The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1037 BIA'TllEVILLE, •'(AUK.y-COURUilt NEWS I'AtiiD K1VH THE WANT AD MARKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per Him for coiisecu- " live Insertion;; One time per Hue lOc Two times per line per dny .. 08c Tlirec limes per lino per day .. Cfic Six times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per line ,. GOc Cards of Thanks .... 50o & 75o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six dines and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of ttmes the c.U appeared and adjustment 1 of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy tubmilted b.v persons residing out- jiilo of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes Uio one time rate No responsibility will bo tako< for snore than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Shoe Repairing NEW PEAL SHOE SHOP )2t West Main. ; Simon p. Lee in charge 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP NEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We ask 'one trial. WILLIAM FREEMAN 4 doors east J. C. Pcuncy's QUALITY SHOE SHOP 'Hie house of good service and quality. Everything, for your shoes and boots. Rubber heels 25o up, Soles EOc up. Free Delivery ,-. - .'Phone 120 H. B. Campbell, Owner For Stile New Bargains! We have some espcelnlly toad bargains In cars, trucks and pick-ups. Sec Oiir's Before You Buy| 1930 InUrmUloiml >/; Ton Pick-Up 1934 Chevrolet >;. Ton Plek-Up 1033 Chevrolet W Ton Plck-Up 1935 Ford Hi Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 193! Chevrolet Roadster 19^0 Ohkland Sedan Delta 'Implements, Inc. Limited number of Singer treadle machines traded In on new models at exceptional bargains. Also 3 portable electrics oilier makes. Singer sewing Machine Co. 408 W. Main ]3us. Opportunities Sporiing Goods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for baseball, handball, Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices Ward ISdw. Co. Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn this pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Dcauty Shop Practically new Automatic Dclco Light Plant, With radio, fan and Iron. Will sell for liaif price Delta Implements, Incorporated. Ic ktt Big fer Sale Scheduled to begin Feb. 1 lias been postpour/l until flood waters go clown. WATCH FOR OPENING DATE ' Shouse-Hcnry Hdw. Co. J. W. Shouse - J. Wilson Henry Coal & Wood Wanted To Buy Five of liie .Best-Dressed - - 'resident lo Pugilist GREEN INN—cafe & dance hall al Stecle. Good business. Sell seasonable. Apply at Inn. I. COURT HOUSE Cafe. 105 N. 2nd. Doing good business. Phone 044. 12p k23 We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES - & FURS AIUAN AUTO I'ARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 170 Wanted To Trade Unimproved acreage near Ilcber Springs, Ark., for equity in Bly- thcville property or what have oil? E. J. Heato'h; 200 E. Davis. -•'•' : 16c k20 Frc&liinun Only 11 CL.AKKSVILLB, Ark. <U1>) — t'URonc l«i! lias completed his first semester at the College of the Ozarks ill llio ago of 14. He eii- U'lcd urninmir school nf 5, finished al 10 »mi wns graduated dom gli school nt Ihe age of \'l. ( ^HKSSMiraSMWQSuZIHBBEfS'J NOW OPEN I FOR BUSINESS I-'ornul O[iriilng I.alcr LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION \VK HAVE SECU!IEI> THE SEUVICES OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repali yolir radio to first class condition. A tVnpltlu Line of Tuljes aud 1'aris - - Dcsi Trices Hubbai.l Tiro * Itat. Co. Phone 476 & ACETTLENE Slate Mm: WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron Biythcville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & n. R. . Phone 448 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Phone 1031 Alabama Lump Coai S8 per ton —Call 47 Kim's Coai Co. It You Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $6.50 ton ... ..Economy Coal Co. 221 w. Cherry Phone 448 "MY COAI, IS ISLACK BUT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I nlso Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Real Estate FOR SAI.K 60 Acre farm, newly decorated 4 room house, welt & spring. On mail route in Ozarks foothills. Mrs. S. B. Gregory, 711 Chickasnwba. aO-pk-30 Five of the nation's 1G best-dressed men, according (o the Merchant Tniiors Designers' Association, ate pictured above and they ranee from president to prize fighter. Roosevelt, the designers pJAccjl'it the head of the .list, citing him Imppily for originating t'.ic one-faln'ic cutaway in which lie ts'-:'fcp,b\fai 'licre Left to right from the president are: Angler Diddle Duke, society man, resplendent in wo'dtflHgHriivnl and spray of flowers; Fred (White Tic and Top Hat) Aslalrc V: the films; Maryland's Senato'r Millnn F. Tydlngs, formally in morning attire. Below is (he prl::e ring's fashionable Knzo Ficrthontc. FOlt SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across Horn high and grade schools. Cheapest ..taxes In town 1 Could be made Into apartment Cheap for cash. 800 Chlcknsawbn ; dh tf Wind and llrcezc Helpful | D.BNVBR. (UP)—Wind and Brccic in Denver helped (he victims of the storm ami flood. Glenn Breeze and Frank Wind, tellers from the First National Bank, spent their working hours counting, checking and recording funds reuoivcd'by the local chapter" of the American Hed Cross for flood relief. Australian eucalyptus trees »rc Inrucr than California's big trees. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Orer Joe Isaacs' Storo , -WE MAKE 'EM Slili" Fhouc 540 They often exceed 350 -Ted in height. "I'ull lo (he left for I.ffl.v'« Srsvk'o iiticl tti'cp yoni' lux dollars al home. SHELL PRODUCTS TBRRY ADSTRACT & HHAf-TY CO. Abstracts, Lnitdi & foani E.' M. Terry, Trcs. and Mgr. I'lioiiuCll Wylhiviltt, Ark. WELDING AT BEST PRIOEa PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Go, PHONE 19 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Trices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed « Kindling Pi I ON B 7fi Now Lbcaicd nt 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU HON FmVAHllS, lYoprlcior All make* of HclmUt Typewriters, AiUIng Machines an* Cnlculiilors—Hcimlrlng—Farts—Illbbons Personal Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS. RESIDENCES. PILLING STATIONS. Don H: Kasserman Room 220—Lynch bldg. Phone 877—P. O. Box 410 COAL COAL Wo have the best prices on all kinds of good coal. Phone us for prices. WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US ~A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weight S 1'licnc i7S Cliickasawba * CALL & F. FRY nt FREE! If excess acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, Udga, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. AOTO LOANS NO RED TAI'E Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses and other bills Car need not be paid for. Sec U. W. MUIjLINS Sudbury Bldg. Phone 495 For Rent Nicely furnished BEDROOM. Reasonable. 325 E. Davis. 15-ck-19 FURNISHED APARTMENT, 305 DOUGAK. Mrs. A. A. Allen. 2-ck-tf Two or Three Furnished Rooms, reasonable. DM Hearn street. 18p.k2-18 Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call SCO. 2-c-k-3-2 Furnished, stetimhealcd Apartment. Telephones 137 and 571. Oc ktf Female Help Wtd. Address envelopes at homo, spare- time; substantial weekly pay Experience unnecessary. Dignified Il -| work. Stnmn brings details. Em| ployment Mgr., Dcpt. 4066, Jack- json, Tenn. Wonder City Coal Co, FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevalio AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAL 417 Position Wanlecl By experienced HOUSEKEEPER References furnished. Mrs. L. H Schultz. route 3, Care J. O. Huey 15-pk-l • Balleries FOR BETTER Battery Service CALL J. IS. CJ,Ij.\t; Jackson Service Station—Phone Sal(-.sinp,n Wanted HUSTLER WANTED! To iulro- j (iuro. supply demand for Raw-' Irigh necessities. Good routes open nearby. Rawldgh methods get business. Xo selling eOTcrience needed. We supply salts, advertising lilcraturc—.ill you need. Profits should increase every monlh. Low prices: good values, complete service. Rnwlelgh's, D;pt. AKB-27- 03, Memphis. Tenn. .O Y'WOkj'T SCAT, EW? Y'WAMTA FIGWT, DO YUM? AWRIGHT, &BEEW-EYED MUTTI I'LL GIVE Y'SUMPIM TSNARL ABOUT 2y£fc^$?oQ | Y'i-r^w -^> v 3 I ,..J^ryk.^:—:))^o.. BOOTS AND HBL BUDDIES WOW GOOD ff VOOi OOK)'T 6TOP 5QOW/OWM6, PLENTY OF 1ROOB1.E, 1 OUT llt:|p|s^j%^~. .V<??Q1»7 BY HE* SERVICE. IMC. T.M. REG. U.S.PAT. OF KIGHT DOWN HKK ALLEY! i WHAT,' HER. GOOP-FER-NUTHIN lAVT! ) [NOW,MIZ GUMBV, LULU PELLE'S A\ H'RW \ LEAVE \GITBACK BCM& HUSBANP HAS RUN Of F WITH A PECULIAR WTMAfvl. FEP. FOE. \TTO. ) TH\ SAINT NO MEBBE VOU'D LIKE TO BREAK THE NEWS TO LULL) KUE. GUMBV! BLAgETtR- THERE'S LIBUL Poultry & Eggs FRESH EGGS 35r. not. i,o]<l only ?,t Abbott-Johnson farm ( • rOlJI.TRY WANTED ', — . We pay highe-st market prices for Piece of stcnm hose, Tlmrednv all kinds poultiy. Hsher &l morning. Reward. Blytlicville Oil Clainns nt Gaines Grocery & Mar-; Mill. 12p kn «t, 11 w. Main. FKECKLBS AND HIS I'KIENDS IN THI; DUAIPS: BABY CHICKS ALl, VARUTnES Piislom Hntching - -MAKILYK HATCHER.?' Hv,y. 61 North, BIythevllle Stolen BALL (silver colored toll) stolcii__.§uii<.tay night from Hcatgn's HuiiiE ol F!un'crr> REWARD. . ... 13-CK-18 YOUVE BEGfJ SfTTIKIS THESE V/nH YOUR BCX3KS FDR.-^vX> HOURS AMD HAVEW'T DOWE A LICK OF HOME-WOB.K ! WHAT'S THE MATTER \VfTH You HE WAS HER MAM, BUT SHE DOWE HIM WROWS ! I AV/, PIPS A GbY, I SUFFER, j WITHOUT BeiWG MADE '•• A f=oot_ L ' OF ? rO"f V ' *S' %V- (ALL HE I DOES IS GO AROUMDl "THE House MAKIW' MOOM- EYES? By Jilossei FRCCXLES,! ifl-»y rr V^>S A BLOV/ 'ID MXJ ID HAVE TOWl I.E/N.E YXJ^m-tcur A V.CRD Or GX^MJXTIGU, BUT THERE ARE OTHER , THIWGS MORE |M-. ) PORTAKfT/ ^W a ij^t . FORGET HER,SO!J! OCCUPY : YOUR MIWD v/rrH • TWUQS.'THRW/ • WHOLE-HEACTTEDLY WORK .'.' GET -itXJRSELF A JOB DIGGIN'AV/EU.^ Awb THEM DO WHAT MOM SAYS

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