The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1934
Page 2
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c^cte/Lu •UTHBVILIJC. (ABK.) COUHIER NEWS Social Calendar 'MONDAY'S EVENTS Circles of woman's • missionary society First Methodist church; 1, church; 2. Mrs. W. J. Pollard; 3, 1-n.d 4, church, 2:30 P. M. Woman's auxiliary First I'rcs- • bylerian church having luncheon ; meeting nt church, 1 1'. M. Woman's Council of Ihe First Christian church will meet wiUi • Mrs. V. . BuUmvorth, 2:30 |)jn. Business and Professional Women's club having Charm study Hole! Noble, TUESDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary incel- mg at hut, 7:30 p.m.. Literary department Woman's club meeting at club house, 3:30 ; P. M, Mrs. w. C. Hlgginsou having ' Young Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Bridge club, meeting • with Mrs. Floyd While. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Delphian Fine Arts club meeting nt Hotel Noble, 8:30 A M, Mrs. W. J. Wimderllch having Wednesday Bridge club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Byron Morse having Thursday Luncheon club. Thursday Contrac'. club mcclmy •with Mrs. J. F. Lend. • Mld-Weck Bridge club meeting With Mrs. B. A. Lynch. 1 II); Hel«n V\>lshlm« TJ' love 'is jusl ii prdlv (jaiiie' Tlml goes wilh cakes ami lea, A touch, a smile, a Jils.-i from vow, A fair exchange 1'ioin inc. . ,'. TF Icchiiic is a requisite And form lias much lo do Will whether you will lm|,| ||, c score Or t shall win from yon. , , . . r[HIF,N I shall 1ml j-onr thai mint! self .-. A yeiy nice good day. YOI.I sec, "clear, I know oliicr (jami-s 1 o so imidi rnlJici- playl Society Metis 'Uic Ladies Missionary society of live Yavbro church held a social meeting Thursday afternoon at Ihc home of Mrs. George Bunch. Mrs. C. B. Etchisoii gave (he devotional, followed wllh prayer by :. Mrs. L. Wheeler. Those taking Dart on (he program were Mrs W. H. Moore. Mrs. R. M, Kooncc und Mrs. B. ]?. Potter. The hos- - less, assisted by Mrs. P. Willis and Mis. Zoa Thompson, served sand. Wlchcs, hoi chocolate and cake lo the 18 Indies present. Is Horn Morning Worship, Jl (l . m . subject, "The Charm of a Challenge" I). T. U., (l;3(l ,,. m . Miss Luna 11. Wllhelm. director. Evening wm-shlp, 7:30 p.m. Subject, "If So—wjiat Then?" Tcuclicrc' meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. Mid-Week Service, Wednesday, '30 pjn. Choir Rehearsal, 8:30 pin Mrs . L. Tlploji, (Jlrccloi- of'-music!' 1'll.UKIM [.UTIIKItAN H. .1. Kleimlienit, l'a.s(«r Sunday school, o a.m. " Morning Worship. 10 mil Sermon theme: ; "Thc Christian' Minis! ry." . ] ; Bible eltiEH, (1:30 p.m. To , )k .. 'The Chilcilioacl of Christ." Evening worship. 9:30' p.m, scr- iion tlicmc. "Triic Neighbor-Love" Monday and Wednesday. 3-30 Instruction class. -, -- u .,. v . „, v j^yjjjy IVt'Jt lit;fore her ,rjiarVla[;<L Mrs. Turnasc was Mies Lola Sue files. Lake Street Church Circle Has Silver Tea Circle 1 of the «•(,,„„„•., the Lake Street ,.,.,, --church hsd a silver ten F .•>riday B/lomoon at, the home ol fi Mrs. George Slumfcs " The 35 ,' S o!!' l5 r Secretary, American Urlilgu — •••!> «ui *v;u twil pickles and coffee. . review of (he book A Ulc Thomas and Mrs. n Holder, members of , To Have 'Hinchcon •rr h, C n" ClU<lilXg - tilC Mr I, C T!"" 1 ' 5 tt VlC charge of the arfntr. ' f- T. u. Study 'Is Cvncluded Of the 68 present at the clos ; ' Today's "hund helped «ivc Ani-m. -Jrank iiiid Ills teammales Ihclr hist- imtlonar championship, as 'It was cue of 'Hie important hands in Ihc finals of iiic knock-out team-of-fonr match" which was played In New York City against Mrs. CiiUierLsoii's team. Mr. Frank and Jen Click, his partner, use the onc-ovcr-onc, but di, not open the bidding with a four-card major. They prefer lo open with an arlinchil one club when Ihey have an original bid, leuarclless of the club holding. When Mr. Click in the Norlh opened the bidding with one heart, Mr. Frank In the south knew ihal his partner had at least live hearts. After East's over-call of one spade, Mr. Prank explained to me that his jump to no trump might appear optimistic, but knowing that his partner had an original bid with a five-card heart suit • church here and County Senior The U ' C Plr5t county . „ . Baptist chili* «' t hi ls ^, C . Tliursday, 'November 23 h S i °" Mostly Persona: Mrs c B Elhieson and Mrs ^ C ^L°L Ya , lbro »«c gone Aikadejphte vlsli Mrs vs Mrs Etclneson'i mother, who is vci-y Mrt * home . and Mrs. E M 'terry are I for (lie football ' ' .Coluin- din Mltll i nwuiiu UOIIlIll- MT. all(| MIS. JaXC »ta military Academy al Columbia, stteiullng to busiue.^ 61111 lodav. Mrs ter, i Reading Opponents' Cards Is Key lo Successful Play 'IhLs Is (he .scvoiiil iif six ivlu- dnff hands explained liy Aaron 'rank, championship pluj-er of throusli Willlum K. Solution to Previous Contract Problem «V WM. E. McKENNEV tc—All vul. Kdlllli - Xm-lli K^(. 1'siss Pass ly i 4, i' iV- T. I'ass :; N. T. I'wa biieiihij; leail—A 'J. 17 Today's Contract Problem This Is Mn: ililnl of six liinuls liy Aiiruii Frunli. N'orlli I'lds ilUnmnuis mm litarts. W«'S| 1iniil|>" buys tlm coll- (i'in-l at llni'" MI) triinui. It "as played by four of (In; •«r«i(('»t ciirrt iiliiyt-rs in the I'ouiilry. 'l'ln.> Vvntruri was ilol'ciited IhiTO Iriclis I.M- (•«(- IhiB 11 S([||ITM> un declarer, Try H. as yuutli. •-.-'• AK.I •• ' ••• • V id.: » A (J .M 3 * 7 (J .i :i * Q I" I 3 :i !i + i u 9 i; n W N Dealer A A 75 V A K S I » 1C S 2 A A 10 A !' " « i V (i J 7 \, •f> K J S 3 SoliKinn in ue.\t issuii. the l rick. East abandoned the spudc suit and shuied to Ihe (our of clubs. Now I want lo yivc you Mr. reasoning on the hand Frank's "ank-s reasoning on the hand, featured a iMgcant o Hnn P Mh lc said. "I decided that East held sions, "Afle 4u Yems" six spades, due .'to the fact that -^^eai.s West had opened with the nim; FIRST MKTUODIST and played the deuce on the sec- — - - " sl und dick. I . also decided thai East held four .-clubs, as (he re- m 01m ,, B unwat Woi- Him of Ihe .small dub looked like a. in. Sermon siblccf' the lourth best lead. Churcli." sl 'bi<.cl. | "Why had Kasl abandoned j Voiinu People's Leaiiue |s|»idcs and shillcd l« clubs? The'":'*!' !>• m. from the uondajc of corruption Ii, to the Btorious liberty of Hie chil dren uf God" (Romans 8'2H ,,, A1moll 8 Jhc citations from ttw Bible wiifch compile tlie Lesion- Sermon Is the following. "For tills corruptible must put on Incornip. lion, and this mortal must put on Immortality" (I Corinthians 15:53) . The Ussou-scniioii ,ii su includes the following passage from lh<; Christian Science textbook "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," hy M,,ry utter Bcldy. , "II is only by acknowledging the .supremacy of Spirit, which nniuils (he claims of mutter, that mrtals lay oil mortality and llnd SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, from his creator" ip 191 ^'"""""' I featured as a young" visitor Irom A Christian Science message is l ' eoria *' IUl ltlovle aspirations and broadcast every Wednesday -it u l jlc ' llre director who has had. 10:30 a.m. over KLCN '"""-' ani1 lortune but also a lot of bad luck. Mitchell and Durant, ilar comedy learn, appear as two K'aglo Ice-men who pick Alice for i star—and then sec to it that she arrives. Grant Mitchell is the wily head of a phoney movie school, who Friday, 7 p.m. Iccturo Fundamentals. on Bible You sire invited to iiUcnd Ihw services. Read John B.47. indissoluble which establishes Jikeiipss, splrUunl link man forever in NE\T a/ Blythevilles Theatres THE the when the Fox Film production, M tz Theatre jiure nee and Bta M«r oilwr ,„.„,, -------- -- ----- -.. Aiinn TT. . inseparable L, , , Fll ,„,, I featured a TT. ... , , ' ! i' v "» ln v [ly niuuuuu , Fll>c illlti •""."<* Du »" ale to Atml March's do P.T.ANews A ' ,i, . w ° the Junior High conspires to "lake" a rich youiiK i . 1 "!' xfternoon at sucker (James Mellon) for a Junior if gli nudltoriimi. Dls- large-sized bankroll, Other mcm- li 3 •'Headlines." Mr. ilabcock tiers of the cast arc Jol n Brad- cxpliini«l (lie considerations gov- ford, Frank Conroy and John cinmg news and editorial policies Qiiulcn of newspapers. Miss Monta Hugh- discussed "Character and Lit- I.AIU! SIRKET ME'l'HomST V, K, li'SJ. 1 -aslor }^^ Sunday school, 9MS a.m.. ''"nines. Morning service. 10:50. Sermon, Tug-Etoiils and Occuii 'Liners." Youiii! People's service, 7. p.m. livening service, 7;30. Scrmun "The Meanhiu of Church Membership." This service will ue followed by a roll call church conference, livery local member of tills church is urged lo be .present. MUUu-cck Fclloiifhlp, Wednesday 1::iO p.m. Vlsiloi's will fmd a icnl welcome lo all of our services. , - "w. <.., u u,i- Elaborate settings, amunin^lv ernture An Inlcresling report of oiilhenlic costumes and a true i°c- tnc state p.-!• A „„„„.,„,!„ production of the original story characterizes RKO-Hudio5s rinmi- aliaiUon of Louisa M. Alcott's classic, "Little Women," starring Eliimoroiis Katharine Hepburn and featuring a notable cost coming to the Rita Tuesday and Wednesday. Without the conventional dramatic license, (he productlo: state i'.-i r A. convcnlion wa tivcn by Mrs. Jolin Mctlaney. in the business session following (lie progiani money was voted for the purchase of books for the Junior High library. A committee ivns r.ppomic<i (o Investigate the CKSCS ot certain children „. v. vi till 11 V.U tlUl VII , wliose rciiclioiis were positive in I the recent tuberculin . j.wcre made for the distfibiiMon o! baskets to needy Miss Mary Emma Hood's room won the i-oom coiiiH. prize for (he second successive month. IIIIST CHRISTIAN CIIUKC'll Sixth anil Miln V. K. Hulterworlh, Minister aible school at 3:45 a.m. w.lh special features for the. chlldier Communlon and preaching nt II a.m. Sermon: "Asleep In ga- Ian" (A special memorial servlcei. Revival. .services 1 . «l 7:30 p,m. .Illustrated sermon: -"How ||u> churches got muddled up." Revival continues cac'i night at I'M with 11,0 Biitlenvnrtha leari- hiK. FIKST I'UKSBVTEKIAN CIIUKC'II S. II. Salmon, 1'aslor 9.--15 a.m.. Sunday church school, S. E. Vail, Siipl. H ti.m., Morning Worsh'p Scroll topic, •'The Redeemer the Eternal nigh Priest." Thlra in n scries of messages from the Old I'eslsment leading up | D Clirist- lliOS. • . I'lGEiam leader. Louise Dobvns, P.m.. Evening worship. Instead of usual sermon, for (lie ihiU must be drat iV. V. Womack, ,„.,,,,, Church School, 9:« » ,„ Morning Chinch Worship,' 10:55 "" 'A Live service, Chinch Worship, 7:,lo Lust did not have- a re-entry and P m. Sermon subject- "Wlvit »r therefore decided lo lead "'• - '' dummy's: weakness Senior lliglj_ I>.-T. A. mcl lucsday aflernoon, November 12, «t (he high school building ••America the Beautiful" wtis sung by/Rhej.iiiidieitcif aim-, the invoca- lion pronounced-hy the Rev. Blii- nrt- II. Salmon. The president's! message was read by Miss Frances Miller. The dramatic chib gave a Thanksgiving play, ••Turnips und " «•' = t""J i * til 11IJJO ill lit Kings" with Mary Kutlicrinc Uit- laliuiity, Marjoric Calvin, Miriam Wood, Emmet Smith, John Harp, Frcdllcnc Lang well', Ruth I'liidscy, and Elizabeth Edwards parliclpiithig. liepori.s were yivcti Ijy die chairmen uf the difTercnt committees. Mrs. John McJlatioy gavc : ii rc- i'l of ihe stale convention held at Fort Smith' recently.' • At, the close of her talk she presented a ccrtilicate awarded to the Senior »«Bli I'.-T. A., clarifying it as « superior orgnnlZHllon. Miss Luna Wilhelms room won the attendance prize. Mrs. c. S. Stevens anil her committee served cake and codec in thn library, with Mrs. W. A. Dobyns, president, and s. u. A. Lynch, rotirin gpresi- nt, presiding at the coffee ta- lo lead up loiWc Know?" Everyone k invilcrl (,, come for , hoping to cs- The public is invited lo all our "' c cli '- v illl( l bring a basket din" triple rnr Sirvirft.'; • npr Driver's Grove Revival The Rev. Louie Shullz and Elmer Siiiiih, pastor of (he Assembly ol Con- church at Gosncll, are loldmg a rcylval at Driver's Grove "us week and nest. The attendance lias been good, Singing Convention Will Meet Tomorrow) The Mississippi County Singing Convention will hold an all day '"" ll "« 5<"'«ay at Well's Chapel, \ , ^ CCOli>> il ls """"luiccd A. V. Naramorc. the secretary, croiic is iiivllcrl („ come for Rhythm" coming to tliq ...,„ Thursday and Friday Is u rollicking, music tinged action comedy drama, built around two college rivals, Lanny Ross and Jack Oakle, Ihclr competition in romance, on , n is Louisa M. Alcolfs story "in the fish," the siiine sweet story of Ideal American home life, ils pathos romance and tragedies;. Even the locales described by" the aulhor have been studiously reproduced Including ihe famous old Alcolt home In Concord. Muss. As in (lie original story, Jo's double romance, lirst with Laurie, (he rich boy nc.xl door, and later with the lovable Frilz Bhacr. pro- vic'ra the main plot, while the romances of Meg and Amy and Ihe sweet life and tragic doath of little Beth, the kindly deeds of the mother, Marmee, the kind heart of gruff old Mr. Laurence and the , - nclt is Amy, Jean Parker is Beth March All the pear in Ihe production, even (town and parrot. As the lllle liidlciilcs "Collc- " day and Monday to Die Rox Theatre, this bridge is juifecj Against a backgroujid of color (ul Greenwich Village 'In York, the story starts, with V, } Gibson as an artist's m/Hiei, "(nil Lukas the inslriictor. One of Ihc most nucicslh scenes in Uic Him is one of lev; Broadway, New York, of two d cades ago. Here can be seen Ih period's quaint styles and fas Ions, snle-dalcd aulomoWles ai carriages. A beautiful garden scene Is a oilier highlight of the film wi real planls and shrubbery espccia ly grown for the production: Mos Interesting, perhaps, arc visi changes in costumes, bacfcuroun and architectural styles as t years progress. For undents uf i and sculploring this picture is c R am «"Poniig - 11CCia " y " lvU "' K - Ihe football field, in 7 idcnl hfe "° , *"""' and in the work-a-day world af- £ , enetlficmc1 ' 1 at the Ko ter graduation. T , lentr , e T "<--«"»-. Wednesday ' a The cast Introduces Joe Pcnner ^"""M™, |"PI» r «"B, the st and his duck, familiar vl« n,n ?. rc ,,. Monil . B;m ' lc ' talented Au , via (he radio and vaudeville stage, to picture lans. Lanny noss. radio broadcast, favorite who made his screen debut In "Melody in Spring," is seen again. Other principals arc Jack Oakie and Lyda Rcberti. In support are George Burbier. Helen Mack, Joseph Sailers, Mary Brian, Jiillnn Madison and Mary Wal- iacc, Franklin Pansuorn, Robert McWadc. Guy Kibbcc has n 0 use whatever for motieni plumbing insofar ni it, applies to the tiny balhtuto designed for small city apaninenls in his new picture "Big Hearted Herbert" coming to the Rita Saturday. Nature fashioned Guy m gen- cious proportions-, his anatomy bc- hlg patterned aloiiK (he broad lines ol the old Mississippi River slcrn wheelers. Consequently It is something of a task for Guy to sit in one of the dJmhmUvc tubs, us he discovered in the production. As an old fashioned manufacturer of bathroom supplies, Guy has little use for the new (angled tul» which leave no room lo wallow about. Demonstrating his point in the picture, he sits in one ol the tubs. He proved his point even — ,,..,,_, 141J VI It til Jit Italian actress who has been Hollywood but a year bill has . ready appeared In eight picture. Winnie Lighter, wild-eyed sere comic; Jimmie Butler, well-lik child actor and Ncdda Ihurisi Charles Lcvteon and Edward Bi phy in lesser roles. Miss Jiarrigan, wife o! Wai Ccnnolly. Incidentally, is a not Broadway actress who lait seasr scored in the New York product! of "A Hat, A Coat, A Glove" a who is making her screen debut "I'll Fix It." "Border Devils," u weslcrnc illl be shown at the Iloxy Fric and Saturday. Jo, Douglass Montgomery is The,* and many other fimnv Laurie, Paul Lukas „ Bluer, incident* make the picture a fiances Dee us Meg, Joan Ben- •••-•-••- —- ••• -.r -. c a "" - rious one. Aline MacMahon has the leading female role. rut From the pic-war period of 1913 to the present, last moving day, is hi* hand toiilHincci almost .111 original bid. with a. fit in learls, lie ,lrlt Justified In Inviting jlalihsh some chib' Iricks for hisj^rviccs. partner. I knew there was no need .10 lay off this trick, so I won with i'lic" ace." I At this pohn I would like In have my readers slop and consid- ,or what liiey would now lead and why. Before plnyina to the ncNt ti-iuk. Mr. l-'rnnk took inventory, lie hud vvon a club trick, he Im'd Iwo Mile diHiiiunil Iricks and n spado. To make his conlracl he needed live heart Iricks. Now mine Un; game. Mr. (Jlick made nice bid of trump, instead ot rcbid- dlne .his hearts, .us his lirst bid had already given his partner ihc uiforinall'jn Vegaltlint: the holding. The I'l.iy West's opening lead jimiutem of how (o play Ihe hearl iiiil. Mr. Trunk decided that Eist t'lcl not hold the queen, otherwise he would have Irtcd lo establish ...v, ,uu "* "";'*; Sl ' u e hearl. wtlnl ''"'Hugh's card could liisl .hold? Tlie (en spot could bo (he wa.v jack Ihe nine of spades. The played from dummy. L..,. ., with the queen and Mr. Frank played Ihc five. East returned Ihc covered l-,«.-vn niv IMC. c,.tal ILUUIICQ U1C •Irs George D. Pollock jr and killi! ° r spades and again . Mr. BP J 11l! i, G«orge III of Marshall" Tex- Flallk playc<1 llmv - East holding il " os have arrived here lo Join MI- l a [only one. Therefore it would be Miiclrial to lend a .small heart ami linesse -Hie nine. So he had to li«d tlie Jack, hoping that East ciirt nut hold more than the ten und Miuill hearl. which ho was a lo try and riroi>. est covered with the cmccn, ce was played from dummy Mr. Hooper's ill health. lie Is now Unproved: ^ Mr. and Mrs., f. Thomas MI crashed. Bad Now all Mr. Frank ha ( t To do was to rclimi to his hand wllh the king ol diamonds, nisli the fee Mr. ami Mis. Juke Huffman' are In Memphis . _. . aelyii Smart are In Memplils today. Mrs W..D. Oraiitiiam and^hll- flrtn.-'Of Terry, Mte, are guests of/Mrs,J. F. Livingston. .,J. F. Llvinsston and o. w. Har- Ur. .and Mrs.' Letllo Hbop'ei 1 re- Among those who attended Ihc '•vlbsll game at Paragouhl ,ves- lerday were: Mrs. Eddie B. Llavld, her mother and tlieh- housegiiesl. Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lindsay and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atkins, w. L. Homer, Newbill Es- ssry, Mis. O. w. Aflllck, W. J. Wunderllch, W. T. Bamett, Charles of spades iiud (lien i-mall licarl, finessing ihe ••ixil, thereby makliijt his ,„.,- :mt't of three no trump. (Copyright. 1034. NBA Service) Hospital Notes ;AdiiUllcd to lire Blythcvllle hi>s- Dllal; O. S. Sleele.. Uilmore; Wallace Merman, city; Mis. Joe Hamby, cily; 'Eugene Spear. Ucerlng, Mo.; Wanda n-aiikcs. Blcclc, Mo.; Rccd Futcls. Stcclc, ^io.; Pctu Barnes. Huffman; w. L. Ethc- SlifON!) UAI'UST Wcsl [Slain at ISth Slrocl -'• 'I'. Kcnfru, Pastor »il)!c School, lo A. M -n ogim. Supt «i Moss Undertaking Co. Adds New Ambulance M. K. y. P. U <; I'reachlni! by i ?. ' c L ' G Co - !l «»nli»B (•mnu;ii or cumsr fiiilrl House Aiiililurliini N. S. Taylor. Minisli-r Sunday school, lo A. M Sermon, n A. M . ., t;ud , wm Aiceplablc and Perfect." Evening service. 7:30 t> M ••Tin. Divine Preparation." Both sermons contain ;, C0 ud lesson for all and we sihrorrh Invite you 16 these services J'raycr meeting Wednesday evening. 7:30 o'clock, at n,/ | 10 1 of Mr. and Mrs. b'lbert Allev We would like to have all mVmuers present for a 30-miiHi(cs ions practice Bt this service. Visitors are always velcomc. .SOCILY s s Uiutcrlnkiiig Earl Howard, ' - ... 0 ...- "mi un. uy\v jna- I clinic, 'flic concern now h;<s two inod- fi-n ambulances, making iiossiblc a |t:ore prompt an,| complete service «' all point* in (his section. Mr. started his amtmlaiicc ''service 'mure' I than a year ago. "MOKTAl, AND i<?»'. [lit- *>»._« JIIIHIVJK J tlLft lead a ls lllr s »bjcrl of Ihn l^ou-scr- . M ven I mo " w '>tch will be rend in all Chiuxliev of chrlsl. Sclrnihi ami- day inornin gat u o'clock The Golden Text is. "The culture Itself also shall be delivered Obeyed Wife's Orders, But It_Cost Him $2 WOKCES-fEH. Mass. iUI'l -It r.| , Fainir wliellicr lo obey i lis wi rc. ^•i' 1 ^ 5 ' U ' c |K)lkc °mcer. He decided lo obey Ihe wlrc a nd look the consequence!,. Mrs ran-a,. | o |d i, im lo wall oll he stwel. for her. fie waited so MS lhal iMtrolniaii Edward B. « i ", '' llf '" to " love <'»• !lc wourin [. to was bvmjghl. u, jail. Alter Farrar paid ii line of J'J. •'iid«e Kilcy remarked. "U would nave breu .-^ifcr to disolicy your wlle iiw. i_ disiiiiM- Ihc twlicc- IIIUII. , • - - . . . - -.-. »>wt(, . HVTUJJKI 1C* rcuij, i_^ lurnea last night from Hot Hlgglmon. .. —.—........, ,, , A , i^nnitu,, V^UGI |i;^ *jni lit*. IlUllUlnIL, >Vi Lj ijIllC* Penn, Doyle HendreEoji, \V. C. ridge, Bragg City, Mo. Mrs. Fred wloome/in . . j. .-.. i_. . » ods, Dccrlng, Mo. Non- Loralol af 101 .\oilli Scciiticl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU OON MtnVAHUS, rtoinlclor »ll uukcs ol rebuilt Typewriters, %ddhi£ niachlntsandCakulitoia licpaltlng—rails—Ribbons a far cry, but in Vicki Baum's "1 Cive My Love," coming on Hui:- An cxcitiui!, aclionful roman ometiy-druma entitled "I'll r the starling role, will open Carson Lake Lodge Elects New Of lice WILSON, Ark.— At a mccth , . Tuesday night Carson Lake Loci No. (i58 p. and A. M.. elected II following officers: worshipful ma tcr, J. L 1 . Counls; Senior Wind Tom Ohcc Junior Warden, c. Ferguson; Tiler, Jim Strand. T. Streolcr retired as Worship! Mater. •I'OO LATE TO CLASSIFY LOST— Clarinet, ' black Hmit I rase willt red sticker. Reward return to Hurclc nines, Kciiiit Mo. ;7-|)k- Phone 171 At Night—Snntor—Anytime For Quick and Dependable ..., W«cker' : Service Phillips Motor Co. Eat Sunday Nite Supper With Us C'oneUus | ' l !' is :-"i'o« «™ servintf U.c '" "° thi " B hll ! )haza '- (i » Cood in '-unch- Our Menus Are Arranged by An Expert Dietician 'I'liu lootl i.s cooked by ;in oxpcrl cook who doc.s notliiiijr else. Our kilulieiis iivc tlie inosl sanitary ami modem and everything \ s sterilized bv our hot \va(«r sy.stem. Menus Jor Sunday Nile No. 1 I'Vied Chidcou, suuUa-nt .slyli: Crcitniecl I'ululouH Ijakcd Corn Cil'crn Olive.s on Cri,S|> l.iulluu'. 1'iirlic'i' House Hull.s Pinuiipplc S;il:ul (.'o/l'cc or iMilK- Ico d'cain • No. iMiiiuli^ ('rcnmcil I'ulaloc.s ('arrols in White Sauce l!iiU«rutl .S|)inacii Sliced Tuinaldcs l'ine<ip|)lti .Salad I'iirkcrhouse Rolls Coffee or Milk leu (Jreatii NO. Plate Creamed I'olaloes CarroUs in \Vilc Sauce. Bullevcil Spinach d'reen Olives -on Crisp LeLluee I'arker llouso Hulls I'inciip'plo' Salad ColVee or Milk lee Cream Breakfast and Lunch at Kirby's Eoeruday

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