Crenshaw County News from ,  on July 22, 1920 · 5
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Crenshaw County News from , · 5

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Thursday, July 22, 1920
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1 LOCAL ITEMS After visiting si Luverne for MILCH COW FOR SALE. NOTICE uinenas. extend their sympa thytoMrYandMrif-odv THE STATE OF ALABAMA, Crensha-wCounty In Chancery at Luverne . If t ' It' i To the Worshipf ull Masters, Wardens,, and Bxethren of theh different Masonic Lodges of Crenshaw County T will be at the different Lodre3 on the da tes named below for t2 purpose of examining and rating ihe Lod pes. ' . Bullock lodge Moadav Julv 12th Glenwood, Tuesdaav Julv 13th. Conference at Honoraville Julv 14, 15, and 16, and rate Honor aville the 17th. Dozier,, Monday July 19th. Leon, Tuesday July 20th.. Mt. Ida, Wednesday July 21st. Black Rock Thursday July 22. anola, Friday July 23rd. : etrey, Monday July26th. leasant Home Tuesday July the 27th.. Luverne, Wednesday July 2Sth Brethren please aerange to meet at your Lodges on the a-bove named dates and I hope to see every Lodge in Crenshaw County well represented at the Conference and that we will all have a good nd profitable confer ence. . Your Brother, r - Chas. Riley, D. L.. . BOUT SEND The shoe bargain of a lifetime. Heavily DNDERPRICED. We have your ext size and will mail a pair direct to your hou to try on. Noobhfjanononyour part tokec, hem. Hay No Slices SccThcsc First! When you see theee shoes you will admit lhey are worth about five dollars more than cur PROFIT-SLASHING price. They are SOME bargain in a genuine, all-leather, gun-metal DRESS shoe. Send your size and try a pair on. Such comfort, such class, you never saw. Send today; we want you to FEEL THE FIT. There was never an easier shoe on your ' foot. ; The uppers are soft as a glove, yet tough as IRON. They are made of a specially tanned leather they are all leather throughout wonderfully light and snug-fitting. These shoes are made with low, broad walking heel, and have solid, flexible soles of oak-tanned leather (the best made). SEND NO MONEY r Put this shoe on YOUR FOOT. SimplysenJ us your size. SEND NO MONEY. When shoes arrive, pay the postman the few cents oostage and our PROFIT-SLASHING price of 94.98 and try out the shoes in your home. they are not the bargain of your life, it they , are not worth to you about $5.00 more than wa rVMMUMMKiUeWUieaseaDeyona measure, jseoflt.'v c, j v -vwmnw I have at my place near Mash old mill one good milch cow with second calf, which I am offerinz lor sale. You will find this cow in snlpn did condition and well worth the money asked for her. Come and see. E. B. Sikes, Luverne, Ala. Rt. 1. NOTICE SWIMMING POOL PATRONS. Out of respect to the various Churches which have services on Sunday night, notice is herebv given that my swimming pool located near my mill site on Luver ne R. 2 will hereafter be closed every Sunday night. I appreciate your patronage, and ask all patrons to co-operate with me in this matter. E. B. SIKES. HOG TAKEN UP On or about the 5th day of June last, I took up and empoun-ded at my home at Dozier, Ala., one male Hampshire hog, weighing about one hundred pounds, and bearing the mark of swallow fork and under bit in ach ear. The owner of this, hog may get same by calling to see me, establishing ownership, and paying for feed and this ad, Mrs. J. W. . Weatherford. NOTICE. DISTRICT SCHOOL ELECTION. fc ' Notice is hereby given that an election will be held in School District No. 21, otherwise known ' as Honoraville District, the same being in Crenshaw county, Alabama, on Tuesday, the 17th day of August, 1920, for the purpose of determining whether or not a special school tax shall be levied and collected annually at the rate of thirty (30) cents on each one hundred (100.00) dollars of taxable property in said School District No. 21 for the fiscal years 1919-1920 to 1928-1929, inclusive, the same being as aforesaid, for public school purposes in School District No. 21. Witness our hands at Luverne, Alabama, this the 5lh clay of July, 1920. J. H. Morgan, W. E. Rogers, W. T. Robbing, P. W. Bullard. Members of the Court of County Commissioners of Crenshaw County, Ala. ' Respectfully submitted, R. J. Jones, Sheriff. T Why Stars Twlnklei The so-called twiukliiyj. o? the ta'rs : js ciueuy uu eneci prouueeu in ur atmosphere upon the waves of light Eye Sight Pearl Adams vs. Walter Adams In this cause it is made to ap pear to the Register, by the affidavit of F- B- Bricken. Solici tor for Complainant that the defendant Walter Adams is a non-resident of the State of Alabama and that his particular place of residence is" unknown and further, that, in the belief of said affiant, that the defend ant is over the . age of twenty-one years-' . ' - It is therefore, ordered by the Register, that publication be made in the Crenshaw County News, a newspaper published i in Crenshaw County, Alabama once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, requiring him the said Walter Adams, to answer or de mur to the bill of complaint in his cause within thirty days af ter the 9th day of July 1920 and failing so to do, , a decree pro-confesso may be taken aga inst him m this cause- Granted June 14th, 1920 J. N- POLLARD Register 666 quickly relieves Constipa tion, Biliousness, Loss of Appetite and Headaches, due to Tor ... T. " " BRANTLEY Mr. and Mrs. Ben Summerford of Montgomery s're visiting relatives and friendshere. ,T 1 Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown of of Enterprise are visitors here this week. . ' Mrs Adolph Roberts of Braden town Fla. is visiting Mrs. L E Stephenson on Main St. "- : ; Mrs. Foy Golf of Montgomery is the guest of her mother Mrs. Chapman. - , . . The many friends of Mrs B F Ellis will be glad to know she is much improved from her serious illness Miss Mary Bentley, after a vis it to friends in Dothan, returned home Sunday much to the delight of her friends here, , Mr Hanchey Ellis his brother piaxwelf and. -uttle .sisteruma Ruth of Macon Ga- ara- visitors here. Mr and Mrs EM Smith spent Sunday in Andalusia. Mrs Arnold . and Mr Walter Smith of Geneva Ala., brother and sister, of Mr E M Smith spent a few days here last week the guest of Mr and Mrs E 31 Smith, i - "Key" Net Spanish Word. The word "Key" m used la Key West, the Island and city of Florida, la not, U supposed, entirely a Spanisa wor& Key is a Spanish corruption of ta American Indian word meaning an Island, a sandbank or a rode la the sea. -. -. . - " - V , ' several tlays, the pleasing griest ot ber sister Mrs Holmes Smith Miss tee Lonc;, Tbames has re turned to herliome j.n Greenville , , The news chronicles with pie asure xthe return to their homes m. Luverne ..of the ' following ypung labies and gentleman, they nving attended summer school at Tusqafopsa University; Messrs Yank Black,-Taylor Shows, and Cull Revel Misses Ima Carl Tur nerr; Jessie P,eid ' Stephens 'and FkrenqeKusbton'" - Afer:r spending" a fewV davs with his fatJrifton:1(J." N'lBc- hanan in LuvirheH Mr." Ben Buc hanan has teturned to his home in Montgomery. XX:XX'i i Leon Moore of beat 6, the gen leman who says that he does not have to be .Tax Assessor, in order to be noticed, was in town Saturday.1 . V:: ; . ,:y j.X;:'&- - C J. Howard of Rutledge, a- nritViPn man Ttrtin oorro TTtr K-f-1 r-,-w. M OCJp ,C1Jf ULUIC, but :saws wood" rWM p m to.soe us . a, ..few. ' days : ago. Charlie Howatd belongs to that class of people' whd are builders : Oscar :?.Stagger$,1i sometimes ceji-Dock7'fio:"seemsf:to haveVgone ontffktjnTas being ab solutely opposed, to jpiarriage, waiQ.okmg'jhtp' things here Sat urday; Some. fdlksay he is1 jest nattirally af rbibai vonien, and thathe' has;'neye yet beert intro ducedto"bne'.; ; -y - i Ji L '.Brook; of I'Prelbiictf 6 wno Deiongs to-.- progressivJ Ihe; ncest'lfariri' h0mes: County;' and whot abreajst v fwith aft lisef ul :' currerii events, iid Who recently took.tunto himself ''better half",w-v-as helping- bri Lghtetn things here with hi? pre sfence Saturday , , "' w Mr. and Mrs Cliff Williams of Precinc 6 were pleasant visitors to Luverne this week attending to business of importance. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Crenshaw have as their house guests Mr. and Mrs. s W. F. Breenson and children: -Harold. James, and Evelyn of Georgiana. Mrs. C.W. Deane and children, Jewell, Ag nes and Mary Ida, of Atmore, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cameron and daughter. Miss Jaunita of Northport, and Miss Jessye Por ter of Georgiana. . Mr. and Mrs. Verdie Crenshaw have as their guest Miss Laura Bennett, of Jacksonville, Fla. Mica Mow AIipp .Tprnip'an. Of Pollard, Ala., is the attractive guest of Miss Mabel Sikes, near Luverne. - Miss Lucile Summerlin, of Bradleyton, is visiting the fam of Tax Collector E. B. Sikes. After a three week's vacation spent at the home of her sister in Birmingham, Miss Lucile Kondrick is at home again, and may be seen by her many frien at her accustomed place at Cody's. ' Card of Thanks. Mrs. S. J. Richardson of Pat sburg, and her sons and daugh- . . . - " . ters, ' take this opportunity oi thanking their many friends tor their self-sacrificing considera- ion and many acts of kindness during the recent death of Ru- L. Richardson, son and brother . Death is always a blow under which the strongest hearts stagger, and without the tender and loving sympathy of friends, it would be almost unbearable. May the mercies of an all- I TV ovetLthe -illness . the,r ifft3e '.?ti?agents;;ree;T!ct ,C who is. recognized s one 'of .the ty'S slfarrnersfAinn v&n right as possible, was loo'king af ter business matters here -some ..-v-.- . i v.. -; , W.T. Pacewho'callfi'T.nvirnA 3 his home, birt who is'iearly vaj(o iuu uubjrQ stop nere for a furwu ciaima. io De tng healthy, happy son of our easygoing townsman R. It. Pace.' was seen in Luverne Saturday. '( ; J -.'" :V.,'. "'V ' l1'1' : - .1 '' ' Z; J. L..Fail was seen here' a few days ago, and it was gener-ally.noted that his hand shake Was ' justTas warm aa befom he was elected Tax . Collector. Mr. Fail will' serve - the . people , of Vernledge as teacher the coming winter.5- - v. : -; ; r Mr and Mrs C H Parks of Pla.' are visitors to Luverne, .the guests of.JC Routon and family. Mr and Mrs.. William' Killough of beat 6 were;' business visitors to Luverne this week. ' MessrsJ T J;: Lon '. and jjhep Welch of beat 5 were; . visitors to Luverne this week-.. ' ; '. : j -. M D'Slaughter of Luyerne R.1 sometimes called .Mariori; : threw his weight 'against-, the v frame work of Luverne last. 'Monday, and we heard something 'era Jacksonville Fla. who-; has 'been n giiest ofc1 MissVXucile: J Ken-' rfck,' is visiting at Lapine;this week. . v 4 : ' jssrna ope and ' family- spent asrTOelfirfTfeWTfntrtaar tives at and near -Andalusia, Miss uiyae JtJrown oi near Patsburg. was a visitor to Luver ne last Monday. Mrs. J. S. Kendall of Kansas City, pleasan tly remembered here as Miss Bernice Kendrick is visiting her mother Mrs. Mat tie Kendrick. - - Swimming pool closed every Sunday night. See otice in this issue. We are proud of the confidence doc tors, drufi-eists and the pudlic have in 666 Chill ard Fever Tonic. Misss Eula Robison is the guest this week of Miss Hornsby on South Forest Ave. Miss Grace McDugald of near Glen wood, and friend Miss Dor- man of Enterprise, were pleasant visitors to town last Saturday, A. L. Duncan of Precinct was a business visitor to Luverne last Saturday. Mr Duncan 13 a good representative of that fine old beat, and is highly apprecia ted by all who know him. Miss Dorman of Enterprise, is pleasing visitor to Crenshaw County this week, the guest of Miss Grace McDugald at her home near Glenwood. Z.W. Pettis of West Bay Fla. was a visitor to jjuvwub mot Mondav. and while , here called at the Probate Office and obtain ed his third marriage license. We think Mr. Petti3 did the sen cihlA thine: to come to Crenshaw County for his wife, even if she the third one. " ' " Mrs. J. E. Kendrick and sister Mrs. Julia Johnson together with ittle Miss Eleanor Kendrick have eturned from visiting points in 4 ily ds fus wise r' rlviEftlCAN PRESS ASSOCIATION i nil inveriiiiux nuitmq uc Andrew Tomlin of beat. 12, former who by ; intelligence 'and hard ,worK, nas weu mga reanea the top of the ladder of success as looking after matters of jm- portance nere iasi. se&, -.: ;r Mannin Moore of Precinct 6, eentleman who made. .. a run- ,n-av race for Tax Assessor, was ereeting' .many v uw y xneuua here Saturday. " Mr. Moore re-portg that he 'has f . done "every thing fairly well : this - year except raising watermelons.. v i' w'k' Rogers of beat 4, our esteemed and efficient Commissioner from' the Second. District sas a Visitor, to town -Saturday County. "v.'v;.-;. v:. Shorter McDugald of. beat 10, ffho always remains happy, and takes things easy under all, circumstances, and ' who always 3-akes more than enough, to do him,.was! shaking ' nands, about tofti Saturday- '.-tv-'j; ilartirf H", Hill of beal S, a law ajjidiflir $j&s a' citizen jhai lbng; ire' cordiof' eac-.; and vprbsperi ty. walja'Cuverne. .-a f ey;days sipc.e i-ness: mm- feade a" f iue Record, as. a ' ; corif ed- eratHol.afe'roja 1Wnil0KAany; ty a siailj the oldiaiKetWr'utij- nd remained oveff or a"fev?afs the guest ;of- fits ephew vM,r, H. L Payne 1 -it- , v. iray oi racsDurg, wnom we all know and recognize as one of the County's foremost tea chers. was looking into schoo. matters here Saturday. J. M. Davis of Sellers K. l was a visitor to town a tew days ago Mr. Davis is close enough to the Montgomery County line to view it from his door steps, but is far enough inside to make a good ci tzen. ; , . . George Helms was hustling around town Saturday. We have often wondered rf he is , after something or something is after him. FOE SALE. -Six nice black Poland China pigs. A. J. Welch, Rutledge, Ala, We take judicial knowledge of 'he presence of Mark L.' Black in our midst again. Mr, - Black assures us that he will ' return to Washington in December. , - Miss Ida Will Taylor is visiting at Montgomery, the guest of Miss Mary Fonville. , 1 i i i :'.; . Miss Frances Routon is at home again after a nleasant visit to Miss Laura Weaver at Collins we, Alabama. . The News not oniv learns but rnill.. i . . ' "-uy Knows that Hill Turk is back from Birmingham, where, il is said, he attended the reun 10nof Rainbow Veterans. ' . ; FOR SALE. - Pure hrPfl WKitaT we and eggs. - The White Leg 'wns are rppftcrniTorl oa tho vfrv best layers of all the egg breeds'. -ve ve hens that have this J-n . y .four dozen egs and are 1 laying. . Eggs, $1.25 for 15; ckeres$io each,- would cost j Jt ordered from a nonthern en farm. Address J. T. a is MAHONEY Will be at Dr. Stephens' Office in Luverne one. week, July 1 8th to 24th Ha veYourEyesExamined. and Glasses Properly Fitted; Specialist Oh jrniLT touting all the years the For d Model T One Ton Truck has been on the market, we have never had one complaint of rear axlev trouble. We have had no v complaints of motor trouble. As the motor and the rear axle are the vital funda-f f mentals in a motor track, we have the right to conclude that the Ford One Ton v -' 4?ruck has not only met the demands of business, but has done so in a satisfactory ! tend economic way. There is no other evidence so convincing as that whichv ") comes from long practical experience. Ford One Ton Trucks are serving along 11 industrial and commercial lines. You will find them everywhere. If these V statements were not facts the demand for the Ford One Ton Truck would not '(be as large as it is, because people are not buying trucks which do not give service. Coupled with the dependability of the Ford One Ton Truck in all classes :-fcf. usage, comes the economy in operation and maintenance. On the farm, in : Jfactory delivery, for the merchant, manufacturer, and contractor, in these days - j ' Jof modern business methods, this worm-driven One Ton Ford Truck has becomo m ; , 1.1'; - actus nrecssKy. .voros in ana taut it yycr., , Fold ud Fordson T: i:b: D i i'.q: LUVERNE, ALABAMA. Father abide with you always. '. Mrs.S. J. Richardson and fam No i Aia. i ; r. jl. lorida. ily- " ... ;'.-;.; mm

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