The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1956
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN ouner NewsMagazine The Hollywood Echo: Actress Phyllis Kirk Has Three Homes By DICK KLEINER Thfbom _ hv .,, t Kir1t It's official. Berffiy~<5w>dm*rrwill reOTpmzeTbig band. And only a no-good cynic will say his decision has anything to'do with a certain movie' coming out in February called "The Benny Goodman Story." BG and his new crew will debut at the Empire Room of New York's Waldorf-Astoria on Feb. 9. And only that same crumb would dare to point out that this date is during the same week the movie opens on Broadway. Join the stage and see the world. That's because an actress has to keep moving to snag good parts in Hollywood, New York, London and points east, west, north and south. Take Phyllis Kirk (delightful thought). She ha* three borne*, more or There'* an apartment In New York — "I wouldn't give that up if you gave me half ' the world" — where she keep* mott .of her booki, recordj, clothe* and collection of palntinf*. And, In England, she hai a leml-home with director-photographer Guy Green and hi* family — where she keep* more book*, -record* and clothe*. . _ And, In Lo« An»ele», «he'» practically a permanent guMt at the Beverly Hill* Hotel, hut .he keep, her California book, and clothe* at her iliter'. houx. No. record* there. At the moment, she's sort of commuting between New York and Lo« Angeles. She just finished a movie on the coast - "Johnny Concho " produced by and starring Frank Sinatra. It wa. shot In 18 days which .Phyllis says, "is too fast - I don't care what anybody says, no actor can do justice to a part in that time unless he has a lot of rehearsing, which we didn't." But, a* for Sinatra, Phyllis found him "» darling'" and 'kind and considerate" and "very easy to work with and for." *.«'•• On one of Blanche Thebom'. to.r., >h* wa. In Greece »nd archaeoloclat John fapailmltrlom taTtto* her t« come along as he opened up a newly-dl«co«re* tomb iealed I,Mt year. ago. "It wa. »i»*-ln»plrtar," Ml«e Tlwbem *»y*, "*• think I w" breatlitag air 3,M» yew« «M. It «M»'i »«m .tale er m»ty, i«t cool an* »*»c«r«l." • • • Ernl. KOT.C. and E*i« Atome live in a 17-room duplex apartment overlooking Central Park. Xrnie like. to. look out the window and r«m.mber his quarters 15 y.ars »§o. Thtn he lived a few blocks away in a fifth floor walk-up. * ' • • • •HOW TIME: Sean O'Cawy'. "Red Rose, for Me" 1. a melodrama in poetry - but don't let that upset you. Unlike some poetic imports, if* understandable. And there', a rich Dublin atmosphere, composed partly of fog and partly of the brogue from some notable Abbey Players' tongues. , ,„,-.„ ..* Alfred L«nt and Lynn Fontainn. have a romp in "The Great Sebastians," a tale of two mind-readers trapped behind the Iron curtain and how they mind-read their way back out again. These are the smoothest actors of our time and here they have a chance to show off their slickest rick.. •• • • Ch.ckB.rri., . member o< NBC'. ewoalT. training program, ha. dreamed np the following, slogan for «U. year'. Cancer FBn* """"Don't B« Scare. . . . B. Spared. Glr. to the Cancer Funa." • ' » • Don't tell Michael O'She. of "It. a Great Life" that TV Is a snap. "When you ... a stooped-over guy hobbling down the stree." Mike says, "lie's either got a nail in his shoe or he's got a TV show.' Hollywood atar D.vW Brian wa. walking .p New York'. Madl,on Avenue, when a pa«er-by grabbed him by th. arm. "Tour name I. Brian, ton't man Mid. "Ye« It I* '" *ald the Haltered actor. • •-* Tnow TO* - y.« once «ld me . .uit at Bro.d.treet'.. Are you .till working theret" Aniwer — no, Merle Miller Turns Out Scary Yarn he Itn't, kut, ye«, he u*ed to.. S HE GETS 'A' — Glorl* De aven, the Kreen stir, get. In a little hire-foot golf practice at th* Unlver.lty of Miami, where the 1* taking tome win « She could P*M inywlwr* Shirer Elected NEW YORK WPh-Wllliam Shiror hu been elected president of th Author. Guild; Others chosen at th annual meeting are John Brick vice - president, and Irmengard Eberle Koehler, secretary. Nev members of the council are Cl*ve land Amory, Richard Bissell, Hilde garde Dolson, -Michael Drury, Jon Hersey, Elizabeth Janeway, Rober J. Landry and Merle Miller. Scholarships OTW -YORK (*) -,Two Chopin scholarihlps are offered fo the aeventh year by the Koscluszk Foundation (1» But «5, New Yor Jl). Pianirt and composer »ppli cants between the ages of 15 an 30 must file formal applications b March 1. WARNING ORDB> H. O McDnnie! is warned I apptar In the Common Plea. Cour for • tbt Chiekuawba District o Mlutuippl County, Arkansas, with to thirty dtjri next after the date hereof, to answer a complaint filed agalnit him In said court by Delta Implement*, Inc., an Arksnsa corporation .In cause No. 3,127. Wltnet* ' my hand as cltrk laid court, and the sell thereof, < this 27th day of December, 1855. SEAL OKRALDINX LIBTON. Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C j. M. Gardner, Atty. for Pitt. iterary Guidepoft By ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD' ^- "Grace Kelly knows exactly what she wants and how to get it." . A' famous movie producer whispered those words to me 14 months ago-when I was writing a four-part series about Grace Kelly headlined: "Kelly Is a Lady." ' The words 'are echoing throughout Hollywood today. "Dial M for Monaco" in real life— A SECRET UNDERSTANDING.. By Merle MiUer. Viking. Brock MacDonald, World War H ce, American hero, happy husband nd father, gets himself sent to ombat In the .Korean war, is cap- ued by the Communists and starts alklng out of the other side of his nouth — he makes propaganda broadcasts for the North Koreans .nd even signs, a germ-warfare harge. Then this novel opens: Ward Mac- hews, onetime OSS. man and now a slightly heavier, more sedate, less •enturesome movie reviewer for i big-circulation magazine, is assigned to the case when MacDonald back home and separated from his wife, disappears. Ward, though.he has sort.of lost ,he habit of sticking out his neck has not forgotten how it's done and he sets out to find his man anc write his story. He begins with the wife, who has an armed butter; he visits J., his wartime chief, who warns him about Alicia Beard; he goes by train and Bert's taxi' to Alicia's where he Is introduced to :he sinister Karl Muenster, Nannie Hid Cosmo Wallace'and wh'ere hi hears about the League for TJnl versal Peace; he drinks EulalieTiy- ?ou's gin; he begins to get fright' ened, and with reason, for 'he live: of his own children; he finds i body; he hopes he isn't going to be body himself; the governmen would like to have him and hi magazine drop the story; hf talks to an ex-Army man from Korea— and then he goes through most o it again with the tension mounting and mounting. This is a novel of suspense abou a topic which, in one guise or an other, frequently makes the fron pages. A smart and knowing crafte man, Miller has written a seal yarn, a. story based on this morn ing's head lines that will keep JO' mke tonight. It's plausible, too. W. a. ROf er Jay Williams Book Is Witty, But Boring, Too A CHANGE OF .CLIMATE. B; Jay Williams. Random House. Jay Williams is an author — needless to' say, but an author, mean, of other books than this and it. was while on the trail material for a forthcoming his forical novel that he indulged i the^t ravel on which he reports en gaglngly here. Wife Barbara and husband Ja decided Connecticut winters wer so cold they'd skip one, if the could, so Jay and the boy Christopher set off for Palma, Majorca,, i the Mediterranean, with Barbar and' baby, Victoria to follow month later. While the wome went direct, father &nd , so stretched out their trip, via Wales Paris, Carcassonne, the not so fa mlliar Sellers and Narbonne an on by way of Barcelona to their island home. Christopher couldn't keep enter talned all the time for lack of Eng lish versions of magazines he likec or books it was proper for a young ster to read, or movies that woul Interest him. However, his fathe was considerate, and he got break every now and then, for in stance during a delay in ' Mar seilles, »nd again In the Frenc railway sleeper with its man signs, buttons and gadgets. The fa ther, meanwhile, passed the tlm with friends of old or new one made eh route; did research fo the novel; reflected philosophicall or life, time, liberty and whatno and had some experiences tha were, or are made to sound, high] amusing. It may set you back a bit to rea that severs! million American tou ists. visit France yearly, when th total has never reached even a ha of one million in any year yet; an you may be bored by occaslona platitudiniting; but you find In Wl Hams an acute and thoughtful observer, a student of manners, an often witty raconteur. W. O. Rogers 'To Catch a Prince, Starring Grace Kelly, Is a True Story The Lady named Kelly who be- omes the Princess of "Monaco this pring has made Sums out of all ilm writers who weave fancy plots and.'but of all movie glamour queens whose titles range only rom lettuce festival queen to mo- xirama princess. . •The Grace Kelly story was, s Holywood's biggest success story in (rears. Now it's a "To Catch a 'rince" romantic real life fiiry ale, with a handsome reigning Prince Rainier HI and little expensive props like a marble palace, a 360-ton yacht, a private zoo and all beside the blue Mediterranean. * • * Dial M for Murder" was one of Grace's movies; it turned out to be because "Grace Kelly knows exactly what she wants and how to get it." . -, The Philadelphia story — the announcement of her engagement to the handsome prince — reminded me of other words I heard about the Lady named Kelly when I profiled her for NBA after talking to scores of people a year ago. . I remembered her friend, Paramount fashion designer Edith Head, laughing .about talk that Grace's fame and fortune jackpot was "The Luck of the Irish." "Luck of the Irish — my eye," Edith told me. "She selects clothes, stories and directors with complete sureness. It's fantastic. She's al- GRACE KELLY — The lady knows what she wants . BROTHER JACK — Jack Kelly receives 'good sportsmanship rard in 1938. Grace, mother and father smile proudly. ways right." » • • Someone told me, "She's like a hawk circling over its prey. When she sees a role she wants she aooms in and grabs it." But with Orace winning a prince and a title without the help of a movie script, the words of an old family friend seemed even more significant. She told me: "Grace wanted to become important in a family of important people. That was her goal In life." Memories flooded back too of the men in her life—Clark'Gable and Ray Milland, who acted like school boys in the flush of first love, pleg Casslnl who followed her to the French Riviera. Jean Pierre Aumont who kissed her ear in a Paris cafe. And a Philadelphia boy named Harper Davis, who died in 1952. He was her first love, Grace has said, "But I don't want to talk about my personal affairs." * * * . I remembered talking to an actor in one of her first films who said, "I guess maybe I was blind to her charms, but she didn't impress me too much. To me she was just a cool, sweet sort of a girl." But another actor told me, "She turned her charm on me. Wow!" "Wow" is the word for Grace Kelly's'story. Elegantly cool, but to Brace Kelly. AND — She get. it. warmly luscious, with a quality; street label. Grace won movie star-. dom and an Academy award swiftly and easily. Now she's won . a handsome prince, a title and a country — a country she can save from union with France by giving it an heir. Whetner she'll give Hollywood the air after completing two more scheduled films, "Designing Woman" and "High Society," will- be the next chapter in the "Kelly Is a princess" story.. But there's no .Hollywood problem about whether as a princess- to-be she now rates a curtsy. Hollywood has always curtsied CURRENT Best Sellers (ComptM by PBWtoher.' Weekly) FICTION MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR, Herman Wouk. ANDER80NVILLE, MacKlnlay Kantor. CASH McCALL, Cameron H&w- ley. AUNTIE MAMB, Patrick Dennis. THE TONTINE, Thomas B. Co- staln. NONFICTION GIFT FROM THE SEA, Anne Morrow Lindbergh; INSIDE AFRICA, 1 John Ounther THE EDGE OF THE SEA, Rachel Carson: THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, Norman Vincent 1 Peale. YEAR OF DECISIONS, Harry Truman. Dulles Praises Fine Orchestra' NEW YORK W) — An orchestra and a baltet have had the good fortune to win the.accolade of Secretary of State John Poster Dulles. Conductor Eugene brmandy of the Philadelphia Orchestra was told by Dulles that diplomatic reports "attested to the outstanding success of the Philadelphia Orchestra's performances in the 'Salute to Prance 1 and during its tour of European cities." • . Noting "the tremendous success of New York City Ballet during its European trip, Dulles wrote to the company's director, Lincoln Kirstein: "The Department has become increasingly aware of the importance .of exhibiting abroad representatives of American theatre, dance and mu- Blff Ben's Boom Big Ben, famed London bell striking .the hours in the. tower of the Houses of Parliament, London, has been heard a distance of six miles without the aid of radio. S&E SUPER MARKET : Few** •emit* Early opponents of vaccination irirued Ou\ pereon* vaccinated In childhood mlfht UM on charac- tttltuM of themlmiU from whten the VkadM WM Uken. Highway 61 North W« Dtlirtr—ffhen* 3-9663 • Modern Stlf Stmet Facilities • Choice Meats • Finest Produce • Quality Groceries • Frozen Foods In joy Modern, Self-Service Shopping .with no parking problem at any time. Shop S & E for Quality. He Wrote 'love & Marriage,' and He Lives It By DICK KLEINER NEW YORK — (NBA) — A tenOr Who makes his living singing at weddings reports that next to "I Love You Truly" and "Oh, Promise Me," the most requests he gets these days are for "Love and Marriage. 11 Which is perfectly O.K. with Sammy Cahn, the lyricist, who calls the hit song "a labor of love — and marriage ; " In show business,, they ge'nerally ill Sammy Calm's marriage one of the best. Last September, Sammy and Gloria celebrated their tenth anniversary In Los Angeles. They have two children—Steven, 7, and Laurie, 5. ."Whatever I am," Sammy says, :I owe to my Iqve and my marriago. It .'sounds corny, but I mean it. I've never been more successful. I've never been happier, I've never been more in love." Sammy's friends—and there are many of these—say he speaks the truth. This is the prototype of the happily married man. But it wasn't always thus. 'He was a bum beiore he got married," one 'friend says. He didn't mean Sammy was a panhandler— he's been a successful songwriter since he was 24. But he weant that Sammy was a romantic bum. He went out with hundreds of girls. He. played the field like it was a career. Sammy admits it. "I was the king of the bachelors," he says. And then he met Gloria Delson. She was (and still is) very beautiful. She was a Ooldwyn Girl. Once she made a list of the Ten Most Beautiful Girls In the World. She was young arid there seemed to be a shimmering career awaiting her. But what she wanted was love and marriage. Sammy and Gloria fell in love. It was quick and easy. But he couldn't get up the nerve to propose. He confided his problem to his friends, Frank Sinatra and his then-wife. Nancy. At a party one night, Nan- SAMMY CAHN FAMILY — Love and Marriage go together in real life ^.cy Sinatra handed Sammy a note that read simply, "Now." And Sammy took the cue and proposed and Gloria accepted. Prominently displayed Cahns' home is the note. in the He was 32 when they married. She was in her early 20's. She promptly retired from show business and became Mrs. Sammy Cahn exclusively. And he began to do most of his writing at home. They were seldom apart. The "king of the bachelors" had become a prince of husbands. "If anything ever happened to Gloria," a friend has said, "Sammy would become a basket case." The Cahns do not think they are unusual. "It's just that the gruesome side of Hollywood makes the headlines," Sammy says. "We know many happy couples, besides ourselves." He thinks his personal happiness is reflected in his work. | "A person's environment is always in his sub-conscious," he thinks. "I imagine many of my songs are re- flectons of my personal life." Because of that, Sammy has never specically sat down to write a song for her The closest is a song that never 'became a big hit—'Its You Or No One"—which was over shadowed in themovie for which It was written by^ "It's Magic." But that one song is the nearest to an "our song" they have. It is, incidentally, Sammy's favorite, and his compositions number 40 Hit Parade numbers like "Until the Real Thing Comes Along." "Let It Snow, Let It Snow," "I Walk Alone," "Be My Love," "Because You're Mine,' "Three Coins In The Fountain,' "Teach Me Tonight" and the current "The Tender Trap." At the moment, though, i "Love and Mariage" Is his favorite "It's close to my heart," Sammy says, "not because it's a hit, but because It says what I believe about my own love and marriage." Sammy doesn't confine his works solely to songs in praise of marriage, however. One of his credits is a comedy song colled "Show Me a. Happy Woman and I'll Show You a Miserable Man." But he is careful to state that he wrote it strictly for a specific situation. "Love and Marriage," too, was writen for a specific situation—the love scene in the televised version of ''Our Town." It became an Immediate hit. With Frank Sinatra's recording leading the way. YOU CAN'T STOP THE QVlltt MAR* WITH A CLOTHESLINE . . any mo,, than y« can keep a tornado from hitting your how**, hit you c«* , buy iniuronce - the rioht kind, in the right amount. We'll b« fllejel to «dviM. NOBLE GILL AGENCY CLINCOI ILDG. 3 - 614 * Wells-2" to 16" Irrigation - Industrial - Municipal - Domestic WATER is our BUSINESS We Drill For It Pump It Soften It Filter It' Cool It Irrigate With It GINNERS-TAKE NOTICE: Let us furnish your water needs for fire fighting power unit cooling, for statifiers. HOME WATER SYSTEMS 3 Years to Pay Complete iron removal, filtering and softening systems built to fit your needs. We have the answer to your needs for greater water volume and pressures. McKinnon Irrigation Co. Phon<) 112 or 190 — Manila, Ark.

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