The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAT 15, 1952 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COJTSIER NBWS PACK Democrats Huddle To Name Keynoter CHICAGO l-fl— Democratic leaders went into a huddle today to name the keynoter for their party's national convention. They also planned to choose a team to start working on building a 1S52 platform. The Democratic Arrangements Committee gathered for a closed session at the Stock Yard Inn, next j^loor lo the International Ampht- "™healre, where lhe convention will open July 21. The meeting, had Ihis program before It: Recommending a temporary chairman who will deliver the keynote speech at lhe convention. Appointment Planned Appointing a preliminary drafting committee to begin preparation of a platform. Considering & permanent chairman for Ihe sessions that will produce nominees for President and vice president. Studying the't convention blueprints now taking shape. Some members talked of Gov. Paul Dever of Massachusetts as lhe best bet for the keynoter assignment and Rep. Sam Rnyburn of Texas, House speaker, as the favorite for permanent chairman, a post he held at the 1948 convention. It was indicated a half dozen names may enter lhe keynoter dis cussions. Among those mentioned in meeting eve talk were Sen. Jos- jph C. O'Mahoncy of Wyomini 9^n. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and Ernest W. McFarland of Arizona. Senate majority leader. O'Mahoney Mentioned One member, M rs. M a rguerile Thompson of Colorado, said she would like to see the post go to Sen. O'Msihoney. Another member Calvin Rawlings of Utah, said he would prefer a Westerner, Committee sources esthnatec that the preliminary drafting grouj may have 20 mbmbers. This group will sift and study ideas for the platform. The advance aim seemed to be to balance the appointees so that all major geographical sections and points of view on such controversial subjects as civil rights will be represented. The arrangements committee may invite Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois io make an address of welcome. Stevenson has said he could not accept the presidential nomination. But there has been talk of a possible Stevenson draft, and this apparently has put him out of consideration for the key noter job. The arrangements group technically will recommend a keynoter to the full national committee July 19 and the convention July 21. The choice usually is accepted. PRISON (Continued from Page 1) command and some congressmen declared it implies the U.N. command treated prisoners of war in inhumane fa.shion. All echelons of he U.N. Command say this Isn't so. Statement."! which drew particular censure, and which North Korean Gen. Nam II seized upon for new verbal attacks on the Allies in Pnnimmjoin truce talks, were: * ' M a ny p r is o no rs of wa r have been kilted or wounded by United Nations forces." Prisoners "can expect humane Irc-.ilmont in the future." "There will be no more forcible screening." American authorities quicklj staled that prisoners have been killed only in riots instigated by the Communist prisoners themselves; prisoners have been treated humanely; and there never has been "forcible screening" to determine whether prisoners want to go back to Red rule. The Colson agreement also provided for prisoner committees. Repercussions Expected Clark's repudiation was expected to have prompt repercussion in armistice negotiations and on the Communist radio. Colson has been returned to his Accused Admits Buying Poison Carpenter Says H« Did It on Day Riverdate Man Died LEPANTO, Ark. WV-One of Ihree persons charged with murder has admitted buying poison on the day Sheriff J. Lee Wright said Vnscus Eugene Mote. 45-year-old itinerant carpenter, made a .statement yesterday that he bought strychnine last Nov. 12. Dean. 49. at first was believed to hove died of a heart attack. But last week his body was exhumed from a Cnrulhersville, Mo., cemetery and an autopsy showed "significant quantities of strychnine alkaloid" in ( his organs. Sr« rclatfrl story nn page 1, "Significant" in medical terminology means sufficient lo cause death. Mote, Dean's 29-ypar-old widow, now Mrs. Clyde Smith, and Smith, 23, were charged with first degree Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Ojien High Low Close Oct. Dec. . 3797 3613 3391 . 3514 3797 3627 3605 35M 3751 3590 3797 3327 3590 Mar 3514 35M 3556 New Orleans Cotton Open Hizh Low Close July Oct. , Dec. Mar. , 3790 ..... 35"6 3568 3799 3625 3605 3&80 3155 3568 3566 Fendlcr Tells Bar Of Importance of Knowing Tax Law Opportunities and responsibilities of attorneys In the field of tax law were discussed by Oscar Kendler. Blyiheville attorney, today in an address to the Arkansas Bar Association nt iUs annual convention In Hoi Springs. Mr. Fcndler said a knowledge of tax law would be a_slop it) the I of various fimd-rFiising campaigns fight against imiuuhoriserf prac-jhold during Hip hiph .school year. Wilson Seniors Plan Class Trip To Doytona Beach WILSON — Uaytona Bench, Fin. will bo I he destination when 30 ( Wfteon High School graduates and i their four sponsors depart Monday morning at 4:30 by school bus Cotton Textile Industry Says Worst Of Long Depresion Is Now Behind ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. M'j — worst of their year-Ion* depression Leaders of the lading textile industry said today Ihey believed the NOTICE Notice IK hereby given lliat Ihe undersigned has tiled with the DC- turer.s Institute was behind them. They viewed the future in > slightly brighter light as they gathered for the third annual meeting of the American Cotton MnmiJac- on (.lie The trip, senior (rip. under suiiervislon of i pnrtment of Alcoholic Beverape [ Control of the State of Arkansas for ,. - i >«* » permit- to .sell and dispense theschool, is financed by proceeds bepr ttt retnS1 on lhe premlscs described as: L>28 N T . 2nd Street, Bly- lice of law by banks and accounl- 3795 3621 3600 3589 includinR the Junior play last year. theville, Mi?.slssij>]ji County. tliis year's senior play, (he senior •=rhool supply store and concession Soybeans May old command as chief of staff of ( O psv inuYder. Tlin Smiths xvere married about three weeks after Dean died. Sheriff Wright said Mote told him lie bought the posion in nearby Caraway to kill some rats. Mole was quoted as saying he stopped off at Dean's cafe, and later stepped outside Ihe building, leaving his coat and the poison behind. Later that night. Mote reportedly said, he was approached by the then Mrs. Dean, who asked him to accompany her to her nearby home lo give a dose of medicine to her ailing husband. The sheriff said other witnesses had told him that a short while later, the widow ran from her house screaming thai her husband was dead. Informed' yesterday of the an- NOV New York Stocks A T and T Anier Tobacco Anaconda Copper , Beth Steel , Chrysler , Coca-Cola j Gen Electric C~n Motors Hiph Low Close 300> 2 297' : 2 30QI;, 2f)3 290'i 253 275*, 273'A 274*; 1.M 54 7-8 43 1-8 41 1-4 1-4 i and a ins. "One of lhe most serious obstacles had boon the indifference of many lawyers who actually iiHtfra- vale the problem by referring SCO in the treasury. Clients with tax problems to no Tnp f j rsr cottntanls rather thnn handle t h e, legal mailers themselves," ho sairt. He lolcl the Bor Association members that Ihev "have an obi gallon to know all about tax law.s so that ycti can counsel y o u v clients properly upon any local problem thai they bring into your law office." The undersigned states that, he i-s a citizen of Arkansas, cf good moral character, that he lias never Mrmrtfi at athiollc event* at school. | ,,„,„ coa (. t ;. le({ of ., [( . lollv '„,. ,„„„ .ei r ^ 1 !,?i' S ,.!lT,.!!! >Pr0 ''' lni> ' 0l> ' V 1 " """« involving moral turpitude: I that no to soil licor by the stop on the ; undersigned hn.s born revoked v, \i\\- -riny Journey will be at Cciinm- in fls'c ycnrs last pnsi; niui that Ih ~ There was no general spirit of unbridled optimism. They adiiu'.ted they were by no means out of tne wood. 1 : as yet. And there were such serious problems ahead as the growing threat of foreign competi- rms, Oa. Reborn v tion s for the group have' vtc leA of vfoliitinij I ho law.s or Montgomery Ward N Y Central IiH Harvester ,- 32 1-R .1 C Penney 67 3-8 Republic Steel 39 1-4 ! Radio .. . .. 25 1-4! Socony Vacuum 37 7-8 SLudebakcr 31 3-4 Standard of N J 753-4 Texas Corp " 5fl Sears . 52 7-8 U S Steel ....' 37 5-8 Sou Pac 73 3-B Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Til. UV— lUSDA 1—Hogs 9,500; uneven; weights under 240 Ibs practically cleared to shippers and butcher* at 75 to 1.00 higher than Wednesday's nvernge; heavier weights M , „ ": i topsy results, Mrs. Smith would to T5 higher: weights over 270 Ibs the 1st Corps in Korea and Docid I n)ake ... * . b 108 t-2 58 1-4 M 1-2 58 1-2 L8 3-4 cutlers 17.00-22.50; bulls 50 higher; utility and commerce bulls 23.50-26.50; cutler bulls 20.0023.00; vealers unchanged• Koorl nml choice 31.00-36.flD; sorted prime vealers 33.00: utility and commercial vealers 23.00-30.DO. i bri?n arranged ai the Ho- trl. Du.uona Bench. They plat) to rot urn June 3. AI 4 o'clock in (he morning of their droarturo. ihp seniors and the Fponsorjs will IIP t-hn guests o( Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Harncs nt a break- fnst. at the Wilson Tavern. Class sponsors are Miss Virpte Rfiei-rs. Miss Martlin Munry, J. D. Roberts and William Yutcs. state, or any other state, relative to tin* sale of alrcholic liquors. Application !s (or permit to be Issued for operation bepinnhm on tho 1st day of July, 1DS2, anti to expire on the 301 h day of June, I9ij3. Dud Cason Post No. 24, Ameriman legion B. Evans. tion. Rut they said encouraging Mgns wore beginning to appear and Inventories were iHsajypearlng. The American Cotton Mamjf.ic- 11 beer by the turcr.s Institute represents 85 i>er real of the cotton textile hidus'ry. Us three-day meeting begins ftjth forma] sessions this afternoon. As they gathered the hard fact remained Hint the Industry still is In one of H.s worst depressions. There are some 140,000 idle In i In 1 Industry. Markets are slow, Production is off 20 to 25 per cent. hns n^ver hern con- Chicaco is Ihe crossroads of thf narion's iMlrortfis. - > Sub^fribod and .sworn in before ! i me tnt.s 14 day of May, 10")2. \ j Elizabeth M;v,nn. i Noifivv Public • USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Finamp Officer j BECAUS E pTls off the outer skin unrl «x- luirlort funa! lo klh U on ron- ir not plonked IN ONE HOUR lnhlAni-<lrylnit T-4-1,. your 40c is back with headquarters. U.S. Eighth Army comment, said Sheriff Wright. "I haven't got anything to tell anybody." the sheriff quoted her as saying. Mrs. Smith Is being held at Jonesboro; Smith is in jail at not established; sows 25 to 50 higher; bulk choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 21.2S-65; several lends choice Nos. 1 and J around 300210 Ibs 21.75; highest since Oct. 8, 1951; 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.00-21.00; packers Harrisburg, and Mote is contmed | buying feu- at 20.75 down; 150-170 at Lepanto. \BlytheYille Man Homed To Drug Group Post T. C. Brannum of Blytheville was named second vice president of the Arkansas Drug Travelers Association yesterday at a meeting of that organization with the Arkansas FhrmaceuLical Association in Little Rock. Burning paper in an outbuilding , John Hammond of Little Rock i at 11] Ash Street was t h e | offerings at 34.25-75 in upper half was elected president of the Drug j cause of a fire alarm this morning, j of choice grade; utility und com- Travelers Association. , I No damage resulted. mercial cows 23.00-26.50; canners Fire Does No Damage Ibs 19.75-21.25; I'20-1M Ibs 11.5019.75 ;sows 400 Ibs down 17.7518.50; heavier sows 16.50-17.75; Stags 13.00-15.00; boars 12.50-14.50. Cattle 1,000. calves 700; moderately active and fully steady; lew good and choice steers 3ft.50-34.T5; r HIGHLIGHTING WARDS WASHABLES AND DRESSY NYLON STYLES Rayon* 5.98 Coffon* A*>*Jon nets 12.98 E The smart acetate-and-rayon seersucker type Dresj shown obove is just one from our big selection carrying the Ward washability tag. Misses', women's sizes. (3 Don't miss our big fashion-bright selection of tub- loving cottons. Tissue, regular weight ginghams, chambroys; broadcloths. Juniors', misses', women's. 0 Young, fromy Nylon Dresses like me»« will turn every admiring eye your way for parlies, graduations, weddings. Come, see how their skirts belt-out lo make your waist look doll-sized. Each Viqs a crisp rayon taffeta slip. Some have nylon Ince, embroidery trims. White, misty pastels. Juniors', misses' sizes. 406 W. Main Phone 4591 EQUALS OUR 79.90 MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING Toll or twt* *. 59.88 O. f«na», 15% <*>«« Som« feohjres 01 our regular J79.90 ileep wf—tok* advantage of this jpecial saving now. Buoyant 252- coil mattrest padded with new white felted cotton, insulated with sisal. Heavily-stitched pr«-built border. Durable gray and red striped ticking. Kgh* ok venh. Matching box spring olso has four plastic handlei, HOLLYWOOD OUTFIT, Steep Set, Legs, Hdbd..72.88 FOAM UTEX PILLOW with zip covtr »och 4.99 6.38 BROCADE CARPET arved-effect O . OO iqvare yard Beautiful, top-fashion' carved-erfect—ideal choice where good taste and fashion are appreciated even if Ihe budget is small. Rich high-and-low pile of wool, strong carpet rayon. Beige, gray, green. Save now. 9x12, reg. 76.55 — 67.BS 9x1 5 reg. 95.70 «4.90 1 2x15 reg. 127.60—113.20 7I< Rug Cush. Sq.yd.59t 9.95 LUXURE BROADLOOM Superior quality— O.OO i qua re yard Save welcome dollars on this decorative and durabls carpeting; 9, 12, 15' widths. Smart high-and-low pilo has Iho dramatic richness of carved carpeting. Heavier- than-usual wool and carpet-rayon. Beige, grey, green. ' 9x12, reg. 119.40 — 106.56 9x1 5 reg. 149.25—133.20 1 2x15 re«. 199.00—177.60 1.95 Rug Cush. sq. yd. 1.66

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