The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 6
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MONDAV. MARCH 20, 10<!8 BLYTITEVII.1,15 (AfiK.V COURIER NEW? Press Freedom Treaty Offered Poet Would Abolish Censorship Except For Needed Security GENEVA. Mar 29. (UP)— The United States Saliirriay formally introduced to the Iiuei national Conference on Freedom of information and the Pip, ss n draft treaty designed to abolish all but security censorship throughout the world. The proposed treaty, intended (o guarantee the tree flow of Information nround the world, will be debated later in the roiUorcnco. The draft copy said Us purpose wns to "implement the right of |ic-ople.s to be adequately informed nm| improve imri?»ndmp through the free flow of infomia- ! tion." The treaty is expected to he op- Jiosed by Russian and iron curtain delegates, who have clashed with U. S- delegates over censorship and other difleang Eastern ami Western concepts of a free press. The draft treaty would bind sig- Halory states to: 1. Facilitate foreign correspondents 1 entry into and exit from countries and ban any .specin! or unL'sim! restrictions on their travel am! residence. 2. Give foreign correspondents access to all places and news .sources under the .same conditions nc- cor-tcd correspondents of the most favored nation. Wnnld ITan Censorship 3. Ban i p. cdiUns or delay of foreign correspondents 1 copy except for national military security reasons. Correspondents would be Informed Immediately of any such delays or changes in their copy and the reasons for them. 4." Make transmission facilities available to all foreign correspondents on the same basis and at the .samc rate. 1 ;. 5. Permit all copy of foreign, correspondents and information ?gen- - cie.s of other contracting states to reach information agencies within Its territory on the same conditions as accorded the agencies of the most favored nations. fi. Enable a state which alleges that reports likely to injure its relations with other states and peoples nre (also or distorted to submit the true facts, and obliges the state in which there reports nre circulated to facilitate dissemination of the true facts "through customary channels in accordance with their usual procedure for releasing Information concerning inlernation- fil affairs." 'Don't Count Your Eggs Before . . . collected The l.os Bob Garrir-1; sits glumly among sonic of the VMO csss lie lo send lo British orphanages for Kaslcr brcaklnsls Aniieles man promoted tlie eg^s Irorn a Pacillc dairy ay. but he fell $700 short ol promoting (roiglii fees, lie's sli'll trying! Philadelphia Readies Historic Hall for Political Conventions Sales to Russia And Satellites By U.S. Listed WASHINGTON, Mar. 29. (Ul'i — The Slnio Department siitcl Saturday (lie Dulled Slates lias sold Russia anil hrr .satellites about $56.000.000 worth of surplus goods situ-n V-J Day. Sales to Russia, wlilc-h have lirru under ix>iij>rrxslcmal [ire. tolalod $105,545. of whlc-ll $25.578 win lor Pratt ,V Whitney engines for <:-n transport planes. No .sales huvc beetl made In Uiissin since October 1017. The rest of the Koods llicliuli'il cols, mattresses, blankets, rlulhtn;. lelnype machines, tires ami lubes. No combat material \va.s nskt'd for. the Department said, UNRRA bollghl 5KIKU10 worth of veliiclps and machinery (nun U. .S surplus for Russia. Up to last October, the follosvinj; -sales were matie, the State Oc- Airplane Cuts String So Boy Gets New Kite BUFFALO, N. V.. Mnrch 39. (UPI —Amei'ican Aitlines sent K m'\v kl'e mid u clirrk lor as rents lo Jiimcs Lx'nu Saturday in answer to i\ letter thc> M-yi'ar-old boy sent to th'j ahltne.s' Buffalo oflicc. '1'he letter .said: "On Mui-cli 22. 1948, nt S:0'l p.m , I was flyliiR my ktle. when cute ,)f your [lug sliips came over and ml the siring, 't'hls was a new kite auri I feel thnt I .should be reirn- | bursert (o the e.xlenl of 25 coni'.s. I Kindly ntve thLs your prompt alleit- | tion." . parlntenl siild: i roliiiul — $31.:i!>B.OOO worth o( rntl- u'ay rcHilimicnl. Ilm>t[.iry — $10.163,0011 In civilian Hooils. GV.<'clKisloi r akla--l8,lOT.OOO [or civilian Hems. Romnnln— no sules lo the govrrn- miMii, but, private citizens KOI $4.1,177.000 worlli of goods. Yugoslavia -oill/.ciis bonehi $ac."> \Vdrth of j*nods. Alhniiln and nulRarla did not set any yood.s. PACK riva TRACTOR FOR SALE 1-N FARMALL With 2 Row Busters 2 Row Planters 2 Row Cultivators PHONE 33W1 or WRITE % P.O. Box 249, Osccola, Ark. Music Program Planned By Caruthersville Club CARUTE1ERSVILLE, Mo., March 29—The Music Study Club'and the Pine Arts Department, of the Caruthersville Women's Club will jointly sponsor a musical program of local talent Tuesday evening at. the Methodist, -Church, it was announced here today. There will be no admission, but a silver offering will be taken. 'Accidentally' Hit By BL'lty Hctnenlan Uuilril I'ress Staff C'lirri'sniMiilcnl PHILADELPHIA iUP>—Conven- tion Hall, whcic botli Ihe Republi- ean and Democratic national conventions will lie staged'tills summer, i.s gcltine 11 million-dollar overhauJiju: for America's bi^gejc political show. The biR auditorium feats 15.0"0 comfortably. It will have a nc\v utn- plification system to carry the tu- ! mult and the shouting; n ne;v S150.0CO roof and a new switchboard costing more than S1G0.030. The imll is being painted throughout the interior. With cxtcnsi"e carpentry anci cement work, the city's expei'.ciiturc on the project will be aimcst Sl,o:o.o:o, accorriin r to the budget secretary, Frank \V. Short. Television lo Aiil Severr.l lnmd]-cd workers have , been on the remodeling job for [months to have the convention unit • reatiy for the Republicans to move in the week of June 20 and the 'Democrats tnc sveck of July H. The spacious commercial um. adjoining the auditorium. \viH be turned into a theater of television .studios where from !8.CflJ to 20.000 spectators unable to erowd into the balcony of the hall mnV wntch the proceedings. The television set-up at the museum i.s estimated to cost more than $250,OM. Large screens also are being SL't up in public place', such us hotel ballrooms and bars, to show- a "blow 'by blow" television account of the conventions '•-) spectators in manv C-R^U-IJI cities. FDU Nominated There The reinccJeJiti^ job on the auditorium is the first since it was built in ]!,31. Since that time, two nu- tiutlai political conventions hnvo been held in (lie hall. The Democrats nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt there in 1936. and in 1MO Wendell L. Willkie was chosen as the Republican nominee. The Jive connecting units of the city's "convention center" includes ill addition to the hall, J58 mceliir; j rrvims which will lie available for cnuiiises and committee meetings, and a ballroom seating MOO per- .son.s. ; The hall is not air conditioned, but rliilled air will be circulated coiUiiuiLitl.sly during liu> conveniioj) ! si-ssions. However, (lie television lights around the balcony railing undoiibtedly will heat the room con- sideri'.ljly. Tl'cre no tms'.s lo obstniet tin- view of the delegates .seated on the j llcor of the hall, | Tlie main .staite will l:e extended to form n "tongue" where th-j sjieakei's rostrum will be ph\ce:l. The s:aye proper will have sear.s For committcemen. convention office s.-- nmi distinguished suests, l.i back of tliem will be I he sound; proof broadcasting studios of the ! major networks. The main .sections will be ] on either side of the runv.'ay. wit'i tile newsmen's tables f:'.cin!i cacli other ai.rosy the hall. Facing the \ rcstruin are the sea.s ol de'.e:;ae; ! and alternates. The balcony will be allocated to the I.ODH spectators ^)u:ky eiiouirh to pel tickets for the daily sessions. Japs Write Mac Arthur Slogans on Currency TOKYO. Mar. 2!!. i UP i—Allied Headquarters revealed today that. Oen. Douglas -MacArMitir's ptesi- denlial candidacy has caused so much reaction among the Japanese people that slogans for and airainst him are being written on occupation currency. Headquarters called for all such riefac-rd curreney to he turned in "nt once" for redemption of occupation finance oiiicr-s. An order said Mint those found (juiliy of dc- rnuhi« bills will be "subject to disciplinary action." Col. II. s. Rulh. occupation fiscal director, described the slogans as "political." He said they were both favorable and opposed to thf "indiclacy or MacArthur. but. that they were "inostly" favorable. Extra Piy Makes Your Tires 25% Safer You oiiijht to know that !)0",, til automobile tires have only 4 plies. Nanvntk makes (he only factory brand lire with S piles. That extra 5th ply (jnnrantecs you a cater, longer ride.. No "Improvement" In ordinary .|-ply liies qtillc ctillals the many ntis'antages of the extra 51 h ply In Norwalk Tires. You net 2a'.' r more, trend rnbher. The 5 full plies run from bead to brad. An extra breaker strip! lowest cost per mile—and .safer! Special! A 4-Ply 100 level Tire at $12.95 plus tax 0. K. Rubber Welders North Sixth Street Phont 3762 P. : 'ha.d Reidy. of Cl.feago, relaxes in a doctor's olticc. left, after a bolt from an "aceident- proof" gun ricocheted during a "safety" demonslrntion. The gun. ri^hl. tires threaded bolts into xviiorten sections of outdoor advertising displays upon ignition or 22 caliber povvtfer eliai^es Pridy \VPS bit in the head by the pioicflile. one of whirh is siunvn \vitfi ^iin 3n<i powdci charge. Dap of THEY'RE YOURS NOW WITH A NEW CHECK THESE FEATURES: Three Surface Units plus utility cooker well. Smokeless Broiler Automatic Time-Clock Two Utensil Drawers • Seven Cnokins Speeds Saves Food—Saves Time. • Larce 2 Element Oven • One Piece Top • Larj^c Warmer Drawer See the New NORGE De Luxe Model Today For Immediate Delivery $299.50 Fosy Payment Terms Available 1\ For Today's Hauling Needs 'Jeep" Plslfonn-Sljke Tiuck "Jeep" Truck Cat) and Chassis TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE You can't heat a "Jeep" Truck for medium duly, low-cost hauling, 'lake a glance at the features that pin these new trucks in 3 class by themselves —and then conic in and sec for yourself how completely aeic a line of trucks can he. "Jeep" Engine powered. Selective 1 or 4-wheel driv» • models with 6 ipesds forward and Q reverse. Optional power take-off (4-whe«l drive models). A complete line with conventional 2-wheel drive. 470O to 5300 Ibi. gro« vehicla weight. High payload (o gron vehielt weight ratio. Poole Motor Company ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Soufh Highway fil a( Stccle, A[<>. Phone Sleele • Get Ready for Bright Spring Days! PORCH and LAWN FURNITURE GLIDERS In Red Blue Green and Yellow up CHAISE LOUNGE In Red, Blue, Green and Yellow $39.95 up Not Exactly As Pictured GLIDER CUSHIONS (Supply Limited) The Ins! nf tttir stimmer's sluck H'ST AKK1VRD! These poivh Hems were ncarc* Uirt summer nnd w« Imve rt'nsi.n (<» ticlleve they will !,, jusl »n hHrH-to-Ket Ihls year. Ot yours early—ill Insl summer's prit'esl A-B Apartment Size Electric Range $119 95 Same 'Ole Price! }uick Meal Oil Range - - - - - $69" This One's ReaHy Nice! See the Three Displayed Models of Presteline — World's Finest Electric Range Viilfll full it hard In clmcise liclwrrn ihr Direr utlrsi. rinitrrn Vlli:STi:MNK raium—they're nil «<i hrjiitlfii), no llau fr.s.s. Anil proplr In the knim 1 , lliixv^ w>m imn * E'rcslcllnc, ilocUre: "Tlirre'n nn l»rtt«r rann« tn the I). S. A.!" IN STOCK FOR INSTANT DELIVERY ANYWHERE! $299.95 WHILE THEY LAST: 9 x 12 LINOLEUM RUGS $4.95 each SPECIAL THIS WEEK " Walnut- Finish END TABLES $1.49 36x6 Complete With Brackets—White WINDOW SHADES 60< BACK IN STOCK AGAIN Used Frigtdalre ELECTRIC RANGE It Pays to "See Jimmie First" JIMMIE EDWARDS FU8XI1URE COMPANY 301 E. Main S'/. Phone 2487

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