The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 5
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MONDAY. MARCH 20, 19<!8 ""-— Press Freedom Treaty Offered Poet Would Abolish Censorship Except For Needed Security GENEVA, Mar. 29. (UPl-T designed lo abolish all but scmritv censorship (hroiiBliom the world Ilie proposed treaty, intended o Kuarantce the jrec flow of | n formation aiviund ( | le vvo ,. ld .,, be_ debated later in the eonferrm',' rne draft copy said Us purpose was to "implement tlie ritrlit of nc-oples to be adequately informed and....Improve understanding .. . tion-' thP frcc " ovv ot illfo "»«- Tbe treaty i s expected to be op- Posed by Russian and iron curtain delegates, who have clashed with 11. (tcl( 'sa!e.i over censorship and other dinering Eastern and Western concepts of a free press Thc draft treaty would bind signatory stales to: 1. Facilitate foreign correspondents' entry into and exit from countries and ban any special or I unusual restrictions on their (ravel ' and residence. 2. Give torei»n correspondents "1-ccs.s lo all places and news .sources under the same conditions ac- coi:ied correspondents of the most favored nation. \Vinild Han Censorship 3 Ban ccmlng or de- my of foreign correspondents' coin' except for national military secut'- 'Don't Count Your Eggs Before . . ; JBLYTTIEVlU,E___(AnK.y COUJUER NEW? except for national military secut"- -__.___ Hy reasons. Correspondent's would Qf'IJlI'rx .« hlnt S? o^££ t °'^Philadelphia Readies Historic copy and the reasons for tliem Iff If / n i. . «»f^«.UJ^ d \Xnl-n I ..„ . : !_„ , I SmJ ^u If J, -^ _. fl __ I * J * I . ^~+ . tor Political Conventions copy and the reasons for tliem. : 4. Make transmission facilities I available to all foreisn correspondents on the same basis and at. the .same rates. 5. Permit all copy of foreign, correspondents and Information jsen- cies ol other contracting states' to reach information agencies within its territory on the same conditions as those accorded the agencies of the mast favored nations. 6. Enable a state which allies that reports likely to injure its relations with other states aiid pen- . - -pies arc false or distorted to sub- nlif'ciuion sysi mil the true facts, and obliges the mult aiKl Hie state in \vhieh there reports nre circulated to facilitate dissemination of the true facts "through customary channels In accordance with their usual procedure for releasing Information concerning International affairs." C.y Betty Hdncinan United I'rcss Staff Correspondent PHILADELPHIA iUP>—Conven- tion Hall, where boll, Ihe Rcpifali- ran and Democratic national Music Program Planned By CaruthersYHIe Club volitions will be staged' this sum- , , J1U ,.„„,„, .,,,. ,.. rrba^fr A^rr- 1011 ' 1 '- ro " !i ""°" a *'^ political show. ,,,, , cftt^f^,— n!,f,,. n i, n ,, system I,, carrv thc tu _ . Th,W'',rcn Hie .shouiing: a new view of the d roof " * , rnoms which will br available for caucuses and committri- m.cetin.'s and a ballroom scatm« Mnn ,m- sons. ' u.I 111 ',.!!: 111 . is . not air conditioned, _ Ihe convention However, ihe tclDVisto'l i hslit.s around the balcony ramii' Sales to Russia And Satellites By US. Listed WASHINGTON, M«r. 20. <ui>i_ Hie Stale Deparlmem sr ,l,| .Saturday (he Ulllu . ( , S|(U(>S hnjq S|)|(| "Jissiii mid her .satellites about $r,ii- 000000 vm-th of surplus 80ort ., .Co * *J iJjiy. Airplane Cufs String So Boy Gets New Kite war '"idcr volitional YnTtoHted $105,545. o[ which $25,578 was for i all .v Whimsy piifiliirs for CMT transport planes. NO sales Ivive )ecn made lo Hussla since October,' The rest of the uotids liiclu.lecl •ol.v, ntntiH'.ssos. blankets, rloihln- retype inachlpes, (Ires and tubr-V <" combat malerlal wn.s asked for' -•->. N. Y., March M, (UPI -Ameru-nii Airlines sent a »,.«. |j|, c and n check lor 25 cents to j,,, m , s It-nit biiluniny in answer lo a letter the 14-year-old boy .sent to tli« • nirliue.s' lluffnln office. i The Idler said: | "On March 22, low. nt 5:07 p.m.) i was flying ,,,y kllc W |ieii one ,i[ i your fli\ s s)iip.s came over ami ™t Ihe .sirinj;. Tills was » new kite and 1 feel Dial I should be relm. ! bursed lo the exlem of 25 ,. c nt. s - Kmdly uive this your prompt alien- ] Piirlmenl I'olnn.l.. way equipment. p worth nt rail-1 In clvillnni . UNRIIA IxiilKht $8tit).110 MT of vehicles and nmelilnery !rom s surplus for Dimln. I'P tn Inst oclnbi-r. the follnwl I™ u-ci-e ,niule, the Sli.t C/eclioslovnkla—$8,1(17000 for ot. villnn ileuis. I Roiiiiinla-no sales lo Ihe covern- imrnl, but prh-ale rlllwm K ol $41 . 177.000 worth of B<>o<ts. ! worth of linods, * '' ; Alhiinln and Buts.nla did not, cet any iioods. will be almost 51,0:0.0:0, accordin; to ihe budqet secretary Prank V/ Short. 't'clevisiim In Aid Several hundred workers have been on lire remodeling job for have the convcn , „,,.„ the Republicans lo move ihe CARUTHERSVfLLE, Mo., March | •"•••"" «" i"C rcnioclcllng job fo- 59—The Music Study Club and the ! months to have the convention im-i fine. Arts Department, of the Oil- . ; caiiy lor the Republicans lo r»™-" ollu ' r ruthcrsviJle Women's club will in "it' week of June 23 and Jointly sponsor a musical program 'Democrats tno week of Julv 11 of local talent Tuesday evening at —- • the Methodist Church, it was a;i- notmced here today. There will be no admission, but a silver oflerin-' will be taken. Thc spacious commercial muse- . —• "' L ">- ',uj.i spectators urn, adjoining the auditorium, will , lll: . k - v "lonsh to gel tickets for the back of them will „, 111L . .^uuuri- proof uroadcasting studios of the major m-tworj;s. Thc main jnes.s seel ions will ne on eiilier side of the rnnv.ay, wit'i tlie ncwfmcn's tables f;. c i»g other a,,osF ihe hall. Pacing thc rostrum are the .seas of de!c-aci and alternates. The balcony will be allocated to the 7,033 spectators 'Accidentally'. Hii , j,,..*t,.^ 1111; <IUIIJ(IM ill CD \Vlil be ttu'i-icd into a theater of television studios where from I8.CM to M,COO spectators unable to croirf into the bnlcony of the hall mav "•ntch the proceedings. The television set-up at the museum is estimated to cost than S:S3,CCO. Large screens also are being Sv! t up in public place' such as hotel ballrooms and bar- daily sessions. Japs Write MacArthur Slogans on Currency m « e ^ He™ q ^^« Ji !;veabd'^ A th^ Oen. Dou-lr.s MacArlhur^preHi- - - uu.,.., .,„„ ™i-i, i'. C "V. al cnl !<i!dac.j has caused so to show a "blow'by Wow" televi- , "-action among tl le TRACTOR FOR SALE l-H FARMALL V/ith 2 Row Busters 2 Row Planters 2 Row Cultivators PHONE 33W1 or WRITE % P.O. Box 249, Osccola, Ark, Extra Ply Makes Your Tires 25% Safer Vow ouubt lo know Hint no';, of automobile (Ires hnve only -I piles Norwnlk ninlcrs ||,c only f iu -tory br.'iud lire with 5 plies. That extra 5tli ply Kiinrnutees you a t.nfei, Rer ride., Nn "linprovcnienl" tn ordinary 4-nly tires millc equals the many advantages of the extra 5lh ply in Norwalk Tires. You (jet 2S"r more tread rubber. The 5 full 3CZJ l )lios I'"' 1 from bead to bead. An extra breaker stiij)! Unvcst cost per mile -and safer! A 4-Ply 100 level Tire or $12.95 plus tax Special! 0. K. Rubber Welders North Sixth Street Phont 3762 ee sion account of the conventions -j spectators in many osstvii, cities. I-'llH N'nmjnateil There Tiie remoriclin.. j,,h on the imdi- torutiu is the first since it was built m It31. Since that time, uvo ua- liunai iioiitical conventions hav* ucen held in (he hall. The Democrats nominated Franklin D Roos»- velt. there in 1936. and in 1MO Wen- •Jcll L. Willkie wns chosen as the ; people that slogans for ami 'ai-'-iins j "m nre being written on occtma | lion currency. | Headquarters called for ,11 such ' defaced currency to be turned in:' . at once' for redemption of oc- ' ^'id 1 ?! 0 " M nnncC °"' L ''' S - A " ortler said iliac Hiosc found guiitv of (ie- ' facing bills will be "subject to ills-! eip.'mary action." Col u. s. Ruth, occupation fiscal o.rector, described the slo»;uis " '•|lnli:icnl." He said thev were as Republican nominee. .The live connecting units of th? hnth'f-ivnV-.w •"•'""' ""-'.v were city's, ••convention «,„„,..- illcll , (|(K ™ HW" v ^ J n '\ T 05 " 1 '° lhf i^addit^to u,,_,,.„.« ineetiii^the^^ ^ic^r ^avorabt" " lal JV-ha.d Reiriy. of Clricaso, re- Jaxes in a doctor's oflice left after a bolt from an "nrcident-' proof" gun ricocheted during a 'safety" demonstration. The gun nsht. lircs threaded bolts inlii wuoden sections of outdoor nd- verli. 5 ,n s displays upon i S n,l,on of 22 caliber powder rhaiges l.c.dy was hit in Ihe head bv Hie pimcflilc. one of which is shown with -jur. and powdci cliai fje. few Dap of Pfeswe, ~> THEY'RE YOURS NOW WITH A NEW CHECK THESE FEATURES: i Three Surface Units p i Smokeless Broiler Automatic Time-Clock Two Utensi] Braweis Sa\cs Pood-Saves Time Laree 2 Kleinent o\'en One Piece Top Larcc XVarmor Urawer See the New NORGE DC Luxe Model Today For Immediate Delivery $299.50 Payment Terms Available For Tod&y's Hauling Needs " TrncV C.ili and Ctiaisis TWO AND FOUR-WHEEt ORfVE Yon can't heat a "Jeep" Truck for medium duty, low-cost hauling. Tak-c a glance at ihc features that |>m these ne«- trucks in a class hy Ihcre.selves-aml (lien come in and see for yourself how «/«///<•/<-/; Hfw a line of trucks can hc. » "Jeep" Engine powered. • Seleclive 1 o , 4- w h««! d riv . models wfth 6 »pe«di forward ond 2 reverse. I Oplional power take-off (4-whe»l drive models). > A complete line wild conventional 2-wheel drive. 4700 lo 5300 Ibs. gron vehicU weight. High payload to gross v«hicl* weight ratio. Poole Motor Company Souih Hiiyhu'n*' fit QI ^ \t~ .*. ^.. M ' ° Wner Highway bl a( Slcclo, Ato. !>hone Sfcele -1!) Get Ready for Bright Spring Days! PORCH »d LAWN FURNITURE GLIDERS In Red Blut Green and Yellow CHAISE LOUNGE In Red, Blue, Green and Yellow $39.95 up Nof Exactly As Pictured T!ir 1,-isl »f GLIDER CUSHIONS (Supply Limited) lr RimimLT's stock H'ST \IMMv(,-nt >r\ , Kimimcri.!).! we «•««,„ (,, hclicv, (hev «| i i « ! "'"'u h yours curly-al |,,.st summer'!, priresj J " "" hHrd - (<) -K et ^ia ye,r. A-B Apartment Size Eledric Range $|jj»5- «~—«<M .»_•-• ** * •* , Some 'Ole Price! Juick Meal Oil Range This One's ReaHy Nice! See the Three Displayed Models of Presteline — World's Finest Electric Range Jnii'll flml II Iwrit (« rluxise lu-lvn-fn •br tlirrr ullra- ni.i.lcrii l-lli:s IICI.1NK ra,,|,, s _tl, t v-r« »P »n ^ulllul »" "rcs'lilh A '"' l "' n|ll< ' '" lhp kllow ' """* Wl >" "»" IN STOCK FOR INSTANT DELIVERY ANYWHElUr $299.95 WHILE THEY LAST: 9x12UNOLEUMRUGS $4.95 each SPECIAL THIS WEEK Walnut Finish END TABLES $1.49 36x6 Complete With Brackets—White WINDOW SHADES 60< BACK IN STOCK AGAIN Used Frigidaire ELECTRIC RANGE If Pays to "See Jimmie First" JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPm 301 E. Main Sfr. Phone 2487

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