The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1948
Page 2
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•AFAGir TWO Jews Move Out Of Walled City Easter In Palestine Is Bloody Affair; 106 Reported Slain t JERUSALEM, March X. (V.P.I— Jews began removing women and children from the Montlfore quarter of Jerusalem today In the wake of bloody Bast*r weekend b«ttl«s In rhlch at least 106 Jews, Arab* and Britons were tilled. Cars and trucks loaded with women, children, and old men pulled out of the quarter this morning. There were reports the Jews also had asked the British lor help in evacuating the old walled cits', where 1,SOO Jew* have been surrounded by thousands of Arabs. Reports on the Montlfiore cvacut- lion said the Jews feared an Arab attack in strength in the near future. The quarter has been the target of increasing Arab attack* during the past few weeks. Some of the evacuation trucks carried furniture and household possessions. It was believed that Haganah troops, who have a strong network of fortifications . In ttie quarter, would remain behind to meet the Arab attack. As the tempo of Arab-Jewish warfare quickened, the influential Jewish lliud Association appealed for peace in the Holy Ijjnd under" a United Nations trusteeship, The most ferocious of a half dozen weekend clashes vvns the "Battle of Solomon's pool" three miles south of Bethlehem where more thnn i,000 Arabs bcseiged 180 Jews in a stone house for 31 hours. The Jews were rescued by British troops under a truce agreement reached by the Jewish nnci Arab high commands. The 180 Jews, Including 21 first aid girls and 55 wounded men, were brought to Jerusalem late yesterday. The Jews lost 18 killed in battle. Arabs admitted three killed, although Jewish fighters claimed without confirmation 135 Arabs were killed. An even bloodier battle was fought near Nfthartys, on the coast. seven miles south of the Lebanese border, but there were ho survivors to tell the story. The British Army reported finding the bodies of 42 Jews near Naharlya. They were killed Saturday in an attack by 250 Arabs against five Jewish trucks nnd one armored car. six Arabs were reported killed. For sheer ferocity, the Battle of Solomon's Pool overshadowed nil others. When, the Jews surrendered they were forced to abandon all their rehielw and arms to the •Arab*. These included 93 trucks and armored cars, two mobile communications unils and two tons of rifles, heavy machinegiins and ammunition. • Jew Use PUnn A half doien Jewish planei, converted trainers of a British type, joined the battle 1 in attempts to drive off the Arabs. Most of their bombs were reported wide of the mark. They dropped ammunition lo the besieged Jei^,.n\it it fell In the Jtelda where lt.,»as recovered by Arab*. ; : fThe bau:c •tarted Saturday when *. Haganah convoy of 58 vehicles Including 17 armored cars, began the return trip to Jerusalem after delivering _food to .the settlement of Kfar Ezlon, south^of Jerusalem on the Hebron Road.S .The convoy broke through the Arabgauntlets successfully lust week. But an Arab call tor reinforcements was sent out. Arabs in tiietr white headdresses swarmed through the hills, waiting to ambush the convoy on it* return trip. . Eight Arabs, Including four suicide bomb throwers, Mocked the road. They attacked the leading armored car and disabled it with four bombs. Two Arabs were killed. The convoy WM halted and the Arabs attacked from all sides, .A number of trucks were disabled or destroyed in the first rush, The Jews beat back the attack, transferred their wounded lo armored cars, and fled. They left Z4 trucks behind. The Arabs found IS in good condition snd gave chase. Behind them the Jews left 13 dead, including one girl. Last night the stripped bodies, hacked nnd disfigured, still were lying beside the road. The Jewish Agency reportedly asked the Mayor of Nablus to allow them to be removed. Road blocks every 300 yards blocked the fleeing jews. They took reluge in an abandoned stone house near an ancient well named Solomon's Pool. Their armored cars were drawn up in a semi-circle before the house, reminiscent of the covered wagon tactics of American frontiersmen under assault by Indians. Baltic I-asls 31 Hours -There they fought off the Arabs for 31 hours, without food or water. The British brought the battle to an end at a p. m. with a message de- | livcred in a light lank to Arab officers. The message was the truce' agreement. , Arab officers attempted to hold back the screaming men. who were I flailing the 20 by 50 foot house nnd ' the armored cars with rifle and j Fisiuials | Real Threat FREE BOOK—Explain* other •dated Ailment* She Barks With Ui« traditional cane and derby hat, comely Leannie Cambron mounU a pile to practice her "Hurry — hur - ry — HUR RAY!" spiel that will welcome more than two thousand professional carnival barken fo Miami Beach, Fla,, In mid-April. The leather-lunged showmen are expected to attend the convention of Variety Clubs. International. Truman May Lose Vote of Liberals New York Leader* Of Parry Consider Supporting AnoHier United Frex SUM Corr«po n <J«nt WASHNIQTON, March 29. (Up) —The Stop - Truman movement probabl, will ,et . pwerful new recruit tonijht in New York and the Ike-for-presldent boom may gel another boo»t. * * The Policy committee of the New York state Liberal Party has been •ummoned to meet under circumstances Indicating a repuditton of President Truman, Mr. Truman't chance of winning New York'* 41 electoral votes haS shrunk greally In the past three nionthi. A bolt by the liberalj would seem sure to defeat him there bar- r ng some such crisis u war before election day. The Liberal Party usually ha* supported the Democratic candidate* ilnce it waa created oy a «plit in the American Labor Par". The split left the latter under Installation Service Held By Christians The R»Y. !*.<«, D. Strubhar, who fjcently arrived In Blythevlll.' Irom Moullon. Iowa, to accept the pas- toraui of the rim Christian Church, wa» formally InMalled u minlater to a «P<cIal Easter Mrvlc. conducted In the church. Dr. Donald A. McCagran, who ha> served a» missionary to India for more than 30 yean, WM .pecial •peaker for the services and wu assliled by th« Rev. Ivan D. Crew" "^i:? 1 * •""t'ry for the Church of Chrtot, of Uttle Rock Commitment and charge* to the elders and deacons wan read by J c Mils, chairman of the board, and the charge to th. mlnl»ler WM given by the Rev. Mr. Ct.wd.on. In his measage to the church, Dr »S* gran cont " s led a country with Christian 'Influence with that °' » '""'-Christian Innuence. Hi, °ie urT was to the chrutlan p* 0 ^«. il nue " ct . '»"<"* ^ *Mhtr s would be neces- «•", way S" tatothrul ' a« to the against supporting Mr. -1-ruman it is likely they, will plump for Oen Dwlght D. Biscnhower although ta- socialc Justice William o. Douglai hUPrCme °° Urt Attempt Made On American onsul's Life r VVINDSOn, Ont., March 29. (UP) —United States Consul John Bank- lead was the target of a would-be assassin In Windsor Inte last night. Two shots were fired at Bonkiicatl us he drove into the driveway of his Riverside Drive residence. They struck the rear door panel of his car Bnnkhend revealed that It wns he third attempt on his life. He said poisoned candy and liquor were sent, to his home several weeks ago On an earlier occasion, he said, sand wns put In the ga< tank of hl« car. ' Windsor police said that they found footprints which Indicated that the assailant hid near the entrance to the consul's driveway and waited for him to appear. i- "•" Sgt. William Praser ot the Windsor detachment of the Royal Mounted Police lives in an apartment, above Bankhcad's enrage and ran! o;>t when he heard the shots Bankhead shouted to Praser to stay under cover and to get his gun. The moim- tie ran to phone Windsor police and when he returned the gunman had escaped. I Windsor and provlnclni police are' busy trying to track down the asaiis- ' Henry A. Wallace'* third party Campaign and the administration's on-again-off-ngaln Palestine policy aJrcady have deprived Mr, Truman of American Lnbor Party endorsement lrr New York State. The ALP cast more than 400,000 vote* for the late FDR in 1M4. The liberals cast nearly tm many votes In the Roosevelt column. They polled together 285,<Hfl votes. FDR licked Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey In New iirwl ^ Presidential race by only 310,581 votes. Significance Obvious The significance O f n liberal oar 1 v repudiation now to Mr. Truman's New York prospects Is pretty obvi- David Dubliuky, one of the founders of the Liberal Party declined to predict the outcome nf tonight's meeting of the policy Committee. The meeting, he said, w 11 "consider the present political situation, Including the question ot whether to stand in back of President Truman or Join the Draft- Elsonhower movement. "I don't know whether we will repudiate Truman or not" Other New York dispatches report that trie Liberal Party leadership a about convinced that Mr. Truman has no chanc* «t «n to tarry the and a more extensive recreational doTT' , Mrs -, w "™ Ruth Male- U lie Sk 1 " ? f H Woman ' s Work '« Lime Hock, led a discussion for plans for State Convention of Chrls- t an Churches to be held in Fas- ettevllle late in April. S Nory Abandont Search Of Japanese Submarine SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 29 (UP) -The Navy today dropped Us ""marine" "si Jnyst « rl01 ""foreign £ r "n^, n -^!! rlc l" _?™»»"dip- off the foreign .submersible If'it chow to remain submerged and hidden. The Navy said Saturday the Submarine was not one or ours." And extensive sea and air search failed to reveal any trace of the craft. the party leadership may well get behind some movement to put another candidate in the field in the hope that desperate New York Democratic leaders might accept him A further strategy is that a liberal repudiation might help push Mr Truman tou-ard withdrawing from the presidential contest. There U nothing in the atmosphere around the white House or In the president's words and actions {? 8u 8B<*t he would Withdraw. As the political blows rain upon him machlnegun fire from the surround- The British threw a battalion of Suffolk guards around the house to hold off the Arabe. When the Jews! realized the British came to rescue' them, they opened the doors of their' armored cars. The floors of the' f« s wer = slipper with blood and Tlie j s e ' mPty C " rtridge ca *" s stumbled like sleepwalker^ 0 Among them were 21 first aid girls who had manned guns lo beat back Arab assaults. There were five dead Jews in the house. The British hurried the evacua- tipn, completing it In 30 mlnutci The Arabs began swarming in In" o'f e y sc»p^' the" BrHn ! :m back »t bayonet point The' Arabs approached wlil.ln 50 feet of the Jews, shouting insults. When the •unds. Another 20 were wounded donhf»rt S ?r SC £ tOUsly - Bonlc said the J doubted if they could have lived through another night, ai^est'm* Jewisl1 refu ?«! ship with aboard was intercepted off Hatta during the Easter battling and c£ cortcdjnto the port. | Drive in Today or Phone 4371 For our Fr«« Pickup Seryict Experienced motor doctors thoroughly nnalv« your engine. Specialists examine steedng brakes, wheel alignment. Minor adjustments Major repairs at tow .ddiiiona, c^tV rT Complete Auto Check Smith Ponliac Co. T26 South Lilly St. Phont 4371 ,40-t»*t FBSB BOOK—telli facts •Mot fJttula, RecUI Abscess, Piles *M other rectal and colon dlsor- ,*J"f •**> nUted ailments 'and lat•* ewrecUre treataa«nt«. Thornton * Mbor OluJc, fiultt 1ST!, 9M Me- Kansu Oily, M»,' Phont 554 SIE YOUR LOCAL Phone 554 WILLYS-OVERLAND DEALER -FOR- • Jeeps • Station Wagons* Sedan Deliyerys Immediate Delivery No Waiting - No Deposits - Quick Financing We Are as Near as Your Telephone LJ/MJrrr. ... . t~* •**••** AUTHORIZED DEALER PHONE 554 PHON1554 BLYTHEVIllE WILLYS SALES 410 East Main Strut Phone 554 Stock exchange Operates In Spite of Strikers NEW YORK. Mar. ». (up)_ Bnployw or the New York Kxcnanft, world'! Itrgut financial center, went on itrlke today but he exchange opened as usual at ,*",'• "I" 1 hl «h..»]arl«d brokers replacing the striken. Employes of the New York Cuib Bxchan,e 'truck at the aame Urns but th« management reported that It was also able to maintain fairly normal business with supervisory employee* ' The strike date was kept secret by the United Financial Employers union (AFL) which tuddenly poured picket lines Into narrow »ky- scraper-llned Wall stres*. Japanese Booby Trap Killt 22 on Corregidor MANILA, Mar. 2». (UP)—Twentr- two person«, including 16 Philippine Army enlisted men, were killed today when an old Japanese booby trap exploded In an underground P*ssage of historic Corregidor It- land. The other six killed wer« civilian employes o[ the Army. Brig. Oen. Callxto Duque snld that the men were exploring the tunnels without official authorization. It was believed the passage WM one closed by the u. S. army after the recapture, of the Island from tlie Japanese In 1W5 MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1948 Cows In the United States give •nough milk annually to make a milk lanke 15 miles long, 150 feet wide, and 31 tcet deep. "<Hdat40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy •'^"^ iour .,"" 1 'n'<Ji»au'l« are peppy it 70. Try pc|ilrtj]i< ni, • Hiilj Oilrri. <;cutalm ( O[ itc for writ niiulmro l«»g ( due lolclx u body, luk ol ligu Jibuti ui*uy mtn mil women tall "olil." 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