Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 6, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 3
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F. W. KINNEY, 513 BIlO.iOWAV. JBEALEU Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs | and Game. dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. ?£ uoao. BAILROAD MATrEBS. K liw«y» C-mpHiil. » and Tn«-«r iupl-yf"— Poiut. uT luivrntt to tli« Public tu U- nrr«l »i><t .Rmiruud .Urn iu I'ni-t.c- * uur. WILL I'JtEVBMT II.4.VO* *.ND FA-IK FROM C»AFFI.VO. SOLD ONLV AT, D BEN FISHER'S DRUG STOR WANTED! REAL ESTATE. H'or S.'ilo. O Wi'icml. >/'u*ip ;.!tt'i W>nc-"l ij'in m I \ur« ">r Ttla- Wiinlnl -imill F;trni!t for '>i|ft. Wtt/l.--! «mm-s. rtlox.s P.ir SllB. i i» Wuntnil •I-'reniM'IU< Tr .'!« For far m. B'<ip,lc , [ndlima. H. E. TRITAX, M. D. St>«eliLl riEUMitlnn K iv»n to Nose, Lung, Liver •nil Chronic Dlsfisen OITIc« uncl ICB!il<l»ncfi nvnt StMfi Niitlonnl Biinlc. Hours in c i w n in.. 'J to 1 p. in,, anil 7 to 8 p. in. All calls promptly uttwiilcd. A Krleuil- Alrlr.B, Some four or tlvo year^ ago J. A. G Jodyear, a youaij min full of life aad vio'jr, left the Old farm IQ Cal- Cltr Property. D0 un county, for ibo mor« acilve life in the city. Drifting- Into me tele- grapa ouslne^H. bb secured a position on the C & N. W. Kallroad. at Ri- pubitc, Mich. Ia addition to ni= duties as operator, b-3 was required to sell tickets, cauck bi^;*atfe and maks himealf ganertlly useful. Between tho exacting olllclals on tho one side and tbo inooualoient public on the other, he was worked aod worried lo euuh an extent thtt his health gave out and one day ho was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; he grew from bad to worse until he had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. Toe doctor oould not cure him and told him BO. but advlaed him to go to Ann Aroor and place himself In cnarge of thic world wlda institution of learning, wblch ho dtd. He con. tlnued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four Ion? y ara, receiving little, If any, beaefli;. While KKOB'JEK & STR/UN, Undertakers and Embalmers, O13 Broaclwjiy. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IU EXTKA FINE, KIJtB A!tn I1ROAD FOISTS TO SUIT Alb HANKS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PElTSt in this condition, a friend trave him a OPPOSED TO THE A R. U. A profit despiv.cn (rum Chicago says: Toe dfctnv bot*«oQ iDa Adjer Uoloo nud tde ola orotnor- ieQ aaieaated tbe bi< s.nke of labl bumcucr noO Decmme more bit ter at tuat tiuio b-oauso toe old DroiherOoud tncn refused to joia in tOe d.rilje Qis Qol utrpn Sulloued ly time, lusiotd, ibe !c6l\uif o«i.»eeD the rLV.iit ooaieo bus ajjpn eoliy brcucno more iotbaoB. i'eotcrday me bubjoiit *u8 dl»CU6dod at loo^tn by two hundred ur more lendors of the Older of Railway <JouJuJtOrf, and »n alaojt UQaaiCQjiH expreoiloa wi*« found In me ijopilon <.< a, resolution reuummeodiog to ibo coming Dlooaial CJQ veotion of tQc GritnQ Uivicioo tna.1 IDe llQd be- dra^a iu tut) order to exclude all rnembaru wbo raluae to raduuuoe M.llegiauuo to tbe Auuericaa liill^ay Uulou. 1'nore are many mBtnbera of tne O^Jor ut Coudumora rtrQU are u.lso meujoors of tea Aaieri- Cttll tUll>VB.J UolOD. 1'ne laadord in >63lerditj'u meetloer loslatad ttiii QO miQ ooalil servo two md»ters; tan aj oaacluiitor oauid hola a meuaO irrfntp in 1*0 or^aniz UIOLIJ wbose loteredts *ara iulmicnl i»QCt OatAftjoQ \VQion tbere was' a eooblaa warlare 1'Qay^ati iba avowed oD jriclof tae Aneric*Q LUll«ty Uaioa fftii u i&sord all one rill «iy ouKJlu>ei uf tne cuuniry and tae disoaadmea ol toe old ortjauiz i'.mud. WORRIED WOMEN. WHI DO THEY WORRY WHEN IT IS NEEDLESS? HOW TO AVOID IT. There is a See-ret Cause ot Nearly All Worrimeiit Wliieh is to be Foumi in the Women INCREASE YOUR INCOME th« o uuuli or Miuull «nt -no inimlty to try It Information. , n«r» you mi wxcel Wrlm UK lod -y for tull PS8KINS a CO., NOTICE FARMERS. sfJiilroA Hiiv^ron will b8 nt ,1. W . Ktwil -i'ors on .Nurtli stradt Su'nrdiij-s to •xhibttt Wlr»l-«» OnncK' llowor on wlilciv ttiey buvt) Oeon nlk'WOd u piiConL botteof Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital. Izar, with an urgent request to uae it. NJI wishing 1.0 offend his frlosd. he \ • r. doliu? it why notjou? invest $i»,oo promised to do so, butdld not, because, tn DMcembor wiinnti uur nymoin innuKurntod tot as be argued with himself, "What is the use of taking that 'Stuff' if the most learned ourve sp^clallsta In the worid can not cure mo?" ' But aa time passed he would occasionally think of the neglected bottleof medicine given him and his promise to use it. One day be plotted it up and mechanically pulled me corn, measured out a doae ana look it; a change seemed to come over him, Qls nervousness abated, hid mind became clear and he thought he felt something of hia old time vigor. He continued taxing the Vitalizar until be waa able lo ait up, then to walk a few steps; the sluggish blood in nle veins became active, color returned to his ildjh and he felt the need of more food. He soon improved ao that he sought and became engaged in llrfht labor aud earned the ttrat dollar in nearly two years; hope attained its long vacated position in bis brain and his frieuda rejoiced al the wonderful co^uge. Mr. Goodyear ia now loading a thoroughly active und successful life waica be aajs be is proud to astrlDute to Dr. Wneeier's Nerve Vnalizsr, tne greatest nerve builder over produced for nervous prostration, a^asms, tii^i, sleeplessness, mental depression, oxaausted vitality, despondenjy aud general doolllty. For Bale by Ueu Fisner. DH F. M. BOZt£R'3 DENTAL PARLORS. iOverStste iV&tional Bank,. Logansport, Ind. Sealed Proposals, To (urnlsh uuppiltw (ur tlie , Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane For tne Monin of M rcn, 1895, Win bo cecoivod by ttt'w Bourd of Truatoea, at tU« bMplUil. unt" '- u'olo<;K M., on Tucsdur, >«i>.uiiry, u.n, I«y5. Soo dpwltlraitlons m auite l rfunK. By onlor o( tho Bo.icJ. , Lo<un.iDurc, lud., *'«D. oin 1895. J. G. ROGERS, Medieal Supt. EAST BOUND SHIPMENTS. Eisc o uuu -Lnjiujuid last week amounted lo 54 256 tuos, agalout 54, 9G8 tons (or tQu pracedlng week, aoa 4,S 722 for the corruspooiiiDg week u( the last you.r. Toe road carried lonuuKe as followo: Mluh l,/*n Cbutral, 8,734; Wibat 4 590; L-AHe ^hore, 4 UUO; Fort W*yne, 8 4US; PtQ Hmdie, S. Iu7; biltiinor & Oaio, 7 8L'7; firand L'runn, I 767 Nickel Plate. 755; Erie. 4,000; Bi b'our, l,56i. tinipaitnta were made of ihe followinii articlea In ton?: Flour 8 77ti; yr*iQ and mill sniffs, 22 567 pruvisloQS lard, eic;, ll.8i)7; dresoet beef. 8.740; butler, 1,140; nides 1,85-1 3 240; miscollanejus, I,3l7. DAILY JOURNAL MOKN1NG. 6. William Hollla and Miss Katie Kerns of Royal Center have been llopnaed to wed. Tbe Boss Barbers b*ve done away with tae ' ten cent trim" and twenty* five coots string m will from now on be charged for a haircut. S. M- Closson has a few hundred dollars private local funds; also Eaat- ero money in any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. 319 Pear street. Frco fills. Sond your ado rets to H. E. Buckled & Co., Chicago, aad gel a free sample 'box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits, These pills are oasy iu action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headncae. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluaole. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from A Crrettt IcO Harvest. Forty oar loaa* o( me lideen inch ice aro SQlpprfd dally to outside potato from Lase Oioott where the ice fiar. vodtdtlU goea merrily oa, Geaer«l ,U*j»oii Dead. General Maolon i). iiladaoa ot .Cra.vfordjvlUo, the AlexUan war vet- eaan, well ttnown in tne city, was stricken with • paralysis Alonuay at FraaKtort, aad died .kluaday nighc. Pan bluodle yard ,eng-tne 847 ran train No 85 soortly after noon yesterday. Engineer John Williamson wno had charge of th yard engine attemptsd to back oil a siding on to ihe aorta oound main did not see me freignt train 10 a oumaer of cars on another Too engine was deral;ed and the cab was almost torn off but the freljjot train sustained DO damages Engineer Wliilamsou'a left ha.. Q was eerlouslv hurt by pait of the woodwork of the cab falling oa it. Detective Joha Gallagher haa been notirisa by tne fan Hiadle otlioiula to break up the outnoua of loadng m or aoout me passenger station and states that ne win rigidly enforce the order For dome months past the station baa oeen tae loauug place of idlers and vttgaboada to tae aetrlment of the traveling puouc, aud the company uucS rfiodly to aave mem tired ull tae premises. A car of Pan Handle train No. 74 jumped tno rail at G-aa City Munaay oitcruoou caualug a DluuK'aile ol trufilj lor uu uour ocuure. Tde car w on ine Hod t>0 close to the mat eighteen rails were torn up bjlora iDe train could oe stopped. It too* aoout an aour lo repair (he damage. G-lojsar an employe at the The Cd»a CuJlai-h-d. When court aijjaraoii yesterday evening the $500 damage case oTAlary Smokar'va. Jo=epnGray, oondsmau for aooastaQle named. Uonaord, doceased, vraa occupying tUo attention of the trlbuaal, '.Che case was called anort- ly ader dinaer b.it could not cid ria. Isaed last evening. Judge ilcCoanell ia hearing the case ana the matter will prooibly oe settled today. Buckieu'* .Vi-uica Salve." •fho best salve in the world for cuts. bruises sores, ulcers, aalt rheum Pau diuJle rouad nouss will go to 6t. Frauds QOspHai 10 a day or two to recover bia coaita. ' Samu montbs a^o ne was overojait) Dy neas wnlle at worlcon a Mooiooi^vd, siace walCb tiuie no has beea la poor health, f ae new. supply boase for Vhe Pan H^uilie M.. o( tV. department has just bcseu completed, it is located near too snupi and a spur tract has beaa bailt past it Hereafter alt work for middOfj-irtoJ jat will 3d doue near the supply Qjasj lastead of the point waere Fourteenth street crosses tae every deleterious substance and to be } 0 ? e r sorea, tetter, chapped h»ada, purely vegetable. Taey do not seat- on by their aotton. but by giving tone chilblains, corns, and all akin, eruptions, aad positively cures piles, or no to stomach and bowela greatly invlg. j pay required. Is i» guaranteed to orate the mtem. Regular Biro 25 ; gi ve p ar feot aatlafactlon or money re- «oenu per box. Hoc, Druggtut. Sold by fi. F, Keei funded. Price 25 cents per boy, B. F. ~'' "" For Jjaa Wdloa and MUs Ellen were mirrled at St. ViQJeat'a cnurch at 9 o'olocs yesierJay morning. Mr. Welch is employed at me Paa Handle boiiersnop. Tee sick Hat at tha Paa Handle round hoiue office emoraoeil but eleven engineers and Eremea yet ter. day. Pan Hmila coaduotor A. J. Osborn returned .Vljadiy from a trip through. the West. The Journal tu* a tow views of LogansJort left. They can oe bad id"pisteooird tuba* for or prdaarr*tioa for fifty cjati. If women only had perfect health nlna-ientbd of the worrying wdicn they no* do would be avoided. When wuman is tick she can not help worrying. No* theciuse of nearly all wotnac'i sickness arises from the same bourse. get ticlc from various causes, but a woman's troubles are peculiar to herself. It Is unfortunate, but It Is true, and yet nearly all this trouble might he avoided. Toere is a sov erelgo remedy for womtn. Do >ou a»k wnac It is? Ksad wnat gome ladies bave aald: Mrs. A Lualum, of Chelsea, Mass., aayp: "(Jhlldoirth combined with the grip brougat me- to toe oorder of the i until my hunband and friends me up to die. 1 shall always be thtntful tuai at that liine I began the of a remedy of wuica 1 had heard much, and that I was restored to nealtn auJ owe my life entirely to Warner',- Safe Cure." Mrs. Dr. O'Uelia Blinn, Medical Superintendent of the Working Womau'o Home, Chicago says: "I prescrioe Warner's Safe Cure in my general practice, and it gives me yreat pleasure lo recommend 11 " Mrs. M L. fyndale, of Packerton, Pcjun., sayo: ' Sovural years ago I bdrfau my change of me, aud for nearly three yeara I could eat tut.nl g bul craclars aaJ water. I had pains in the back, iDflimmatioo and severe vomiting bpelis. 1 could not sleep, and was weak and nervous. When almost aa it seemed, at the brink of tue grave. £ v? a s restored to perfect Lealtn by lh« use of Warner's Safe Cure, and am better than ever before ID my life." Mrs. C. Murphy, Trumansburg, N. Y., eayt>: "A few years ago I was troubled with nervous prostration to <sucn an extent that sleep was well oign Impoasiole, und [ fulled rapidly. Fortunately my attention was called 10 Warner's Safe Cure, and as a result of Us uee, i am cured and most heartily recom ji-ind it to all sufferers among my atX." Mrs. J. Hallowell, "residing at 2187 Sovenih Avenue, N. Y., says:- "I Dave been a great tufferer from kid- uey trouble, and any woman who baa Dcen similarly afflicted knows what I nave outlored; out i am happy to say that by the use of Warner's Safe Cure 1 nave oeen restored to perfect health, n»ve recommended ita use to numerous (riauuc, and make thia statement wlia great pleasure." 1'ne list couiu be prolonged to more than tae epace of mis paper would pormit, bail does it not show that all uuu more man all, tbat baa been uasorteu, of Warner's Safe Cure, as a "womau'o friend" is true, ana wiilyou uot act upon tne euggustluna mega statement* contain? Will Elcci a ilisUop. Tbe Rav. Douglass 1. Hooos and C. S. V.gus, aelega.es selected by Trinity Cnurcu, Went to luUlanapoile yeater- take part la me election of a .u tae late tfunop Inicker- ON THE ANGLE OF THE JAW. Why an Ordinary Blow Drllvored Ther* I> Likely to rrovo K»c»l. "Why is a blow upon the angle of » man's jaw—the knock-out blow of pugilisn—so effective, and what is tho immediate result of such a blow?" ID view of the recent death of Con Kiordan after a boxing bout with, Chamfn° Q iMtzsimmons, this question I was put by a Baltimore Sun reporter to Dr. U. Merrill Hopkinson, himself an tithlete and the president of the Ualli- more Athletic club. Dr. Hopkinson has given study to anatomy and physiology lu their relation to athletic exercises. DC said: "It is somewhat difficult without entering- into technicalities to describe properly the knock-out blow. Th skull rests upon the 'atlas.' the first of the bones or vertebra of the neck. The articulation or joint is simply by- means of u. contact of the condylcs or protuberances at the base of the skull with two facets on the atkis. The arrangement is most favorable for movements of the head, but is susceptible to dislocation. Immediately at the base of the skull is the foramen mnfjuum—a great hole—which forms the passageway between the skull cavity and tho spinal canal. Through this pass the spinal portion of the central nervous system and vertebral arteries. "A blow delivered upon the ar.^-le of the jaw is, of coarse, given directly at ri£ht angles to the passage-way between the body aud brain, throug-h which passage run the wonderfully delicate structures. Now, owing- to the slender joint of the skull with, tho spinal column, resist.-!n« must necessarily be very weak, ami a blow, even though a light one, is capable of producing so great a .shock that a man can readily bo rendered unconscious by its efTeet. An experiment is very simple. Let anyone strike himself a quick blow just at t.he angle of the jaw, anil he will find that, he is dazed jnst in pro- portioi) to the amount of the force applied. That it. is possible to kill a man by such :'. blow has been demonstrated more t.hau once, and more is the pity that such a thing- can be recorded in the recital of the so-called amusements. "I do not believe that a mai. in good physical ti lining, with healthy heart ani.l arteries and well-nourished nervous system, could be destroyed by such a blow from another man who is his physical equal, bul it would not take a sledge-hammer blow delivered upon tho angle of the jaw to produce a thrombus or blood clot at the base of the In-tin of .1 man whose heart, arteries and nervous system had been weakened by alcoholic or other excesses. Temporary knock-outs occur daily and fatal cases aro of rare occurrence;indeed, the proportion of deaths as.com' pared with horses racing or football is ridiculously small. Any man entering the pugilistic ring is liable to receive a blow which will 'purl, him to sleep,' aud the duration of unconsciousness is altogether proportioned to the science of the delivered blow, the position of tho man struck and the amount of force used." Jflr.t, JT. J!'. Bell. Oxttatcatomic,K<M» wifo of tho editor of Tbo Graphic, tboloa(J» ing local paper of MlMal county, Trttot "J trait troubled icith licart disca»« for sis years, severe palpitations, short" ness ot breath, together with such extreme nervousness, that, at times I would •walk tho floor nearly r." r.ight. W» consulted the best nsedlj';i'T: ':•:•.!:. i XJicy said there ica& noliclpformGf thai I had orjriiiiic disease o£ tbo heart for which tiioro was no remedy. I had road your auvertisciuent, f n Tbo Graphic :uid a year n. jo, as a last resort, tried one bottloof Jtr. Snot' Xfie Cure, for (Jtc IZcartf* which convinced mo thai tlioro was u-ua merit In it, 1 took tlirce bottles each of lh«. Ecart Curo and KesioraUvo Nervino and It completely furctl me. I aletjt well at night, my heart beats regularly and Ihavcno more smothering spells. I wish to say to all who aro suffering as I did; there's relict untold for them if they will only give- your remedies just ono trial." Dr. SIIlos Heart Curo is sold on a posltiva puarantco T.aat mo lirsl* bou lo will Dooout All aruKpisvsscll it at SI, 0 bottles for S3, or It will Dosont, prepaid, on rocrnit of pnco by UiO JJr, ililes Medical Co., Klknart, lud. Dr. Miles'Heart Cure Restores Health GLASS DECORATION. ' .Switzerland ill *-rt;e. Those who Hi»ve used Dr. King's Now Diocovory Kaocr Ud value, and waa a&fa uoi, ti^ve nuw tne to try u Free. Call ua ru^-gidi aad got a. trial Dottle, (red. Scau your utiine aad tt> H. E. Baoitlen •& Co., not ijot tt sample bux of Dr. Life Pillo IrcB, us wall as copy o[ (j jidd tu tieilin and Houie- a Jii ladcruobor, freo. All of waica uV to dj you goal aad cost yua aotQiat,' HC ti. F. Kacbllag'a drug store. Sew To.cp. aa ^J. 3V a&a been placed a Parser 1 :) ^rjcary. Talspnoae No. .51 in ajy la a^d at tne residence ol £. &, tJirmujjJia en las corner of aaa Ei^itsemti streets. It U a fast tan: aatirly all reliable )roprletary ma.liciaes were first used aad laocoa^aiy tested la pmctlje by S of mord tnaa usual aotllty, aad yet aj.na paydiciaos saeer at sued nadioiaes. Tae reasoa is plainly eea by uklag Brnai'd Balaam /or UastritioQ, Knjwa ererywnera as re- lable aad sure to caru every sort of uog aad tnroat trjuole, except last of coaducnptioa. Way ig it a* (food for your caaa a£ a n'i pL-dioriptioa, ' wtjlcti mijrht jo*t taree or fuur lima* aa much, nougb. no mrer to cure? Larffe 35 and 50 oeut battle* of fiea Fl*n«r. STATIC of OHIO. Crrv o? Toi,-Eno, j.^ LnnA.s COONTT. J FRAKK •'. Cn^KKHnikasoatn ihnt ii« Is the senior p.-irtn. r of ihellnn of K. .1. CHKNKT & Co.. dolii;biisln».<.sin thedtvof Toled', Cnunt aii'l Stale iiforp.siilrl, «nr that sulJ llrm will puy t;io PUino-ONK U 'NDItED DULUltifur d,i-1)1111(1 ivarjcxxeof Catiurl) thiu cannot be cured bi- ne use oJ HALL'S CATAIIIUI CCHK. FRANK ,1. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and mbscr'ijed In my ireannce, tlila (itli dai of December^ v, D. UMu. ! SKAL \ Mouiry Publlo, Hiilrit Catarrh Core Is taken Internally and acts d reel y on tlie blood ;ui I mucous NUrfacea of iCBSfstt-in. 8. nuforte.-.tlmoul»ls iree. F. J. CIIEN'B,T; * Co., Toledo, 0, KS~Sold by drugglst-i, 75c. l.u»tltntc. A farmers' Inetltute will be bold today and tomorrow at Kewaona. A number of farmers from Cues county have prepared to attend. J. B.Terr? of Ohio, will be the chief tnsiructor. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? J Have You Rheumatism?. _ Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? ^ L • TRY "SAN-JA{C'~ Sold by BBS PUHKlt, Druggist Tl CHICAGO, Uarcb 7, 1894. DB BCKHXAS. CaiCiOO. ilroBAK an— As ausntlon vras Qr.it callej to SA.N-JA.K lust year 10 tlid case ot Captain J. M. Bro-iiiu, «i i'erro diiuitf. inJ., fli vim ntUv^Kea m tbs ouy w.taaciiUs iiepnntLianil nystiti^ (i^- iliou ol tiie QiadJer and Ki-lne>s) Alccr Now Trorcss Dlncuvored In Which IVoOn PH U^lititlful KcKulcs. ' Some beautiful cffecl*' in the ornamentation of plassa.ro now produced bjr Gorlitz of Zurich, his method in till* Icind of \vorlt being-, it is claimed, a do, cided improvement in the art. ThA design is first engraved on a printing. plate of rubber, positively—that is, ia' the same way as that in which it will; be afterward seen, and the plate U coated then witb varnish color and pressed upon a glass plate: the latter it strewed with bronze powder, sheet aluminium, or other suitable material, 1 the portions forming the design remuitt- infr empty, and being-, therefore, tran*- parent. At this stage the gloss plate 1m placed in a frame having; a backing of stronfr paper board, on the front faca of which is mounted a brilliantshcct of tinfoil or tin plate, provided with prominent squares in suitable positions. Tht design is thus shown by a brilliant r<^ • fleeted light through the transparent part of the glass, its other portion forming- a backing- stamped in relief. Heretofore, raised enameled writlngj and designs in relief on g-lasshave been produced by means of a brush and thin' enamel paint, but GorlitE uses stenctt ' plates of tin foil or other flexible mo-- tcrial and a glass powder composition made up to the consistency of molassca,', ' with turpentine and_^p-l;vze.'' njo CJa-il'on(jiMl thw I'lt. The short and disastrous relffn ol Louis XVI. produced two remarkable duelists—the petticoated Chevalier d'Eon and the mulatto St. George. D'Eon died in London as late us 1810, and no satisfactory reason was ever given for the whim which made hint a quarter of a century attire himself 1» woman's clothes. The black St. Georgd was at once the best fcneer and lh* best pistol shot of his day, and won hll reputation in many meetings. In spit* of his fame as a duelist, he is said have bccu a very inoffensive man to have avoided quarrels as far aa hfr mig-ht. One of the most wholesale challenges on record dates from thlK period,-when Marquis do Tenteniao,j having- been rebuked for sitting too tut. forward at the wings, considered hoar self to be slighted by the audicnca.j "Ladies and gentlemen," said he, "with per-. jiiti wa^ sthj-C otoU, and ^u j luiprO/cuira. was marKti i alter ttie lira. dOs^, ana Acjinpkt-i c i 1,/iiowcsd so .-SKcdUi, tuut i at onjo com.Q^n«J ln*tj.vl^'U'io • of ita merits aud a tVd aiucti pr scrlooi It LU aiuioii >i»ery Kuoifu for D ut nUn , uroiur »i. fajiuni <iu J cj ^rrtiiil trouBiu nvWtja iu a .on lustj-iCt uj tn-j n.ipji^.Tt rc.-vuit A ca-So ot unureSLilui/oluciar) rio* of uriuej Itxw ta;i . a W.VK- l expansile') in a nuu'ier of yad of loucu't'ruoea i aiu free ij^y tQrtt i bavd fuund uo r-ijuody cuat [.-» «^iu ii to 6-V.N''J AK. iud wane i u^ve u«vac before <iven a, profss- sioual (•id-vaeine-it to •>. ^roprle ao - remi Jy, 1 say unuedltdlluiib iU"d .Hbi>ut reserve ilwt . con aiuet JA.N- i jJv <i vrtfiLiole Doon to ua u^uilty ^uJ niter ap^lvi i^ U to turi surest yro e.-*3lo idl te»',H, cau »a/ *1 n court Jeucs, it Is Oittec taumt \t, ce- coniuicaded to ue. unueW prescriDelt !n all cises of or citarrtiiii LrouDl&f, la pf^ftic- eaco to al ..tjec <ii >*n re.nedlwi. f&n SE3THTUXJC. oi ' JiKcti tie felled ap in rotuvv- Tai delicloai tisca of fie is "i>o In lt< fAfor. In yr«ienom< It f >r cttlldreo, laiuat -ireiauiuat iijdi.N-J Jv as an .iKtn dboiids, ana in sevef J cisfts of eczejii auve yeld-sd so re t4ily ti lt< m- ca tiiiit I snail caattountous* it la slmiUr , teeilo^; confident taat is wiJ moat siii sod lndica.lou« in iota CA»-« alaeerely, permission a piece will be formed to-morrow called 'The Ittij science of the Pit Chastised,' in as manjj acts as. may be desired, by Marqutaj de Tente'niac." The peaceable pittooltj no notice of the b<jlliwso nobleman 1 * challenge. KOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. ws' Ofli-w Clt? of Lojansport, In<L Ja-TOirF !5. lSfl-3 . Notlc« Is b-iv,bv i?lwn to th« tax p»ye-«. of th« city of Lncm-pori. a« 0 iQiitf, UiJiauH, that the t-x <i pilisiie lor 1804. Is received «t this office, an<l tuai I will tt«.,d ut the City Tre la irart at tbe 'law directs for th« purposed r>-c»;lvHiL' tne taxtw now due. The rilluwlnf ViDie will sn.iw the number of centi levied ori e ch on« hundred dolldts laxaDit-s und eaca poll and ilOit, (rrnewl purnosej* ..................... ~ ........ ------ '' Slnklnu' lund .......................................... JJJ,. Int«rf si rtni-1 ....... - .................. - ...... — "Jjw Special flectrlclunt pJrpJ7>e< — ....... ----- *J Par* i"jn.i ..... ~ .................... - ........... — • "* Tniti.m Sp««lal waier *o.-ns land ............... : ..... ....... Tow.1 amount of lefy on re J and perwaal *% BEN FISHER, DRUGGIST . poll ......... --- J On ei»n female do^ --- ....... - ..... ----- •> On o-icti :o^il • MX ---------------- --- ..... '- ' ti.icn p«r.<"D or tax n i--r oirirsil *Un uiiy p.-ir fjf rullacnomt'ir-<a":h t^i-son or Defor» lOe inlrd Monda* In April. 1S3J. »r mar »t oU op:lonpii.vi!i- April ui^ali'ii ot tB»^v>r oa of b-f.)iv 1 1« «l 1 inlr.I -torid^r in vprll and Ibt rrtiQimlfUtmounl. or Vnv^mD-r Installment on or Uer.ire 161 ttrst Itond-^y in ^ ar-m^c lS3j in. Uit> <jiai6 'Oi'i-ier pr->->:rl1i l ny la*. Wnen tn« Krst n*tall:n*ot Is not pall on 01 before the . vld .mrd->fond;iy In. April ine *<^«» for tne wnnlo Te -ir oeco.-n^ dtllnijaent- ra» trea^ur«r will auc •« re< >'ins ftle for tn- m*aitf and cHar>,"!t in <ieltna.uecu taxes rrtciltlng fram «nj onr-sion of tn^Jifp-rsons point; to *uni wait pr*'«rtT and luwojse name It PA3TICULIB NOTICE. Tax parors ihoaW -TKinila* their recdptt bf lore leaf Ing in«otn» aad know Utcj arc eft- r»el. BiBffiTT. _ f Oltr Tnwnnr.

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