The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW0 (ARK.) WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1938 Social B, A y, of Jflrsf. ^iplist church !WYl)lK sqctal mectuig wfth Nn>M, O. Outlaw at 7 00 o'clock Meeting or Armorel Parent Teacher association, at 7 00 p in tyjss. Laura, ffatt entertalphi; Buslpsf 5 {" ld Professiona'l Women's Cirjle, first I$th.ixjl5l chinch, 7:30 o'cloak at home oj Mrs H Lynji ^a^'ish Ladles' Aid meetitic/ In fqrrfrjle Is^aei at ^'CO n^p Eujellari Sunday school class of tb.e fifst Bapt)?t church meetlns ^Uji. ^frs, A ' ^, Chambers, Rt 2:30 Mrs. Carrol Blakemore having Tlnirsday Contrect club. T^ursdaj Afterrjosn club meeting wifii Mfs Randolph Smith MJ^ Biron Morsa eritertalnlng Thursday Luncheon club Jilid-Weejj End"? club ineetins with Mrs Harry W Hflines Alta.r ^pciety of tjie C|iurch of the Immaculaje. Conception sponsoring bingo party it thr; Cithollc Hall at ? 60 pm ' FRIDAYS EVENTS Mqslc' Oepartihent of- Woman's Club meeting at cli)b house at 3:00 p'clocL Will Ifave Bln"o" Partj Mis ^tertlnj Martlp. and Miss M^rgarel ^schner v,ill be hostesses at~p bingo Rariy Thursdiy nlgiil at 8 00 oc]oc4 at tho Catriolir Hall. This part) is sponsored bj the Altar Soc'ety of the Church of the Irnn)acplate con"eption, and tfie proceed wll) go to pa/ for tljc neiv organ In the church If 110 Cucle AUetm|s Tlio fuo circles of the Woman's Missionary Union of thq First Ba'p- t)4 rtiureh ijiet in uidlvldiial groups Mondav ajternoon Circle On^ met at, the home of Ifrs Robert Grimes with U members present Mis Lfslie-Mooie, \yas in charge of the business session, following which Mrs Arthur Nelson led tho devojfonal frofu seventh chanter of Luke and Mrs. Marlon WUliajns taught the mission study. Prayers ivore offered by Mrs Nelson and ijrs Alfred Cajpenter, mid al the soclgl hour refreshments \verp sened D> tne lioslcss IJjrs Ro^;oe Crafton and Mrs S P Crafton n,ere \isitorg al thp rneetmg of Circle Two al tho hpmp FLAPPER FANNY ; : COPR. ipjju'jicr.AStRYlct, INC. i. M. RCG.U. $, PAT.QEI of Sirs T Jeffries when' lj Bits qf News Mostly Personal Caruthersyille Society T- ; Chic to the Core Jolly Nine Club' Meets Members of the Jolly Nino .Club and three guests, Mrs. Marlon B'a"r- row, M>s. Harry Baker and jilrs. • 'I'nrtlmham, wore entertained by Mrs. fl, c. Dent Monday evening. High score prizes at br|4gc \verc awarded as follows: Mrs, ' ••'•'t, hl»h, hosiery; Mrs. Baker, second high, hosiery also. The Valentine motif was -:arricd Mr. nnd Mrs. n. B. arecnway out In the tallies and napkins. and Miss Alba Grccnwgy, of p^jl, ... and Mr. and Mrs. O. Shonyo liavc Saturday Afternoon rclurnpd from Hot Springs where Club Entertained Ihpy spent the past week. Mrs. John Sawyer jr. was hostess 'flic. 1 Rpv. Alfred Carpentci- aiid to members ot the Saturday after- Mrs. Carpenter left yesterday '(or noon club and two guests, Mis ivieinpljls vvtiere the Rev. Mr. Ca'v- Oifford Edgfrton and Mrs llo,J Sijter \v!» consult a specjaHEt. Baniharl, last Ssturday afternoon They plan to be gone for two "or The hostess carried out the Vile.i iliree days. line motif In tiie tallies, pruas nnd ' Mrs. Jack POgej-js, vho has been rcfreshfiienls. Mrs. Robert Mehrle at her homp for 'several' diyi '"* ftlul M ' s - B arnlnvL ffom liiflufinza ajid tpnsllttls, ts bridgoed, each receiving hcail slightly hiipf'd'ved today. '" ""' shaped boxes of chocolates J. Frank Hall,' of jiertiphis, at- ' . . . • tcrid.ed to business here 'today Mrs. Reynolds Entertains Qilbert HnminQck jr., is \\\ ir om Mrs, Cre\vs Reynolds enterlamcd " " ''' ' t llcr " omo street,. ., at," "his home 'on'' Davis- foul ' t a ^ s nt brldgo at llcr " omo . "' r ' • Friday evening. High lionors went Mrs. W. H. Bobo has returned to "Mrs. Virginia Joplln, who re- rqm Forrwt Clly, Att,' where she cclved llosler > r ' Mrs ' J ' L ' Vil » AUS " 8S the guest of her parents Mj- dal ' w * s Slven bath powder for sec" ' ' ond, and Mrs. Leonard Shade en apr! B. C."B. Hiie . .. H. L, OiiBjnbprs, w|,q j,a s bcen ' for consolation, vecolvlng pottery. t * » , Ill at the Bapust hosplial in Meni- Wits, | 3 expected :tp bV returned l\o nls home' Way. P " ^WFP If Mp. E, \V.'Bimrmms is s today ij, Merntos; ..... Mr ahd Mrs Earl ' "What's this minuet thinp; we've |^ot to ic.irn?" "Kiniiii like ilic !!i£ .'\|!plc, <m|y tticrc's no cliancc to do your specialty." Study al each of the three circle meetings of the Ladies' Auxiliary •)f the First Presbyterian chiirch Monday nfl'crnoan. Refreshments verc served during tlie socinl hours M the meetings. Circle One of which Mrs. S. E. 'nil'is chairman, mot nl ilio if Mi's. Ross Stevens, with Mrs. *!. L. Spradlcy as co-hostess. Eleven members and one visitor, Mrs. T. R. Babcook, heard Miss Emim\ Club News Notes MtK ' LUIla " Colli " 5 ' who . ( , sp . esi - -^ ^ |n Memphis with he a ^ tc l' W».- H ^ 1 Colllns ' r ° m & homo Monday. Mr. and Mrs. We Mosby of Por- spent Monday afternoo Eleanor Powell' says slu 1 prefers to -dnncp tlie."cl>})cj<nbooin ,hiin ''The BIB Apple," but she isn't one to let her tastes Interfere witn the ilyles she wears. The famoui; dancer a l'curs ii; a "Ing appic" sun hat of navy and while straw. npplc is tucked under tlie brim. rntlic Many Countries Subjects Of New Books At Library Her T|ie Doyi)|pi) Hojiie tir.h t!hib ipet at thp hoinp of Mrs, Kate RIcluiKls give Uic Bible study A . II, Garner \Verti\csdsiy v _ ,. ,id Mrs, C. M. Gray lead the pro- Feb. n, n't, 2'o'clock. Thp home dsm- Tim discussion: onstratlon agent', Miss"Cora we Mrs. W. I. Osbcrne ami Mrs. 2al C:!eiimit, gave n iqmojistrRtlon on B. Harrison were co-hostesses to sqyljcoii cookery' nijd ppsto'ji brown IjV this' city attending lo business members Mere present lytrs \y. J Rogers, offered E;a>er and. read. G}sl psalm '(or the devotional business meeting v,as presided byer by .Mrs Walter B!sl\op and the auction study was taught bv Mrs C '\V Alilick Mrs tfat^ie Recce led In pra\er Refreshfiierjte \yerp Served by the ho^ess at the social hour. EMit members ami I wo visitors of Circle Three met with Mrs. J. T BracVm -when shs read the dev"- Uorml from tho nr«t p'^oler of PsaVmE.'and-Mrs. D. V. Mallech was to charge of the mission study, Mrs. John Buchanan presided at Ihe business session and prayers \verp offered by Mrs J H Smart ji . and Mrs. J. R, Knave. "Jlrsl R. L. Reeder led the mission stiidv when Circle Four met with Mrs." Matt Monaghan with 12 member's" arid two visitors, present. Mrs. Roy kead was in charge of thp business'" and 'lha devotional which wasHakerf'froni the. fourth chapter of : Acts"." Mrs. Monaghan 'and Mrs. Theodore 'Logan led in prayer, Jie- Ireshments were ser\ed bj the hosfess Mrs. Raymond Schmucl; led the devotional'' when Circle Five met with Mrs'. Ney Hunt. The mission study was presented to the 14 present by Mrs. H. H. Brocks, who also led in prayer as did Mrs. Charles Newcofnb. The hostess served re- fre'shmerits 'al the social hour. '* > • H^ti Froemm On 31rclo Two at Mrs. Osborne's '-tame. Twelve members of Mrs. li. 3. "Allen's group and one new iiEmbci", Mrs. Joe E. Benslcy, «tr tended lids meeting. Mrs. .Vorlhlnglon gave t'ne Bible' studs'. nil Mrs. D. C. McLean ,, ji'atge 'of thn nrograrn. Mrs. 'H. a. Houctilti: jtrcln Three/ met/' /tr/han with;' 13 - jiitad, wliich wns lasted by thp club 'members^ aiid fpi|ii(l lo be M daughter, Mis; Mr^'jjarrlett Meyers and (latt!>l| .,-.. ..- ...•,;.- T-, 5 - ter'df ijieV Madrid, spent a fev A?' C "! . Ass MnbIy being hours;' here Mbndtiy shopping and visiting iyith friends. Mrs'; pauline Hayden began rs- modelin^ her home on Fcrgusor «-in,'i8 into ' a duplex apartment Mf! aitd Mrs. Clyde Jlarper spent the wep'ksnH visiting with Dr. an' Mr. 1 ' and Jvlfs: '' pete Strict! o' Sikestpri, Mci,', spent liie week end tiplij thprc this week ?ylrs. M. f. .Moon |s the guest of )iei- da.uglUer. Mr's, \y.' p. Coaley, iitii) faniljy, of jplper! today'!'" "'"' JVfF?- Mlau Petls an.d J4rs. Herman. Modul, of mrkej Tree,' are flip siiests of Mrs. pells' parents ?IL,?O^'- 0 - **•'iN#;'sta 1 fsmtiy kday- Mr. and Mrs. R. A. •••' ' 'Ihe'' : ,y)vo ,. . . . pf Mr. ami i" Ih'js city as guests of Slai|ley and M.i^ J.'!-. 'laughter. Mrs. Ralph Goodin. who has been ir returned "to" 'ih^ir, family. ( . .- — I---*---., Ark. Mr. Harwell, ^)Jh e , r who was 111'during his visit 'here,' is l :0 °r health for several months I J>< 'Di.'n ii" -oveH. " ; " •• " has entered the Baptist hospital i.' Jrs. .J. MV- .»H<!'. Mrs. Claude o. whlt- mjel.'m fcr this yenr. Tliey >vcr*: i. ''.World Settlements'? were the subject'of Ihe program presented at' : 'lhe meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Lake Street'"Methodist' church Monctaj afternoon at the "nornc of Mrs Iverccn Morris] Mrs. .Allen Cole was in charge of the program and she was aid ed 'In Ihe presentation of It • by Mrs, Arthur Hudson. Mrs, Frank Sweet, MiVW. I,. Green, Mrs. O 0. Rogers and Mrs. George Dy Mrs. Dysinger presided'owr the business meeting at - which 2 members/two visitors, Mrs, A. W Harris and Miss Etta Morgan, an: one new, member. Miss -Lily Wade tore present. . During trie social hour, rciresn merits were served! by' the hostess Enferlajn: SMP^-F C)ub Jonquils .were used throughou the house and fcr the centerp,cc of the dining" rbotii table at whlc six couples were scaled whui M fliid Mrs." A. Comvay- eiitcitatnc niembeic ol 'the Tuesday 1 Supper club" at" thch homr JlIgiH George Washington' favors place cards >added a toucTi to the table A two dinner was served" (he In the bridge Barnes which fo lowed Mrs B A Ljuch <MS hlg among -the ladles end C. A. Cm nlnghaii) among. : tfte- men. . .. ,.,- •„- — .v , .. . : - ---.-.-***.- udy''nn.1 Hip 'program discussion -activities of the club. 1 '" ' led by Mr's. nisje Crawford. The night meeting • of Circle our was iioslppned because of the ! ~ rogratii of Jesse Phillips Robert- ™ h' at the chiirch, but the group 41 meet next Monday night. Cookies wcro'ser'vecj and everyone lmd t * ronlc "PPejHlicitis... !s. .. . .u .Jinoy'trie :' '" ' ri1 ' ' ' " - : It is "l- hiany new i)iembers may in Ihe hear fiiture. ' afcnt. qaye a stration on JJostoii brown bread.' It 2E Chill ' The Tuesday Bridge club met. Ha Mrs. Harry Klrby for lunch- on yesterday. Valen(jn°c flowers arouncl the Miss Cora Leo' Co|eman, Mrs., vyas servpd on plate pi. refresh Troy Lindsey and Mrs. A. R, Oar? ments, ' ' nor plan to be 'with 'the pavyhcen Mrs £ U O. Wilsoi) reported hav- club meinliers Thursdnv. Armorel i:s Armprq) Home Dpnionstra- (ion Club met in'the home cf Mrs. Qiise formecl q colorful back- L. O. Wilson Monday afternoon], pund for the two course limcii- , l''cb. 14 at 2:30 "o'clock with n|ne «i ivhicli was served at small tn- es. Attractive scenic tallies were scd by the hostess. vis. tors present. Miss Cora Lee Colem'an gayc sn Interesting talk on better hcnie imr Mrs. Elton Kirby was high and PtovemcnLs. Mr^ BlncliweU',' rccre- trs. o. R. Babcock, second high stlon chairmaii, condiict'ed a coii- 1 the bridge games. IBVC Valentine Parly About 10 members ol the pri- lary rtepartmcnt of the First Bapst church were entertained, with valentine parly Monday nfter- oon at the church. The main amusement feature of ic party was the pcstofflze :iroiigh which ths teachers ana hilrtrcn excliiinged Vnlcntines. \tter the postman had delivered lie mail, the guests playsd games Refreshments of ciinriv nnci .uts \vere served. " • Itir Ch'b Mrs. Lloyd Btlckmon was host- ss to Die Young Matron's Bridge :lub Tuestlny afternoon at the ionic of her sister", MVS. Murrav -'mnrt. Snrlng flowers provided the clec- Jratlve floral • liote, " wlille the 3«orge Washington Mhcmc was ;ed In the tallies and hi tl-c salad )lale. The rnlzc went, lo Mrs. Jos rrlefchmami, who received a set •f refrigeralor 'dishes. test on clothing, the answers be|rig > -^ i auicnes. The 'hostesses, Miss Helen Anderson and Miss Priiltt, served vanijii war Ie" and cofl'ee. ' JVIiss Cora Lee Coleman. home . . . r av- ing, a .UnHvirig llcck of baby chickens. The nejt meeting will be held at thq hojne. of Mrs.- iLconard Smith on'lytbnday, jPe'b. an. lor IreatnienU Gloria- Ahem, daushtpr pi.. Mrs. Lee Wolf is visiting with her f jster, Mrs, Mpycr Graber, afjtl, fam ily, of "Blytlieviiiej th\s wepk. 'Mr. and Mrs. J. "Ilips. "Murko- aiid Mrs. T. M. SPidell speiH tlir the new additions to the , helves of the Blylhcvllla Public. ! "A story of a woman of liig courage and" devotion is tol<| ibrary are four books treating the j Eve Curie's biography of "Madai: vidcly separate;! countries of Tur- Curie," which throws a Hood ;ey, India, France, nnd the Carib- light upon the'France'in whic can lands, eight oilier books of j she lived nnd worked and gives a .ssortctl reading material for ad- inliir, Glimpse of Ihe Pohnul ills, and five stories of foreign wHch she was born. lands for children. | A discussion of the thilcjret "Allah Dethroned", by Lilo Linkc, I stories are found in Ihe follQwing Manila — Personal as Blrtbuay Diuuer Miss Bettle qiies was th? guest, f honor at a surprise birthday inner Sunday a I the tjome p( Mrs. V. p. Burgetl; pn her sixty 'fflurtli Ir.thday'.'Out of'town guests *verc frs. Nannie lilng, of Jack«m, cmi.i Mr. and Nil's. James Galther nd baby and Mrs. J. W. Harrison lid baby, of Jonesboro, and Mrs. John 9J!es, Mrs.. Cprdel McC>i)i iitj soil 'j|ipm'|e, and Barnfst Oites. q'f EjeachyllJe.'Tiiere were 8 guests present ' • Mrs. i,o|i Fisher, 8i?, Hayti HAyil. Mfl.T-?Wfra. lf>u Fisher, 82 wars, died at the home' of Mrs. James McCoo|an, Thursday, Feb. p. Nfrs. pishe'r" hiis been an invalid for Jive moriths and prior to her ^th was slrlckcfi with pneumonia. The deceased Is survived by her daughter. Mrs. McCoogan, with whom she has made her 'ho me. for 'our years. Fimeriil services were held at the Mccbognn home Friday and Jnter- monl was at Little Prairie cemetery. A man ip Stpckport, England, appointed turnse'lf trafllc controller n't a busy corner, putting in six hours dally and receiving \io pay except ' wfiat motorists give him. He is a cripple and grimly reminds tha motorists to drive safely. n.rad Courier Hews Want Ads. ft Is Dangerous It is dangerous to sell a SUBSTITUTE lor just to jriake three 'India Reveals Ilcrfclf" by Basil iathe\vs, "Circling the Caribbean" jy Tom Miirvcl. and "Madame June" by Eva Curie, are books ndorscd by the Carnegie Endow- .icnl for Intcrnalioiial 1'eace as .re also tlie OIIM in the yrou|> for I day five new additions for Mldren, "Tlie Story of Li-Lo", j intcrimtional Mind Alcove Petite Suzanne", "Greek Journey", " Scan and Shecla", anil "Corn". Other new books are: "Enchnnl- letter which was written by Amy Jones to the boy ami girl "readers of t|ie library: "Now that yon have had time to read the hooks you received ql Christmas, we are sendinE you to- your The eiic) iji St. Lopis, tlie'"stala ii]eet|i(ir of the Rep"!' 11 caji Eciitpriai Association. They .were a'lso giiqsts at tlie annua" Lincoln Day cliiniDr at the Jefferson Hotel. ' ,- 0lB"ic Cirjipry, prortiiiicnl farmer cf the Ciirjetoii community, wa.' taken lo Memphis Monday" wher "" ' •ratures seeded tl^^carrto '$£?&$"*£ A „.-!„ .„!!„ A i..,» •>„..._• ;,.__. ' B°b OWllDy lell bl tneals rnlles, tho birds to have nasal organs of very low development. II.. is believed, now, that, l{b , eft g^. cvc[ - )in , fcr Jefferson Oily,. Mo., where he serve :is'yard foreman »l Dip stale prison. His family expects lo Ijoiiv him at tlie close*, of scliool. "'- anil Ih'ey will make Iheir homp tures for jnany injlct around find a there in Uie fuUtre. dead auiina) merely by folipwlpg. any fellp\v-vi}|turcs' that seem to be'going soniewheie. Wprk|*rs' ijm the subject for t|io and tem" the therfie of Our Pat the Bible tavo All Day _Eight, members; of "the Woman's "orelgn Missionary society ol the 7 ira Church of Iho Nasarenc met tliursday at the home 0 I Mrs ! Ccorse piinningbam for an. 'all! .ay ((ulUing and business meeling j The Rev. Eupha D. Bcnslev lea the (Icvctlona) and gave Die ;cc•|id • ciiapt-er of the slufly tool: "flic Cliallciiue - of Cliinu. l.imthcpn .was f.ervcd lo tlie 3ici|p by Mrs. Cimningliyin. Kcsl Jhurifjiv Ihe wiet\ will meet. \\Hli Mi^ J L ijrtuc. • * » Jiinicr Auxiliary Jlccts Circle Three \ as hostess to the •lunloj Oiils Auxiliary of (lie First Baptist chinch wh»n it met Tuesday at the phiiich for a social orognin fnc tvycnlj iiietpbers had foi-l tlieli guests ^f^s IJanv Riqoks. M- \V J Wunderlich, and -Kirs, Jc|i}i Tjlt-nc wl}p ra\r the- Mirlp- ti|ii Ati> Af '1 }3|iii is rounsclor foi this grpup of gills Read Cou-ler News Want Ads. Make Pretty House Frock at Home in Short Time BY CAROL DAY 'PHI? ?f! e fno.qn, apd informal evening party frock for young "girls has a bloute that is gay and; flaring, wjlh lucks for a smooth' fit at Ihe waist and ci)ffs. Sleeves push upward to give a stretched look'lb the figure. The separate bkirl is a four-gore model that flares prettily,at the hem and can be worn with other blouses. For Palterti 8957 is al i}s best in slifr fabrics such as celanese laffel;< or. for very for' wear, starchcri chifTon. It can also be made" up in silk or'irayon crepe. Us sinvplc-i lines'takc well to accessorv' and jevverly changes. , Inlerestipg to those lo vvliotj, sewing is not a farniliar art is the sew chart that accompanies e.icfi pattern, telling exactly and wild diagrams just ho\y to proceed Pattern 8957 " is designed for si«f 12, 'H, 16, !§,' 20 arid' 40- S| zc H requires 4 3-8 yards of 39 inch material, plus I 3-4 yards ribbon tor bow' and belt and I )-2 yards bias fold for bottom of blouse The new SPWNG AND SUM. MER PATTERN BOOK, 32 page-; ' of attractive desigiis for every size and every occasion, is now ready Photographs thpw dresses made from' these •patterns being worir a feature you will enjoy. Let the charmiiiB designs in this new bppk help you in your sewing. Ope patlprn and the new Winter Pallcrn Book—25 cents. Winter Book alone—15 cents. For a PATTERN of this altrac- tivc niodoi send 15c in CO1N, ! your'NAME. ADDRESS STYLE NUMBER and SIZE to TODAY'S PATTKTW BUREAU. II STKR' LING PL, BHO.OKLYN, N. y. address your envelope to Blytlicvili^ Oounsr news Toaay's Pattern! Bureau, 11 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. y. Osceola . Spciejy -^ Personal Has Birlliday Parly ."John 1 Edward' Ullicrnp jr.. celebrated liis tenth birthday with q Ihealer party Sunday!' "After the show Ihe 26 guests were served ice cream, cup cakes, and candy hearts Favors presented were lollipops with, valentines attached. r's Nlglitsh;([|c" by Ann Bridge; Nprthvve'st Passage" !by kc'nnelh ;obprl{i; "Tlio Nutmeg Tree' 1 by f.irgery Slinrj); "Tho Prodigal 'arcnts" by Sinclair Lc\vis; "This s My glory" by Eleanor Roosc- elt; '"riie Turning Wheels" by Jtnarl, Cloctc: "Winter In April" y Robert W.-itlian, and "My ln- incible . Aunt" by Dorothea Grande. ' "Allah Dethroned" by Uio Linkc, 5 a lively account, of tho journey nionyh Turkey made by n Grr- .inn girl .supplied with little with plenty of keen first one is "Tlie Story of Lo-Lo", a little Chinese boy. who didn't l|kc the customs of his country, tat changed Ins mind after a trip lo Uic United Statesl Which way can you rend move quickly; across or up and clown 1 The second one Is about "Petita Suzanne' 1 , it little girl of the Oaspc Peninsula. Do you know where that is and to or four coils, more. Customers . your best 'assets'; lose'' "them ' and you Icsc your business. 666 . is worth three or four'times as'much as a SUBSTITUTE. " " • Eft ail Everything for your taijiinerit 'apd comfort. Admission Sfalinee lOo ' & Z6o c Ji S6c nation belongs? noney, nlcrcsl and love of adventure. II rings otic in close touch with the There are many foreign wbrcjs i]i the story which you \vill have fuii learnins lo urquoiince correctly. Those of you'who read "Denrnarlt Caravan" tent last year at this time, will enjoy "Greek Journey" which Is the story of a trip made by our Minister to Greece and his family around that country' by car anrt train. ' Tram Soiitlierh ,ic.1crn Turkey developing so rap-' I EllI 'OP= we lake you lo Ireland •U> briiis you the stoi-j- of -,'Sejn and Shecla" which I am sure you will enjoy, u is a long time since we liave had n book about'tfiis riuaiiit country. Anil tlie' last book is anoilier of the plct'iive scries by Ibc Pelershams :|nd | e ll s the stay of Corn." .•Ily from tlie Turkey of the past .ntl2r the extraordinary leadership f Kainal Ataturk. The story is .ersonn) and spontaneous ami "bas- .1 on shrewd observation. "India Reveals Herself' by Basil iaihews. is n baok on India ..'hich gives a fair hearing to all .'Jcs of the problems of that much JiscusEiy "cuimlry. Tins is a small icrious book dealing sj-mpathetical- y and intelligently irith grave lucslicns. Much of. the writing ;enlers aromul outstuiiiling personalities such as Ofiiiriiii. Tagore ^ncl Meltrn. There is a wealth' of .iifflriiiation lo be found in this jook w'hlcii well repays the care- ail reading and study of its 100 -rief pages. _ ; A carefree, journey around the -arlbbenn ficas stopping oil at "ascinating ports, pcnet ra i. ing loinetimc-s for i) bricl visit into the Interior imd c touching lightly ilaccs and peoples with which Americans are none too familiar. | is the experience offered In Tomj Marvel's book "Circling Tlie Carib- ] uean". ' Ec-ii Tree Brars at, IJO Vears •HJPAM, O. (UP)—A pear tree known to be nearly 130 years old, still produces a crop each year. TO MY FRIENDS 1 HID working at Parker's Earter SJiop in the Gleiicoc Hole!. Come to see me where -yen can get (he best barber work. Everything new and clean. Your Mend and barber R. L. "BOH" CROCK UK Weds. - Thurs. W-UT7IU.YOO HEWMUtN MD JHt^EKS T06ETKEB! Constant CoJIte ' — GAIL PATRICK Andrea Leeds Lutjlt? JjiJJ Directed fy 'Gngyfr La Cavs Piodufed b/ Pfn'drg S. ifittn fhf l Paramount Jv'cijs & Cartoon/' Admission Matinee IDe & 26c Admissjori Night 16c & .X6c j C'ominj ijooji: ' ' Control this Vital Elemen The Lib'oy Prison of Civil War (jays was ' loeatart ' al Richmontl, Vn.' 11 was taken dowii. rccon- ctr.'ictcd for the World's Cplumbian Exppsijlon at Cliicajo. wlicre i'. ecrvcd x, a \\tir 'imiscuin', and its walls'now form paii;olher bul'ding in Chlccigo. Tlis rqihvay tln\t mils beneath London, a distance of (ili mile:-, and .cpnyfiys letters and parcels uel\veen Wlillcfliapcl and ' Pacl- 'riliigton, gives ji service of airjoul r : Joijpicyr. a d;iy, at an average 2(1 miles :>u hour. "' WOFUFE !),««. Tc.«i - »!•!. JMuit llnslics. 4JII I'*St., saya : ''Uuiintt the i r r t c V 1 '^' 1 ! 1 ^ 10 " tu iiuifl <n. v Tifiycs. ntc n ftnc avvc'' 1c , fuliy-Jiinl lit[[ieil (o relieve iiuny iliscoinforls inal I, lia.t al tlc.ltnre.'.' Hyr " Stc l,,,u- iinn-h 1-aliiK icd alkr uii.ntc iW* ''• YARNS NEW AND 1'ltKK INSTIUtCTIONS fllfs. Leslie Hooper 1109 ChicJiasauba I'hone The Genuine EYSTONE TESrED and PROVEN ROXY IJo & Z«o ' Admlalori Sh qff e«ry day, Sitnrday '* SRnday ' Only. Friday & Sunday Matinees »Ur| 2:15 p.m. Salufday toltlnnouj showlng'-from I to 11: W, shows start 6:45 p.m. ( Weds.-Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! Z Adults AdrnHfed for Frlcc of 1 •'OR BIGGERr BETTER CROPS

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