The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1934
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Served bu the United BLYTHEVIIIE COURIER 1VEWS THE DOMINANT NKWBPAVEH OP NOBTHEABT AKKANdAB ANU BOUTUKAtfl 1 KW9OUR1 HOME FM10N VOL. XXXI—NO. 200 BlythevWe p»Uy Newi BlylhcvlUe Ccurter Mississippi Vslley Uader UlylhevUle, Her»l(J. v'l'llPVll I li> AIMf\N!<5AS cv'pnwniv vnvminnn ,n , no i i Hl',\ ll.l.h, AKKAiNbrth. SAIUKDA1, NOVKrMBKH 17, I.IIM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS T IN AUTO COLLISION Who's Afraid of iho Rig fliul Ax? Industrial anil Financial •Leaders Will Submit Pohcv to Roosevelt WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (UP) — Tlie Chamber of Commerce of th- ynited States today named six outstanding American businessmen to further its suggested cooperative recovery program. The committee, of which Silas If. Stiawn, Chicago attorney, was named chairman, was'schcduled to br-gin work nt once in an effort to bring all major industrial groups, agriculture nnd labor together in an Intensive drive to iormulate a permanent recovery policy fin sur.mi.'.sion to President Hoasovolt. Comralllemncn included William L. fitvoel, treasurer of the Rumford Chemical Works, numfotrt,. n, I.; P. W. Litchflekl, president of the Goodyear Tire and Hub- )»r Co., Akron. O.; Harper Siblcy, manager. Sibley Farms, Hibley, 111.; Charles E. Bockus, president, Clinchficld coal Co., New York: William P. Gephacl. vice-presi- denl. First National Bank, Si. Louis, and Robert Fleming, president, Kiggs National bank. Washington, D. C. =• Strain. Republican lender aiid clof.e friend of former Presicleftts Hoover and Coolidge. left last night (or Chicago lo attrn'd 16 personal but officials ' \ the elvnmber said the cninmitt' . ' Intended to kegiir.'ljs work ivilli thif iifrxl fr-v; ilays.%. Cotlon 'Growers^Askedi .:.^.. % i'V-Vl_>'^t" -to-Answer Questionair Wednesday, Novsmber 21. will be Ihe final day for accepting questionaires recently mailed al! producers regarding the •additional allotment to be made in this county, tim North Mississippi county cotton commit',",? has announced. All producers who hrwc not complied with the request !o fill out the niicstionaire are urged to do so and return thcii' to the office of J. E. Orilz, agrictiltnral agent, in tlie co.irl lieusc here, not later than 5 oVtocfc on Wednesday. Alive When! Pit Caves hi ilT. TV s./. Nnv'. (1 j it;Pi —Foiir ninn were b'nvinl nliV' 1 lodny \vhen (lie wnll.s oT>>i\-!l]-f<4 i ' Rwiici workers nljandonVd link. ! Unit any n) 1 .- the men could alive and colH-enlrflted eilojts I. on removing ihe bodies - from t slushy mud ot the -pit.- I Two companions of lliC'Wiirkm. were pulled iroin llie-filt'n seem alter Ihe walls fell 'in:.'And «'o - immediate medical ultc lion. It was not believed Ihef were injured .seriously. - | Those burli'd were F. H. Purr. 40, Claude Maytnr, ',(2, Hurt Shawn, 2G. nnd Nolan Barvcr, 20. Owner and Tenants Both Benefit Says Arkansas Commissioner of Labor \Vhat a swell roost tills is, muses the turkey, a.n she settles herself for a rest after a session of industrious feeding. But she's !>6<m :i bit careless lately about watching the barnyard calendar, so litlle doci she reckon thai tlie-day is drawing near when this hospitable perch suddenly will be changed into an instrument of death. She's not up on criminology, or she'd sec a warning in those dark splotches on th 1 chopping block. But let her be happy while she can—Thanksgiving's still a few days juvtiy. W. I. Denton's Hearing Postponed Once More CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.,' - Nov. 17.—Tiic preliminary hearing of \V. I. Demon, charged with felonious assault on A. C. Hankins. Dccring farmer, was continued Friday before Justice O. E, Bragg, until next Friday. Hankins. who wns struck by a ehfirge of buckshot, was unable TO bL- present, anlhorlllps said. Drnton was granted bond of SICOO shortly after the shooting. H wns said that an argument over a row brought on the trouble. Three Men and a Givl Victim of Accident on Cal- Hot Springs Utility Company Officer Dies HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Nov. 17. (OP)—W. I. Boyer. 7;(. secretary niul treasurer of the Hot Springs public utilities company, died here lodny. He is survived by hw wm- ow and. a daughter, Mrs. H. E. Harb. wife of Judge Hnrb of Little Rock. Jim Stuckey Gets Deer on Hunt Near Proctor LEPANTO, Ark.—A party of 20 men from Lcpanto and the Etowah community in Mississipp county, hunting near Proctor this week, were given their first taste Jim who brought, down the deer, a four- fornia Hillside LOS ANGELES. Cal.. Nov. 17. UP) — Pour pfM'.NOtis. one woman mil thiw mjii. irenc killed today when the aluminum cabin plane in which they wnr riding crnsli- '(I inlo a hillside six miles smith of Nowhitll. The dead included W. E. Tliom- is. president of the rat-irk Air- inotive Cotporattmi. nwtirr ot (lie plane. Others were Tiny Kldd. shop em- ploye of the corporation. F. J Matthews, n passenger, and a girl identified ns Ruby Huey's Victory May ( Cily of New Orleans Rip Loan and Granl WASHINGTON. Nov. 17 HIP)— .Senator Hney 1'. Long's lutes rschiovoiiitni in ramming H ••dictatorship" hills through th uteitin.i state legislature tna prove cosily for the city of Nc-\v Orleans, It developed lodny. The public work* administration niinounccrt loclav that it had held up a $1.80(1.000 "loan and n $700.- f-00 grant for rebuilding of ilic New Orleans sewerage system pending sludy of Long's new laws. Among the enactments is a bill v.'hlch transfers control of the Child Killed In Trying to Hop Trailer HOLLAND. Mo., Nnv. 1*1—iliimcr. PMward Woods, lj, .son of Mrs. Ella Woods, \vns killed almost instant- ; ly when lie last his crip nn u me- Inl bur of' n truck trailer, which lti< hud ultemptrd (o l;op its the truck innvnl by on 11*' road two miles wcsl of Mnllnn'd nibout 9 o'clock Ilils morning. .' ;,'• A coroner's Jury, impaneled by. lit Ithodcs. Iluytl, coii]ily"coroner, licit! (he driver or (In; thick, Lawrence Silvers. Holland,'-' hlmnck'ss In (lie- accident, which It : decided wns uimvoldublc. ' • : The driver wiw unaware af the accident until his return lo ilol- lui'.d. The story of the tragedy was told by small playmates of 1 (he. Ulllc boy. They were playing cm the roadside when the truck ill trailer passed. Their com- inloii. they wild, attempted lo vinjj aboard the trailer by grlp- )HB » iod but last his hold nnil 'II lirnvlly lo the rom'i. Ills head us crnslicd by the mil, death oc- irrlnp In a few minutes. LITTLK ROCK, Nov. 17 (UP)— emancipation of many .southern oilon-raising tenant farmers will :ome with a new trend lowan iluMng them on a day labor cate, Commissioner of 'Labor Ed . McKlnley told lite Hulled Pi' Tlie ('mancipation .will com.!, ... aid. in iliosp cases where plnnln- ion owners charge, oiurngcons In- evesl on food accotrni.y from on* 1 •rop to number. .'Jonanls hovn paid is high -as XI iicTf enl.'on - their accounts al plainatlgn'. rbmmiKsai'ie,- ri-Miiiie inslanee.s that have come ;o_jhji A a,U£.ijLljfi|i. oKih.e. bijreau f'l Thp' average 'share-cropper re K-lws only JMO- or '4300 for Ills .•ear-'s labor, McKinley said, nnd • -• . --... out of that must bit paid his no f Hollywood HiriiPd nut en ninsss for Its wedding of the season, count with the landowner. Frc- j wlien red-haired "Ginger" Rogers, rndltml In grcon, became, the bride •'ignres Subslantiatc His Charges of W a s I Borah Declares 'oiidition of Lena Hicks, 18, Reported Critical at Memphis MEMPHIS, Nov. 17 (UP)—Five Dfrsons were hurt, one critically: in it head-on collision of two au^ tomoullcs on the highway north or Turrell, Ark., shortly after noon loday. The family of J. P. Hicks. CO, a resident of nurdette, Ark., was returning frmn Ounehitn, Ark., where they had gone to gel Mrs, Pa rice Davis, Oli, when the accl- •Hiit occurred. The Hicks cur, going north, col- !ld«l with a cur driven by a Mis-' sonvl man whose name was viol Jcnnicd by ambulance attendants who brought all flye of the oec\i- imnls nf the Hicks machine to Si. Joseph's hospllal here, The driver of the other car wns ol hurt seriously. Those brought io the hospital ere and their Injuries are: Hicks, cuts nnd bruises. Mrs. Susie Hicks, his wife, In-' ireit back and left leg bnclly ceratcd, ' ' Lena Hicks, 18, fractured skull, onciisslcm of the brain, In a rltlcal comlllion. Charles Hicks, 14, Injured back WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (UP) —Reports compiled by the tlnltci Press on' the cost of administering relief funds In various slatc r were hailed by Sen4lor William E •l -. '- " querilly ihe high .interest nnil im-! 0 f i.« w cnwmahle. charges lo Ihe. lenanl's' accomil leave him in debl for the ralions nfler ilic crop -is harvested nnd sold; Protests . against, charges by landowners flood into lite bureau pf labor office. Last, year 500 such claims were, .settled with the lid ot four assistants .sent by OK) Ercrclary of agriculture. There be as many this year. Deputy mlssioner Harry C. Malcom inticipatcs. In one claim, just settled Mel- p 11 • r T P cr.m disallowed a charge ot $na Cancellation Ol 1 aX 11X- asninsi a tenant's account for the, Prnn i; nn fWhdriilpc in drain of a mule and $10 for get- CmpllOIl ^Cl UllCaitS m s. Tlie ni'Wlyweds. Iwo of the screen's brlglilesl stars, are .shown here immediately after the ceremony In the Little church of the Flowers. me n or ge- t!ng only a poor siand of cotton., T|.jj s R e gi on May Result After settling on other items ilic " J share-cropper had $9ii.fl8 cash. In other cases the share-croppers, mostly negroes, have been charged with sharpening plou'.s Victory May Prove Decisive, Victorious Paraguayans Claim LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Cancella- j ASCUNCION, Paraguay. Nov. 1' iinn caws in:- snare-crop- Uo|1 of Sllrp]us wx exemption cer- I (UP)—Fort 'Halllvinn, key point o: mostly negroes, have »«m, „ . , Arkfl ,, s ,,, nrn- ihn itaiivmn armv defense, fell lo tincntes issued to Arkansas pro-1 the Hoiiviciu army defense, fell to- ami making repairs which the Inntllortl generally Is obliged tn pay. Some of the dslms .titled Hib dticers under ,tl)e Bankhead act for al least, SCO'.ODO |x>nm)s of col- ton Is possible, E. D. Wright, cliairnian of tlie state Cotton A3- [loUueiit board, said last ni'ihl on year were made by lonnt-r mem-},, , frnm „ lns p fc uon Irip to,, o, the soiithm. Tenant ;,„„ , lorthsa5l Ark^sas cot- 1-ormerr. Union, Ilie com miss ten er , p Er()ci ,, c]ng coimtlfs wllh ,,. ,, revealed—an organl?iition opposed „„„,„,. occ(c ,<,,,, ,„„„„„„,- „, n,» to the transition of shnre-rcop- pers to day laborers. One rppnlable landowiur lit Pins BltiH put IT ot Ws 20 ten- Gunler. ossL<;tant manager of the national rertificale pool. "I was n.stoiilslird flt the number and exienl. of vlolnllorus In handling ol surplus lax ,'ltli possible broken bock. Mrs. Davis, mother of licks, cut nnd bnibed. Mrs. day. the Paraguayan government announced In repotting success of a balloting Paraguayan counter- oirpiisli'i' in Ilie Graii Clmco war Coinritlrnt. \viili new maneuvers fit nenevn lo bring about peace in the South American conflict, an official communique reponed Ihe climax of Ihe latest drive by Paraguayan troops who already had claimed 7.000 prisoners in the paring 'oijt lii.f'cotilefittorf 'lha ciclt costs ore too high. Uorah recently started a contro versy over 'relief fund distrlbu ion cosls by demanding an In realisation of what, he describe us "Inexcusable wasle." Thn Unll Press reports showed lliat the ranged as high as 2-1 per cent' I some -places. -v "These rejiorls seem to me t reveal unmistakably thai Ihere ivaste nm! of such a nature that t cannot IK successfully cxplahicd away or defended," Borah said. "I lake lhat position, particularly, because there are cases where expenditures of relief funds ar/ on a reasonable basis of cosl. "It must be clear lo everyone thai a complete overhauling of the entire systc mis inevitable. At a lime when there are millions hungry it ought not to cost these figures lo teed them." Tlie reports 'referred lo by Borah came from Texas, Arkansas. Missouri, Michigan, New York and Oklahoma. Only In the case of Michigan did the administrative cost comply with Ihe appropriate figure of 8 per c^!it. set by Henef Ailmlnlslrnior Harry Hopkins as an average co-st- of administering relief funds, In Arkansas tile cosl averaged 2-t.V |»r cenl for the period May ,o September, inclusive'. Bragg City Merchant Is Hun In Road Accident W. L. Etbrldge, Bragg City, Mo. ( merchant', V;BS 'rendered uncon- " scions when 'a ciir "in v/Mch ho was riding figured in an ncclderil, parly this morning. Mr. Ethrldgc as eivronte. from /' Bragg City to Leachvllle, .carry- ! Ing n friend iii his car to the Arkansas town. The,_Br[igg..'Oity man let. Ills companion jttlye and went .to. sIeep',\lt'."Ms"iiirderlIb'od! . ', Mr. Etbrldge said lie liad no Idea of how Uie accident occurred., He suffered a- slight concussion ml .will be dismissed from Oi* BlytliSrtllc hospital this afternoon, mvlng sustained iio serious Injiir-' Canada el Carmen sector near (mi families'on u clay labor ^-^! norceTlln7altrwiiich''wV founcC "'l'™!!!,, ,.,., ,...,,„.. „,, .. o , Oils year and McKinlev said his ,. ,,„,,,„ tni ., ••«,,„,,„,„»!,. nir> fott wcomc the CU- Inwi iiralinn sbmvwl "bnfh Ilie I , Apprirf " ly ' traltnr" of the Bolivian lines In iiuesiigaiion sno«ed now ine greater parl of the violations te- owner and the tenants were be,-1 , , October, and Instniices ni n w. if >, K= "' uu "' " " Mew Orleans sewerage and water phone girl for the company. I r ^^ from tnc i , ndmiu _ r from tnc ci , y ndmiu _ _ A low hanging fog was held re- \ ^(ration to ilie state, placing it sponsiWe for the accident. Tlir single molorecl plane hit a boulder about 350 foot bcloiv the crest of the hill. Wreckage of the plane nnd the bodies of Ihe victims were scattered Almost to the ton of |7T' hill. in effect in the hands Long machine. of the in direct violation of the Bank- Pcnn Quarantine Station 235 Years Old er satisfied. Each member ol irmh vcre rollm i in w] ,| c |, certtncales nmlly that worked was paid so| wcro ^ ,„ „„,, Jo]( , as lmv ns r.uch a day and the tenant spent i one aiKl otie _i, alf con(s pc r pound money as desired. It was gratl- 'ying. McKinley said,, to learn bow :hc fiitntlies had saved their funds [or future needs. This is on example, the commissioner believes, of what can be clone on many plantations. PHILADELPHIA. Pn. (UP)—An of venison this season by S ( u c k e y. planlcr-ginner, point buck pounds. weighing over 200 Wilson Men Get Deer WILSON. Ark.—Dr. N. B. Elite and ChiVrks Lane, who have been on a hunting trip lo Peter's Island, returned yesterday, each "•'Hi a deer. nway. 3fi hours before. 10 In ,vnt i Friends said Thomas had taken ! 0 , B anizaUon cstablishcfl \n noo his companions on a sight secin?; b \ vmi ., m Peim for t he protec- trp lo view the wreckage of »!„»„„ of pwiadelphia,^ from ciis- TUA mail plane which cracked upi c( , scs brollghl , o this port by for- npar Rnuaini If^^c llnii in i,\iii^ >. ... - j, .-,^-.1 jeign ships is Hearing Us 23»tli Jlilliday. The Port- of Quarantine, as il s nnmed, is situated near Essing- lon. on the Delaware River. II las parsed Ihrougli the control of English authority, the State 1'crmsylvnntn, City of accident Gcovge Hke. veteran pilot, was injured slightly when he was forced ilown by lowering clouds. President Roosevelt Goes to Muscle Shoals Fire in Hull Pile A h "U pile fire caused lilllc or no rtatnagc at Steniberg Gin company thts afternoon. City firemen were calkxl to ex- tlngiiish (he blaze when gin em- ployes were unable to reach it effectively with their equipment. Tlie Sin did not cease operation. NASHVILLE. TSim., Nov. 17. (UP)— Roosevelt depart- d from this city shortly after noon today fov Muscle Shoals, where he will inspect ihe government's hydro-elrclric properties. He headed Into Alabama nftrr a busy morning here during which he visited Ihe Hermitage. Andrew Jackson's old home, and Vander- lilll and Fisk universities. At Fisk the Jubilee chorus sang for him. head law." recent days of [ighlliK; and tne tattle for itf, (Jossessioti was scribru by Paraguayans as n vital if not decisive encounter In the long war. The Paraguayan troops captur- Mr, Giniler came from \Vnsh-| ingtoii lo Investigate charges ol irregular certificates which had exemption certificates which ^md reached the Cotton Section of'lhn JAAA and Mr. White accompanied film this week on an Inspec- ed $3.000,000 worth of war material, including 300 army trucks, according to official estimates. •IT... si • »,, , ll -" '"m mis WCCK on an ]HSJK:L- rent flrlll Continue Attempt |llon tour which included Greene. c nd to Force Sanity nco. Mi. t .si.«ippl and nolhi'a Refuses Peace GENEVA, Nov. 17. CUP)—Current League of Nations efforts to Gran Chaco war failed system to call a sanity hearing i</ Mark H. Shank, Ohio poison slaver, will be made In Jefferson county circuit, court oarly next \vosk. _._„ ,ll appeared lodu\. phia and finally to the United i w. T. Pate jr.. Shank's attor- Five government auditors have MTTLB ROCK, Nov. 17 (UP)— j been assigned lo a check of rcc- Another atletnpl to force Swpt. S. [olds of ghuicrs. producers mid 1 Todlnmter of (lie stale prison \ banks in .connection with trans- Ststes Public Health Office. It Is Ihe oldest, permaiienl- quarantine station in tlie country. ney, sniti n writ, nf mandamus \\\\\ be asked If the hearing is not. called by Monday or .Tuesday ~ I fcrs of survjUis tax exemption certificates, and investigation of such transfers will continue In all heavy cotton-producing areas. The Bankhend act provides ns a penalty n fine of $1,000 or one year in the penitentiary, or both, for the Iransfer of certificates by today when Bolivia rejected peace proposals. Fear Traveling Showman May Have Met Foul Play Foul play is suspected by r«U>- ; lives of L. E. Haglniid,- 38, opera--: tor of n traveling, tolklng picture ':' show, w)io reported to officers today that, they had not seen him ' since he started lo the bank ye.?r terdoy afternoon wfth approximately $300 In cash. '; ; Hagland was last seen yesterday afternon on Main street by A. J. ; Morris, grandfather of Ragland'rf •; wife. Morris said he was enroufe i to the bank to get some change. fiagland did not return to ther family living quarter* at 708 Jaini,- sun lost night and a search for him was started today. Rajland's relatives satd hank employes dirt not recall waiting on a man of Raglnnd's description. nnT, * Euddy B«n«tt a»d W. D. Burns. wc , ghlng 119 charged ivllh burglary nnd lar- cs wll n ^ ceny In connection w th the rob- Yhree Bound Over for Cooler Robbery Mrs Haglancl sald Ehe bellevea rrnpn^vir r p »t «„,, i som£1 on * discovered thai her hus- JTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Nov. balul was carr y lng th( , mDneJ . and 17. -Preliminary hearings here kW naped and robbed Mm. - 'Z^JZJ?*^^- =^1 Tte rtawman'to of slight build, ;, 5 feet 2 inch- hair and blue ., , . .eyes. He has a crucifixion design bery of Coopers Phannacy at tattooed above ills left elbow. Yes- Cooter, resulted In Strong being (erdayhe was rjresssd In a blue bound over lo circuit, court under | Ee rge suit, white shirt, blue polka rand ol $1000. He was tried be- dot tie, and black shoes. He was fore Justice C. E. Bragg. halleis BarncU and Burns were tried before Justice A. Elliott, and waived examination. Tliey were bound over lo circuit court "without bond. Money and merchandise valued at $35 was taken by the trio. Bar- ml called by Monday or Tucs- shn , )racUcc coorcioil or fraud, lay. Todhtimci- told the United hc sn|l , „,,,, )hc wron(! , ul lra ; s . fVcw yes crday lie u-oitW not hold fel . 0[ cnch ctrlir , catc j s „ sopa Ifer Irate offense. Vlfly Years Fighting Tires JANESVILLE. \Vls. (UP)—Upon [the hearing, conclusion of half a century ot fire The same legal procedure was fighting, chief Cornelius J. Mur-i followed on Ihe previous |iclillon phy, 73, of the Jnnesvillc lire de-laud Torthimter's refusal was up- tiartment. recently tendered his,held by the suite supreme court, resignation. H? had served as chief j Oov, J. M. Putrell loday con-j Prances Wa for 15 years, Muniliy, at Uic 1 time | tide fed selling Shank's second ex- served five y> «i his resignation, was (he oUesliccution dale. II was learned, but, lot the powerful Ohio W. C. T. U. Quake Rocks Pacific Coast Sector, Damage Is Small EUREKA, Cnl., Nov. 17. (UP)— An earthquake of nearly two minutes duration rocked the Humboldt county coast line today. The quake, occurring at 9:42 a. m.. P. S. T., centered 50 miles nl sen, according to the Fcrndale seismograph slatlon. Fcrndale wns shaken sevcrly but no damage wns reported. nctt was at liberty under parole nl the. time of the robbery, he laving been convicted of robbing the same establishment about two Early W. C. T. V. i.eaucr !>«<! MANSFIELD. O, (UP) -Mrs 'aile I/eltcr, fiO, who years as first secretary [nsuJl Motion For Acquittal Overruled CHICAGO, Nov. 11 (UP)—Judge James H. Wilkerson overruled today an unexpected motion by Samuel instill nnd his son for directed verdicts of acquittal In 100 Swept To Death In Flood Following Typhoon MANILA, P. I., Nov. 17. (UP) — Flood waters following in the wake of a typhoon swept at least 100 persons to their deaths In Tyabas province, the postmaster of the stricken village of Matiban reported to government agencies today. Many other persons were re- txirled missing after a ulghl of horror and disaster. Milliard Leaves 2l<,S- STUTTGART, Alk. !ii. Wiile (UP)-Jofi employe of the city and mm of the oldest in ths> stnle In [joint of service. Hlghsmlth, farmer six miles east of Stuttgart, grew a stalk of mus- dccldcd to wait- awhile. Indlea- 1 n.nd then gained nalional rccognl-ltad which covered tour squavc lions were that the date will I* tlon through her work iu the or- f:et ol ground. It had leaves 21 ',» jet Kllhln SO day.'.. 1 ganlzatlon, is dead here. I Indies long. WEATHER tl:c(r trial on fiaud charges. "Utterly Impractical" OQDEN, Utah (UP) — B. ...... , I Arkansas—Cloudy, slightly war$iy,COO,000 mall mcr tonight. Sunday unsettled, probably scattered showers, cooler in northwest- portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and C. N'ew Vork editor and financial writer, .when Interviewed here while en route to California, gave his opinion ot Upton Sinclair's "EPIC" plan In two words: "Utterly Impractical,' 1 " warmer tonight. Sunday cloudy, probably occasional rains. Tits maximum -.(emperrUure here yesterday was .minimum 28, clear, according to Samue! P. Nor- rls, official w«»lh«r observer.

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