The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY;--FEBRUARY- i<v -m BLYTHEVILLE URK.) COURIER NEWS How U.S. Ranks in the World Armament .Splash Mortgage Foreclosure Set At Less Than One » Cent 'c.t By FRK1) JUII.KV United I'ress Ktatr (,'oncspniutc'iil WASHINGTON, I'eb. 11 <UI>j- AgrlcuHiir-al credit aelivity hn.s returned lo upproximately norum! slier a nvc-y«u- period of dmsil" K'adjnslment, Die Dtpurtmem or Agriculture reports. Moiisage holdings of life insurance compnnli'.s ana Federal lending agencies have decrwued steadily since 1935, whin- conn^r- c-in) banks anil prira'te lending agencies increased ihi-ir liolilln"s of farm mortgages. accorillnsj to ihe uopnrlmenL. ••Incrcnseil agricultural prosperity, i-vldt-nral by J.'irger funn Income, Increased prices of farm products and the risins; vain? .-il farm real estate fonned Hie background .supporting mis resumption of normal credit conditions"' (lie department said. I-'ttHf'losim- Uriulirxllr Kfiiucfil Tiic wave of mortgage fnreolos- ui-fs which swept Hie couniry nt tlif. deptli of llic depression dp- creased shnrply with the 'velum of more iioniinl farm Income the rejiorl showed. Fewer than 1 per cent of farm mortgages were foreclosed in IMS and 1937, it vv?,s believed. The farm mortgage holdings of life insurance companies reached a peak of $2,173,000.000 in 1928 decreased eacli subsequent vear and fell lo $897,000,0(» on July 1 1917. Ihe department said. Farm mortgage loans of open commercial banks reach-d a peak of $1.500.000.000 prior to the depression and then decreased steadily through 1935. With improve. nienl in farm prosperity the lend- infc' of private banks picked up Commercial banks increased uieir mortgage loans from $488 000.000 on Jan. i, 1337, („ 5554'. 000,000 on June 30, 1937. The shift in farm loans was principally from it long-term basis under life insurance lending to short-lcrm loans by commercial banks. The federally sponsored agencies showed a decrease in holdlii»s of farm mortgages last year A peak of S2.902.8J4.000 of Federal Land Bank and land Bank Commissioner loans was reached cm Oct. 31. 1830. By Oct. 31, 1937. the loans outstanding of these nrcncirs amounting to $2.862,000,OGD \vav less llmii nt the end of any month S "J"> ;N?mpbee- iQsa. , TIV4'"ric- "f^HVWRS* flW'lfentetl - to Jinc7ea*d cpllsgUpp ,01,, principal and a 'decline- in liquidation- of loans bv foreclosure. " • "The current demand for new mortgage loans apparently is decreasing despite increased demand for. funds to finance the purchase of • farms," (he report said. The Farm Credit Administration reported thai an increasing proportion of applications for mortgage loans are for purchases of farms. L<nv interest rates were said lo be an inducement to tenant farmers (o purchase land LIVER BILE- Wilboul Calon«l--Ard You'll Jump Oul of M in tire Mwuioj Sinn' to Co II T iTi!, i | V< 7 all ° llld I"" 1 " out lwo Pounds of ' IIijuM Wlo Into j-our bowels dallv. It thl« bilj « not n owing (reel;-, you r food docs n't liieejt It Just ilc-cayj !„ tfc e bawds. GBJ bloats up jour Komnch. You cct conalipatcj. Your "hole system i. polsonrd an,l you fccj sour. «unk and the world looks nunk. A mere bowel movtmcnt Jooan't get lit Mf.fV,'' " 1>kM """' X 1 ** 1 - ""'I" of in u j tr . nt > ! ° «« "«-'« i«'o po'mdt « bIJt Komnx Irtrly « n rf mBl , yoll , . up nnd up." Harmless, tcnlli. vrt nm», Init In makinst bilt Bow f°«ly i.v ?'! C.rt«-c Little Liver Pill, by n.^c 2Sc. Btutjbornly refuie »nylhini «U« JBATTLESHIPS | CRUISERS Luxora -- Personal Expresses Anxicly On Aiv i-iva) In France On \Vny lo Belgium 1 '•' MAVHK, Prnnce, 1VI>. ID. (IJl i) —llerlim Hoover .sold on his m rival Here today that "I ,u. not want I,, see unolher wiiv but wluil ts li ip- iwilnu ihrouglioiit llic world i-i-'-t"; IIH- fearful of unolher ouimrnk 11 Mr. Hoover, only living (ovin;-!- united Slates iiresldent uml liciio ol »«• llelslum relief conmils-,lci i (luring Die World VVnr. Is ni ,-oti(-' lo Brussels for a vlsll. AeHvi. S si n .j, Pri'iirli uml iv-l 'i-ni oflkbls, n-ho grri'lfil lilin us lie ills- «')i)'nrv.>(| from Hie United Ktnti'* liner Washington. Mr. Hoover siitil: "l-Jiiiinii UK. world War 1 never dreamed Prance and Belgium ccmld so fully recover from Iho terrific dain:iv:c." The United States will - be In the middle'of history's greatest, naya) armaments mce-ns the-above clmrt shows-ir the pending appropriaUon bill Is passei. Little'opimsition'.lp the mgnsure'Is''?xp ? cted for the world's war fever seems to have left its mark on Congress.' Look how the" .various 'nations place varying emphasis upon types cf ships. While the United States, Great Britain W Japan concentrate upon ne« destroyers, Russia hasten? to augment its already world-supreme submarine fleet. Italy and Russia see no benefit In aircraft carriers, while all oilier five nations have aircraft cnrrlm under construction. Japan i.s building subs, but how many only Japan's ntmvl warlords know. War on ihe water—If, it comes—will follow no universal pattern. Rev. E. Z. Newsom Speak Here Tonight 'flie Rev. ,E. z. Newsom. of Cape Glrardenn, will preach at the Second Baptist church tonight at i:.)0 o'clock, it was announced to- lav. The Rev. Mr. Newsom is a former mtor of that chtircli. Read Courier News Want Ads. Presbyterian Church Has Training Class The Rev. S. H. Salmon ati- nounced that the opening session of a new leadership training class will be held tonight at the First Presbyterian church. The subject of the class, which will meet two hours each night for five successive Wednesday nishls, will be "The Teaching Methods of Jesus." Charge Mexican Soldier With Slaying of Girl TIA JUAN A, Feb. 1C. (UPJ- Homicide and rap? charges today . were fined against Juan Morales. 24, private in the federal garrison here, in connection with the slaying of eight-ycar-oltl Olgn Co- manclio. Ri*d Conner Newt Waul Afl» IIF ftOMMISSIOMUt'K SAI.I; NolUv Is iii-nihy uivim that Hie I'nilri.jijiii'il. u, Commissioner of UK-) Chancery Court for Ihe Chick- stKiK'.n Uiitrlit of Mississippi Comity. Arkansas, iicilnir under inithcnty of a (i,Tice rendered l)ec- nnljir -1, in.'lV. in o cause wherein Aiiieili-mi United Life Insurance Company, Inc.. was plalnllll,: niul J. M. Miiliicnii, el'»i;, were' <!c- fcniluiils, win. at, the door of (lie court house In filythevllle. on the 2411) day of l-'obi'Uiir.v. 1938, niter I for -nle io Ihu highest niul best Wilder upon n credit of three months, Iho following described property located in tlie Chtckn- siwlKi Distriil of Mississippi Coun- ly. Arkansas, to-wlt: Quarter (SW'.i) of the Southwest Quarter 'RW'i), in Section Seventeen '17!, Township Fourteen (H) Nnrlh, Range Nine (9) East. '1'lic purclinsci; will be required |o fxeciile bond with approved scciiilly and a lien will be reliiln- ed upon Ihe property until (Ji a mirclmse price Is paid. WITNESS my hand as such Commissioner this February :i 19M. A. P. SMITH, Commissioner. Shane Sc Fendler :t-10-17 Kcliiiiois for rlnlnlllT. lluptlit Wimicn Alcct Tile February lioynl Service pro- Siiiin 1 for the Hup! 1st Woman's Missionary Society wu.s held In 111! 1 home of Mrs. H. J. Hmltli Tucsdriy afternoon with H prcs- Hi I Mrs. Sinltli was lender, assisted l>y Mrs. J. ivnii Milllln who nuv« j the (U'vnllminl, "Abniiiain As At> I lixamplc." Tiilks were iiiadt! on tho iiibji'cl, "Tin: Homclund," by Mrs. I J. W. Smith. Mrs, Clmili'.s CnrK- J.TII iind Mi:*, li. O. Wfllilns. * * * Mr>'. l.i.Min Ijili il;ilii\ Airs. fi. J. Smllli held }it' r ;l\ score In tin! uflcniun bridge tuinies 1'rl- day wlH'n Mrs. Ram lUnveh I mil Us hi'i 1 Mrs. Joe . Hli-o.i, Mrs. CiiovLi- Driver, Mis. ,J. ]mn Mllllln, Mrs. 'C... li. Woiid, Mrs. l,)lllaii l-'tccar. Mrs. Kllintt Wlliliinw, Mrs. Cliarlle Mllllln. Mrs/ fiinlih was nivcn Mi((h'rlii i.'Hilirnt<ltiv;| plUiiw ( UVS. Mis. HowtM), iisslsU>(| by hn' diiUBhlcrs, 1'rnniVK Held mill I,;iy- biy. M'lvrd a riulnd plate. Mir,. ,(»(• Hlivs, Mis. Jesse Ihown, Mr:i. ti. J. Krnllli. Mr.i. C. 11. \Voml. Mis. »;ii)i Ilnwi'i), Mrs. C'hinlti' Mllflln, and Mrs, May Uowi'n Thoinpson v.'crc In-lilKit inn-sis o Mrs. Klllotl Wlllliiins HatutMny af- PAGE "THRfclB liidlvlilna ''anil 1m A siiiidii'lch plate, cukes. Knsti-r enndlcs, diInks were served, allcr isanies, Mrs. 'l'honi|xson made scon- and wns given' linrnl clothes. Mis. lloli Williams spent end wllli friends In Mem. Mr. and Mrs. Alien Posey ami (Imiuhler. Barn, vlslli-il Mrs. I'osey'.s inallm- In Union City Sunday. Mr. »nd Mrs. K. R. Bogan went lo Jackson, Tcnn.. Sunday to vlsll witli Mis. 110(>iin's brollier/ W. J Sykes, who i.s III In n Jnekson hospital. Mrs. ,Jp.<sc Blown had a house gncst.s Friday her slsh-r Mrs. D. N. Jiidson, and granddaughter, Jenn, of Memphis. Marvin Sjiatin accoinpauled lit! mini. Mrs. Robert KbcnIU, lo hei home In West Memphis, Frlda. iiflcriiouii wlicri! lie was Biic'Sl at DRIVING ISA PLEASURE WHEN YOU HAVE A Radio In Your Car WeWiUInstallA New Ford' Radio In Your Car for Only $41.00 Easy Terms COME IN NOW - - ONLY A FEW LEFT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th <fc Walnut Phone 810 Mt«m k Mnu TOIAKO Co, very smoker remembers with pleasure the day he found out about Chesterfields. Chesterfields give you a different kind of smoking pleasure... mildness that's more refreshing taste that's more satisfying aroma that's more appetizing Mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper, these Chesterfield ingredients are the best a cigarette can have. Chesterfields SATISFY H find MORE PLEASURE in Chesterfields milder better taste tlu> rtaiicc given by his mint, Mrs. Joe Dran, Friday nlgiu. In honor of livi- (l:m«lituV, Alllp Leo, Mhs Ivn Crablrcc- speiH Die week end In Memphis and was nc- (omimnlwi home by IICT cousin, Mis. Hnnuoii Duvlm, Mr. Duvles "ml <liiii«)>li!i', itiuljuiH Jenn, for » uliorl vlsll. Mrs. l.onls W. Spann Itus return- I'cl from u visit with her iliiughlcr Mrs. Hubert. Elicnlts, of West Memphis. MIS. Ebertfe accompanied her mother home for sev- orr.l duys visit. Mrs. Aiuin Terry Is. visiting hsi ^cphcw, .lohn c. O'Brleu, mid Mr*. , C lirlr-n in Mompbi.i. MLS. Phillip owge tma Mih. , MOSR fiiimiin lUtcntal n mcllng of their Huh; Friday In Hie home of Mrs. A. 0. ShlMey, Btytheville Head Cornier News Want Alls. 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