The Times from Munster, Indiana on June 20, 1938 · 3
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 3

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1938
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Monday. June 20. 1938. THE HAMMOND TIMES TrWa c PBEiSY MAYOR FACES CHARGE OF EXTORTION Johnsfcwn Official, CIO Fee, Is Also Held for irifiery Ey 3. ROBERT RHL'BERT (United Prrst Staff Correspondent) JOII.VHTOWJX, F.. June 20 Mayor Daniel J. Shields, Johnstown' vigorous chief executive who reached a serslth of his stormy career In hl spectacular fight against the forces of the Committee for Industrial Organization, today appears before a magistrate to answer charges of bribery, extortion and malfeasance. Hearing on the charges before Alderman J. Avin Reese was postponed several times ta permit Mayor Bhle'ds to prepare a "full defense. The mayor hopes to have the charges dismissed In the o,uire's court and thereby escape grand jury consideration. The charges are the outgrowth of the mayor's alleged activities in breaking the steel workers organizing- committee's picket lines, hich last June surrounded Beth-(7)hem Stcl corporation's Cambria tant here. He is charged with "extorting, receiving and taking under the color of his office certain fees . . . not being allowed by an act of assembly," Charged With Strike Fund onieius is auegeri to nave re celved from officials of Bethlehem Eteel Corp., $36,449.50 during th strike. The charge is based upon evidence gathered at hearings be fore the national labor relations board and La Follette civil liberties committee and by Cambria county detectives. Co-defendant with Mayor Shields Is Johnstown Councilman Fulton I. Connor, one-time treasurer o the Johnstown citizens' committee, which conducted a nationwide drive for funds to "preserve law and order during the strike. Con nor Is charged with participating " in the alleged illegal transaction between the mayor and Bethlehem Steel, handling $25,000 of the al leged bribe money. Shields has denied the charges. ,1 am anxious to have the Issue brotieht out. to end the assasslna tion I've endured. You're not go ing to be ashamed of the man you made mayor In 1S35, he told i - group of Johnstown citizens gath crcd at a banquet where the war r-nt was served on him several v rck3 ago. If, was the second time Mayor .ic.'H raced bribery charges. A ffral investigation of a large rc-.vrry ' racket ' In the Johnstown jUtrlot during the prohibition era "fc filled in Shields conviction In IfCd of conspiracy to violate the liquor laws and of bribing a fed eral officer. - Served t-Year Term While the conspiracy case was before appellate courts, Shields servea a two-year sentence in a reformatory on the bribery charge. Granted a re-trial on the con spiracy charge, he was again con victed and fined $2,000. President Herbert Hoover Inter vened in Shields' behalf and com muted the fine to $1,000. which Shields paid. Later, a second presi dent Intervened In his behalf. President Franklin D. Roosevelt granted him full pardon for his convictions in 1935 so that he might assume the office of mayor. He was sworn in as mayor In a thvatre so that hundreds of his admirers might witness the ceremonies. A second theatre was filled to overflowing to hear the ceremonies over a public address system. When Johnstown was flooded in March. 1936, Shields rose as a prominent, figure, appealing to the nation for aid. Gov. George H. Earl of Pennsylvania declared seml-martlal law In the city and placed national guard troops at the mayor's disposal. During last year's strike, Gov. Karla again declared semi-martial fj-iw. But this tlm state police wit to the city to disarm the 300 so-called vigilantes Shields had sworn In as special police and to close tha Bethlehem Steel plant over the mayor's strenuous protest. w eo!,:b' giyebted BY EHITiSH MILITARY Mill LONDON. U.P. W 1th the millions of dart players of Great Britain in mind. Maurice Darling, former army officer, has Invented something new in hand grenades the dart bomb. Darling says that he has submitted to the war office a tiny hand grenade in the form of a dart, but filled with high explosives. "The dart bomb should revolutionize close warfare," he said. "On a big scale they could be made at a cost of only fourpence each. "When an enemy soldier is about SO or 40 feet "away, a man with, a good aim. such as the many dart players of this country, could draw the pin and throw the explosive dart As soon as the point makes contact it will set off the explosive." lJ U 4isJ SYSTEM SfJTlSTS see us X-Rays, Fill in ja. Crowns. EHdges, ete . . . Yon Will Be Clad to Recommend Us to Your Friends DENTAL PLATES At Prices Yaw Can Afford to Pay 5245 HOHMAN AVENUE HAMMOND. IND Merraatile Bank Eld.. Sacond Floot Gjwt Datiy 9 A. M. to t f M PHONE HAMMOND 10145 STARS ON PARADE RADIO Annette Kingg J 14 Y t - I ) - . J y Vw 4 ' 1 ': y I r-v k ' 1 ; ; B a h This pretty young brunet Is Annette King whose voice is well known to millions of radio listeners. She is a contralto solist on two NBC programs and lives in Aurora, 111. Since she has a varied schedule and broadcasts from Chicago, Miss King is a commuter at all hours. RADIO PROGRAM MONDAY. IVVZ 14 1:09 P. M. Wfi.V Dili Annuu. WMAQ 1-a 'time Varictira. W'KMt NclKlitwr Nrll. WAf Kliiiuib Jtat, ' HUM Truth Inning. W'fKI, T.,, Hntlir. WJJI) StorotxiHnl. 14 WC.N Tlirra ,rm.. WAAr-Kij Artiirn. W M Mi Mllliourt in. W HII'-Klyhia I..MOU1, W 'KR Mnl; i tr.-l. WJ.II -Mii.ic I'arndf. WBliM iat ltiaiit. 4:30 P. K. WC N ilrom lium ra. W M A Q Your fr'a m I l.v . VliiK JutinniR J nil union. 4:4i P. K. WN Artncbalr McIoiIim. WMAQ Kottianr ami Klirthm. V.f Atj M id.l It'iimn a nrcbrttra. i 00 P. M. WfiV Our Suniia. WKHMSlllitr.r Mio. W M AQ lilt ln Hlainr. WKNR ( liillrit Morira, WAAr Ha Ion Conrrrt. WfKI, Itojroiid Ihr llorltnn. Uollfwmwl Prrvttlra. 1 P. H. WON rrnumbra. WMA( Mrl..e an1 I.yoo. V BBit Chli n limir, 30 P. M. WOV I.a.llra. AVMAQ llaliitv'a ofhrstra. VOI, tthailow s tit. ft IIBM i hli asf. hour. : P. M, WOVOrUn Annl... V M AQ K h t htti n I rt . V'J J It ;arwoil Vau'i nrrhaatra. V Kfj Jark Krllj ' nri-bratra. VliHM l.nm anl Ahnrr, V 1MJ Liatra tn Vournrlf. 00 P. M. wov-rm'". VMM Jnl.n Hnrrhigtnn. V'IN'lk 4;rrttian ttottr, V M A J lott Wlml.iw. 14 P. X. V ';v H.i,l,T t lark. V'FR Itimlnrti Itiirraa. Vt'FI, Tunr Ttaar. V MAy l orla Kara. V'KHM Hnaka fartrr. Vim" Uarotonr M. 30 P. K. VT.VBoh Klin.n'n SiHirta Rrrlrw, WHKM Kiltllo 'antr. Wl'l'l. Halnhnw .M-I.Hllra. V" .1.1 It JiftitrtH-Ml Mu. V'KXK llluntr Hat. . P. H. VMAQ-Tonrrrt FnnrmhU, V" K N R onrert Kuormble. Vfri, Hit I Ttittvn. V'Hrc Monrr Mattrra. VJJl Sjwrta Varaili". T:00 P. M. WOV Stttdlra In t i.ntraat. VIS 8rt Review. V'r a uh. liro.. ramr rwmtrd. V M A Q I'nltlif llvro No. I. V HHM Monday Nisht Show, WAAr luo Ilt 7;li P. JI, wcrtr Pnn Ttm.-. VIS JuMan l"iit)r. V"JJIv"0r jty (Jnvi-rnmrtit " WAAF Pacific I' 7:S0 P. M. "ON Itnr Rl(t, WMAOKt-hartl fnwltma. 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Roval Brron. 2:3 p. m. Hollywood Breyltiea. 2 45 p. m. Jungle Jim. S i p. m. Tilt Pan Alley. S IS p. t. Thera Waa a Time. S M p. m. Ntti Flashe. S 45 p. m. Rhythmic Aie. 4:J p. m. Arta and I'ecoratioB. 4:1.1 p. m. Record Breakera. 4:45 p. m Newa Flashes. B tx p. m Oraan Mflodiea. 5:15 p. m. Atrlsne I'ance. J p. a. WWAE Trio. R 45 p. m. Poatal Odditiea. e it p. m. Snort Reyiew. :!5 p. m. Trareloctte. S:45 p. m.. News Flashes. T p. in. Symphonic Hone. 7:30 p. to. ETenin PTance. T'4.5 p. in. Alabama Hichlatsdera. S-OO p. m. Hnnirarian Hour. S Srt p. ft). foliati Melodiea. loot p. m. Rejtiet Time. W. p. m. Dreamland. 10:45 p. m. Newa Flashea. UT1TP 1489 KUocyclea TTTESOAT, JTJJfE tl 7X1 a. wt. On the Farm Front. 7:15 a. m. iod ?orninc T:. a. m. Newa Flanhea. 7:45 a, m. Mnica1 C lock. S.3 a. m, Just About Tim. 'I was really surprised how easily I could buy a Plymouth'Roadkingr,' "says Miss Grace Montgomery of Los Angeles, Calif. "I never knew such a big, luxurious car could be that low priced. One ride sold me completely l" Of the leading lowest-priced cars, the Plymouth "Roadking" is nearly 7 inches longer than one; and more than 10 inches longer than the other. 2 Get the full-powered performance and economy of the"Roadking's" big,82-h.p"L-head"engine. 3 Easy to own... your present car will probably rep- resent a large proportion of Plymouth's low deli v-ered price... balance in surprisingly low monthly instalments. See your nearby Plymouth dealer today ! PLYf.!0uTHwR0ADKI?iG',5-PASSErfGER S ED All Ctf f7i rZ2 "Detroit delivered price'includ- J l 'BEATS HIS WIFE; KILLS HIMSELF Series of Family Quarrels Ends Tragically for Couple LOCANSPORT. Ind, June 20. (INS Mrs. Grace Dyer Young, 50, was in critical condition at St. Joseph's hospital today and her husband, Henry Young, 55. a carpenter contractor, was dead as result of a family quarrel at their home here yesterday. Young committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after beating his wife with a hammer. Fred Dyer, 28, Mrs. Young's son by a former marriage, who arrived at the Young home early Sunday from Winamac. accompanied by his wife, related details of the attempted murder and the suicide to police. Dyer told authorities Young asked him whether he and his wife had come to make their home with the Youngs, and he replied that he didn't know whether his stay would be temporary or permanent. With that answer, Young drew a revolver, leveling it at Dyer, and Mrs. Young jumped to wrest the weapon from her husband. Three wild shots were discharged. Dyer and his mother ran out of the room, the mother going to a telephone to call for help. Young followed her, tore the telephone from its connection, and hammered her head until it waa a mass of wounds. The woman es caped through the front door and collapsed on the street. Dyer took her to the hospital. Young did not leave the house and his body was found shortly afterwards with a bullet wound in the head. Police reported that Young and his wife, who had been married eight years, had quarreled on other occasions. Dr. M. B. Stewart, Cass county coroner, planned an inquest today. COASTAL DEFENSE ASKED BY TWO TEXAS TOWNS PORT ARTHUR. Tex. (U.P.) Beaumont and Port Arthur citizens look upon their large oil refining districts as vulnerable spots on the United States coastal defense map. They have pooled their influence to seek establishment of an antiaircraft regiment in Jefferson county for protection in event of foreign aggression. Mayor Neal Rader and B. T. McWhorter, Jr., of Port Arthur, and William G. Powell, recently appointed for one year to seek new industries for Beaumont, appeared in Washington in interest of the defense proposal. Representatives of the two cities pointed out that the nearest military protection for the Port Arthur-Beaumont refining area is at Fort Crockett on Galveston island, 60 miles distant. The cities contend that insufficient protection would Be afforded in time of war from the military air forces at Barksdale field at Shreveport, La., 180 miles distant, ana at Keuy and Randolph training fields at San Antonio, 300 miles away. Bottle Breaking Pays CEDAR RAPIDS, la. (U.P.) Breaking bottles is part of the job through which Robert Lamb, Ke-wanee, III., is earning his way through Coe college. Lamb works two hours a day at a hotel sorting all kinds of bottles and returning them to their cases. When bottles do not fit the case, Lamb breaks them into a large barrel. S:4S a. Bt. Kftri FlaahMi. : a. ia. Half and Half. B 3l a. tn. l"ililt Variety Tlonr. Ki.ilO a. m. Monitor Newa. 10:45 a. nt. rat'ific Paradiae. not a.m. Kanhiona tlie Home. 11:15 a. m. Mrlndic Meditation. 11: a. m. Xcwa. 11:4.1 a.m. Tin Pa AllfT. 12:Ot Xnon Sniithtown I'hurfh Choir. 1'.' 11 p. nt. Knclewood Hour. 1S:: p. m. Hollywood wa. 1U:4A p. m. Taaoade Melodiea. l x p. ds. Morte Tunfa. 1:15 p. m. 1 Am th Law of Tttr Life. 1 :M p. m. WHIP foncert Orcbratra. 2:00 p. nt. Ni Klaahfa. 2:15 p. m. Hamtnond Tanry. 3:30 p. m. Danctnc Party. S twt p. m. I'aballeroa. S15 p. m. Marine ilrlodiea. 3:45 p. m. nhhacea and kiogt. 4i p. m. Modern Rhythm. 4:15 p. m. Jmt Klda. 4;30 p. m. VH1P Tea Banc with Wall 4 :4l p. m. ewa Flaabea. 5:i p. m. Hollywood BreTitiea. 5:15 p. m. Alrlano Hancc. S . p. m.-WHIP Tri.. 5:45 p. m. Vorairtetie. " P. m. Sixvt Reriew. :3t p. m. WHIP ronrert On-heatra. 7 p. nt. Httncaiian Family Hoar. :3 p. m. Otera Bmadraat. T:45 p. m. Fred J. Katlije Talk. f:vn D. in. Ktrentirt ChnM S:15 p. m. Dream For Sala. models start at S645;"De Luxe" models slightly higher. 'Restore Civilization to Sanity' Is Red Cross Plea " - . CALUMET BUNDS OPEN NEW CAMP Religious Services, German Address Dedicate Site At Bridgman, Mich. ST. JOSEPH, Mich, June 20.- (Special) Hammond and Gary members of the German-American Bund were on hand Saturday for the opening of the Bund's camp near Bridgman on Uke Michigan south of here. The camp was opened with reli gious services and a talk in Ger man by George Froboese, Milwau kee, midwestern bund leader. Members of the bund from Chi cago, South Bend and other nearby cities were on hand to swell the attendance, it waa said here. Gary and Hammond bunds were were reported to have dwindled in numbers in recent months, accord ing to anti-bund German-Amer icans or me two Lake county cities. THUGS ATTACK J, P. RESER, 50 Hammond police today continued to hunt for two youths who attacked J. P. Reser, 50, while he was locking the doors of his saraee ves- terday at his home, 1006 Eaton street, Hammond. Reser suffered a left eye cut when he was felled by a blunt instrument wielded by the pair. The victim was unconscious for 10 minutes. He said his assailants were between 20 and 21 years old and both wore caps. Washington's Chinatown Watches News Bulletins WASHINGTON. (U.P.) Joe Chiang is the local Chinatown's unofficial director of information. Chiang and his assistant, Le Ock, prepare daily news bulletins written in Chinese characters which are pasted on windows of the Chinese National Salvation association. Many of Washington's 800 Chinese go to the window every day to read news from their war-torn native land. After 18 years of work Professor C. K. Baratov of Russia has completed his Arabian-Russian dictionary containing 40,000 words, and 20,000 copies will be published. As Seen in Fashion's Future In The Hammond Times, Friday .! r i tva '1: iA $19.9S I'pl X $17.50 f?f ) Junior Sizes 9 to 17 xlivard .0. Would Stop tbc Ruthless, Human Slaughter by Warring Forces LONDON, June 20. (INS) The world-wide Red Cross was a&ked today to try to da something to restore civilization to a sanity which will at least stop the killing of the helpless and innocent by warring forces." The plea was made ta the international conference of Red Cross by Norman JL Davis, national chairman of the American Red Cross following his election as chairman of the board cf governor cf the league of Red Cross societies, comprising the Red Cross organizations of 1 nations. The conference is holding its session in St. James' palace. While refraining from openly attacking the ruthless slaughter ef defenseless civilian populations in Spain's civil war and in Japan's undeclared war on China, Davis did say the suffering millions of civilians in China has been appal-ing.- Regarding Spain, he reported the international Red Cross committee, of which Prof. Max Huber is president, and the league of Red Cross societies have made great efforts on behalf of the suffering Spain. Reminding the4 conference that the Red Cross was born on the battlefield "5 years ago to lessen the suffering of warfare by nursing the wounded, Davis said: "But today the Red Cross finds Itself with the ever increasing bur-den of aiding, not alone those under arms who may be wounded, but also noncombatants, who, through no fault of their own, are suffering the same fate as soldiers actually engaged in the fighting. Such aid we shall continue to afford, to the best of our ability. But it is also our manifest duty to do what we can to prevent the needless slaughter and suffering of women and children, irrespective of what may be the so-called military objectives. SEN. COPEUND FUNERAL WILL BE HELD TUESDAY SUFFERN, N. Y June 20. (INS) Flags fluttered at half-sUff today as friends and neighbors filed through a modest living room to pay their last respects to Suf- fern's foremost citizen, Sen. Royal S. Copeland, who died suddenly in Washington Friday night. Tomorrow these natives will join many persons of prominence, both in political and medical circles, in following the body of the doctor and senator to its final resting place in the family plot at the Manwah, N. J, cemetery. Savings deposits in Australia are greater than a year ago. at seen in You'll call theae two black and whites. . . both trimmed with bengaline and gleaming patent belts. White silk titching forms a smart plaid on the trim body wae"ger jacket and you'll love the one below with ita umbrella skirt and eriap white flowers. Llinos So. GIG HAMMnfjn nnp IflliililWIIlM UVI MEET TONIGHT Hammond prectoct committeemen and wrmen ef the republican party will meet tonight in tincoJn club rooms to complete riant fr a banquet ta be given tomorrow r:ht in Phil Srradt's restaurast. Fred Stover, city chairman, will preside. Stover expects to have one or more speakers front among the candidates on the republican ticket en hand tonight in keeping with his announced policy to acquaint precinct committeeman and woman with every nominee. The city eouncilmanic nominees will he special guests tonight. Nearly 200 persons will be present, including members of the city central committee, nominees and candidates in the recent primary, Fred F. Schutx of Gary, county chairman, wiU make short talk, the only speaking scheduled for the program. Idlinjao J une Sale! Fast Color C yd. Juit S0O Y.rdt wear I Stmt fl ale! Chiffon Hose Stmt Flor for the Woman Demanding Style and Fit! TEie Meiv SaondlaDozedl Tog Ath tor Styt H7';-t I Sketchodt aiajs ( sale! Curtain I ; Materials 1 ; (c I (Q) yd. I Short Lenfth Material Enough for 1 or Z Windows! . f Fstra special low! cream, green or ecru color. Fabric, for bathrooms or kitchen.! Tfiw-a! Fla Sale! 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Nnritk qnaiitr. beautiful dcorations. tc- 19c I UK I 0Tara Storm X" AITO CUAMI A IX IN rAVITLT 1 tt .., j icmot.i'. cf.r.s.:on here f.r.J It Uric'.lr frr. sffi.r. TM j 'r driven b;r rrmruett sr.J ltooe Colemsn. br'.h?, !i DON'T CE FINANCIALLY EMD Ann ASSCD! I la a -.--aMte e Sat .a itnt IMKva Matuit t lm Mu U I:-. n la an mav rwtMKH tm tw a Si la t I. M ml at ttn.i'i a aaata r a till M fT aaMfl avfataa aaat ftl art ariata to. lEta m tw Ktva &ff4 iwv'itt aacv hu awa OW MG!ATCag AtOSl PERSONAL Flnanct Company 1 01 NAua Build; : Hohwaa fkt Hmim SOS i Tuesday Stor Hour 9s30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. S1.93 Oil: j m mhrolk S 5fl 29 Gayly P,;nte1 j J6 Rib 25 Suave White Tie with Interesting Cut-Out Treatments! A new shoe creation that's smart and comfortable too! It grips your foot securely and takes inches off the length at the same time! Otber Smart Style at tbs Sams Low Price! S Claaa - So.f ri to Klafrk it Juice or W: . at a U-...: r Mojt Low Prica! 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