The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1950
Page 7
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JULY 28,1950 When Will Soviet Drop Mask for War? Maybe Earlier Than World Thinks Likely By EtTON C. TAY WASHINGTON, July 28. <AP) — The government is racing against time to win the Korean conflict and arm for possible war with Russia— with full knowledge that a continued poor U.S. showing in one could •Q^ly bring on the other. ^Vhen might Russia drop her mask and step openly into war? The guess by some highly placed officials It three years. Others, at equally high level, think the time could be less. Russia U watching us in Korea lo see how we fight. We are fighting badly now. If the final showing U the-same, the Kremlin may not watt Ihree years. . Also, Ihe time estimate could be wrong. We were wrong in our guess about how soon Russia could make its first atomic bomb. The administration reportedly is talking now about a 135,003.000.000 outlay in Ihis fiscal year, which began July 1. That would include money for fighting Ihe current war; for building up against the mounting menace of another, bigger one; lor making the free European nations stronger, militarily and economically, by giving them more arms aid and more economic tieip One of the major problems manpower. Here' the feel of urgency Is really • apparent. Last Tuesday, President Truman, in asking Congress for a $10,500,000,000 supplemental military proprtation, said that among oth- Khings it would provide for 600,~ more men in the armed forces, That figure may well turn out lo be higher. Hike In Numbers Indicating an upward revision there Is the hike in the number of men the government intends to draft. It started off on July 10 with » modest, plan lo call 20.000 Today It wants 100.000 Inductees called up during September and October—i fudden increase of 80,000. These draftees won't be of any use for fighting the Korean war— unless it drags on to late 1951 or early 1952. It will take that long to make combat-efficient soldiers of them. So. it is obvious they will become part of the .expanded armed forces to fight in an future war Some Pentagon thinking is that Russia—until she feels her armies, her air force and her arsenals are all of them ready:—will not move where she must commit her own troops. No Direct Action If that is true, it could mean that there might be no early, direct action in some of the "sensitive" spots around the world— In Western Germany, In Iran, in Yugoslavia. At those points, she could not rely on her satellite-s to do her fighting, as she has in Korea. ^wAsia. is % different picture. In Ipat part of the world there are unlimited . millions of Communist-in- dpclrmated .Asiatics to do, Russia's fighting. Korea demonstrated "that. Because Russia's land forces already Are advanced in preparedness • nd strength far beyond the combined armies of the United States and her. Allies, estimates about the timetable seem to be predicated largely on Soviet, aviation build-up efforts. There U evidence that Iri gome categories of plane production, ^urs Is only a tiny fraction of Russia's. This may be especially true in the of Jet fighters and fighter- bombers designed for. support of ground forces. Strategic Bomber* What about her strategic bombers, the planes she would use to wage atomic warfare agalmt fr«< Europe—and possibily agauist the United States Industrial heartland? For the kind ol war she probably would fight, the Soviet Union doesn't need the ultra-long range B-38s we would require to bomb Russian targets. She is getting bombers in constantly increasing numbers much like our B-29s and B-50s. They fit her need. With them, all of Europe and the British isles would be with- n easy range. By operating from bases in eastern Siberia, American targets in the northwest United Stales would oe within range. By selling airheads in Alaska, the striking range would move eastward to encompass industrial centers of the Midwest and Northeast.. When and If Rus-ia decides the time for an outright showdown with Ihe free world is at hand, It is to be .expected she will want lo strike by air, heavily, savagely, widely, at lhe p Instant her immense ground armies Jump off for invasion; WARNING ORDER In Ihe Chancery Court, Chicka- sauba Dhilrkl, Mississippi Count?, Arkansas. Eunice H. Jenkins, Pllf. vs. No. 11,386 Arthur H. Jenkins, Deft. The defendant Arthur H. Jenkins is hereby warned to' appear within thirty days in the courl named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Eunice H. Jenkins. Dated this 27 day of July, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Majee, D. C. T-28 , 8-1-11-18 fugoslavs Mark Tito's Highway ZAGREB, Yugoslavia, July 28 (/P) —Yugoslavia proudly marked the ompletion today of the first major project under Premier Marshal Tio's five-pear plan—a gray, ribbon- ike highway stretching 300 miles across the fertile farmlands of Serbia and. Crotla. High dignitaries of the Yugoslav government were here for the for- nal opening ceremonies. Tito him self may attend. A cavalcade of motor cars will travel over the highway to Belgrade for a second ceremony. Product, of Ihree years' sweat and ;oil by more than 300,000 workers ;he highway officially symbolizes :he "brotherhood and unity" o Serbia and Croatia, two ol the old republics that make up modern Yugoslavia. OPPOSES TALMADGE—Mrs. Helen Dortch Longstreet, M- year-o!d-pl-d3 widow of a famous Confederate genera] and one of the original suffragettes, has announced her candidacy for the governorship of Georgia. The scrappy widow, who worked as a bomber-plant riveter in World War II, has pledged herself to purge Georgia of Tal- madgeism (meaning Governor Herman), Communism, the Ku Klux Klan and the county unit voting system. The scientific name for the bo constrictor is "constrictor constrlc tor." Me Math Stows Away Campaign Clothes . LITTLE ROCK, July 28. UP) — Governor McMath has stowed awa his "campaign clothes"—at least fo ft while. The governor, who won renomlna tion lo a second term at Tuesday' preferential Democratic primaij appeared yesterday In a sharp] creased tan suit, a yellow necktie and a new straw hat. The double-breasted blue suit, red necktie and battered hat. which had become identified with the political campaign, were gone. "They're in the closet." McMath said. "I figure I'll be needing them again." PAGE SEVBH Health Board Rules on Water LITTLE ROCK. July 28. W)—The Arkansas Board of Health yester- lay adopted regulations governing luoridalion of drinking water tn an effort to combat, dental cavities. 'Hie board said It would neither 'promote nor discourage" cities In adding fluorides to drinking water. The regulations set maximum lluor- datton and provide for tests and reports. The board Increased from 60 to~75 p«r cent the federal participation share In costs of new federal-aid lospital projects. The increase Is ,n a line will) the boost in Use maximum allowable federal contribution. EDSON Continued from Page 8 first Is political—a desire to have as many'v nations as possible In on - — ,.JIe "pipeline" hat stipoi-Ls South Korean troops. The oglslics problem in this opera- lion Is one of the most difficult parts of the campaign. To this end. Ihe offer of the Nor- wcglnn government to supply merchant ships to haul supplies to Korea Ins been of particular Interest. The only question Is how many ships • are available, whether they are tankers or dry cargo ships, where they are and how soon they will be ready to toad cargo. The first offer ol ground hoops— which nre needed as badly as anything else—came from the Chinese Nationalists on Formosa. Incidentally, this offer was not refused. There has been a delay, however, because of a number of considerations. Now, Thailand has offered t combat team of 40000 troops, and England Is considering sending ground troops from Hong Kon» or Malaya. So far, other nations have offered only materials that lliey have In lone supply. The Danes have offered medicine. Philippine Islands have offered copra. Nicaragua has offer- Token Aid Would Be Appreciated Since the United states Is now furnishing a couple of billion dollars worth of military assistance to Western European nations which nren'l any too strong as it Is, maybe they can't offer sizable aid to Korea. All It would mean would be that the U.S. would have to bolster Ihcm up further. Bui even token aid from these countries—something more tangible tl-an Just moral support—would be most welcome. One thing that may have held back oilers ol aid Is that the 50-odd countries supporting (he UN resolution against the Commies haven't known what would be ireful. General MacArlhur's headquarters and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff arc now considering Issuance of a military shopping list of supplies they might use. Even money would be useful, but no country has offered any money. As a matter of fact, the question of who pays for what, lu connection with Hits UN effort, has-not even been discussed. The United Slates lias Insisted lhal all offers of aid be made to the Republic, of Korea—not, to the US received. But U there ire «ny bllh In connection with this ltd, you know darn well who will b»v, to pay them. J. Jones Roller Rink OPEN TONIGHT Osceola, Ark. Across the Street fr«n th« Buick Place Open 8 foil Each Night All Skaters 35e Come & See Exhibition Skaters '. Stanley & Buddy AGE > PESTERED BY AGENTS" How wrong, how tragically wrong, is the point of view of the prospect who impatienlly exclaims: "I wish life insurance men wouldn't pester me all of the lime!" Thank God, Mr. Prospecl, that they are pestering you. The day the most life insurance men call on you should be one of the happiest of vour life. For. it means you are in good health; otherwise they would not call. It means you are financially solvent, thrifty of mind and purpose; otherwise they would not call. It means you are sound morally; otherwise they would not call. It means they believe you are a good citizen anxious to play ' the game upon a high level with your family and with society; otherwise they would not call. The saddest day in your life win be the day when life insurance men of your community give you the cold shoulder, when they pass you by, when your door never opens to the man with the rate book. For if that day comes, it will mean that you are going to pieces physically. Or that you are going to pieces morally. Or that you are going to pieces financially. Be glad for every agent who calls on you—and make sure you do .something about the problems they discuss before they slop forever calling on you. —Paul Speicher J. L. THOMPSON, Jr. Lif« Underwriter Farmers Bank Bldg. Blylheville, Ark. Representing American United Life Insurance Co. of. Indianapolis PHONE 591 Now. 1 Sweeping Reductions in Every Department of Our Store! Many More, Like the Sharp Cut Prices |ff Shown on This Page! MIDSUMMER Thanks Voters of Miss. County I would like to take this opportunity and means to offer my sincere thanks to you. voters of Missis- sippi County who supported me in the recent elec- tion. As in the past, I shall continue to carry out the duties of my office to the best of my abi I ities. WILLIAM BERRYMAN Sheriff & Collector DON T MISS THESE! BOYS' 59e COTTON T-SHIRTS Limited quantity—hurry! Absorbent flat knit. White and colors. Chest sizes 24 lo 34. REG. 5.98 SWIM SUITS Lastex Yarn, All sizes & colors. MISSES REG. 3.98 CREPE BLOUSES Sharply reduced simply because they're discontinued numbers. REG. 3.98 WOMEN'S PLAYSHOES Sharply reduced, simply because they're discontinued styles! Broken sizes only. REG. 12.98 WOMENS DRESSES Crepes and spun rayon. Sizes 9-22 '/i REG. 4.79 ROCKER TYPE All metal lawn chair. Baked enameN finish. REG. 1.29 NYLON HOSE Varoi Brent 1S50-15 denier, fjmifed quan- '.ilies. VEEN'S 1.98 SHEER DRESS SHIRTS )pen weave Sanforized cotton; let cooling Breezes in. Non-wilt collar. White pastels. ALL PRICES SLASHED 197 197 100 197 " CURTAIN REMNANTS Orig. 49c yd. Short lengths of cotton MarquisetU check voil. 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