The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 4
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BLWHBVILLE, (AW, COUR1M NEWS • jVEi)NESbAY, ; FEBRUARY 16, 1033" •THE BI/SfTHEVILLE COUBIEB NEWS f .i " TH¥ COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. BAINXS, Publlihtr , BJC, N«w ; 6». txiuls. D*U»s, Kimsaii .Queago, D«- Afternoon Btc^pt' Sunday "" Entered as second class m»t«r at the poet «nic*-»t Blytheyllte ^rkaiiius, ' vnder ' act ot 'Congrtss, Octofier 9, 1917. - '"'• fry jhe qniUd SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carter liftbe'^lty of plytheyille, 150 per w£lk or €Sc per oaonth ' " By'raMl, %»§» ajrad&s of 50 miles, »3,00 per jr«r, «,» to fif mpptttf, 75C for Hire* 'months; $r mill' in postal »n,es twp to itx, inclusive, i$^fj per iw> ^* pones seven and cl^ht .* per ye*"", payable ip advance )Vhen Fight$ i)i>. the Air 'Die U/»t?d J^Utfh is 4 \\$r. A . has invaded the Atlantic toast and is i,taiid;n.g off hmlyig projectiles, a,t Ijie ;>e«i.boanl cities. Fiom Cleveland, Dayton, i^.uis.yille, l)e*> Moineb- and a w?ie of otjt.c.r ill- land towns, huge "(lying I'oriyesses" aic wheeled (jut of pi elected hn.n^at's. drew memljeis who aU wjth twined ]j\ec}bjo,n t^ke Lheu places and l)i<J Ixy&e bhips s^ai coabtw.ird, lightly lit- den, \\lnle />VJRJL tliepi buxx tiny pur- bint planes Cgnveigmg on ccilain coastal poinU (he big bom^etb land and nose into un- dei ground "an fetaljonV' \yjicrc .fjiey ^m Joiided \M6h coijiplete .cargoes of bonibt. and shells }oi sffijil) c^i.on o.icli plane cairios. TJi? fue] XvnkK y,!'y filled foi extended /light. TJio slijiJ.s aic wheeled out agai;i Oyerjicad Ihe pin suit planes aie dog-ngh.tintr. ,wi ; th enemy ciafl A huincd .bcmb niisse.s its taiget and explodei, liiu-jjilcBsJy sev- eial huiuliod yaids fiom t Uic iindei'- giound hangaiij A uddlcd pursuit ship goeh into a ^altenng spin, leaves a tiail of blaijc biiioke .is the pilo.t out The laden bombeis take off and tliu daitnig hoinets m the sky'.form in convoy again \yheqliug o.ver ''.li),e A,t- laiitic, the b;g planch loo'^e tlieir cav- gbeji on the invading fleg't, jyhicfi may or may not be already under 'lire, froni 4nieucan land hatteuc's' and' baitie- Miip Then )\oik done, the'•• bo infers ^ tijin and fly back to theii' iiiliiii<J 'basics, ^vhbie they aje bale'fiont jiit.y.aders at ' sea, ''' ' : ' ' "•' That ib ,the pjcjture army expcris- have just abo.ut'depided upon for aiv- ciaft's part in prepaiation .for any invasion of these bh9res Generals don't all agree and admuals. doii't'all agree —with each oilier 91 • among UVeni-: belveb Some \\ant njany boriihers/'at a coht of |25Q,0()q, wjii)e oth'^'s fa- voi building dp/civ? of smaller.'shjps with the banie money. Tlie one tjhitip all agree .upoii is t.liat anciaft ib still'an uncertiiin'commoclijiy in warfaie, debpite the, laboratory te&ti^g gioynds of Spain aiid'.Clijna. The U g au foiec w/l.l keen Djcp^er'i- niciiting, toiitjiine evaluating,' h.iintiiig the best combiiiation, Uic deadliest 'foi'- 1 mation. - i • Meanwhile, an inleiested public: ways the bill, not M) ninth minding pay/neii.l, bill lipping it Hill nc\er have to cash Lady With An Ax It will be a little difficult for the average.layniaii to understand the action .of 15 jProtcHlant ministers in Alton, III., in delivering resolutions from .their pulpits whjch iiraised the feats of Alton's "lady with the ax." On the surface ihc deeds of Mrs. Jreiie Kite liiight appear faintly ad- iiiirabl,e', /f cxtra-iegal. After the style set by jCarrie Naljo^v ^r«. Kite shoul- difye.d a >l)efty 'ax, piardied into seven of the city's taverns'.and smashed sundry slot inat'iiines, leaving a trail of tinkliiig dimes, iiickels and (juarlcrH. But the difl'ercnce between Carrie Nation and Irene Kite lies in the fact that while the former crusaded against ,vice for vice's sake, Mrs. Kite goes around smashing slot machines because her gambler husband is not allowed to operate j)is own dice game, she admits. If Air Kite can't be in on the Alton gambling racket, then as long as she can mving an ax no one else shall be. Ma.vbe tliu ministers juBjLify their praise under the reasoning that any tool is righteous in a good cause. H would be more understandable if they would influence their congregations to clean up Alton's vice situation for more admirable motives. I'ubllcuUon 1'u Hits' column of editorials from other newspapers does not necessarily menu cnclorseiiient b^t'.is .an' acknowlcdgnicnt of JjUcrbsi'Jli (he subjects' cnsc ' • ' A Six-Coluinti Object Lesson RciKtcri; of the Baltlrnore Evening Sun must linvc ,bccii fisloiilsliefl lat'l Thursday to find six of Uio clitorinl page's soveu columns devoid of ty|)c nnd oecijpicU only by n livond cxpanso of u'rny. Close.'Ijispcptibu slioycd it to 'be ' the product of a lulf-lono screen and made up of many liny-'black dols, like Hie neutral background of a newspaper photograph. An editorial in the first column gave the key to tlr: exhibit. Each dot stood [or one Federal jobholder, It was explained. At (lie rate oi more tl7im.,3500 io Ihc MiHiire Inch, 1,000,725 cloti appeared on (lie page, only a low more than; tiic 090,2(14 Government employes us pi 10 o'clock tlial morning. Another explanation was offered: if each dot represented a dollar, Ihc.n. the Gov- cmnienL needs 22 such cliarta' each week'.to record its spending. To contemplate the myriad', dots attentively wns n dizzying experience; jwt It' brought home to Ihc'beliohlcr the meaning' pj'the millions BO e.ii'ily bandied nboul in'.discuisio.iis of tlie nn- tion's business. Henry L. Mencken t'oolc cliarge of the Evening Sun's!cditor)|j'"page a few weeks ago, and tiic device, may-'safcjy be 'attributed to his fertile imagination, jje 'drove lioine' an object lesson eflecUyely and, by filling' those six columns with.-It, doiibljess gave ills staff an appreciated afternoon oil —St. touis Post-Dispatch. "•'"A-don pic'.know they are-in"'love \vhen'" they respond Io eacli other in ,1)01)1 (iie psycliic aiid physical realms of life,—Roy' picitcrson, author. '*'»''»' Tiic eye is more than tiic niirror of ll\e soul —it is also the mirror of the stomach, If your stomach's cm»ty your eyes also will look empty. —Dr. Erno Liiszlo, be.ltiiy cxpci'l. By George Clark "1 marvel at the way you can park in. such small spaces! THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF CS m Ferguson , . H^S. BEEN DISTRIBUTED L^^lt^lH^ ^ <^OODfViAN, NATIONAL. AMATEUR. GOLP CHAMPION, PLAYED HIS FIRST SE.VERAU VEARS OF COL.P LEf^T- .-- -_1SE HE i' BEEN 'GIVEN SOME iEOUTH nnd Central America presents a strange nrray of bird !i' .in the. i'intcr. Bb'ds whose summer hnbilnls are cntiroly dilfcrcii lobiifab tpBctlier during their striy In the tropics. More than 20 species .•,o.f'• Nortli ''American uu;d.s. arc known as winter migrants i Guatemala. ' : NEXT: Do snalics liavc « voice? OUT OUK WAY By Williams The FamiSf Pocfor T. K. a«(. rj, a r»t. oc. nsklioiis ijOiikt!n\Hi Oltcii Develops \ / icliiJ) Knows He Is 1 EF VO DOW , MVSTUH CURLY, AU'D ' AS SOON GQHOME V^z LOOK DAT. UP IN DE "" -^• C'CVCLOPEDlA.' A "B'AR " " IS'.I.M 'o 1 TRANCE-FEEL' .NQthiifvl'.. LET'S SEE \AWUT FEW ^SBkm rfK%zffzzif$A^S&®>,»:, dec. U.S. PAT. Off.* 'f/7i (NO. 45i) ; KV ))K., SJOKWSS FISJlBlilN Editor'.' journal' of the American MccSlcal" "iVssouiation, »'»! pf Hj^eia, the Uealth Magazine Cur 'Knowledge "61 Ihe inliiiiate character of the blond is a matter of fairly 'recent, 'rtevclopmcm. . ' : For'Instniice, the condition called 'IcuitcrflilB, which represents n vast surpilis of white blood cells in the blobdr was first Vlsscrlhrd sclcn- I ti.rically hi 1815 when Virchow. j | incsl fnnibus of ^German patholo- gteis. niid ' Huglics Bcnnrtl, an 1 Englishman, observed lhai Ihe I Iblopcl' 1 in "'popple dying of leukemia ' on' whb'iii'J.tli.ey hnd innctc |wst- PAST OK c'liAiiA^XKas . I'OM.V <: 1! I) I, S U V. 'leru'lnri tireuttt out, . * -• . Ji:iHiy.\\ jii'ii-ir;i,i). Juror (lie Ynnkcr ^vhn HctK lirr Ikrdnixli,' • <! A II13 It I. ll.V.MIS, ~ priviilcer Yc«(4'i'dn>'j llci'ovftrljijy nonir- >V|IEII 'riroiu till' nliuck of , loxiui; •ferry, I'fllly «t»rlK fur, Dover, Millie lit home I L I CvniLre^leut her rrlutJvv'H luce (hu ciittl* . oi Jier ' CHAPTElt XIII r rilE young matron whose stage name had been Mazic Miller ind who now served behind the jar of Ihe Sheaf of Wheat Tavern, nvned by her husbiuul, was having u spell of nerves. The reason was, she Kept ihink- ng of that pair of young lovers she liacliscparnted. It was (lie first lime- she .jiad ever done a thing ike thai, deliberately. So today she facqcl her own soul and sa'iri, "I've got to make it right!" She meant with the girl. When she reached the Unicorn and Crown Tavern (which she rc- ^relfully conceded Io bu mud) more respectable and pretentious than 'tiic Sheaf of Wheat) she called the landlord aside. "Mr. Toby," she said, "you've gol u young lady slaying here I must talk io. 1 don't Unow her name, but she's the betrothed iwccthcart, I take it, of one Jeremiah Whi.lfield." The innkeeper scrutinized Mazic more closely. Though she was not wearing Ihc sky-blue dress, ho now recognized her. "Why!" he exclaimed accusingly, "you're tlie lady he we'nl off with thai night! Whiil have you donb will) him?" "They say he was a dcsertei from His Majesty's navy," Miizie explained briefly, "and I sot ; i>ress gang on him. He didn't g< off of his own accord. He was carried aft. I'd like to explain that to the girl 1 saw him with." "You mean Miss Polly Chelsey? \ Well, it's too bud you put olf your explaining so long. She left for Dover yesterday. She hopes to get liomc to America by way of France it' she can cross (he Channel. She had no plans when she left here." "CHE'S an American, you say? And she's gone-? . . . Oh, my! What was her slate of mind, Mr. Toby?" "For several days. Miss, she Eccinecl fairly crushed. Tool; to her bed and refused, food- But all of- a sudden,'' like, she recovered. As my wife says, she seemed as hard as nails, tossing her head and acl- ng like she hadn't a care Io her lame."' "Oh, tlie poor creature!" Mazie pxclairned,' She could read Polly Clielscy's' behavior very readily. It was prompted, she guessed, by i proud hurt heart that seeks to hide its wounds^ She asked anxiously, "Do you know where I could- find her in Dover, Mr. Toby?" "No, Miss. Though she'd doubl- less'go to a decent tavern. Yes, that's likely what she'd do." "Well," said Mazie, "I must do what 1 can. I must write a letter and leave it for you to give thc coach driver in the morning. He'll remember her — who wouldn't! Ife'Il know where he- put her oft willi her trunk, lien's'tour shillings to pay him for his trouble. Tell the coach driver, Mr. Toby" —Mazie paused and fixed Ihc innkeeper with compelling eyes— "tell him to deliver this letler to Miss Polly Chelsey if it's humanly possible, because it will right a great wrong." When Mr. Toby had fetched paper and ink and a quill. Mazie Miller sat down at a (able and began to compose a letler. * * * TKflHY WH1TF1ELD and his " companion, Cabell Banks of Boston, were in thc small dark prison hold of the brig Sunrise, playing a game ' with hemp strands. It was a childish game, but it kept (hem from losing their minds. There was -in thc prison hold a great deal of massive coiled rope, nn overflow from thc- cable tier. Prom this stout wet rope that smelled so reekingly of bilge- water and the sea they pulled hemp strands with infinite care, and these they pitted against each other in various ways. They were particular about thc rules they made, and events were conducted very sportingly. Whoever lost an event paid two pence to the winner. At times-Jerry would interrupt thc game with an outburst of nerves and would climb the ladde : toward the open hatch. Always and at once a marine's bayonet would send him down again. "If you keep that up," Cabell Banks complained irritably, "they'll close the hatch. A little daylight helps." "Yes," Jerry agreed. "But il seems like I've gol to keep trying. Something drives me to keep Iry- ing—" "Why?" Cabell asked. "What do you hope Io yain?" "My freedom. . . . Listen, Banks, 1 'don't mean to boast, but I'm a good swimmer.--I'm one of Ihe bcsl swimmers. Ural ever came out of Gloucester; 1C..would be nothing for me to swirii' lishore now. Tomorrow may be too late.' \ I disagree. Tomorrow v;ould be belter, because your head would be better healed. You've got h nasty cut .there, near the crown." Thai!" said Jerry disdainfully. "I tell'you','Banks, tomorrow' may bo loo late. I believe we're gelling ready ib sail. I know Hie signs. They're bringing on provisions. Sailors are coming on board, Listen, it you don't believe me!" , "I believe you. All right, we're golfing ready to sail, and I've gol Ihis Io say about il—it will be- belter for yon when we do sail. '^ you gel your chance and try t" swim for it, you'll be shot.-'it's that simple." "I wonder you can be so reconciled Io this iloating jail!" Jerry exclaimed bitterly. Cabell Banks shrugged. "1 can afford to bide my lime. I've got no fiancee who thinks I've deserted her." * t * I"N the long watches of several sleepless nights they had ex- changee! life histories; ill assorted though they were, these confidences had given them admiration and respect for each olhor. Jerry itncw iho rich man's son to be brave, loyal, and shrewd; Cabell iiad discovered Jerry Whitficld Io ho brave, loyal, and obstinate. Both had a streak of recklessness, uut in Jerry it was far more pronounced; he was in love, -ind that state begets a special form of madness all ils own. They were conUned in Ihc prison hold continuously except for half an hour a day'above deck for exercise. It had aeon jO since their interview with Captain Stcv/. That irate officer had no sooner"St recovered from the shock of lliujv \S insubordination than he-had luid them returned to prison ftuarteis, will) all privileges suspended. He called them "the seagoing peasant and the rich Boston fool"; and when he thought of Hie Bos- tori boy's insolent boast that lie would outfit a privateer against England and make the Gloucester sailor his first male, he all but had a stroke of apoplexy. Yet that order of his for 'M .whip lashes on Jeremiah Whil- held's bared hack had not yet been consummated . . . Not yet. . . , In the prison hold Jerry wab; looking upward toward the open hatch. "Listen!" ho said to Cabell Banks. "Something's going- an." They climbed thc ladder, part; way, to catcii the sudden shouting in the forecastle. It was Jerry who interpreted rtM-'or. "We're going out-with Hie lide!" he said Uittcrly.""Bouiuh for the North Sea." •; 'T:I-. (To Be Continued)' i ion at, present, there seems to be ionic benefit after the use of ra- liuin or thc X-ray applied directly o thc enlarged glands and to thc fplccn. far more important is u continuous study of this condition in rcscnrch laboratories so that eventually exact knowledge may bring about an. understanding of the factors in its cause and thus a more certain iiielho:! of control, Woman Judged As Dead In '98 Lives 40 Years FREMONT. O. i UP I—Thc death -' Mrs. Lulu Codrith Slur:lcvant at, Ihe aye of 6','j brought, out- thc story of her "first death" .10 years before. Jn 1E98. Mrs. Stnrdcvanl was pro- nouncsd dead cf typhoid inn) spinal fever. She was laid out in n casket. Shorlly before, thc funeral hour. her husband—Ihc late Warren A. 'iirctevnnt — noticed a movement of her body, llr hastily pressed n spoon on her Unique. Her normal breathing was restored . nnd she lived to tell her story fpr 40 yenrs thereafter. Mrs. Slnrdevanl, in lelling her experience, raid she coultl hear her husband and relatives talking and mourning her death. But she was powerless, unable to move, speak or otherwise indicate ,'ihe was alive. I She lived in fear of a. rcpitition of thc experience and shortly before her death insisted every precaution be Inkcn the second lime to prevent a recurrence of ii"living death." i Poem Offered in Court Reveals Family Smacks LONDON (UP)—A wile submitted a liocin Io the Thames police court to explain why She hit her husband. It raid: ",My child of fix smacked Ihe cat; "My child of M smacked the child j of G for smacking the cat: j.. M hlls i, am , f the child ol M for'smacking thc child of I). "And I smacked my husband."' pour-Man Police Force AH Top 200-Pound Mark ^ i DECATUR. Ind. till'I — Halt :i ton of flesh, bone and inuscta s-f"- guard Decalur's citizens. Tnu"i^LY- bined weight ,of the lo^al police force totals nearly i.ODD pounds. Heaviest of the four officers is Soy Chilcole. weight 231 'pounds. The lightest is Adrian Coffee, 20'J pounds. Read Courier News Want Ads. Announcement? The Courier News has been authorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates tor public office, subject to the Democratic primary August 3. For t'ounty Treasurer B. L. (BILLY)' GAINES i'or Sheriff and Collector HALK JACKSON " ', * County Cputl Clerk ^1 "T. W- POTTER ' I'cr Ccunly Tax Assessor \V. W.''(BUDDY) WATSO.N BRYANT STEVWillT Fur County and Probate Judge DOYLE 'HENDERSON it attracts far more attention lh; niany common diseases. i Recently encouragement "'at something specific had been Ols- ccvcred appeared hi nnuoun:o- mcuU (hat an iuvestieator of lh? ! (Ii:cncc in chickens had discovered a scrum which might also be useful in human beings. The evidence in favor of Inn usefulness of this scrum in human being is. however, ,w sliRhl Hint it has not been accepted hy the mcil- i ci) i profc.ssinn a.s a useful method c r treatment. T , 1C cxacl caHsp of t, lLs collt li- ticn is not known. It is like <\ tumor bccattsr of n trcmcndowsiy OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplc . mortem'.examinations, looked ne- ral)id ' OV rrp.rov;lh of cells. H also culiarly. wrhUe, msteacl of rra a.-, it |, certain elements'which mate hcuUl-'lwyc' been, and that in j u , ook „,.,, llircctioll . T lic fact hese patients also the M.lccn had | ,,,„. thc coll(iuion may t c trans- bccomo exceedingly !ar e e. , fme( , from onc ^^ ,„.,„. It was not until much lalcr, however, It'at other scientists discovered that the white cells which ncciunulnlcd in the bloo:l were not of the usual type of white btbod cells which multiply greatly during Infections. Thc real character of these cells first became apparent when the famous Paul Ehrlich. who is credited with the discovery of ,«alvav- an for the U-calinrnt ol syphilis. Introduced ' methods of st.iining IhesV cells In 1891. There'Is n condition like leukc- mia that occurs in chickens, licrs- =^~ f 'jL ,?s. cattle, dogs, ral.s and mice, The ccndillon is not very common in human beings. In fact, one case may appear In about every thou- tand patleiits who corns to a hcs- pllal. However, because of its serious and usually falal character, other by the injection of the Wood of an infected animal Into ancthcr animal makes It seenv possible the = disease may be caused by one of — ' thcsn organisms called viruses. s>o small they cannot fcs seen with (lie microscope. Perhaps most serious of the lac- tors in relationship to this condition is (he fact that il develops Insidiously. Thc person affected may not realize that he is 111 until lu? begins to have a sense of weakness. weight, and dragging. , ihg irom the. gums and mouth. easy burning, pallor and loss of weight. When thj doctor examines thc blcod or \vhcu he feels the abdomen i,, determine Hie stee of | thc spleen, he . can determine ' promptly mat ficmeihtng .^ci'ious Is wrong. In the treatment of this condi- . E6AD, Pf?OFESSOR~.Wl-IILE HEAUUMIWG . VVfTl-1 RT. BAKUUM, 1 WAS OFTEM CALLED UPOM TO PIMCH . HIT, SO TO SPEAK, TOR 5 OTHER ACTS VERSATILE WAS T THAT , PREQUEMTLY MV REPARTEE WITH Tt-iE" VENTRILOQUIST'S TME V^OLILD BE COVERED WfTM ROLLIMQ AISLES r COULD T BUT RECALL. MY BEFORE © "PROFESSOR cbuu? use PUMMY OT=ULL IMPISH DROLLBRY; YOU WOULD BE AT. LIBERTY TO USE ' AMY PART OP \T{ UES, ME WAS VERY LIKE A CALL FOR MOPi'3. . \

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