The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1934
Page 5
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Cheap Power No! Only Goal of Great Tennessee Valley Project hKllUilioiis and ptiPiiilrnl liwiilon IMIS rr-MilKvl Hi Ilic most'linvp- nrnlPfilPrt hut, the ™.otn =£,i" z~£t~ S=£ r«H=»«'»§',£ IB ol Tlio choice was DI: ll;irry A. CiniW, worhinif for nil- oil company, Hi; CfliiH- to i)ij> TVA for 11 :,-|»;illi'r •nl.iry. Pilot, oi- Inboi alory-slwd plants '• - A W V" J"* SCC "° n ' ^' , E< Mnrgn " of "" , , pm " llsta '" "bout Mich ' THURSDAY, NOVRMBEIt Jfi, T.M.J NniTls Dan, rescivm'r, [hereby Ihoir own ,-«•,•„ lm ,, um i,,. ,, ,,.,, , , l.'H( ! iliciiln( ! HIP llfo or Ihe dun,. I There arc creamery' co-own- of th, rL,?,, "'''r 1 "* l)lc incolm Farmers who wore skeptical- lives at Non-U, Tom. nnd%nl" ?'"""? "/ »'« valley by even lKKtllo-(o tho BOH m>slo,,|town, N. o.; v,'oodworUW rn'l ''±'5. l '7", fl '«"{' "w-'wlvos. •>,,••', I wius [JVf'ii $.JOO,linQ ill thp say ,101.1 Ila-iwHsn , t j,,,, „,<,, (;|j (| work 1, BW Thk I. (1,, fourth ,,f SK- sion,.,, -i.w.'' mphmi wnf on uhal 1-i-KliU-iX KuoscvoK will lor Musclr- Kho.-ils. Plnns t IPO .«:«• tvhrn lip visits !li<- Trimcs*... foi t.tllfeliii. nans, of «(,,„," Valley, No. 1 som! nla,,,,!,,,, nro.jl'lmn No. 2 :„' Ho shoals™, - 1 - ea, I o '' . now corno aro,,,,<l loopmltv™ at s mi wlvroocl. N. C.. n,,,l Non-l . .. ollicrs. mini; TVA a mineral co-optratlv «l I;.- PxiinWrp nml r m " Twe ' u - v slnlos nnd llln Dk "' lf ' Gr-nerril Doit™ i, 0 , o Hi" 'iwlllpslt mnsl l]v n 1 ™'," '< of c """" l)i »' a » «™> onntnlnliw rvoc' led ns f On,', f'" xm'd ,..,„. | 0 . W( . " ll10 - IwnW-third or the popnlallon or ihi.s f l,irii) K Hip CJUI iv Ol ? l<1 •————'_ country, jointly slunvpii a •).:) per- lliHmicd llher II "i '' ' F^ZIZl ~ -'" ^LJ_± |^;"» : wl"« the war end?.)' Ihr- larincr.s ol the vnllcy. ii[> ai-operallvM which i to Ijilni; ilic limners more, thflr produce. Already u niun- T hllVt 1 IX'l-ll M>1 I1J1, .'.(1(1 OlJ.CT.S planned. Thuri: Is llirt cannery (jioup, with .«:«• a-hen lie visits !li<- Trams*... lo. titllM,!,. , M(t . of ' MJ,,,,," *"''' »'»'<•' "*'<•» ^' »1>. .'.lid others Valley, No. 1 soda! |ila.,nl,, K |,ro-|l'!am No. 2 : ,| u, e si'oils ro '"' I'"" 1 "" 1 - jc<-( of the New )) \Vhat has'vcj-iiii" nvo of Die old' 'c'nrbKlo ''''"""" ls tllr ' ''•"'"">' ttmup, with actually bci-n done in IS months fiirnn.-cs Into ,'1,-elrlo. fiinn.-c-i •m,l r '" u "- s "I Boddy, Tern,., and Minal work ami spon.llnic; Tlifs,: Unll<|i,, K „ JU , W )))ll)lt ml j n '' ' !>'>V, Wayiipsvlllf-. Hopkln.svlllc, r.lorifs toll yon. 'Jioxiiriiilcly $l,Mo,Of)(|. OK.-J, Moiinluin', u'li.l Cranberry, ' ' ' 'flic plant, has'boon conmlriivl N ' Cl ''• lri " ora '» P I'1K their fruits or «MH°"? T v"'° l;T °V X ' fMs nln ' •'"" 1 '" ™S ro ' s - Stable, to tho.s,. P I BIUS ; , m , ri! . \\rlltpn for M:A s..rvlfo dent Uoawvcifi; InsiWtl.m „,,,.- CI ' |VL ' Cilsh - KNOXVU.U;. TCHII., Nov. IS.- ti-i|» ,„ (/ic slitml" To "«•''«Ion ™" if-ni. CO Ions \Vrlltpn for XIIA Si-rvl(c KNOXVU.U;. Tfuii., N</>-. is- l-Vcm 75 to 80 per cent of i\w .... ,„ .„,„., ,. u ,,nncreni w,,^.,. -Tc-nnosw V,ill,.y s 2,000,000 proplo ;)h««ph,it,..s h.v, c,,,"', " ,«"?, .' iirii.KiVrS ss Spiiir 1 '^ cr rfi prosrnm to belter ilio condition.'; Uhnt strong of the people- u! ilie vnllcy must. 'r\'A .>h<.mui<i i consider tlieii- siiwlnl nmw,,,,,c . ' .\ A L l R ''"l-<ifs Imvc WOI-KIH! out Uoosovcifi; Inspprtlon on ill-; trip tu (he Shdr.k.. I'i' to now, ..'onimorclnl KI.IXM-- ;)ho.s;)lin, ( .« have funtnl/iMl Ifi per consider their spt'dnl problems. The Tennessee Valley Authority Is doing ibni. Tinprninr land tisc In the Tennessee Valley since the days of Daniel Uoone—.strip- ping the land of iu-i trees nnd for- OMS cover and plantlnu it year crdlnarv lifter year In cotton and corn-' will,' rtViplu l:as left, ,r. in such poor condition I ITS or the v-il 1 tliiH IJioiisniid-; of acres arc (nlbacKliv. *i w waste and oilier thosisnnds are so run down that they piodntr only the crops Un-y (i smr.ll pun .,! once did. J The. cry of the TVA nifrlcnH.iral division is "Save the Soil." To do it will i-C(|iiirp a revolution in ihp valley's nyricnltnre Cotlon niid com, the prf-sent. hiij trops, will have to give way 10 legumes and livrstork CHOI'S TO 111' ClIAN'Cil-l) Until now coiion has ucen the main cash crop, under the New Deal, livestock win lake n s per cent supfi-phosphnic which means that one carload of 'VA supfrpliosphntc contains as much plant rood as .liree ears or SMpfr|J)io.splinu« now on the mar- •ostliiB the f.irm- $•1 to $5 n ion, K! handling $1.50 to oiHHhird will even ir (lit! - • -. « u , "" « the toimn 1KM11 I. bl K toil of phraplmtcti (heinsplves t reduced, - •— - ' •.«'<••. *ia ]JUIL;L*. under the old order, the livestock in the valley was led on corn Under t),o TVA program, ihry will be fed on legumes. The new system of croppinj. «-j|| dr. big things: It will build up \t, K .soil" instead of destroying it. It will enable the region to Iced If.'elf. Cotton and corn tool: (iriporlniu plum r 00( | s , slld , ,,,. Illu ., l(CS] om I. the roil. Legumes, .such as alfalfa. lrsjjc.Jcy.ii, and clover, put nltrnte.s into the .soil and form a mat or proteciive coverine pre- vtniing erosion. _ The T\'A agrlcuHuvnl division ' enough Illty of 'it by curtis and his'aides. 1 When liitw. processes a,-,, proved urn'""•I. they will be made availabie i,i,'iV, l ",! he lcrlillzc '- industry. " l <^'-" INTKODtJCEIl land terracing, fer- )CVv croiis pi'<"* '*** ••- *- J'i-i"e applied lo (Int. and land in (),(, vn i| cy n , 1( () oi^ acres of hillsides are now j-ul- Hi'S. Farmer.s had stripiied Iheso ««!• hillsides of their tre.s S 1.^ and „, ,rn;v,. U: ,d cro- Tilt; TVA tilizur, and . ml department, whose. • _ r» meet that problem the TVA a fore.-.try nnd TO || craslon IC.IH whose, men are di, the work of sooo ccc hoys 11 2.i camps in the vnllcy ^cginnins In Oclolicr. 1M3, these check dams, excavated «- .xii'd."! of diversinn ditches '^,500,000 stiuarc yards or brush' by Director''^' A Mwgun" iTl-lllei, l!?,'^"' llvo *»»•*»•><* Has a staff of men v.-orki,-' wtth Love n i°" S ,° f Smlllll|IS ^ expcrimenl sMtons <>v?em.V. ,, B ' , "' munt'-'il 3,000.090 y.-orke,,, am, county a.euts u §-,M H^ l , 1 " S \ 1 , 1 E ril * w 1"S the program of a talmieed i The ,nv ' > . UTEI> " agriculture lo ili c Tenm-Mc" Val w,t.« f if . rkcd °" l25 ' 000 ley farmers Vnl f;"^ of '?"". masl of U m hilly To prcront fmlher , rM | 0] , "•»»<*«* where hillside c,,t- farmers of the valley arc (ryinJ somrthlng new to ngricuUurc" of this region - terracing the land v;l:ich checks the runoff. Lone neglect and improper cropping has !e f t th(! to)uj , n sllc|| l>cor condition lhat, a tonic h needed .0 bmid it „,, mot . c ,,,,1^^ than UID new crops can Thi'-i tonic the TVA | S about to pro- vioo, In cheap fertilizer. Tbe three main ingredients in fertilizer arc nkrnle, phoKph-ile and iwtash. Nitrnlcs are nlready cheap and potash "Is used in small quantity. The ble Job for u,e TVA ' or nhos- 'I'o iiuMidon mw iif-ni, CO Ions of blii.-kbpi-i'ir.s wcri- canned aL ll'r.w plujiLs last siinnntr. TVA iftlsed Ihr: price of bl«L'klwrrli\s from Ifi to 25 corns a gallon sim- |)ly by pay I in; the higher price, thereby coniiK-lllnu other .buyers of berries to pay as much or uo without,. • Potato growers of four western North Carolina countlos formed a co-npcmilve ,U Hanocr Blfc, hor- rowcd $4500 from TVAC, and bought two cailonds of seed j»- iatoes from Maine. They doubled their money un the llrsl, crop pr.ld bad: TVAC, and have seed uolatoes stored in their warehouse. •Heed iwlalo Kiuwcrs of Maine For Backache. Kidney And Bladder Trouble Slop Getting Ur> Here's one jjcod way (o flush Harmful \ v aslc from kidneys anil stop bladder irritation that often causes scanty, burning and smarting passage. Ask your dr.igglst for a 35-cent lx»: or Clokl Medal Haarlem oil Capsules—a splendid and liannlcM ditirelic and iliinnhiiu for weak kidneys and rritated bladder. Besides setting ip niijhts, some symptoms of kidney trouble arc backaches, puny :-ycs, les cramps, and moist pnlms. but bo sure to get GOLD MEDAL —il's the genuine medicine for kl.lnws —right from Haar- > feel the difference A nklc-j'ashioning makes VISIT OUR MEN'S SHOK NiSSin-Bush •/iriJi& ju&ldoruul OxtoitL. ..FOR lem in Holland. —Adv. f! Phone 777 At Nlfthl—Smiday—Anytime For Quirk ami DerKruhble Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Il will cost you nothing 10 cry on a pair of Nunn- Hush Shoes. And just five mtnmcs of your lime will canvmcc you that, la Aokle'fashioriing, you've found Ihe key to a life, lime of shoe satisfaction. $6J5 $7.50 $8.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. :i Doors.Wesl of \l\h Theatre Thursday & Friday ' Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:.!5—10-35c WHEREVER THERE'S TROUBLE . . . he puli h!i foot In III* WHEREVER THERE'S WOMEN , , he pyls hit heutl in it I ROXY !-asl Time Today MAT. & »:iTE— I0c - 25c STUART ICIMVIN nnrt ' ANN SOTI1RKN in i 'THE PARTY'S OVER' FOX NEWS COMKDV Friday & Saturday Bob Slrdc in "The Gallant Fool" Ji picture that hvhiKs hack vividly the glamor and romance of the golden awe when tlio Circus loinvd tiu- land. A Circus Picture With a Western Wallop RUNYON'S/M •tll^ Cartoon Serial—"The \Volf Dog" With Kin Tin Tin, Jr. TRACY HELEN MACK BABYUROY • WM.FRMEY I'aramonnl Variety— ".Monkey liusincsn" .Also "Advenitiixvs of (he Newsrcol Camoratuan" Child's Wool Gloves Sites 1 lo 6! 4* Gay stripes 01 solid colors in brushed wool! Warm and soft! Penney values! Flannelette Pajamas Women'isizci, j. O r 2- AA P'ect; plains, prints! Vlf* Flaune2ette GOWNS jt Women'i t'ne>! 49c In slripcj or solid ralors, long sleeves, V- or round n«ld ,VJ e . 'fium, large! OUTING FLANNEL S6-inthti vide! Soft, w«rm, for pajamas, oighl- g-owoj, baby clothcs.WhiU or fancy BOYS' HELMET Ktft Lttther! 4* Have detachable gojtglca . . . warm knit lining. Regular nierstypelBuys! Men't Coat Sweaters FltteeiineJ! 98c Coal style wllh two handy pockets. Hrown or black. Sizca .^C•16, A big vaJoc! Plenty of Wear.In These wo cRu * T BOOTS \Stoul Black Elk Uppers! 6-U! '.-•••; !y /"'&* ""'^ Elk • • • no snbsti- tufes! Tou B h and plenty flexible! Good,' hc«yy ,leather fo \ K < RMfr heels.Built ror men who need a heavv duty work boot with Jots of action 1 " .Boys! They're A Sensation. Leatherette Coats Slicep-lincil! Wamblno Collar! $» An i.kal coul for vigorous outdoor wcnr.! lo f'cnncy T s strict specifications. Full beli, 2 side (lap. 2 niufT pockots with leather Corners Knit wristcrs. C-1S ' Warm, Comfortable, Dressy Men's Gloves Good quality lined Capeskins! ;c Easy fiUinft nnd durable. Soft, \vnrm lininR . . . full outsenm. A buy that you will appreciate all winter long I Popular button wrist model in L."wn or black. All men's sizes! fict yours 1 Try yourself in a Marathon FELT HAT There's a Style For YOU! Soled a hr.l from Marathon's tremendous variety of styles, sizes, shades. All made by journeyman i, aU i Cr l 'A" w *>"-fclt«l and hand blocked. Quality and satisfaction! Ulytlicvlllc, Ark. GUARANTEED LIVING ROOM FURNITURE In TO SHOW YOU. 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