The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 3
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' MONDAY. MARCH 29,19. •— Arkansas Prison Officials Laud (Wml Practice of Using Trusties to " m Guard Felons Working on Farms _BI/miEVIL!.K (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Controctor Seeks Pay For Work Done in 1930 ,.,y"L L . E R OCK, Ark.. Mar. ; herfl The system is unusual in that* there Isn't a paid guard O n the two Arkansas River bottom plantations where more than 1,300 convicts are housed, instead, all of tne J30 or more rifle and shot R un currying wards who circle the area are con- fcfdT 1 of thcm " rv "* ^ There are only 25 full-time paid . - 0 „*„„,« u, c siaic aY.,,.?**? !,' lhe s >' st «n .'"eluding l ™ last to be taken up before the Super ntendeiit Tom Cogbill, As- ! "^ meeting O f lh e legislature ustant Lee Hensley. nine deputy I , TIlc ""ai'd is prohibited bv law wardens, two doctors and the exe- I '™ m eonsidcrlni! claims after March ci'foner, j 31^ o£ the first fiscal year following " ' " a regular legisla- One of the largest claim* to be heard was filed by C. S. Constant fmmcr contractor^ He alleged that ^muunt-i, ji ui me t CogbMl never carries a gun Hens- I "dJourumenl of Jpy, who is in charge of the Tucker "™ session. . — *" *-"nttic VJI Ulu XI1CKCI larm, wears one only occasionally. 'I really favor our system over any of the others," said Cogbill 'and I-bclicve we have less trouble with escapes than any other state " Hcnsley and Parole Director W. P Ball echoed his sentiments. The record bears incur out. There lias not been a major break since Labor Day m 1940. and that was before Coffbill was head of the .sy-;- ,. *•*"' • "i- "i'CKeu II the state owes him $23.489 on a paving contract negotiated In 1930. Highway department ntlornevs say that contract was not the result of competitive. bidding and therefore Invalid. Thi- United States has more than have been a lev. "wnlk-awavs" among the trusty cooks, gardners anti other convicts, but Hcnsiey says H will be two years in July since he nas lost a man at Tucker. Trujillrs Shoot Stralglil , niree men have been killed! in escape attempts sjnce 1!MO. "We pick our guards and trusties carefully," Sogbill said, "and we Jiiate certain that the men have family tics in Arkansas and are' able to accept responsibility." He said, however, that while the man picked usually is a first of- , fonder, a bad outside record do-s i not affect his chances of becommi; a trusted worker. For instance, a check of the" 19 men now serving as armed guards aX the main camp at Tucker reveal- ft that six of them are murderers nnrt three are serving life sentences "The fact is." Cogbilt said, "if a Irfe-lcrmer proves that, he can b» trusted, he'll be a more valuable man to us became of his training.' Good Behavior Rewarded Paroles are held out to the guards and other trusties as rewards for good behavior. In Arkansas prisons, a convict with a good record is eligible for parole after serving one- third of his term. Other rewards include Christmas furloughs and better jobs within the system. Incidentally, only one out of 1113 men violated hU holidav leave in 1947. However. Cogbill is not bragging ' too much about his work at the ' penitentiary. He adniits that "something may happen today," .which w °"id ^jnaie^. the^.system look bad,.., It was""jus't s\ich an incident— the escape of rive-time-murdcrnr Kinnie Wagner — which brought about the recent shake-up in the Mississippi prison system. Before that time, however, Mississippi had employed some paid guards There were 36 men in the group which escaped from Cummins farm on •Labor Day in 1940. A search in which other convicts participated, led to the capture or death of all except one escapee in 28 days He remained st liberty until eialrt months ago. Trade Is Sought Harrimon Seeks Law Putting U.S. in Better Bargaining Position By Austin c. Wehru-eln United Prets Staff Correxn md I WASHINGTON, March 29 IIJP) —Secretary ol Commerce W. Avorcll Haniman said Saturday lie will ask Congress for more authorllv to con- rol trade with Russia if the Soviets try to retaliate for the "war goods'' bn u. He emphasized, however, Ural he is "very definitely" opposed to Congressional demands for breaking off all commercial tics with the Soviet Union. This country, he said, depends a great deal on the manganese and chrome ore it gets from Russia. These materials are essential in the manufacture of sterl .If Russia should try to withhold them, Harrlman said, the US would take steps to "force" her hand.' That's where Congress would have to come to the aid of the Commerce Department. Harrhuan said he wquld ask for a law which would enable him to keep all Rirs- goons out of this country. War Shipment! Curtailed Then, it Russia wanted to trade with the U.S. si all. it would have to sell manganese and chrome. Harriman and President Truman have clamped rigid export controls on shipments of airplanes and other "wsr goods" to Russia. The president uave the State l)e, ,-Arlment authority to turn down Russian requests for military and civilian planes anrt their engines. The order becomes effective April Shortly afterward, Harriman said lie wili ban the shipment overseas of-oincr goods that might add to General Contract Purchase Corp 122 West Ash SfrrM DI..II... •••. . ." Bjyfhevillc. Ark. ! I MAY BE OLD DEARIE... BUT I'M NOT OLD FASHIONED" I Send My Rugs To Peerless Cleaners!" BEATING, SWEEPING, SCRUBBING HEAVY RUGS DOESN'T DO THE JOB—BUT OUR SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED METHODS WILL; •Y«i, can quickly and en.sily Ret rirf of bothersome Hearting ' worries by sending (hem ;„ Peerless Cleaners. We clean n.KS I" Perfeclion, remm-in* s p«t s instantly. Our cleaning ~ process c/imin.tes ingrained dirt and grime that ordinary vacuum <„• beating processes miss. Our expert rug cleaners bring out the rich, natural CO)M- of your rugs! \ One Try With Us Will Convince PEERLESS CLEANERS Cross Becomes Victory Symbol For Christians at the union 5 ,mrl« Easter services conducted yesterday I IhoFw Methocllsl Cluivch.tho Rev. Lester D. Stmbliur. rmslor of rt%hnf ( ?" llStln " Chllre! ''"^'"0(1 lint ll lc ,.,.„.« ,, ( , ]„„„,.,. , s symbol lor tempo,-,,! mmlslmu'ut b>" " s - vmtoi im * ;vns R'™" >»• "" , n' °- H ™«'». iwstor of the t ""I'llsl Cl.m-vh. Thro,*), cr- It wns nimluiK'ccl in muvclnv't in thpl ,,, of lho held ft bvcnkCasl lr own cliurrli following (lie union sunrise servk-f. ,, m t nil cinn- %*%• ,'' '," ef1 ' " 1( "'" iu « wor * I' «« vices In their own .sanctimrle.s Hie «cv. Mr. St. nber In nio sun- i.-ic s m .u.,, jcvicivrd the cvi'nls from ,|>e blrlh or Christ to his aentli on din cross rnlnwliifi Christ's decision , to JIM Oocl's will nlipnd of Hie Roinnn law. The liev. Mr, sirtiblmr snlri (|,«t Hie ten coinmnndmeuls still tire good ns n ynrilstick for clioosliiB right from wrong, iirldiiig thill II ( s more difficult, to obey the laws of Dean of Legislator To Seek Re-election ttWf-f, Ark., Mar. 39— \'>~Die denii of the Arimti»> "ouso ot Representatives H K.WB loiicy, announced today that he not romiallv~''m' li0n ' B "' *" ! '" s Toney ha s the Ion 8 r s l, service record In |he history ol Arkansas as a member of (lie Mouse. Other "'Pnwniallvps tram Pine Bluff me Cnrlton Clinic and T. M Hook<•'', neither of whom ha, annomr- fed for' le-pleclion. ) Girl is Wounded UTT1J5 HOOK, Mar. 29. (1JI>)_ A 15-year-old S.vlvau Hills girl m f- er«l :l bullet wound over the heart last night, apparently inflicted accidentally. Ofllcers identified her a.s Norlne Wr-hrvirl. They said (lie xirl was vi.sitlnii a neighbor and was shot when a revolver fell from * cabinet and was illstharijr-d. the "wnr polrmlltiP o[ the Soviet Union. HIS move- Is nimetl pHmnrilr at machinery nnd machine tool's MUCH Russia lias been linrjorliii" 1" large quantities from (lie US Hcnceforlli, ,, sr,<-ciiil c-ommiKd' will decide ,. particular lot of goods is to be exported Tlio armed services nnd the Atomic Energy Commission «.J)1 be reiwcsml- ed on MID committee. Clirlsl limn H Is to obey Die law? of the land. >le died the. rejection by Hitler nnd the Nn/ls of religion nnd (ho pnunnlsm which followed. He wnrn- I ed such action In other n«| lions and suggested Uiul Amerlcn tmtl coim- close to It. "1 nm thankful that we in Amer- len hnvp lie-mount rated that we wmil IM'jire, i-u-ii (lioiiKli it leiivcs us 1111- prcpiimi If we must soon enter it new wnr," ho snld. "liul hnvc we done our best l» win the |>enccf" The Rev. Mr. Strubhar suBgeslcd I hut Americans todny show some ot the fnith of llH-h forefather/; nnd lh<U they turn nm-w to worshl|i. 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