The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
Page 2
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I;A PAGE ywo -'I'" ' BLri'HEVlLLE, '(ARK.)' COUU1EH NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1(5, : 1037 Salmon on Toboggans Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mis E M. Huffman Bible study, Church of Chi 1st, 2:30 P. M. Pounders Day nioginm of Poi- cnt-Teacher ' Associations, high school auditorium, 3:15 p. in. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Yarbrp Missionary society meeting with Mrs L M Boyd Mrs. Harry W. Haines entertaining Mld-Wcek Bridge cltib Mrs. Ross D. Hughes having 'Thursday. Luncheon club. Thursday Contract cluumeeting with Mrs. 6. W. McCutclicn. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Golden' Eule Sunday School class Flist Christian church meeting .with Mr. and Mrs. J Nori'ls Mooii. Mus|c dCDiuimo'nt, Woman's club meeting' at Central Ward school 2 30 P M SATURDAY'S EVENTS Chapter "N," PEG. having luncheon meeting with Mrs. niley B. Jones and Mrs, Dixie Craw ford at Jones home. Aicky Bid Puts Contract In Suit Perm i tling Game 1(V \VM. K. : alcKENNEV Secretary, Aiticrk-an Hriilge League Lovers of duplicate bridge are ii'onc to contend that this form ; the uame eliminates the element of luck. This Is Irue to tl :onslderabte extent, where the :ontenders nre of equal strength. Hut then . there avc times when iCIhlng but sheer hick determines ','hclher a player will have n good >r bad score on a particular board. Take today's hand as an example, It was played In a recent duplicate p.ame In New York, with Will Observe Founders 1 Da> At Meeting We.lntsil.i}. Members of Parent-Teacher (is sociatlons :of- all public schools I the city will obsene the onnl versary of the founding of tilt organization In a group meelin Wednesday afternoon 3-15 o'clock, at the high school building Mrs. Martha" Winbuin England \\lll be In charge ofjHhc. program K Jj Louis Cherry ^\ill speak on "Tree Planting"" A grci.p of poems will be given bv these students of the senloi high school: Daniel Bconc, Roland Bishop, Jplin Bowcn and Mnrjoilc Wanen A mixed cliorils of high school students will present a pageant honcilng the founders, of Ihe group. 'Hie planting of an elm tree on the high school campus will be' the closing featuie of the program with Paul Craig and a gicup of boys in charge , , < Mrs E,P Elomcjer, chahman of the h'os'pilallty committee in the Junior-Senior P T A, will be issistcd by chaiimen of till: committee'In. other'P. T. A.'s hi serving leficshinciils dining the social hour Hotel Noble To Observe Anniicrsai}. The teiith annheisaiy of tin Hotel Noble will be celebrated with n ciaiwe on Gcoige Wash ing lun's Lirlhdny, Februarj 22. i - was 'announced, today by Jesse SMI,' manager. "Music for th occasion will b" furnished by Bill Parker and his 12-plece orchestra ' from Jonesboro The dance wll ; be 1 .held'in the Blue Room of th hotel i * S Have Tarty For Miss Willie Marlcr. Miss Willie 'Mnrler, -who leave today for Memphis, where she i , to enter Macon "and Andrew school' of r business, was gncs of honor .nt^ a- bunco party glvp last night by Misses Capitol .Whilvvorth tind 'Anna May Sallb at thc-Saliba home. The .St. Patrick motif was use In the decorations and retresl ments. In the bunco ganies Mi J.E. Creech,-Miss Athel NellWhi worth and Mrs. Jack Sallba we prizes among the 2-1 guests. * • * Mirjlonary Socielj Giles Health Program A program on "Health Work Wesley Houses' was given by men bers of tbi Lake Street Missiona Society .yesterday. Talks on tl subject were given by Mrs. Amai A A 10087 V K 10 5 4 » A 0 * J 10 5 i 2' AKQCD I VQ0870 >3* J87- Today's Contract Problem • South opened the bjddlng"' willi one club, North responded with one heart, iind South then forced with Iwo spades. I After North bid four spades, i South jumped to six clubs, and ; Kast doubled. Should' Norlh now lake any further action'? * ' - <f,87C5 V A 10385 « 1C 0 3 *Q (UlinO) (Blind)'' AAKQJ ; VKC : *7 if A'KJ 1098^ K: & W. vnl. Solution in next issue. 1C Bits of News Mostly Personal the pnrtneishlp had at least nine hearts, as South would not bid at the fiingc of two without n five' uuiJiiitiii: — E,. K i\ . viii, : • " ' ' - ' . - ~- | C Sputli Wesl North Etstl- Pass Pass I* Pass Z-V tj-Pn'ssf 3V Pass 3* '^Pass ' v 4V Pass : Opiiih'g' 'lead—* K. 1C . .. - -»• ,' '. ' '.-: i mixed field, nud the -"results -vere mixed as well. Some .players (h the North, hand mnrie four fpades.. Others were set at Hint contract. Soinc pahs made a part score, :but all 'Who, "played the, game n foiir' hearts "fulfilled their contract. ';.': . • .: • .' . ' : ;. The - bidding n,s given .occurred H wo • or t hr'ee • la blcs. • Noi t h rcn soiled .that: South might iiot have ore than lliree. , spades .with per- ihps two ' honoVs. He knew Hint o be drawn the fourth Monday of March. •'..'•;': - : A nhi(]UB lioniccomleng through correspondence was observed n which letters from former council members; were /read by George W; Bnrhnm. ; • ' ' ' . ! « - * * Daughter Born. A daiiBliter' was born to Ml'. -nuT Mrs. y.l I. S.cay this , morii- 'ngCinl^ their. 'home on Highway 18.. Tilt" baby, who wclahs ten rounds, has been named Ann Prentice. Mrs. Seny was formcily Miss Annnb'elle Cutler. •'"" • : -* i * • Slclliodisl Circles Tyicel. Circles of -the Wo if inn's Mis- sionnry society of ..the First Mctli- :dlst church had meetings Mon- 1ny afternoon with'; social hours following Iho transacting of business and Bible ' studies. - Refreshments were served by the hos- The first group, met nt the -ionic of Mrs. James Hill jr. when Mrs. F. D. Smith was also "icsUss to the 23 present. Mrs Bancroft Terry wns n new mem- icr enrolled. Mrs. \V. F. Brcwe jave the devotional nnd the Bible itutly was taught by Mrs. Hill The sum of 521.80 was collects; for Ihe calendar fund. In circle 2 Mrs. Farnswortl Slack and Mrs. Elton W. Kirb. •«re hoste.sscs in a meeting • a' the Klrby home, attended by 25 Mrs. E. D. Ferguson gnve the de -olional nnd the Bible lesson WH taught by Mrs. L. E. Old. Prayc ard 'sillt. tw Hence the "light," or rnther the Vo lickjv contract was reached, as oiii 1 hearts Is n laydown. But °': vlicre the four spades .became Hie tj i flpal conliact. n much 'different 1" Situation wns presented. - M Some Smith players raised the , *5pnde bid to three, after having p iiiisscd originally, which, of course, Noi'tii carried to four, with hearts j ( iinblcr, there was a chance, for a tt diamond opening, which resulted i]i the contract being liiadc. But where East opened the ace ^ of hcnrls to get a look at the ii (Hiniiriy, West's jack furnished 11- v lumliialiiig data, by which two clubs, the ace of hearts, and ft r nifi:, defeated 'the contract; n vcrc 24 members arid two visl- ors present, After Mrs. B. A. Lynch hnd given the Bible study, * he sum of $30.00 \vns collected ! for the cnlcndar r fund. n ..-.".. ' » » l< Neighbors Have A iUcct.i.iitr. . ' There wns n call meeting ot the -Royal Neighbors chapter Monday afternoon. -V: o'clock, at thejiomc 'of Mrs. C. G. Hires. , .Flails, \ycrc. nindc for 1937 and Mrs. Herman Wnlpole was elected a delegate :o the slate convention meeting In Hot Springs' In. May or June. Rites for 0; B. Boone Held Here Yesterday Funeral' services were held at the- family residence yesterday aft- nioon :for. O. B, Boon c*' who died n his sleep nt Savertbri. Mo., chir- ng Friday,' night. Mrs: r H. ,L. Reynolds read the " Clirlsllnti Science service; mid - burial ' vvns miide. nt Maple - Drove . cemetery, - Pnllbearers .were:'- Earl Damon, Virgil .Greene,' W. G. Lawler, O. Q. Caudill, Fargo 'Toler, and Joe Out •, of . town people here for Ihe funeral were: John Clark of Memphis, O. B. Boone jr., W. A. Soone, Howard Boone and Billv Boone, of Murray. Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kowerl. of ' Hannibal, Mo ? New Libertu Mrs. E. J. Brooks, who has been visiting n son near Stcelo for foino time, has, arrived for an extended 'stay witli another son, Harry Brooks, And' family. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cox have gone lo St. Louis on a buying trip' fci the New Economy shop. Diklo Crawford went to Memphis Sunday for his father, R. W. Crawford, who has been 111 at the Baptist hospital, but who is new better. He was at the hospital two weeks. ' , S, b. Surratt. of Memphis, Is In the city for n few days. lie represented a Memphis cotton firm here 11 years ago, O. C. Oanske has returned::from Peru, Ind., where he, visited, his mother, and St. Louisy where he Lcughl .slock. Ills |jipther. > who has been ill, is now ibetter'. ; : Mr.-mid Mrs. VV. T'..Burnett and daughter, nillle Malic, left Saturday 'for ft two wdeks vacation to be'.speril in Fort Myers and St. Petersburg, Fla. Mrs. Ted Lewis, of Milwaukee, WIs., is the guest ot her sislcr, Mrs. J. L. Guard, and family, for two'weeks before moving to New York', city. Jacqueline Sllvcrrtclcl, of Osce- .ji,.'Is ix patient', at the Memphis ye. Ear. Nose aiid Throat' hos- lal. Mrs. D. C. McLean: is at the letnphls Baptist hospital where nc Is to undergo an operation Dr. McLean Is with her. Mr. aiid Mrs. J. M. Fowler re- urncd yesterday , from several veeks stay In Memphis. Don Sammons will go to Rus- ellvlllc the last of the week for vli's: Summons, who has been vis- ting relatives there for several veeks. : " ' Mis. T. G. Seal aiid children arrived home yesterday from Rich- incnd, Vji;. where they.spent sevV oral weeks with relatives. ; •Mrs. Warren Jackson, Miss Edith Edds ami Miss Jmmita Perrj' spent Suiiday in Jcnesboro n's guesls of Eminell, Colvin, Jlminie and Billy Hunt, who attend Arkansas State college. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Noble nnd Mrs. Jessec SOU left yesterday tor Little Rock where they will attend a meeting of the ( Arkansas Auto'v mobiles Association.- They, will alsif make "la. tour, of the state in' thtj' interest of 'a membership cam-" jialgn for the Hotel Grecters Association, returning the last of the week. . . • Bake in or molds' 'with pastry. hot oven (400 degrees P.) until] JM}' delicately brown. Remove .pastry nnd nil the .crisp shells with well-seasoned fish. In case you have been worrying, during your Lenten observances, thai the absence of regular amounts of meat from your family menus' will Interfere with the Pigg letlB discussion from the Mrs. L»na normal balanced diet, .stop worry- Ing. Fish" Is interchangeable with meat • in the diet. High In phosphorus;, low in iron and extractives,' it'- is .therefore loss stimulating (haii meat. Pish high in fats, such ' as salmon, are good sources of vitamins A and B. Hei$er News Bettye Lou Brock visited her mother and oilier relatives in Memphis over the week-end. > Miss Sarah BrlnUe.v, sister of John Brink ley/ of the Little River section, was burled at garden Point Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Amo.s Bradsher and two children, Ruth and Joe, are visit- Ing relatives In Littb Rock. Creamed salmon or luna fish on (oliojrgau's of (oast, In cheese flavored baskets of toasljHl 'bread or 'in sea shell pastry cakes, gives to the .I.ciilon-menu :in uhcxiicctc'd note of gaiety. I!V MRS. GAl'NOK JIADOOX •'. NKA Service Staff Writer Ail salmon looks alike In the can. You must open"'it lo sec the difference. Firmly 'packed, clean, ruddy salmon makes' good eating. So docs canned tuna, and fro-" qitcnlly . the combination of salmon and luna will, like the quality of mercy, be twice ..blessed. Vary your fish recipes with: daring. „ ' I'lquaul Creamed Salmon ._ {4 to 5 servings) One small can best salmon, 1-8 teaspoon dry mustard,' l'-2 len- salt, teaspoon black flaked or in large sections, according to preference. From an- "iiciit loaf of bread, cut thin lengthwise slices 3 -.inches wide nd fi inches long. Spread entire urfacc with mild • creamy cliefss Roll one end over until only 1-2 if strip remains 'unrolled. Place n' inoderalc dvcri (350 degree: '.) a'ndi bake''nnt|! slishtly trown d. i Your f creamed salmon toboj iaiis .to'jfjiyor'oh these tasty strips Melt' b'qttcr: ,in saucepan. Ad all.ingredients except (lour, mijk and. .lemon juice and salmoi Cco'k 2 minutes, then'stir in flbii: pepper, 2 teaspoons _ condensec iplccd tomato saiicc, ' 2 tablespoons minced green ptpper, 1-2 teaspcon lemon juice a'nd 1-4 teaspoon sugar, 2 tablespoons butler, 2 tablespoons flour,-" 2 cups milk. Drain and free 'salmon iron skin aijd; bones. Use either find; When well blended. When "sauce milk. slowly ad begins t thicken, add salmon. Cook slou ly 20 minutes. Sea Shell i'.islry Cases Use your favorite pastry recip Instead of pie tins use sea shel large • ones i which you gathcn last'summei 1 aMn'e ieacli. or el use . shell' molds. Spread she! ,\Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Polk left Sunday for a four-day visit with Mrs. J. P: -Polk,- Dr. Folk's mother, in FayetlcvUle, Ark • MVs. Lena lioll and grnnddaugll- r, Lucile Adams of Macon, Miss., rrived for a visit with Mrs, Holt's inghters, Mrs. w. M: Taylor and Irs. L. L. Gates. Mrs. -Kirk Childs and family re- irned Sunday from an extended islt with Mrs. Childs' parents, Mr. nd Mrs. J. o. Sherrick, in Mill boals, 111. _ Mtees Helen Moore, Frances aylor, prances Anehlin, and Dart? ^islier. spent Friday In Memphis. Word has been received of the Irth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Logsdon 'nt Shawneetown, 111. Vlrs. Logsdon was formerly Mis' Vommle Sherrick, nrst grade teach- r in the Keiser school. The baby ins been named' j. a. j r . Miss Mary Virginia McCain visiting relatives in Mississippi Miss Dome-Rogers was the weekend guest of Felix Carney and fnm ily in Blylhevilie. The ladles of the Methodist MU slonary society met nt the church parlors Monday afternoon hi n bii« mess nnd study piriod. Mrs. w. L checks COLDS and FEVER . ... , first <lhy Liquid, Tablets,- Ilciidacln\ 30 Salve, • Nose. Drops minutes' Try " ''Rub-My-Tlsm"—World's Best' Liniment Burial Mpp in AVil! ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)^Julson Davis, 80-year-old locksmith, was determined there would be no mlEtako about where he desired to be buried. After his death, a ma]) markinj the location where his body was lo IK interred was found attached to his will, carried out his wishes. Read Courier News Want Ads Everything For Your Enfcitain- mcnt . and Comfort as! week.Miss.yirg'iiua'Sidos. was allc'd'fcr the S125.00—Uut she .was lot present—Making HANK '•!)«- •OSIT'-lonight. $150.01):' ' —ON THK'SCRliliN—. LOWERED COSTS BENEFIT ALL George Dysingcr The devotional was given by Mis. M. N. Johnston. Business was directed by Mrs. Dysinger, the president. One new member. Mrs. Estes, was added to the roll and the twenty present were dismissed by Mrs. E. L. Reagan. * • .' » I'rctuyleiian Auxiliary Has Program on Africa. The women ot Africa were dis- the Rev. Stuart H. S.aV moh In a program given at a nieet-1 ing of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church Monday afternoon. Mrs. Dixie Crawford was leader of the program'on "Congo Crosses." For- the' devotional Mrs. 1 C. M. Gray.;spok5 on "Christ Is All and In All' The 19 members, present took gifts of llnen'for of the church. Msmters of circle 2. of which Mrs. T J Mahan is chairman served ••refreshments. ' * * » Chiictian Council Has Socia_l Program. The Woman's Council of the First Christian church had a social program and luncheon Monday at the home of Mrs I. o. Weslbraok, with Mrs I. O. Westbrook jr.. as co-hostess After lunch a business s:ssior *as held during which ths members voted to play tre "capsule game'' again this vear The names i"as offered by Mrs. J. D. Burks:Iale. The .'sum of S16.J7 was :clloctcd for the calendar fund \nd it was decided this group would serve supper to the Workers' Council meeting hi March. Mrs. George Strlcklcr and Mrs. E. J. Brooks 'were enrolled as new members. Mrs. Max B. Reid and Mrs Marcus Evrnrd entertained tin 12 members and one visitor who xttcndcd the meeting of circle 3 at the Evrard home. Mrs Rllcy B. Jones led the Bible stud after Mrs. Hnrry Kirby had give! the devotional. Circle 4 met with Mrs. J. wj John Bank, who has been ill with Influenza at the home of his uncle, R. L. Marshall, Is improving. Mrs. I. T. Walker and children have returned to their home at Manila after visiting with Mrs. Walkers mother, Mrs. B. p. Aycock, while the walcr was high Vn that community. Mrs. J. w. EppsrsDii nnd children who have been ill with influenza, at the home ol Mr. and Mrs P. B. Jarrstt are Improving nnc will return to their home at Leach- vllle soon. Adams glnson jr., when was also Mrs. W. hostess. O Hig- Tiiere As tu The Taj. Mahal is located n' Asm. India. It is an archllcc tin-ally beautiful mausoleum. Luxor a Society^ Personal Mr. and Mrs. P, : .;-D. Turner left 'or their home .in Jacksonville, Tcxns, Pi-iday mdmlng. Mr. \Voplford,.of..St. Louis, spent the latter 'part of, last week in •lixdra attending to business. Mr. "and Mrs. A. J. Lynch and William Lynch left by motor Salm-day afternoon for Flint. Mich., nfter a visit of four -weeks with their mother, Mrs. Walter Lynch. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott were visitors Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William -Thweait. Charles Mifflin is still quite sk-k with an attack of influenztt, " Mrs. Sue Browii had as her guests Sunday her daughter, Mrs. Hnys Oownn. and daughter, Sue, of Memphis. News has reached " Luxora friends of the very serious Miners of Mrs. Ed Galyean, a former resident for many years. Mrs. Gal- yeaii is a patient in the Baptist hospital, Memphis. Mrs. T. F. Hudson is among those who are sick with inuuem.°. "BERNAT" KNITTING YARN'S FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P M AIRS. LESLIE HOOPKU 1109 Chickasawba Phone 7<i; CARD OK THANKS , Ihe family of the lats O. B. Bocne Is deeply grateful to all friends \\lio were so kind to (he relatives during their recent bereavement CARD OF THANKS ' of the family of the laic Mis. L W. Gosnell \yanl to express the deepest appreciation lor the many 1 kindnesses" shown I CLAlUiiN'CE H. them during their lecent sorrow. Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Service Prepayment Privileges FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington 1st .National Hank HWrr. »lythcvitlc, Ark. Authorized MortRajre I.c.w Sollcilor for The TrurTcntiiil'Insurance Company of America OO efficiently does Svyilt & Company prepare and distribute its meats and ^J by-products, poultry, eggs, butter, and cheese that the producers of the agricultural materials are receiving approximately 76 cents of the average of every dollar the company receives from those to whom it sells these foods and by-products. The return of so large a share of the company's average wholesale dollar to those who produce the livestock, butterfat, poultry and eggs is due not only to highly economical manufacturing methods, but to the efficiency of its nationwide distributive system. When Swift & Company's meats and by-products, poultry, butler, eggs, cheese and other such foods are distributed, each kind of product assumes a part of the total cost. Transportation costs are reduced by placing boxed meat, and dairy and poultry products, beneath the suspended meats, and thus utilizing all available space in refrigerator cars and trucks. A company salesman sells all of these foods to retailers 911 his route; all such foods bought by any retailer are delivered in the same truck. This sharing of distributive costs lowers the cost of marketing each kind of product. Both producers and consumers benefit whenever improved methods lower the company's manufacturing and distributive costs. TOR information on tho service rendered by the meal packing industry, :ea<i "A Diioct Road lo Mir- fcet."Tnis instructive booV- lel will be mailed you Irec, upoa requoEl. Addrea* Swift & Company 42-19 Pickers Avenue : Chicago, Illinois •MAUVliY M01UUS Swiff & Company Tn dnily touch with every meat, poultry, and dairy consuming city, '•' to\vn, aiid hamlet in the United States ' M-G-M's'1'93^ GIFT TO LAUGHTER! uilh ROBERTYOUNG , ANN SOTHE8WJ THEATRE Also Selected Matinee Adinislioii: Shorts' -idc" & 2(16 The love... the intrigue., .the ad- rrn(urc...lhnl chniigcc! an. empire's clesfiiiy— 'Lloyds of London' Sliirriiijr Freddie Hui'tholo- niew and Alatlcloinc Carroll. With,Sir Guy Standing, Tyrone 1'invor, C. Aubi'y Sniilli and Virginia Field. Also I'aiamouiit News and "Here Comes Hie Cirnus" Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—Ic Tax Show Kvcry Night jMalinccs Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday alalinccs—2iI5 Saturday Malinet — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 r. M It AY WOHTHINGTON! Adults Adniitlcd for Price ..of i r \Vi\h\ •PHILIP HUSTON JAMES GLEASON "*" JUNE TRAVIS BRUCE CABOT ANDY.DEVINE flirtc!r J, «i/ Gtu(i Nkkil,;I,. - A Vmlm S. Human fnJacliat.'^tO-tmia' P.asro Also Novelty 'fclioit S5S Comedy

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