The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1932
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Sirred bii the United Press LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP KORTHKA SI' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOWU HOMEH™ ' ls SINGLE COPIE FIVE] CENTS Mississippi Posse Kills Fpur_Negrws 1'aronls Sue, to IJanisli Her Action for Recovery oi •nsuSj Passport Stopped Trankir, ami Johnny" mm mm N'o-iv t v>mtnrvin Cii- i\(Mi X-nalobia Ui maxes Search (or Mur• f piff Clever Ot Umeer. ATHENS, Greece. Oct. 17. <Ut'> — The !>'.:iti> department i-ivliuttj: thr American le^itl-n today to sic'.) action imcnclsd to bring abDui r;- ! turn of Samii:-! Insull's p.isiinr;, r'c secretary of the legation toU Ihe Uiii'.Kl i'rcs5. American Consul General K:l'.v:n p "lt ns!:=l1 Insiill last wsck to siir- mi[to . ,,... fa ^ an Tilc , orl]lir "tuife nm- resu^d. u -.vaa saw ai the legation tint Insull was ?.:- |«.c;i:! 10 stay in Cie;:? as l:n» ns he can. nuul! called reports that IIL- was to Turkcv "l:u:ik." SENATOB1A, Miss., Oct. n (.UP) . — The bodies of four negroes. slm | to death by a posse. w;re fouml i today on a highway six milss soxith o[ here. Four ol!:;rs were sericinly wounded. Tile posse, searching for Jesse j Williams, 45, negro, who s.:ot and i killed Daputy. Shenir Jell Williams, Snndsy afternoon, went to the ; home of Judge Crawford. n?gi-o. I where they hud information Wil- \ Hams was liidlng. According la re- j ports made by tlic p:.5se lo th2 I sl-.crin's office I:crc, th: Heroes at j the Crawford- home resists! search and were shot follDwin'j a light. Claim Negro. Fired j The report ot the sheriff's ofiic? : said that Judge Crawford opened I fire on one of the powesnen. Mux . Floyd, wounding him in the head. | clothing - thcli 1 The pass 2 then opened fire oil tlss !::ciTCcy prlicc anil county officers negroes, killing four of them and | -u;ed by a fedsra! secret service probably fatally wounding a fifU. [agent continued tnrlay on the trail Judge Crawford, Algic Crawfor:":, a' c f bogus S10 bills which appeared son. and another son cf Crawford's lure Friday. and Toai Scoit. a son-in-law 3t Three Iccal men, at lenst one -Crawford, died of their wounds,, 'of s.hom is reported to have con- Annie Crawford, the wife, is ex- l(cr.:;;d u part in the plot to dis- pected to die. 'tribute, the imitation currency hero, In addition to Die four negroes i are held in jail. It is believed killed it was reported three others ! trial oiher arrostr. have also betn iTlu— Men Held in Con- melton With Alleged Plot to Pass Bad'Money. movements In OLD FRIFl Of HIS PUffi Is Named Candidate ( o r Governor. l>y Missouri Central Committee. .IKKl-'KKSON CITY, Mo., (M. 17 (UI 1 )— JiitlKii tiny 1'avk of i'litUu City lo'.lny was n:\mwl us the DomocniUc windiilalc for governor <>l Missouri. Judge I'arlt WHS clinsun by tin; slate (.Tiilrid commilti!U ' Former ' Resident o{ Cosnell JC o ni m unit y Is Sought by Authorities. OHCIKOLA, Ark. (SpccluD— Rob-. ril Nelnrjn, formerly of the Gos- cll coiimiunlty, northwest of niy- thinllle, was toiiBlil by olllcen lo:lny fur Ihc fnlul shooliivj of (i. W. roster, 111. hi:! father-In-. law. on u Misslsiiii;! *lvnr slmifT/ 1:: ul near Jclntr Sunday yfter- nucn. . •, MplEcn Is alleged lo have shot l!i« iiiscil Island farmur-'aml ferry j jknal opcriilor In. a (iuarrcl over " |Nclson'ii relnsal lo pull Midnight hours, sleeping llll ncon| t|l , n ,^ cr mll1 ,- 5 i 6 i,uid corn en" 31 farm too iniiLli Inlercsl In art miiy tl-.e of n ciiurt order Helen Kolck. nbovc, ham Maybe it's a campaign fur the famous sonu Hint tills "I 1 rankle and Johnny" are smiling over, bul nobody will ever know, because it wasn't a sound camera that took this picture. Anyway, you i Franklin D. Roosevelt, right, as he listened, in Imppy mood, to something that John N. Garner," running-mate, to!5 him when Garner vlslteel Governor Roose\elt in Albany recently. were wounded seriously., and may die. - One negro was said to have been shot twice atid found in a huddled heap near the negro Williams' home. Two other negroes are reported bndlv wounded but hieing in some woods. Held Two As Witnesses The negro Williams' daughter and niece are in jail here. They are made but officers nre exceedingly i rcllceijt In 'discussing the investigation. ' One thlnj Is certain, the urobe which siarted when falsa S10 bills were passed at twu local stores Friday has developed into a persistent investigation with the federal government showing unusual interest. At least $1,000 in the uogus S10 believed to be witnesses to the slay-1 bills has been, brought into this ing of Deputy Willinnis who wss killed by his own gun which Iho negro Williams seized as the officer sought information about a negro woman. The negro was said to have been drinking. Biythevilie Death Rate Shows Marked Decline city recently. Police have found •\ do/.en of the imitation federal reserve notes r.nd one man jail is said to have admitted destroying more than $800 in false n:oncy when he heard of the arrest of another. A. G. Wheat one of three local men held, is s.ild 10 have admitted that he made a lo Juarez, Mexico, A sharp drop in Blytheville's death rate 1 since 1930 is revealed in a repcn of the United States department of Commerce made public yesterday... There were 124 deaths in Biy- thevilie in 1931. or 11.8 per thousand of population, compared to :00, or 20.2 per thousand, in 1930. [he report, shews. The lilythcvi'.ie death rate cf 11.8 per thousand in HI31 was cngh'.Vy atovc the national average of 11.1, and even more above the Arkansas state average of 9.C. to cbtain some of the false money. He is reported to have told ol- llcers lie paid S25 for each $100 the false money he secured. Besides wheat and A. D. Snyder, if-ed former draunan, arrested Friday and Saturday, J. W. Camp- uell, local barber, has also been I alien into custcdy for investigation. All of the fa!?e SiO bills found ar? faked federal reserve notes of a 1!KB isi.itf. The picture of Alex- nr.der Hamilton is imprinted on one side o! the notes and the ciher side is the familiar "greenback". The bojus bills bear the Editorial ,Brands Hoover- Regime an "Administration of Failure." NEW YORK; Oct. n. (UP)—The Scripps-Howard newspapers iiounced today their, support, reservations, of Franklin n. Rcoso- velfs presidential candidacy. The same newspapers In 1923 j supported the candic'acy of H:r-. bert Hoover and this year, prior lo the Democratic convention, they urged the nomination of Alfred E. ' All Veterani Invited ,^_ t lo Legion Post Meeting All former service men of Mississippi county are Invited , to be guests of Uud Cason pas; No. 24, American Legion, at a meeting lo be held at the Blylhevllle Armory tonight a', 7:30. Initial reports of all the newly appointed standing committees will be heard, and afior the meeting a lunch will be served free of charge to all attending. Smith. . In lil! the vaeiincy lel'l. on Iho imriy's unlUit. by the dciilh lnsl ' wtitik of liis life lonn' I'niMiil, Francis Wilson, M!S» ol' I'lalte City. OpixMlllon to Juilge Park crnmb- Ind .is I hi 1 slale conunllUv went Inl: session. ':' Thoums Pendergnsl, DcmotruUc Lais of Kansas City, : swung his m-i;nnlznllon solidly bclilml JmlBu I'nrk. .'•-., ;• ' Ha cinnpletu was' Iho Pendorgnsl dmulnutlon tliul .ludgc ' I'urk was chosen by acclrtmatlon ' without [!ven Uie tnnnnlly of. iV biillol No olher cundidate was plnml in ndinin.illon. Jiidlic 1'nrk will DC oppowj in tin- election November 8 by Edward II. Winter; the Republican n6inlnec, and possibly Cluirles U. Bvckcr, who was defeated lor Ihc Re-pub-. Mean 'nomlnntlon In the primary bul'-.i-lio aniioimced his candtclftcy mi InitiiKiidenl lodny. her liiinit In Uuislng, Mich. IMr- ,hl;i 01 the :!l-yi'rir-"!d ;\H ntlictent uskcd tur an Injunction lu keep iii'tai uwny from home. Her p:«r- Iri-cgnlar hnblts" clled tixld her nhc hnil Ijccoinc wicked Influence" on her jonnser l.ioll-.erx mill iiLslers. The cuurt Lidurcd Helen to appear ciuise why the liijuncllon not l>e Ki-Riilcel. sliuu'd Sunday. There v.-ere seven bullet. rules 111 Foster's body when, he vns found. ........ .... "•••••. •, According to recorls Foster'-hart sUittil earlier In the <lny that Nckux, whu lives near Joiner, go over lo (hi! Island and pull corn lu router'n corn llel<l lluwden's Island fnrm. :mld to have refused iu have- gpiic la on Li P. Htlson ,1s- nnd .later fiithcf-ln-. ! Japanese Redouble'Effort to Restore Manchuria. Order in Today they said in an editorial headed "Wiwrc We Stand on Roas- | evelt," that "we beli:vc the nation ; will be betler served if the Hoover j administration is not returned, thai i MUKDEKi Mnnchuria, Oct. 17. The vrry marked decline in lhe|ttamp of Ihc Federal Reserve bank Blvlhev-lle death rate from 1930 lu 1!)3I is partly attributable, oc- cord:nj to Dr. A. M. Wnshburn, directcr ot the county health unit, to reduction in the number of deatlis cf young children from ccllt'.s. Amcng Arkansas cities of more than 10.000 population only E: Dorado and North Litile Rock had n lower death rate In 1031 thur. Biythevilie. .while the death rate- in Hot Springs and Little Reck was nearly do;ibb (hat here. California, nank of San Fran- Si. Louis Man's "Hunt" Ended While He and His Friends Eat Lunch. COMMERCE, Mo., Oct. 17 (UP) —Two 10-months-old lions born In-- an American zoo were shot to death on an Island here today by two depiLy sheriffs wMlc Denver Wright's lion hunting party wi"! at lunch. The lions, hungry from not hnv- ing been fed today, approached the hunters' cnmp nnd were shot by Chief Deputy Tom Hotchklss of Scott county and D=puly W. E. Wise of Commerce. Wright, St. Louis leather eoodE manufacturer, whose life long dream it was to become a lion hunl- cr, was Indignant he hnd not been Five Children Drown as Auto Plunges Wo River GLEN MILLER. Out., Oct. 11 (UP)—Five children were drowned, today when tin nulomobllo carry- Ing ten persons skidded from the road and plunged into Trent river The dead were Kcilh Conkwrlghl nnd Ellis, Eunice, Gladys and, Shir- Icy Wlckeiu. George Conkwrleht nnd his wife parents of Ki-iHi, another son, Arnold, and Archie Wickcns am ills v.ife, parents of lliu other foil drowned children, freed thcmsclvc from the automobile and cscapei with only a few bruises. The party wna returning from week-end oiillng when the acd dent occurred. . . .,-. r _ I J*l UI^l>l.n, i,, >• ••*-••. — I t[, Wil.* INULglltllll/ Jiv lll.n .1" v —~_.. t has been and is an admniistra- j (UP) _j a p ancs( , t ro0i >.s redoubled ! , Krn ,| tt< , ( i (0 h, m t down and kill the ion of failure. > thei campaign against Chines:. t ])cms he t ou? ht Irom a slrand- ••Whether a Ro^velt admmistra- ^^ , n Mmchur|tt wday , rter i ™ 0 ™^ 5 tion can nisei the challenge ol ti.e ^ ^ outbrcak o[ nght i ng m which , Tnc ,, on5 ]( . apl , A snarling from High Court Refuses Review of Ellis Case WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 (UP)The jupreme roiiri today declined to re\iew the conviction in Little rirck. Ark., federal court of Jim Eilis on charges of stealing goods in interstate commerce. Ellis was sentenced lo three years In Ihc- penitentiary and fined S500 when a jury found him guilty of pnlcring a freight, car to remove six cnses of cigarettes. His apiwal was based on the ground that evidence was Improperly admitted Rt the trial. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 103 Anaconda Ccr.por 07- Auburn 41 Caterpillar Tractor 81-8 Chrysler 137-8 Cities Service 3 1-2 General Electric IG General Motors 131-2 Middlcwcst Utilities 3-8 Montgomery Ward 12 New York Central 21 3-4 Packard 31-8 R-iUa Corp 1 Simmons Herts Elanclard of N. J national crisis we do not know. V,e - an Amcric!ln prlest was s)a i n and merely know that he and his parts , R traln loa ,, of R, ls5 i an refugees cfTer a fresh start and. we believe. snaerea heavy casuan !es. a heller chance." T[)c ^^j^,, 1)r - resl sald to te ! either the Rev. John Comer or the Rev. Lloyd Henderson, «as killed when a score of bandits ignored an American flag and at'.ack?;! travelers east of Mukden. The Russian refugee train was attacked en route to Harbin. Japanese military headquarters widened its offensive against out„ . T , law bands and sent an ultimatum Wcillc! Use BaleariCS in ] to Chinese forces In northwest ( \V/ W/'iL U->l,r Manchuria ordering them lo aban- 01 War VVltn italy \ don tll( . lr reM iion against the new i Manchukuo govsrnmcnt on threat IT U.S. shtinly boat on the Arkuri: as slele ot the river unit arrjued with' the old inan. The shooting .; followed v.hen Foster 'is reported ' to have (jo'nc Inlo the boat tor Ills alinlguix. Nelson followed lilm in uiiel emptied his pltol nt'tha, old liiim, It Is claimed.'The younger man escaped -following • llio sliuollng anil was re- liorlixl ' '.-.c-.1l! 1 .-.; el.Avn -the ''river. Perry boat . operators nnd river rmnpa were '.notified .to -be on thu lookout for ^.NcLwii • but no - report ' . had been received ' today. ~ ' "~~ ~±] WASHINGTON. Oct. 17 (UP)—.', Walliice U. bavfs, former president of the CeiUral Bonk and ' Trust company of Ashevllle, N.- 'akc Report ,of Highway Accident Clears Way {or iRol)bcry\Salurdav. ..... J. ') .. ..L.;'~i~'.t* Faking n report of a highway ccldent to lure the manngcr of U'= Dell Mercantile company lo the tore about midnight Saturday to elephono for mi ambulance nnd to . . send the night marshal and street |C, today wos denied a ^review of ollcrcrs scurrying out of town, two ' '•'" '"""" '" "'" "'"'" """' )andlts secured about $100 at Iho tore. ' After forcing OUo Brfldtarry, the store manngcr, at the point of guns lo open two 5n(cs ln thc slorCi ;he robbers locked him In a box car. They liad been Rons come time before nrndlierry effected his release. A negro aroused Hradcrry to rc- ]K>rt that Taylor Ficamnn, well known Dell planter, lia-.t been hurl In a wreck near the Stevens Kin, nbout two miles out of D2ll, nnd wanted Bradbcrty to call for an ambulance. ' O f the bank's funds. By Iho time Dradberry hud ed and slnrlc<l for Ihc store to telephone to BlyU'.Dvllle for an anilni- lancc the negro had disappeared. Drndberry hurrl^il to the store and called the Cobb Undertaking company In Blythevllic. rcixirllng tiie wreck and osklng for an ambu- his conviction in the state court on a charge of publishing a false eport on the condition ot his bank In Ootolx!!-, 1030. The bank, 'second largest In lha state, closed Us doors In November, 1030. It had deposits oi about 516.000,600 and about 18,000 depositors. The court took no action • on an application lor review filed by Davis nnd Col. Luke Lea, Ten- ncssce newspaper publisher, and • the latter's son, Luke U;a, '" Jr., who are appealing their convictions In North Carolina on charges of conspiracy and misapplication Supreme Court Acts m Tennessee District Cast 1 I of drastic action. or Germany. LONDON. Oct. 17. (UP)—Premier ( _ TT_..,, 1 souri roads, thwartrd everywhere in Edou-ard Hwriot, of Francs s=cks a I UfipUty S l-ll' UpseiS aT1 c(Toll Vo nrii a svu i a \,ic "Jungls." their cage into the underbrush when released on Commerce Island in the Mississippi river here this nforning nnd a short time later Missouri's synthetic lion hunt was underway. Denver Wright and two companions, also ambitious lo become lion hunters, followed three fox hounds Into the thickly wooded forty acre Island. They were followed at a distance by news cameramen nni! newspaper men. Wright purchased the lions from a stranded circus and, tiring of buying them twelve pounds of raw- meal a day, invited his friends to Join him In the lion hunt. Since Friday they had wandered over more than 1.000 miles of Missouri roads, thwartrd everywhere In Tc-xas U. S. <\ew Corp Slcel 8 1-2 I diplomatic deal with Spuln which 29 3-4 • would allow France to occupy the Balearic island, most strategic point 13 35 1-8 M s~ niton in the Mediterranean, diplomatic quarter: h?re have learned. France ivoulo occupy the islands Ui case ot threat ot war between r { «" " ay in Deputy Sheriff Arch Lindscy, Murray Daniels, his companion, OHLc,. ,7 .UD- Cotton closed barely steady. Goes to Hot Springs Mortuary, Kills Self HOT SPRINGS, Oct. 17. (UP>E. L. Bryant. 48, went to the Grew mortuary yesterday, rang the doorbell, then shot himself through Ih3 heart twice and died. Members of his family said his mental condition lias not been normal the past six months. Cct Dec Jan .larch May July OJlfll 030 G35 GiO G49 657 665 high 030 G35 640 G4D C60 GG5 low G18 625 G29 G38 G« 657 close G15b 625 G20 633 649 653 France and Germany. The "loan" of the Islands by Spain to France would Several hundred persons lined the Missouri bank of tlic river to watch ho thrilling spectacle of a real lion hunt. Scltools were dismissed ant" children Joined their parents along the blulT overlooking the Island. car turned over Friday night. Officer' Lindscy was en route frcm Blythcvlllc to Uttle Rock place Madrid and Paris on the same to deliver the negro woman to v ........ he state hospital for the Insane Spots closed at G31. off 1-1, steady. York Cotton open high low close Oct 632 632 620 618b C38 638 625 625 Jan 643 643 630 631 March 651 052 G40 G40 M! >V MO GG1 ' G48 648 July CCO G6!) G5C -KG Spots closed eil 635, off 15, etuiet. side in case of hostilities. In return Herrlot was expected to propose an entente wita Spain providing economic concessions especially important in view of the rapid slump cf Spanish exports to to restrictive French when the accident occurred. Danels was driving at the time. The r slid of! the highway and into roadside ditch, damaging the top of the automobile. duties. Hoover Will Speak at Detroit on Saturday WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. (UP) — The While House today announced President Hoover would make his next campaign speech In Octroi on Saturday night. Aged Conway Woman Killed in Accident CONWAY, Ark., Oct. 17. (OP)Mrs. Jane Giley, 13 years old, wai killed almost instantly, and Carl Belinghausen, 40, seriously injured, when the automobile in which they were riding ove.-txirned ten . miles south ot here. Hen I.iys Honver T.Rg RADFOR13. Va. (UP)—Mrs. W. Puncture Tires of Truck When Driver Ignores Demand He Slop. STILLWATER. Minn.. Oct. 17. (UP)—Farm strike pickets today halted a United States mall truck wllh a spiked belt that punctured two tires. The incident occurred on Highway NO. 45 a lew milts north ol St. Paul. The spiked belt was placed by a group of 25 pickets slailcr.ed at the junction of two Important roads leading to Minneapolis and St. Paul after the mail truck driver disregarded their warning signs anc their shouts. The driver saw tl'e bolt pulled across the road and set his brakes. Before he coulel slop both from tiros were punctured. Howell Fletcher Again Held on Liquor Charge Innce. Walking back out on th; porch of the store l:c told the night marshal and a small group which had gathered of Ihc report. His listeners left for the scene of tho supposed ncclricnt nnd Dradbcrry started back home. When the store manager pnssc-d the rear of the store building on Ihc way to Ills house he was confronted by a negro and a white man, both armed. They forced Bradbcrry to go with them to tr.e front of the store after lie Insisted that the rear door was barred from n. Lorton says her hen has beaten 'he Liternrv Digest to It. The blddv. a black Ancona. has laid CBH on which the word "Hoover" Is plainly denned, all the letters but the "R" and ono "O" be- Inj flawless, according to Mrs. Lorton. The other letters arc costly recognizable. Mrs. Lorlon thinks of presenting the cge to the president. COLUMBUS. O. (UP)—The Ohio State University fcolball team requires 10.000 yards oC adhesive tape each season. The team physician and trainers also use 100 pounds of cotton atlrt fivo g Ions of rubblns oil on the players In otic season. Three men were arrested on liquor charges In week-end raids by the sheriff's force ar.d local officers. Howell Fletcher, at whose p lace on the Clear Lake road officers found u large quantity of beer nnd liquor last week, was re-arrested. Officers reported findtns a quantity of whisky, gin nnd wine nt his place. He was fined $50 last week following the first raid. C. C. Byrd was also taken into custody when officers litdcd his place and found liquor. Herschel Collins was the third man arrested for Illegal ]X>ssesslon of intoxicating liquor. Police assisted in tht taM 6n Collltu' place. the Inside. Inside they force: liradberry lo ouen bo'.h of the company's safes. They found about $100 in one while the other was empty. I/cavlng the store his captors made nradberry accompany them to a railroad siding where they loc'jed the store manager In a fielght car and drove ofl In an driven by a confederate. Bradberry's calls finally summoned aid and he wns released within an hour. In the meantime a Csbb ambu- lanco had rushed lo the scene of the supposed accident and roturned to Biythevilie nnd the Dsll otfter had also found the report to b; fali-2. Brndb:rry called Eddli B. Davli, deputy .shc-rlff, immediately after his release, but .the bandits had made good their escape. WASHINGTON. Oct. 11 (UP)— . The> si.pre-me court today Lrderext f'etlcnil Judge George C. Taylor of Knoxvlllc, Tcnn., (o show cause in ten days why Charles James should not be allowed to' file 'a mandamus pslitlon asking .that Taylor Iw oblljcd lo consider an ttack on Ihe validity of the Tence respportionment act. Judge Taylor previously had refused -to lo so. The law wns attacked by James, vlxo contsnded the law was invalid because it did net. rcappor- lon the state's congressional dls- rlcls on n basis of equal popula- lon. Under the 1D30 census Tennessee lost one member. Holding the law invalid, as ask:d by James, probably would fcrc"e an election at large, which might cause a loss to Republicans of their present two seals. John Stuart, Gurdon Bank President. Dies ARKADELPHIA, Ark., Oct 17. (UP)—Acul; indigestion we; fchm- '-A todny for th.2 death of John Stuart, 73-year-old president of the First National ban'< at Gurdon. In his Mreer as a banker ha has organbsd seven . banks. None has ever felled. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Generally fair tonight and Tuesday. According to the official weather rbserver, Chavlcs Phillips, Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 61 degrees and the maximum, 73 degrees, cloudy. Today a year ago the minimum temperature was 48 degrees and the maximum, 73 degrees, partly cloudy, Fsralvzcrt Nurse Kccoverlnt WARM SPRINGS, Ga. (UP) — Formerly "the girl in Ihc iron Inns," Frances McGaan, Chicago nurse, Is recovering here from the ravages of infantile paralysis ard hr.pes In a few years to be' ->'- to taka up the duties of- teaching biology. Miss McOuui rr-nt six months In on artificial respirator before recovering sufficiently to come here for baths and exercises in the mineral springs, the sama. ones visited regularly by Gov.' .Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic presldentl»l nominee.

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