The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE SIX (ARu.) CotJftfER Kliv THURSDAY, NOVEMBER if,, J9S-I Sparkplug and Scoring Ace Handicapped Bui Likely To See Aclion Uy j. r-. raii:sn Coaclir; Carney tails and Jamr-s "Ace" PucVcil, mid ihe cnUrs Chlcknsaw football ;,qniul will leave parly Friday morning by curs fin 1 Parngoiild wlisra llicy will >nwt His PnrflEOUld liljli school DnlWo?,.i in their annum ijrl-llron scrap. The fiai'ne will got imd"r way al 3 p.m. at Harmon rielcl. With Inn few exceptions v li n j Chlekosawi will Iw in flu? fi'itlc | for the acunc-. Horxtiel X1n>lijy, I (liarlfrtocX, who li'.'ni Iho I spark plug of tlis olfens? nil s-a- son, lias not fully recovered from injuries received In t!)e Joue.sboro Stimc. Eddie Sallbn, hard running fullback and high point seorjr, 'bunged up a shoulder Just l>?fore practice ended Tuesday and h»s been favoring it since. John "Wimpy 1 . 1 . Burns, silt) qusrUir, is yet unable to tear down on his injured ankle. However, IM.sil Ix>cke, the s|>ced demon o[ ihc crew, looks like he Is okay and roady to go places with the pigskin. Tlio diminutive ball carrier was forced from Milan (hie to chills and fever before the I'ift- gott game. Although he has been owl and taking his regular place in the bacl:fic!d. he hadn't recovered his strength. From lit; excellent manner he has been prform- lii£ this \\-eek in practic in'jiented ho is strong again. l.oolc for Aerial Attack III view of the powerful Muroon and While line it Is quite likely that the Bulldogs will be forced la take the Undb;rgti route it. they hope for a viclory. Paul Elmore, halfback, has been the head man in their air circus with the other members of th? ball carrying department, Alvin Bennett, Donald I Potter, an:t Jimmy Graham 0:1 Uic receiving end. To match (his the chickasaws likely will cio a bit of fancy heaving themszlves. Herslwl X'.oslcy triple threat ace, 15 expected to be on the firing line with both the ends, Dick Tipton and Eugcn™ Blackwell. as well as the entln backfield, Locl-.e, Eddie Saliba. and Oncil Craig doing the reviving. The passing combination, Mosley to Tipton, which has clicked in jvjry game nnd ssvcral times for touchdowns, \vil! probably prove n\iHc troublesome for the Bulldogs to break up. standing approximately six feet In his stocking feel, Tipton can go gel them from any angle. Ha is fust and can gather the Jong ones In while on a dead run. In the Piggott game Mosley passed about 30 yard? to the right- end who ran another ten lor n touchdown. Undscy, Dick Burns, guards; Pur- He, center. A number o[ fans from lierc are expected to attend (lie game. The scores of ihe lust, len yours on the Blytlievllle-pariigoiild games follow: 1921—Chirks 0, Paragould il. 1025—Chicks fi, I'jirflguuli! 2. 19211—Chicks 1, I'iiraitould o. 1927—Chicks 0, IV.rafiould 0. 1928—Chicks 24, I'arngould U. 1029-Chicks 40. parngoiilrt ,0. 10SO Chicks 4G. I'.ir.igoiild 0. 1031— Chick.s li. J'arasould 0. ]fi32—Chicks 7. Parngoiilcl 13. JOB -Chicks 20. I'aragoi.H 1. Ernil Firpe Comes Back To Armory I'mll Klrpo. Hi:; talkative HIV! highly Ro.sllculailvo south Am-rl-, returns to tin: Ifr.-al (•nun a'»'i fjronn shovv.s Monday nU;ht tr> iaV:- ! on null Martin, an unknown )n-:v, in on? nf Hi: t'.vo in;Hc!n>.s on !h' card. Firpo made his final np;>?srnir;' here in ibe role of relcroi 1 but Is no stranger lo local fans a.s a principal Hi i>i« oar scrambling racket l ; 'li'|>o is at his best when jirote.'il- nig a decision and usually mnmig- "s to indulge In cons!d.'ruble play, lie lius shown that lu> can wrestle when require:! I" get down lo business by his opponent. In Ihc match Hitffalo Joe,! the rc*ni;h niul ready Indian who has loun:l Ti|;er Moore casv bill John Marr '<*> tough, v, p lll take on EL! Kauthe, Din Clermun strong mail. '1'hey will slrugiile for two hours or less, over the two out of three full roule. Piriw and Martin are slated to work not more Ihan an hour for iwo out of lhr?e falls. FHBCKI/KB AN'I) HIS FIUKNDS By Harry Grayson CHICAGO.—There Is no question that Elmer Laydcn has bolstere:! the morale of Notre Dame players, students, nnd alimini. While the Sontli Btnd vavsity scarcely was recognizable in the Pill5burgh parly Ihis season, the vast majority of Notre Dame men not onlj 1 are satisfied with t/iydrn's pvogvcss this aviUnun, b\it uve eon- ndent thai Ihe young executive of Davenport will turn out u greatly Improved team in 1935. ami tiia u the Irish again will fairly roar in tubscqviciiL cmnpalgns. These keenly Interested crltic.s have seen a gradual improvement —saw it in tfyc Navy game, which Wotxc 'Dame lost after a heroic iasl-miimle slnnB. Former Nolr; Dame players and Ihose who kept closest to the sit- untion realized to whnl extent the botlom had fallen out in the Ihrcc- [EVERY M<XWIM<3 IfWTS RJHIlY! Z COME JuAVE THE 80/3 HET2E,7HIS /PAKE IT OVER SAV/DOST J EVERY MIGHT PIT is / AFTER I/I05SGO \ OP.' COACH,!. WANT TO •SHOV/ VoU SOMSTHIftSf COME OUT OK THE AA1I_L/\RD r INTKRKKKHNCK! •• - • - — • • • •• *^rj- [i, .... W15 1 KfW THAT HOKHs OF THE BOrS tl;- EVER C«.IE OACX AF IER i sf:;-io THEM TO TVS )) SIIOV.'ERS..1VE V/ORKED T=M IIAPP. . By LATni-Y.,. AND THEY'RE USUALLY PPSTTY '•"• /^y" ,./:1 / *_.r-'"V ,/,,;(. /^ifc. '» TOIJK3HT V,'ElL HWE TO GO SOMEWHERE r-L"3E....(p ^,: PPACflCE OM "iHE CAMPUS AH < MORE,COACH ROOSE IS<JOUHA| -1ART TO US, AMD SPOIL e SURPRISE WE'RE ffi BIFF, HAV6 OEAV/H-3'S BEQ-I COt-il!-'<3 CPOSS MY ,, I'M AS BAFFLED You ARE ' fii-jii in usc-d IK mi- IBXi, llonc "Andi-rson loulccl Andy flinty, ! I^in \'.[^T. and Ma/'/ifJti n.s All- : Am,:i^r, c : on S e,,,,,,,Uy mu.-h *:« \ ,,)., : -.rl o! l.««n, and l! <-,,- cm- was Moken v;t ' 11 • m ""'- ason Af Slccr n Alumni C;i lir, Kalhi-linc Kiijiii: l-'iirri.'i, Kvflyn Hiy|j;ii i Ji-nkiiLS Crawiord,! O!^a J'.oury und'. The ancifiH, Egyptians .STlv'KLK, Mo.-'t'llf. SUltle Hull- | u-iien thf'l-s 1 ''"*••''• l ' [r]s !l " (i 1>0y;i l);lsktl ' tol! wncn tn..i=s, u .. lm , y,.,^,, [h ,. h . fi ,. st 6(lm( , s Qf I llii; .season Tuesday niflit when j "LayiL-n is. r:siorln<« ihe faith of (i)u>y divided honors witli tlic j the fii'.ire squiiil, and brijiHincj a U|,, 0 |,. Aliunni iis.sociaiion teams. > team Uiai bsliiiid ihe pro:es- I j,, t |in girls sjaine tlie school j .sion up lo date. This requires time., tri:iii won by a score of 17-12. bin I am insilivs thai wllliln a : IJoriiiliy Moore v;:is hi'^h point i cdiiii:-; of .seasiiiis Notre name's s!o-1sctn-er for Die school -.uid Mollifc i (ji-n mite ino.v will be, 'We can'l LCI: Bales, liiili |)oinl .scorer for i X'nv LucaU'il a[ 111 Nurlli Sfcninl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIMVAHIW, ProprMor ikiLs c;f ii-liuill Typcivrili'rs, \ililhi|> Marhl KepniHng—1'alls—Kilj boils ri (;atenhtnr>* lose,' instead of 'We can't win'." Negro Grid Teams WiiS Play Here rJumnac. In tile boy.s game the alumni wltaU'd the ::e!iool warn, 23-12. 'I'lif- school u-ams for this year Hoys—II. C. 1'rafccs, Fred Alex- .'iider, lliible Hums. Ralph Pat- tntniu, c. (',. Penney, Hoginold I'uiulijclni'.'l:, Gerald ilrodcrick. (}irls — Mnrie Clanion, MnvLs flcailtcock, Virginia Moore, Dorothy Moore. Kathleen Northern. Illyiiieviile negro liiyh school's ;/iialre\" Mae Veici, Maryarei Cope- to-i'.sull team \\ill play Unite liiuli j l:anl. Virginia Chapmaii, Audrey o; Dyer.sljurg in a yunie imdor Ux^jNt'll Ptinniner, liernice Je;ikin.s, fiw.liiylils ul Haley Piold io!ii»in. ' Q'llcll MeDaniel. Vivian nay. The loMl neyroj.s boasi a victory I Asmlia \Vrisht, Katlierine Shcl- ovcr a I ; "on'esl City negro loam. i'*".!!, Helen Ciii'ry. Minnei Taylor, To*, vi^iiiug uesvo:-:^ are reputed i Durolhy Yeaijer, \Vnva Wells. lu liave n strolls and exiwritiiced ' The alumni teams have booked '.>v<':i ta ihrow into Ihe b.iltlr lo- .sever: 1 .! Annies and tiope to arrange Til? same is expected to draw a : <ii:nj c:-o\v<l. : Against Wilson m«t Joncr.lioro the/; year admlnUtrnlSon oJ Htmk An, also converted long heaves into derson. scorcs - j "I never saw a major team that 1'nlish Oir Work looked quite as bad a.s Notre n.imc Long signal practice followed by did against Southern California last a short attack on (he dummy yesterday completed His week's hard work before the game. This after- year," says Paul Cnstner. who v,-;>b a work horse at fullback when th< immortal Pour Horsemen, Layden Stuhldrehcr. Crowley. aiv.l Miller noon the coaching stalT will clcrot: the liniD lo polisliliig His oircnse ivcre colts in I9S2. and work out details relative lo the "Wlien Anderson was rmnied ) defense. cspeciatlv concerning passes. The members of tlie ?nuatl who are expected to make the trip include; Hc.rsh.2l Mosley. Basil I/icke. Oneil Craig. Eddie Saliba. Alfred Meredith. Max Hutchins. "Wimpy" Burns, and Russell Mosley. backs: Eugene Blackwell. coach. Jack Chevljny was supposei to handle the hacks, but Hunk' [first act was lo take orer the back field assignment. An Old Slar Is Shorkcd "With his ascendency, Audersoi who was a guard, seemed to forget I^layers are: Hoys—Kay Campbell. Atlicr and Cecil Earls, Ben Burns, William In ;l'.e coulee of expeiunont.s to ; Curler. Klmcr Wor.kman. John Irani bow coal-tar dyes reacted Bishop. Joe Johnson. Clias. Crnw- jv.iili human milk. Dr. Sole of Vi-iforri. Leyon Enrls, and Hoy Har- Ifiuv.i O.ii-c^iveted thai il\e niiVV. v;tll per. jnuviilai;- blocd (aster than any Girls -Doliie Lane Booker. Mol- TOtljCr known aeenl. lie Lee Bates, Louie Dodd Pfef- Winter LUBRICATION .MARKS mm'INC Iv I'KOTICCTS YOIII! CAR The Hii'ihing of Transmission ami niflerential. .jiutting .in .lighter weight, grease and re-i>ack'm; ol fic-nl wheel bearings Complcu Job for Only Our (llass (! Luhricalioii Includos $2 MAVC CRANK-CASK FLUSUKI) AND FIU,HO WITH ],K,'HT-\VKICiHT Oil 5 Ols. Winter, Weight Oil - 81.25 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Autlinriu'll Ford Dr.ilt ALM3AMA'S BRILLIANT an down the field looking back- Yard, nnd tripped over llieinsclves. "Passers faded 30 and 40 yards ci\icWatcs another old gvad. "Why, I linvc'known l.aydcn, when ho was nl nwpic.snc, to send promising ina- to Hork. I.lko all other Notre promptly what he knew hesl the Dick Tipton, . _. _ _ i ...^ _ Robert Baxter, James Buvton an'.i;work between lixcXles. "In the Southern California game, punters tooktonr or live Homer Bcsharsc, ends; Olyndcr Rayder, BjTon Walker. Murray Harris, Ray Larkin. w. T. Burns, slops before getting Ihe ball away. '" cklM : ItJiiry Lunslord, Elmer | "Men meanl lo be pass receivers iaek of Ihe tin:! of scrimmage he- ore throwing Ihc ball. | Dame men. he wanted to see Ihe "Backs were knocked down by j name kepi np there. I Harris pulling oul of Ihc Hue. ; Talent Cloes I'llsewliere I '•mocking and tackling was atro-1 ••But, Notre Dnmc lost much nl' 'ious. jits appeal in defeat, and players! "1 saw Piltsburgh bent Notre j who formerly would have lieajcd ] Dame, 1S1-0, this season, yet left | fr.r South Hend went lo Laydon ai completely satisfied, [or I was as-1 Duqu^sne. Jim Crmvlcy at Pord- ,uvcd ihiU Nntre Dame's game onrelhum. Noble Ki/cr at Purdnc, Prank noro was .sound; lhat nil il j Thomas ai Alabama. Slip Mudiijan >d was polish lhat come.s wilh ex- at Saint Mary's, Clipper Smith at ixjrisnce." Santa Clara, Harry Mchri? at Geor- Tiie slump was due to careless- si:-., Rip Miller at Navy, and to ness," explains baydcn. "Hunk \vas'- oilier Notre Dame-tvatncrt coaches in a tough s]x>t. lie was harrasscd.l scattered throusiiout Hie country." ami trying loo hard. i "Notre Dame was hard hit at the "Once an organisation is thor-' guard and tackle positions this fall." oughly schooled in fundamentals, i explains another, "ami Ihc untimely Uie problem oi keeping il >hat \\ay :(U'.illi of Johnny Young deprived 1 : is much easier. Fach incoming the team of its bosl running back. class naturally faUs into correct The return of Melinkovicli, half-! ^abits." : back, and Robinson, center, large- j "Knute Rocknc was a magncl.rly has been Instrumental In making j anil material (ell ols witli Hie ie-'ithe .squad as formidable a.s U is. ; ver.srs llial followed his passing," "Notre Dame lost Steve Banas' NOTICE Tax Payers In Drainage District No. 17 THK TAX ilOOKS \VII.I, (lie CLOSED TO THK I'AYSIENT OF l!).",l DltAlNAfJE TANKS ON UE- CEMRKR 1ST. PAY YOlIll TAXES HEKOHE THAT DATE AND AVOID ADDITIONAL COSTS. Your attention is also culled lei (lie possibility Ihrtt your properly may do <lclimiucn( for one or more years without your knowledge. A number nf pieces of properly :ire (Iclintnient. apparently thrnngh oversight. liring your properly descriptions fo the District's office nnd make sure thai you have paid for every year. Clifton H. Scott Federal Receiver Office In Lynch liullding, Bl.vthcvillc, Ark. IF LAY CHOW DONT MAKE YOUR HENS LAY , THEY MUST BE ROOSTERS/ I H KNS c.ln'l lay unless llicy'rc fed an egg-making feed, (ir.iin isn't enough, ncillicr isjnvt a"prctly pt Kc«p 1'urina Lay Chow hc- I'ore your liens ai alt lime;,. This fccvl is a tried and tested coniliinstion nf cgg-iiukin£ ingredients that will make eggs ar tlic lowest cost per doieo. Aikakoilt tatliiy'spriff T DOESN'T lake tons of finow and ice lo nv.tkc winter driving unpleasant and cosily! Kveu a inoilcralc cold snap . .. a few ininulc.s of liard starting, is cnongli to do serious damage. '\Yith ilu; correct winter grades of Moliiloil, Mol)i|«reas« and MoJiilgas, you arc pro- tected through llio entire range of winter temperatures. Your motor will start in- slanlly on the coldest mornings. Gears will shift easily and silently. Yon can forget radiator and battery troubles. Don't let winter catch you off your guard. . . . Drive in today! Remember . . . you can MOBILIZE only at MAGNOLIA CASH FEED STORE 112 E. MAIN ST. "Stay with Magnolia and you slay ahead!' STATIONS AND DEALERS B-VP-29

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