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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio • Page 3

Elyria, Ohio
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Thursday. July 13 THE EVENING TELEGRAM. Patt SALE Children use it like grown-ups. Shines so easily: No turpentine. THE F.

F. PALLET Ui. H. T. HudhM.

Oat CLOTHING COMPLETE LINE OF MEN'S YOUNG MEN'S AND BOY'S SUITS at the GREAT REDUCTION of MEN'S PONGEE SHIRTS ALL SIZES 1 0 4 BOY'S WAISTS With and Without Collar 3 for $1. AH Sizes ALLEN'S Real Estate Bulletin 'Choice Homes at Right Prices Personal and Social News a forenoon, suffer i some bad bruises. FAUVER and Mrs. C. C.

Bowers, Fifth street, are attending the State Druggists convention at Cedar J'oint. A. has sold bis home, i East avenue, to Hubert Basse-, Kighth street. The i Auxiliary to the Ely- rh Hospital is picnicking duv a' the home of Miss Mar- Tonabee, on the lake shore In Txirain. Mr and Mrs.

J. Adolphus Etoert are at'ending the state druggists'i i at Cedar Point. Mrs N'ora Walden, of Wellington, was brought to the Elyria Memorial hospital and underwent a successful operation for appendicitis, Thursday morning. i The Misses Jennie ind Bessie ISchneurer left today to visit their brother, Charles Schnuerer, in Cin- i a i for about a week. KOEPP BROS.

PLENTY DOING ON A CHAUTAUQUA SUNDAY FIKST PAGE. a i Also buffers. GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET i ia! fdrom the forest I a a hfet raging for FRIDAY. Jl'LV 14. 1911.

past a i I looks like on-- of the higgfsi i a GIlOrjvRTRS a i has ever suffered I IB main a at Fresh Swee. per doz Ml i SWORDFISH MAPE CRAZY WITH HEAT Massachusetts Fishermen Report a Desperate Battle With Every Fish TackIeI Wal-er a is suffering nicer on the pupU of one of his eves. Henn a other Elyrians, are Boston. July 13--Returning fish ermen report a the swordfish have become possessed of a crazy ctreak and fight viciously every attempt of the sword-fishers to cap- them It is said that the big fish are crazy i the heat, owing to the fact, that the sun's rays have heated the water to such an unusual degree. MIDDLE and desirable houM: Kas and electricity; oak finish and floors; laundry tubs; only Eighth street, 10 rooms, ences; oak finish and floors; lot 56x130.

Price on Two other desirable propositions on Middle avenue, etcL oa ft. front; each" with good substantial houMt of 11 or IB rooms and nearly all of the modern conveniences. Bach tav making of a most desirable home at a very littte addritaoMl pense. They are worthy of your consideration and Price on application. WEST AVE--New, modern and in every way 8 room on a lot 50 ft.

wide, nearly opposite Fifth street SpMtott living with brick mantle and grate; also grate la the bed rooms. Owner moved away and wants to sell. upon application. E. H.

BOULEVARD--Seven rooms and bath; furnace, grate, seat electricity; lot 50x150 ft. Special for quick action O. R. Allen "THE REAL ESTATE MATT' 305 ELYRIA BCMOK. PROFESSOR WALLACE'S "THK FAIR XD" IS MISLEADING a a a N.

13- A I i oi; O11; I 1 i i i i i Tall Cm of I of prar a a a day of Tall ol i-viimon J.OC rair. i vi i m.iot hiii if one went to every meet- i i nre a i i but if one went to every meet- Cans of Queen Olives 25C I at pcp'. he a i it rest IOC, 1 I Dish ee 3 1 I I A i i tt I Ib Pork d. a 3 1', a i KOEPP BROS.

Bell i ii 1 'i i "ur 'I i i- t'' 1 I. IDC 16c i Mi' i .1 i. tercd at main i i i rumored i i a of 3d a lost .15 suit ol tires a i go i i "liars NEGRO GAMBLER WAS A PHILANTHROPIST M(TT MAJTl' AGKI PKOPI.B IN HIS NATIYK TOWV Chicago, July 11 Robert T. Mott, owner of the Pekm theatre. Twenty-seventh and South streets died yesterday at his horn-, books and went out of br.s-ines* Hatch Is Re-elected.

ColuuibuR. O. 13 --Ignoring the recommendation of James a when he was i i of i i o'clock is a service by I i in the a of i a i i a like i 1 IPS; v. 1, i a- a A i a a i i ler i i Uieti '1 I i 1 I a i. i i i a a hou: I TI o'f 1 i i f' K.

i a Sou tit I a a day schools for young and old, air i for men. one for women, an organ i at 4 o'clock, L. S. T. vespers (dist i a a i i and i a sacred song service in i a a a choir.

J. and D. F. tended the state bar convention! a i o. a a r.n-iar Point, Wednesday.

a balance nf exactly 1R cen's, citizens' (T. A R. association, M--; M. Peck. of Oherlin, i had fharse of the forty- called on her daughter, Mrs.

Harry a a encampment of the KHling-ton, Thursday. here i the week of I i i 1 9 2 dosed i books a H. is a i of yesterday. i markets at Chicago a Kjqvenditures all purposes total- n-vKl Rapids, Mich 9 2 i i Page, 'e i office, i i a 10 her Elv i rjr" ted 'i C'li i 5 r- i'ed a SI Starts Today I an! re a GETS LICENSE TO WED ON BIRTHDAY I'i i i i i T' i i i i i i A i i -i i i i i i i ago I no i i i i applied for a 15- Pemis. a i were n-fusod i Tv Today we placed on sale a beautiful line of 9nia- mer Khirts, plaited and negligee, coat style, with cuffs at'ached.

They are all goods from our regular stock, made in plain and fancy patterns of the- very best quality of Percales and Madras--everyone bought for this season's business and every one a pleasing pattern a you would like. We have sold them regularly all season at $1.50 and $2.00 and you get these great values $1.15 Dachtler Dachtler HABERDASHERS EXCLUSIVELY i i lie works, the a board of public works has re-elected Charles Hatch Of Akron euperinTtimlfTit of north ern division of Ohio anal a tried for in have Hatch charged An official i i a i wat conducted, but no has been made G. A. R. Shows 18 Cents Balance.

Lorain, O. I I'i i a balance of i 1 the i A nss-c i ion. i had charge of the i i er. campment of the A i i the of I 2 1 i loheil up 4110 Calumet avenue, after an ill- pondttures all purpc ness of a month. His end will be mourned by dreds of persons not of his race.

Although a gambler, his passing; will be a blow at more than oue larder in peaceful western cornfields, where cards and dice are un- totaled and receipts, mcliid.iig popuU' eubscnptioiiB, bj the negro owner. I Washington, place, he star ec a pea 8 th lca thiest Igrew until the day of his Mott was one of the we.vl- Nor were all the names of in the United received Motfs checks regular- in Chicago." cense VVUB to conduct a modest backroom amusement establishment in connection with MB saloon. He w.u told he couM have no license unless he built a theatre. When returned for his license it was for the Pekln theatre, which has thrived mightily and where rr.ost the eminent actors and actre-ses of be a tin said a native of Washington yester- "That was one place that was he sought a li-'not ashamed to have a black hero." soloists and the great audience participate. The authorielies at OK a qua a anyone to on Sunday through the gates, but to get in on Sunday -one muht show reason.

Tliis rule has occasioned pome adverse, but no reasonable person can object to it -Sundaj excursion crowds not a and be out of a i i the place. do not stop, nor cars at the tro'ley gate, but thoh-e wish to or on Sunday have a short i a to to the trolley, and thence a short i gives access to railroad or boat a a i Prof Frederick a of Chicago i i is delivering a series of lectures i week on ancient and modern Mexico, which is a country he loves next to his own. He savs the ideas of Prescott in "Conquest of Mexico" and of Lew Wallace in "The Fair God" are i a i that the Aztecs were not i civilized though artistic and had a good calendar, the Spaniards were not extremely cruel but the proto- The Azas few and ate Mir 1 roniIF i i i i the guest of i i a i a 1'ouHon had not a a i i i a i license wrts also issued to i a Oeorge Nielsen. 22. of St Paul Minn a a from an apple tree i Ornro Fmmg, 2., of i a place on the same PAPER BURNERS THE UNDER1L FOR SALK OH estate of Lewis Wright situated on the Hiver road, i i on the premises a Wright.

Postmaster J. N. Stone, Harry Marsh and George Morris, of Oberlin, attended the Elyria All-Cub, ans baseball game here, Wednesday. type of the "easy boss." tecs were dressed with clothes as could be used, a i clean or a said Mr. Starr, people who will eat raw oysters should have i to say as to food of Aztecs.

Hy the way, Prof. Starr is an admirer of Castro of Venezuela and says the United States was wrone in interfering with i a Castro was doing the best that could be done. L11C the country have been cn.ertalneJ Ladies! av Money and Keep in Style by Reading McCall'f Magazine and Using McCall Patterns help you dress strl- Isbly at a modcrato eipensobf i you on tbo latest a i In clotbea and hats. 60 New Fashion Desitrns In each Issue. Also valuable information on all home and personal matters.

Only 60c a year. Including free pattern. Sub- today or tend tor free sample copy. Tttttrm will enable you to make In your own home, wlih your own hands, clothing for yourself ud children which will bo perfect in MyfcB and flt. Price--none hither than Send for Pattern Caulorue.

among your friends. Send for free Premium Catalogue and Caab Prise Offer. i this hot dry weather, danger of fires is avoided by a v're. paper hurner. These caln be plAred In back room or shed i then carried by the bangle to the yard and the con- consumed i danger of sparks or flyinug emihers.

Three J)0o, and HUBERT DAY SONS NEW OBERLIN Mr. and Mrs. Von a a of Henrietta, were recently the guests Of the former's sister, Mrs H. Manns. Louis Oerhartii.R, of street, Elyria, called on his brother.

Ignatus Gerhartinper, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schmitz and daughter Amelia, were In Elyria, Saturday. Mr.

and Mru. M. Justin, of Sugar Ridge, visited at the home of C'. Jus tin and family, Tuesday. Mrs.

Peter A. Schmitz and ter, Mrs. Ignatius Oerhartinger, visited relatives on Oarvin avenue, Elyria, last Wednesday. George ilhelmy and sister, of the Gulf road, were the Sunday guestn of C. Justin and family.

P. J. and family attended In Elyria Friday. A t. JULY CLEARANCE SALE Buy your Furniture and Rugs this month and save money.

Dirang Room Tables, $4.25 to $7.00 Bullet and Chinas to Match OFF ON PORCH HJHOE The WILKINS-HURST Co. Furniture and Rugs of Quality. Funeral Directors Elyria, Ohio. Announces the Opening of Their Dairy Products'Sfore at 305 Broad Street, 15th WILL HAVDLiE DAIRY PRO DUCTS EXCLUSIVELY WITH T3MC EXCKPTIOX OP SWEET MILK, AT ALL TIMES STRICTLY FRESH Creamerj i Sweet Butter, Strictly Fresh Eggs, Buttermilk York Stite and Ohio Full Cheese, Swltzer, Brick and Cottage Cheese. are proud of our Butter, it h.M ing received highest far State of Ohio at the Ohio State Pai and at the National Dairy YoU Exhibit a Milwaukee last fall.

A OP HUTERMILK FREE WITH EACH PURCHASE. for every lady attend ing the opening Saturday Itroad Street. Nert to Hotel i THE A. R. CBAMPNEY CO.

Will Deliver to your homo two dozen bottles of $1 flfl the famous Crystal Rock Beer for Large size bottles 1 Doz. in a case for $1.00 We are also distributors for the famous Moerlein's and Bud'weiser Beer. Kindly take notice these are the three highest grades of beer that are brewed. Call us by either phone, our ninn- bers are 51 and we will do the rest. The A.

R. Chamney Company.

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