The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1932
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1932 BLYTIIEV1LLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Old Tammany and the New Tim Has Changed His Strides But He's Same Under the Skin. Tammany Hall's .rise to influence in national political affaiis is sketched in the folloninf article, the 1-iM uf three in which «ene Cuhn his written for Courier Xcv.i, and NBA Sfrvlfe "The Tale of the Tammany TiKtr." By GKNE COHN NBA Service Writer NEW YORK.—Tourists, viewing the old Tammany Hall for the first time, would invariably gasp-, "whai! That?" For what they saw was a dingy, down-al-ihc-heel looking building in Fourteenth Street, flanked on one hand by sarish posters of girl shows and on the other by cli?ap shops. After all the tale.s of graft and boodle and ill-gotten - wealth. a visitor expected some hint of ,; glitter. But a weather-slalncd In-i'. dian, staring down from his niche, - provided Ihe only decoration. ^ The rise of Al Smilh. long a favored son, was credited with causing the Tiger to change its habitat and move into the Colonial-fronted spcii on Union Square. A "New Tammany'' had been announced with George Olvany as the leader and a new coterie of advisors and wire pullers. And a new, highly respectable looking home was part of the program. The shape and coloring of the bricks, for Instancy, were idenlicnl with those used in Thomas Jefferson's birthplace. Wandered From I Air TAMMANY HAD HALTED on the East Side of Fifth Avenue liowcver, having vowed never to cross that, artery, but always to cling to the district 1 ; of the working many, the small shop-keep? and the poor man. Yet, four years ago. the Tige did wander beyond Fifth Avenue It ventured far afield and .foun itself definitely in the national po litlcal arena. This was because A Smith had been nominated as •presidential candidate. Once more, but more furtively Tammany stalks the background o a presidential issue. Tammany' leader John Curry and Brooklyn Leader John McCooey had gone to the Chicago convention, feeling Ihat their 95 New York votes could lie things, up. put they djcin't. V Franklin" D. Roosevelt was named. 'Jimmy Walker, M Smilh, Curry and'McCcoey exited, sulking. Then Roosevelt snapped his own whip at the Tiger by forcing Mayor Walker into a corner, and .subsequent resignation. With a Democratic party split, it seemed doubtful whether Governor Roosevelt could carry his own state. HEIEFM PHILLIPS HOTS Friends .and R e 1 a t i ves From Out of Town At-i tend Services. , Many out o( town people were here Friday (or the funeral A, Phllli|)S, who died Wednesday following a lenulliy illness. Father J. J. Thompson coniucl- ed the final rites nt the Church of [he Immaculate Conception nnd burial wns iniide fit Maple Urovo cemetery. Acllve pallbeams were: W. Leon Smith, Tom Martin, A. Cou- way, Park Hatchelt, c. M. Gray and Ur. H. A. Taylor; hunorury: Howard Riley, Harry Uoonc. Hal Himler nnd Simp Hunter <•" New Miulrid, Mo., A. 13. rah Held and G. B. Richard. High muss sung and Miss Evelyn HmUer and Miss lama Diggs of New Madrid rendered vocal solos. Olhers from out of town who were here Included Mrs. Simp llun- ler, Mrs. C. 1). Richards, Mrs. llnl Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Simp Hunter I Jr., of New Madrid, Mr. niul Mrs. I I Sam Plkey oi Marsion, Mo., Mrs. hi. Lee Williams and Mrs. Will I3a- ! vis ot Point Pleasant. Mo., Misses Genevicvc and Virginia Cronan of Porlageville, Mo., Mrs. C. B. H?cd 1 and daughter of Turrell. Ark., Har| old Phillips of Mempnis, Mrs. J. W. Kimes and daughter, Mrs. Uvrrle Inlow of SI. Louis. Mrs. J. W. hodes of llayu. Mo., Phillips Robison of Nashville, 'L'eim., and Mrs. ue Davis of Marked Tree. i With the County Agents J. !•;. CriU Corn Lcc Colomnn to Hy J. i:. CrlU T!:cro will be awarded the [iiriiH'i- showing lhv Urgent ar.iV-mlc inm-nscd yield of cotton following soybeans frcui last jcui. to land adjacent vlnch did nol iirow swhumis lust The sumo with coin tm •V. increase vvlieve soybeans v-ei. plumed wllli corn anil corn on an Hrtjaccm plot thai dul uol hat:- l.Tiins planted In the com. i .e reports need nut be f-jrj I hi- niiire acre, but for iwo rows at nilt-mils over Held, giving the ;eii'Ui and width of rows. All icpnrls rniibt 1« In Ihe County Aunt's olllco by in- before Siii-.-rd.iy, Novniilicr r>th. TA:: SCHOOLS TO HI: man VM1KK IJlltlXTJON Ol-' COI.- I.I:<;K OK A<;itH'vi,TiMti:, I'XI VKKSITV 111' Alt- KAXSAS P'.ui'j; aiul dalt-s: l-'inl Smith. Twfdny. Oct. 25. Little llock, Wednesday. Oct. 20 Wynne, Thursday, Oct. 27. Mi-r.llcello, Friday, Oct. 2H. ilupe. Saluvdiiy, Oct. 2U. slslant. Director of Agricultural Extension. 1-11 CMlll ACII1F.VKMKNT MAY NOVICMHKR. 3 Every -I-II Club member should hnve their record buck conipk-lcd tind turncil In before November Dili, so lie could enjoy receiving Ills "Ccrllflcnlc of Award". The day Is to be of Krenl. Intere.-l | lo nil club members, sponsors nntl , parents, who complete llielr yrav'B work, mid then rctwrl nuoul ll to the county iiusmt. ' I \'-j s j[ ov | Let's hnve tnc largcsi per ccm of completed records ever turned 'In to the cniinty ugent Iwfore. All olflccis, club cniilnlnu nml s]-onsurs Minutil ulcl members In Kctllnx their records coiniileted once. says la t'no low-down on l»or me? I Hint tlicy were cpmp»Jled- to n The Casoys didn't really know any- turn lo St. Louto until the murd. thing bul It seems they did a lotj ercd baby of gucsilnn n IK! this woman added to what, the Caseys guessed. You had bHlcr sec the pastor there an;l have lilm write the pastor hcrj. I atn sure -we did not make any more than come of the others and It had ft inucli belter flavor and the kick was more Bcnlle. crcd baby was' found. At a town In Illinois the police stopped them one night and compelled Mis. O'llaver to allow them to partially undress the child before they were allowed to continue their Journey. • (Copyrighted.) Krepfnc Them Oronlnj New forest planting totaled more thun 155,000 acres In United States during 1031. This brings the total of artificially reforested lands to 1,353,394 acres. Much as Thomas Mast, the fam;d caricaturist of Harper's Weekly, lortraycd the Tammany braves creeping upon the While Hoiis? In. 1871 during Grant's administration, so the threa present-day iinny chieftains pictured below we nt to the stnte Democratic convention nt Albany, N. Y.. tlie oilier 'Jay, to make their inftamce felt in the coming presidential election. I*lt to right are John H. McOoa:y, powerful Brooklyn leader; Grand Sachem John K. Curry, and Jo!m Theofcl, Queensbarouyh chieftain. Profitable Meeting; BUT THE HANDSHAKE exchanged with Al Smith at the Albany state convention was credited being worth a million votes—at least. Even then, the Tiger growled. For Roosevelt again cracked the. whip, with Sm!Tn as ringmaster. Roosevelt insisted on dictating his own state ticket, and his candidate for the next governor was Lieutenant Governor Lehman. Tammany Leader Curry's candidate was snowed under and Curry was routed when Roosevelt openly rebuker Curry's leadership. From Brooklyn, fast growing in Turn- many strength, cama a revolt, of dis- j tricl leaders to Roosevelt. McCoocy,' although allied with Curry, had to follow his delegates, Tammany apiwsrrd to face the biggest split in many a year. But anodyne arrived when Curry's choice for mayor of New York \vns accepted. This temporary truce, whatever - Its undercurrent tumblings, is Hte- ly to affect the history of the United States for the next four years if a New York state victory tosses ' -. the election to Governor Roosevelt For a closer peep at the dramatis personae — if 5'°" waited into Tammany Hal] nnd asked for John Curry you would meet a white-haired, man, with shrewd eyes, wearing a dark suit and a striped four-in-hand tie. He does not belong to the spectacular school of "Tammany bosses." interest and fatherly attention. * » * Another Leader Rises McCOOEY, even an olrler veteran, who looks like Santa Clans without a beard, has become a real power in the growing population of Brooklyn. Shifting of thousands of workers and small Job holders "across the bridge" gave him a vast new voting machine. An old worker with the Charles F. Murphy re gime in Tammany, McCooey loomed large in (lie Tammany picture when he brought JoJin Ilylan over from Brooklyn and groom?d him for mayor of New York. Leader Murphy accepted Hylan and McCcoej had a discovery to his credit. McCooey has been closer to those "in 'the Hall" than Curry. Curry's usefulness, however, is political legend. Trte fifth district over which he ruled as leader, hold: the record for getting Jobs for res i dents—and he was one figure wh did not. depend upon patronage for these jobs. If John Patrick O'Brien becomes the next mayor of New York, Curry's status—whlcr> lost ground at Albany—will be much sounder. So the Tiger, slightly hurt here and there, lies licking its wounds —and waiting, for it still roams the political jungles. BULLET RIDDLED TD QEfllH District Agent Prcilrtlns !0.n A. .M.—Objects (if School and Po-slblc Relief from Tuxrs— Dan T. dray, Dean and Director. Collejv of Agriculture, University of Arkansas. 10:-10 A. M.—The theory ,and Pin-pcsc of -Taxes—C. O. nnmncji Hcail, Department of Hural Econ- m!cs and Socioloay. Unlvcr.slty o omul today in a ditch on the out- kirts ol TnylorvHle was licnUncil s identical with that of Pat Ansboury, missing West Frankfort mine trike lender. Fellow strikers feared he had been slain nnd Ids body hidden. The discovery, with Us evidence! ol violence In bullet holes In Ihc body of ll'.e machine, the gn.vjllne lank, and the tires, was a challenge lo the truce enforced by nalloim guardsmen slnce^the slaying of another mine striker. The slain picket, Andrew Ganes of Tovey. was buried Sunday allcr rites attended by 5.000 psvsous. 11:20 A. M.—Arkansas Tax L and Financial Problems — dicers VMKSlvn, Proitssov nl Law, Unl' sit-.- cf Arkansas. 12:00 A. M.—Lunch. 1:JO p. M.—How County anil Lo cal Taxes Can be Reduced—C. t) Uranium. i!:ir> p. M.—Agriculture as At ftried by Taxes—T. Roy Held. As CHURCH EXCUSES Hy Cicortje W. Biirhnm Jiar Aunt: I am writing you hurriedly fo sonic advice. H seems thai we llv In a small world ullnr nil niul know your explanallon lu Ibis sink ineiil will be the same as Arch bald's. He says It is the good r'onil wireless and radio but the thins am worried about was nol cans- by the radio, though she Is In-one illiiK It, nil over Hie comiiiniilt This woman was returning from Irlp and got lost and II seems .si wandered, or I inlyht sny bluudc ed Uiroiifih lhal country there, ai yo-.i remember the Casey.s a know that 1 never did Ket alo with them, .so she woukl meet with them and they «,ot lo In' ing and she came back here with i her toiiytie dripping with what .sue were Here Suffered Mnny limbarvassmenls Duriny Hunt for Boy. Having a sun who closely re- •mblrs the JMiidliergh baby cans- I Mi. and Mrs. N. W. O'Haver iiirli lioubli' (Hiring the long •itii-li lei- the child lx:!ore his i:dy was found. Mr. O'Haver. ruu'llns luulllnv for Ihc Plitlllps '(•Ocli'iiin company, niul his fiun- y are al llic ClolV hold for a rli'I slay In (he city. Ever Kincc the flrnt pic-lure or Clmrlts A. I.hidix'ush. Jr., nude jiulillc all who knew John Allen O'Hiiver, now Iwo ycar.s ol ii;e, nollccil lh(j hlrlklnj rcsemb- ance. The curly haired. Uuo eyed vcungstcr IK very imich like Inc othir bahy bill at that lime he VIIH a Irltle Inrccr, which prob- nuly kcpl his iiarenls from rely bcli.-; thrown In Jail. Usually when .slopped Ihey showed police Ihe child's shoulder willed has no mole on It and allowed llii'iii to take Ids nicnsiircinenls, and lids was suiUclenl. Mrs. O'lhu-er and her youns son travel with Mr, O'Huvcr and because of (he Lludbcrgli Irngcdjr Mm, O'llaver remained In St. Louis for ncvcral weeks. v On her (list trip wtlli her husband they .so harassed with (inestlons BAD FOR STOMACH Much soda disturbs digestion. For sour stomach and gas, Adlerlka Is tellcr ' Onc Joso W|U rW * ou of bowel poisons which cause gas nul tad sleep. City Drujf Store. W-7 —Adv. BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE iodcu] AS 42 YEARS MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUB GOVERNMENT Tension' in Illinois Coal Fields Increase by Discovery Today. TAYLOKV1LLE. 111., Oct. IT (UP)—A bullet riddled automobile End Serious Coughs With Creomulsion Don't Id them get a strangle hold, Fi^ht gcims quickly. Creomulaion combines ilie 7 b&i liulps known lo JiiiMkra science. Poivcrlnl liut harmless. Pleasant lo late. No nircotka. -Yourdrupgist will refund your [jwney if any cough or cold no nullcr how lon£ standing is not rc- . lievnl by Crcomuluoo. (>dr.) Celebrates birthday. Mifs Patty Shane had members of the Friday Night Dinner club and iv. o other guests. Misses Amanda Thrasher and Frances Little fcr a spaghetti supper Friday evening. As it was her 13th birthday the guests showered her with an interesting assortment of gifts. Later the ten girls went to the football game. Girlr.' Class The Girls Intenncdiale Sunday- school class of tlic lake Street Methodist church had n party Friday evening at the church. Besides members of the class Mrs. E. M. Cox, the teacher, ajid Mr. Cox, were present. After games sandwiches and', drinks were served. i HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX 'SCORE AGAIN with A NEW LOW PRICE FOFx ALMO TOPCOATS were $35 lost .season now A Pawn of Walker? SOME HAVE GONE so far as to question whether he was ever a j leader, but only a spokesman and | representative of his good friend. I Jimmy Walker. Walker Is crsdiUd with backing Curry alter the reign of George Olvany. Walker was one of four members of a consulting committee which made selections. Edward Ahearn, picturesque political figure from the Fourth Ward, w»s the nearest competitor. Curry Is a son of the Bronx. A] veteran in politics, his riss has been slow, colorless and due large-, ly to hard work for tf.c party and | 'oyalty to those he supported. The j growing strength of the Bronx vote • 1 gradually Increased his importance *« a district leader. He was pointed «ut as another instance of the "New Tammany," whose Isaders would live down memories of the old "boss system," He is soft-voiced and, on his one d»y a week at "the Hall," sejs about 350 persons per- Eonslly. in meeting them he gives the impression of great personal [Have to Get Up at Night? Deal Pronrptry wiA Bladder Irregularities Are you bothered with bladder irregularities; burning, scanty or too frequent passage »nd getting up at night? Heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Boon's PiUs. Recommended For 50 years. Sold everywhere. Doaris ills YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT from COURIER NEWS WANT ADS . . . . Alnto Topcoats arc nindc for men who want soft smartness plii;; (rood, serviceable wear. Almo liss been an All-American topcoat for several seasons. Now its price is All-American, too! We have your preferred fall color. Come in and see it. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. A PARTMENTS .... household hdp ... used cars . .. radios ... ;ui<l liurulmls of oilier everyday requirements. A tremendous popular market tor both buyer and seller. And boll) buyer and seller profit too, because the cost of inserting a wanl-iwl in the Courier News is so small. P hone 306 and our ad-taker will help you.

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