Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 4
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Join Gray's CORNER. 'On tbc'following items: AJ1 kinds of warm weather dri'ss food?; all kinds of gauze underwear for ladies, gems and Children; nil kinds of gold, silk and leather belts; aJl kinds of laces and trimmings and all other kinds of /roods. Greatest Discovery or the 19th Century. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day In the week (except' Monday) by the Loffansport Journal Company. W. S. TST-UGrtT President A. HARDY Vice President C. W. CRAVES Secretary S. B. EOYBJtt Treasurer Price per Annum Price per Month M.ftj 40 law, less men have wages to exchange tar Jiccos.sa.rJcs., The Republican party shiiuls for policies that -put worker.? in t.lie \\-ny to secure. work a ml wages aiul tlio multiplied trades ami erilor- pr.ises profit by K.< tl 1st i-Ibn lion. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS They Give'an Idea of the Scope of the Humane Society. Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-class mnlWminter at the Logansport Post Office, .February S, 1SS8.- FRIDAY, JUNK 2ti. IS!K NKW RTJM.XDY Hedlcntvd Air Xor ttia Cure of Catarrh, AHthum nnd all Pnlmoniirj Diseases, U bM no equal /or Slukund Nervous Ht<id- acue, 1,000.000 people die annually from tlm above named dlsaases. Wdy suiter and dlft, when Medicrtted Air Is ,/ffoiCATEO A 1 " guaranteed ru cjre jou. fewllcateil Alriind DruK Co., BlCDinond, Jnd., U. S. A, It IB the best remedy on earth for La Einfpe. It will give Immediate relief ••< will effect a cure where all other luaedlea fall, •old by B. F. Keesllng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAJfSPOKT, I>'JD. OflPITf\L - $2OO,OOO EPUBLICAN TICKET. For Vr«!*lilont, WILLIAM .IH-KINLKV JH. oCUlilo. For Vice-Troxidont, CiAKHETT A. HOItAItT of N«w Jersey. For Governor, JAjriiSi A. MOUNT of Montgomery county For LttMiteiiiint Governor, W. S. HAOOAKD of TlppeciHiou County, For Sccrutiiry of Stjito, IVir.Ll.l-tl' 1>. OWKN of CIUM Couuf.y. l-'or Auditor of Stilto, AMKKICIISV.1JAII.KY of IJoone county. For TroaMircr of State, FHUUJ. SCHOLZ of VunderuurK county. For Attorney General, WILLIAM A.KKTCH AM ofMarlon county For Itc|iortor ofSiiprenio Court, CUAItL.l->.r.lM.:MY<ifl(,irtlioloiiie«-count ForSii|>Hrlnt«nileiitor I'ulillc Iii.itruc.tlon I). M.fiKKTlNG of Hiirrisun county For Stiite Statixticuii, s. J. XIlOAir.SON of Shelby county, for JiulKCHof Mm Ajipellnte Court, FlrHt District, WOODFOlll) KOlilXSOX of Gibson county Second Dlntrlct, IV. K. HEXXKr of Kiiuli connfy. Third -District, I>. W. COMSTOCK ofWayno county Fourth District, JAMES II. IILACK, of Marlon county Fifth Ulst.rlct. '/,, U. WI1.KY of llvnton county. ICloctors ut Larjce, H O, THAYKK, CHASi. F. JUNKS. H.'n.l \V. D. Eyonm lii.'Oirn cfiu, !t would not be so hard to umler- sfniul I ho jeers a,ml curses with wiiich his speech in -llio Democratic Stale eon- •veiwJou was met, but under the eir- eunistanco*!, wliwi he presented 'the very tilling DunnocTiiJs perspired ' for four years the riotous conduct 1 can on.v bo J.-iid to temporary frwixy. Such outbursts have'a'tendency to expend Hit: l'om> of those who join hi ilioin. Let the i-ioi proceed. The deiith -of Jienjamm H. Bristow brings to mind liiie 1'aet ihat lie was one of many emhient soais who were fated to fail In the rcalixatliOiij of ambitions. •Mr. Bristow was iu 187G a caudiOatc for the RepiibliCiVii noininn.tion for President. He Inter, becnuie n mug- wuni]). Thi'oiijrli iii.s- efforts the whiskey ring wa* destroyed during 1. term as Secretary of Hie TrcaSui Grant. Following is Hie eojistihitiou and bylaws adopted by the Ix)ga4isport I-Tu- niMiie Society recently organized: ' CONSTITUTION. Of the Logimsport nuin.-i:ie Socieiy. Aniole 1— This society KlmJl. bo c-allod the Logiiospoi-:. HiimaiK! Swiery. Artk-Ie 2.— The object of thi!s sooicty shaH be Hie l-nculctilionof Jnim;tiiepr ! n- c-iplos and tlie proveiuion of cnieliy, cs- peciii'liy to clrildreii nnd animals, by all pro|)er means, and the enforcement by all pmper uie.'iii.s, of the I;nv of ilii 1 Slate oC Indiana, for the prevention o-f Artk-fc 3.— Tlie odlcers of this society ilx ti president, two vice ptvsi- dents,. a secretary and troasiiror, who, \vjfh four other.?, shall constitute u Board of Directors, who shall be elected by; the society, at the anuua) meeting, for the .term of one year, or until Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking 1Mb. •• CW Powder PURE Sojr.e Democratic edltoi-s have- : 11 nerve to say tha.t McKiuley was a mi ority candiilato ami yet lie receive more than two hnndrfitl more than majority in .the c'onvent-ion on 1hc bul liallot-. No party was over limited on ninu with gi-e.-ifei- curtlraslasm and sin cei-i.ty Thau is shown by Republican for Ohio's sou. FOR COXGRKSS. C.KOKGE W.STJKKLB, J. F. Johnson. President. 8. W. Ullory. Vice President. H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. F. Johnson. B, W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bolder.. Buy anil 8»'l Government bonfls. Loan Money on personal security and coIJater- KlB. Issue special certificates of deposit* be»rtnff t per cent. Interest when left one F«*r; z per cent, per annum whan deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults ot this b*nk for the deposit of deads, Insurance policies, mortgages and ether valluablei, noted at from J5 to J15 per year. For Joint Hojiresonlatlve, WJLLIASI T. WILSON of Cuss county. To the Ladies. Those who are .Interested in dermatology should call on Mrs. SlTlngbam, who to located in the St. Elmo building on Broadway nnd be convinced that der matology is wh.it every woman of in telllgence and reflnenient needs. It 1 conceded by our best minds that a beau tlful complexion is a necessity of th Nineteenth century, and vrblch civlllza tlon must have; and every worthy bus band or brother will bike Interest lo and those who are suffering from tiny cutaneous disorders such ns eczma tetter, freckles, acme, Itrer spots, birth •narks and superfluous hair are success fully treated. Bright energetic girls .wlSWng to -work for 9UO a week should call nnd sell Mrs. StTlngbam's prcpara tlons. Catherine StriDgta, DERMATOLOGIST. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. For IvC|ircjiCiitiit.ln—CHAKLKS B. 1VELL. For Prnnecntor—CHARLKS E. IIALB. For Clerk—JOSEPH G. GIlACJi. For Traiuoiror—1I£N J AMIN F.K EKSL1XG Vor Sherltr— I. A. ADAM*. For Surveyor—A. H. 1>OI>D. For.Coroner—DJ{. J. A. DOWNKV, For AmmiiHor—JOSKI'II 1IAK1!, For Coininlnslnner, 1'lrnt l)lntrlct—JOJJN GKKUAltl). Tor CommiKKloiier, Tlilrd Dlslrlvt— AK.KAUA Jt SHlDKLKIt, THE KESTORATION OF PRICKS. The restoring of the prices of 1S70 would linrOly bo fair unless all articles, fallen In price, were placed ou the foot- ins of twenty-five years ago. When tho fanner asks for vlie old figures for his grain, the manufacturer may witli like justice, doma-ml a roiuni to old schedules. The refiners might ask that sugar be placed n;t ]2.C cents a iwunrl, as it was iu 1870. Instead of 4.0 cents a l>oiiu(.l as in 1S92. The farmer would, •with his ideas of justice, unite with ,the refiner ou .this proposition. The oil man might be joined by the-agriculturist iu a request for old pi-Ices. His product has .fallen in twenty years' from 20,3 cents to 5.0 cents a gallon. Has the fanner been -heard to ask for the aid of the manufacturer of bar iron, whoso bars have fallen iu price from .?97.G3 a tou la 1S72 to 920.00 In 1S94? Maybe the man who wants to build a home OU' Saturday will be a good day for care fii'Iuo-ss. Citizens should need no spec id I warning to ,«oe that .everything i •tight or nailed do.wu during the vi'sl to Logansport of the biff crowd that promises to be here for RulTalo Bill hippodrome. That man, RoM-usou, of the Xa.tional Execuitjvo committee of -the Topulist pai-rj'. 'must have a low opinion of the men wlio make up !,ha.t orpiujzati or else ho is interested iu saying that Populists are united for Matthews foi 1 president. The ajnoirat of local and State taxes n the United States in 1870 was $0,014,- SO,S2,~. In 1S90 nine total was $18,050,- ioO,07r>, but i-n tlie meantime the rate per $100 had dropped from $1.0S in 1S70 o ?1.S5 in 1SOO. lOiii-d. courts Mug of five or more 1,-idk-s, who shall he members 01.' iliis jwiciety. UK! who shall be elected annually bj- lie members of this society. Xo. .71—Order of Iiiisinosv:. No. 12—The officer* of the society h.-ill severally perform the duties usu- •lly devolving upon such officers, respectively. The Kokomo Dispatch calls the hovri- nig, profajie aaid freazlcd collection of Democrats ait Indianapolis "the grandest and greatest gatherting of Democrats ever held in the State," riease confine lit to that party. Oxford UniversM.y, England, has conferred the degree of D. C. L. ou Ambassador Thos. F. Bayard. This might •meiu Loyal Deniocnitto Citizea, but, ziiflny will read It Despicable Libel.rr.-of lias Country, ••• : '" ' DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHlST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewelry store- Mutual Telephone No. 290. Residence 013 North Street. The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will JBrlnklo four times greater area than any •then. Highest award at the Chicago E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. Manufacurera, Sprtneflold. Mass. y»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •Urea In the United States. Are You Out o! Employment. Have you n horse, buggy or other personal property, .or vacant lots you would like to exchange for a business'that wJllgir* Wg returns? Call at 703 fllchigan Avenue. his -farm Tvants the..j)ricc of nails restored along \\-ith the paj- for Ills own products. In 1872 nails were $5.40 a ceg. Now they are SLOS a keg or lo\v- .'r. rerhnps the glass for his windows should have the same restoring process applied, with the result that he vould pay ¥3.40 a box, or use . greased paper, Instead of the present .price, about ,f].70. Perchance Hie price. o£; arpets should be restored from 4S cents" o $1.14 a yard, the price paid In 187-1, vhen puncheon lloors and baked clay. : vero beneath' the feet of the farmer's' onsoliold. AVliile the restoring of one product of la.bor U going on, why not replace calico at Lts 1S72 figure, 12 cents Instead of the 1S02 figure, C cents a yard. Should tho unselfish nnd farseelng restorers of the prices of 1S73 go further, as they might In all • justice, the steel manufacturer may ha.ye .his steel rails placed at the rates paid In 1873, ?1GO a ton, in lieu of the 1894 price, ¥24 a tou. Tlie railroads, paying eight times the usual price for rails, might be Ln a position to change freight rates back to the 1873 figures, or an Increase per bushel of wheat amounting to 14 to 1C cents. Legislation that raises prices of one. product .for tho relief of one class, is certainly not just to all. Perhaps there are some who have nothing to sell 'but muscular energy, who want to see the wages of'' 1S73 restored while the restoration Is going on. But while tills Is being done they must remember that wages have not only Increased since 1S73, 58 per cent, in money, -but the Increase In the pnr- cha'slng power of the money Is 78. per coat. These things are worth study ajid thought. Several candidates are out foe the Democratic presidendril fruit. They are now taking part in the hunt for something tangible in the shape of a party. Hon. B. F. Shlvely Is six foot and •three mcies, and'Hon. Jan/es A, Moujit is below the average h'elght. Just for planting tlie proverbial upper cut, Tlie work of 'the Republican press hos been clearly outlined for' the cajapaign. In It .'ire found 110 .•instructions to engage In snarling at erring brothers. The jury 'that gave Mr. Belasco !flG. : 000 for teachtog Mrs."LeslIe Carter to act, had a deep appreciation of what such a job really meant. • There is ground for self-congratulation among 1 Indiana Democrats when It Is considered tha.t tine Illinois Democracy has AJtgeld. • • •. Al-tgeld l-s reaping his merited punishment. Already he Las been 'nbmin- ,itod in a hopeless race. There Is more to come. •• •• v Today its the anniversary of the battle In vvMcli Gen, Ouster and bis.followce. died bravely fighting sa.vages. .^ Editor Gil Shankliu has been dowue by both Dem.ocratic factions. Such, virtue's reward'. The Democrats who wish to mustc In the seiTlce of Mr. Cleveland shoiil register early. Has Hon. W. C."AVMtley'bee'n licard to order Che return oJC that Alautic liuer? . CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER -: NT*. 411 M»rket Street CUli atteoiled to pFomptly, day or t7«l Union Mi Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; ReWdence, No. 121. There is no better way of putting stagnant money In healthy circulation, than through the bands of tlie wage earners. When they have no chance to 1 earn, their own happiness eeasos and that much Js token from- the circulating medium. There Is not a lack of money -In circulation. Under the sJ 7 Icnclng effect of Wilson an<J Gorman's Our German fellow citizen Is a won derfn) power for,, good In America jnst This has been a week of Democratic . .. • '•';• .. •'•' .' ' •• i-- "lovo feasts. A Danbury, (Conn.) .map has dec.Ided upon an orlginai jjlai'^of comnijuinj suicide. He Intend^ to! enter a cage containing a liTQ'|ioao..an<l aZlow.lilmsel.f to be eaten by .,tll^,beast ^e proposes ,to charge an entraiice fee ..of $3 .to those who wish .to see'tie tragedy, tlie'prp- eeeds to go to his family. Article -1.— -The oilicers of the socie shall be in the city of IVogansporr, b the society may extend its care to tl Itoiiudiiry limi.ts of Mie county of C:i. c Article 13.— The Board of Dlrccto .shall manage the general affairs of 11 society, ami shall appoint, all such add fflcois or agen'.s ;is f'.ip.v ma -nocessary. They may fill vacai t-ics iu their own number a;;d mnj- e. all necessary rules and reguls lions for the governmciir of the societ md its oilicers, and for the transactlo of its .businoAS. Article 0.— The society .shall cellist o ictivc, jiini-or nud liouorary niembei'? •Vny person may becanne' an aetiv i;i>ii]bor of tlie focin'y by the p;iymoji of !••'! per annum. Any person, who, fo InunaB acts of. bravery, is re ommcnded by the Board, may become n honorary member of the society, bj eing; elected as such. Article 7.— Tin? annual meeting of the ociety shall be tlie third Thursday Iu mie. : ; The regular monthly meeting uiil'l 6e fixed by the Board oC Directors. poc.fa.1 moetuiffs of the society or of tlie card o.t Directors may lw called b.v ic president or secretary upon the vritten request of Uirec members of e Board of Directors, or upon the fail•o of the. president and secretary to do , by : nny three members of the society. A-rtlelo 8.— Three members in t'h'e eettag of the Board of Direclors, or seven imembers of Hie society, sliall con- .stitute a quorum. Article 9,— All meetings of the Board of Directors, except when otherwise ordered by the Board, shall be open to a'H members. Article 10.— Tliis constitution may bo amcuded by rhe vote oC three-fourths o£ the active mc-mbors present at any regular mce'Jng of the society, seven days' oiotice having been given Iu the local papers. BY-LAWS. No. 1.— The Board of Directors shall have power to- appoint an agent for the active enforcement, by all proper me.-ius, of the law of the Slate of Indiana, for the prevent Ion of cruelty. Such an ajjeut shall discharge his duties under tho direction of the Board of Directors... No.; 2.— The standing committees of this society -shall be ns follows, to wit: No. i; coi.ivraj.ltce on finance. No. 2 committee on cruelty to huuiau beings. No. 3; committee on cruelty to animals. No. •!,' humane. education. No. 5, press, and publiicatiou. No. C, legislation and prosecution.; Ea.ch of sakl committees shall consist of two or more members o£ the "society, appointed by tlie Board of Direclors No.,-3.— It shall be the duly of tlie (in- antu !coinmiittee..to take nil necessary steps ;tor tlie procuring of funds for the use of the society. No. ,'4— It shall be •Uw. 1 duty of the com mi i Me ou cruelty to human, beings, to 'cooperate, actively with the officers o agents of the society iu investigating al alleged cases of such cruelty and ascet taxiing' thft facts 'in all such cases. No. -5— It sluiill be (lie duty of the coin- inlibtep on cruelty to animals to cooperate actively with tlie officers and the agent of the.sock'ty, in investigating all alleged cases. o.f cruelty n-ud ascertalu- Ing.'the facts iu all such, cases. ' No. C— :It shall. be the duty of the com, CULTIVATING PERSONALITY. It l« Well JCnout'li to Avoid tho Commonplace. Cultivating a personality is a)) rig-lit, {firIs, provided you go about it in the right, way. Don't, for instance, acquire it ;i.t the expense of self-repose, ^ on ran all"to easily become known as the girl who rumples her forehead, uses her hunds like a denf mute, punctuates her conversation with spasmodic Jitf.Je head jerks, nnd otherwise impresses her audience with the idea l.hat she is indulging- in a mild form of social athletics. Thcro is of course, such a thing as a perfume personality, and, what is more, it doesn't, as some people contend, come from the exclusive u?e of soap and water. It comes from a liberal employment of sachet powder among your belongings, and, of course, it takes money to gratify the whim. It is a notion, by the way, that must be very fastidious! v manipulated or your friends will dub your tastes vulgar. Any sachet or scent suggestive of musk IB distinctly bad form. Priestesses .of hygiene strive lor a veil-groomed personality. This is more ileasantlo the disciples of body culture -han the hall-marks of beauty or bril- iancy. Some young women attain a corre- >ODden<w personality. Their writing- oble is their vantage ground, nnd the vhite-wing-ed messengers they dispatch y mail carry with them certain details C good breeding that invest 1-he author •ith a charming atmosphere of good HOW SALMON ARE CANNED. The Konj-h and KJcmcntnrj- Procttt Thronicli Which Thl» Table DnlntT Ootm. Salmon, though usually considered a delicate and somewhat expensive dainty, are canned by a process which is both rough and elementary, says Pearson's Weekly. At the spot where they are to be landed, rude sheds are built close down by the water's edge. The salmon are thrown out of the boats by forks, and passed into the first shed, where a • butcher, armed with a long knife, deprives them of heads, tails, fins, cuts them open, and hands them en to the washing room. Thence they pass into the hand of another butcher, who divides them up into suitable lengths. These are stuffed into the cans, which are then placed on an inclined plane, their tops being automatically soldered on as they roll down. The cans are arranged on a tray, and immersed in boiling water. They are taken out and tested, they arc given a lacquer bath and tested again, by tie simple means of hammering a nail against the tins, and judging the quality by the sound given out. Forty-eight cans are packed in a case, and the sa/ruon, a short time ago alive and fresh, now cooked and canoed, is ready for ths market An average sizt^l fish, will filf20 cans, several thousand going through the rough canjiing process a day. CANNED WITH THE TOMATOES. la Thl» Dress individuality comes from many ourccs. Sometimes you cannot it in ic way; sometimes in another. A imsel with a neck that is perfection ccures her dress individuality by ig- oring high collars when universally n. favor, and always wearing waists at are finished around the throat with a soft fluff of lace or ruffles. Some little jewelry coprice, sueh as the exclusive wearing of cat's-eyes or tin-quotes, will stamp its patroness as one just a trifle removed from the commonplace. Oh! it's a harmless trick of woman hood, (his effort to dodge the conven t.ional, nnd it is sure to plense unt it. takes the form of unreposefn] man Jicrisms.m speech or person. Then the misguided one becomes ti:r ff ct for criticism.—Philadelphia In quirer. BASELY This Man DECEIVED. mil tec on. Iwm.n.ue education, to take all necessary, steps for the full iiicuicntiqci .of humane principles, nnd to devise ways' and. means •therefor, a,nd to report from, time to time to the Board of Directors upon the subject. No.;7—It shall be the duty of the committee on press,arid publication to cooperate with, the officers of 1he society, to secure. the..publi(5hinjr and clrculatlou of: all such printed matter as may. tend to promote 'the objects of -Oils society. No.-S-^t shall be,.the duty of the committee on JegB5lii-tiiq.il and prosecution to secure,, by .all proper means, the enactment of all.saiutary laws on the sub- oct of the prevention of cnielty, and. to advise the,,oHicen§ and agent of the society-as-,to the .propriety of causing prosecution • to-be Instituted in any of ,he cases brougjitjo their attention.. ... No. 9—Bills and accounts against the ociety shall be paid by the treasurer, pon the order of. .the president nnd sec- etary. No.; 30—There shall be an advisory lias a Grievance Agalnat th» Weather Bureau. It was one of the hottest days that usurped the. privileges of balmy spring The sun beat down until a mist of hcai came from the stone walks and the brick walls. Toward a furnishing rtore n fat man, among Detroit's best-known citizens, made his weary way. In one hand he used two handkerchiefs as a Juop, while with the other he kept up the busy action of a palm-leaf fan. Perspiration ran in merry rivulets down bis shining face, to be absorbed in the wilted collar nnd collapsed shirt front that .were immaculate an hour btforv. He was panting- with the respiratory unction of ;i porpoise and at intervals muttered execrations, that hissed with steam. His hair looked as though he had been swimming, and his nost was beaded with glistening drops: "Show mo a straw hat," ordered the man of flesh as he settled down on the little round scat that at once suggested the frail stem of n great toadstool, "Looks like rain." ventured the clerk, who is always under orders to be pleasant. "Don't look a bit like rain. Weather forecast is for n, dry spell. This one will do. Now I'll get some pie-plant leaves and put in it. Don't oronose to A Factory Girt Loaet a Watch .Manner. The finding of a gold watcb and chain in a can of tomatoes by an Indianapolis woman brings out a remarkable utory, says the Indianapolis News. The find was reported and the circumstance noted in the News, and the next day a young woman, who is employed in. a cannery appeared at the office and identified tie watch and chain. She lost them, she said, two years ago, nnd while employed at the factory. Sho did not know how she lost them, and advertised in the News at the time for several days. She says this would have discovered her property if it had not been sealed in a can in.a storehouse. She had long ago bought a new one. The lost one was dearer to her, however, both because it was prettier and because it was given to her. Her theory is that the watch and pendant chain dropped from her belt into one ol the' elevator buckets of tomatoes, xv&s carried to the filler, and went through tha filler to the can. The bow, or rinff,' which, connects watch and chain, was not found, and it is believed that thta part was not solid gold, and was, therefore, eaten by the acid of the tomatoes.' The mainspring was broken, but everything else kept intact during the tw» years' handling of the can, and tOoo watch is again as good as new and ia keeping- good time. The foreman, of the factory says that another watch was lost by one of the girls last year. "Property." Years ago in New Hampshire tiere were three qmp mission era appointed; to examine candidates lor admission to the bar. At one time the commissioners were Jeremiah Mason, tJie ablest .awyer in the state, Mr. Sullivan and another member of the bar. Of a cer- ain candidate who presented himself 'or examination, Mr. Willard tells tii» story in hifi book, "Half a Century with Fudges and Lawyers:" He was an awkward young- man, and he commissioners proceeded to exam- ne him thus: "TVhat is property?" The candidate described it. "How la it acquired?" "In various ways," "Illustrate." "Mr. Mason gets his by high feee; Sip. nllivan by usury, and ifr.—" 'Stop! stop!" exclaimed Mason; "I link wo can admit him. Brother Snl- livan." put in it. Don't propose to have my brain baked." An hour later he was on the wooded part of the island, handkerchiefs and fan still in commission. Suddenly, as it' the heavens had opened, he was deluged with rain. The mucilage from the hat mingled with the extracted ifreen of the big leaf, poured down over nis head, neck ond face, blinded his -.yes, filled his cars nnd streamed over his natty light suit, lie swore out- •agcously as he groped his way to the finding, and by his hopelessly bedrag gled appearance excited the passengers to say that the poor fe:iow must have been drinking- to cool off and then wem in bathing without thinking to take anything off. He was a study in water colors that might hai-e been mixed by nature in a frog-pond. Now he is going around with a blank check trying to hire Rome big lawyer to sue the government for damages because it made false representations through its weather department.—Detroit Free Press. Wuto Land In Africa. Enormous tracts of Africa, especially the region between the Kongo and Bhari basins, and much of the area in- closed by the great northern curve of the Niger, remain unexplored. There Is also unapp-opriated territory to th» extent of 1.5S4.39Ss(juarcrniles. Cyclone Cave In Iowa. School directors in the district of Duverne, la,, have ordered a cyclone cave built at each of the schoolhonac* In the district. Creamed Salmon. H«it one cupful of milk in a chafing 1 dish or double boiler, rub together a tablespoonful of flour and half as much butter and stir smoothly into the milk. Next put in one can of salmon, breaking- It as little as possible, .season to taste nndtrserve as Boon as heated through.— Albany Journal. A SHAMPOO WITH CDUCliRA -SOAP A warm shampoo -with CCTICDBA SOAP, foIlcweJ by gentle applications of Ccn- CURA. '(ointment), the great skin cure, will. clear tho scalp of crnsts, : scales, wi<J dandruff, allny itching, soothe irritation, stimulate the hair follicles, and produce- a clean, healthy fcalp alid luxuriant liair, when all else fails. 8oU Ibnrafhont th« <rorid. Pr!«. Ctmcnxi, «lc.t. SOAP. -'< ; HKHOLT-IINT, Me, »n4 (1. i'OTTrt Dtuo.. AXIJ CHT.M. Com-., Pole Propi,. B«ton. •-IJowto Pioducc LujurlaDtHulr, muled Irf«-

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