The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1932
Page 4
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JMMDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1032 BL7THE VILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWg PA- UASSIFiED SECTION Classified Advertising Rates Minimum Charge 5"° Ctur.t 5 Average Words to a Line Month rate per line, per month 60c Six limes, per line per day . 05c Throe limes per line per day M| O:,K lime per line 10 All Ads run Irregularly take '.he one time rate. CALL, WIGGlNSj Electric Shop lor repairs ana estimates, I'lione *Wi llu'-K 11-iu PLUMBING KEUUCED KATES on plumbing work done More cold svcadwr. A. G. Altlcen. Call «94W. 14C-X11-14 SS UllUiC'l'UKV 5-10-25C Stoic UAD10 SERVICE RADIOS HEI'AIKED. Work guaranteed. estimates free. h. L DKUMAN, Walpole Electric Sl'.op Phone 3H. Hp-kll-H COAL AND WOOD Iranthani Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal He Stands on His Head for His Thrill nui.:e 01 oaruains. save a wmit. i s ,. camoro & K . R , st ., phone 9C4. 2»f- K O« 2o | 4C . K n _.i WANTED-To overhaul your tiet- j mK SALE _ aood dry wo od, Phoiie iric sweeper. Wortc guaranteed. I , m _ CQokc alltl G ill!am Hcnner hlmric Service, ' i'urn. Co. I'iioiie 12C-K 11-12 EXPERT Typewriter and adding niacnine repairing. U. S. cnshlp, 116 E. Rose. Phone 1B5W. 10-K U-l 2SC-K Oct 2b I COAL at low cash prices. Phone 48. "I Prompt Delivery. BL-YTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 5c-kNov.5 LOOK—Wilson is still cleaning, building and repairing flues. Can 100. 11P-K.1S HOMECRAFT Se« our new attachment lor making Singcrcraft rugs. We teach you. Singer Sewing Machine Co. IDpklOlQ ROOM & BOARD MRS. T. R. WATSON-$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry, Krone 602. 1P-K 11-1 DRESSMAKING YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent f{!gns" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. SEWING, alterations, mending. Cheap. Mrs. E. A. Fisher, 109 W. Kentucky. COATS RELINED, alterations and hats retrimmed. Miss Ruth Thompson, Gofi Hotel. Cit-R* T* &K Tiil or OKLAHOMA OtTY (UP) - Tho OWihoin'R county J*ll'« cat-rat Uttollelan is to become- a tidloi n Nevada. Jimtnte Mcutmtl's, who nt- lined national f»me In n rat-ra controversy born lo relieve tli tdlum ot A year's Jail somcnc, has been paroled by Oov. W. 1. (Alfilfa Bill) Murray. Ho 1m. sei vcd eight' months of a term or obtaining money under false pretense. Becoming bored with duties as ilef musty, MoUiuilels Hlitrlad a debute which w»s not icrmlnaua until exiwrtB In Ihe (Icparlmenl ov Husbandry. Washington, and (Iu ocrclnry o( the Aincrlciui Cat As .oilallon, Ghlcigo, lnul been hi- rolvetl. On ilia scientific theory tliii iiir iimv of mis, noticed In tli .ill, would breed 3,000,000 rals « Ih'rco ' years,' McD»nl(U finally 'proved" that the raU would ex- aunhiate all the oHiphng of a ,>alr°of cats bofn during the same McDantels whose clemency was iccommended- by County Attcrney Lewis B. Morris', planned to open i cleaning and pressing shop la icvuda, the ofllclal said. has twice tried to mint Jlatlnum as tlio national coinage, abandoned both attempts. HOTELS "The GofI, It's a Cafe in connection. good hotel" Mc-k Oct 2 RESTAURANTS ITC-K 11-11 FOR SALE PILLING STATION, dwelling House, 3 storage tanks, all combined. Good business. Will sell cheap. Address "HA", Courier. 70-K 11-1 BEST EATS Iii town. Open day and night. Green Beetle Cafe. Mrs. J. W. Wright, Prop. 23p-fc Oct 23 One way tr keep'li'om growing old is to try the stunt that Slg Smith of New nerc. He gave San Francisco a thrill by the streets, anil w.ilkiiiE bllndtoltled out on that narrow plank, high above then going into a hcswJjlaml. WANTED TO 1<UY HATCHING EGGS — Marilyn Hatchery. Blythevillc. 11C-K TP FOE RENT—On apartment; GARAGES AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS zUO-K. Oct, 'rf WE PAY CASH for old cook stoves and used furniture. Don't throw them awny. Dodson Furniture'Co., 301-E. Main. Phone 155. 4C-K 11-4 EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Peoples Garage. Phone BOS. 21P-K Oct. 21 Will sell cheap a Simplex New Perfection distillate or fuel oil burner heating stove. Call 2U2-W 8x-kU FLOYD HARGETTS GARAGE CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALT., 8p-K 11-8 ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-board motors, good as new, 3 sizes. Boonc Hall. 10p-k 11-10 DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS go to the St. Fran- els Drug Co. Now located -on Ash Street near 5th. 23c-K Oct 23 BEAUTYT'ARLORS FOR SALE REASONABLE -Slightly used portable typewriter. Call 868-W. ' FLORENCE WATER Heater and .2-burnjr New Perfection portabb stove with oven. Call SITUATIONS NYANTED small furnished „ 3-room and one 5-room apartment unfurnished. Rent reasonable to satisfactory tenants. Frank C. Douglas, Phones 383 or 451 14c-ktf VOU CANT R1SLY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. YOUNG I;ADY COLLEGE GKAD- UATE dbsLree position. Experienced In general office work, as cashier, restaurant hostess and in caring for children. Willing to work cheap or for room anti .board and small salary. Address "S" Condor REASONABLE RENT wanted for 5 -room furnished house. Call 073. nc-kll-17 Seven Room house Ash. Phone 151. 916 West 17C-K22 price. Dated this tobcr, 1932. Japan in Training For Olympic R«c« TO THOSE seeking jobs the Courier News Want-Ads otter a result producing service at low 239. 1TC-K20 EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Per- n-.inents 53.50 up. Powder Pull Beauty Parlor. 21P-K Oct 21 YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. STORE FIXTURES FOR SALE OR TRADE—Lupton show case, bins, shelving and tire rank. Phone 202-W. lOp-k 10-18 cost. Phone 306. FOUND PURSE containing money, article. Owner can have same by -identifying and paying for ad. J. E. PEOPLE who read these columns IKIMII business. Tlicy nfo not ic;nlina it just to pass tho time away. They arc definitely looking for offers which meet their needs. Let us write yours. Lunsford, 1501 West Mflin. 17P-K19 FARM LANDS CLEANERS, TAILORS HATS CLEANED and re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53 12C-K11-12 FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in 6 miles of Blytheville. 1 mile of good school. $25.00 'p'er acre, terms. Phone 867 or 888. W. T. Barnett. 6C-K-TF A WAY to convert old furniture, clothes, and other unwanted itc-.ns in your home into reaay cash. Phone 300 and ask the Want- Ad Taker. ...she'll give you full details. LOST ATTENTION — Men's overcoaU cleaned and hats blocked. Ladies fur trimmed coals our specialty. Call Unique Cleaners Service. Phor.e 111. for prom pi 6p-K 11-0 DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. We re-line, re-model and repair coats and suit. 1 ; for men and women. Experienced tailor and experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor Shop. 12C-K 11-1! ~~ DAIRIES FRESH—A Grade Milk dolivcrec night and morning. O. W. Lewis. Phone 877. .10P-K 11-10 Mr. Bargain Hunter Now is Ihc golden opportunity to buy a 40 or 80 or larger farm. Improved lands can be bought at prices ranging from $15 lo S40 per acre, cash or terms. If you buy a home this fall it will increase in value, pay a good divi- dent and help make a living. We can locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL Box 188 Phone 707 15C-K 11-15 LOST—Black horse mule, weighs 70!) Ibs., has saddle on but not bridle Reward. Notify Tcrce States Lumber Co. FOR RENT FURNISHED houss. five rooms, bath, garage, servant house 130G Chlckasawbn. Call 83 or 380. lOcklu 19c-klO-lD MODERN 5 room house, Ash and Division. Apply 1315 W. Main. 11C-KIO LIVE STOCK ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags. Brushes nnd rubber-covered cord for your electric sweeper. Hoffner Electric Service, Vc Giltai Furniture, Gait 680. 13c-kim ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures and wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 Mp-kll-H FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they will find It cor.vtnient and economical to use courier News Want- Ads. FOK RE^T— Comfortable bedroom v.ilh twin beds, private family. Kitchen privileges 1C desired. 7« V. Main St. 14p-kl8 AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE—New and Used Auto Parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co 2020 W. Main, Phone Cfi. 3c-K Nov 3 GREEN LEAF CAFE * FRUIT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c, with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. See me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK JIEHAKG, Proprietor We Deliver 312 E. Main FOR SALE—Model "A" V.I Ton Ford Truck. Perlecl condition Very reasonable. John C. Mctlaney Jr., "The Monument Man". 23c-k-TF Sinclair Gas & Oil. Greasing, wash ing, U. S. Tires. Day and Nigh Service. 1'r.onc 555. 2Jp-kOct. 24 WASH TUBBS OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wnr«»" Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ph»ne S10-T31 WATERPROOF Covers for trucks j artl wagcns. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First 51.. Phone G43. 17P-K11-17 SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson MI-U: K. LET'S SWAP WHAT HAVE you to swap? Gft results—It cost8 only a few cents a day. WILL TRADE for sot of children's books or sell, cheap, a complete set of Alexander Hamilloil's business books. Address "H". Courier News. 28X-K-TF FRFXJKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS POULTRY See Weisburd And See Better EYES TESTED FREE And Glasses FUC«d BABY CHICKS, all varieties. Ciis- j ton\ hatching wticitcd. i5arilyn : Hatchery, Blythevillc. 4cktf' SPACK FOR LEASE YOU CAN lease a space like this every day in the month at low' (Cost. Phone 306. ' SREAT! AJJD BELIEVE TO IT Too.... MO ' EXCITeMEKST FOR WELL -THIS SUGGESTION 66At),BUSTErT2,~-1 AM MAY BE A WILD BUT WHY DON'T you fed TO A P DETUNE uOOK IN I'VE TVRN&.D THtN<b IN MV RjOOhA (N'bltJt OUT, SE£KiN<o TVIE PLACE v-iHeoe t H\t> It BEFORE THE. SoOOESJ cff- MY ^AE•^v^o^^Y, DUB TO T' BUMP ON MiV HEAD/ IN EVER.Y MOOK. AND L HUNTED, TO NO CRYSTAL. AN SEE ONDEB K BATH-TUB, -STOPPED INS)"D6 A York: Is demonttratlni! t>e rcqiilrcd lo give bond with ap- pnrl'hiuo 3rd day of Oc W. W. SHAVEH, shcrin OSAKA, ,Japnn (UP) Japan's first participation In KXTRA! KXTRA! races Iu the next pics, in 1036, at Berlin, muiilbc of the Japan Yncht club hav Jissl compieled dally training c n regular triangular course, whtc will be established on Lake In accordance with the Olyhif system. • To encourage this new sport; tho Osaka Malnlchi held the Mai- nichi Onp races, based upon the Ihe .p-;r- xl. comes to Us«d C.'ars Hie *ant-ad FORGET AND FORGIVE! 6UT >10V1 KNOW HfS &3T P,N'T oo THIS, COVO-OLOOPE.9 FOR ONCE >N IT...SOOWAUO .It... O.K. WHAT A TEAM WE'LL. HAVE THIS • HADYSIDE PISH, UNDER COACH LEI '5 GO OVER AM' VJATCH TVIE SHADYSIDE \\\&A IU FOOTBAUL P!2ECV!t.eS AMD OSCAR. ARE: • STAWDIHS... lit err IT AMD NOTK'K OF EXECUTION SALE _ . NMlcc is hereby Riven thnt I,|OlympH; system, durliiB th: undcrslsncd" as Sheriff .of Mis- 1 '™' sis'lppl County, Arkansas, under and by authority of aft execution issued on n judgment rendered ori the 2Glh day of April, 1932 in the Chancery Court for the Chicka- siuta District of Mississippi County. Arkansas in the case of The Tennessee Agriculture Credit Corporation, Plaintiffs, vs, H. A. Aslibranner, Defendants,, will the 29lh day of October, 1932, t the South Door of 'the Court House at Blythevillc, Arkansas, Her for sale the following describ- 1 real property: An undivided one-third Interest in and to Hie northwest cjuarter of the northeast, tiiiay- ler of Section 21 and Ihe southwest quarler of Section 25, al- in-Township 15, Hnnse 8. Southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 30, nnd the north half (N'.i) of the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter and the northwest ' quarter of Ihe northeast quarter less the south two ncrcs of the west halt <W'L-> of the northeast quarter, west of the B. Nf. & L. hardroad In Section 31, Township 15, Range 0 East. The purchaser at said sale wl , OOOMEC TO '8E EXECUTED, IS M^RCHt9 ft«KV. U>tA UEMWMS OUVU IS WB\UMT,. F«? Vt IS TO CO)WNP TH6 f IRINCi

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