The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL ! ln31 RU'TH'RVIU.K. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Faces Arrest If He Admits He's Alive iSS2§I_, : STS.., r , i-$ '"" T fa »»~~... .. ~ of it Misscuriau Faces Rig- amy Charge If He Adtnils He's Alive: Oaims Fortune By NKA Set vice JOI'LIN, Me —John Frederick Bartels has teen d:ad 20 years, but he never minded about th.V. ur.til just recently. Lsgally dead, that is, in two slates, lie was "burred" in Alma. Neb., in 1008, also legally dc- claicd de'.-:<l in Missouri hi 1010. But he didn't tare. Life can l>s for nn active man of 75 even if legal papers r.o longer !CGgn!'/": his existence. But not, so long 'ago word came to the lit'.le Ozark town of Me- Ojho, Mo., that one John Frederick Bartels is heir to valuable cs- iTO'.e In Priraa. John Frederick If.iniels? The records of the probate courts aver that he Is dead. C'omr.lic.-Uions Arise , A simple matter, you would say. Bartels to to to the court, 'provc"hl3 Identity, and have the \ records changed? But n'ul :o' simple. BarteLs, when he left his prosperous strawberry farm nrar Neoshc—30 years a^o it was. back in 1901—left a wife behind him. They were never divorced. And she, when last heard from, was ali-jf.' -and vWJ, JtUiewhc J: In California. hot :=3 long aso the man Old Time Spirit Shown nl .Baplisl Revival MiN The Widow's Might! Tlic cvrwsolMic meeting In prn-: I grcss at the Fir<l liapllrt churrli, j I alone with revivals nisi' hold Ihl* : week at ihe Firs'. Pi7sbytr-ri:in :m:l i 'Hi ft Methodist churches. Is beliw, can led m;t as an oict fnv.lnncd ie- ; ' viral. • Testimonials weie given at llii* urninti's services before ll'.: 1 pas- j tor, the iU'v. Alfred S. Hnrv.vll., preached on the well known vois 1 ; . trcin John 3:10. "For (Jo;l sent m:: I Jills Son Into the world to condemn ; • th-j woiltl but 11ml the wcrl:! thru' Him inliiht be saved." . Last iHi:hl he pictured JCMIS in ' jteais three times in the course ol I I hl.s ieinicn tnki-n (torn John 11. i Luke 19 and Hebrew 5. The times,! were at l^i?ermis' grave, over Jr- and over the world. : "Wnlkiiii; Deep With Clod" was them? discussud yostcrd.iv I The services will ranlrmie nicrnit'i; at 10 o'clock and evening at 1:45 nt Ihc churches through Friday. rac . each I "THE RIP VAN WINKLE OF THE OZARKfi." John F. Bartels, Is shown at the. left \vith his new: wife, fcrrr.eriy Laura Crouch, but he cannot Rive Her his name since he h:is none legally. At the right, Enr'cls t", rlnivn standing oved his own grave In a ce.nctrry at .Aln-.i. Neb., shaking hands with the ;::•;:;:rln'Kcr who buried him, Georj-: Joyce. The clipping telling of hir. is fto:n the obituary who'used 'o be John Barlels came' co -, U mn of the Harlan County Journal, of Alma, of March 23, 1S10. wrtib the (lismleinienl permit Is lack; hnu married another wife, t ], a . K , w :\ f cr Managing Editor of Arkan-'; sis Gazette Succumbs to' Hcai'l Attack. i >n<1, Brunei or Rcd-l ' Just S Laura' Crouch. So if h? legally; declares himself to 1)2 the John | Frederic'- Cartels who is legally dc-r.d, r.? i. .1 confessed bigamist, • ant! ther^ are lats about thai. ; .£noch Arclen Leaves Home ; ' It Is a strange story of this Hl[)' Van Winkle of the Ozarks. With: his ' first v;ife. Etta Bartels. he li«d on his strawberry farm, and prospered. He had amassed properly valued at 'from $50,000 to . 5100,000. He was successful. • But some taste of success was i not sweet to Barrels. . He rninr-' reled 'With his wit:, and grew tired,- somehow, of the eternal picking find shipping of carloads ci slravAc-rrlos. Suddenly, and to the. complete surprise of ail th.' t^eiyibors. John rr:derick Bartels- went away. That was July 2. 1301.- least of all his wife and daughters, knew whsr? he was. Yeais passed."and in 1009, in re-' sians: lo a petition ot Mrs. Bar- It 1 -, he '\vp.s legally declared rtea.1. The wldcv.- 1.03 she thought) hiu a : set in the cemeterf al Alma, Neb., with tne name ui . John F. Bartels cut in the pol- 'khed granite. "Darlels" Is Buried ' She had Identified R* Jc-h:i Fredcrick: Harteis a man who hcd died in an Illinois asylum under the name of John Mitchell. The body, identified at the asylum by mailed descriptions and pictures from Mr; Battels, was ssnl on to Alma, and Boys, which is your choice—b!ond. brunel LITTLE ROCK. April 1. IUP1— | ' Frr(I Heiskell. 55. managing editor ! ___.._ , , jot the Arkansas Gazelle and prom-: •> body legally registered as his. In the clipping the name is spcllrd KARTELLS, but| , |J( . 1U m southlvcs ; crn journalistic | Col. Luke Lea and Son Post Bonds on the tombstone it is CARTELS. j rirH»r. died here suddenly last i night frnm a heart attack. i Hclskell was slrlcken shortly nf- | ler dinner and died at fi:30 n. in. \ He was born at Rogersville. Tenn. He ntended schools at Memphis! and nt Rweetwater. Tenn. He r:- j ceived'his first newspaper train-) in": on (lie Memphis Schnilar ;iml i laier served several years in 111? j Phllinnincs us secretary to Gen-1 eral I.uke E. Wright.' . | Heiskell became manaclnt; editor j of the G.i7ettc in I!H)2. H? nurrled | Miss OeorKin Roysisu in 1D12. They ! have two children. Grace a^d .Trsse- | phine. . • . j lie was a son of the late JuJi; I if;. W. Heiskell Pii:I Mr^. Ell-.i 1 Nelhertand Heiskell of Mi.nnhK! Funeral services will be held to- ' morrow morning. Rowland News Curl Oalyean was a Manila vis- llr- Ia-.t wei-k end.' Misses r.l=!e and Imogen. Brad'.M- of nelli snont Inst week end On the left \ve have Joyce Compton. red- there buried, ."March 24, 1910. haired beauty; in the csvitrr,' girlish Loretta Young, with brown tressfs.and on the right. Joan Marsh. Seven years ..later, Biiriels; who is almost as blond as a polar tear. The girls are all cf the movies. Jint in case you're Interested, turned 'up In Ncoslio. His wife,; it is said, refused to receive him.! and after some parleying, he | signed quit-claim deeds to his; property. Homeless and nameless, Bartels found Kcosho sortie-i thing"Iess than the pleasant place | It had once teen. Go he oncci mor? drifted away. ] Tt was last fall that he returned • to the hill conntdy. He sought out his old friends who had been i pallbearers at "his funeral." Th3 j Ozark folk, mildly surprised to sec I and shake the hand of a ma:i believed dead 20 years, accepted the fact that here ho V.-K, and let it go at that. Begins All Over Spry and active for his age. Cartels moved onto a little hiil- \de on Indlr.n Creek '.vith his nt\v who cannot take his name jccr,use he hasn't any. He cannot vote, admit his own name. nor;.. Th( , s nu | rt v, Dr.uchlci" !'7:-:n!-. a sa own his little farm, which stands! ~ { -, c -,t picture rvf Wliat Pc:'-\Va • '. fi -in his wife's name. RED-HEADS Clara Bow Jnn;t Gaynor Carroll Jo.irt Cra\vford Jo.v Auburn Mnrjcrie Beebe Sa;ly Eilers Srlina O'Nnl ?.^yrua lay Msraarcl Livingston Baibara L'-cnard Jacqueline i^o^an here's hoiv some of the other film notables stack up in the color scheme: BRUNETS BLONDS Maiio!i Davies Ksthrr Rals'.nn fmn Q. N : i!fo:i Lc:othy Mackaill Jlarlena Dietrich Lily Dr.mita ,'rn Harding Marion Davie? Carole Lcmb.ird L:iv.rr. La Pl&nte Vi!nn Br.nky i ;;c'.cn Twelvctrccs Lupe Vcl'z Mary Brian I?ci:; Dr.niels Bi!i:c Dova Eleanor Bcardr.ian l->;clyn Br^iit Rcnee Adorec llonua Shearer F;n Do-say E?-tr!le Taylor Clo:ia Sv:an.son Kay Francis Confident of '-complete vindication" ,t Wr. lorihc,,^,, IrUll Co!. U*c Lei,. N«hvme Tenn pu» and nnnncirr, Is ,,!ctur:rt abs-.o -L-cnlc:!. at ri s ht) as He B ppf.irrd nt Ashcville, N C «l O Ills -09. .Luke lea Jr and E P. Charlet. to mohe bond In connection with indictments clmrglni them »Ih Mrs R C nn,» Mr- Maud Ev- '< Mle-il trn-isnctlcns in the U"fur,ct Cental Bank & T,ust Co. of Asheville. Shown at the desk is Deputy n-,a,iO Jessie Woodson shopped in s h "^ tt j C Colvin. wha ncccptcd bond, of 510,000 Scr Col. Lea and S50-30 each for the other BlvHieville. \VVdnesday. | c i ,, uldlni , i lcfl to ,-i;i,t, nlo Samuel J. Fisher, whose :r.M:ranc: company furnished the bend; Mr. ^"•'""^ Mr. and ?.frs. Maine Simmons! were guests of Mr. and Mrs. farm-1 cr Jackson, Sunday. Mr. W. A. Whistle attended to i Color Piano May Frrnisn Dane! business in Blytlieville last w^ek. Mr. Homer Shipplet of Manila] was a Rosebnd vistor, Sunday. I MADISON. Wis.. iTjpi-DaJicin;' Miss Flossie Adams of Lost Cnnc to a EDn ata of colored llshls d:uct- sppnl Friday at Roseland. I c< i f rcnl a piano keyboard scon may Mr. and Mrs. F. G-^Kcith of | ^ c ff cc i e d here when Pmf. Will'*'* Inm H. Varnun:, chnirmiin of tl'.e- TJnlversK>' of \Vsconsin dep.irlr.: *m of nrt education, completes his : 'color" iiiano. Two Months in Jail . j Memphis were guests of 11'; lalter's , brother, Mr. J. R. King. Sunday. Shad Will Run Scon PHILADELPHIA. Penn.. (DP) — The shad will soon be runnin' up ! there were still 188 plants making! Hesitation Costs Man Ihe old fashioned "ice boxes," nc-| ' cordSiis to (lie preliminary report; 1 cf the Census Bureau for 1929. i . In that ymr these plrmts sold: HARTFORD, Conn. (OP)—Ar- ovcr 530.00,000 worth of refriccra- ^ ut Banks sold he hesitated and the greater part of which were. was | 0i [. :hnv»s. lr.r£c Ice clo:o:j to Banks told Judge John D. Bones liulrVitrs. feh deal-rs and grorers.' ) lc slo ; c 5100 from the trunk :; The report snows that 525,000.003 Mrs. Van Sehtiack but while delib- ,,r ,"i,n , n - n i ,,i ne ,vr-r,^ mnile erating whether to return part of It was discovered. He was given two months In Jail. "c.olor" piano. through r:tnil dealers, while the Varnum plans to yet sound and • , . pt v> . erp n , ac!t , ,jlrec!ly from the cclor well acqualn'ert wish each E BOOK . arics as such were unknown. Most th'' Ihc river. Eo declares Captain 0 ;iier by playing a special wore -Sam" Denny, who .if 07, has spent | ht "crior" piano with a ?cconcl HO years on the Delaware river j score on a normal instrument. Ev- on : faclor y- Courier Nciis Want Ads Pay. during the shad season. but the story, after all. is an a-i- : | i?ry key 0:1 his piano will be wired to a colored light. Perfect h.irmony of sound and light will rc;nlt from venture story, and the man should | Hi . ls be entitled to a little leeway. ! the tw;-piar.o atively But he didn't care. Life flowed • alcn?'just !h? seme. I Bcrlels felt that all the tanidjci i skein of his life had tcin ninv.v- i tied, cr at l^ast that the knot= | had-' b;en cut. Th;n. suddenly, came v.'crd from Prussia recently that' John Frederick Bariels v,-;ui heir, to nn estate there. Memcrl: 1 : came back to Bartels of childhox! In pomerania. on a farm BO miles hw-tre.-ikers \v:re jaihd fcr short ,,^.:^^r ~- —^^^ puuishsd by Ih? -- - rv th- whl-"'ii" " Slollt Corlcz," therefore. »"l»l?, _ „ ,. , , D « ^"iroiri Ti-^e dcv"ce= i't *™ M !hn fnults of a "i»p" Inr -. Old Fashioned Ice Box » 1 ' ^ «ii I SS^Hiirl I; Stili ' l n - G - eal Dcmand 'T—n!-. a same time Uo imxh the child ot. '"'"^.^ }m "' " ri ™ :1 krms WCr(1 conquesf oVWezum^enTpire is; WASHINGTON, (UP)-ln ' ie nse to live ncrorriir.^ to tr.e ;' p,,. tj," p nr i sp]) c i, n in^i^u Is • intrinsically n thriller. The con-; cf Ihe constant srcwth of the m:- Changra Have none to the family traditions. UnhoppiRis..; ncrribl " fi>n , lr ; it'fa'k b'-riiii^ i' l^ 1 ^ 0 " !ivcd "' 3 l ™ c . aud « i clianicaliy o ? : cc' Aristocracy r,r EmlaivJ, ai-S is boredom aul a senss of bcirn'with- • ^ ]n ^ A m ~; mUv •„„„,,„- It plnce when anything eoulrt haprien.! Itrccminenclcd DcFpito Us Defrcts .out a comp.iss in stormy waters nrr . ]1(%i .,, er nrevp ,, f<i rri . as n Novel. BY HUUCE CATTOX NF-A Scnicc \Vnlcr English novelists have ','ivcn a r;ocd many stuiieK of th.? ri?c of the bndcd arbtccracy. i'l last few years; but "The liln br>raiis; " premises. It p nor reforms the lot of all of them. . th| , crimin ,, 1: u co ,. ld nc , t ,j = el;t , nr Now novelists have given us tjh:s ;„ ,Y, n vo . y ,,-jt,,;., C f things. So- pictuvr before, very cft'.n. r>ut • c i e t v cannot fc? made hw-nbiditi': Miss contrives ID mak? r:v hv fear of cunishment. The prison, r'cinr? o»" a dls!nt??r.-tim fc 1 .?!:' j ?-ir.ncr nr later. n»j?t TO flip u-j.v <^f especially clear and Hr.' :nvM ,j^f, P :!iorv anil the durkln? r,loo!. ;s-irfrr.= lj:,:llv in p'.arc; be:a'i=? FII." i Mrs >VihinV. br,ok shauld caus» 'cirr- n:t always srPm able n ban- ; „ ;, c -^ ^ ca) n[ (.mnmcnt The--: will the IV.IM nil o' charn:tor; she • he plenty of people to c in t'omcrania. on a larm tiu nines '"••"• "=» jviua. uuv i..t j.,*..*., ^^ t j, E jj.^, r _ wl c; c nnrn:ior.- sue be plenty of people to c">nd"n>'> it ns from Berlin, Memories of thrifty | D.iujhtnr," by P. M. M:.ycr. w:lc.i - ^ creat ^j'. . n( j ;i !( , r> ; or y frcn'-^'H- j nvf-i-Motional niid M-.S Wils-.n fdimtrs and millrrs who were- Ills] falls in that c'.osslfir.itloiT. is ,..-;.i h .' b « rdm[ , s ccnfiisrtl ns n refill: ' vill irobiblv b- ac-ns«rt"of trin' forebears came to him. Memories,an 1 intelligent cn;m»n to clwcrv,-- r. ^ ^ da;s . ;;v , 3 ..-.^ S i : ]-.ii^i-i 1 1 , 0 'j^jtn^nt-,] n, lf hrr nrm . of how, in 1SG3. he came out to . America as a IS-ycar-old boy with' the preat wave of Germans which special mention Miss Mayor's book deals will! ty;i!cal uppcrclass "ccunty" familv: . _______ _. __________ .. . su;r;:d across the sea about that in the pok-wai 1 yc:r-. T'rcro is thr , ^ r ccc:n:i:en:lr.i. jf-^hcr. n Rcritlrnmi of tV.^ rl j , ; ]r j, putlifhe.l by Co,varcl-Mc- |rc'.-,ral. devoted to hi5 ancestral c=- : cann. In.-., and soils at S2.50. en Ihe':.: ciianie tin- i—monts will i^k^ a 5;-.i d?il of incoming over En?liih cooietv in tri^- |rwerinc. I think .she has come clos? : era. and Icr t^at reason her boo!: j to r [ , flr [ n p ; ^ biill's-eve. time. Wants to Live Again After a short slay in Wisconsin, thev-'had gravitated to Alma, r,"eb. !ai? and '.vorshippiuy his CbJ. ^.i3 king and his flaj precissly rs hi;. AN "Tim Crime of Punishment" i? niblishrtf bv Jfareatirt. Brace .t Co iui &c -\\ f a ( 53. BLOW AT Then all the family Germany died, and John Fndcnc!--. Bedt'els was the last of his ]\n:. heir' to (heir lands and money. But John Frederick Bartels Is legally dead, ar.rt the man v,'.-c used to b? John Frederick BarCh small doses, can't resume his eld Identity with-1 The p3st--.var period Is a bad timr ' ji rs Wilscn was niDved In !AV r.NTF.RTAlNINfi STORY OF A GREAT ADVENTURE ! If. as n younger, yen sot your when any legend could be believed, Robinson has chosen to make the most of it. and "Stout Cortex" will probably be a best seller. I The book is published by the Cen- ; lury Co., and sells at S*. A SOMEWHAT. INVOLVED | HISTORY OF ENGLAND One of the year's funniest books ! is "1066 and All That," by W. C.! Sellar and R. J. Yeatman. It ir- n It-in. gayly-illnslratcd little bcok ; presenting an outline of English' history as a sadly befuddled school: boy might write it. and (here is nn almost Incredible number cf loughs in II. There Is no seite in tryin? to review- It in detail; I can =r.!y . repeat that It is very funny, and allow you to do the rest. It is published by E. P. Button & Co.. and ' costs $1.75. forebears worshinped them a cen- i T J|j; *i>R!sbx' SYSTEM tnry before: and there nre ?. sn : Jn ., T]l " n Q.^ e O r Pun!shni:nt." -.n J r, r!a-j ? htor v.-'.!o wsrshj!) mn- Margaret "\Vilsan dtscrts n:t!ir- lo-rasrport into the re.iln-.s ofgold by C curler~News Want Ads Pav Dl these thin?i. ana who look x: ! duc ^ s pen clcgy. Her bD3k Is In-j means of Present's "Conquest of _ " _1 » nnl _ A() sj^> : .If-on the cstito rs a kind of sti«-i dl nant olld argumentative: n:ii. iMoxicj," you will enjoy rending I nation which Is endurable only H'' likc mo , t s . Jc u books. Ills very in-i^'mit Corlr?..' by Hjnrv Morion j Typewriters - - - - :crcslln?. you will enjoy j'-p'nnt Corlr?..' by Hjnrv Morton j j Robinson. In fad. yon probably will I ,cnloy it oven if you never heard of out admitting that he Is a blga-jfcr the landed aristocracy. Tasrs |this book w-',:en she lived in a house Prsscott. The ftory ot Gorier Is one 'on (he wall of nn English prison, "f l!i" brinhtist adventure ftorlfs up and prices for are auay Jown farm Tlie mist. I*™ aw ' x >' Belne dead Bartols r;flcc!s. is produce not'so bad unlll suddenly you family slips into gentcol poverty, have a reason for wanting to be;and finally is compelled to sSl the alive afflin. So row he is eoin=. ( O ',e?tate. >rk th"" courts t.i revise th;ir or.ic, The s'n casts s dend. M~ek to f,tr.-u2h''iunt c,ro;:-j 1; ilist he is dend. lout'the threat c: Ks-imy C-IRTICS and claim the fortune that may bo his. Read Courier News want ads. of whic'ri her husband WAS sover- j in bMirv. and Mr. Robinson makes ] nor; and she calls Into question tho |the mon of It. i whole svstein of • Iriwlsonmen: a--• As r~ niere of historical literature j it is used by Kncbn* ant Ati'evici ill:'' to^k suffers cis a result. Mr.! 'Ror, ! :ison .terns'to be ralhrr im- i Lender.. om'-Krr.'.?- is a'slnpiil ancl cru?l mistake, nn?. j critical, in h's ready acceptance of tbe old SoanlsVi chronirte-s' esli- '. s'li cas's his In: v.ith (\ nn- She brllrves seme mnne.v a:r.l ; s S'.ivorl from '?'ne argues her cnsc ably. prison by relatives; and Sbc points ci. t that mntes of the Indian civilizations Ihey found In Mexico, and he in-, ^dulges In the facile device of read-, the London smart set, Is at the'last ccuple of centuries, penitent!-' inr; Cartel' mind every so often; | daughter, too much h.:r father's , ment. in the modern manner Is a rc- chlld to mix wholeheartedly wlih i cent development. 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Ii now 77 horsepower, which insures more thnn ninple power for ordinary driving v<-i:i!itioiis, witli n vast reserve to mccl ail demands, q Improvements in the fpriny design make the oar ride i:iore easily than ever before. <! A longer hood and a uarrow-profilo radiator add to the snmrt, rakish nppcarjiiiec of the car. THK AKVv HE SOTO SIX is by fnr the tiesl DC Solo Six ever offered—and it sells for the lowest price, U II -sr O T O U 42 C T DeSeto Saks and Service 1! 7-110 Kast ,M;iin lilylhevillc, Ark.

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