The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on November 5, 1908 · Page 1
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 1
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the people who hm« EVENING TELEGR VOL. XL NO. 39. ELYJUA, OHIO, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1908. Meter Deal Is Attacked In Suit Filed By Taxpayers IS CONSIDERED IN SECRET SESSION Service Board Meets Again Today To Decide What Is the Best Way To Act. service board of this city was brarily enjoined from closing the \ontracts for water meters recently awarded to three different companies, by an injunction granted P. D. Reefy, H. T. Boyden and John H. Faxon all taxpayers in this municipality. The restraining order was granteB at 11:35 Thursday morning by Judge Wannamaker, County Clerk Faxon remaining a few minutes after the dinner hour to finsh the writing of the injunction. The petition was filed by Attorney Q. A. Glllmore, Solicitor Pounds having refused to do so. On Twofold Grounds The suit makes defendants of the service 'board, mayor, and auditor besides the city of Etyria. Two main grounds of action are enumerated, one to the effect that the city exceed* i ed its bond limitation when it Issued the |10,000 worth of bonds for meters. The other suit attacks the award itself, claiming that the contract was not let to the lowest and best bidder, as specified in the enabling ordinance of the council. Under this .provision, it is expected to show that the council only authorized one contract, while the board is attempting to enter into three, also that there can be obviously but one lowest and best bid. Talked Meter* Secretly " The service board held a regular meeting on Wednesday evening and wae to hold an adjourned meeting at 1:30 Thursday afternoon, and the fxarties who bring the suit evidently thought that the meeting was to be held for the purpose of awarding the contracts as the sheriff was instructed to get service on Mayor Troxel, Frank Fauver and the members of the service board as quickly as pos- \ The discussion of meters on Wednesday evening took place after the reporters had accepted a polite invitation to withdraw. WOOD FINISHER IS GIVEN A WARNING Mayor Predicts His Early Finish. William Stewart, a professional ward wood finisher, polished the different bars about this city with Ms eHxrws until his friends could ·ee his finish. It -was the only election jag and the mayor discharged him after cautioning the man to stick to the «lppindale furniture. j The great Alliance Purchasing \Sales Co.'s hour sale occurs Friday, November 6, (tomorrow). Dollar Mils for 89 cents. See their ad on page 8. ELYRIA THEATRE PARADA (Copyrighted) and Pageant of Nations F«r the Benefit of 8*. Andrew's Church November 7th, 9th and 10th Saturday Matinee Nov. 7 Direction Capt. C. W. Eddy. 250--PEOPLE--25O Cflmnge of Program Nightly. EVENING PRICES--Admission 25c. Reserved Seats, 50c, 75c and $1.00. Box Seats. $1.50. MATINEE PRICES--Children under 14 years, admission to gallery lOe; test reserved seats 25c. ADULT PRICES--Admission, 25c. Reserved Seats, 3c, 50c and 75c. B«x Seats, $1.00. FaH PwrforaMBce at Matinee. CAUGHT BABY JUST LIKE A BASBBAJLL Working with all the coolness and accuracy of tell players on the "diamond" two poii«emen Wednesday, at a fire which threatened e lives of tenants in 2963 Fulton street, Brooklyn, played ·baseball with an 8-month old 'baby, one bluecoat throwing the child from the roof of Hb« burning buildings into the arms of his comrade, braced on a fire escape 20 feet below. The heroes of the rescue are Chas. Zerwick and Francis Flynn, of the Lflberty avenue station. Plynn plays on the Brooklyn police department (ball team--am undefeated one--and when he is-'nt catching criminals he's catching ball. UNOFFICIAL COUNTY VOTE. Richland County is Backbone of Local Man's Strength. EACH CARRIES THREE But Owen's Margins Are Not Big Enough To Win. W. G. Sharp's congressional plurality will be over 1600, according to the latest returns received in this city, some of which are not strictly accurate. The returns show that Sharp carried Ashland, Richland and Huron counties, while Owen carriefl Lorain, Morrow and Knc/. Sharp's margins were better however. Richland county with a margin of 1,450 for Sharp gave the greatest impetus to his candidacy. Ashland was next with 800,.while fluron gave a meager 50. Owen's best plurality was the 365 that he received in Lorain county. Morrow gave him 288 and his own county of Kox bat 23. TOWN WARD PRECINCT. ELYRIA First Ward, Precinct A First Ward, Precinct B Second Ward, Precinct A Second Ward, Precinct B Second Ward, Precinct C Third Ward, Precinct A Third Ward, Precinct B Third Ward, Precinct C Fourth Ward, Precinct A Fourth Ward, Precinct B LORAIN-First Ward, Precinct, A First Ward, Precinct, B Second Ward, precinct A Second Ward, Precinct B Second Ward, Precinct C Third Ward, Precinct A Third Ward, Precinct B Third Ward. Precinct C Fourth Ward, Precinct A Fourth Ward, precinct B Fourth Ward, Precinct C Founh Ward, Precinct D Fourth Ward, Precinct E AMHERST North Precinct . . . . . . . South Precinct Village Precinct AVON First Precinct Second Precinct BLACK RIVER BRIGHTON BROWXHELM CAMDEN ARLISLE East Precinct . . . West Precinct COLUMBIA EATON ELYRIA TOWNSHIP GRAFTON Grafton Township HENRIETTA HUNTINGTON LA GRANGE PENFIELD PITTSFIELD RIDGEVILLE ROCHESTER RUSSIA Precinct No. 1 Precinct No. 2 Precinct No. 3 SHEFFIELD WELLINGTON Precinct No. 1 Precinct No. 2 jTaft BrajHrrs *l Hm Own Shp Got Share of Labor Vote and More Than His Share of the Farmers. Cincinnati, O., Nov. 5.--"I fcelleve I was elected by the business men of the country, Democrats as well as Republicans; that I received my share of the labor vote and that the farmers generally stood by me, I am very much gratified." William H. Taft was sitting in the library of his temporary home, the C- P. Taft residence, this morning when he gave the expression to the above declaration. Going more into details as to the returns he added. "In my own state and Indiana the result ^?as much affected by the local liquor questions, and it is very difficult to figure out just how it operated. The sweeping victory In New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut is especially gratifying lo me." Judge Taft will go to Hot Springs, West Va., for a brief visit. TOTAL "200 135 198 i 190 53 289 200 173 288 273 198 I 267 ' 118 210 i 136 1 185 , 174 · 34 116 I 104 176 1 84 , 58 ' 105 151 8$ 75 153$ 123 28 124 114 82 82 94 m 181 172 145 170 232 235 48 111 51 142 70 41 110 86 · 215 264 1 121 198 S7 87 ' 57 34 88 39 170 153 147 94 187 ; 190 ; 132 · 96 85 105 121 130 104 88 75 107 57 60 118 100 84 69 64 41 225! 113 164J 42 211 120 445 420 158 79 ! 365 97 8679 182 36 90 88 7» 123 148 44 5459 173 118 171 172 48 255 179 146 255 228 186 256 196 214 127 183 163 30 110 113 99 180 154 34 154 140 113 120 147 198 192 196 147 184 245 247 52 123 98j 58 182 88 54 100 119 198 110 72 57 94 .171 154 147 150 68 49 115 1!0 285 209 101 121 99 131 130 43 217 123 129 173 171 165 168 113 218 193 39 191 202 133 206 206 212 247 203 178 188 115 163 139 30 108 97 153 71 52 83 119 182 111 78 35J 58 33 104 88 79 9li 107 193 182 130 92 85 100 115 129 ,219 ,160 211 121 454 ,453 1144 : 75 349 91 8245 60 69 121 104 87 74 72 42 119 89 166 136 . 115 80 188 176 '108 · 77 76 96 110 125 204 45j 157 184 36 84 71 91 125 162 49 6036 171 114 416 391 ·145 . 75 337 83 7309 213 191 191 261 274 51 121 60 184 81 53 131 122 303 208 95 34 40 108 105 ·107 120 57 73 145 120 95 78 78 42 134 45 224 42 119 114 88 123 177 57 6949 PRICE ONE CENT Certain That De Has Been Chosen As Governor TAET PLURALITIES ARE STILL GROWIN0 Defence Fails and Slayer of Felici Goes To Cell For Life MIGHT HAVE MADE IT FIRST DEGREE But Rigo Was Not Indicted On That Charge-- Say Circumstances Show Plan. Guilty of murder in tfte second degree is the verdict of the jury whkh acted in the trial of Jamea Rigo, charged with killing Anton Felici on July 13 at the plant of the Elyria Iron and Steel company. The deliberate manner in which the murderer lay in wait for his victim and 'his attempt at escape following the shooting, convinced the jury that tine man was not demented at the time the crime was committed. One of the jurors who discussed the case said that a verdict of first degree murder would probably have been returned "had Rigo been indicted on that charge. The verdict met with considerable surprise. JUDSON HARMON, Of Ohio. 100 AH LOVE LEADS 10 P Telegram want a*» bring rewalts. Elyria Theatre FRIDAY. NOV. 6. '08 JOS. KING'S NEW V8BB1ON EAST LYNNE With Gertrude Arden A Play that will live forever. A story of a woman's wrongs. It touches the hearts of all. Without a question the greatest emotional drama of the present generation. Prices Eve. 15, 25, 36, 50e "Bast Lynne Elyria The ater, Friday, November 6th. Not Killed, Although His Wagon ^Smashed to Kindling Wood. HORSE FATALLY HTJRT Removal of Planks From Crossing the Cause. A delivery wagon belonging to the Lorain Bottling company was demolished at the B. O- crossing on Lake avenue Wednesday evening at six thirty o'clock when the passenger train due at that hour, struck the wagon. One of the horses sustained a broken leg and will have to be killed as the result of the accident w'hich was caused by the planks being torn from the raodway, permitting the load to become stalled between the rails. The driver was thrown from the seat on the wagon and crashed through a fence along side of the track but was not seriously injured and was able to go to his home in Lorain. Dozens of empty bottles were smashed by the compact, the wagon being literally reduced to kindling wood. DRY JUDGE MAY BE BARRED FROM CASE Wets at Ottawa Ask Another to be Brought in. Ottawa, 0. Nov. 4--Probate Judge Heidelbaugh has been served with a writ forbidding him to hear the local option election contest case until hfe fitness to sit as a judge in the case has been passed upon hy the circuit court. The wets claim that Judge Heidelbaugh's activity as a worker for the drys before the election prevents him from taking an unprejudiced view of the case. The judge is to go before the circuit court at Lima, November 10 and the contesf case, which was set for Nocember 5. has necessarily been postponed. CLAIM TREES ARE HIDING LIGHTS Lighting Company Asked To ]\Iovo Latter. Oberlin Barber Confined Here For Display of Jealousy With Gun. BROKE UP A DANCE Had Previously Been Told To Avoid Home of the Lady. Too ardent love has led Alfred j Pickett, an Oberlin barber, behind the bars of the county jail, where he ·nill reside'until some friend who is worth ?200 goes sponsor for his behavior. Threats to kill his sweetheart's mother and finally the young lady herself were the events which led up to the arrest of Pickett. The object of his affections is Miss Josephine Cordin, a young colored girl, residing in Elyria. Pickett was not acceptable to the older members of the Cordin family. Two or three times in succession it was necessary to forbid him to visit the house. Each ejection from the house was the occasion of threats made by Pickett that he- would kill someone. On election night, Miss Cordin attended a dance in Oberlin and, early in the evening, Pickett made his appearance in the hall threatening to clean up the place. He was quickly surrounded and disarmed. Now he must answer to the grand jury and will only be allowed liberty upon assurance that he keep his peace. Doubtful States Moeth^j Coming Into Line -· With Decisive : Margins. New York, Nov. 5.--Practically comt plete returns indicate that William H. Taft, as president-elect, wilrjtane t vote of 309 in the electoral 'ooDegft, This is within 16 votes of the forecttt made by National Chairman RUcbeock and 67 more than a majority of toe, total electoral vote of 483. The most important of the late ** turns indicate that Maryland has twfr swung into the Taft column. The Wft official figures give Mr. Taft the tt*t» ty 149 votes. Maryland was the last of the ful states to be heard Iron., and West Virginia, as well *a tana, turned out to be safely can. Colorado went for Bryan. Mr. Bryan has a total of 174 two less than he received in 1896. 1904 Mr. Parker received only" votes, in 1900 Mr. Bryan received SB votes and in 1896 the Nebraskftn *$· ceived 176 votes. (Continued on Page 7, Oohnm 1) IS1ILL _'S Problem of Feeding Varga Bodog Occupies Attention of the Infirmary. Targa Bodog, who was removed to the county infirmary yesterday, still refuses' to eat the food offered him and Supt. Starr is in something of a quandary to know what steps to take, lest the man starve himself to death. This is tihe third day In swhich Bodog is known to have gone without food and be wae far from well fed at the time (be 'Was captured. His only previous food, so far M known, was decayed fruit and table refuse. Tne rags and grime which enveloped him have been removed and he has 'been induced to pat on clean clotrhes and a pair of ahoes. But if he does not eat soon, he will die. The man is one of the moat striking human puzzles ever found IB this vicinity. He does not appear insane, although he apeaks "but little English. He gives the authorities to understand that he comes from Cleveland, but that toe attended ty the high school pupil*) has been living the life of a beast' a r ' l teadbers m a body, of Loraln county all The great Alliance Purchasing 9 lies Co.'s hour eale occurs Friday, November 6, (tomorrow). Hollar bills for 89 cents. See their ad on SCHOLARS TO GO TO FUNERAL IN BODY Miss Fleidy Eggert Dies at Amherst. Amherst, Nov. 5 --Miss Fleidy Rggert, a popular and well known junior of the high adhool, died yesterday after a four weks' attack of typhoid pneumonia She ·was horn in Gettysburg^ Porter county, South Dakota, eighteen years ago th^ nineteenth of this month and settled on the South ridge with her parents when they mored here three years ago. 5he leaves to mourn her loss, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Eggert, six misters, Misses Hattje, Anna, Minnie. Mortha, Mary, Lottie and one brother Elmer. Tbe funeral services which will be held Saturday afternoon at two o'clock, at the St. Peter's Jhurch, will be in the "woods summer. Wait and go to D. Lewis Co.'s Saturday, for your children's Coats. Values and style were never better. page 8. pany to place electric light street and Lake angles with the The service 'board has notified t)he Elyria Milling and Power com- thf 'brackets on the ;posts on Cleveland avenue, at right street in order that the lights will toe located over the roadway and not in a line with the trees. A pole at the corner of Lodi and Lake aveniue will 'be .moved out nearer the curb line in order that the corner may be better lighted. FRIDAY DAY OF CHEAP DOLLAR SALE Tomorrow the Time of Easy Money in Elyria. The Pope Congratulates Taft. London, No\ ".--A diiiMt \ iro/t Rome says that the t'ije ha.^ (..ibJ^l his'ons to William II. Tatt, whose el- tion to the pn -ut^n y i- thought to (..Kirantee the ac '·; MIX -' of the pope's ]'ioposals in th iiiatt r of compen.satii n to the telig-ous con- of J'orto R'co Killed He- Child and Herself. Chicago, N \ " -- M i 1 - li.r j V* Lnn, w i t t of \ \ ' " t , i i M i t P'.iiiafii-r of tfap Illinois Su-! Co., kil 1 ' ' lit-r ', year old daustl i. i b aitt-i 4 I : t b r ·' with a ra/oi :' l t l v n n . r i i i ' t t -ri shade w i t h the ^,fiii v \ t . i j » n in hi r home " The da of the "big marked down dollar sale of The Alliavce Purchasing and Sales Co. was inadvertently alluded to as Saturday in yester" days Telegram. It should ha\e read Friday. Don't confuse the day and 'date. Real, n e w , crisp OWP dollar bills will positively be sold there between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock. What with the Telegram giving away tickets to East Lynne i to jealous people and this store selling real dollars at reduced .prices therp is a chance to do pretty well tomorrow in this town. , ABOUT 200 REPRESENT ATI V PS of local talent are at present busy in the preparation for "Parada," the Great Carnival of Opera. to be given in the opera house Novemoer 7. 9, and 10. Capt. Eddy and his assistants are excellent trainers, and it is the general expectation that the forthcoming production will surpass anything of its kind ever given in Elria. Thread Mills to Work Full T.rre · j Newark. X operative 1 - in in this o t » v that full time next Moniiav I . Ni \ . -Tin ".,0 .1 PU #M t threat m! K nptifi"-! Weiinesda. % ' K -vould b- r^unHi S i m p last \ u i i i tin- mills ha\o b°* n i n n n i n g on JM i 'nil- Harvard's President Resigns. Hoston, Nov "--President \V. Kliot, for more than 30 »'ars the head of Harvard university, has ten- ileied his resignation, to take ^ffoct May 19, 1909. The resignation has been accepted. GIRL WANTED at once for work in bindery. Apply to Snpt.. Telegram Office. TALKING OF PLANS TO LIGHT BRTO0K Series of Incandescent Lamps Discussed. The service board will reqaeet council to make some arrangement for the lighting of new East BittA street bridge. President F. N. Smith of tae til, thought it would be a good to 'install lights of lesser c er at different points on the structure, rather than lighting We by means of one arc lamp in center of the bridge. The board appeared satisfied to allow the council to use its own }odg- ment and promised to secure eeii- mates as to the probable cost of tarnishing the lighting system. VETRINARIANS Two Elyrians Are Attending Session. Doctors Hese and Severcool attending the state meeting of- Ohio Veterinary Doctors. wJikft. 'being held in Chicago Junction tfcfc week. Dr. Milan* Anti-Pal* .·»!«·»· ELYRIA. ':* REAL ESTATE can be bought cheaper now than it ever can again. We have 20 houses for sale. Price from $1200 to $6,0001 Some can be sold as low as £100 down, balance $15 per month. One Hundreds Lots, price from $4-40 to $2,500. Property in all parts of'town, oxeept the west side. Houses and 2 Flats For Ill-lit, $10 to $25 per month. LEE S. DAY Elyria Block D. l^ewis Co.'s coat stjles are i certainly beautiful and reasonable. Just upasiine a Ladies 52 in. coat in all colors, with thosp new style j touches for $8.00. ll-5-3t MARRIAGE LICENSES. Earl Ray Boone 21, Columbia, farmer, and Goldie May Brooks, 19, Columbia. Alfred H. Puller, 21, Speucer, bookkeeper, and Cora M. Finkel, 21, Huntington. GIRL WANTED at once for \\orK in bindery. Apply to Supt, Telegram Office. I Ton will be wise to come e»rl/ Saturday and get one of tOM China Bowls Boylans will offer for !25c. ll-4-*t DANCING WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY SATURDAY, at Cascade 3k, · Slyrt*. all three night* will dancing or eventmc cents. A place wh«r* a***;* find x Clanm on Uoadaj «M day evMlftt*. Pomeroj's Fill

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