The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16; 1938 BLYT^VILLE. (PK.V COURIER NEWS THE ON[ OF flfflST OF Star In Any Language .Universal [mports French Star To Give Americaiis New Face EDITOR'S N'<»Tf: This is the first of several itories oil ('he VioJIyncfid Im^ortalion of foreign aclrcssts, Him place- Ihc 'accciit KV JJAUI/ HAItKISON NEA Service Ktaft Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 15.—There is no mystery about ihe motive of moviemakers in hiring so many foreign stats, mostly feminine. All "oll'-wood Knows lliat Hie answer is foreign profits. A\eood solution to (lie problem, at home and abroad, is a glamor-gal like Danielle Darrieux. TJie foreign market, hns become increasingly tmpcvtanl to the pic- Uire Inisine'.s, partly because tiie market it.scir IIBS bt>Dn curtailed by political censorship, partly because production coita of picture'. 1 , lias r.lcoii sharply. 'Hie more expensive lea lures, unless liiev're 'exceptional hili fcarccly will more Inaii pay for (liemsclves In the United Stales. The return from other ooiiiitrie" represents the profit, studios there fere arc concerned witii inakine i.-icturcs irith stars who'll pack 'cin in from Beunos Aires to Stockholm "Hi-llo the Darrieux" Greta Garbo causes'rib box office ricLs in America, and Miulene Diet- rlcli's recent flickers have prompted l)ioii£3>:ds of families to sla'v at home mid pop seme corn and listen (o the radio. Yet tain actresses however-creaky their vehicles. •Jraii • hnEhels of francs, kouecs, marks and pcugos iiito the (ills of European theaters. ao the dream of every movie com- j"wv is to find stars who are known and adortki by foreign 'audiences and who arc capable and exotic aud freshly appealing enough to' captivate Americans. And that's the reason why everybody at Universal Sliidio is gom" around blithely singing "Hi-Hd the Darrieux." F.i-vv ;ind Delight Danielle Darrieux is a star in any language. True, at this writing slit lias not appeared in anything from ivwood except dozens ol maga- f zincs and thousands of newsnaners Nevertheless she is receiving bushels of fan mail, and her face and architecture are the envy and ,(lc T light,•respectively, of her feminine , and? male admirers: ,. 7 "' Uii Klie also .is being seen. on llie .".crcen. Miss Darrieux is'the only importation whose recent foreign- made pictures are of sufficient meril lo win American showings. One is ^•Clul) dc Femmes," which is not being exhibited in all states because it is by no means au Elsie Dinsmore story. The other is "Maycrling." it 1 which Miss Darrieux co-starrec with Charles Boyer. To anybocl who nc35ii'l understand French, il provides striking evidence of Ihf effectiveness of fine, act- ins;, because the foreign ciiald; ii supplemented only by some remarkably inept subtitles in Hjhglisli. • I'ink Hoses for Breakfast To inters'iew- Miss Darrieux, i <:orrc^pontlont ar-tic-u-lates as dis- Mnct-ly as nes-sii>le and usual!; ends tip by posing his' question: l.hrciish n personable 'interpreter- .secretary named Mary Lee Martin Far from being an ordeal, Hit C"*I"IIR >vo:kr> out very pleasant!? Iliad a lo.t of laughs. One laugh .canic JTrqm a mentior n( temperament. Open her arfiva 1 in New York, the actress was asket' b" f reporter if she were temperamental. She countered indignant!: by asking' whether dial was anyV his business. Trouble was that "tern pevamental." by Pre.nch connotation means "sensuous." Crossinj (he continent. Miss Dar- jicux managed to keep adequately IlKiigh oddly, fed by slabbing blind Iv at ilems on the diiiin? car menus Sciiotinics she'd 'get broccoli anr' '•atmeal for dinner, or she mlgli' liiKl herself facing a baked Alaskr for breakfast. She didn't worry, though, unti' :i!ter she'd spent a night at a hole' in Hollywood. In the morning sir craved cqtfec and rolls. A lo«s con- v< -•'•>•i withsomebody downstairs resulted In the delivery of two doze; pink rcses. 'Not a calorie in a carload. Although -she doesn't imderslaw very readily, the actress nlread: speaks English with some fluenc; and considerable clarity. -She als' reads. During the' Wright trial, sh' niways got the morning paper wher she awoke at 9 and translated ihr sensational story for her husband "It was terrible," she said. "I lifeec 1 11." Wants ,to Play Drums In r ict, ihe actress seems lo like everything American, from slang to swing music. Visiting Harlem cr route lo Hollywood,'' she was thrilled by Ihc thirty Hop and now sli? wauls to learn the pij Apple. ,Shs- full of exuberance ' and rhythm: hums and clicks her .tongue in jaz?, time when she's not .talking; wlshe? r-hc ^culd play Ihe drums and saxophones. Other nciv enthusiasms are chewing gum. ice cream sodas and American cars. Also American radio. "So much better here as In France, where all is advertising," she said. Two things frighten her—the pos sibllities ol war and earthquake, fccmebcdy (old her that if you were in au automobile during au earthquake, 'you''wouldn't feel anything, some of her plays and pictures. Miss Darrieiix's first American Eanicllc Darnell* is a shapely French nhl has'answered Univereal's prayer for n star who is capable, exotic and freshly appealing. TO she keeps one .or always weeks. Their daughter, Patty Dan- banding in the driveway beside the iictlp, is remaining wHIi'her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jordan. house. War would be worse, because 'it would claim her husband, Henri Jecoin. who was a flying ace in Ihc last. one. Dccohi is affable author who a handsome. has written Mis. I. M. Grce;'. of Harrixliurg, Ark., and Roy W. fc'pcnce, of Little Kocl;. have arrived lo be yrtlh ihcir father, H. A. ,S|icnce, wlm : is lericusly ill from innuenzu. Bqys - >AGE \V. ; . .., Bapil'^i .\V.-'.M. : II. uiplV/U Ihc church rijpnday alteri)oon','\vh ( cii '•*. Frnnk feirler led tlip ' "' "Shelves > .W.lth"'.Rcigiclu s '"in:-'tho r 7ys=-H^ JjQiHcIand." Mrs.''Earliest nonsjh, sssgpsa MfS. v 'W.' F.* WUspii'/'Mrs/ \V.'A',; sSrof^ Drifting; Ice Takes Polar Party l< \l>. n\5. M,rs. c. : Cann6,h, MVf J° a 'jB'nd Mrs. p. '''d?''Scgai / look "'"•'. Prayer^ \verci ofIci 1 'cd'}>y r M,rs. \Vllliams; Mrs, ' ia Beitir aiid Mis. D. D.'Sffti: ' '.' V. \V. >J. Is Eule.rtaliifil ' : Tl'ip ' Wpni^n's- Mtssi.onary socli'ly tlic Youiij' 'VVojncn'ii Auxiliary wltli H valentine 'pivly Monday night at Ihc home of Mrs, Barda Anderson. Games" imd. . contests '\vorc held, and' a^la'd 'cptiiw cnVrylng out the VBlcnUn!J".tiio*ll| was served. • ' ', ! t • • '•. \\. M. S. lias l.uucliciPii ' Members 'arid' giiesU;o[ Hip \V, M. S. were entcrtajned': wly)^" a luncheon and' farewell' party: giycii Monday at 'the home of Mrs, il. ft. Siilllyan, president, 1 who is leaving soon. 'Hie house wos ilecoralcd.Svlth tm (lowers! A silver flower Ltiwl was presented Id Mrs, siilljyajv and the regular mission study cOiirsc war. held, following the luncheon. . , '' * * *''"' ' = \Vcstbraok-Vlck Annoimcenient has been iiuide ol the man'iagc of Miss Frances AVesl- brook. and Dean Vick, 'soil cf Mr. and Mrs. J.-F. Vick. Tlie service was pprCormed by. .tlie R r cv: D. D. Scfcr, • Bapl i.'jt pas.tor; at his home Saturday. Ml 1 . n'nd'Mrs. Vlck arc making their honje licrc. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Uidwij; of Oran, Ivlo.. were week end guesl? ol llieir son. S. J. nutwig and faintly. The Rev. D. p. Begcr and V. p. Mahu will leave Tuesday to atleucl ... , '?? M0? *°K?«, *&# before t U'.c;n, pud Che Jiqjjrte' fowls drd It because, ^tter^Jtoiq,time'out lor lllo 'belts* lo signal their "where- , obpuls to the rest ol the pander- lug flock A severe Arcllc siorm has faltered the Ico-lloc on »)>lcl,, eight months ago, Russia cMublishdl n lom'-mm, cnn.|, to study polar mcioorologlci.l con;llUonr,, ami nllhoiiili n tourc dovolplwl 111"Die fco 'i'l-e «n wind, their lent slinuls, (ho daihii, iidciillsu- have radioed lo Moscow, "Don'l" worry" Tlic n«P >l.ows ihe posiUon of U|P Hoe wllcn II,,; experiment l W8 au and 1U approximate Dillon ai prcs- r,l, ",/M" Vf 10 i "!°' !) I"' 0 ' Vn " P """ 1 ""' JcfU M " tlUlton d " cr ' w "° ^ «»' 'W»lo message f,r n/i u 1 T i ' 1U><1il "' V<llir<n ' D "° " f the :i< - lcllthl «' A *° M l«-l««kcr b prejinrtag to W il" |.,H». «lik'U saw its rra'rve supply bases and Us storehouse of lahnlcal mnlMlal no nil on ollscv cakes of ice. ,1 .Similar sdionl mi'i'iing ai Ihc; Dxpllsl Church In Conway. Mr. and Mrs. v. w. LacXoy, who liiivr been joculcd here leiiiuonirlly, loll lii:.l neck for their home in San Antonio, Tex., where tlie'y will remain for several week. 1 ;. Miss El'alois Dales ,'iiH'iit t!la weekend with her parents In Mor- lillon, Ark. Mrs. E. A. ItcieiiQUI. wlm .spent Hie pasl week with her son in' imwi.'l. Is vlslllnj hei' sod, .5, A. scncld and (unillj- for a Jew diiyn liolove return'.;]); ,0 her home In Purls, Tra. Mm, Murvln Bird ami son. U'ou- ui ;l. ol Wllmu, Ark., are sppiKUiig u low days wilh her wjii.-C. 1,. Bird and liimily. Tlio Hev. and Mrs, 0, M. Uughcy or Ka'ii. 1 . Ark.. .•ij.'Diil Uic'vvcek oml wilh their daughter, Mrs. liios, Ljtni'y nitd family. ' . Mr. anil Mrs, A. J, Lnmlrum imr.Ic n b'islner,:; I rip lo Holly Springs. Miss., Siur.liiy. wesson suffered n Inokan knee cup when UaiisplniUhig shrubbery at Ills home last week. He will be counted, lo hLs betl lor toino time. Qiicntln ,(cromc. \vlfo "•• uUemls Southwestern In Mcjnlilils,, spent Ihe week cnci wllh his imrciilp. Miss liulh t'aiilk'itpr ol West Menvphin, vlsllcd her iintcilla over Ihc week crid: Mr. and Mrs. W. &!. Watloce liiivc returned from Vlim, Ala,, I where Ihcy vlsllccl tlieir son, W. M. Wallace jr., and family. OPPORTUNIiy 'ANT-ADS ^vamped the story tlirce ilmes. :an't lind a sufliciently prominent leading man for its new High Priestess of Umph. Steele-Cooter Society—^Persona] Vlttsicnary Society Mcct-j The Wmna'n's Missionary Sosisly iiet at Ihc home 'o.f Mrs. J. P. flckery Monday'.''Mi'S.' O. ! A. Dimi- ant was in charge of Ihc mcct- ng. aiul Mrs. .Robert Lawrence isslstcd her. The ncxt.iuceling will jc witli Mrs. -P. P. McCiitchen. ' * * * "JiMe Class fllccls 'Mrs! P. El Pcnder cntcrlained he Bowcn Bible Class Monday .niglil. Mrs. Dale, Rulledee had harge of tbe program. Relrcsli- .nc'nts were served. 'The next meeting ivi|l be willi fli^. William Turner. Mrs. Dcwart Smith. Mrs. A. \V. Ionian and Mrs. Dan Pcrlis. jr.. itlciKled a parly In" s'ffcsston Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Port is, jr.. left Louis Monday. Air. an;! Mrs. P. E. Pander and ron, Howard, of Bcarcy, spent Mo'n- day in Memphis. Basil McClurc un:l Homer Mounl.s are in Birmingham, Ala, atlcnUing to business. P. PERLMAN ,t COMPANY, a Parlnership composed ol A. Brenner. Mrs. frank Perlman, . Gol Perlman. and LoaLs Perl• mna, PLAINTII 1 '! 1 ', vs. No. 3410 HJENflY 1;OBERG. doing business 'iindev the name and style of Biylheville Iron &, Mela! Company, DEFENDANT. WAKNIN6 OKDEK Tlrc (lelenrjaiit, Henry Lobcrg. doing • business under llie name and style'of Dlythevillc lion & IJIelal Company, is hereby warned to appear in the Second Division of llie Circuit Court of the Chlck- asatba District of Mississippi Comity. Avhansas, williln thirty days and answer.the "complaint of the plaintiff, p. Perlman & Company, a Paitncrship compwcd" ol A. Brciiiirr, Tilrs. I'Yaiik Perlman, Sol I'erhnan. and Loiiis Perlmaii WITNESS my hand and seal of office on thh day, January 2G, 1938. H. M. Craig, Circuit Clerk. 1J.V A. F. Sinit)!. n. t;. J. T. Coolpn, Atlcrnev. morning for Miami. Fla..{ George ffiint, Atty-Ad-Lileiu /here Ibey will, spend sever?] 26-2-0-IG All persons liaviug personal properly should assess U at once. I will be in my office or have proper Deputy 01 .Blythcviile every day and each Saturday at Manila and Leach- yille Every store or business will be called on personally. Remember, everyone must be assessed for a poll lax. Assess today. It will only take a few minutes and you can make sure of your value. .ILL (Billy) tees Mississippi County Assessor. THRIFTY "601 FORD V 8 AVERAGES PER GALLON! leads All Cars at Its Price and Afiove by Setting Miles- PCI Callon Record in Gilmore-Yosemite Economy Run! Ahot'c: Tlic prize-winning Thrifty "60" Ford V-8 entering the gateway of beau- liful Yoscmitc National P,nk during the Gilmore-Yoscmue Economy Relotr: Checking llie gasoline in ihc end of the run . . . only 10-9 g.illons for ihc entire trip of 31'!. 5 miles. average of 28.85 miles per gallon. Right: Officials presenting the cup to owner and driver of the record-making for J V-8. // yoif're looking for j>roof oj Ford V-8'gasoline economy, here it h in black and white— COMPETING tn lliis year's Giiinorc-Yosemitc Economy Run', l\cld imjer strict A.A.A. supervision, a sioctc 1938 Thrifty "60"' Tore! V-8 Sedan rfi.ldc an a\'cr.igc <>.f 28,85 miles (>cr g<tl- hn oj gasoline! In hanging tip this record, tlic Ford V-8 not only won first place in its price class, but also made the best nillcs-pcr-gallon showing of 23 cars, comprising a)l entrants at its price or above! Only 10.9 gallons of gasoline were used for tlic cniirc 31-f.5-inilc run. 'I'liis scnsatioim! record bears put the expert- CIILC of hundreds pf owners who have rcpprted 22 io 27 miles per gallon of gasoline with the Thrifty "60" Ford V-? in every clay ttse. In dramatic fashion It proves again that is tlic most economical Ford V-8 e'yer bui_It~iijid one of the thriftiest cars on ihe road tocjay, regardless of price! Your Ford Dealer ijiviccs yon to see and drive the smarter, more lux.uri-, ous 1938 edition of this great economy car.- Delivered Price Price qHtltot'tt'fyr'QV H.P. Ferjoi Sedan and indi ' !' " ''• '•" ' T '"" 2 bumpers, with ~gutrJt'.9 Sfure.urbeel, lire, lube aivi lock « 2~uiitlched vibrator lyfee /jor^.j • Cigar ligliUr and asl) tray o lie it itidicatof • Sfieftjptneicr it-rib trip odometer -'• Fool conlrol-faf fyeajiiglit beslas, ttatb indicator on Inurnment panel • Built-in luggage font- t>jrt incut, with lock « Silmt helical sears in sH speeds, -

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