p) n ns for making the post an ef- 3,848 15,177 \ fective agency for asslsllng dls- 3,501 23,426 1 ablcd service men and the famll- 3,213 15,648 tes of destitute veterans. Au Inlt- 2,ff09 12,769 lal appropriation of $50 was voted ' ' said. "One of Ihe bullets from niy gun hit the stock of his gun it dropped from his hands Ihe lloor. I picked it up and tcok it with me, for fear some of tlie boys would come to ihe ho'.ise and come afler me with it". Nelson said. He said .Foster's wife was 1" Cue kitchen, cooking supper, and that .the old -man's four boys were up on Ihe levee unloading a load of corn. He said there were no. witnesses to the shoot- In? but that the boys were near enoujli lo hear Foslcr tell him lie was going to kill him. Formerly of Gosneli , He made his way to Island 37, where he eluded officers Sunday hlglit and Monday morning. He aald he wauled to give up Sunday night, but was afraid lie would encounter some of the Foster boys, nnd that he wanted lo see L. P. Bowclen, on whose place he lives, before he went to jail During the funeral Monday afternoon, he came to Joiner nnd gave himself up to Deputy Sheriff Slayton and was placed In ]all here .ate yesterday. Nelson is a fisherman. His mo (her lives In the Gosnell community. He married Foster's daugli ter about 3 years ago, but ho lived near Joiner only n few mon ths. The Fosler family came here irom Alabama about 5 years ago. 'The old ninn came here lo get away from trouble in Alabama," ;lclson said, "He was rough' and McVay. Marlon, will 'The Common Cold' at the city auditorium nnd luncheon will be. served In the social rcom of tjic First Methodist church. '' • Among Ihe visitors will be Dr. B. 'McElroy. 1 Memphis, who will dtscires "Treatment of Anemias". Dr. L. C. ijjeak on ihd "The Basic Principles of In- 'anl Feeding" will be discussed >V Dr. E. R. Barretl, Joncsbcjo, 3r. J. H. Lamb, Paragould, will follow his lalk on "Tclanus" with a. case report. .-Officers of the group, which meets semi-annually, arc: Dr. J. C. Land, Walnut Rld?e, president; Dr. F. D. Sniilh, Iilyllicvllle, secre- lary-lrr-nsurer; Dr. W. M^ Majors, Pnrngould, councilor. The Mississippi County Medical coclety, which Is to be host, Is Uniting all physicians nnd their wives, or sweethearts, lo the meet Ing. The district Is composed of Clay, Crlller.den, Cralgheart, bills. Two of ttic false bills were loiDid on .Snyiler's t>ersan ivlicn he wns iirrcsted. Following Sny- ilcr'. 1 ; nrrest jwlJoe received Information which led tliem lo take Whcnl Into custody. Seiirchlni! his hoiia: Ihe.y found one of tlie Imitation bills In a grip. He lalc'r confessed to destroying more than S8CO In Ihe l:osu:». currency whei he hint received Information o Bnydcr's arrest. He tolrt otllccv lie hint ijulil .825 (or' euch hiiixlrcd d( liars In ((Ur.o; money Iju hjitl ob- lilfti'eil, which ' Imd niiiimiilifd lo about $000. The barber, Campbell, .vlluii' and Tlielma Brown Face Trial (or Murder and Shooting. OHCKObA, Ark., Ocl. ID.—Arthur j Ilromi, runner from ihe Mltl3 HU- o _.... :r i.ecllon of Ihe county, and Ills tt | lc , claimed lis killed Jamison af- vlfe, Mrs. 'I'liclinn Urown, were In- lluled by llic gviuid Jury lalo yts- p.vdiiy for U'.c tniii'iler of W. T. YOUIIK anil for .ihonllna wllli Intent o kill llinion. iii-oiulnou', •.oulli Ml5Slssl\i\il county farmer. I'lH'y will ba iirrnlKiicd todny v und Irled jii-cbnbly Thursday or -1VI- :lny. Mrs. Brown,' ivho ivns released under VI.5TO bond (allowing picllm- Imiry lienrlng lien. 1 lust Miiy. volun- (iirlly came in lo Jail here wlieu she Iwmd of tlie Itutlctmcnt. Ivltlcli of- tlccrs scrvoil 'on tier In jnll licrc last nlRht. Brown has been In JiiH since Ihe iilfruy. wlilcli occurred In front of his home on Lltllo River Curing an iirBimicnl wllh Har- fi' (In! Inller nllcgedly ascd his wltt 1 and daughter. Tli e Jury lhat lins heard Iho iiifiilonnl Irlul wns rajiccted ta iccclvc tlui. case teforc nlglit- W, Tyler MvClaln, wUoiney general, wns lo end Ihe (rial with arguments flint the jury should convict Piirycar ami sentence him to the (jlectrlc chnlr. Five Prisoners Flee Carolina Prison Farm CJAMP POLK, State Prison Farm, inlGlgn, N. 0., Oct. 18 (UP)— five . convicts from the prison Tinrton, shots Irom Brown's gun, when stepped bclween Ihe. .Iwp-.nicn. . ''Bnrloii, sliol'sefrrnJ'tiiiif.'i'lci Ikt Ihlghs nnd abdomen.''relurned (o who Jived In n liounc oVriicd' Ills home south of here three wacfcs . by WhciU, was arrested after he \ n ?Q WHS rcpwtwl lo Imvc piiriscd one of (he bills Rl n ilrng elori. Two men, .slo|i])lii]; at a , local hotel, were tnkeii Into custody enriy Sunday morning uy ucpuly sheriffs iictltig nt the rc(|iiest of the federal operative. They were held In (lie county Jail and reported to huvi' been released lo- tlny. Officers declined ID revcnl the connection or the men with I tie Investigation. Greene, Mississippi, Pcirisctl and Randolph counties. 2.685 7,158 2,546 11,165 2,191 22,431 2,042 20,182 Closing Stock Price? Receipts last week and for the season at Missouri compresses follow : CLOSING STOCKS cmfwy s A. T. nnd T 105 3-8 Anaconda Copper 10 1-8 Auburn 43 1-4 Caterpillar Tractor — 8 Chrysler (45-8 Cities Service 33-8 Coca Cola 931-2 Continental Baking 43-4 General Electric IS General Motors H 3-8 Mlddlewest TJtllllles .... 3-8 Montgomery Ward 125-8 New York Centra! 233-8 Packard J Radio Ccrp 7 5-i Simmons Beds S 3-4 Standard of N. J 29 1-2 Texas Corp U. S. Steel 13 1-2 37 3- 1,347 1.044 1,911 408 6,298 3.622 6,331 2,287 Carulhersville Haytl Maiden 6.322 37,511 2,959 13,962 D11 6,163 'or service work, and it was explained that the budget commit- ee would make as liberal allowance for service activities as post finances would permit. The stole supported Arkansas Service Bureau, nt Little Bock, was criticized by a number of members, who declared that it was of little if any benefit to the veterans of (he stale. The meetlr.s was followed by a lunch for wl-.lch, H. N. Sweareng- cr and R. H. Bennett, post members, contributed coftee and cream. .,verboarmg and has had troublo wllh more than one man before", he said. Nelson first said he hadn't seen :my of the Foster family since the tilling and laler admitted he had seen hLs wife. Tears came In Ills eyes when It was suggested that ,t would be hard en his wife to have lo choose between her husband and her father. "Yes. It's hard on me too, on everybody, but there wasn'l anything else I .could do", he said. Presbyterian Missionary Victim of China Bandits MUKDEN, Manchuria, Oct. IB (U BASSErrr . Art^Frlends of Miss Michigan Prison Plot Principals Sentenced JACKSON, Mich.. Oct. 18 (UP) —Four men and a woman who plotted the escape of two Inmates jf Michigan slate penitentiary were sentenced to terms In Michigan prisons today by Judge John Simp Young Wardell Connie Married at Tamil P)—Rev. Lloyd Henderson, 35, Seattle, Wash., a Presbyterian missionary, was killed yesterday wnen bandits attached a party of foreigners traveling with an escort of five Japanese soldiers. Two other Americans whose Identity was not learned returned with Henderson's body to Hsln- Delma Harrison and Robert Hll 1 were surmised when they eloped to Turrctt Friday altetncon and were married. The bride is » sophomore at Shawnee high school, Joiner, and k the youngest daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Slielt Harrison of Warden. The groom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C, Hill of Wardel!. Wanted for Mississippi Murder Is Still At Large. SENATOBfA, Mte.. Oct. 18 (UP) —PosMmen who arc known to have tilled four negroes today had /ibsn- doned then- grim hunt for Jesse Williams, negro who sliot to cleatli Deputy Sheriff Jeff Williams, bul oftlcers continued to search for tht negro. Although the hunted negro 1s tionn to have been wovmdcd in the right leg by a sholgun charge ac- Guards Are Strcn^lliened 111 Tnylorvillc as Word Comes of Plot. TAYLORVIU.E, in.. Oct. 17 (UP) —Virtual martial law was onforc- cd in the business section a! thlf strlte torn mining community today. Soldier guards \vere thrown nrounci business buildings and hotels. The guard around two stale milllln tarracks was doubled. rteporls of n plol to liomb tin soldiers barracks were rospanslbl (or the unusual precautions. Doubled sentries were placci about Uie two birr.icte, housin 500 national gimrdsmrn here, when Col. Robert Yv°. D.ivL 1 !. commnnd er, nnnmmccd he Inrt reports o( plot to bomb the troopers' quar tcrs. Davis snW n prominent Taylor vllle citizen had written telling hln of overhearing a conversation I SprlngficV.1 in which a plot I bomb Ihe barracks was discussed cldentally inflicted by his son. ho An allcmpl by assassins to sl& Fat Ansboury, leader of ll'.c Pro son. James Hall, nllas Overstrect, and Edward Cross, Inmates servlni terms for robbery, received si: to seven additional years for the! part in the plot. Two guards, Arcme French anc Kenneth Watson, Here wntencei lo 18 months »nd one to seven years respectively In the pen"* 1 '- llary where they formerly worked. Judge Simpson sentenced Mrs. Agnes Schconmalccr, Mlnn««polls, Hall's sweetheart, to two and one- half to seven years in the Detroit house of correction, apparently had completely covered Ills iracfc. Wenry officers attempted to pick up his trail near the Arkabutla csiial three miles from here. In their search for Jess Williams possemen killed Judge Crawford negro, and his two sons and hl= when they reporteily resisted efforts of the posse to enter ttieir home. Annie Crawford. wite of Judge Cr&wtord, also was wounded. Unconfirmed reports said three other negroes wcrs slain or wounded by the posse. grcsslvc Mln?rs of America, v: announced by Jerry Allird, edlto of the Progressive union's newspa per. This newly formed union seeking to hall work nt two body Coal company Christian county. mines 1 Hie • Memphis hospital l:ero he had fccon since the slioat- ig. He Is walking on cr«tcli?i> nnd (is unable yeslordny to climb the onrt house steps (o nppear before lo grand jury, so the jury ad- to a nearby dentist's olTiiio llic ground lloor, where they curd his testimony. Mrs, Brown, charged Jointly wltn er liusbnml with the murder and •snnlt, ts alleged to have buiiuht er hu.ttond's giin from (fie IIOIK-' ito l\:c road to him during Hi; vi'Kli Barton. ton over ownership of a hay F k £'» £g ^ l^LT^n ' \ Young, companion and friend cf ^.^hT'inanhn^l^W.r a ! arum, was family, wounded by . v , -. _,,,,.,.,,., . ' . ; break last midnight. The delivery was revealed shortly teforfj noon o.toil'ny by . prison olllcliils. 31x ccnvlcls knocked a hole In the \pall of ceil block number throe will ctcn|X;il across .the camp rcof, sliding down a., gutter lo- the ground. Shortly, a/torxard the tugltlvcs were discovered by y. posse ami 1 , three of them wounded, five of Ihem" escaped and one wrciidered. • •' ' French Pilot Abandons ^Attempt to Set Record MARSEILLES, France, Oct; IB. (UP) — Jean Marmot;, veteran French airmail pilot, abandoned nn attempt (o fly non-stop to Buenos Aires nml break the distance record of John Poglando and RUsselt Boanlmiui, after bslng aloft eight minutes today. Mermoz said he would attempt the flight next monlh. The grand Jury relumed a lolnl f 15 true bills before adjournmcnl cstcrday nlternoon. Major P. I 1 , tieobs of Ciritlcr is forcmnn of Iho ury. An echo from (Jrllleiulen couii- y's political batHc ground was :card lu circuit court here y-ssMr- lay. with the trial on n change of 'cnue, of Den McLaln, charger! vllh disturbing tl'c iwaco and rc- •>islintt .in outer nl West nlack OA lug precinct In that comity on election day last August. KINGSTON, Ont, Oct. 18. (UP), The jury foumt him guilty of dls- —Troops stood guard outside Can- lurbing ttie pcaco and fined him aila's largest penitentiary today fol- i and costs, but ncriultled him of the charge or resisting an officer, when It was shown Hat tic held nn officer's commission himself. Troops Guard Canada Prison Following Riot Rev. Sutherland Will Preach Here Tonight The Rev. Grovor Sulhcrland. naslor ff the Yarliro nnd Promise:! Land Methodist churches, will dc- 'ivcr a sermon al the Lake Slreet MethodLst church tonight at 7:30 o'clock. There will be a special old lime musical program. Tlie public is Invited to attend. HOUOHTON, Mich. (UP) -For the first time in 80 years, Isle Roy«it, in Lake Superior, h&s a school teacher. Mrs. Dorolhy Pelerman, Cilumet, Mich., will spend the winter Isolated on the Island, teaching lh« five children of Holder Johnson, commercial fisherman. Six families are wintering, on the island, this yenr. • September Exports Above Previous Mont WASHINGTON, Oct. IS. (UP)— A $23.000,000 Increase In United States exports during September was reported Icday by the commerce department, This Is the largest monthly Increase lo be, shown this year. It was ascribed largely lo heavy foreign sales of cotton. American purchases oT foreign goods Increased J7,000,000. They totaled $98,000.000 for the month. Totnl United States ex|»rts were reported at $132.000.000 us comyitir- cd with $109.000.000 In August and $180,000,000 In September, 1031, This Ad Sold a Car at small cost to the owner who listed his machine In the Courier News want ad column- Here's the Ad— FOR SALE-One Chevrolet sedan. 1530 model. In A-1 condition, Just ccmplelely overhauled, new pistons, new rings, good lives. $275, Ml cash. If you have something to sell it will pay you to call 306 and ask for the CLASSIFIED AD TAKER i largest penitentiary today lowing a three hour riot of 800 cofl- vlcts. unofficially reported subdued without less of life. Prompt action of guards, reen- forced by 200 men ot the Royal Canadian horse 'artillery, stationed here, probably averted a serious battle within the prison walls. The artillery men, mounted 'and armed wllli sabres anl bayoneted. rifles, galloped Into lho prison 'enclosure just as the riol reached Its nolgtit. Gunfire was heard. T;:e convicts apparently had obtained arms.' Bondholders Wii5 Get Atlanta Baseball Club ATLANTA, Ga.. Oct. 18. (UP)— The Atlanta Journal said today that the directors of the Atlanta Crack- ors baseball team in the Southern association have agreed to surrender the club to bondholders. The Coca Cola company was represented as holding a S300.0SO first mortgage on the club franchise and property. Incorporated In 1930: for $600.000. The club, the newspaper SaW, lost more than $70,000 in operations during 1932. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fafr to. Wednesday partly cloudy and colder in northwest portion. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr.; th« minimum ternpjralure here yesterday was 66 degrees and the maxl- , mum 69 degrees, clear. TocUy. a 1 year ago the minimum ttinpcMinrc wns 44 degrees and the maximum 76 degrees, cleir.

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