The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1944
Page 3
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JIONUAY/APIUL 24, 19-J4 DONT QUOTE ME- Terry Backers Were Undecided Observer Says Group Couldn't Decide On • Any Other Candidate By JIM DOWNING hilled Press Stuff Correspondent LITTLE HOCK, April 24 (U.P )The entrance ol Dave Terry into the gubernatorial campaign "gave a lot of undecided folks a place lo light," a well known political ieurc asserted this week: Tiie spokesman, who refused to illow his name lo be used, said a number of leaders of one faction or another "had been sliop- liiiB around, hunllng a candidate who fitted into tlielr picture." "Until Dave sot in, lliev weren't satisfied with the situation. Now, they're re;i<ly to (jo into oellon," lie said. * • • What, appeared to be Active pai- .Icipallon in Terry's campaign by wo U. S. Employment Service men vas seen nl mid-week in northeast Arkansas. !One man who was called into a USES field officer "lo meet a :ouple of fellows" was asked aftei- ivarcLs' If they had sold him on Terry for governor. "No," lie said. "Ihcy didn't convince me." Activity around War Manpower Director Floyd Sharp's vicinity nade il appear to one veteran po- itlcnl observer Dial "Sharp'.'; back :rs are carrying some mighty big .orclies for Dave Terry." It was considered highly likely that Sharp supporters had decided an Terry afler Ihe WMC licn'l bowed out or the gubernatorial race. BLYTJIEV1LLE (AUK.) COU1UEU NEWS _ Ben Lnney, gubernalor- candirtale from Camden, has said publicly lliat he was not asking for help from Sen. jolm" McClellan in his campaign, his parti-' iiins were of (lie opinion this week reasons for pulling a friend info Ihc governor's office this year. One summed it up tills way: "Jolm probably isn't particular ly interested in tlie senate race tills year because if the winner is anyone olher llian Mrs. Caraway, lie will be senior senator. But he will be running for re-election four years from now—and Ihe governor would be the logical candidate to oppose him. if Dave Terry or Bryan Sims .or Will Steel ,or .•joineboriy else goes in as governor, McC:cll&:i can expect to have to run against Ihe mtm r ln,19-18. BuVii his friend 3cn Laney becomes governor, with iiis help, lie can, be pretty. Mire he-won't have to face him in the ieiiai^e race. r "Jolui must tyi miist be*.turning- those thoughts over in his mind iiu • in Washington Ihese days." • Laney went to northeast Arkansas late in the week but expected o'be back in town lo watcli the ast-jnmutc rush of candidates before the ticket closes Wednesday. He said tlic note in this column week about Arthur Adams of lered as a la^, week about Arthur jjltsboro bctng consid campaign manager "wasn't far wrong" but no decision had been made. Hep. Roy L. Riales. farmer-legislator from Polk county, expects to return to life House seat this year without opposition lor a fifth term. He said he expected to campaign for Speaker of the House — (lie pot held last year by Rep. R W. Griffith of Little Rock. Riales was badly bruised last ivcck when n bus loaded with Polk bounty draftees overturned cnroulc from Mena lo Litlle Rock. He is in a station hospital at Camp Robinson. Riales Is the second legislator lo innouncc -for House Speaker.' The other candidate is Hep. Nelson Cox if Onchita county. Riales sairt he already had ten pledges from fellow representatives. ; Whether Cox would continue to campaign for the office in view )f tlie fact that his fellow townsman, Ben Laney, is running for Mtrnor, lias not been made public. Sen. Lee Reaves of Hermitage aid last week that if a candidate innounccd in opposition to O. E. Jutes —who is seeking Ills upper louse scat—lie would resign from he office. "But I'm not going to just give t lo Gales on a silver plalter," he aild. "I've got a commission wail- ng for me and I'd like to get ;o!ng, hut I'm sort of wailing to ice if perhaps someone won't gel n the fracas against Orion," Good Olrl 'Chute EXCELSIOR SPRINGS. Mo. (UP) - Sgt. Clarence F. Marcy was >lmvii out of his bomber when it ;x|)lodcd recently. He woke up in midair — suspended by his para- :hute, which had opened while lie was unconscious. Marcy, a gunner from Excelsior Springs, was picked ip from a New Britain shore by a laval rescue plane and is now re- :upcrating in n Navy hospital. YOUR HEALTH Requires Constant Vigilance Neglected chronic ailments in time may undermine health. This is especially true of rectal, stomach and colon conditions, on which informative literature \vill be sent' on your request", ' i THORNTON & MINOR CUNIC Suite 4W, B2C McGce Kansas City 6, Missouri 'TKey "Don't Come Any Bigger—Yet The photos above elTcclively dramatize tlie great size of tho giant Loclthccd transport pinne Con- stcllalion, which reccnliy made a record trans-conlinciilal Iliglil.' In lop photo, llnce TWA cm' , rans-connciia gi. n op photo, llnce TWA cm- loyes appear in sharp contrast' to towering tail fins, whose lops are 23 feet. 7 inches from Ihe round. All Ihe people under Ihc 123-foot wing-span, seen in lower pholo, could be curried In lux- jurious comiorMn peacetime. But the Constellation's going lo war. and will carry about twice Hint many soldiers— in somewhat less than luxurious comforl. A sister ship is already on active duty Blytheyille's USD Facilities Praised By Visiting Official urday. Mr. Machotka, -_ one of the .outstanding cluhs lor a city of 'its size in this region, consisting of 14. state, J. P. Machotka, assistant regional supervisor of tho ' national committee of YMCA told tlie Courier. News Sat- . , formerly YMCA secretary in Czechoslovakia, also served for four .years • as student secretary at ' the University of .Athens. Greece. .and civilian secretary of the YMCA there. In Chech- oslovakia following ' the close of World War I, Mr. Machotka's duties were tq set up YMCA huts, wh'icil arc similar to Ihe, recreation hall established in camps throughout this nation, ami to introduce American games and establish an athletic program among the young people. .All 'Yankee -. sports' except baseball were enthusiastically received by the - Czech youth, Mr. Macholka said. Baseball was. considered "too rough," the sportsters preferring, a combination of football and soccer which involved a great deal of -kicking,, running and broken limbs.' Americans ' becoming interested in developing the youth of that nation, financed the construction In Czech cities of eight YMCA buildings which 'havii been taken • over as. Gestapo, headquarters.. "During there from my 1018 three-year slay lo 1922 Czechoslovakia was one of the best .,.„ amplcs of a dynamic and progressive social democracy that we have had in the world". Mr. Machoika said. Greatly, impress with -. the Czechs and their ability to govern themselves senslbiy, Mr.. Machotka blamed the'invasion of that peaceful country-on 'the unlimited use by the Germans of propaganda and spy activity to spread hate and imhappiness among the people. "This wll'l be a blackcd-ou't generation in Greece", Mr. Machotkn warned as he reported that only one out of 20 babies born in that country now survive, "And the small pcrcenlagf. that lives through infancy will probably not be able to withstand the starvation and suffering to which the people' of that nation .are being subjected." the YMCA leader said. Mr. Machotka. who supervises the personnel, finances programs and public relations of USO clubs in four states, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Eastern Kansas, and Southern Missouri, met Friday night with the operating committee of the local USO club, of which Rosco Crafton dcrslgncd mortgagee In u morlKagc executed by Sidney Honey lo Ihe United Stales on' the 2-1 day of Mnrcli, 19-M, nncl duly filed in the office of Ihc Recorder-In mid for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the aiid Sidney Honey having waived nil being offered In Ihe local club j^mptlo.umrtcrlluilnws oflheSlale Week-end attendance in the club ^ 1 ,^!i' ls '! s;11> ! ll ' S ,\' nllt( '°"! c "? vs ?, l ' s here averages 650 lo 700, and lills the 200 mark during week days, and nights, the leader reported. NOTICE OP SALE (Arkansas). Notice is hereby given llial the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Frank Enmon lo Ihc United Slates on the 3 day of-March, 1D-H, and duly filed la the office of the Recorder in and for 1 Mississippi Count}', Arkansas; Ihe said Frank Enmon having waived nil rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of Ihe State of Arkansas; pursuant tq the powers grunted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 25 day of April, 1944, between the hours of 9 ,0'clock in Die forenoon and 5 o'clock in tlie after- npon of said dale, at 2',i Miles West , of Marie at Missco lleadquarlcrs, in 11 tlie County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, blTcr for sale lo the liigli- cst -and best bidder for cash, tlic following described property, towit: 1 Black Horse Mule named Sam, 1 Black Horse Mule named Tom, 1 Kcd Jersey Cow, I Light red Jersey Heifer, i Black Hampshire Gilt, 1 wagon, 1 John Deere Walking Cultivator, 1 Moline Middle Buster, 1 Jolm Deere Turning Ulow, 2 Collars and 2 S«ls plow gear, 1 planter, 1 shopmndd liai-row, 1 cooker. Witness my hand this the 2-1 day of April, 1Q44, United States of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. granted under aforementioned , the laws of Hie Stale of Ai-knnsns, will on the 25 day of April, 1844 the terms of the mortgage, and by West of Marie at Missco, Hendnuar- Icrs, In Ihe County of Mississippi; Slale of Arkansas, offer for sale to "the highest and best bidder for cash, tlie following described property, to-wit: 1' Gray Horse Mule named Tom, 1 Yellow Jersey cow, 1 cultlvnlor. Witness my hand this the 2-t day of April, 1914, United States of America, By Rribcrt, W, Downs, FSA Supervisor. EPSON IN WASHINGTON Proposal For Pithy Pamphlet »Y I'liTKK I'.DSON Cornier News Wiislilnslon Currfsiiuu ilrnl Mnnvo Ixiaf, (hi! younu author whu made I'l-rilhuind the must lu- mous bull In Die world, mid thru went on lo mile the Wnlchbircl books and (ho sci'tes of books tailed Grammar Can lie Pun, Mmmm Can lie Ftm,<lIeMlIi Cun lin fun mid so on, Is now n major In Hie Army, stationed in tliu WB IViitu- gon building amiss Ihu iMlomac from Washington. Mint has had several Jobs, mostly In public relations for the Army Service l>\jrci's. Anyway. u|) mis gives blrilt lo n swell Idea. Wnr ticlng such a serious biislness, mid AvmV's , so n-lKhlfnlly dull, how would it be It Major Imt were nsslBiied Hie Job of pullliiK soitto (if tho Win- Department's orders into laii|;iin«e that Ihe people could unclorxtiuiilV As a sample of wlmt mlfhl te expected, wlth.tonuuo lit check, mid npoloeics to the author, we now give you a few paraphrased pnru- Brnphs of what might be called "Wnr Can f!c Ptm" or "The Wtitrti- btrds in the War Drpartniciil," or "How to Shoot the Ferdlmiml." Tills Is ii Wiitcliltlrd Wntohltiir a War Ocpui Uiienl Waster. This Is one creiiUirc we certainly don't- mint around Ihcsu ilny.s. It's » Win- l)e- jmrtmcnl Waster. This Waster lias spent ton miicii of Ms Uncle Sam's money for stupid mini's that weren't really needed in the war effort, with llio result thni ihc War Uo- pnrlmont Is Reilng lo be investlgnled liy a Congressional Committee. loci's hope this Waster fels some sense IK>fore It's loo laic. Were you a WAST- EK today? This Is n Wiilchblrd Wtitc'hlng a War Department Droopy-! Imid. nils flucer-looklng tliln K stninllnii mill its toes turned in nml, looking llxc n scared rabbit Is a Uioiipy- Hand. A Droopy-Ham! is a retread officer who, when lie meets u soldier on the street, instead of loo!;- liig ul him mid returning hi s S u_ ute sinitrlly, acts timid and shy as [hough It were scared lo death, and half lift., a droopy | llllKl („ ttttaM as nice a salnlc as you would nuikc With an old wot dlsliriig. Were you a Droopy-Hand today? CAliUl.H-OAIilll.K-CiAHISI.KItS This Is a Watchblrd Wnlching a --- -— -- — -j ........... «"•-•, War Department Gabbler. Cubblors between the hours of 0 o'clock in sit lor hours with their cctoiUc the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the desk and («lk lo other snbblorVo afternoon of said date, at 2U Miles the telephone. They very rarely 6 ", anything tlmt makes sense and'usu Just S drops Pcnctro None pron.1 in encll noslrll hcljj you breathe freer Instantly. Itollcrelho ILOIH! cold nnnnl misery, Only 2nc—214 times iu nracli (or GOc. Caution: Use only na directed. 1'cnotrn NOSH l)ro|iK NOTICE OP SALE (Arkansas). Notice is hereby given that the uu- PETROLEUM JEUYTHISWfly Press Moral mo between thumb , ami finger. Spread slowly nrwul- I Long fib'rra prove MnroEinc'a tngh quality. For nrjnor c«fs anuatna3ioti3.5c, trijilcatic, IDo. Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing .To make this simple, no risk hearing Uat If you nfo temporarily deufcticii, bothered l>y ringing buzzinghcail noises dueto linril- enert or coagul»lc<t wai (cerumen), try tho Oimno Homo Method test IhnUo many tsy raw ormWcd Hem to henr well ngain You musthenr licltcr after malting thi.s simple test or you get your money hack at once. 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If your call must go through even though Long Distance circuits are crowded, please try to limit "^ it to not more than 5 minutes, SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ^V •/ '<". nlli' jusl 8«t)Wc, BftUblc, nubble, n Is bivd enoiiBh lo 1)0 u Onbbli'r nt imy tlini', bin rlghl now, ivhtlu «-,. are nl WHV uiitl tclci>liouu lines iux> noi'ilod for liniwitniil \v»r Dqmii- Jilt'lil Ijiislness, il is ui)|>»lrh>tlv |<i Ijc u OuUbk'i'. Wt'rc you u GiiliWiT loiluy? This Is n WnU'liblvd Wak-liinn „ Wnr Dcimrlmciil l''oi'ncllor. l-'nr- Kctters aiwiiys inciin well, hut (hey just ciin'l wnu'iiiljor tci do wlui't lliry promise, 'rills l<\)ri(cllrr IOIBDI lo lock 111.',- ilt'sk mid his ||)e raw. not when lie went lioinu nl nlijlit Tlio Bi>cm-lly oilter Is Imvlni; i,,' cull him on llu v Icloplioiio, UM liliii out «t lii'd, tun! iiiuku him tniiu- hick lo (lie 1'oiilnjjon UiilWlinj to oxplnln. How s:ul is n l^ii-^'lli 1 !-. Wore you ii l-'oviictler todiivV i-'ii-: ON THI: nttA(ici:ns Tills Is H Wiiti'hljlrd Wiitdilnu 11 Wwr Dopiirtini'iil HniKKcr. To lii'iir Biiicyrrs ti'll iilwiil tiiciiiselvcs, sll- tlill! nroniul In cocklii)! loini|;ps you would Ihlnk Ihcy wore Ihc most wonderful pcoplo In Die worlil. Tiuiy liko to blnh ubiiuL liow ihcy are ivIitnliiK the wur while more muil- c'Kl invii, wh» hnvu bocu uiwsi'iis mill ilonc ththiis, Ml (Hiiully hy in iilU'r <lls(jiisl, Were- you it llnujci'i' loiluy? This Is n Wnlclibh'd WiiU-htnn « Wnr DfiwiliiU'Ul Bi>ll)cr. A Hiilllcr is not Ihe soil of solilli'V or rlvlllun nnybtidy Ilkos. A aiJlllcr is tlie \vmsl liossiijlo kind of 11 auuMer, n l-'ur- Bt!tloi- ninl u llrnm;er, nil In a \w This splllcr Ims Jnsl Kii-K(iili;ii Ihiil UlC CHL'lliy is UstCtllllH. lU! IS Ci!li>- bliiiy invny nl n ijroia niti', llni|[- liliiK uljoiil .'ill lie knows. And first thiiiB yon know he 1ms spilled In- forniiitlnn thnl WHS nmrkt'il Conll- ilcutliil, Rc.slrlded or Socrcl, Tlml Is very bad. I inn ulntl I here uro very few Sjilllers in our Army. Ait'ift, you? Dnn'l te a Siilllur, any ilny. CONCOHD. N. 11. <Ul')-H»vc- li)|)(?s 111 license plutr.'i nrc dollvcriMl lo Nu\v llninpshiiu niolor- Isls Imtr tliis slcigiin: "Vou-ns well by Sick Scabccs Credited For Saving Minneapolis TUI.ACll (Ul'l—Whoiv tlio U. S. Mliiin'mwlli lltii|ied Into Ttilngi Hurlxjr niter helm/ diniBerously diniuiKcd In Ihc bnlllw ol Tnssafroii- BII, 18 Bcalwcs dlsrciinrded burnliig lio|)li;(il ftiVci'S tnitl rose from hos- liltul Ixitls lo!hel|i suvo Ihe shin. A. 1). lliirlvcll, .chlej 6l)l|) Jllloj 1 ' Irom OnkliiiHl, Onl., hcmlcd the «roi!|) of IK tiinlnrlii-iilrlckcii Sen- l»cs wliti hnd been rushed over from Omidnlciiiml on emergency iisslgn- iiicnl, !lnii(llcii|>|)c<l by tut almost! complele luck of tools, the Scabccs' ninclc unilcrwftU'r cuUhiB lorclics ninl olhcr ImiJloineiits hi Uio'JHH- chino shop of the Mhiiieiinolls. UMiii! ciiplitrcil Jiij) oxyRCU mid ciirbldii erystnls nnd son ivntei- lo Kciicrntc u cuUI»i;.llumr>, (he wrcck- ii(jo wiis Kill loose. The Sctibccs Uwii sciilcd i\p llio InilkheudN mid umbi- Uiliicd full-sliced milviiBo oiiernllons iles|)tto riwiuciil nil- »lerts. When llio Mluneiiiiohs steiunctl out o[ Tulnisl llmlwr, she Ilitshcd lo ilio I'orl Dlrectoi 1 , "TlinnkB to Iho Sciitee unit for siivlns llio shlpl" your cm-will lust your direful driving.' 1 Huiul Courier News Wnnl Ms. K*»d Oourler w»o: «o,. WOWS URGfSTSHURAllOI THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL CO. 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