The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW! .VOL. XXX1I1—NO. 2S, r > ™ K UQM»UNT^NKWSPAl>m OP NORTHEAST AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ...... ~~? ---------- ....... ------- _. — — — .......... ---------- HLYTHKVll.I.lC, AHKANSAS, TUKSDA V, KICUKUAU Y 10, |<i;>7 niylhevllle Courier lilythevllk' Dally News ' SINGLE' COPIES FIVH CENTS 'I Sold Down River, Moans Ramona i Would Increase Age Lirnil i Fixed by House Bill lo 75 WASHINGTON, Feb. 1C (UP) — Peiialor William Borah (Rep., Idaho) said loday he was opposed lo Ihc supreme court, justices, full pay retirement bill in ils ^refill form. He did not, disclose definitely, however, whether he would fHit the measure on the floor of the .'(•:>atc. • lioiah announced his Attitude lifter a senate Judiciary sub- cr.nimiltec. of which he is a member, voted to report the measure favorably to the full committee! with prospects of prompt senate action to prJis the measu.!.— ix'.ssibly next we<§k. Had Kxijcclcil Quick Action ': j Until Borah's announcement.'! leaders had indicated they expected the bill, already approved by tlic house, to sweep through the .senalc witli little controversy. The sub-committee cction coincided with a suggestion by house leaders that possibly the senate was beller prepared lo consider Presidenl Roosevelt's whole court plan before the matter is brought up in the house. Borah left. Ihe sub-committee meeting before the sub-committee formally decided to report (he bill favorably. IMS Course Uncertain He said he believed the voluntary retirement age should be increased to 15 years. It is 7.0 years in the bill as il passed 'the house and as the sub-committee •'... HP proved it. ' The Idaiio senator ..said -that he .favored--- eliminatln!; ~. a" prbvisioji lhat relii-ed supreme court jus- chief justice for duly in circuit courts. : Borah did not say deflruTelv whether he would oppose the bill or seek to amend it on the senate floor. It was believed tlic measure might b? reported favorably lo the senate by the full judiciary committee next Monday'. I Viand Men Unhurt • '!-•_. When Train Hits Car .. . i ' HOLLAND. Mo.—A tragedy .was j i.uiTcwIy averted . today when » American Bar Association President Con cl e in u s Roosevelt Proposal To determine NIC senlimctil of Courier News readers nn I'rcsi- dent lloossvcll's jn'oiuis'il [o revamp the supreme court, tlie Courier News, in co-operalmn with 71P oilier U..S. u:w!'n|icrs served by NK.V .Service., Ini-., is l^k'n^r a pall tin the question. Us; the ballot on Page 3 lo casl your vote. Yesterday, Itolicrl n. Jackson, as-ir.tu'nl Unilcil Stales al- torncv ifcneral; presented urt;it- inints favoring the Komevdl proper"'!. In ail'article in tlw 1 eol- unitiB. In ths :icconi|i:inyiii-' article, ' Frederick II. Stitioh;iclil, prudent uf tlic American Hur Associadon, presents arguments a£ah:rl the president's proposal. Hy r. ii. IV'KUIent. American Mar AsK-si-iu lion You have noted the proposal, n? surj you are.char on it pov yw i ore on: of the 130.000,000 Anicrl- car driven by Noble Cuucluirl, prominent merchant, VVHS slruck Ly a fi-cHit train and kno-.'ked clear of the (rucks without Injuring either the driver or his I'vo companions, liasil Edwards <ml L;<> Waldrop. The car, which o vns badly damaged, is covered OCIliUOI'S v.lth insurance. This was the second of two accidents In recent veeks caused by extra locomotives lhat have been Ufliifi the local trucks l Survey Reveal;-; armers ol: II. S, Steadily ..Losing Ownership of Laiu'lj Act i\s Inler- meclmncs Between I3;vil- i:y and Bailey LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 16. (UP)— H was learned today from reliable sources that a compromise was be- lli;' effected between Oov. Carl-1C. Bailey and Ll.-ciov. Il3b liatlty livci tlie governor's propped slate highway refunding bill. Details of Hie compromise WASHINGTON, Feb. Ill (UP) — A department, of agriculture survey .showed lodny lluil "the farm pr.puliitlon of .Iho 'United .Stales Is steadily losing Ihe ownership nf the land it operates." The Ideal which practically nil generations of American larmets have held — ownership of their own homes—is apparently becom- less imsslble ol attainment, Ihe .department said. lamllle.s, Including 16,000,00(1 |ii'i-| .sons. In Hie United Sliiles and I Dial -10,000 land owners lose thelilr- r p i i m /' farms ami become tenants each OiatCS I'Olll-rolcl I ail lOl' -, ; . - ' The actlial eoully owned by operating (ainier.s when tenancy rd. he degrading social as well as! "Mom economic aspects of farm tenancy ! persons and, mortgage Indebtedness me combined Is less Ihan 50. per cent of the value ol the farms In 20' of the. 4U stales, the rcpot't .show-| Revcising Faim Ownership Trend llncalen decadence civilization In this Her'name isn't Nellie Gray, but she was "sold down the river" just the same, lamented lovely Ramona Davies. above, when she went into court seeking-to restrain Paul 'Whitehiaii. with whose orchestra she sings, from leasing her services to outside- I cans whose rights Congress is (Did Ballot on Page 3 Is Last Which Will Appeal m Courier News' f .VOtJrij.cnniiniied light loday j dent, Roosevelt's program for ad cling - new justices . to. (he United Stales supreme court' Readers of this paper, if the few ballots thus far received call be regarded as rent-cling the general opinion, ttre almost en.tml- ine Countries Endorse Proposals; Portugal Cool 'lovvard Enforcement not disclosed by senators who hn<ii*" Ml:y s " ul " Mnny iU ' lmiU ibcen taking an active part in the ! , nre I'™ 1 ' 1 *' ='o»'«l " neaoilntlons, ' governor thlsi" 0 !.™ 1 . , ' of the rural country, the fumll- nd un- LONDON, Feb. ' 10 'iiain international commitlec today provisionally tdert thai the ban against morning appeared lo he devoting' bis entire time lo conferences dealing with the settlement of the differences between him and the !icu- lenant governor. Senators- Are Go-llelwcms (UP)—The| Tlie governor, arriving at his of- inlervcnllon ' " ! farm lenancy vcloumcnl of that comes to . , mosl fo''W(l.<Hng aspect of Is the iradiia] do' Inferior slalus segment of a de- vol- , nee shortly after D o'clock, sum- i ;t '! )<u ' 1 S!>l<1 ' rnone-:! Senatrs '"' e < l( -'l>nv populallon Ihnl lives for a few generations under," pcrslslcnl economic and nodal handicaps." Ihe • • i l( -'l>nvlmciu esllmated there lo "Ive away. -You and Americans before you have had these rights for 150 y*ars. Your ancestors didn't giv; them up; | If your children'haven't them, it will be because you have surrendered them. This' is'whaljs lo bo done, from your standout: the courl is lo b? changed by the proposed law. if „.._ UL ... it .,tin uy »WJ~| •• jinn. 1MIVI II. it I, IK\1 IICV untcers" going lo Spain's civil war! arkana for a conference thculd be made effective at inld- iiiri'l Saturday. The delegates asired also I'in' Ih ccomniltlec's scheme .for supor- vl.-,iiijr non-uilerfcrcncc ion --lans : rnoned Senators J, L. Slmvcr of, Wynne and H. M. Itarney of Tex- | c . nt!n >'ly 't.OOO.OOO farm tenant than one-fourth of all gainfully employed.. In iigrlciillnrt! ; aru paid hum laboi- ers. More than 42 per cent of the farm operators' ave tenants niidj less Uuin- 50 -por cent ol Ihc real cslalc equHlc.Si in farms ure owned by the families 'who'till them.' Ihc report said. ' . When mortgage Indebtedness. Is combined with tenancy II. was revealed lluil : Ihc middle west and nol the south has the- largcsi percentage of non-ownership farm families. In Iowa the percentage of non-ownership farm families Is ^b 10 i thiil Ihe, 'American dieani of the family s-t/c fnim' Is becoming -.0 remote thai "acllon lo provide secmlty Is impel alive." Mi Koo'cvclt oulllned a btoid pioynun of fedcial aelion to coi- j lect faun tenant piobjems uncov-. ed by his spes!^ committee on , farm tenancy ' . Declnrlng 'we can no longer and sen should March G. The non-interver', Ion : be t-|ierative from commlt- !J i Ice decided lo communicate Us action _cnri these Iwo dates -to Hie 18 governments not represented for final an- Stinehfield upheld these new laws. il • Isn't perfectly plain. There are Him •members of the supreme courl Six nlore ninn will b° chosen by tlie president. When asked lo decide at least lliree of the present ninr juslices have, al- inosl every lime. Alabama House Passes Two Per Cent Sales Tax p a MONTGOMERY. Ala.', Feb. lf> (UP)— The Alabama house of representatives today adonltd a sen- ale bill levying a two per cent general sales tax. The measure Add the ly divitled ' with respect to ,tliei. c .ix more juslices lo be chosen. Yon proposal. Of twenty-one ballots have nine, more than a majority received up to lo'clock this af- Some, of the present nine niigh terncon. eleven' were, marked in opposition to the Roosevelt plan and ten in favor of il. The ballot which appears on I »'agc 3 of today's paper is the | last one which will be printed now goes lo who has said Gov. Bibb Graves he will sign it. W€LL I'LLT€LL YOU in the Courier News. Clip |t, mark it, and. send It or bring it lo this newspaper if you would like lo e.\press your opinion on (his important question. Similar polls are nor being conducted by hundreds of daily . newspapers, large and small, in I all parls of Ihe counlry. When Ihcy arc counted and the results tabulated they should give a fairly accurate indication ol national sentimenl on the rtues- tion. behind I locked door.s. Those .senators left a short lime laler and were seen enlciliij; Ihe Jlbce of the lieutenant governor. They reappeared shortly afterward at the governor's office for a second conference.. , j Supporters'.of the lieutenant gov crnor In his right against the pro posed bill said he had the pledges of 18 senators to vote for his com promise measure which is expectel on-ils. siib-couimittei proval. lo be Introduced before the end of The nine governments of the 'he present wlek. delegates on tlie sub-commltlee House Hill Amended endorsed Monday these proposals! In the house of representatives. Wealthy Mayor Back in School to "put teeth" in the long-delayed. i;fTcclivcness of non-intervciitioiy in Epaln. . ... j: Portugal nt Ihe meeting ignored .the second... part "of the non-' ' inte'rw'ntlons' 'committee's' itilorts however 16 implement the 'land and sea- control of aid to Spanish sides In the war from March 0. The Portuguese delegate. Ambassador Mo'nteiro, reairirmed - Lisbon's assent to ban the volunteers from Saturday hut was unmoved by appeals of other deli-ales to alter his altitude on (he March G project. : • • As a result of Portugal's at- tilude Soviet Russia, with the probable support of.., France, may ask the committee-,of nine for international naval control of Portugal as well as Spain. resien if the law is passed; they would feel' that Ihe courl's power had forever gone, surrendered lo Ihe president. For the court to ant merely ar the mouthpiece of t'nc executive | would destroy every chance to psr- form Its" duties independently. Ihe only u-ay in which patriotic/ sin- ] cere judges could act. The new £11- [ prcme ecourt 'building had as wcl' be made a new \vin» of Ihe While House. Tlie third branch of oui government \voulcl have disappeared. ' ' '.inination in municipal You vole on this ballot. You also nornlng. vole at elections. Yoii have faith By agreement lie was allowed in your vote. You don't wish lo five j ; o remain al Liberty on bond im- up the right lo vote on any issue j til circuit court Negroes Waive Hearing in Ash Street Killing Fred Slew-art, negro, slayer of Abraham Norwood, negro, 'in Ash street disturbance about lays ago. waived preliminary ex- court this the - BOB BURNS While opponents of dent's proposal have a one-vote lead in the ballots received thus | far by the Courier News, sup- I porters of it apparently feel more strongly about the question. At least it is they who more often where your voice ought to be heard . J Very well. Let's see wtial is no\v presl ~ pronosed. A Safeguard lo Kighls NRA was said by lite suprenr cDiirl to te unconstitutional; lhat is. NRA wasn't a law at all because it violated certain of back up their votes with statements of their iwsition. "Enclosed lind my vote in favor | of President Roosevelt's chr.nge in your convenes in March. Elois "Red" Hampton and Rus- wll Hamilton, negroes, involved in the same brawl, also waived e.x- iminatlon and were al liberty on bond. Robeil Jones was fined $25 on charge of public drunkenness. rights; that you and the state! A charge of parking on a state Every lime I make a tri Ihe Irain. 1 promise myself I'll never make another trip without fcltiir me one of them fancy toilet kils so I can show off a little hit In the washroom of the where von live hadn't given Congress the power to pass any .such law. The rights destroyed by that act ip onl U ,' e , SU| "' em , C CO ,",'' ll "T"°"; " I3 . cll j<>rc slill yo»rs: yours, personally 'P ™11 Planter._ "1 wish I could make] nnrt your slate's. Congress wa> ready to. and tried lo .surrenjer Highway if against Paul Burroughs Plains. Mo., whose I nick man trains. I declare il seems like every man on Hie train has go', une of them things, but me. I suppose It's because 1 was raised up with a wash pan and a bucket of cold water out on the back iioreh I'll never forget a trip .! made not long ago with my Wafford. In Ihc niornln'. Pull- i thc >' il 100 for ihc plan." "When they get TO'.i years they i your" i-bhls. reserved in Ihe Con-i ran -draw ohJ.-agc perilous if I stilulion. | A: T. and T. igured in a Saturday night accl- Icnt. was dismissed yesterday. Closinv Stock Prices 80 l-< haven't made enough in ten years." was [he suggestion enclosed by a . ISlytheville man. New York (lotion NEW YORK. Feb. 1C. (1 Cousin I Cotton closed barely steady. . .sllliiV up in the n-nshrooin of Ihc I'ullman train and' in come one of them dude fellas with a fancy drc.ssin' robe on. At first he spread a lowei on the shelf and then he Mar May July .... a big leather toilet kit and Ji>" ' undid he started lakin' out more totlell arlicles than Doc Meier's got in ):is whole drug store back home. At first he put oil on his hair nnd he rubbed il In' and then he I rimmed his moustache with a little pair of scissors he had. He scrubbed his teeth. Then he shaved himself and put lotion on his face and Mien put some powder on. He trimmed his nails and filed Dee. open . 12GG . 1251 . 1231 . 1190 . 1185 . 1185 lli'h I26G 1251 123S 1192 1187 1185 low 125S 1238 1220 1181 1178 1180 close 1256 1238 1226 1182 1178 ins The. siniveme court forbade Ihe destruction of your rights. Only yon could do that, and you liadn'l been given a chance lo a^rec. ! Regarding perhaps a dozen i more laws. Congress was awin loH I to repair its ways and not lo be ! lection on each occasion was the | supreme court, sometimes by a bare 1 majority. | Urges Vo! American Waterworks 257-8 Anaconda Copper : 50 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 87 1-8 [Chrysler 132 1-2 Cities Service 41-4 Coca Cola 131 7-8 'General Electric MsKesson-Robbins Monlgomcry Ware) New York Central said Spols closed quiet at I30S. off 5. When a New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. IG. (UP) —Cotton dropped 50 cenls a bale loday In a late selling movement Now. what This: "Wlict you've tried to do llrse many times, you can do after t'iiis wllh complete freedom—if von fiO 3-4 lOfi 13 3-4 02 1-2 14 on the motion o f flop. I. M. Moore of Deslia county, the governor's refunding bill was placed oil the cal endar as special business to be tak en •,u^.'\Vcd,nesday mornlRg..••• ills motion was seconded' by Rep:' Me'iili Wilkcrson of Sebastian counts chairman of the banking and >finance committee, which considered the measure last night anil re turned a report thai-II-should be passed with one amendment.'' *• Tiie amendment attached to ihi bill by (he house committee last night called for the refunding to be accomplished by a board of const! tntlonal officers. In the house, during the morning hour, by a vote of 02 lo 5. a- bill was passed requiring cotlon ginncrs to: keep a record of their purchases of colton seed. Free Hospilali/.allou A budget committee bill, calling for Ihe free hospitalizallon in their home counties of all persons making less than S30 a month.' vvas passed by a vote of ill lo 0. The measure appropriate! $200,000 from Ihe slate welfare fund to pay for Ihe hospilalizallon at the rale ' $3.50 per day for each patient. In the senate five house were passed and two were voted on unfavorably. Senator Clyde Ellis led a successful fight against n measure Introduced by Rep. J. c. Smaller of van Buren which would prohibit publication of delinquent tax lists in newspapers. House Vulcs Liquor Hepc-il Passage of n bill to repeal the Inorn liquor law nnd defeat of a bill to provide for preferci h«'r-Polul nlrm- .-' l< > °t>P» '''«, Aoo\t '"u 1 * 111 ", 1 , 1 ? W ' l ° " mv lsl c ability and ex* l ,° , cn " l>™on" * h H'e "^stance long leims Dr. Joseph Newton Harbcr made $3.000,01)0 ' In oil, was mayor of Seminole, Okla.j and ; already held two degrees, but . that didn't slop him from jre- 'turhlng lo Ihe University of. Arkansas to lake subjects he. ' lacked time for before.' of bills the lowest "Income faun Burglars Obtain Cash from Greyhound Station The Greyhound Ilus Lines station, 121 Wcsl Ash slrccl, was entered lasl night and about SI.30 taken in the latest of a scries of burglaries and attempts lo enter buildings. Tlic Intruder broke out a window pane to unlatch a door and gain access to the .station, taking the money from a cash drawer. . . . A » attempt to burglarize the primaries featured yesterday's ses- Wntlc Furniture store. 303 East "' " ' • • • • Mnm st| . cct Sllmlny night wtts felled when the prowler was seen by n neighbor who reported to Ordci for Flood Rescue Unit's Depaitme Comes Suddenly The CCC truck battalion," which arrived In nljthcvillQ about len days ago lo stand by for emergency flood duty broke camp al Walker park early (hk morning and left for Hie north ,. V i,, ., 'Ihc ordei for the ilnlt's-icinoval came.unexpcctedly during the silp- pci hour lasl night C A,' Ciin^ ,plliglia r m, chairman of the Red Cross' Hood relief orgnnl/allon here, ami Mr.s. Cunningham, who were the officers' mess, left as packing In preparalion foi departure, began ad once , Ths baltalloij, consisting of 388 CCC enrollccs nnd, 11 officers, tr'av- „. cling in 150 trucks, was sent IIPIC 1 tniy of Agntultiiic Hen from Wisconsin In connection with' the war department's program foi assisting In the evacuation'of affected areas,'should a break occur In main line Mississippi river levees Officers and members of the unit told Mr. and Mrs. ctmninghtun that they were delighted with the hospitality which they 'received at Blylhcvlllt. The boys were looking forward with anticipation to i\ dance arranged in their honor lasl night al the Legion hut by'some oi Ihc young men of this city. The order lo break camp prevented their attendance at the dance. I The battalion is due lo reach Jcircrson Barracks, near St. Louis. of Ihe house. The Ilmior repeal Vesev up of Hempstead. was called cxpectcdly by the aullior ' when Creckmore of Crawford yielded lo hhn on his rot] call. ""l haven't heard any oratory yet." Creekmore said when his nanfe called, "so I yield lo police and the prowler was frlght- ened away. was the gentlc- man from Hernpslead. Mr. Ve.sey,- lo bring up his liquor repeal bill. Tllc pany's oil Defining com- planl. on south Elm slreel. was entei'ed Saturday night and several automobile lircs and Lio " bulk lubes stolen. Last night a DonVorrl ' ., n ftl . Bml-J LT'USC laUCCI ftl "vi-unl lo congress?! SSZ n^ J-Jiadoption, receiving the same „„„,. r-oslolTlce. Phillips Petro. ™* C " P ' r »'- 2 l°f »« required St. Louts-^ F 4 majority of 11 Simmons Beds sj I ..i.i.. . • > - . .-. , gasoline pump at The previous question was sus-|" lc PI 11 "'!" '"6' -station. Main and tnlncd. which limited debate' on I Div iston. was struck and damaged Ihe measure lo 15 minutes On a' b - v !omc unidenliried automobile. side. Tlie vole on the bill was 50 'o 37 for repeal, wllh six member* •lot voting. | Rep. Ivy W. Crawford of Miss-i issippi county voted with the mill- i orily. | The emergency cHisc failed nfj HOLLAND. Mo.— The Holland located in the back of grocery store, was Holland Postoffice Entered by Robbers will pass a law giving the presl- 1,'lJl "' N ' dent Ihc power by appointment of |' 1 '^" '" additional judges. These new TTCX " S 5^.'' ?? ?~5l b !: r of votcs ns "ic bill/56. instead, A. R. Litlle's „ 07 V or two-thirds broken Into 1 Monday night by . -. House member-1 robber or' robbers who tore a i ship. ' -[facing from the back door and judges will change the supreme court to a U. .s. Smelting 54 73 119 1-8 54 1-8 I ™ , , Ilie supreme coiirt. to a majority, wirner Bros Presto! The Constitution isn't what ™ a ™' Bros C. of C. Approves Plan Endorsement of Gov. Carl i entered. According to Postmaster E 1 A. R. Litlle, nothing In the office ,,„. ,jn.,^,, v W i \_iut . \jii| I C*, .. .. " Bailey's plan for refunding the! 'f^' wn ? bothered a 105 T 4 v it used to be, and you. Congress can cease thinking about it. Tho that came mostly from the west tcjcher'"who"'fold"you"to''b!. 1 ' and from spot houses which lied?-1 will now say, -Let's go!'" '•"'"" "•- ™me can- few pairs of 'cm and all the time, Wafford never took.his eyes off of him. Mar. the fella vvas all through May ready to go. Watford looked; July him and .said "Mister, pardon Ocl cd certificates of loan cotton open high low trouble to yoursel . 1232 1232 . 1183 1188 . 1191 1191 . 1191 1191 Uppts clowd quiet at. ins close 1215 1221 1178 1183 You, the voter, may want it so No one knows. We have no way of rinding out whether or not von under it which you didn't glvcMp 8 apparont- vvas'v * ILI - iw«.-i.> UI-IL- looking for , .'Otcd at a special meeting of Ihe 8 roccrf «- • Tlic, „ '•- Blylheville Chamber of Commerce pol " 1<ls of mrat " I last night. i lltd goods and /T; • ri/r / i ™egrnms were dispatched to | trousers. CWCtt.f/0 \} neat Rep Ivy w. Crawford and Senator! ~~ jLuctcn Coteman. advising them or debts ten years ago. the bonds are open high low close • " lc board's action and pointing still outstanding and the lands May 13li 1-1 1301-2 135 1-8 135 l-4i ollt the benefit which MIs-sLsslppi .till 1183-4119 1175-8 118 l-8J colmt >' nil ?l most of the other counties of Ihc' slate would derive!any future dale fall to meet Ihc from the final lifting of the old|obll6ation. Under Governor Bailey's prc-Marlincau law road dLslrlct plan new general obligation bond: <!c'ot, which' the refunding pro- would be sold and tlie proceeds , ,- ,.,. , ,„,, „ ••„- -jBVnin would effect. While the'vvoulil-.lw used lo retire Ihe old Jut.. 1033-1 1011-2 103 i,a 101 dale ass-umed the . road district bonds ' covered by them would be subject to foreclosure should Ihe slate at Clricana Corn open high low close . 10!) 1-2 109 5-8 aos 3-1 'M 11033-1 1011-2 103 l,a 101 where il camp, tonight and then will proceed by easy stages to the Sparta, Wis.. CCC division headquarters. There the battalion 'I —Acllon of owneishli have the fe j.cileuce bu ovvneis only 01 liberal cicdl|, on ond technical advice' "liitnlcrntilo' Comllllons" '2— Mo<lcsi loans vjllh, the nec- eviiuy guidance and education lo prevent small owners fiom slipping into tenancy and lo help the masses of lenanls. croppcis mid mini laboreis, al the \eiy botlom of Hie. agileullmal ladder, liKrease theh •slmulmds of living, achieve srcatci s-ecmlty nnd begin Hie up- vsard climb lowaid Innd ownei- shlp • ( "3—Ihe ictliciucnl by public ngcilclcs- of land pioved to be nn- sultcd lor farming and assistant lo the familUs living thcieoii in • finding IIOIIIPS on goo<l land. •• "1 —Coopcrollon wllh stale nnd Iccal agencies of goveinment' in Impiove the goncial leasing .system " , 'Tlicse aettvllles:" the'picsldenl said, "which beai sucli 'close ie- Intltm lo iacli other, should fiu'- nlsh a sound basis foi the be ginning of a program foi impiny- I Ing the iiiewnl intolerable condition r,f families.' ItCSIllt Of Sillily I 'Hie faim lenancy icpoit was , issued aftei exliaiistive study bv a ccmmUtcc headed bv Secrf- ' 'nt-Hltinc Hemy A Wallace and composed of heads- of ' government frrm /gencle.s ai'jl~ oillclals of agiiciijljual gioups ijimplcmenlal leponS wcic nied by Edward A O'Neal president of Ihc Ameiican I'ijfm Bureau Fedciatlon, Prof Charles's Johnson, of risk uiijverslly. and Henry C. Taylor of the Farm'. Foiindil- llon. A mlnoilty reuoit. dis-igieeing-, witli certain nndlngs and iccom- mcndatfons of Ihe crmmilter-, wni tiled by W L Blackstone. icpre.- senllng the Southern Tcmitt Farmers Union. ' Sees Urccnl Ncul ' President lioosevelt LOnslleirtl the faim tenant problem so urgent that ho sent his special mes- will disperse wllh the enrollecs and several officers returning to camps in the Sparla division from which they were scletced lo makr tlie trip here. Held to Circuit Court sage lo coiujicss even though icnatc was not in session. The message and the. farm len- ancy committee report were read In Ihe house however, shortly after noon. ' We can no longer postpone acllon ' the president said We must begin at once with such resources of manpower, money ami for Legion Hut Burglary jX'VSi, methods T^ ?!'„ forth the cooperative effort, iir Marvin Towittcnd waived preliminary hearing in municipal courl Ihis morning on a charge of burglarizing the American Legion hut and was bound over lo await prosecution at the March 20 term of circuit criminal court. Bond was set at 51,000. , ., Police Chief Ed Rice said lhat Townzcnd adniltlcd forcing entrance Into tlie l/cglon Hut, on North Second street, Sunday night nnd rifling the cash box of an automatic music machine In the building. The money was recovered. Townzend has been at liberty under a suspended sentence for abaul two years after entering a. plea of guilty lo a charge of burglary of Lowe's grocery store on North sixth street. He was lodged in the county Jill today, unable to make bond. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, til. Feb. 10. (UP)—Hogs: Receipts. 13.000. Top, 10.25. 170-230 Ibs.. 10.00-10.20. .Light weights. 6.75-9.75. Bulk sows. 9.40-B.75. Catlle: receipts. 3.5M. . Steers. 8.00-9.25. Slaughter steers. 0.00-12.75. Mixed h»5fers and yearlings 600.7.50. •: , v. •, •. .'Slaughter 'liclfcrsi : 5.50-10.50. Decf.'cows. 4,75-S.75. local, slate and federal agencies of government and of lamlloidi quite as much as ttnhnts." Mr. Rooscvell•recommended thai tlie farm tenant program be started "on a scale commensurate with our icsoitrce.s and cvperir cnce." declaring [hat federal 'old' should'be expanded later as "rap- Idly as our experience nnd resources will permit." Mr. Roosevelt .said that me government has "already accumulated information and experience' through administering relief .aninni; rural people during the depression. Legion Meets Tonight A regular ' meeting'or the Dud. Casou, post, American Legion, will be held tonight at the hut. WEATHER Arkansas— Pair, slightly in liorthwcsl portion wanner tonight. Cutio'rs onflow cullers,--! 50-5 50. observer; . Wednesday partly cloudy . and warmer. Memphis and vicinity— Fair ami continued cold tonight, lowest temperature 28 lo 32 Wednesday fnu slowly rising tempcralure. • The maximum temp-T.-ilnre lieio jesteiday tins 'OS minimum 45, part,} cloudy, acceding lo Samuel r NoirLs official wealher

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